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0:00 The Story
0:47 1: ANYTHING But YouTube
3:07 2: Biggest Reasons NOT to Do It
4:42 3: Clear Audience
6:03 4: The Struggle
7:10 5: Results Starting
8:25 6: Right Actions
10:02 7: Hockey Stick Growth
12:05 8: Blue Pin/Yellow Pin
13:39 9: Surprise Moment

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so here’s the story thus far a little

over a year ago i was speaking with

maria from the channel listen and learn

portuguese with maria and at that time

she had just completed doing an insane

30-day publishing challenge on her

channel now it wasn’t all easy for her

doing that challenge but because of it i

was able to make an exception and put a

blue pin in my world map but at the time

we both knew that it wasn’t the end and

what you watching this need to know is

what happened after that howdy howdy

everyone nate here since then maria has

grown her channel to earning more than

five dollars per month now i do need to

mention that i had to bleep out the

actual money amount because she

specifically requested that i don’t

share exactly how much she’s making but

it’s good but what i want for you here

is to know how you can replicate it so

let’s look at her journey and every step

that went into it so now our journey

begins as so many other youtube journeys

begin maria got fired first question i

have for you is why did you initially

want to switch to making your income

online oh because i used to work for a

school that when kovid started

they suddenly decided to fire all the

teachers who were not native speakers

so can you imagine in the at the

beginning of that whole pandemic story i

lost my job and i lost it because i

wasn’t a native speaker by the way i i

thought let’s say

6 000 classes there and they

wrote the whole letter of recommendation

and everything and they said a big thank

you for everything that i did but they

just said you’re so sorry you’re not a

native speaker and that’s how things go

and as is often the case and many of you

watching may experience something very

similar it was a rough transition

especially starting out because maria

did not know what to do and it’s always

really interesting to me when i hear a

story of someone that says okay i’ll do

anything except this specific thing

which in the case of maria was youtube

how did it feel to transition from

teaching in person being fired

yeah what was the feeling throughout all

of that

it was horrible because i was left

without anything

and then i started following 1 000

youtube channels on

how to start a youtube video and how to

start an online business and i started

with blogs and websites and all that so

the only thing i knew at that point was

i can do anything but youtube


i i knew that i was so scared to do that

because i was fired for not being a

native speaker so that was the biggest

obstacle for me and so much so that it

actually took maria quite a while to

work up the courage to be on camera to

show her face on camera you know i went

from i’m not gonna do that i’m gonna do

that i’m not gonna do it i’m gonna do

that i’m not gonna do yes no yes no and

then i said okay yes i’m doing it i’m

doing it finally i was scared to show my

face on the camera because you know that

the whole world is watching you now yes

it was scary but as you said like you

have nothing to lose you can only lose

if you don’t try you see maria realized

that her greatest weakness or one of her

biggest fears might actually be the very

thing that she needed to step into and

actually what makes her unique and the

most helpful to her audience so i was

constantly asking myself questions

just to reassure myself like do you

really want to do this

this do you really believe in yourself

like no matter what the other people say

do you believe in yourself

do you think that you can teach like if

you’ve been teaching for 10 years what’s

the problem now

what’s the problem if somebody watches

your channel like that can be a benefit

and you can then i understood yes like

watching from that position i can uh

motivate many people who are not native

speakers because that’s my audience and

in retrospect after speaking with maria

this part absolutely blew my mind

because it was the very thing that she

was most afraid of she’d just been laid

off for not being a native speaker and

she decided i’m gonna go ahead and step

in and do it anyway i just bought a

phone i bought a stand for the phone and

your course

so that was everything i invested in and

that was like the the biggest like that

was like the best investment i made

really so i need to focus on something

and if i buy a course that will help me

focus on it i can reach my goals a lot

faster because you know i teach and i

know how important it is to have a

teacher to have somebody who guides you

especially at the beginning now after

maria made this decision it’s important

to note that one of the very next things

she decided was to set a very clear

vision for why she was doing what she

was doing but a short-term goal was to

to get to work to find people as soon as

possible so that i can

do the job so that i can teach like i

was hoping to have 10 people i was

hoping to find 10 people that would like

to work with me they will recognize me

for speaking in that language and they

will recognize me for this type of video

or that type of video so my goal was for

them when they think of my channel like

her channel is about this this and that

and if i want this this and that

i’m going to her channel and i think

that’s what every channel should think

about like what is something that people

when they think of me or of my channel

what’s what are three keywords that pop

up in their minds what i would like them

to think is she’s not a native speaker

and she’s here teaching another language

so at least i can reach the level of


and that’s what they want right nobody

who comes to my channel wants to teach

they want to speak

the other thing i want them to relate my

channel to pronunciation practice

and the third one is simplifying things

simplifying everything now in retrospect

i know it can be easy to gloss over the

pain and struggle of growing a youtube

channel and it was the case when i was

speaking with maria about it but what i

do know is that in this case she kept

her mindset strong and kept pushing

forward despite all of the struggle

along the way in fact that’s something

that i’ve strongly been considering

speaking about more on this channel for

you maria what was the lowest point in

your youtube journey um and did you ever

feel like giving up and how did that

feel i never felt like giving up

honestly because i knew i i wanted to

have my business


i i had some bad days when i would hear

somebody on the channel who would show

up there just to say something negative

and that really affected my ego

it never demotivated me so much that i

said okay i just want to give up because

i know that this is something i really

love and this is something so creative

that i’ve never done before and i really

want to stay on this way okay so we

could end the story right here knowing

that maria kept pushing forward she did

what she was dreaming of doing and she

faced her fears but the fact is

because she kept going some really cool

things started happening you you had

mentioned so you started getting

one-to-one you know coaching clients

right people are reaching out to you you

don’t directly sell it um how long did

it take you to get your first one when

did people start reaching out and you

got your first client from youtube so i

started publishing a bit more regularly

in january and the first person who who

asked me to have a class with me was in


so wow

pretty so one month wow

and she’s still my alert oh that’s so

that’s great you know like

yes now there’s an obligatory moment

where i need to pause here and say not

everybody is going to be selling

one-on-one coaching like maria was in

this case learning a language it

naturally made sense it’s possible

you’re not ever going to sell coaching

or something similar on your own channel

but i think you and i can see here that

because of the vision and direction that

maria was taking with her channel there

was something that was compelling to the

people watching that caused that kind of

early success because she wasn’t only

doing that she was also focusing on the

right actions to get the results she was

looking for and then i was going through

your videos and suggestions and

everything and writing down the notes

and just

like thinking about the videos how i

would outline them and what would i say

in them and just incorporating your

course material into my videos like i

have the idea for this video but how to

structure it and then i go to your

course and see like this is what nate

says about structuring the ideas or


video formats or

audience retention or wagon wheel like

my favorite one or like storytelling

like that’s mind-blowing like i’ve never

heard anyone talking about storytelling

like the

the simplest and the most natural thing

in the world

and that’s what i learned from your

channel and by the way the video that’s

the most popular on my channel is

actually based on that really so thank

you oh i didn’t know that for me that

was the idea of the wagon wheel because

as many

youtube channels i was watching nobody

has ever talked about that it really

helped me understand

how to use all the videos that i make

and how to to help them all work


now knowing this when i spoke with maria

this time around in the first video i

created with her a little over a year

ago she got genuinely upset that i cut

out segments like that so maria if

you’re watching this there you go i

didn’t cut it out this time

now next what maria started to see on

her channel i refer to as the hockey

stick of growth there’s the there’s the

ghost town phase you’re going a little

ways and then you inevitably reach a

point where you start to snowball and

grow the channel exponentially for me i

expect it to grow i expected to have 1

000 people on the channel in a year year

and a half and actually it happened in

five months once i really started doing

what what i

needed to do my goal was to to replace

all those jobs with just my learners

that i would find on youtube and that’s

what’s happening my mom came i was in

the bathroom and she came screaming to

the bathroom like knocking on the door

like did you see did you see she wants

to have classes with you

oh that’s that’s so great and one other

thing i wanted to note here is as of

this conversation i had with maria she

still had not turned on youtube partner

program ads all of the income she was

making from her channel had nothing to

do with the traditional youtube

monetization a lot of them just reach

out to me and say like where can i buy

your product do you have any kind of

course that i can buy and i always say

like no i don’t and another interesting

thing is that i never promote my classes

in videos i never like if you go to my

channel if you go to my website which

almost doesn’t exist you will never see

like contact me for classes or this is

the price of the class or this is this

this is that so they actually

don’t know if i teach so they just reach

out to me hoping that i might be

teaching and i’m teaching like not full

time but even more than that wow yes and

that that’s how that’s how i earn from

youtube and that’s

the most common question that i get what

you ask me like when i talk to people

they tell me like who who doesn’t know

actually how it all works they tell me

like okay so but where is the button how

do i buy something that you sell now

you’re watching this might remember i

made an exception by putting a blue pin

in to the map in the hopes that someday

i could replace it with a yellow pin you

remember in our original video i went to

our map

we have the big map on the wall and i

put a special blue pin in there right

because amongst all the yellow pins in

this video i actually in a little bit

i’m going to go in there and replace it

with the with a yellow pin so what do

you mean if i remember like that was one

of the biggest motivation like i need to

get a yellow pin

well let me show you all right it is

time you can see i’ve got the world map


the one we’re looking at is right here


let’s pull out the blue


give me a countdown



one go


it’s official look at that that’s so rad

thank you nate thank you for for taking

me to there

i’m so excited for you okay next step

you gotta get one of these

it’s time for a plaque

oh you know what this is

you know exactly what this is for and

for everybody watching this i’m putting

together a video on basically the

strategy to replicate what you did um so

i’m putting it together but i’m going to

talk about that more a little bit later

on in this video you cool with that

yeah where is short

great thank you okay okay so

maria just mentioned something that i

actually wasn’t aware of before

recording this so this is on the fly i

sat down and said let’s record this so

you just said you haven’t published on

your channel in six months right

right that’s right

i was under the impression you had

started before this and yet the success

is still like happening and still

rolling in even without publishing

yeah the channel is still growing

steadily when we had talked before this

is legitimate response here i i

when we had talked before it had been a

few months

but i didn’t know that it was that long

it was two months ago when we recorded

the video but four months potential

hinting at a you know a follow-up i’m

curious what your channel does once you

start publishing again this will be fine

as well i’ll give you both

oh right well okay that’s great i’m glad

we got this on camera i actually didn’t

know that

and now i didn’t want to leave it just

at that you see there were many points

along the way that the channel the

maria’s channel could have slowed or

even stopped growing and so for you

watching this i wanted to share with you

how to apply what she did and in order

to do that i am putting together a full

guide of what i would share with you

personally to build a fail proof youtube

channel so when that video is ready i’m

going to put it up here for you to watch

next in the meantime i’m going to put

the first part of maria’s story down

here for you to watch so go ahead and

watch this or this or both next and

we’ll see you there


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