VidCon, #YouTubePrideChallenge, and more! #ShortsRoundup

Creators — here’s your Shorts Roundup!

=================== text video ====================

here’s your youtube shorts roundup first

up participate in the hashtag youtube


show how you’re stepping out for pride

by grabbing the song and using the


and don’t forget 4th of july is coming

up celebrate with a short

next remixing audio from your favorite

youtube videos here’s how to do it on

the youtube app go to the video you want

to use audio from if it has remix turned

on you’ll be able to use that button to

shoot a short using that sound and

finally vidcon is this week if you’re

attending create a short while you’re

there and stop by our shorts drive

through to secure a limited edition

snack featuring one of your favorite

creators if you can’t make it in person

go to yt dot be snacks to find out how

you can get one of these iconic snacks

at home


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