Top 10 Secrets You MUST Know Before Starting a Podcast in 2022

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=================== text video ====================

podcasting is taking over the world i

mean maybe that’s a little dramatic but

after podcasting for well over two years

with almost three million downloads i’m

going to be sharing with you some of the

secrets that i’ve learned over the past

few years and give you 10 tips 10

secrets so that you can have a better

podcast as you are starting and growing

yours you got to just press record this

video is in partnership with buzz sprout

the company that we use for our podcast

and i love them so much because they

help make podcasting easy now if you’re

anything like me time is very limited

you maybe are running your youtube

channel running a business and so you

need something that is easy to use and

buzz sprout allows you to be able to

post your podcast and distribute it to

all of the places that people can listen

to it on my name is heather torres with

think media and on this channel we help

you with the tips and tools for growing

your influence on youtube we do tutorial

videos we do tech videos and we do

videos like this all around podcasting

and growing your influence in the audio

and video form so if you’re new here

consider subscribing the first secret is

the way that you start your podcast

matters hooking at the beginning of

anything a video a podcast a show you

want to be telling people exactly what

they can expect during that time i mean

think about this you’re asking someone

to spend 10 minutes 20 minutes 40

minutes two hours with you you should

give them up front beyond just the title

of the podcast episode you should give

them the exact hook so why should

someone want to listen to that episode

what is coming up and why should they

stay till the end your hook is really

critical i’m going to challenge you that

if you’re seeing your audience duration

on youtube you’re seeing the amount of

views start to go down really play with

the idea of making a stronger hook i

actually write out my hooks i’m looking

at what i wrote out for this specific

video and this goes across the board for

all content that you’re creating so that

one of the secrets the first secret that

matters is that your hook matters most

the second secret i’ve learned is that

audio really matters meaning if you want

to produce your podcast in your car just

talking into your phone

i recommend actually getting an audio

source whatever microphone you can get

your hands on is going to be better than

no microphone at all this is an

experience this is an audio experience

so your podcast audio really matters

right now as i’m doing this youtube

video i’ve got a microphone that you

can’t see in the shot but you could be

using anything you could use a lavalier

mic that you could be holding you could

use a podcasting microphone like a usb

microphone or you can go even higher and

i’ll link down below some of our

recommendations for different podcast uh

budgets of what you could be using for

audio but the key with podcasts whether

it be video or audio is that your audio

source matters i can tell you i’ve

messed up on this i’ve had podcasts come

out that don’t actually sound great and

that doesn’t mean that they won’t do

great but i want to encourage you to

always be striving for excellence when

it comes to delivering an experience for

your audience another secret to success

with podcasting is to use what’s called

a vanity url now when you are giving

people calls to action meaning where

they should go next how they can go

deeper with you where your affiliate

with or what your brand deal is you want

to be thinking about creating a seamless

url that you can say

and that people can spell there’s

nothing worse than trying to deliver a

call to action in a podcast maybe it’s

to go download something that you have

inside of your business maybe it’s to go

purchase something with a percent off

because you have a brand deal and you

give them this weird link you’ve seen

them before right like bitly forward


my name heather slash um 15 off no one’s

gonna type that in to the google search

bar so you want to make it simple and if

you watch some of our podcasts that we

have on our think media podcast channel

you’ll see that i’m delivering what are

called vanity urls start recording your

podcast for free at

things like or

or we’ve created these

we’ve purchased these from a domain

purchaser like godaddy and through that

process you’re able to actually say

these urls because people are listening

they’re not actually seeing what you’re

doing so if you want to send someone

somewhere i highly recommend that you

make it simple you make it easy to spell

and that you say those urls over and

over and over where do you want people

to go you want to make it simple and

easy so get a vanity url for every place

you want to send someone to the fourth

secret is you want to set yourself up

for success right from the get-go now

there are a lot of different

places that you can host your podcast

but here at think media we recommend

buzz sprout and this video is actually

in partnership with buzz sprout and

there’s a few reasons why i love them as

a company one they are simple and easy

to set up and if you want to check out

my entire series of how to get started

with your podcast everything from how to

get started with your name and your

channel are all the way down to ways to

look at your analytics and so much more

you can just definitely check out the

link below and we’ve got a special offer

for you but one of the things that i

love about being set up simply and

easily is that your podcast can go to

all of the major platforms so itunes and

stitcher and so many more that i didn’t

even know were possible buzz sprout

makes it super easy to distribute your

podcast everywhere online they also have

some special features where you can

start making money right away with your

podcasts through their affiliate

programs and they make it very easy to

do simple edits as well as creating

social media posts from what you’ve

already produced inside of their

platform so definitely check out buzz

sprout if you want to get started with

your podcast they are an incredible

hosting site and check out the entire

series related to starting your podcast

down in the description below secret

number five is you should be asking for

people to rate and review your show

every single episode you have to think

about this if you only did it every four

or five episodes well what if someone

listened to the four or five between

that and didn’t even know that that was

an option the thing about making a

community is that you have to lead them

and in leading a community you have to

ask them to actually take action and one

of those actions is to rate and review

the podcast now like i’ve said in

previous videos apple doesn’t actually

release data around this for us when it

comes to itunes but i can tell you from

growing a massive community on youtube

of over 2 million subscribers being able

to create a podcast with over 3 million

downloads it is critical that you create

a thriving community and you do that by

asking for people to be a part of the

community in raiding and reviewing this

helps other people who are you know

maybe starting a road trip and they’re

scrolling through trying to find the

next podcast that they want to listen to

it helps people through social proofing

know if this is the right thing for them

so i’m going to encourage you that every

single episode find a time where you’re

asking your audience to rate and review

and share the work that you’re doing

because re remember you’re doing this

for free this is a free thing so to ask

someone to do something in reciprocation

for free is a great option to grow your

community online secret number six is to

launch with a bang meaning you should

have a plan when it comes to launching

your podcast and not just right when you

launch but every single episode here at

think media we take care of every single

episode as if we were relaunching it why

because that might be the one episode

that someone finds you someone discovers

you someone decides that they want to be

a part of what you’re building they are

someone who resonates with your message

so you want to make sure that you launch

your podcast with a bang and i’ve seen

this happen so many times someone will

launch a podcast and they don’t tell

anyone that they did it and then they’re

wondering why no one is viewing their

podcast i want you to tell your friends

tell your family share it on social be

energetic about this project that you’re

doing now if you’ve been doing this for

a while and you’re a few years in you

can still make just as much noise as you

did when you first got started don’t

take off the gas pedal push into press

into promoting your podcast and so what

i recommend is if you’re doing something

like seasons or if maybe you’re doing a

yearly calendar make a bang every now

and then what is a new promotion that

you’re doing or what is a series that

you’re doing with the podcast always be

thinking about things in launch

sequences so how can you be relaunching

how can you be retelling people about

your podcast this is a secret that most

people don’t do they’ll maybe launch

something and then they don’t really

talk about it you want to be on this

journey for a while and so you want to

be bringing people in through your

enthusiasm of launching over and over

again secret number seven is be prepared

and this doesn’t mean just be prepared

for the actual episode that you’re

producing maybe that’s an interview and

you should prepare ahead of time i

recommend if you’re interviewing a guest

that you go deep in their material you

know really think about questions that

people don’t ask them and really tailor

the conversation to your audience if you

are doing a solo episode really prepare

for each one of those segments and

here’s why you want to be thinking

beyond just that podcast and in future

episodes here on this uh channel we’ll

be sharing how we turn one video into

five videos when it comes to our podcast

in general you know we’re thinking

beyond just the actual episode so be

thinking about each thing that you’re

doing in a segment how can you cut that

up into micro content and put it out on

social media how can you make a shorts

video out of it how can you make a reel

out of it what was the really big

magical moment in that show that you

could be sharing to drive more traffic

to your podcast i want you to be

prepared and actually over prepare

really i think what’s hard as a content

creator is when you go into something

and you’re only half prepared it usually

takes longer usually isn’t as great of

quality and you don’t really know what

to do with it after so be thinking 10

steps ahead when you start the show

think about you know where are you going

to distribute this and how are you going

to get this message out there and what

is the follow-up to the conversation in

that um there’s so many things you could

be doing to prepare more so i’ll

encourage you be prepared come to your


like an expert come to your shows

professional and ready to deliver the

best content you can secret number eight

is that you want to be seo ready what

does that mean search engine

optimization ready your podcast episode

can come up in search results on google

if you have it as a video podcast it can

come up on youtube and

itunes themselves is actually an

algorithm so you can actually be getting

discovered when you understand how to

optimize your seo your search engine

optimization this means you want to be

creating irresistible titles you want to

be creating episodes that are driving

people in to what you are doing and i

really recommend that rather than you

know numbering an episode like think

media show number 45

you want to create an actual title that

is a clickable title that people want to

click on so we have more resources for

you down in the description below if you

want to learn how to create irresistible

titles shawn did a great free training

here that you can check out but the

secret is you want to be optimizing as

much as you can so when you’re putting

data into buzz sprout about what that

episode’s about really fill it out when

you are uploading your video podcast to

youtube really take advantage of the

keywords and the description and all of

the pieces that really help the

algorithms understand what your episode

is about and who your episode is for so

get your seo in order secret number nine

is to think of your podcast as a show

and when i say a show i don’t mean like

some of the top podcasters like joe

rogan and some of the other ones where

they can really do whatever they want

they’ve built enough influence they can

talk about whatever they want they can

make their shows as long as they want

when you’re just starting out or you’re

growing your influence with your podcast

you want to be precise and some of the

data shows that when people are

listening to podcasts they’re listening

to about seven hours of podcasts a week

but they don’t normally choose episodes

that are longer than 45 minutes why is

that well because usually that is the

amount of commute time or the amount of

time to complete a task around your

house i mean really thinking about when

someone is listening to the work that

you’re doing is very critical so you

want to think about this in a show

format what is your opening what is your

middle segment what is your outro what

is your call to action are there any

sponsors do you want to sponsor your own

podcast what are the pieces of the show

that you’re creating and i really take

it back to uh back in the day when we

used to listen to the radio all the time

before podcasting uh you would see the

different segments there was commercials

there was music there was talking there

was a lot of different pieces but it was

in a show format so i want to encourage

you and one of the secrets is to go in

not just prepared but really thinking

about what are the pieces of the show

that i want to put together and don’t

compare your beginning to someone else’s

middle people that are already on the

rise with their podcast or have already

built an influence they can step out of

the bubble of talking about a specific


i want you to stay in your lane talking

to the exact person you want to talk to

about the problem that that person has

for a while commit to that and don’t try

and go outside of that because that’s

where you start to hit the fringes of

your niche so really dive deep into the

show for the right person you can also

think about your show format in terms of

seasons maybe you don’t want to produce

a podcast every single week for the next

10 years maybe you decide that you want

to take two weeks off in the summer and

two weeks off uh for the holidays for

your show you want to be thinking about

things in seasons or themes maybe you do

monthly themes but really be critical

about what you’re putting into your show

and how you’re delivering it to your

audience and the last secret is that

podcasting is a marathon not a sprint i

know we say that for youtube but really

all content creation it’s here to stay

and so if you’re going to commit to

making a podcast i want you to commit to

being consistent i want you to commit to

knowing that this isn’t going to just

blow up overnight that there’s going to

be some work that you’re going to have

to put into this but the secret is

consistency when you show up over time

over and over and over for your audience

when you practice being in front of the

microphone or in front of the camera

when you start doing hundreds of

interviews you are going to skill up and

these skills are valuable for more than

just the podcast you’re going to see an

increase in your self-confidence you’re

going to see an increase in your network

and you could even see an increase in

your net worth why because you are

committing to building your skills the

secret is consistency the secret is

doing it over and over the secret is

showing up when you don’t feel like it

but over time that is where you will see

success with your podcast so if you want

to know how you can actually get started

if you’ve not even gotten started yet or

you want to figure out how to monetize

your podcast click or tap the screen

right now so that you can head over to

the next video that can help you with

that and i’ll catch you in the next



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