Trailers on Live Streams, Live Chat Polls, and Your Questions!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with a few exciting launches.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

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=================== text video ====================

— All right, folks, if you’ve
tuned into The Newsflash,

you know what to expect.

All the updates you need from
the Product and Policy teams

here at YouTube in one quick update.

Let’s get into it.

Two launches I wanna make
you aware of this week.

The first one, very exciting,

the fact that we’re launching
trailers on live streams.

Now if you’ll remember last
year, we introduced trailers,

which enabled creators to add a 15 second

to three minute clip to the upcoming

or scheduled page of a premier.

Now we’re delighted to
announce the trailers

are now available for upcoming
and scheduled live streams

from live control room and webcam

with the same functionality as premiers.

Trailers on live are
also gonna be available

for channels with 1,000 subscribers,

as well as zero strikes.

Let us know if you have any
feedback in the comments below.

Second launch I wanna make you
aware of is live chat polls.

Now we all know that live interactions

are a critical component in both creating

as well as watching live
streams and premiers

and polls enable creators to both create

and manage polls within this space.

Now, once live chat is enabled,

the polls will be available
in the live chat window.

Have fun with these.

These were previously only
available to a certain number

of creators, but as part of this launch,

they are available to all creators now

Will automatic video captures be available

for live streams once the
stream is done processing?

And the answer is yes, they
can appear on live videos

after the broadcast has ended.

So that’s it from
Creator Insider this week

from the creators of
YouTube to YouTube creators.

Let us know if you have any feedback below

and we will see you soon, bye-bye.


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