Videos Contributing to Audience Growth, Updates to AFG, Shorts Remix Analytics, and MORE!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with a bunch of experiments, launches and updates.

Check it out and leave us your comments and question below!

0:00 Intro
0:08 [Experiment] Increased Strictness for Hold Potentially Inappropriate Comments
1:30 [Launch] Videos Contributing to Audience Growth
2:02 [Launch] Shorts Remix Card in Main App
2:38 [Launch] Minute-Level Scheduling for Live & Premieres
2:54 Channel Membership and Supers December Campaign
3:36 [Launch] YouTube Copyright Transparency Report
3:56 [Launch] Advertiser Friendly Guidelines: Gender Identity Devices

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Get to Know Your Audience:
YouTube Transparency Report: (This report will be updated twice a year going forward)
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=================== text video ====================

— What’s up Insiders.

Welcome to this week’s News Flash.

A series of updates from the policy

and product teams at YouTube.

Let’s get into them.

First up, Let’s discuss an experiment

specific to potentially
inappropriate comments.

As you may remember, back
in 2017 YouTube launched

the ability for channel owners to hold

for review potentially
inappropriate comments.

This feature, which can be
found in YouTube Studio,

uses technology to
automatically detect things

like spam, self-promotion,
gibberish, and other

potentially inappropriate
content and comments.

Creators have asked us for the ability

to hold even more comments
within this feature.

We’re now launching an experiment where

a small number of creators
will be able to increase

strictness if they’re
using the hold potentially

inappropriate comments for review setting.

The increased strictness
setting will allow creators

to hold more comments
for review by applying

a stricter threshold
for what is determined

as potentially inappropriate.

This feature is off by
default, and only channels

within the experiment will have access.

If you are in the
experiment, you can access

this feature by going into YouTube Studio,

clicking on settings, community, defaults,

select hold potentially
inappropriate comments

for review, and choose
increase strictness.

And of course save.

Let us know if you have any feedback.

Next up, let’s discuss a launch.

This one’s called videos
contributing to audience growth.

Now back in September, we
launched an experimental card

within YouTube Analytics on
desktop that shows creators

which videos are helping
to grow their audience.

Videos were shown in
descending order based on

how many new viewers
returned to watch more.

The good news, the fact that this

is launching to 100% of creators.

So take a look at this card
within YouTube Analytics

and leave us any feedback you have

in the comments below this video.

Next up, let’s discuss another launch.

This one is called the shorts remix card.

Now we’re launching this
card within Shorts Analytics

in the main app to help
creators understand

how many remixes were
made with their content

and the view count of those remixes.

Now getting remixed is a
great way for new audiences

to discover and engage with your content.

And the goal here is to
help creators understand

the usage of their content
within other creators’ content.

We’ll be launching this card in December.

Let us know if you have any feedback.

Now to an update.

Previously, creators had to
schedule their livestreams

and premieres via pre-set
15 minute increments.

The good news?

That you will now be able to schedule

your live streams, premieres,

and scheduled videos on
demand down to the minute.

Next up, let’s discuss campaign.

This one is specific to
channel memberships and supers.

In an effort to boost
awareness among viewers

who may not be aware, we’re
running an ad campaign

in December specific
to channel memberships

on super products like super
chat and super stickers

at no cost or effort to creators.

What’s the goal?

Well ultimately it’s to educate
viewers on these products

so they know ways in
which they can support

their favorite creators like you.

This is in addition to
ongoing efforts to promote

channel memberships on supers to viewers

as new entry points for purchase

and in product edifications.

Next up, let’s discuss another launch.

This time of the YouTube
copyright transparency report.

Now on December 6th, YouTube launched

our first copyright transparency report.

And it includes data for
the first half of 2021.

We’ll leave a link to this report

in the description if
you’d like to take a look.

Lastly, let’s discuss
monetization guidelines.

Last week we updated
the advertiser friendly

content guidelines specific to an area

called gender identity devices.

Examples of gender identity
devices include things

like artificial breasts
and artificial penises.

We’re making this update
in recognition of the fact

that many creators like
to do product reviews

for these products, as well as demonstrate

how they can be used within the context

of gender dysphoria, which is not an area

we consider sexually suggestive.

To support trans and non-binary creators,

as well as cis-gendered
women, and to align

with industry standards, we’re making

this update so that content which features

gender identity devices
may now run full ads.

Or as we know it, get the green icon.

Now as with any updates to
the ad-friendly guidelines,

there is some small print.

So let’s dig into that now.

This update does not mean that content

which features nudity may monetize.

If you’re holding your
packer up to the camera,

or placing it within your
briefs, that may monetize.

If however you’re wearing your packer

or artificial breasts,
and you’re not wearing

anything else, we will
treat that as nudity.

As with any updates to the
ad-friendly guidelines,

it takes some time for our systems

to learn the guidelines themselves.

So if you see a yellow icon which you feel

is incorrectly applied, make sure you use

the manual review request
option within Studio.

If you still feel strongly
that the yellow icon

is incorrectly applied,
send a support request in.

They’ll contact my
team, we’ll take a look,

and assess whether it’s
eligible for the green icon.

On a somewhat related note, many creators

have asked us how they can leverage

AdSense’s brand controls and
block certain ad categories

or advertisers from
appearing on their content.

We’ll leave a link within the description

under this video to explain how that works

and how you can leverage those controls.

And that’s it from this week’s

Creator Insider’s News Flash.

From the creators of YouTube,

to YouTube creators,
we’ll see you next week.


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