TOP 15 YouTube Mistakes Small YouTubers Make — Why You’re Channel Isn’t Growing

If you’re a Small YouTuber struggling to grow a YouTube Channel, these 15 Mistakes could be hurting your YouTube channel. Watch this before You Start a YouTube channel if you want to get more views and subscribers on YouTube.

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so you want to be a youtuber you

probably want a youtube award a silver

play button for 100 000 subscribers or

maybe even a gold play button for a

million subscribers or maybe you’d just

be satisfied with not feeling like your

youtube channel isn’t growing so in this

video i’m going to give you 15 tips for

small youtubers that might help you if

you feel like you’re doing something

that is hurting your channel these 15

things are probably keeping a lot of

youtube content creators from being able

to grow and get more views and more

subscribers on youtube the first mistake

that’s probably hurting your youtube

channel is unreasonable expectations

sure everyone wants to get more views

more subscribers and they want to grow a

youtube channel but what is reasonable

what can you expect a lot of people

they upload 10 20 view videos and they

get really frustrated and hurt that

they’re not getting the views and

subscribers they think their content

deserves they think they’re making great

videos why don’t they have an audience

youtube must hate small youtube channels

and nothing could be further from the


the harsh reality is that you’re not a

loser and you’re not necessarily like

doing something that’s so horribly wrong

you just don’t have experience compared

to the people who are on youtube and

getting views majority of the people who

are on youtube for less than a year are

not crushing it most people don’t blow

up and get a million subscribers in a

year that is not normal even for the

most successful content creators a lot

of you don’t know that mr beast made 100

crappy videos on youtube when he first

got started they were not really good

he’ll tell you so himself and he got

less than a thousand subscribers out of

his first 100 videos why are you ready

to quit after a dozen or 20 or 30 not

taking off in the fact that you don’t

have 10 000 subscribers even pewdiepie

one of the biggest youtubers of all time

probably the biggest solo content

creator of all time

he made a hundred videos and he got to



that’s it he did not have overnight wild

success marquez brownlee mkbhd his first

100 videos didn’t even get him to a

hundred subscribers when he first

started so you need to treat this like a

sport and realize you’re a rookie you

have no business having expectations of

dunking or putting points on the board

when you’re just learning how everything

works in the first place and getting

used to doing something really difficult

mistake number two that’s hurting your

channel not understanding your audience

a lot of people have no idea who their

audience is when they’re getting started

and that’s okay a lot of you are making

content for yourself you’re making

content for an audience of one

but like i said about expectations

don’t expect growth to necessarily come

from that when you understand an

audience a community and a culture

you’ll be able to put the viewer first

which is what really matters you’ll be

able to make content people want to

watch but it takes time to learn that

you have to be paying attention you have

to be listening you have to be part of

the community and part of the

conversation and that exists outside of

youtube you might need to be spending

some time in communities in discord

reddit twitter facebook groups or even

in the real world and figure out what

group or community or culture you

actually want to be a part of and what

conversations and content do they

actually care about

that goes a long way you just need to

understand the people that you want to

reach and that’s not necessarily an easy

thing to do if you’re not spending time

with them mistake number three most

youtubers are making this mistake

whether they’re big youtubers or small

youtubers and that’s paying attention to

vanity metrics

in a very recent interview mr beast even

said that subscribers don’t matter that

much and i couldn’t agree more it does

matter from a lot of different other

perspectives maybe even in marketing

yourself brand deals and so on and so

forth but

it’s not a metric that you really need

to be focused as much on you need to be

focused on viewer enjoyment and that’s

going to mean focusing on things like

retention rates on your videos how many

people are watching a video to the end

it’s going to be focusing on things like

a click-through rate how many people

actually saw this thumbnail and this

title and decided not to click on the

video that is very important because it

affects your performance when you don’t

understand which metrics are important

and which metrics aren’t and you focus

on things like view to sub ratios you

get very twisted and you can get very

anxious and you could feel like you’re

really doing something horribly wrong

here when you probably just are focused

on the wrong things for the wrong

reasons and what you really need to do

is figure out which metrics

are a way of telling you how you can put

the viewer first that would make a big

difference for your channel mistake

number four out of all the things

hurting your channel consistency is

probably one of them

i really believe that uh whenever i have

not been consistent on this channel it’s

actually hurt my channel not uploading

more has definitely hurt my channel and

not uploading as consistency has

definitely hurt my channel when it comes


growth or the potential for growth now

i’m not saying you have to absolutely

upload two to three videos a week it

would certainly help for a lot of you if

you’re making quality content and so i

think that if you can be consistent not

only in your frequency but in your

messaging in your branding and also in

your overall quality and delivery then

that’s going to go a long way because

viewers want content that they can rely

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quality is important quantity is

important but what about focus focus is

number five this is something that i

feel a lot of content creators

can’t do as easily because it feels like

they’re sacrificing their creativity but

if you were to niche down it means that

you are focusing on what is clearly

either performing or has demand or has a

future potential audience

it’s obvious that you should double down

on the content that people are watching

the most or respond the most to and a

lot of content creators have a hard time

with this there’s a phrase in writing

called killing your darlings and that’s

what this really comes down to

and it’s hard to let go of content that

you’re passionate about when the

audience isn’t responding to it

but at the same time if your goal is

growth it’s going to be something you’re

going to have to think about

there is plenty of content that i really

really loved doing on this channel but

it just after a certain point didn’t

make sense to keep doing it because it

wasn’t something that majority of my

audience signed up for it wouldn’t make

sense to keep doing it on this channel

if you’re struggling with that consider

making a secondary channel or a tick

tock channel that could be a way of

expressing yourself and making that

content and giving it somewhere to live

but you really should focus on uploading

the content that your audience signed up

for you’re going to see a lot more

growth if you focus on the videos that

people respond to people subscribe to

and the videos that get the best

retention rates and watch time

especially if you’re trying to get your

first 1 000 subscribers and you’re

trying to get your first 4 000 hours of

watch time to monetize you probably need

to do more of what is actually working

and growing if you want to grow

not that complicated mistake number six

holding you back

chasing big youtubers and copying them

look i get it to some extent it makes

perfect sense to duplicate success where

you see it but you’re not really

duplicating success when you’re

duplicating content you’re not following

in these people’s footsteps and doing

what they did you’re trying to copy and

reproduce their results without looking

at their methods their thought process

or the intent behind what they did

you’re completely ignoring the why and

that’s probably where you should start

if you can understand why a content

creator is making certain choices then

that can help you refine your process

but if all you’re doing is just making a

video because they made a video then

that doesn’t really work i mean unless

you’re a reaction channel but

beyond that yeah it doesn’t work chasing

big youtubers when you don’t have their

budgets when you don’t have their

resources and when you don’t have their


doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

because there’s just too big of a gap

between where they are and where you are

for you to think that doing the same

thing will get you to the same place

that would be like again a rookie level

freshman trying to do the same things

that a varsity athlete or a college pro

athlete is doing it would not work out

so that’s just something to keep in mind

you need to look honestly at your own

starting point the resources you have

the circumstances you have and do your

best instead of trying to replicate

their best mistake number seven this is

a huge one that keeps small youtubers

small and this one thing is absolutely

keeping small youtubers from growing and

that is the wrong mindset again i know

this sounds hokey but think about it

a lot of people what they will do is

they will demotivate themselves and they

will make it very difficult to keep


one of the biggest barriers to success

is not having the either motivation or


to continue through a difficult time so

when people hit a slump when their

videos are underperforming or when they

feel they’re struggling for ideas or

when they see

other creators that they started out

with in a group surpass them in the same

amount of time or the same amount of


people get discouraged and then they

really get bogged down and then they are

surprised when they’re not making as

high of a quality of content you can’t

do your best work with a poor mindset

with a poor mindset you can’t produce

quality work it’s just not going to

happen so you have to be able to really

figure out balancing your mental health

and your motivation and your overall

levels of discipline and frankly you

need a little healthy dose of stoicism

you need to be indifferent to the

difficulty of being a content creator in

order to get through those hard times

you’re gonna have to just soldier on and

push through

and it won’t always be a picnic it won’t

always be fun i’m one of the only people

who’s gonna be super real with you about

that but it is necessary and i’m not

saying you should upload just to upload

i’m saying that sometimes

you’re just gonna have to find a way to

get through a hard editing session

sometimes you’re gonna have to find

something to jazz you up and motivate

you and make you feel excited so that

you can make a video you shouldn’t fake

the funk but you do need to take some

responsibility for what your mindset and

your process is really looking like

mistake number eight

poor quality content

look when we talk about what quality

content is something that i think

deserves its own video

uh i think we have to be honest about

some things there is the audio and

visual quality the lighting there’s all

the things have to do with that the

editing and the production but then

there’s also the actual on-camera

performance and the storytelling and the

delivery the confidence all of those

aspects of it and then finally people

either like your personality or they

don’t these things all represent the

quality of a video because they

represent the experience that someone

has with a video and that quality is

very different than the value the the

topic the title the thumbnail the big

concept idea and i think a lot of you

are mistaking the quality of your

content in terms of the viewer

experience with the value of your

content in terms of what are people

interested in excited about curious

about or emotionally invested in if you

want to talk about quality content the

measurement for quality content is the

response in your comments your average

view duration your retention rates those

things are measurements of quality

not your views if you want more views

that has to do with the clarity of the

value and also whether people care about

the topic the idea the concept the

spectacle if you want to talk about

someone like mr beast he doesn’t make

videos that aren’t interesting to a

broad group of people when we look at

the content we’re making if you’re doing

a vlog you have to ask yourself am i are

a large group of people interested in

this vlog and why are they and if you’re

doing something that might be some other

form of entertainment you have to ask


why would people who don’t know me


what i have to think or what i have to

say about this thing so the idea and

concept or a topic is the value the

value proposition that’s what determines

views more than anything curiosity

spectacle interest attention that’s what

matters there

quality is experience

once we click will we stay and will we

like this enough to watch

more from you that’s why quality matters

and if you’re not focused on the viewer

experience and you also don’t understand

the value that a viewer is looking for

that’s going to hold you back from being

successful on youtube i definitely could

make a whole video just about that idea

number nine not playing by the rules

look at the end of the day we all behold

into the rules of the youtube platform

whether that’s the community guidelines

the terms of service

all of those things are important and

you have to understand that you also

have to not try to skirt the rules uh

when it comes to things like this and

getting monetized on youtube by doing

really stupid things like sub for sub or

view for view or any of that nonsense

stop trying to take shortcuts it’s just

going to end badly in the end i promise

you state number 10 holding small

youtubers back one of the things that

does hold you back especially when it

comes to things like monetization and

the partner program and being

financially successful on youtube is not

understanding copyright and fair use

just because some things on the internet

does not make it fair game does not make

it fair use you really have to

understand what fair use is a lot of

people get frustrated because their

youtube channel can’t get monetized one

of the newer requirements for that is

not having any copyright strikes on your

youtube channel and so a lot of content

creators because they’re insecure about

what attention they can get or why

someone would care about them they try

heavily to lean on copyrighted material

when they’re first starting out and

trying to capitalize on things that

people already uh find popular or

interesting or something that they think

can make the video better and this is

like something that a lot of people

struggle with there is a fine line and

there is a place for fair use but when

you’re just getting started and you’re

small you need to understand what that

is before you start playing with that

and you also probably are better off

getting a core audience of at least a

few thousand people that do care about

you specifically and that’s gonna be

slower it’s going to be harder it’s

gonna take a lot more time than just

leveraging what’s already popular

but you’re better off and a lot of

people just don’t want to accept that

because it is going to take longer and

people are impatient and if they’re

putting time into youtube they want to

see results right away

impatience has consequences can’t make

it any more plain than that mistake

number 11 not respecting the viewer’s


try to make your content as thoughtful

as possible about respecting the viewers

time make sure there’s something

worthwhile in every minute of the video

one way or another this could be pacing

editing quality of information this is

something that i try to think about i

make long form content but i try to make

the content worth watching all the way

to the end i put a lot of information

out there but i don’t think that i’m

dragging it out in any way and a lot of

you say that you respect that so just

try to be thoughtful of the viewers time

even with these like top 15 videos i’m

trying to give you as much as i can

in as little time as possible mistake

number 12 holding small youtubers back

good content with bad titles or in some

cases also good content with bad titles

and bad thumbnails

nothing is worse for you than having


beautiful quality content

that you

package in the worst way possible

i am absolutely dead serious with this

every time that i’ve seen a content

creator that i’m like wow they should

have more views they should have more

subscribers they make quality content

this is so good i realize that there’s

usually a very particular problem it’s

bad titles

or bad thumbnails

or both

and that is like devastating this is

like really tragic and by the way

happens to me all the time uh i’m not

really good at hyping things up or

exaggerating i’m really bad at clickbait

i had a video that literally

got triple the views because i managed

to click bait the title right at the

moment when like the video seemed to be

dying in youtube i was like nope i’ve

gotta change this title and i made one

other change to the thumbnail i went

instead of with a green background to a

red background that would get more

attention and the views went to the moon

on a video that was struggling i’m

talking about a video that i don’t think

it couldn’t even get like

300 views in a day

started crushing it and getting like

2 000 views a day it was insane and when

i realized that the only thing that was

different about the video was literally

the packaging it’s like it became

obvious why that happens and it’s

something i’ve lived with here on the

channel for quite a while you can see

that the video views they go up they go

down and it’s literally down to the

title and the thumbnail the quality is

the same because i filmed these videos

back to back so the quality of the

content is not impacting the views as

much sometimes as the packaging of the

content and this is so

devastating for small youtubers because

if they put nearly as much energy as

they do into making really good content

into a really good thumbnail and a

really good headline title their videos

could perform 3x or 10x better and i see

it happen all the time tip number 13 not

engaging with your community look if

you’re a small youtuber try to reply to

as many of the comments as you can if

you’re struggling with this if you’re

struggling with this as a small youtuber

just set aside five to ten minutes a day

three times a day morning afternoon and

evening breakfast lunch and dinner set

aside five to ten minutes and just reply

to every comment that you can and engage

with people and if you finish early with

that in your youtube do it in your other

social media platforms engaging with the

community is key you might be the only

person who responded to that someone

throughout their entire day and that

would make a real difference and that is

the kind of thing that turns a casual

viewer into a subscriber or even a die

hard loyal fan so please just actually

respect your community and try to reply

to things and when you get bigger just

do the best that you can

five to ten minutes a couple of times a

day it really matters

tip number fourteen this is my own

secret sauce here this is the thing that

really i think made my channel work long


make evergreen content make videos that

are okay to watch

even a year from now even possibly two

years from now

make your videos not be dated as much as

possible evergreen content isn’t always

gonna be education or tutorials i’m

serious it is possible to do this as an

entertainment channel mr beast does it

all the time by making videos that are

fun and interesting to watch and not


like on a regular basis you can still

watch the valentine’s day video he did

uh for his girlfriend uh a year or two

years after he made that video and it

would still be a good entertaining

experience and be worth watching so

sometimes having a seasonality to

content can be good sometimes having

evergreen content that is educational or

not necessarily something that’s a news

topic unless you’re a news channel like

you just have to think about what is the

shelf life of my content because with

youtube if your content has a long shelf

life then it can keep growing your

channel even when you’re not uploading

new videos and this is what’s so

powerful about a content creator like

james johnny or even patty galloway like

this is

largely what i feel makes these content

creators more successful than a lot of

other people is their content can keep

growing and growing and growing even in

between long periods of not uploading

this is also a benefit of channels that

do product reviews and things like that

so beauty channels tech channels

even channels that review nostalgic

properties in terms of video games and

movies and television and media culture

one of my favorite

channels is captain midnight and i think

that his channel is going to continue to

be successful because he covers even as

a variety type gently covers a lot of

different tv shows that are going to be

on streaming services and syndication

for a very long time so exponential

growth same thing with emergency awesome

there’s just so much you can do if you

have evergreen content in terms of

longevity for growing your channel

it could really turn into a slow and

steady wins the race type situation

and then mistake number 15 uh keeping

you from growing and holding small

youtubers back is not making shareable

content shareable content is actually

one of the smartest things you can do

when you’re a small creator is setting

up the type of content that even if it’s

a new viewer and it’s somebody that’s

never heard of you before they would

want to share the video it’s gonna

massively expand your audience you have

no idea how many people an individual

viewer could share content with even if

you get a hundred people watching your

video what if like what if 20 of them

actually shared it this is something i’m

going to make a dedicated video about in

the future but i just feel like

shareable content is a secret that most

small youtubers take for granted and i

think it could change the entire

trajectory of your growth if you thought

about why someone would share this

content i think that shareable content

could be just as impactful or even more

impactful for small youtubers than

searchable content

something i’ll bring up in another video

question of the day which of these tips

do you think was the

most important tip for you let me know

in the comment section i will try to

reply to as many of you as possible if

you enjoyed this video please make sure

you hit the like button let’s set a

light goal for 5 000 likes on this

particular video and when we reach that

i will do a breakdown of mr beast

content strategy so let’s go ahead and

get that going if you enjoyed this video

check out the playlist on youtube tips

and if you are a small youtuber you

definitely want to watch this other

video that i’m gonna link in the

description down below as always thank

you so much for watching and don’t

forget go out there and create something

awesome today

take care


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