Views Down? You’re Probably Confusing Your Audience. (3 Steps to Fix It!)

We often see creators that have been able to grow their audience to a pretty decent size and they may have even had some videos perform really well or go viral… but after a while, they notice the views are going down on their recent videos and they’re not even sure what their audience wants to see anymore. When this happens… it’s time to focus on these 3 things.


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— The first step is to
understand your target audience.

If you’ve got a little bit of
traction already on YouTube,

this is something you’ve
likely already thought about.

Who are you going after?

But the mistake a lot of creators make

is that they don’t really
understand this person’s story.

They’re so focused on
this person’s demographics

in terms of age and where
they live in the world

and median income

and they just think of
like this general audience.

For you to know what your audience wants,

you really need to know who this is

and not just on a general level.

You need to know their story.

And when we say their story,

what we’re saying is you need to know,

one, who is this person?

Two, what do they want?

Number three, why can’t
they have what they want?

Number four, what’s at stake

if this person doesn’t get what they want?

Those things are very, very critical

’cause ultimately, this
person wants to experience

some sort of transformation in their life.

They’re at point A and
they wanna get to point B

but they don’t know the path to get there.

And that path could be
an educational value,

like something that they’re
like, hey, I wanna learn this

and if I learn this thing,

then I’ll get from point A to point B.

Or it could be like an
entertainment value,

where these people, they’re like I’m bored

and I need something to do

or I wanna feel like I’m
hanging out with some friends

and that gets them to point B.

Then you’re gonna take that information

and you’re going to craft
a value proposition.

What value do you propose to deliver

to your target audience?

And that needs to be
super abundantly clear.

Finish this sentence,
subscribe because, A, U, S, E.

Subscribe because, what do you say?

And a lot of times, I’d be
surprised how many creators,

even with substantial
audiences are like, (inhaling)

subscribe because

and they usually say one of two things.

They usually say because,

they state what they do on their channel.

And they’re like, subscribe
because I do gaming videos

or I make family videos

or because we’re gonna teach you

how to do spreadsheets better
or something like that.

This is not very compelling

because when the value is
like, based on what you teach,

then it’s like you and a thousand
other channels on YouTube.

We recommend is not
just saying what you do

but also why you do it.

The what will get people
intellectually kind of like engaged

but the why will get people

to start feeling something about the brand

and start getting emotionally engaged.

For us at Video Creators,
we are targeting someone.

We actually gave this person a story,

we gave them a name.

Their name is Busy Benny

and Busy Benny was working in
corporate America and loved it

because there was a lot
of opportunity to grow

and climb a ladder,

but they got a boss that
they just don’t like

and is soul crushing for them now.

They quit their corporate job

and they’re gonna go full-time
teaching guitar lessons

’cause that’s where they
feel the most excitement.

That’s where they feel the most alive.

But in the course of doing that,

they find out like, I can
only do so many students.

I’m exchanging time for dollars

and I no longer wanna do that anymore.

And so he creates an online course.

He’s like, I can sell this
course to lots of people,

teach them how to play the guitar.

Then he starts a YouTube channel

and he learns that the more
my YouTube channel grows,

the more my business grows.

The more courses I end up selling

and I can go from making a healthy income

with selling music lessons in person

to even scaling this even
bigger with a business online

and serving even more people
better than I could before.

That’s who we’re going after here.

We know this person’s story,

what they want, whats at stake for them.

This is their full-time gig.

Their goal is to ultimately
grow their business

so they can serve more people better.

And so our value proposition comes along.

It’s like subscribe to this channel

because we help business owners.

And that’s another one that it could be,

it could be the what, it could be the who.

We help small business
owners grow a YouTube channel

that reaches more people
and changes their lives,

starting with their own life.

Growing their own business

so they can reach more people,

spread a message that changes lives.

So, when we teach audience
development and YouTube tactics,

it’s with that person in mind

so that when that person,
Busy Benny, finds our channel,

they hopefully feel like (gasp)

this is exactly what
I’ve been looking for.

Where have you been my whole life?

You have defined your target audience

and you know the value
you’re trying to propose

and what that does for them.

You know their story and
what they need from you.

Then that allows you

to finally craft a good content strategy

that combines these two things together.

Every video that I watch from this person

feels like it’s for me

and the value is one
that I want to consume

and every single video is
delivering that for me.

So when you wanna know, like,
what does your audience want,

you first need to know who’s the audience,

then you need to know which
goes along with what they want,

and then which is the value
that you’re providing.

So this is the target audience.

This is the value prop.

When you’ve defined those two things

and start making content

that delivers those things
every single time consistently,

you end up attracting this audience

because you’re giving this
audience what they want.

And so instead of chasing your audience

and trying to figure
out, well, who do I have?

Do I make this video for that person

or this video for that other person?

Because if you haven’t
defined this for them,

then people make up in their
mind, this is why I’m here.

One person might subscribe for reason A,

someone for reason B,
another for reason C,

another one for reason D.

And if this person is here for A,

they’re like, yes, but then
person B, C and D is like,

eh, eh, eh, because it’s not for them.

You’re like, oh, okay.

Well that video didn’t do so good,

so let me do this

’cause there’s some
people here who want this,

so you do that but then
that one’s an eh, you know,

and it’s really hard to get traction

long term on your channel

if you’re delivering this value sometimes,

that value sometimes, this value this time

to this person, that person, whatever.

And before long, like your
channel is one, gonna grow slowly

but it’s also going to stall

because there’s not a through line.

There’s not a thread that ties
everything together clearly

for your target audience

to know every time I get what I want

and the best way for you
to be able to do that

is not to just try to always figure out

what your audience wants.

Its for you to decide,

I’m going after this
person, I’m delivering this

and those people there by definition,

end up being attracted to you, your brand

and your content and your channel.

And then ultimately,
’cause you’re Busy Benny,

to the thing that you’re selling

which is ultimately going
to give them what they want.

They’re getting, like you here

are hopefully you’re getting
a little bit what you need

to have a framework now

for how to think about giving
your audience what you want.

If you wanna dive into it with us,

you know, we have online courses,

we can do one-on-one consultation

where we can ultimately give you a path

to doing what you want for
your audience every single time

and actually tracking the
results and making it measurable

so you can see the impact
it has in your business.

So this is really important,

but there’s also other things

that other top creators are doing

that we’ve seen as a
pattern that they’re doing

to grow their channel
and get more traction.

If you wanna see what
some of those things are,

put together a video right here for you

that you can click on

and it’s gonna show you
some of the top things

that the creators are
getting millions of views

and subscribers, what they’re doing,

what they have in common to
really grow their channels.

Click right there

and I’ll see you in that next video.