TubeBuddy PRO level features tour!

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at TubeBuddy: "What do I get when I upgrade to a paid level of TubeBuddy?" It’s a great question and today we will be giving you a tour of the features, perks, and benefits you will gain access to when you upgrade to the PRO level of TubeBuddy. For a detailed comparison chart please visit →

We will follow up with a separate video for Star level of TubeBuddy as well as the Legend version of TubeBuddy. It’s our goal to show you transparently what features and benefits you get at every level so that you can decide for yourself which level is best for you based on what features you’d like to have access to.

Want to watch the FREE level features tour? Watch here →

To see the full chart of features by level please visit →

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So, what is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will help you seamlessly manage and optimize your YouTube channel.

Our goal is to save you time on YouTube so that you can put that time towards creating more content or spending it with your friends and family.

We will help automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video’s tags and promoting your latest video.

We hope you give it a try and remember, it’s free to install at:

0:00 Intro
0:05 What benefits do I get when I upgrade my license from the FREE level of TubeBuddy?
0:40 Who we are
1:01 Why some people upgrade to PRO level or Paid level of TubeBuddy
1:28 Member Perks of joining TubeBuddy
2:17 Mobile app access for TubeBuddy members
2:35 Milestones certificates upgrades
2:48 Limits on Keyword Explorer, Insta-suggest and Search Explorer upgrades
2:57 Keyword Explorer weighted score vs unweighted score
3:22 Video Topic Planner
3:32 Thumbnail Generator
3:44 Playlist actions
3:59 Default Upload Profiles
4:13 Canned Responses
4:23 New Features End Screen Templates
4:40 Health Report
4:51 Tag lists
5:00 SEO Studio
5:15 Best Practices Audit
5:25 Videolytics
5:35 Need more assistance to see all features?
5:57 Question for audience!

=================== text video ====================

— One of the most commonly asked

questions we get here at TubeBuddy is,

«What benefits do I get
when I upgrade my license

from the free level?»

This is such a good question,

and we recently did make a
video covering the free list

of features that you get
included with TubeBuddy.

If you missed that video,

I’m going to put a video
link in the description

as well as up here in the cards,

so you can take a review of it.

But in today’s video, I want
to cover with you, the features

and benefits you will unlock
when you upgrade your license

from the free level to TubeBuddy Pro.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

Hello, TubeBuddies.

I’m Shelly Nathan,

the video manager and product
expert here at TubeBuddy.

I am so excited that
you’re watching this video

because it means you’re considering

or looking into the benefits you receive

when you pay for a license with TubeBuddy,

and upgrade from the free starter version.

While free is always a
great place to get started,

we do find that when you’re ready for the

next level of help,
TubeBuddy tools can really

come into play here, and
I’m so excited to give

you a tour today of all of
the features and benefits

you will get when upgrading
your license into a paid level.

Now, when you go to the website

and you click into your account,

if you click on the member perks section,

you’re going to see a variety of tools,

which are now opened up to you,

including discounts on music services,

where you can find royalty free tracks

to use in all of your
YouTube videos, as well as

onscreen animations and graphic packages,

which can help you with visual
interest in your videos.

You also have the ability to
have access to channel reviews,

which is a TubeBuddy exclusive
product where we will take,

and collect a bunch of
data around your channel

and give it to you in a
report with recommendations

on things that you can do to
help improve your channel.

Even better, if you want
someone to go over those results

with you and understand
more clearly what it means,

you can even book time with
someone to do that one-on-one.

If you’re someone who’s
managing your YouTube channel

on the go, and you’ve been
using our TubeBuddy app,

which is available on iOS and Android,

any limits that you saw
previously have now been removed,

it is included for free with
any paid level of Tube Buddy.

If you’re someone who enjoys
the milestones feature

of Tube Buddy, which let’s face it,

I love that tool as well.

You now have the ability to
choose from multiple backgrounds

to personalize your certificates.

Search Explorer, Keyword
Explorer, and Insta-Suggest,

all limits have been removed,

where before on the free version,

you only saw the top three results.

Now, when you use Keyword
Explorer and put in a search term,

you’ll have the ability to
toggle on the weighted score.

This actually takes
data from your channel,

and previous video performance to give you

a more accurate reflection
of how well you might be able

to find opportunity with
your specified term.

This option is currently not available

if you’re on the free plan of TubeBuddy.

In the Video Topic Planner previously,

you were limited to
having only five items,

that limit is now removed,

and you can have as
many lists as you want.

In the Thumbnail Generator previously,

you were not able to download
a copy of your thumbnail,

or add additional overlays,
or to save your templates,

and now you can do all of that.

In the Playlist Actions area,

you can now have additional
ways to sort your playlist,

including the randomized, alphabetize,

or even sorting by most popular,

or videos that got you
the most subscribers.

Default Upload Profiles,

Now, instead of having the
limit of one additional profile,

you have unlimited profiles,

so you can have one for live
streams, for regular videos,

or for any other occurrence that you want.

Canned Responses.

In the free version of TubeBuddy,

you are limited to only
one Canned Response,

but now you have unlimited

Canned Responses that you can create.

There are now some features
that are available to you,

that were not available
in the free version,

including End Screen Templates.

By creating End Screen Templates,

you’ll save time by being
able to create a pattern

of end screens that you can
apply to all of your videos.

You now have access to the Health Report.

This is a fantastic tool
to get lots of data,

and insights on your channel to see

the overall picture of
your channel health.

The limit has been removed for tag lists,

where previously on the free version,

you might have been limited to three,

and now it is unlimited.

A brand new feature
available now in this version

of TubeBuddy is going
to be the SEO Studio.

SEO Studio is such a helpful tool,

because by following best practices

from YouTube and TubeBuddy,
it can help your video

show up in search and related.

The Best Practices Audit
is a great checklist,

and reminder, to make sure that you’re

following all the steps that will help

your video become more
successful on YouTube.

Videolytics, where previously
on the free version,

you could only compare your
video against a channel’s

most popular video. That
limit is now removed.

Now I know we’ve covered a lot
about what you get for free

and what you get on the
pro level of TubeBuddy,

if you are someone who
likes a visual cue as well,

I’m going to put a link in the
description so that you can

go to the pricing page of TubeBuddy,

where you can see the chart of all of

the features that you
do get in each level.

What is the feature you’re most
excited about trying on the

pro level, or if you’re
currently on the pro level,

what is your favorite feature
that you currently use?

We love hearing from you,
comment it down below.

If you want to get started,

make sure you check out the
link in the description.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

We’ll see you next time, TubeBuddies.



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