This Week at YouTube: 5 NEW Launches!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re covering 5 new launches on the platform.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

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0:03 [Launch] Affiliate Ad Controls
0:34 [Launch] Auto Chapters Bulk Edit
1:39 [Launch] Video Insights Improvements
2:05 [Launch] Appeal from Studio Mobile
2:52 [Launch] Trending Hashtags in Explore



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=================== text video ====================

— What’s up, creators!

Let’s get into these updates
for this week’s News Flash.

First up, let’s talk about
AdSense blocking controls,

the means by which you tell us

about specific ads, or types of ads,

that you do not want to
appear on your channel.

Now, the news here is that
MCN affiliate channels

have been given access to
AdSense blocking controls,

allowing them to make editorial decisions

about the type of ads that
serve on their channel.

Previously, this was only
available to YPP channels.

Now it can be accessed via
the AdSense account linked

to the channel itself.

Next up, an update on
auto chapters bulk edit.

Now, we’ve recently launched auto chapters

to new videos on the platform

and we’ve received pretty
positive reactions so far.

We’re now expanding auto chapters

to all existing videos of
a creator on the platform.

And, as before, you’re
automatically opted into this.

Now, we understand not
everybody may want this enabled.

So we’re trying to make it easier for you

to edit a large number of
videos at the same time.

And to do this, we’re adding the option

to allow or disallow
chapters via bulk editing

in the upload list.

You can also turn off
chapters in the uploads flow,

or metadata editor, or
for all future uploads

in the uploads defaults.

Now remember, even if auto
chapters are allowed on a video,

overall they’re only gonna show
on a small number of videos

where the algorithm can detect chapters,

and also determines
that they’re a good fit

for the content itself.

Also remember that you
can add your own chapters.

We’re gonna add more features here,

so stay tuned for more updates.

Next up, let’s discuss a
launch around video insights

for evergreen videos,
otherwise known as videos

that have been popular with your audience

for a long period of time.

Now last month, we ran an experiment

to improve the monthly
channel performance analysis

you see in analytics,

by adding insights around
these evergreen videos.

As a result of the positive feedback

from last month’s experiment,
we’re rolling this out

to all creators.

Next up, a launch that’s
a little bit closer

to my area of YouTube,
and that is yellow icons.

This launch is the appeal of
yellow icons via Studio mobile.

We’re rolling out the ability

for creators to appeal yellow icons

via the Studio mobile app,
instead of solely via desktop.

Now, it’s important to note

that self-certification
questionnaire features

such as manual review
feedback, post appeal,

aren’t going to be available at this time.

But we hope to add them in the future.

It’s also really important

that you have the most
up-to-date Studio mobile app

on your device in order for this to work.

We are rolling out this
feature this very week.

And all creators in YPP will have access

by the end of September.

Now, we’re all about launches this week

and we’re not done yet.

Let’s talk about the launch

of Trending Hashtags and Explore.

We recently launched
Trending Hashtags and Explore

to help creators identify
what has buzz on the platform,

what topics users are
really interested in,

and to raise the visibility of hashtags

on the platform itself.

Now, I hear you cry, «Do
not let this News Flash end

before you explain to us

how YouTube identifies trending hashtags.»

Well, we identify and display hashtags

that are seeing the
fastest growth among users,

and then select a subset of
those across various categories,

for example, movies, gaming, and sports.

Important to note that this
feature is only available

to U.S. mobile viewers.

Let us know if you have any
questions in the comments below.

And that’s it for this week’s
edition of the News Flash

from the creators of
YouTube to YouTube creators.

Thanks for watching.


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