The TWO Things That the YouTube Algorithm Loves #shorts #mrbeast

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=================== text video ====================

biggest point was when pueblo cop jordy

showed me a graph where he took all his

videos and he graphed them by a

click-through rate and average view

duration and the ones with the higher

click-through rate and average duration

combined got the most views basically it

showed that the higher both numbers are

combined exponentially more the views

are and then it’s just about obsessing

how to get the numbers up really because

when you think about it what does

youtube want they want people to click

and watch a video and click and watch a

video which sounds obvious but to a lot

of people they haven’t figured it out

because they think it’s either clickbait

or average view duration i don’t think

many people realize that it’s both and

the higher both are exponentially more

of the views


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