Tools to Better Plan and Track your Videos for More Views

Being a YouTube creator can get, well, really messy really fast, especially if you’re here learning about all the new strategies that you should be incorporating into your content. It feels like there’s so much to do, so many things to remember, and so many tips you have to get right if you really want to get views on your videos. If one of the tips falls through the cracks, then your video doesn’t perform as well as it could’ve.

Because our brains can only remember so much, today we’ll discuss some tools, systems, and tips that you can set you up to succeed with every video you plan and publish.

Eric of ModernDayTech:

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Jamesons Travels:
He’s a former US Marine and he talks about military history, sharing his perspective and opinion on it, often adding commentary to other military documentaries, assumptions, and facts.

Today he shares the main things he did on his channel to grow from 100,00 to 14 million views per month in only 5 months.

Register for, "30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel," and start optimizing your channel for growth today!

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hello creators

whoa is that just me

didn’t hear that oh my gosh oh yeah

yeah that was that was weird let me uh

try to like push puberty down

and give that another shot oh just blame

it on the allergies it’s okay

i’ve been doing that all week all right

here we go

hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to see you again for another video


podcast episode where every week we just

help you grow

and do better things i guess with your

youtube content

growing your channel reaching more

people growing your business and

ultimately changing

more lives and today what we want to

talk about is how we do that with the

different tools that we use

to plan and organize and track our

content and our video ideas and what

really happens a lot of the time

is that especially if you’re listening

to content like this

listening to video creators in our

podcast maybe our emails and our

videos and everything it becomes really

easy to be like oh my gosh tim

like there’s so many tips and so many

things i have to remember and so many

things i have to get right

and i just can’t do it all like or

if i can do it all i i usually forget

one thing or these two things slip by me

and i they just go unnoticed and

like or i forget i’m uploading the video

and what happens at the end of it is it

costs you views

and it costs you potential revenue it

costs you

like time and and you end up publishing

a video that doesn’t perform as well as

otherwise could have if you if if you

had a process it actually reminded you

of all the steps you need to take all

the tips you need to implement

and everything you need to do so that

every single video that you publish

is you have you’ve done everything you

can to make sure that this video

performs to the best of its

ability and so rather than giving you

although we are going to give you i


a whole bunch more tips and ideas and

tools and

today what we want to do is talk through

what some of those tools are some of the

systems that you should

you could shoot you should be putting in

place as well as some tips that will

really help you succeed

with every video that you publish from

here on out so you don’t miss anything

and you can capitalize

on every opportunity where you’re

publishing a video whether it be reviews

subscribers revenue or or ranking for

whatever you want

we want to make sure that we set you up

for success with that here today

if you are here in the live stream want

to thank eric from modern day tech

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this guys if you have any questions

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of research he

tests a lot of these products and he

pulls his hair out and

really tries to figure out how can i

help you and your family make easier

tech decisions

using the technology for what it’s meant

to be which is a tool

not just a cool gadget or a distraction

so annie wants to really help you save

money along the way so

you can provide he’ll provide you

discounts and links and promo codes and

all that kind of stuff so check out his

his channel linked up down below and

thank you eric for hanging out here

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that so thank you guys for considering


before we dive into all the awesome

content for you i want to introduce you

to oh no i forgot to do our our

little catch up sorry i’m how did i do

that let’s do that again

don’t forget about us tim i forgot about

you i don’t have you on your screen i

just have my notes on the screen

i would like to give a shout out to mr

m’s senior community here in the chat

who says wow we have the whole crew here

it’s a magical thing yes we do have the

whole crew here

and it’s been a while i i think len and

i were together last week

and delano what’s been going on with you

tell us give us a quick update

yeah sorry i haven’t been here guys it’s

just been like a whole series of

events that have kept me from all

different things each week but i’m

really excited to be here again

and uh yeah i’m

feeling really good i i’m like what do i

want to update you on i’m

so well you got your floors man

finally got my floors done oh my gosh

that’s been a whole story

we are all moved in still have now that

we have

our floors done except for our guest

room technically our guest room still

needs to be done

but um yeah now that we have all of our

floors done we we can actually start

fully unpacking all of our boxes

and going and buying furniture to put on

the floors i mean

we still bought the necessities but we

were waiting on the non-necessities to

buy to put all the little trinkets and

storage and stuff like that so

um yeah very exciting i feel like

my life is finally moving forward in

this household

yeah yeah how about you lennon what’s

going on in your world

well let’s see this weekend i took my

oldest daughter

on a camping trip it all started because


on friday got kind of upset actually on

thursday and she

knocked on my office door and was like

dad it was like nine

she’s like i just want you to know that

i don’t really she’s seven by the way i

don’t really like you

as much as i do mom in the mornings

but i was like okay let’s talk about it

what’s going on

well you don’t make breakfast for us

anymore um

and i was like okay so i loved that she

was very candid very open and

so she kind of went and we talked to my

wife about it and jamie was like what

sounds like you guys just maybe need to

spend some time together because we were

really used to doing like dad daughter

dates and all these things and that

hasn’t happened a ton

because of the pandemic and all the way

things have been so

she said i said well let’s spend the day

on saturday together and she said well

maybe we can go on a camping trip

and so i was immediately i was like all

right so i got on

online found us a little spot outside of


um found a good deal on amazon for a

two-person tent and we just went and

rocked that thing we had a blast it was

super fun

uh got got to do a little paddle boating

and just have some really good

uh father-daughter time really good

overnight tripped in

yeah yeah we did the whole deal we heard

like coyotes at like 6 a.m

and she’s like i’m a little bit scared i

was like yeah i think we’re okay i think

we’ll make it so

yeah pretty cool that’s amazing

well i got a lot of feedback from last

week’s podcast episode

and most mostly all supportive you guys

are are

messaging me tweeting me and and sending

emails just saying

tim sounds like you’re going through

some pretty heavy stuff you should just


and you’re all right yes and that’s kind

of what we talked about and i appreciate

you guys with that sentiment that you

shared and so this past week

i should say this past weekend i

i didn’t do any work

all day saturday and since usually i

like take saturday off but sunday i’m

kind of checking in on things again

but then even like last friday i don’t

know if you noticed london and delena

but i didn’t catch up on slack

because i was just doing consultations

all day and i’m like usually i’m like oh

i gotta get back to my team before i

really shut things down and

i was like nope the team’s gonna have

the weight so i did catch up this

morning but

i went a few days i thought i even

thought i’ve been checking him

and uh so it just felt good i feel a

little bit more rejuvenized

and looking forward to what taking a few

weeks off will do i’m not laughing at


i got the chat they’re rolling they’re

rolling with the robins



none of us are wearing diamond denim

today and so rolling with the robin said

so tim has enforced the video creator’s

uniform and banned the denim

not ban it i’m still secretly jealous i

don’t have any but i don’t care enough


go out and actually buy something yeah

he just enforced these rules because

he’s tired of feeling shamed about

not having a denim jacket

uh let’s see here

before we dive into our content for

today that delena is going to be


for us uh oh by the way i don’t know i

was gonna say like most people know who

you guys are right

let me do that by the way in case you

don’t know who len and elena are they’re

both strategists on my team

and lenin does a lot of our community

stuff as well as consultations and

one-on-ones with

with creators and delana works a lot

with our more ongoing clients and the

people who are

signing contracts and doing lots of big

stuff with us and so we’re

all three of us are doing strategy for

people and helping people move forward


if you don’t know who they are that’s

who they are now you do

now you do i always feel like i need to

throw that in like close to the

beginning of each

episode but i always forget i know

there’s always new people

yeah before we dive into our content

today that delana will be spearheading

for us i’m going to introduce you guys

to our creator spotlight this is

jameson’s travels and there’s a link to

his channel

down the show notes of this episode he’s

a former u.s marine

and he talks a lot on his channel about

military history and he just shares his


and his opinion on it adds commentary to


military documentaries and assumptions

and facts and videos and

things like that and he’s he’s the type

of creator that

most creators look at him and be like oh

my gosh what are you doing to grow so

fast so he started his channel earlier

this year

and then he went through our course 30

days to a better youtube channel

and in april he was doing around 100 000


per month but then only a few months

later by september

which is when this recording that you’re

going to watch is from our conversation

this past

september he was doing 14 million views

per month he had just a few thousand


in april and then in september he had

as of this recording right now actually

so i guess it’s uh november he has 350

000 subscribers and it’s growing very

very rapidly with millions and millions

of views

and so what we’re going to do is jump

right in the middle of a conversation i

was having with him

about like what did you do on your

channel that see that kind of explosive

growth yeah i think it’d be pretty

interesting what he says here now i just

want to give you a heads up my audio’s a

bit weird in the beginning of this


i was recording this with him on the go

but forgive that

and for the next few minutes here his

audio sounds great so

and that’s the main thing you want to

hear but i want you to hear the advice

that he shares with you guys about

here’s what i did

to go from a hundred thousand views a

month to 14 million views a month

in only a few months time so

here he is

what advice would you give to other

careers what did you do that that

that just catapulted your growth and and

you saw that exponential growth just

like really kick in

over the past several months what advice

would you give other creators

well i think the biggest thing was

responding to what people are watching

right so

realizing that the viewers are the most

important so they’re watching it try to

recreate that and the second thing was

don’t be boring

you know how many long intros have i

heard and i watch my old videos and

sometimes i go that’s boring

and so you need to get out of somewhat

the vacuum and i i did get i think what

really changed and

i’m not saying this for your benefit tim

was i got the course i can’t remember

what it was called the recent one

and i was on the fancy channel yeah like

i was on the fence with two different


and i got partially through it like okay

i need to stop with two different topics

so i just focused on one

genre niche because it was too confusing

and people were coming for one thing i

was delivering something else

so i really tried to pay attention you

know during corona pay attention to what

people are watching and why they’re

watching it

and um just focus on you know what

people want to see

and they’re responding well to it and i

did obsess over the analytics

but you know i made sure there was no

long boring intro

b-roll coffee i don’t care why i’m not

here because

they may care after they watch a few but

they’re not going to care in the

beginning because 80

now about 85 percent are new viewers so

yeah i really tried to think of

what’s going to keep someone entertained

because after watching some old movies

and watching new movies the scene change

a switch

or something about every 10 or 15

seconds so

you gotta not be boring that’s what i


one of the things i think you do really

well too is

that uh you were like hey i tried doing

the keyword research which is a lot of

creators do

and and i realized it wasn’t helping me

any and so now you just

you’re like i am my own seo guy like i


tell me about what that means yeah so i

had the two buddy freebie and the vid iq

you know i put the keywords in that made

sense but i realized that

obviously you got to get someone to

click on it and you got to get them to

start watching it

because i think 88 of my content you

know the

for 12 13 million views comes from

youtube recommending it

and i don’t have like the content that

youtube wants to love

but the people want to watch it so i

would say it’s nothing to do with

youtube it’s just people go okay

this guy’s getting to the point which in

the beginning was a big thing the guy

goes i like your videos because you get

to the point there’s no long they don’t

care about the boring intro

they don’t care about click subscribe i

never asked anybody to subscribe

never had somebody like never ask

somebody to do anything to the topic and

i said thanks for watching

done and they’re gonna subscribe they’re

gonna subscribe they’re gonna like

they’re gonna dislike

so with respect to the seo

my point was you know they gotta they’re

gonna see it on their phone

and if people watch it enough youtube’s

gonna test case it and they’ve got a

sample size which is your subscribers

they’re in a test case and more

and it’s going to be organic you know

it’s not going to be you can do all the

seo in the world because i’ve did it


and it doesn’t matter because youtube’s

got the transcription of what you said

and if what you said is great but people

don’t watch what you said

you got nothing that’s right so you’re

you’re squarely following that principle

we teach you which is

optimized for humans not for robots yeah

i got

you know after i did 14 million views i

bought the two tools

i never bought both companies and the

seo was me

so now i realize every keyword they

recommend is me like recommending in the

videos next to it in my videos

so i realize the good thing was you know

everyone knows what to put into the seo

but there’s not going to be one word

that’s going to go aha

you found it unless you’ve got something

that’s the 0.01 percent where you’re

talking about how to fix something no

one’s fixed on youtube which is probably

near impossible

so you know i would say the the title is


but people are going to click off quick

if they get into it and i was

guilty of it you have terrible audio and

you start doing the typical youtuber

thing where you start for 10 minutes

then you got the

fiverr commercial now being a youtuber

that drives me

insane because you know there’s some

people i watch with a lot of

i’ll skip through the first two minutes

there’s a minute of content in 10


and it’s not helping them because i

skipped through everything just to get

to the minute of content

right so so you’re like optimize your

content for people

optimize your titles and your thumbnails

because your titles do tease a good


it’s enticing you’re like oh what is

that what are those things all around

like military things

and and so it’s a good title it’s a

thumbnail you get right into the content

right away

and you’re really doing a good job of

just like focusing on like how do we

how do we serve these people the best

that we can i love that guys

there’s so much good stuff in there and

when if i was going to summarize it down

it kind of comes down to three points

i think is what he said

number one he says like don’t be boring

like optimize for people not be

not for robots he’s like what’s gonna

hold someone’s attention i don’t know if

you heard that

in his story but it’s 100 focused on get

to the point for those first-time


yes you have regular community people

who are like returning viewers who are

going to come back and they’re going to

watch regardless what the title and

thumbnail is and they’re going to want

to know some of the personal stuff but

when you’re in the growth

phase of your channel it’s really

important that you create content that

you know a first-time viewer who doesn’t

know who you are and frankly doesn’t

care yet

about you and your brand and your videos

you really got optimized for that person

and so that’s that’s what he’s doing

number two as i heard he’s like

he’s saying like tim i just had to learn

a bunch he went through our course 30

days to better youtube channel

this recording was done after we had a

one-on-one uh

consultation together he mentioned that

he watches his analytics

he mentioned that he’s imitating what he

sees in other successful programs and

and and videos and even on television

in some sense so he’s he’s learning and

he’s applying what he learns

which is one of my biggest fears for you


people who listen to this podcast

episode and watch our videos and things

like guys we give away

a lot of good content for free and

unfortunately like people don’t always

do it until they pay us

which i’m fine with i guess but i’m kind

of like

we’re giving you information for free

and there’s a lot of people who then

come to me like well my channel’s still

not working i’m like they’re like i

heard you talk about this or you talk

about that

and like well it doesn’t look like

you’re doing those things no i didn’t

start doing those things well

okay let’s start there so and then the

the third thing i heard him say is that

it comes

these are my words not his it just seems

like what overall was describing

is you want to go from a hundred

thousand views a month to 14 million

views a month and only a few months

time going from a few thousand

subscribers to 350

000 subscribers it really comes down to

the basics

i know when we hear growth stories like


we we get really excited because like oh


this this creator has some sort of

missing secret that i haven’t heard


or they found some sort of magic button

that like i’ve been searching for but

it’s not any of those things

it’s just like just like athletics or


or a lot of other industries success

comes down to

learning the basics and mastering them

and doing them well

and that’s what he was really poking at

he’s like hey tim i figured out who my

audience was went through your course 30

days a better youtube channel

figured out who i needed to be speaking

to that really helped me

niche down and really hone my content

for that first time viewer

and he he does a lot of these things and

he got that kind of

growth so if you want to go through that

same exact course that jameson did

to set up and optimize his channel for

that kind of growth you can go to


and you can register and get started

right away

we’re going to teach you everything that

you need to know about how do we set up

our channel to make it easy for

first-time viewers

to really gravitate towards what we’re

doing and really love our content

and quickly understand what we’re all

about and how what are some techniques

you can do inside your actual video


to hold their attention as well as get

them to click and watch more

how do you integrate sales into that

content as well as a whole lot of other

other things every day and that course

is gonna give you one it’s gonna give

you a teaching

something you need to know about your

channel about growth and how it works on


then number two you’re going to get

assignments like practical things to do

on your channel that very day right then

and there

it’s not like here’s some good


about how you should think about your

channel good luck right it’s very


do this thing that thing step one two

three and four on your channel

before you move on to the next lesson

and then third and every every day


you’re going to get links to further

resources in case you want to dive in


really learn more not just resources

from us but resources across the web

and other books and other creators who

have really helpful insights on these

things or articles

that will help really help you take it

to to the next level so

it’s not it’s not staggered over 30 days

once you register you get access to the

full entire course all at once so you

can binge it if you’d like

but i do recommend taking your time

actually do the assignments so you get

the benefit

and the reward of it like jameson did

you go to

30 days to get registered and start


uh let’s see selena one of the things

that happens is people go through

a course like 30 days to better youtube

channel is they they come out the other


of that with like they’re mind-blown and

they’re like oh my gosh there’s so many

different things i could be doing on my

channel and

things to remember with titles and

thumbnails and how to craft the content


different signals i need to integrate

into the content itself to make it

easier for people to know like and trust

me and

all those things it’s all it’s easy to

forget a lot of those things unless we

publish content that doesn’t really

perform as well as it

otherwise could have so what do you got

here for us today to help us

overcome all of that so we can get as

much traction on our videos as possible

yeah i think that this is a really

important topic because

as we begin to learn new strategies and

we want to implement new things on our

channel especially whenever we have an

influx of information all at once it can

kind of be like

it can first of all be hard to remember

all the little details of how i need to

close my videos and how i need to

um present my titles and thumbnails and

even just little things like the fact

that i need to

like what those strategies mean okay i

need to present my

titles and thumbnails this certain way

so that means that i need to take

particular photos for my titles and

thumbnails which means that i have to

remember to take those photos whenever

i’m actually creating the content right

and so it’s all of those it’s like

we have to track how we’re translating

these new things that we’re learning

into actual steps

and how um it applies to our content and


this is where i feel this topic is so so

so important just to keep you on track

so that things as you said

before tim don’t fall through the cracks


one thing that i do want to keep in mind

though as we move into this topic though

is that there are a lot of variables

depending on

the type of content that you create here


i’m going to give a lot of very

practical suggestions and we have

five different main points here um

but in the way that you actually start

to build those outlines

may change a little bit from channel to

channel so

uh just keep that in mind for example

tim does not need to remember to

shoot glam shots of his makeup look

because he’s not a beauty channel

right not today

especially my beer is starting to look

like lennon’s i’m going to be competing

with him soon if i let this go too long

so little step i dare you let’s go


one time my husband had his beard like

all the way down to here

and um three inches yeah it was pretty


um yeah he can he can grow a pretty good


um but he hates it he absolutely he did

it because i liked it but he was like no

i can’t do this for very long

um all right so the first thing

that i think is really really important

in just getting you set up

in having a content creation process so

that you remember all these little

strategies and the steps that go with

these strategies

is to pick a designated platform

and make it work for you um and what i

mean by that

is there are a million different


platforms out there there is trello


there’s click up there’s asana there’s

notion actually somebody in the comments

mentioned notion earlier

um to me i think that platform

matters so so so much and

uh but at the end of the day you

need to make the platform work for you

if you’re just starting out just pick a


and start working with it um

go ahead and put a link in the show

notes and also for you guys from the

live stream here

to click up which is the one we just

started recently

using i like trello trello is free and

these are all project management tools

that you can use yeah like to put these

processes in place that delaney is going

to walk you through

and we’ve been using trello for years

and we like it started feeling a little

bit limited

and started getting a little frustrated

with some things and so we’ve more

recently switched to click up

so if you want to check it out and

create a free it’s free and we’re not

sponsored i’m just telling you that’s

who we use there’s a link

down in the show notes below that will

uh you can sign up and get a free

account there and check it out see if

it’s right for you or not but it is like

trello but on steroids almost too much

so in some regard

it’s like no it’s way too much to all at

once but

after you learn it you’re like oh my

gosh this thing’s so powerful

well and that’s the thing that i think

that you have to keep in mind whenever

it comes to picking a platform

is if you’re picking a project

management tool or platform for the

first time

keep in mind that the ones that are

easiest to set up

are usually the ones that eventually

have the most limits as you grow

because that you get in they’re really

easy to understand but then you start

hitting walls as you want

to start getting more complex with the

content um

and however if you pick a platform


a little bit harder to understand right

when you’re getting into it like if you

feel a little bit confused that’s


a good sign that okay there’s a lot of

there’s a lot more that i can do with

this and i can fully optimize it for me

and my needs so that’s just something

that i would keep in mind oh history


mentioned evernote evernote as well um

which tim you

you just used that right now mostly for

note tracking although click up now has


in green like uh its own notes product

and i’ve been well he has docs but also

has notes and so oh yeah yeah

notes more and more actually so sorry

evernote but it’s just nice to have it

all in one spot

yeah um so i actually highly recommend

click up as well i’ve used trello i’ve

used i’ve played around with

asana a little bit i haven’t played with

notion at all which

the lennon has i believe um

and i do highly recommend click up

because so far in comparison to all the

ones that i’ve used

tim’s right it’s like you can literally

do anything

in this you can really have it all in

one place but

i’d like to hear london’s thoughts on

notion in terms of a

platform interestingly enough if you’re

a notion user

click up makes sense because the way

that it connects things

and the way that a lot of the text can

be dragged around

and moved really seamlessly is the same

way that notion

works which is why i like notion um

notion feels very like this like you can


everything together use links to like

really put things in order

um it’s it’s a bit more like

you can build your own version of

whatever you want which i do

like because i’m i’m able to make it

more my own vibe

but so i have all video creators stuff

and click up

and then all my personal life in um

notion but i’m i gotta be honest

i’m like i might just go to click up for


i’m telling you i was you guys know if

you guys are listeners of the podcast

live stream then you know that i’ve

talked about

again and again and again and uh now

we’ve moved over

to click up and click up i think is even


partially because i think it’s just more

established than

but anyways all these all these project

management tools it

really i would i don’t want to say it

doesn’t matter which one you pick

because obviously we all have opinions


um but either way if you’re just getting

started and you feel like you’re just

not good with the project management

um they will have you know people that

you can reach out to to help you set it

up for your

individual needs no matter which

platform you choose

but definitely get a platform and i

highly recommend getting one where you

can have pretty much everything

in one space uh so that again you don’t

because what you don’t want to do

is have like okay your your video ideas

in a notepad on your iphone or slash

computer because they connect

um and then you kind of have all of the

your publishing schedule in click up or

something like that it’s

really easiest if you have it all in one

place so that you can kind of just move

everything around

and that’s where i feel the first step

really starts is just having

a single place where you can start to

operate out of and set up your systems

checklists processes everything in


i think the main thing to keep in mind

is that you need a system that work a

platform that works for you i’m looking

at the chat here in the live stream and

some people are like

oh i use post-it notes and uh what was

the other one

another susan taylor brown was like i

stink at those planning tools it makes

me think of all my years in corporate

and i turn tail and run away

and oh yeah and everybody’s a different


other paper and thing i think the point

is you need to have a good organization

system that works for you

if you start seeing a breakdown in your

system though

where it’s like i forgot to shoot the

thumbnail before i hit record or i

forgot to

or or something’s just not working then

don’t stick with

that was the problem that we had with

trello for years is we

really love trello because it’s simple

it’s easy to explain people pick up on

it pretty quickly

but it did it was we were missing too

many things as our business becomes more

and more

complex of the right word although that

is very accurate but like

intertwined it was a little too rigid to

just have one board for

different things and so we needed things

to kind of interact with each other

better and so that’s part of why we’re


to click up but yeah don’t don’t get

stuck on the platform just because it’s

what makes sense for you but

it does need to make sense for you too i

guess what i’m saying like yeah

oh yeah mural board two is what ggo

says and we use miro boards for

uh our quarterly objectives and key

results meeting

unless click up gets that do you think

they will i don’t know they have

something they have something like a

mirror board

um yeah

i’m not quite sure if it would be what

we need but yeah for you guys who don’t

know it’s just basically like a virtual

post-it note like a wall of unlimited

post-it notes is basically what that

is so you can kind of do a lot of

different things with that

yeah but a lot of creators and this is

where it also comes down to

you know you may kind of dump all of

your ideas and let’s say click up or

trello or something like that

and then whenever you start planning the

content you plan it all on paper

there’s you know there’s gonna be a even

me a lover of all these planning


uh i have a stack of post-it notes right

here because

i i like to be able to write certain

things down especially if i’m having

trouble focusing on one thing

i’ll just write it down and be like this

is the one like one to five things that

i just need to focus on today

um so that i can have them constantly in

front of me and it’s not

uh virtual so you guys are all going to

find your balance of what you want to be

physical and what you want to be virtual

and how it works for you

but just starting to build out that

system no matter where it is

and considering new things as your

system grows and it starts needing more

things like as you learn new strategies

and things that you need to incorporate

but within that platform or paper

however you

want it um i would definitely definitely


just a random area for

just brain dumping just brain dump all

of your ideas

no holds bar um just

like anything even if you think it’s a

dumb idea or you wonder if it’s a good

idea just

write it down and have a certain

designated space for these ideas

because then you want first of all you

just want to get them all

out of your head get as much the purpose

of these platforms is to get as much

out of your head and start to organize

it so that you can make more room for

more creativity in the things that

actually matter because if we try to

keep all these things in our head at

once then things just start to get

confusing and

things get lost so get things out of

your head

have a random play or have a place for

designated for just brainstorming

and then create buckets so this is tip

number three

create buckets for your content within

your platform or if you just have

post-it notes we here at video creators

we usually

teach three main buckets for your


and that’s going to be discoverable


and sales content so if you’re using

post-it notes you can just write


and then stick it on the wall and start

to put all your ideas underneath the


video um to briefly do either of you

guys want to briefly explain what the

community and

discover bowling sales

paper rock stitches for it lennon oh

here we go

okay okay one two one three two

three ah shoot two stitches one

more time ready


so the discoverable content is

a is like when you’re focusing that

content on that very first time viewer


they don’t know who you are they’ve

never watched you before they’re only

clicking because that title on thumbnail

teases a value or pitch the story or

something that they really

want to consume create some sort of

tension in the brain that they’re like


what happens there and they click for

whatever that pitch is not because

they know who you are yet and that video

is intentionally crafted to get someone

that first time viewer to

to watch and then hold their attention

and then

not just give them the good information

but that video also needs to

strategically get them to start feeling


like an emotion which which is what

they’re gonna really gonna help with the

watch time as well as make them more


liberally subscribe and make them

more likely to come back and watch more

because it wasn’t just like i got good

head information but i kind of like this

guy or this girl and

kind of like what else is here and so

and the only call to action in there is

to get people to click and watch another


the community content is well okay we’ve

got these new people coming into the


from our discoverable videos

community one is now how do we grow the

know like and trust factors

with that new audience that’s coming in

and so that could be

usually like a more laid-back type of

video you don’t have to put like 100

into that one as much

it’s more of a like you’re gonna publish

that video in a week from now it’ll have

pass-through subscribers feed

and no one’s really watching it anymore

but that’s okay

because it did what it’s supposed to do

which is getting that first-time

audience to really start connecting with

you on a deeper level and the only call

to action there

is to get them to comment so the first

ask is watch more

the second ask now is to let’s engage a

little bit

and then the last one is sales content

which is okay you brought people into

discoverable and you

really helped them become a part of your

community grow the knowledge and chess


the community content and now you’re

saying like hey here’s this

this value that we offer to you that you

can buy it’s not a commercial

but if like for us it would be like hey

don’t do

sub4sub because it says it like

literally right in youtube’s terms of

service that sub4sub is grounds for


but if you want to grow your channel

well we put together this free guide for

you you can click it right here and go

download it for free it’s going to talk

walk you through a six-step process

about what you need to do right and it’s

a literal like take

take two three minutes maybe even to

like really pitch this thing and sell it

maybe three might be a little bit much

depending on what it is but

like at least a minute or two and the

only call to action is click the link

down below

buy download sign up register whatever

and so what we’re doing with that with

that strategy is basically the same

thing you’re likely already doing

with your email strategy for example

which you have the free lead magnet that

gets people in

then you have the nurturing sequence

that grows the knowledge and chess

factors introduces them

to you and your brand which you’re all

about and then maybe by email like five

or six maybe now you’re kind of pitching

the sale

so we’re taking that same customer

journey and just applying it to our

youtube channel

to help new viewers take that journey to


a sale rather than being like hey you

just found us now the goal this video is

to get you to buy something

right it’s very rarely will people

actually do that

so it’s uh yeah in fact 30 days about

our youtube channel that course i

pitched earlier

we’ll spend several days i think i don’t

remember how many days but i know it

takes several days to walk you through

that process

in detail on your channel so you can

find out more about it there if you’d


yeah um so whenever you go in to

planning your process or planning you


video ideation things like that and

you’re trying to figure out where these

videos go

rather than just having them all kind of

in one line

or on one page or something like that

then you can actually start to drop it

into buckets so every time that you have

a video idea

what it what do i want this video to be

do i want it to

be a discoverable video to reach a new

audience get them to know who i

am turn them into subscribers things

like that do i

want it to uh just is the purpose of

this video just to

build a stronger relationship with my

community because

if every video tries to have the same

goal then it’s going to fail

can fail i should say at doing any of


very strongly and so whenever we

start to have an idea we can now drop it

into buckets of discoverable community

and sales

but also what i would recommend within

that is

keep in mind the different areas of your

target audience

because say that we have a crafting


for example where uh

okay you want to do a discoverable video

do you want it

to you can have different buckets in

terms of like

the overall topic matter uh in terms of

let’s say crafting tools or uh crafting

techniques you know you can kind of

break them down

in that on that level but then you can

also break it down by your audience’s

skill set so you’ll have like oh

this video is going to be for somebody

who’s just beginning

in crafting or this video is going to be

just an

you know ideation for intermediate you

know just going to give them ideas and

inspiration and things like that

what is so you’re kind of breaking it

down into sub purposes of the video so

we kind of have

the overarching discoverable community

in sales but then within that what it

who is this video for is it for the

experience crafter is it for the

beginner crafter is it somewhere in the

middle they maybe just need

inspiration um or this isn’t necessarily

an advanced technique but it’s for

um but it’s not also a beginner

technique you know things like that

you can also have kind of buckets within

the discoverable community in sales

buckets to help you further organize

your content and make sure that you have

a good balance of like oh i’m not just


all discoverable content and not doing

any community content to where

i’m um not building a deeper

relationship with my audience

or you can also manage you know am i

doing too many videos on

just product techniques and i need to do


more videos on the crafting tools or

something like that

so i love that delaina has crafting on

the brain

i’ve been working with a lot of crafting

channels this these past couple months

um so yeah it’s one of the first things

that came to mind including you ingrid

ingrid blackburn said that in the chat

all right so we’ve got pick a platform

start building your system uh within

that platform make sure that you have

a certain designated area that is not

your buckets but it’s just for random

brainstorming dumping all of your ideas

and then you can go to that board and

now we’re going to create buckets and

start to

put these random ideas that we’ve just

jotted down throughout weeks months


um and we can just designate time to sit

down and now put that content into

these buckets that we’ve created so then

the fourth tip that i have for you

is now and this is a question that i

actually get from creators all

the time especially as they start

learning how to further engage their

audience within their

video structure like how to actually

script their content how to plan

how the video flows from one thing to

the next

and this is a this is a question that i

get all the time it’s basically like do

you have

um do you have an outline that you can

give us

that can kind of walk through it and

this is where it does

the all those variables kind of come

into play there’s way too many variables

across all different niches

of how your content is going to flow

from one thing to the next

but i can give you a general outline and

what i’m going to encourage you to do

is to start to build your outline out of


so the first thing is going to be so

what i want you to do

is wherever you do this pen on paper or

hands to keyboard you know however

you’re planning your process

um make an area for your hook

like the first thing that you need to do

is to hook your audience so how are you

going to open the video so

make an area for the hook and then you

can write so you’re basically building

out a template

that you can now go in and plug any

script any video that you plan you just

plug it into this template every time

so that you never forget certain areas

of your video that you need to remember

so plan for a hook how you’re going to


the video and then your branded intro

should come after that if you have one

and then your personal introduction so

how you introduce yourself after you’ve

already hooked the audience

and then your content now within your

content this is where you need to start

to get really really nitty-gritty

of planning your audio

and your visual and how those are going

to correlate with each other

and what i would recommend you do is to

actually think of like a

a google spreadsheet i guess just kind

of get one of those where you have two

columns and you have the audio on one

side and then the visual on the other

and you can actually plan line by line

and shot by shot

what visual you want to go with certain

audio so you’re actually

what i want all of this to do is for you

to fully think out

think through your entire video before

you actually go and film it because

then whenever you go to film this video

not only is it going to be easier for

you to film

i shouldn’t say easier there’s there’s

probably a lot of variables there

but if there’s going to be less

resistance in trying to figure out

oh what do i need to film next you’re

actually fully imagining your entire

video and that could change as you

actually get into the video you could

make small tweaks here and there

but you kind of have a default script

template to work off of um and you’ve

you’ve planned all the audio and the

visual and how they’re going to


if it changes it changes but um the

point here oh

let me go to the last one and then i’ll

kind of come back so then you want to

plan your ending call to action so how

you’re actually going to end the video

so you can have all of these areas

within your script and then just start

to plug

all of the individual scripts in between

those areas

um yeah i think

that’s pretty much it from that do you

guys have anything to add

there no it sounds like what you’re


is create a template

that every every single time you go

through it you’re just

running through it so you don’t forget

anything yeah and i

think the value of this is that

it’s easy especially for people like me

and maybe creative people in general who

are like

oh i got this i remember everything i do

this all the time

and it’s more accurately like i forget

something all the time

yes and it’s good to have that process

that checklist or whatever

you want to do with this written out so

every time you shoot a video

you’re just you’re just practicing that



checking every single box every time you

go through the

the process so you don’t miss anything

and eventually maybe over time is like

i’m not missing anything there’s only

three things on this list i got it

right but but from the from the very

beginning from planning

content and the ideation process all the

way through to publishing

there’s a lot of there’s a lot of steps

in there and it can be easy to miss and

just kind of go off the

guff rather than actually do something

strategically intentionally

yeah and so that kind of brings in my

fifth point which is going to be have

pre-created checklists within this

template for you

it set you up perfectly you did

um yeah because whenever you

most creators here we are not just

creating content for youtube but we also


cut down that content and we put it on

facebook and uh

we want to make sure that we as we’ve

mentioned several times already we want

to make sure that we

capture certain images for the title and

the thumbnail well not for the title but

for the thumbnail

and we want to make sure that we get

certain shots if we’re going to cut it

down into

maybe like an instagram reel or a tick


video or something like that because all

those platforms are going to be a little

bit different and have different needs

and their algorithms are going to work a

little bit differently

and so having a pre-created checklist

and this is one of the things that i

love and click up is that you can create


and so every time you have a new idea

you can just

insert a template and it’ll create it’ll

like automate an entire checklist for

you so that it’s like um

but you can do this just with like pen

and paper or whatever you’re just gonna

have subcategories where it’s like

okay if i need to shoot instagram


what photos do i need to get what

particular photos do i need to get for

this instagram

post that’s going to correlate with my


youtube video if if we’re planning it

that way

and so uh you’re basically just getting

really really

nitty gritty yeah keto twins it’s so

much to remember youtubers need to be

good at so many things it’s crazy

and this is where i want this process to

help you guys

like remove a lot of that out of your

brain like stop trying to remember

everything have templates set up so that

it’s like oh

okay i still need to get that photo for

my instagram post oh i still need to

shoot a photo for

my uh thumbnail

that way nothing falls through the

cracks and every single time you post a


it has its best chance so

um yeah i i would recommend now those

checklists are going to look a little

bit different depending on

what platforms you’re on and what

platforms you’re seriously pursuing

outside of youtube as well as who your

audience is and what certain

visuals and things are going to resonate

with them within

thumbnails and things like that

but yeah start building out a checklist

that just applies to every single video

that you post and if some of those items

on the checklist don’t

always apply then that’s okay you can

just ignore them for that video

but build out every single thing that

you find yourself forgetting

or not doing as well as you think you

could have then

make a checklist for it and make sure

that you’re thinking about it every time

you write that

entire script it could be even something

as simple as primal branding elements

okay where did i use my lexicon

in this video oh i didn’t use my lexicon

how can i go back through this script

and insert some of my lexicon within

this video and little

did i incorporate my creation story in

areas where i could have

you know if not then go back through how

can i insert some of my creation story


this video so because that’s

like all of the things that we teach all

throughout 30 days it is so much to

remember you’re not going to remember

all of it some of you maybe do and i

wish i was you

but um

branding stuff i forget all the time

because you always feel like you’re

talking to people like when i talk to

the camera i

default to talking to people who are

already in my existing community

people that we already know and it’s

hard for me to get out of that mindset

like oh no i gotta remember

the first time viewers never heard of us

before and intentionally start to

incorporate those

primal branding i forget that all the

time yep

if you guys aren’t familiar with primal

branding elements i would definitely do

some research on it but it’s also

something that we teach

in 30 days to a better youtube channel


um yeah that is that was my fifth tip

is just starting to build out your


checklist that you can plug into every

single video to make sure that

nothing falls through the cracks

let’s jump into some of these questions

here you guys have been asking some good

ones we have to start with history

treehouse first who asks

uh i have some denim all right

i have some denim in my fabric stash

anyone else we can send it to tim

and he can have someone make it into a


patchwork jacket

my wife does like to sew i gotta i’m not

putting that on her though i

i uh i ca i can feel like this is gonna

be a

should i like just not get the denim

jacket so we can just stretch this thing

out as long as possible

all right i think as soon as i get it

everyone’s gonna be like oh

he got it in that way


that’s up to you how long do you want to

put up with this

i think it’s kind of fun actually the

timber frame guy

asked what are some tips for starting

and tracking

a video series like a house build for


you have any tips for that oh

um i think i think the same principles

apply you’re going to need

okay so i think for you it’s going to be

really really heavy

on the visual element of making sure

that you’re showing all of these so

what uh i would have a template like a

again highly recommend a like a google

spreadsheet or something like that to

where every line and tip that you plan

um you all you’re also planning ahead

the visual element that needs to be

partnered with that i think that’s going

to be really important for you

but then uh for house building i also

think that there’s a big opportunity for

stories there

so i would incorporate some of the

storytelling structures

uh do you want to briefly go over

the storytelling structure tim i’ll do

it really fast

uh because we’ve got a few other

questions here yeah ever

answer these seven questions in like for

your upcoming videos

so like for your content before you hit


number one who’s the character number

two what do they want

number three why can’t they have what

they want number four

what’s at stake if they don’t get what

they want number five who or what comes

along and helps the character do what

they couldn’t do before

number six how does the character

ultimately get what they want

and number seven how is the character


by this process so there’s a lot that

goes into each of those

um but that’s kind of the basic

structure of crafting content that’ll

tell a good story and hold someone’s


yeah i would plug that into your

template as well but

yep that’s so we got

heritage and model rail asks can i use

the tools to schedule my videos

andrew asks that lennon do you want to

talk about scheduling videos

yeah i mean i think that it’s it’s

really about

you know you can’t see it here like so

my process is

there’s there’s like a scripting version

filming editing

thumbnail then publish and so within

each of those buckets like

the post-it or whatever it is kind of

moves to the next phase so i always know

where each

piece of content sort of is in the

process and so within each of those

there’s its own individual

process and the only reason that that i

like to have those checklists in place

is is because you know most of the time

i think when people are making content

they may be working on

number a number of videos simultaneously

so it’s a lot easier to get lost on what

to do

next and so when it comes to scheduling

the content

there’s not necessarily you know youtube

actually makes it really simple

to schedule it inside their own platform

and so you can just set all that up so

my thumbnail days and my

scheduling days are the same uh as of

recent that’s a change that i’m trying

to make so i know that

once i make the thumbnail and finish it

then i’m immediately putting it in to

try and schedule

as well so you know i think it’s just a

it’s all

again i i was saying in the chat i love


i love seeing this these comments

because it’s a reminder of how

individualized our brains are and how

unique we all are in our processes

what we’re saying here is not a one size

fits all by any stretch

it’s really you know somebody said

you’re making this too difficult

yeah maybe for you that’s absolutely

correct and then for others it’s like

yeah but i also have to think about my

family and i also have to think about

this job and i also have to think about

this other thing and i also

you know when we have all these things

we need those processes

and sometimes it’s like well i want to

hire a team so having that process is

really important

so just wherever you’re at i would

always encourage you to make it as

simple for you as possible

that’s the goal of these processes is

actually to make it feel simpler

so you can think less and take action on

more because you’d be surprised at how

much energy we burn

by forgetting something or always having

to rack our brains saying did i do that


i’m not sure if i remembered that that’s

where this stuff comes in

so incredibly handy yeah yep

little mountain life asks what would be

a good checklist

of things a creator should do to prepare

for the course

or one-on-one consultations okay i

thought they’re asking for their own

course sounds like they’re asking for

ours so

uh len and elena anything that you guys

think they should

prepare for before taking 30 days or a


as far as 30 days goes i think

wherever you’re at um yeah you’re ready

i i wouldn’t that is your that is your


as far as i think uh and then as far as

like jumping in a consult

you know the the main thing for me

is there’s there’s two approaches that

i’ll see

when people come in consults with me one

they’re in a planning stage and they

want help getting through that planning

and making sure that they’re putting the

plan together in a way that makes sense

that they’re thinking about the right


and that’s a great time to jump in a

consult the other side of that is

they’ve now done the work for a while

and they’re they’re they’re just now in

a zone where they’re spinning their

wheels and they’re like okay

i’m not really sure what to do next to

change to try and get some new traction

or some new ideas

a new thought process and that’s where a

consult can be incredibly valuable as


uh and you can ask anybody in here

that’s taken one with me at the end of

it there

often people will say should we do this

again in like a couple weeks i’m like no

go do more work and we’ll get together

again in maybe like

six weeks to a couple months like i i

think the more data we have to look at

the more stuff that we can look at and

see what you’ve done the better when

you’re in a like execution versus a

planning stage

yeah oh we got

a question from sketch my story who is a

channel member thank you sketch my story

says is there a video that you have that

shows examples of how to do the seven

storytelling questions

absolutely in fact i got a whole

playlist about it which i will put here

in the chat for you and those of you

guys are listening to the podcast later

you’ll find that playlist down

in the show notes of this episode and

the one in there that’s particular to

these seven

steps it’s the third as of right now

it’s the third

video in that playlist called steel

hollywood stories telling secrets for

massive engagement

and then also the next one how to tell

an amazing story every time

each of those two videos will go in more

depth about those seven questions and

how they work and how to use them

we also dive into that stuff a lot

deeper we spent actually a few weeks on

it inside video labs

but um but if you want some content

about it that’s

you can click on that link right there

we have a question from

uh let’s see oh also the timber frame

guy who asked are live streams a good

way to complement videos that i publish

does youtube push live streams at people

other than current subscribers

i put live streaming squarely in the

community bucket

i think it’s a great tool for engaging

your existing audience

it’s a little bit i mean they can be

discoverable a lot of people do them

that way you just have to make sure that

the value of the live stream

is very consumable for someone who’s not

there for you

and you can certainly do that but for

most people live streams are

a very solid engagement piece with their

for their existing community so that’s

usually where we put that one

anyway see we have

scott fitzger who asked could you

provide an example or technique

that develops the relationship for the

fan bucket do either one of you guys

have an

example that comes to mind for that


i think it depends on what

what your audience i know that every

creator loves to hear it depends but

um it does depend on what your topic is

and what your audience is like for a

food channel for example what i eat in a


is a community video you know um because

probably not a lot of people who don’t

know that person are going to care too

much about what that person eats in a


uh there already has to be some sort of

existing transaction that has happened

that that person

cares about what that person’s doing

right um it could just be

you sitting down and telling a little

bit of your story on

why you started this channel or

something like that you’re just telling

kind of like a personal story to connect

with your audience more in a way that

would connect with them you know um

so i i would say it could look a lot of

different ways but it’s going to depend

a little bit on

who your audience is and what value you

offer i think it still needs to be

aligned with the value proposition

of the channel the target audience so if

i sat down video creators and be like

here’s what i’m eating today guys

some of you guys will be like what you

know but if it’s more like hey guys

here’s how i do my camera setup or

look here’s my studio like most people

don’t care about my studio but if i give

my community a tour of

here’s my office and my studio space

those people will care about that so

it’s just kind of like a more behind the

scenes type of thing

yeah and then we got one more question

here from

masque did i say that right


looking at my analytics my vids get a

great amount of views at launch but then

don’t gain any views over time

is this something i should be tracking

and what does it

mean would you put that in their process


delana of tracking the videos

yeah and then evaluating it yeah

i would put i mean most of what i talked

about here was kind of like

leading up to tracking planning your

ideas things like that

uh but what i would do mick schwa

schwack he’s probably enjoying us saying


um is i would put start putting your

videos into groups

so if you’re testing something like if

you’re changing

certain thumbnails you know say that you

started using

um a blue background on your thumbnails

or something like that

then take all of those thumbnails put

them into a group and

uh track them

later down the road like once maybe like

put them all into a group and check them

just like one month later and see what’s

not working here

um okay it looks like the blue

thumbnails aren’t performing as well as

my previous thumbnails were or they’re

performing better so

either let me try another color or let

me um

you know try something else okay if i do

blue thumbnail

thumbnails with my face in it does that

perform better than not with my face in

it little things like that

you can do the same thing with your

content creation

like the actual content of the video so

if i put a story into it does that

typically garner more average percentage

view than having a non-story

and one of the things that i would

particularly look for

in your case where you’re kind of

getting a great amount of views starting

off and then it just kind of

goes away for some channels that’s

really really normal

um but that also could be a sign of that

you’re only really engaging your

subscribers starting off and a few


and you’re not really get garnering much

attention from people outside of

your usual audience and so you release a

video all the people who usually watch

it watch it and then it just kind of

goes back down and so what i would


track is your non-subscribed viewership

and is that non-subscriber viewership

going up

um and how all of those metrics your

impressions click through rate your

average percentage viewed things

like that would uh

wha what helps the most to increase with

those metrics with non-subscribers

and using groups to compare and make

sure that you look at it a little bit

later like maybe like once a month don’t

look at it

right only right after you’ve released

the video or anything like that

yeah i’m looking at our video from last

thursday on our channel and it’s like


it’s like a 45 minute video is the

ultimate guide to making money on

youtube with brand deals

and this is a guy who i who does

hundreds of thousands of

dollars of brand deals uh

i think a month but probably not um best


target levi’s like big brands and he

gives you like a to b

every single little freaking detail

about how this how the stuff works

and like it’s like a master like i could

have charged

maybe a couple hundred bucks for access

to this material

but instead we put it on youtube for

free and i’m looking at it

and it’s like eight out of number eight

out of our last 10 videos and i’m like

okay like we should probably that’s

that’s part of our process is like let’s

evaluate that

can we put a different thumbnail on it

can we improve that title in some

way and because i think this once you

get into that

content it is rock solid there are no


information about it on on the internet

that i’m aware of that’s

similar to that that just walks it

through that kind of process for free

so i think that’s part of our process

what we’re saying is like yes put the

evaluation is part of the process and

update and tweak and change things and


as jameson said like i couldn’t change

everything but i could do it better in

the next one

yeah so steps over time that make a big


we are wrapping up with our power tip of

the week

kind of drop the code of the week

because that was a little bit more of a


let’s say that way let’s wrap up with

our power tip of the week

delana what is the tip that you’re going

to leave everyone with that’s going to

help them really blow up here

on youtube yeah so one of the things


i have noticed a lot of creators

struggle with

is getting ahead on their content

so that they actually like you can have

all the perfect

templates and all of these tools and

platforms and things like that but

one of the biggest things that uh they

still struggle with is kind of living

what i call it is living paycheck to

paycheck with your content where it’s

just kind of like

uploading a video and then you’re you

kind of work all week to get that video


edited uploaded and then it’s on to the

next video and

what that does what i want you guys to

be aware of everyone’s brain is


but what i want you guys to be aware of

is that

sometimes if we don’t have the wiggle

room it can

affect our creativity or us really being

able to do what we really want to do

with that content

uh by putting ourselves adventures in

the dirt says

i’ve worked myself into that corner for

uh for sure

yeah so many creators do it’s it’s so

much to keep up with which is why i want

you guys to

have templates and checklists checklists

and things

that you can refer back to to make sure

that you’re hitting everything but

my tip here my power tip is to plan

backwards to get ahead

and this is um

gonna sound so backwards which is

the point right um but what i want you

to do

is okay we are in what middle of

november getting close to middle of

november now

so what if we start planning for the end

of january like what’s the video that

we’re going to upload on january 30th

and then start planning backwards and

start filming and planning content

this is not going to be applicable to

maybe everyone if you have super

seasonal content but even then maybe you

can film that seasonal content now and

release it later

but start basically filming your videos

backwards so

january 30th and then january 27th and


just keep going backwards from there so

eventually the timeline that you’re in

right now we’re moving forward to


and then you’re also filming this

content for january and eventually those

are going to those timelines are going

to meet in the middle and then all of a

sudden you’ll be ahead on your content

um so plan backwards to get ahead and

so that you can give yourself more

wiggle room

to do more creative things to implement

more strategies everything in between

so yeah um and then the quote that i

have that goes with that is a

clear-headed plan

that now prevents pain and regret later

and that is from

everything is figure out able i feel

like i had to use this book because i

just finished it so

um and then something else for you guys

to think about another quote from this

book by marie forleo is

sometimes it takes that one person

expressing an idea and their unique


at the right time in the right way for

it to actually make a difference and you

are that person for someone great

that’s awesome yeah i hope this helps

you guys move forward as you continue to

grow with your content and with your

channel and

that’s why we do this like we hang out

here every week just to help you guys

out because we really want you guys to


and we’re cheering you on and if there’s

any way we can help you with that please

reach out let us know you can email us

team t-e-a-m at

in the meantime thanks for hanging out

in the podcast subscribe if you haven’t

already we’ve got new episodes for you

every single week typically they’re

coming out on thursdays now

because we got an editor now making them

all professional for you guys so

thanks for that brian and

we will see you guys again next week for

another video creators podcast episode

see you guys then bye