This Channel got 700 Million views in 30 days

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this channel is so hot it got 700

million video views and over 2 million

subscribers in less than 30 days the

long crime network basically did a

strategy to live stream something that’s

super trending and really appeals to a

broader audience and what would that be

the johnny depp and amber heard trial

ultimately they’re getting millions and

millions of people watching every single

day the ridiculousness that comes out of

that court case one of the smartest

strategies i’ve seen them doing right

now with all this new viewers of coming

in from the live stream is building up

their library as fast as they can

they’re posting anywhere between 8 to 15

videos a day to really get those

suggested video views also they’re doing

something really smart by live streaming

other court cases that are happening

right now i believe this is the model

that’s going to keep on giving even when

that crazy court case of johnny depps is

done what do you think that this channel

is going to survive and thrive after the

johnny depp case put it in the comments

we really hear your thoughts and please

don’t use the poop emoji for one of your

comments please


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