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In this video, Sean shares a new tool from vidIQ to help you come up with YouTube Video ideas. These youtube video ideas are great for beginners and advanced youtubers. These trending video ideas are great to get more views and make better videos.

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=================== text video ====================

— If you want more people
to click on your videos

and you wanna get more views,

a lot of so-called YouTube
experts will suggest

that your thumbnail and your title

are the most important thing.

But is that true?

The answer is no.

The most important thing
is your video topic,

the video idea itself.

Let’s talk about it.

— [Man] You gotta just press record.

— What’s the basic recipe
for YouTube success?

Glad you asked.

If you post the right
topic at the right time

with the right title and
thumbnail and solid content,

you’re about to have a
banger on your hands,

and that video can get crazy views,

as well as earn a lot of money.

So here, my friend, is where
we encounter the problem.

How do you consistently come up

with winning YouTube video
ideas that people wanna watch?

Most people just spend
hours looking for trends,

watching YouTube videos,
watching their competitors,

looking for keywords,

hoping they come up
with a good video idea.

What if there was a way to
look into the YouTube algorithm

with a magic pair of spectacles

to come up with good video
ideas that are gonna get views?

An easier way, a faster way?

Well, it would seem that
the team over at Vid IQ

has cracked the code with a brand new tool

called Daily Ideas.

It’s a video ideas generator

that uses artificial
intelligence and machine learning

to pull video ideas that
have a high likelihood

of crushing it (coughs)

Of (laughs)

Of crushing it in the algorithm.

Recently, the Think Media team and I

entered into a partnership with Vid IQ,

so we could even influence
some of the things

that they are developing to help creators,

and I could not be more pumped
about this Daily Ideas tool.

Let’s get into the details
of how it can help you.

Okay, stick with me because
this tool is really crazy.

Let’s dive into it.

So you go to your,
the Vid IQ web platform,

and there is a new option in
navigation called Daily Ideas.

Click on that, and every
day, Vid IQ will serve you up

50 brand new video ideas
of the video topics

that are best suited for your channel.

So your first question might be,

«Where are these video ideas coming from?»

Well, what Vid IQ’s algorithm
machine learning is doing here

is looking at the past
titles in your video library

and how they performed,

as well as millions of other
creators and their videos

and how they performed across the platform

to come up with the 50 most relevant

and high performing video
ideas on a daily basis.

So as you know, here at Think Media,

our mission is to help you
with the best tips and tools

for building your influence on YouTube.

So they’re looking at
the Think Media videos,

that’s what we’re seeing here,

and other videos on the platform,

and they’re making these suggestions,

and every day, it’s a fresh list.

Now here’s a couple of tools.

The first one is the view prediction.

What I love about this

is it says that these
first couple of video ideas

are probably gonna get the most views

if I was to make that video next.

Then it goes to high.

So there’s very high, there’s high,

and then there’s all
the way down to medium.

So you can prioritize

based on the data that Vid IQ is pulling

which videos have the potential
for the highest impact

and the most amount of views.

So you see your daily video ideas,

you see the view prediction,

so now you can start going
through the video ideas to see,

«Okay, which one resonates with me

«as maybe a video I’d wanna make next?»

One that stands out here for me

is «Best Mic for YouTube Under 1000»,

and what’s a really cool
feature is you can click on it

and it’s gonna show you
the top 10 ranked videos

for the YouTube search «best
mic for YouTube under 1000».

So now I can study these
videos and see what can I learn

or how old are the videos
that I’m competing with,

and it makes it really easy

that if I wanna watch
the video on YouTube,

I can just click through
on it, study the video,

maybe figure out what my angle’s gonna be,

what’s my approach,

if I actually wanna drill
down on this video idea.

And if some of these video
ideas don’t really fit right

or you just kinda wanna give
the AI more feedback and data,

you could click dismiss.

For example, «How to
Block Ads on YouTube».

Now, I actually am not a
huge fan of ad blockers,

it’s not a video I would make

or I’d want us to make
here at Think Media,

so I’ll dismiss that one,

and that then curates the list down

so I have ideas that are just
kinda moved off of the list,

and then I’ve got the list of
video ideas that I wanna make

’cause every day, Vid IQ is
feeding me these daily ideas.

This tool is also on
the Vid IQ mobile app.

It’s kinda the Tinder of video ideas.

Hey, YouTube topic, can
I slide into your DMs?

And one other cool feature here

is if you wanna just
export this list of ideas,

you can click this box right here

and you can either copy the 47
ideas or export the 47 ideas

into a CSV file, and you
could save those for later.

Now, if you wanna get access to this tool,

the cool thing is you can
start using it for free.

If you haven’t downloaded Vid IQ yet,

definitely make sure to download it,

install the Vid IQ
Vision in Google Chrome.

There’s a link in the
description down below,

or you can go to

The free version will give you

three video ideas every single day,

and if you’re just starting on YouTube,

get started with those.

Start making smarter video ideas.

If you join the pro plan,
you get 10 video ideas.

But we use the boost
plan here at Think Media

and if you wanna do a 30 day
free trial of the boost plan,

again just use the link,

Remember, the best title
and thumbnail in the world

is not gonna matter

as much as talking about the right topics.

In fact, you’re really one video idea away

from potentially taking your
channel to the next level.

In fact, here’s an example
of how powerful this tool is.

So if we go under the
saved video ideas here,

a while back I saved «Best
Budget Vlogging Lens for Sony».

So if we check out the ranked videos,

again, what you’re
gonna see is Think Media

just dominating this topic.

I think the key there though

is if you think about how many

Sony vlogging lenses videos we’ve done,

or cheap Sony lenses, again
it wasn’t just the fact

that these are good thumbnails,
these are good titles,

but we’re talking about a topic

that we were able to rank
four and get 68000 views,

141000 views, 35000 views.

So what else do you need to know?

And let’s talk a little
bit about strategy.

This tool can be used on
any channel of any size

for any video topic, no
matter what niche or niche.

Who do you say it?






But all that Vid IQ needs
is you to upload one video

over the last 90 days

and it’s gonna start pulling video ideas

around the topic of that video

related to other videos on the platform

to try to tell you the
smartest video to make next.

But I would certainly suggest

that you can see the power of
this tool will be supported

by the clarity you have
for your channel topic.

If your channel is about
a bunch of random things,

then this tool’s gonna probably recommend

a lot of random ideas,

and you’re gonna make a lot
bigger impact on YouTube,

especially over the long
haul, if you really niche down

and at least have a cohesive
theme for your channel.

And while this new video idea tool

will certainly save you time

and help you come up with
your next best video idea

that you may never have thought of before,

of course you still
need your own intuition

and then you gotta take massive action

and go create that video.

And then, once you do, you
can start getting video views.

But your next question might be,

«Okay, how do I monetize my YouTube videos

«to the next level, so I
can potentially do this

«part time or full time?»

And if you wanna check
out a video I did on that,

I actually made a video
about how to $500 a week

with a small YouTube channel,

so click or tap the screen
right now to check that out,

and I’ll see you in the next one.


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