The State of YouTube in 2022 — Creator Roundtable

YouTube has outlined its priorities for 2022. Today we’ll discuss how these priorities and changes impact YOU!

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hello everybody welcome back to another

vidiq live stream my name is dan and i

am so excited that you are here today we

are gonna have an awesome time we are

talking to a number of other creators

about what we’re calling the state of

youtube here in 2022 it should be an

awesome discussion glad to see you’re

all here um hey

thank you for being here and thank you

to rob for also being here rob hey dan

hey everybody

if there was one decision that i made


uh with vidiq it was choosing the intro

music it gets me pumping

every single time and look at this





is currently live welcome to the next

part of the youtube journey for us and

all of you 1 000 videos i’m really sorry

that number 1000 had savage in it i

still feel bad

uh if you don’t know what i’m talking

about watch yesterday’s channel out of

stream especially like towards the end

um before we get our guests here with us

let’s get the the plugs out of the way

we’re talking to some other youtube

creators today and what that means is

the best tool i can show you is probably

our vidiq competitors tool right

why not this is just one of many tools

that you can download with the link down

below if you’re a new customer you get

it for 30 days free our whole suite of

tools and if you get the competitors

tool one thing you can do is add folks

in your space to this list and then you

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to on youtube which is for me a great

way to follow trends one of the great

ways to use this tool is to get some

people in there who are right at your

level in terms of subscribers and views

get some people who are at the level you

hope to be at soon and then get some

people who are all the way at the top

the tippy top of where you want to be

and you can learn so much from all those

different groups of people

so i just wanted to show off this as one

of many tools we have here vidiq

uh and rob with the plugs out of the way

i think it’s time to bring on

guest of honor number one let’s do this

thank you how are you

hi it’s so good to see everybody i’m so

glad to be here even though i am in not

my fun and normal setup

hashtag lava lawns in the house do let

us know

i’m sure we’ve got some but i need to go

share out some more so that they know

because they know i’ve been traveling so

i’m sure we’ll see some i can’t even see

the chat from mobile so it’s going to be

a fun adventure for me sorry to be

vertical but

you know

what i’m upset about is the dearth of


i am also upset about the dirty cats i

need to find a way to just sneak them

with me when i travel but they are a bit

too persnickety for that yeah and our

second guest of honor today desiree

martinez how’s it going hello friends

i’m so excited to spend this afternoon

with you

i’m so excited to see you too i know

it’s gonna be fun and all of our friends

on the youtubes

and all of our friends welcome to the

jungle that you’re about to enter into

it’s going to be we’ve got the fun and


we’ve got everything you want is that

how it goes

something like that

i mean normally it goes welcome to the

jungle we’ve got the phone again hey

don’t copyright this live stream

um that’s not even close enough to get

tagged not even close enough to get

tagged and it’s fair use and i think

it’s also transformative use


after a thousand videos i think we

earned it

i think that’s just a lot


uh we there may be another guest joining

us at some point in the day but we’ll

get started uh with just what’s going on

on youtube we figured the first topic to

kind of kick things off and for those

listening we will be bringing in

questions a little bit later in this

live stream uh from you guys and we’ll

be using them i guess there’s more

topics of discussion but for the first

half of this live stream we’re just

going to chat about our thoughts on

youtube and i think the first big

question we should talk about

is youtube still the place to be in 2022

we have tick tock now emerging with

millions of views probably a second it’s

it’s getting pretty competitive what do

we think is youtube still the place to

be we’ll start with uh desiree

um i think that if you’re not using

youtube as the foundation of everything

that you’re doing no matter if you were

like our gaming creator entertainer in

business trying to be an influencer

you’re doing it all wrong

i truly believe that tick tock is a

flash in the pan

i think that they’re

super screaming big words

screwing over their creators right now

and i think that

i just think youtube will continue to do

it better because they’re taking care of

their creators first

you are you referencing the hank green

video from last week well yeah obviously

that’s part of it but i think it’s kind

of thing that we’ve kind of all known

like the payouts alone are entirely like

reasons like if you’re as you get more

successful you need to

bring in the people that are making you

successful like tic tac is nothing

without its creators there are people

that do this for full-time jobs and they

want this all time and if you’re making

8.5 percent off of ad revenue when you

could be making 55 on youtube like it’s


is it a great place to consume content

yeah it’s a great place to have fun and

laugh and have fun absolutely are there

other opportunities that you can tie

into tick tock like using it as a lead

source and snap yourself as an expert

and go through and even bring them over

to youtube absolutely


you should you should also be doing this

on youtube first and adding the other

things in later whether it’s facebook

reels or just doing facebook video and

getting part of their

creator program doing stuff on instagram

whatever it may be like youtube is where

it starts

emily what do you think what’s uh is his

tick tock a flashing thing

i have different thoughts i mean is

youtube the place to be in 2022 it

depends if you like making money if you

don’t like making money and just want to

grow subscriber numbers really quickly

tick tock is the place to be you can go

subscribers much faster there you’re

just not going to get paid on it so if

you want the validation go to tick tock

get validated maybe also harassed but go

to tick tock and get validated and it’s

perfect but if you like making money and

would like to get actual adsense i think

youtube still pays creator better than

any platform i think we’re seeing twitch

go through a crisis of what they are

going to do on their platform and how

they are going to deal with things and

as far as monetized platforms you’re

starting to get monetization on

instagram and facebook but it’s not like

the monetization here

facebook is the next platform i would

say if you want to get monetized to be

on because facebook is actually starting

to pay decently it’s a little different

to grow there i like growing on facebook

better but that’s also where i’ve chosen

to be i think facebook is a more

advertiser friendly hub if you want to

bring on sponsors i’ve not seen a

sponsor say oh could you also put this


you know facebook when i work with

sponsors and i work with um

four plus sponsors a month now they’re

asking could you also put it on your

podcast and my podcast is also on

youtube they’re not asking about

facebook they’re not asking a ton about

instagram part of that’s my demographic

and me as a creator but it’s also

because the eyeballs aren’t the same you

get a lot more people through your

content on youtube but if you want

fast growth and that hit of adrenaline

of like something going viral tick

tock’s great for that you’re just not

gonna make the same amount of money

yeah at all i couldn’t agree with you

more and like i even like one of the

people in our comments that said like

one tick tock few is equal to like 102

views their numbers are so inflated like

you don’t have a lot of control over

who sees your content it’s just kind of

like with tick tock there’s a lot of

maybe you’ll like this maybe you’ll like

this and i think that it’s great again i

can i literally and that person that

spends like an hour before bed like

watching tick tock so i go to laugh and

get entertained and i share a lot of

like tracking trends and that for my

audience because i teach people about

social media marketing so i think it’s

super relevant stuff but from what we do

here i think on the vidiq channel which

is what’s grow let’s grow a channel to

grow a brand to build a business like

these are the three parts that we really

focus on that starts in youtube as

someone who works with service-based

businesses a search-based strategy works

10 times faster than anything that you

do on social media and

it keeps working for you my best

performing video is like three years old

right because it keeps getting found in

search because i did the work and i kept

what my audience wanted all the other

videos that i make have something to do

with it or it’s based on something

that’s training like my top performing

videos right now are about how to use

tick tock to grow your business and use

it as a part of your social strategies

what’s happening on my youtube channel

but doesn’t change the fact though in

order for them to learn about tick tock

they’re coming to youtube

right so it’s kind of like the iron it’s

the same thing like when learning about

facebook instagram how to do anything on

these platforms like they’re going to

youtube to find the answers like that

should tell you that’s where you should

spend your time well you hit on the main

point which is search

you can’t search tick tock in the same

way tick tock algebra tick tock’s

algorithm is scary accurate but it will

just serve you what you want youtube is

a combination of giving you what they

think you want next but you can also

search it and when you search google’s

or google’s when you search the googles

okay emily when you search the googles

you will see explicit clips come up of

like i was trying to figure out how to

do something and it gave me the

chaptered mark of a video that had

exactly what i wanted so youtube is now

well youtube’s always been so integrated

with google that when people are

googling things it’s like oh here’s a

video answer here’s a text-based answer

and you can pick it and that’s where

chaptering your videos is so incredible

because google picks it up and it’s like

this is the exact three minutes you need

to solve your problem that’s what

youtube is

excellent at

i just want to go back to one very

inconsequential point and ask desiree

please tell me when you’re listening to

tiktok for an hour in bed you put on

headphones because my wife does that she

doesn’t and it drives me


i have a really weird marriage so i’m a

morning person and my husband’s a night

person so we have a very clear

established over the last like almost

eight years of being parents that he’s

in charge of night shift and i’m in

charge of the morning shift so usually

if i’m in bed watching i’m by myself


he’s off like doing his nighttime like

set where that his brain that’s how his

brain works it’s perfect balance for us

for sure but um

but yeah so i don’t have to but if he’s

in if my husband’s like with me i don’t

tend to be on my phone because i like

spending time with my spouse

sorry internet but that’s not okay


i would say uh in terms of is youtube

still a place to be i’m obviously going

to be hugely biased about this not only

because youtube changed my professional

career but i also represent a company


doing um

a lot of stuff within youtube so i think

youtube is still the place to be people

like mr beast and marquez brownlee

who’ve been on the platform for a very

long time say that youtube is not going

anywhere and i consider youtube to be

somewhat of a grandparent in the

internet space these days it’s very

mature it’s grown up almost with many of

us over the last 15 years

but at the same time i think that wild

west element of opportunity

is starting to go there is still the

opportunity for individual creators

in a long-form space to um

find a community and an audience but

there’s so much competition and

saturation and that’s getting more and

more difficult i think the opportunity

has changed and because of this big

threat and emergence from tick tock

almost like the path of least resistance

to get as you say validation and a big

audience very quickly and a new

generation of content consumers

that’s where tick tick-tock is all of a

sudden quite a huge threat and also

going forward you’ve got to think about

the metaverse and whether that’s going

to be something big perhaps not this

year or the year after but i think a

real perfect

demonstration of this is emily herself

who you start to pick up on youtube was

it in like 20 night was it the back end

of 2020

it was the very end of 2020 when my

channel started to grow and my channel

really took off and grew to what it is

now in 2021 so yeah there is room yeah

that’s a that’s an excellent example of

you know somebody’s starting with you

know relatively small base but growing

it into

to the point of a silver play button and

beyond in the space of a year which is

still very possible we’re almost at 200k

um i think we’re about a week away from

200k but it’s there’s room for that but

i also i had a tick tock go to like take

off to over 400 000 views

um in like inside of three days which is

not something you’re generally going to

see on a starting youtube channel

however if i got 400 000 or 400 000

views on youtube i would get the dollars

that correspond on tick tock it’s sense

and so i think for making it a career

it’s here but if you want to be you know

a demilio that’s then making money

through brand deals with dunkin donuts

and stuff that can happen and it can’t

happen very quickly but it’s also

what comes next after that where i think

building a longevity and building

longevity in a content creator career

that youtube is a huge part of that

because the tick tock creators i’ve seen

come over to youtube struggle to bring

their audiences from tick tock over to

youtube because the tick tock audience

is very different where i’m in the

podcast long-form space and those

audiences flow back and forth between

the two platforms well and then

occasionally i’m on tick-tock and my

youtube audience is like hey you’re here

too and i’m like sometimes sometimes i


and see it’s so interesting to talk

about like you do long for my stuff is

very like informational like i’m i’m i’m

rob’s worst nightmare from an analytic

perspective because my bars between new

viewers and returning viewers is such a

big gap because i’m solving problems for

people based on search and my objective

is actually not to get them to keep

watching my videos and subscribe my

objective is to get them on my email

list because my email list as of like

the last quarter has like over 45 open

rate because people know what to expect

when they come for me i’m going to help

them with their social media problems

which helps my sponsors and and my

business and my objectives so we’re

talking about like why we’re doing

things i think every person who’s on

youtube whether they’re in this chat now

if they’re a veteran or if there’s

someone new who’s trying to figure out

what to do you have to ask yourself

these questions like what am i doing

here like what is the purpose of this

and what is my long-term objective and

if your long-term objective is i want to

be famous and make lots of money have

lots of subscribers you probably want to

like reverse engineer that down to

smaller more manageable goals that you

can get to along the way to help you

with your brand or business i don’t

think we can ever give blanket answers

to anything i think we can have like

nice generalizations but what some

people what’s for some kinds of channels

doesn’t work for every kind of channel

it’s your goals it depends on what your

goal is and that’s the same with youtube

it’s like should i be doing shorts or

should i not it depends on what your

goal is what your content is and what

you want to be doing as a creator here’s

here’s what i did when when my youtube

channel took off i talked about stuff

that i want to talk about all the time

if i’ve gotten off a four-hour live

stream and my husband’s like what did

you just talk about i will start over

and be like oh my god you’re not gonna

believe it this and this and that and

that is the content i make it’s the

stuff i want to talk about all the time

it’s hard for me to come on here and be

like oh my god did you guys see real

housewives of salt lake city this week

with the hot bike moment like it’s a

challenge to dial it back

but it’s because i talk about it all the

time and that’s what i want to talk

about and i found the audience that

wants to hear about it too

and that’s as a creator

you have to talk about things you want

to talk about because we’re seeing

creators like a jaclyn hill in the

makeup space being like i don’t want to

make makeup videos and her audience is

like um

excuse me

we we are here for makeup videos we you

are a makeup youtuber this is what we

want from you and she’s talking about

her content not getting views and it’s

like well you build an audience in one

way and yes you can shift but that has

to be an intentional shift not like i

just don’t feel like it anymore so

talk pick a thing that you want to do

and do the thing you will find the

audience you you have to brace yourself

for that kind of shift too

what do you think

what burns left to pick off of this

question i i think that youtube going

back to i believe what desiree said

early on like youtube is a great

foundation and i believe that because

youtube is really well rounded now like

tick tock we we can whatever you feel

about tick tock we can thank them for

coming around because youtube’s like hey

short from content not a bad idea

vertical video sure let’s embrace it now

we have shorts which is just yet one

more tool in our toolbox do you have to

use it no you can ignore it just like

you ignore live streams for example if

you don’t do live streams on your

channel that is a feature of youtube

that is there for you if and when you

want it want it if when you choose to

use it and that’s what shorts is

becoming it’s still

rolling out we’re seeing it more

available on desktop just yesterday we

were streaming and realized oh

yet again a new development on shorts

for desktop now if you go to someone’s

channel and they have shorts on it they

appear vertically and if you click into

them you’re watching them vertically and

if you scroll just like swiping through

the feed but you’re scrolling on a

browser like they’ve implemented all

these new things shorts is just getting

more and more and more embraced by


and it makes youtube a more well-rounded

platform and a nicer place to be overall

and i think what’s great about that is

kind of like what robert said like that

we have a veteran um established social

network with youtube and then we have

this wild west thing with tick tock

what’s so great about being established

and having your ish together is that you

can take things that they can see as

successful or potential competitors or

threat or thing that people want now and

then like bring it in to the platform

and find a way to make it work so that

that kind of content can work here since

obviously there’s a demand and so by

being able to have that in place you can

do that so it’s like what’s so great

about youtube is that they see

what is happening in the world and what

people want and they’re able to develop

it and add it into youtube so it’s kind

of like a way to bridge the old and the

new in a really great reasonable way

absolutely that comment from koi fish


can we ban vertical video stop holding

your phones wrong no because it’s how

people it’s how people consume content

right and people are getting trained to

consume content and the thing i like

about youtube is when you when you are

in vertical mode it unlike other places

tick-tock too it takes up your whole

screen like it grabs your audience’s

full attention and it feels sometimes

more personal to

be it’s almost like you’re facetiming

someone right so i don’t think vertical

video is going anywhere until it’s like

hologram video from your watch i’m still

waiting for like yoda to pop out of my

watch and encourage me every day i’m

that’s what i need to happen in my

lifetime but

it’s this is comfortable it’s that yes

it is

nobody holds their phone walking around

like this

yeah except for vloggers vloggers are

the only ones that walk around with

their phone like that and even then i

think it’s going to change

i’m sorry i have to do this now audience

retention you must seek


should we move on to the next topic done

let’s try it i think we’ve got some good

timings going on here yeah okay so we

have a lot of things we want to talk

about and uh we chose this one

specifically for you desiree let’s talk

about money this is desiree’s favorite

subject on youtube

we just touched on this a second ago uh

talking about how tick tock the payout

on there is abysmal and youtube has

always done a very good job of sharing

the wealth if you will

um it’s profits that it makes from

advertisers it shares


it splits with creators it’s not based

on a percentage like the tick tock

creator fund and i frankly i probably

believe the shorts crater fund will

resemble something like the tick tock

one but that’s neither here nor there

right now um is youtube the best place

to be making money in out of all the

platforms i think it’s a simple answer

i think that it’s the best with facebook

behind it and then only because it’s the

only other option from a paying out

perspective is is tick tock i think if

we any of us mentions facebook or

whatever we’re also kind of bridging

instagram because it’s the same creator


i mean the math alone like from an ad

sense versus the 55

comes from

from to the creator like we get more ad

dollars than the company that’s creating

the platform for us to do things on and

tick tock it’s 8.5 percent like 8.5 that

comes in so as they are making more


they’re paying their creators less

and i think that

hank green really having that that call

out that video that he did which was

phenomenal and i think super necessary

was huge there was a creator that did

like a tick-tock response to it and he

broke down like how much his our rpms

were so i guess facebook’s rpm was

2.2.53 cents

on 1.6 million views a youtube video

with 20 million views had 26 cents and

tick tock it was 2 cents on 23.4 million

views wow like that’s insane so you’re

talking about people like even mr beast

posted on twitter that he gets probably

somewhere in the high millions if not

billions of views in his tick tocks he

made fourteen thousand dollars last

month on tick tock like that’s done

because he’s making millions on youtube

yeah millions like so like he can’t

justify investing in tick tock because

for him it’s i need to make as much

money as i can to make the next great

video i can’t make the next great video

anymore with 14 000 which is crazy for

some of us i know but it’s just kind of

one of those things so

i think that that is where we’re what’s

important remember tic toc has been fun

but the creators are not going to get

paid they’re not going to do it so if

we’re talking about just the platforms

giving us money youtube will continue to

be the best however

i truly think for youtube to rival tik


they have to be able to find a way

to allow copyrighted materials to be

used for shorts to make money

because you can do that on facebook you

can do that on tick tock but i can’t

take that exact same

audio clip or sound whatever that i’m

using for video even just a background

sound i can’t take that same video or

make it repurpose it onto youtube shorts

and get paid off of that short so i

think until they can fix that problem

it’s going to be a limitation from a

shorts perspective

that’s going to be a very hard thing for

youtube to address because they already


such a deep relationship with youtube

music and such a profitable release

yeah and i don’t know how they could do

this but until they can it’s always i

think going to be a struggle


i i just put this tweet on screen

because i thought it was really um

interesting from linus tech tips about

their distribution of uh income in that

you know i think many of the creators

who are watching this live stream and

many creators who start on youtube they

have this one girl of a thousand

subscribers and four thousand hours of

watch time uh to start getting ad sounds

but just how little it contributes to a

channel if that channel

treats it as a business i mean i’m

astonished by the amount of money they

make on merchandising actually i thought

would make much more on them

brand deals and sponsorships but i guess

linus tech tips are really good at that


uh thing


just like i think with the monetization

of video on the internet

i think youtube are going to figure out

the same thing

for short form content and i kind of

envisaged this future whereby

video content becomes more interactive

whereby you’re maybe talking about a

particular product

and you can almost tap on the product on

screen and it takes you directly to a

link where you can purchase that i’m not

saying that’s something that’s going to

happen this year

but i feel as if that’s the next

generation of integrated monetization

opportunities uh for creators and i feel

as if youtube’s going to be the first to

do that because i’ve kind of hinted at

that first i’ve had these shelves

underneath videos about buying products

i think if you can literally tap on

something and it shows you the product

on screen to buy that just reduces so

much friction in the purchase process

when you can facebook’s working on this

with live streaming they’re trying to

make live shopping videos i think if

like they kind of crack the code before

youtube does youtube’s just going to go

to it study it and find a way to

integrate it in to what they’re doing

because that’s to be hugely successful

and you know it’s easy from a product

perspective like ooh that person’s doing

merch i want to click and buy it like

that’s really cool especially when

you’re doing like product review videos

and things like that you could what i’m

looking forward to seeing is like how

the integration could work with like

um service-based businesses you know

okay because that’s my my world like how

could someone sign up to work with me

from that video would it be the same

kind of a principle like if i say hey if

you need help with your social media

management like give me a call and they

can just like click a thing that’s like

book a consultation with me kind of a

thing i think that will be good as i

know there’s a way to make it universal

for everybody because a big like while

entertainment is the leading use of

youtube there’s a massive part of

youtube that is based on how to’s and

connecting and helping resource-based or

service-based businesses find success

so but if we want to talk about

monetization outside of the platform

like that’s i think a hugely like

so much potential within that i find it

so interesting how everyone gets on a

lot of people start on youtube like

because i think youtube is going to pay

them a ton of money

and like every youtube creator that

you talk to for the most part they’re

like that’s my lowest income stream

yeah well evidenced by that tweet the

rob just put up i mean adsense making up

such a small percentage of the full

revenue oh i was gonna say that do you

not think that the problem still is a

little bit that um

when something is automatically being um

put in your bank account like adsense

you don’t have to do anything you click

a couple of buttons you agree to terms

of service and it’s like passive income

i think we’re agreeing in this then

youtube needs to try and implement more

integrated ways like as you said desiree

you almost click on your head and it

opens up a calendar link to book a call

or or

the affiliate link is directly it’s kind

of tracking along the screen and you

click on it and you’re back that’s

i feel as if that’s where you can reduce

the effort because i’m a terrible

marketer like i

didn’t do it affiliate links uh i didn’t

like sell products and services

vid iq basically bought my soul and made

it very easy for me to make an income um

and i was talking to heather about this

and she was saying you know although


you’re talking about that in kind of a

negative way rob you know that’s what

youtube allows people to do it

takes your skills and you’re allowed to

leverage them on youtube and so that’s

how i’ve done it but other people have

to create businesses or get you know

business development managers or or for

example um use uh somebody like desiree

who knows how to connect i guess youtube

to their clients so is there a potential

to reduce friction there not necessarily

putting you on a job in the meantime

does it right oh no you’re fine um i

think that

one of the things like where we are i

think is youtube and as youtube is from

a creator standpoint you’re always going

to have the people that like see

youtubers and like i want to be a

youtuber and then you’re going to have

the reluctant butch which is usually who

i work with they’re like i need a way to

get people to find my business and work

with me i need something that can kind

of keep working for me while i also have

ads going i need to create something i

can use for my email marketing or i can

use part of google my business or if i

need to create a blog for my website and

it can keep working for me for the next

two to three years

that’s the kind of stuff like i think

that these are the two sides that we


with how youtube will work

the people the first people they want

youtube to be their business they wanted

to replace their life their income and

be what they do to move forward this

other side wants youtube to support

their business so they’re not doing it

hoping to make money do i talk about it

yeah but they’re like no i’m really

doing this because i want leads to my

real estate business i want leads to my

web development business i want leads to

my new apps that i’m using to do these

different things and so

it’s kind of things how you reduce the

friction first and foremost is to accept

our robot overlords of youtube as a part

of your integration first and foremost

that’s the biggest piece of resistance i

just spoke at a conference in texas to

700 insurance agents who just service

people who live in texas and probably

the room will split like 70 30 70 of

them were older people i talked about

youtube i talked about facebook they

looked at me like i was growing heads

because they’re like i don’t want to do

that i like what i’ve been doing which

is i’m gonna just go to a networking

group and i’m gonna make cold calls to

people and i’m gonna put ads in the

paper and buy a billboard i’m like


this year in 2022 and they were like

yeah and then i would talk to this 30

and these were the kids they’re like

we’re new to business we’re part of this

agency with older people and we are

fighting because they’re on their way


and i’m trying to build something new

for myself with these people that with

all these new people coming into texas

because so many people are moving so

many people are coming to texas for so

many different reasons and there’s so

much going on and so much happening like

we want to be able to capitalize on it

and they’re like well we don’t know what

to do because they’re stopping us it’s

like that path of resistance that i see

from my perspective because of what i do

for my work is a big issue it’s like so

to minimize resistance it’s about

accepting that youtube is a part of

society and culture and it’s how we

choose to consume content whether it’s

entertaining or educational and like

letting that be a part of it do you need

to be all consuming is maybe something

you do all day all the time like the

four of us do absolutely not but you

can’t understand how it works from a

monetary perspective it’s really about

okay once you’re doing this

how you can simplify the process is by

building a killer community that counts

on you for everything and so when you

sell something to them when buying

something from you just makes sense like

what emily has done with the law nerds

like they’re just like well of course

we’re gonna be a part of what she’s

doing of course we’re gonna be a part of

her membership like why wouldn’t we be

like we want her to keep having money so

that she can just do this all the time

and be available for us we’re paying her

for her time essentially she doesn’t

have to go back to being a lawyer you

know so it’s like kind of an idea of

building a great community reduces

friction as well

yeah community is is absolutely key

sorry that i got heated um i have my

phone on do not disturb it still rang

and then it like knocked me off of

everything it was just crazy but then i

got to move my chair so it was all good


it’s so interesting on

youtube seeing people that are so

resistant to youtube because i spend so

much time there and most of my audience

that’s where they watch all their

content and particularly i think we’re

starting hopefully we move into like a


uh cvid19 world and

as we move into that a lot of people got

rid of hulu and netflix and hbo and

whatever and just relied on youtube and

that’s such an important thing to

remember and especially for people that

are like moving the conference you spoke

at desiree youtube’s the first place i

went when we were looking at moving out

of state

very first place that i went it’s the

first place i go now for most things but

i realize that an older generation they

don’t go to youtube first they look for

like oh why don’t i still have my yellow

pages it’s like oh my god just go on

like google maps or apple maps and type

in what you’re looking for and it will

it’s the same so it’s it’s interesting

that shift

i made our we my family moved from

phoenix to michigan last year and we

made the entire decision based on

research that we googled in youtube to

make sure that we were picking the right

place to live for long-term benefits

because we were studying science and

agriculture and

and profits and how the city how the

state was doing economically and how

people were moving and where they were

going like not being able to research

and like find like i don’t know how

people do anything anymore i remember

once upon a time way back in the early

2000s late 1990s when i was in high

school we were not allowed to use the

internet to do research for yes

and now the idea of going to open a book

to do that is just the most frustrating

thing about do

if anyone in here is in college let me

know do you still have to buy textbooks

like is that a thing you have to do some

do because i get i see the comments from

the law students too because i talk

about the fact that legal research has

changed because now you don’t have to go

to the law library it’s all on these

massive databases that allows like if i

was going to practice in a more

traditional way and not just consult i

could have an entire

you know

you know 50 000 law library am i at my

fingertips for a you know small monthly

cost and so it’s the internet has

changed everything and it changes the

way we consume content but it also

changes the way we get to have careers

because we get to do this

we had a snow day today in in michigan

because it still snows and it’s like

that crazy narnia level snow outside and

uh i told my we slept in and we made

pancakes with our kids we’re hanging out

and i was like how cool is it that i can

just do this

like because i’ve created this digital

business or i can i got to work at 10

versus like eight and i usually start or

whatever like i can just choose to do is

i can be there for my family and my kids

hang out enjoy things like that’s what

this does for us like i think becoming a

youtuber and using youtube is a part of

your business it gives you so much more

freedom and control in a way that you

never like had it before

yeah and i agree with you i explained

the generational gap right though

i was like

have you heard of the yellow pages

emily i want to ask you a question i

would say that you are most in the

trenches of earning money directly from

youtube um uh amongst the four of us so

briefly-ish uh what do you think youtube

does well in terms of monetization for

creators and what do they need to do


i find it to be fairly transparent

um but i don’t always know why one video

has an rpm of this and another video has

an rpm of that i can’t always correlate

it to my viewing audience or the

statistics of the video like i don’t

understand how that decision gets made


i’m starting to see the patterns of how

things go month over month like the

buying patterns of advertisers i know

where i want to be in monthly views so

that my income stays fairly consistent

i also like that i can choose

where ads go i don’t love that i can’t

opt out of things so i was talking about

a homicide case um that’s still under

investigation with a bumble date and i

got a whole bunch of ads saying

well i’m getting bumble ads on this

video that seems and and flaming me for

it like it seems insensitive i’m like

bumble’s not putting ads i’m not doing

that like that’s youtube’s doing that

for you possibly because you’ve been

looking or searching bumble because of

this case and so now ads are getting

served to you about bumble but i have no

control over that other than to turn ads

off of a video and even if i choose to

turn ads off of a video youtube might

turn ads onto the video so i can’t even

say look this is a sensitive topic i

might not want to monetize it and so if

i’m choosing not to monetize it i will

still get comments saying well i’m

seeing ads on this so

there’s no real way to communicate to

youtube that i’m choosing not to

monetize it for a particular reason or a

purpose please also don’t stick your ads

on it because i have no control over

that i also don’t have control over what

type of ads are shown so it can

sometimes seem


maybe ill-fated to have those types of

ads depending on what the thing is show

up in a video and that’s very

interesting but i also keep reminding

people that’s based on your search

history and you as a user not based on

me i’m not choosing to place those there


i don’t think there’s great audience

understanding of how that works all the

time and there’s no way for me to

communicate that to youtube and that can

be frustrating as a creator when you

can’t communicate back um information so

i try to educate my audience and say if

there’s a video i’m demonetizing due to

subject nature i will tell them i am

choosing to demonetize this video due to

subject nature but youtube might still

place ads on it so

don’t tweet at me that i’m a monster for

monetizing this um and also i think

there’s this interesting

there’s an interesting gap with the

audience like a podcast audience is used

to ads being on podcasts and sometimes

like three ad reads back to back um

broken up every like half hour in a

longer podcast but if a creator did that

on youtube they would get completely

chewed out on twitter about like how do

you have so many you know sponsors in

your video blah blah so i think there’s



education that’s still happening with

the audience on youtube because they

expect so much of it to be free and they

expect not to have a creator

have ad sponsors or have sponsors on a

video because i will get comments

occasionally most of my audience knows

and i think i get a little more grace

because i’m a lawyer and so people

expect me to make money off of the

things i do which is different than

maybe a beauty creator or just a

commentary channel


i will still get hey i pay for youtube

premium so i can skip ads and here you

are reading an ad i’m like well that’s

why they pay me to read the yeah

but that’s like basically youtube so

youtube doesn’t serve you ads exactly

not so i don’t share things that i love

um and so it’s just there’s some there’s

some audience expectation gaps that i

think are changing

because youtube is such a free platform


i’ve recently looked into and been

approached by a few different companies

that do like standalone video apps where

your audience can pay and just have your

app or it’s kind of

a different variety of like either a

higher level patreon or really a

standalone ott app that goes on apple tv

and roku and everything and you’re still

going you’re end up going you’re going

to end up paying more in fees

to do something like that then youtube

would take in fees so

when people are like oh well i want to

go do my own thing it’s like you can go

do your own thing but you’re not gonna

you might make as much money if you hit

like a critical mass and youtube is

throttling what you can say

but you’re still going to pay quite a

bit in fees because if you have an app

you’re gonna have app store fees if

people pay for a per subscription there

from the app store you’re going to have

other types of fees so youtube being

such a free platform i think there’s

that gap in audience expectation that

was a very long answer

a quick shareless plug here um there

might be a way

emily for you to block certain ads from

certain companies uh you do it directly

through adsense but we’ll talk about

that offline but if anybody wants to

watch that video um i think just search


i will i didn’t know i didn’t even know

to search for it because i didn’t know i

could and i didn’t even think about it

when i was talking about this this

particular case i didn’t even think

that like bumble ads would start to show

up on it because we were like

tangentially talking about it but i

didn’t think that of course others

looking at this case would not maybe be

searching that and so they’d get served

those ads i didn’t even i didn’t even

think about it but when political ad

season comes around again i’m going to

be doing that

i i do want to get to our next subject

but i have a good segue here because uh

we’re gonna talk about

creator tools and one of the things that

youtube announced last year but they

kind of restated recently in their blog

about their priorities which i have

linked down below um they are gonna be

doing gifted memberships among other

things youtube’s always working on new

tools but gifted memberships allow those

of us who have a membership program on

our youtube channel that is not a

patreon it’s specifically tied to your

youtube channel

soon people who are watching your live

stream for example could gift you a

membership you have nothing to do with

it they just look at you and go hey this

person’s here all the time and i’m gonna

give them the perks that this creator

offers at least for a month by gifting

them a membership and this is something

that twitch has had for a long time

twitch does yeah yeah and youtube uh

creators have been asking for a feature

like this

for some time now so

other than that tool uh what do we feel

in general about the creator tools

available to us

on youtube as creators

uh rob i saw rob’s face i saw him yeah

no because

because he said something down and i

wanted to ask another question about

monetization just before i’m sorry yeah

go ahead so yeah just before we get on

to that it kind of is a segue um do you

think youtube’s gonna get involved in

crypto currencies i pay people through

bitcoin and or


through channels or whatnot yeah well

there we are yes it’s already on screen

well i know there i know they’re looking


a way to add because i got asked to be a

part of a pilot program that i have not

signed an nda on

that will allow creators because i’ve

not participated yet so i can talk about

it but it’s through google’s like

creation lab where they are looking at a

way to put digital

offerings in the creator merch shelf and

that would open up the door to things

like nfts and crypto though i think a

lot of creators have done crypto in a

very scammy and terrible way and so i

think it’s going to be hard for good

creators to overcome that but that’s

always the way in the youtube space

you’ve got some that are are not great

you’ve got some things where it’s like

audience beware um

but then you’ve got great creators who i

think could do great things with it and

we’ll normalize it so yes i think there

will be an option for digital merch in

the crypt in the in the um merch shelf

but i think that also opens it up to

creators like desiree if you want to

sell an ebook or if you want to sell a

course that you can put those in the

merchandise shelf as well so i don’t

think it will just be nfts and things i

think it will also open up to the

educators um who sell digital products

as well


the topic of because i this was one i

was going to avoid just because this is

kind of like that one of those hot

button issues on youtube right now um

but it does still feed into the the both

conversations right now about creator

tools and monetization this is one more

avenue youtube is exploring um

regardless of what you what you think of

nfts i think

every company it kind of has every big

company in the space kind of has their

eye on on what’s going on why are nfts

so controversial why is there

controversy i understand diamonds are

literally diamonds are chunks of rock

and we have all attributed value to

those chunks of rock and we’re like oh

this chunk of rock is prettier than that

junker rock so if you slice it up and

polish it and put it on my finger it has

this value it’s a chunk of rock at the

end of the day and that’s the same with

nfts we place value on them so if you

don’t place value on them don’t buy them

can you control c control v a diamond

that’s my question

i think what it was command c uh command


whatever paste but you can’t really copy

paste i know nft is either and i think

that that like i think that’s a great

example of rob of why people have a hard

time with nfts is that it’s a bit of a

joke i think a lot of it just comes down

to understanding it comes down to like

what people value and don’t value i mean

when gravy launched his nfts last year i

mean they sold out really fast and they

were pretty expensive but you get like

this lifelong access to what he has to

offer all these other things that come

with it it’s a different way to give

value to people like that’s all that it

is and it’s sort of like and it’s it’s

subjective beyond measure buying art in

an art gallery is subjective buying

something becoming popular because

someone’s dead or trending is subjective

you know like to make it more direct

with like when the n95 mass became like

this the standard for mass the price of

mass that you bought like the exact same

order i bought this for this dollar

amount and now it’s this dollar amount

because the triple in price because the

value of it the perception the need for

it completely changed

it’s just one of those things i think

because people don’t understand it and

they don’t understand what they’d ever

buy or why they would want to do it they

tease it they joke at it and then when

it comes to ownership

of something i don’t think people get

the value of owning something like yeah

you can copy and paste it i can download

that that shot the espn was trying or

the mba was trying to sell or whatever

it’s like i have it like no if a copy of

it you don’t have the original and i

think that that’s kind of i think people

that are not artists especially

and don’t understand like how that part

works really don’t get it and that’s why

they tease and joke and find to be

irrelevant and it’s like you know what

it’s not for you then you don’t have to

participate don’t buy them yeah don’t

buy them don’t participate at the stock

market you don’t have to do it if you

don’t want to do it don’t do it i’m

telling you what if like my favorite

band started releasing nfts of album

covers that came with like a vip access

at a show and stuff like that the amount

of money i would spend

would make me cringe and i would never

share it publicly because i would be

mocked mercilessly but the amount of

money that i would choose to spend

because those are things that have value

for me that’s not the same all of you

aren’t just like oh a thousand dollars

for a ticket to this show sure i’m i’m

here for it where i’m like shut up and

take my money i would totally do it yeah

i just dropped like 500 bucks on a

hanson concert

so i mean

yep i’m gonna bought my way through my

adolescence at 37 years old and i am

here for it but i’m like it’s fine but

if i stop if they have the same thing or

it’s like okay you get this

one-of-a-kind poster that we do because

we’re artists and it comes with every

time we come to your city you get a

discount on tickets or a private access

or vip show i would do it in a heartbeat

like a heartbeat heartbeat because it

has because it has value

and that’s the thing about nfts they

have to have value to you yes

bo i want to put on that discussion is

the you the youtube and twitch all of

these platforms that we all use now and

take for granted right like they had to

mature over time i think that everything

going on with nfts and crypto is the

same way i think it’s too new it’s too

much for a wild west it has to mature

you know and

just like youtube people were like this

is weird this is this new weird thing

people are just uploading videos then

you had tv shows people just

re-uploading movies and tv shows they

got used for

what they were not intended for

you know and that’s that’s kind of what

we’re seeing now so who knows maybe

companies like youtube jumping into this

help it mature to where it needs to be


it can help regulate it


a little bit to bring some

uh boundaries and that’s the thing when

anything’s new you don’t quite have the

boundaries and i am not a like pro heavy

regulation person i’m more of a buyer

beware like caveat emptor like know what

you’re getting into uh fraud’s illegal

which is where there’s like that’s where

my boundaries are like fraud’s bad but

you should also know what you’re doing i

think youtube getting into the space and

having some boundaries around this is

how creators can offer them in the

creator shelf gives a confidence to

purchasers like oh there’s been some

sort of vetting process that’s happened

here through youtube so and i but that’s

a lot of responsibility for youtube to

take on because youtube and other

platforms are starting to skirt that

line of are they still just platforms or

are they becoming publishers and what

their legal liability is going to be in

because the digital spaces are changing

and are going to continue legally

changing over the next few years so it’s

a lot to take on because you have to

look at what the platform’s potential

liability could be if you get a creator

like pumping and dumping crypto scams on

their platform or a creator defaming

cardi b on their platform where’s the

where are the boundaries for the

platform too


um moving on to creator tools yay rob

what’s your favorite creator tool on


i don’t want to answer that question dan

i just want to say that



i have to be abrupt i gotta give those

are available

now two creators are incredible

can anybody remember let me ask you all

this question can anybody remember the

old of a classic youtube studio at this

point because i remember back in 2018

2019 2020

there were growing pains people hated it

absolutely hated it and now

it is a hundred times better than the

classic studio and because of now sunset

the classic studio the mobile studio has

gone on leaps and bounds as well

there is so much data there now for


and the data never lies

that you’re running out of excuses to

hold youtube’s algorithm accountable for

why your content isn’t being

you know shared on youtube um it’s

pushed people like ourselves vid iq to

go into different avenues and more of a

um i guess ai approach i think that’s

good to continue challenging us in in

the space

i think the next big thing for creators

is going to be live streaming they’ve

talked about that in a couple of


uh of uh state of the union whatever’s

and what i’m envisaging is youtube

buying like stream yards or um what’s

the other one ecam or whatever so that

it allows

an integration to the point where you

could literally click on somebody’s

comment and invite them into the live

stream now

that that comes with a lot of that

sounds a bit risky whatever but i think

youtube will figure it out and to make

um live streams even more interactive

because it’s still somewhat of a passive

experience you know we can bring up

comments we can reply to them but to

actually bring up your

audience on stage so to speak like

clubhouse i feel as if that’s where

youtube should be going next with their

live streaming um tools that’s that’s

actually been growing in popularity in

the commentary side of youtube for um

those that are particularly in like the

bravo space because i’m in a lot of the

commentary spaces based on what i cover

where it’s almost like a call-in radio

show because you can share that uh

stream yard link and say hey

uh you can come in and you can bring

people up onto stage and have

conversations i’m seeing that happen

quite a lot in the commentary space

where they want their audience’s opinion

to talk about a latest episode and i

think that will continue to grow because

the format is really great to really

make it a


show um i think the the caution there is

hey people knowing they’re gonna be on

the internet and b you don’t want

somebody to say something on your

platform that will then get your video

yellowed or demonetized or whatever or

but that’s it’s something that the

creator can control um on their back end

by just not pulling people up but i


how youtube will continue to promote

live streaming because i see it in my

analytics a video upload versus a video

that’s premiered versus a live stream

they perform

very differently and i i am a live

streamer my audiences like live streams

but i also can see

in my stream when how the numbers change

as youtube starts pushing out a stream

that’s over about 15-20 minutes long

it’s youtube really does

does put streams where they are easy to

find when you open up your youtube if

you’ve watched a streamer if they’re

live you’re going to see it first thing

when you open up the platform and that’s

really cool

the uh real quick when you said like

pulling people up on stage could be a

risk i i

remembered like youtube has a delay you

could set a delay on your own live

stream as long as you want

and you could see them making that part

of it so if someone comes on you pull

them on stage they just start cussing up

a storm they’re doing everything that

can control you in the in the moment you

can kick them off hit a button and catch

the delay up so at least

that bit of the stream

no you could do that that’s how tv’s

done it for a long time and youtube has

a delay system already so in theory you

could see them adding that function

where it’s like skip you know you you

just skip ahead to real time and it’s

really rare but sometimes it’s happened

in live tv where they’ve had to use that

well a lot of the delays started

in live tv after the super bowl janet

jackson boob

on live tv because of all the cases that

came after after that and the ftc being

like you all have to figure out a way to

deal with like live live and then news

coverage of car chases that end in

wrecks and things like that that it’s

like oh this is not what we need on live

tv that all kind of started i remember

it so vividly because i was in law

school so it was a huge topic of




you know regulation and live television

and and curse words and the bleep button

and the delays and delays in radio too

started um started more after that or

longer i think there was a longer delay

after that


i love that you brought that up

yeah i was going to say live streaming

then when i asked rob earlier that’s

cool because they’ve just been

increasing it in terms of its

capabilities i’m really excited to see

where live streaming goes this year me


sorry desiree it looked like you ready

to say something i feel so lame because

like my favorite feature is like i don’t

i’m not like

i like vidiq’s features

right like what’s your favorite iq


oh my gosh there’s a bunch

my favorite my first ever one is ideas

because sometimes when you’re doing like

two or three videos a week and you’re

like what do people want to know about


it’s hard to track for me because i’m a

social media marketer it’s hard to track

like what’s trending like what is it

that people want to know about like it’s

a little harder to like be topical in

that way

um versus like you know i that’s why i

think like emily why your stuff is so

fantastically successful so you respond

right away to the crazy things that are

happening in the world and all that kind

of stuff and so that’s why it’s so

entertaining stuff but for me in social

media it’s like

another tick tock video another

instagram so i love the daily ideas

because it allows for me to kind of get

some ideas for things to do i think my

second favorite one is definitely the

keyword inspector because how i think i

would search for something and how

people actually searches for things is

they’re two very different like ways

yeah so i love how i’m able to like

see like okay this is kind of okay but

this is better and so i can lean into

like what would do better a lot more and

then my third one is just competitors

again like

as a resource based channel

i i i track like social media examiner

i’m tracking like you know vanessa lao

like you know think media like those are

kind of people i’m tracking to see what

they’re talking about but oftentimes

what they’re doing

isn’t the same thing as like because a

lot of time to track competitors like

what’s topical and what’s working but a

lot of what we’re doing as resources

like what’s going to work really well in

three to six months as well as like what

we could do really well in the first

week and so it’s just nice to get those

ideas as well i guess if i had to say

something that like with some of my

youtubers i like knowing my traffic

sources i like to be able to know like

again for me

like the browse feature is not my friend

the homepage is not my friend but

external and youtube and google search

make up like 80

80 plus percent of my traffic

because that’s how a resource channel

has success

um our viewership return our return

viewership isn’t nearly as big how i

tend to get my return viewership is from

growing my email list like i said almost

30 000 subscribers and almost 15 000

email subscribers like that’s my

measurement for success and that’s why i

have high open rates and i can get

boosts and video watch times and stuff


so that i think it’s again it comes with

how are you using it differently

and and what is it that matters for you

so like for me like i’m just grateful

for features to be available like i can

work through the process of uploading it

and make sure it goes like the checklist

that it kind of provides for you to make

it really easy not to miss things make

sure monetization’s on make sure i add

in my cards make sure i add on my end

screens do how do i want to schedule

post do this like do i need to make it

private do i need to make it public like

i i like the custom thumbnails all that

kind of stuff being able to do all of

that i think is really important and

when you add the vid iq thing and you

can get like the suggestions for other

keywords and other stuff that you can do

to make it work better like i can’t i’m

such a door because i don’t remember

youtube pre

like that like i’ve been on youtube

since 2017

i got into the

youtube assistant space around like 2018

so i can’t imagine

not having it like every new person like

i feel like you should sign up for

youtube and then they should present you

with vidiq like here just just do this i

feel like that’s like the best way to do


since this is our own live stream and we

can share mostly plug stuff can we show

can we exclusively show you and

everybody who wasn’t watching yesterday

some tool that we’re getting really

excited about


so uh can you see here on the um if

you’re uploading a video and like i’m

just gonna use business leads as an

example for you desiree um we’re not

sure what title we should use so let’s

click on this new button oh thank god

look at

uh some

really good suggestions for title ideas

and if you’re not happy with them that’s

really cool refresh and um yeah even

more ideas that’s freaking fantastic

yeah yeah

i end up shifting my titles

um after my life because sometimes the

things i think i’m going to talk about

on my live stream i don’t always get to

or something else happens i was on a

live stream the other day and a new

appellate court decision came down and

the chat was like oh this is happening

i’m like ooh let’s go pull it up so

there’s often times i will end up

changing titles after my stream is

complete to accurately reply but my

stream was i can’t wait to do this

that can that be a video you do emily

how to get your free britney yeah that

that one didn’t quite wear that one

yeah how to get your free britney


instagram is where your britney is the

freest these days your britney is uh

unfiltered and unclothed on on the

instagrams quite a lot of days

you know what

if i look that good i mean can we blame


i don’t blame her at all she’s living

her best life she’s done creative tools

uh what do you think and then let’s move

on to and then move on to viewing


uh i

i mentioned live streams that’s that’s

what i’m most excited about of course

i’m more in the gaming space when i’m

when i’m not here doing these live

streams and

i’m really excited that they’re finally

embracing features that uh you know

they’ve quoted

not quoted but they’ve talked to gamers

that they’ve brought in from twitch and

other places they’ve given big bags of

money to like you stream exclusively

here now by the way what can we do

better they’ve said they’ve talked to

these creators they’ve gotten a lot of

inspiration from them and uh it’s just

really cool to see because the changes

they’re making some think like oh well

i’m not a gaming channel it doesn’t

impact me it’s like are you a live

streamer because all yes transcends

gaming the gaming creators are on the

cutting edge they’ve been streaming i

think the most but that’s just now with

their experience we get to all benefit

from these changes so

i’m really excited i think it’s very

interesting seeing if pokemane now that

she’s out of her twitch contract yeah

starts streaming i mean we’re seeing

these big twitch streamers letting their

contracts expire and there’s a reason

that they’re doing that and i think for

me that was one more signal that twitch

has not fixed kind of their culture

problem on the platform and has not

given some of these tools i mean i find

with like

creators who are particularly creators

that are not like in their 20s are

nervous about what are the comments

going to be like what is this what is

that you can control so much of that in

youtube you can control the words that

are allowed to show up in comments you

can control links showing up in comments

and it gives a lot of control to the

creator to

um curate the experience you want to

have on the platform and moderators do

that too i mean these are some of the

features that i love the most because i

have control over what my experience is

like on the platform by building the

community that i want um and by by

telling them what our expectations are

and by my moderators being able to just

remove the trolls the thing that they

added this year that i love the most is

for live streaming subscribers only chat

because it had been members only where

people had to pay and that always made

me feel weird i was like i don’t want

you to have to pay to chat i hate that

but on really particularly difficult

topics they do lean to trolling and

that’s not the experience we have in my

community and you can set it to

subscribers only that people have

subscribed for a day or people have

subscribed for a week and they can’t

chat unless they’ve met that threshold

and it cuts down on your trolling

completely it’s been a fantastic feature

and i think it’s my favorite part you

can also set it for any duration just to

encourage people to subscribe while

you’re on stream um so if they’ve been

subscribed for four seconds then they

can chat so

building that community where people

want to chat can also help bump your

subscribers by doing live streams with

subscriber only chat not to mention the

monetization on super chats freaking

love super chats super chats make me

feel like i’m at the piano bar where

it’s like i need you to sing this song

here’s 50 bucks make this happen and

please just you know i want to hear

don’t stop believing and i’m thinking of

that because i’m in vegas and i’m going

to go to the piano bar while i’m here

because it’s my favorite thing to do but

it’s like that it’s like i want you to

see this this comment i want you to

answer it here’s here’s the money behind

it and i

love super chats

so our next topic is viewer experience

we talked about live streams talk about

shorts a lot of it from the perspective

creators how are we feeling about the

viewing experience and one thing i want

to bring up real quick um i was alerted

to this creator being in our chat right

now um their shorts creator who who

claims they come here to to learn things

about youtube so thank you for being

here um and congrats on well over a

million subscribers what i wanted to

point to so there’s that vertical video

thing yep this is why i wanted to bring

this up because this is what i’m getting

at with viewer experience you’re not

going to hear this but you can see kind

of what i’m talking about it’s like

watching shorts on mobile the viewing

experience for shorts on desktop has now

gotten better and if i scroll there’s

their next one and their next one you

can like dislike comment and share all

from here

can you click and then scroll or is it

just you have to scroll

uh what are you there’s these buttons on

the side here if that’s what you mean

okay i don’t the one thing i don’t like

about shorts is if i go to a creator

specifically to watch their shorts i

want to watch the next one

but i wanted to i just wanted to see

more about the sus kid because i think

that’s my 13 year old

i got very invested real quick

i was very invested in the editing i

love that i wonder what you have to put

the shorts

your shorts on your home page

oh there it is that’s a good question

there it is

do my shorts show up on my home page do

i have to put them there i don’t know i

haven’t looked because i’ve started

adding some shorts too

but only because i want to get to things

faster than when i do a live stream this

will be the um

there’s a short shelf that you can put

on and i think it’s just changed

you’re gonna make me change my my home

page on my channel absolutely as far as

i’m aware if you watch the short from

this crazer it’s just gonna cycle

through all of their shorts yeah it’s

not gonna be random what’s coming next i

can almost guarantee this somebody sent

me a screenshot of this on twitter you

know on the left-hand side where it says

home explore subscribers there’s going

to be a short link there and then that

will i think there has to be q-rates um

you know like tick-tock it’s just going

to show you random

shot from the way that we are

viewing i see that when i’m in my home


when i’m in my homepage i see the random

shorts like across the


yeah i was just pointing that i have

that online mine’s at the bottom like i

have my normal things i’ve put in place

yeah and i need to go look oh it’s

interesting so when you’re on the

browser too as you scroll it creates a

new page so if i’m hitting the back

button i have to hit it a lot yup

everyone’s a new page i’m a little bit

annoyed by that guy yeah that is of


all right here’s here’s the thing i

think about all this and it goes to and

creative tools as well i’m going to use

this word even though i’m using it

incorrectly but i love saying it

youtube is doing a lot of insidious

things right now they’re introducing a


nuanced changes like that short shelf

and changes to the creator studio

without telling us and then we’re gonna

go huh that’s interesting

and before we can even really um

feedback on it i’ll get used to it we

introduced something else it’s like oh

now i’ve got something else to look at

some iterative changes

sure instead of insidious

small iterative tweaks yeah i find

something too that i don’t know why some

of the shorts aren’t fully short they’re

like yeah they’re like that like why but

it’s a short

thing it looks like it recorded your

screen and then it got confused yeah

yeah and it’s not showing if i uploaded

it i wonder if i had uploaded those from


and that’s why they’re doing it that way

it doesn’t show custom thumbnails uh on

these shots um for anybody and it’s just

random images from the shots themselves

but yeah that’s a bit weird isn’t it

that some of them actually show the

tools or the yeah

mine are tutorials on how to do things

on the platform so i have the interface

but i am curious if i was like the

fourth one over where it’s like not

filling in the whole thing like why is

that is it doing that because i uploaded

it from desktop

to it

i’ve uploaded desktop shorts and got it

to fit full frames yeah so it’s very

interesting yeah it’s all we’re all

developing so we’re all learning here

together live it’s a new

go look at rob do my channel do they

show up there

i’m looking now do you mind do you mind

everybody seems to be getting these

changes at a slightly different time as

well like um some people get it weeks in

advance others will

take them edges to get it and yeah i

made a playlist yeah youtube has a

playlist youtube has one for you but it

takes all your shorts you gotta you

gotta use theirs when you’re in your

okay i’ll go use this customization i’ll

go change that i’m very excited all

right cool

sorry we all nerd out about these people

together guys

cool that’s why we love that


youtube’s changing so fast and as so for

me i’m not a youtube educator i’m i you

know i am not a youtube educator i love

talking about what i’ve learned on

youtube but i am a

you know long-form live streaming

content creator so i learn

from these amazing educators just as

much as y’all do as a creator because

i’m busy on like what’s the next content

like you know colin and cuthbert the

caterpillar cakes in the uk have finally

come to a resolution i need to make a

short about that later today so my brain

is on content not oh youtube now has

another bar that i can customize on my

home page which is why i love coming

here because i

don’t keep up on that stuff i need to be


like hey this has changed

for anyone who wants to know how to get

that shelf on your on your homepage you

can move it anywhere you want um so this

is our homepage we don’t have shorts on

our channel what you can do though is

add a section and you want to add short

videos if you do a single playlist

you can add like we saw on emily’s

channel a regular looking playlist but

short videos literally takes every

single short and puts them i believe

just in reverse chronological order so

newest so here’s the best part with that

is that when youtube does it

automatically i don’t have to go in and

remember to add it to a playlist and

that’s what i love

playlists i will say playlist kill on my


um and i i think that’s because of the

type of content that i do but for all of

you creators who do content that is um

related to each other

don’t forget your playlists they can do

very very well and they can show up in

search as well


in terms of the viewing experience

it certainly has in the last 12 months

being all about youtube shorts putting

that button and shelf wherever possible

and i i i think it’s just so that we can

start to spout these

incredible numbers

about 5 trillion views

true that maybe four and a half trillion

of us are from copyright material lifted

from tick tock




but shots are here to stay

and i think as we’ve said earlier

irrespective of whether you hate them or

you like them or you’re going to make

them you need to be aware of their

impact on on youtube and and the average

viewer consuming this content we already

know that desiree spends an hour a night

watching short film content

you’re watching trends and you have to

but i think there’s a place in your

content for look my main content is

long-form live streams my second kind of

batch of content is podcasting but

shorts serve a very specific place for

me because i don’t do content every

single day but if something happens that

my audience wants an update on shorts

allow me to give a very quick update and

youtube loves it when you continue to

give them content so it keeps your

content within the wonderful cycle that

is youtube if you take a month off and

don’t upload you’re going to notice the

lag in your content getting pushed back

out to your subscribers but shorts allow

you to kind of stay there too so there’s

a lot of ways you can integrate it even

if it’s not your main thing and i’ve

noticed other channels taking clips of

moments of my live streams and making

them shorts and i’m like oh i should

probably do that

like if other people are doing that like

i should probably do that like emily

gets flabbergasted emily screams at

things like there’s like moments in

these live streams that you might not

see if you don’t watch every two plus

hour live stream which who does um

there’s some loners are some of you i

know there are that have seen every

moment of every live stream but there’s

a lot of room to clip down longer

content too and continue to share

content even though you’re not

continuing to make new content and i

think that’s a great thing

there should be a defend indefensibles

clip channel by now i think we’ve done

enough of them

it’s probably good there’s not yeah it’s

probably good that there’s not it’s

probably since all we seem to talk about

what was it is enforced child labor that

seems to come up quite a lot what are

you doing right now



emily’s on the run already

but you know what when desiree was

talking about this this mobile career um

when i got a call from my friend saying

you know what can you be here for this i

was able to say yes i can make that work

and that’s again when you’re looking at

some creators are like i want to have

this many subscribers i want to make

this much money freedom was a big thing

for me because i had a career where i

didn’t have a lot of freedom and the

freedom to be able to like

you know my ipad was supposed to work so

i could be vertical but the freedom to

be able to hop on my phone hop on a live

stream from hotel wi-fi and be here with

you all is just

why this is such an incredible platform

but why this is also such an incredible

career so it’s great and i’m very


so let’s go around the table talk about

real quick the future of youtube we’re

gonna start bringing in some questions

here soon uh but yeah i think we should

wrap this up and talk about how what we

feel like youtube

where is it going uh let’s start with



i think i mean i think youtube’s not

going anywhere i think youtube’s gonna

continue to be the leader and gonna be

the place and kids are gonna want to be

youtubers and i grew up still i don’t

think that’s going anywhere where i’d

like youtube to go and i don’t know if

they’re doing that because i don’t i

don’t have a direct line

you know to susan or anything i would

really like there to be a shift in


is trending

i think it’s just a lot of the same

stuff it’s getting really boring i’d

love to see more diversity at play i’d

like for like creators on the rise to

have a bigger

a bigger spot platform like i wish there

was like 10 creators on the rise you

know i think that’d be great i’d love

for more women obviously as a woman of

youtube podcast hostess that you we’re

all here together to do i want more

women to have stand out i want there to

be more pay i want the i want i want

like the next years i want when they do

those top lists

of you know top earners on youtube i

want there to be at least five women

or some diversity within it because

there was one girl

on that list this year of the top 10 and

she was a child

so it’s just kind of those things like

i’d love for i’d love for more of that

to happen and i think as

it continues to grow and we continue to

be loud and annoying and all the things

that we are asking for things and

anything’s culturally as well from our

platforms i think that we can really get

there but i think that we’re just going

to continue to grow and do awesome

things and make lots of money and i

think that we’re going to reach a point


people like us in viticu and

creators is just going to be like it’s

going to be normal no one’s going to

look at you weird for being a youtuber i

live in a small town in michigan i tell

them i’m a youtuber and they’re like huh

i don’t

what my kids want to do that how do you

how i’m like and i really love those

when i tell them like i’m the


like this is the how i bought a house on

a youtube on youtube income they’re like


so i’m looking forward to looking i

think that that’s where it’s going i

think it’s going to be awesome

emily the future of youtube

i think that the future of not just

youtube but social media i think we are

coming into some more regulation


i think that there will be a

um kind of a separation of creators who

are professional creators and a

continued separation and creators who


either flash in the pan or who don’t

want to follow rules and don’t want to

be regulated which will bring up um

subsequent platforms you’re going to

start to see other video platforms that

don’t have rules and regulations popping

up we’re already seeing them because

youtube does uh throttle certain content

youtube does push certain content there

is some censorship on platform though

youtube’s a private company they’re

allowed to but i think that censorship

puts youtube in the crosshairs for being

regulated uh more heavily by the

government as to whether they can be

sued or not sued so there is from my

perspective because lawyer perspective

there is a lot to come in the social

media space and there are these bigger

questions of

um are these public utilities

where people have recourse if they’re

denied access or are these private

companies that are publishers so i think

youtube’s not going anywhere i think the

way that we behave on platform will have

some more rules around it and i think

creators just need to be aware that as

things change you can’t just be like hey


nintendo copyright claimed a whole bunch

of my content well was it fair use or

was it not um

you’re going to have to be aware that

it’s not just the wild west anymore

because it’s the internet and that is

one of the changes creators will have to

deal with because youtube will have to

deal with it just like they did when

youtube finally realized that they were

going to have to adhere to the

children’s online privacy protection act


that act existed before youtube did

youtube started and they were like ah

we’re just yeah it won’t be a problem

and then and then the ftc was like it’s

a problem pay us hundreds of millions of


and then youtube went oh this is a

problem and then there were creators

going why are you doing this to me it’s

like well you always had to follow the

rules um as a creator you’re and you

have to adhere to the rules even if the

platform’s not so i think we’re going to

see more of that but creators just be

mindful and stay on top of channels like

vid iq because as the platforms change

you will be advised of those changes

not paying attention is not going to be

an excuse

rob what is the future of youtube emily

has just stolen all of my best points

and i articulated them better than i

ever could but i will try my best um

yes youtube is not going anywhere i

think it’s still one of the best


to take your passion

and express it on a platform for free

and reach

billions of people

in an instant almost

having said all of that i think there

may be an inflection point coming which

is what um emily alluded to let me try

and give you an example of this just

imagine for example

a lot of us feel as if mr b squid game

was like one of the best

youtube videos so to speak but what if

netflix and

um you know the owners of all of his

intellectual property decided that we

don’t want this on youtube and we’re

going to hit mr beast with copyright

strike and their channel is going to get

taken down and that would have caught

that would cause

enormous creator outcry so you know if

something like i had turned south

and i feel as if

something like that is going to happen

on youtube within the next two or three

years in the same way as adpocalypse has

done so in the past and i think there’s

going to be an inflection point there

where creates decide do i want to be on

youtube anymore or am i going to be a

disruptive force on on youtube you know

like january vi you know we have these

truckers in ottawa right now in the real

world causing a

um governments or the people who uh

uh run things i think that’s gonna

happen to youtube because the identity

of youtube you know that word youtube in


does that truly reflect what that is in

2022 and beyond

and as as emily said i think there’s

going to be

more um fringe platforms or alternative

platforms appearing

and what is youtube going to be

once it comes through whatever

controversy or challenge that might be

and then of course the metaverse i don’t

really understand what that is i know

it’s coming people are going to be

wearing headsets and vr’ing in the next

five years

have you not seen ready player one go

watch ready player one i i i have

really enjoyed the book wasn’t that the

film oh the move the movie’s awful the

book is substantially better the book

the audiobook is is a great listen will

wheaton yeah

wheaton for life okay

just as we’re talking about will wheaton

though throughout both ready player one

and ready player two when he reads the

book he pronounces irl

as earl and it makes me

crazy and every time i listen to the

audiobook i’m like no it’s irl in real

life not earl

dammit it makes me want to say shut up



for more thoughts on either ready player

one or the future of youtube we’ll turn

to nate from channel makers

so i

publicly apologize everybody check your

time zones

because i was get i was all ready i was

like yep yeah i’m geared up i’m geared

up and then i get that i see i got a

message from dan you know 40 minutes ago

and he’s like hey are you joining i was

like dang it

i missed

so i apologize for being late oh good

jones are the worst of all

speech speech speech hey yeah well

actually you see this behind me

this was my friends surprised me i

cleaned up somewhat this congrats here

my friends surprised me um

there i just barely this morning took it

out there were streamers everywhere and

balloons and all this stuff it was

pretty fun


so yeah i don’t i don’t know what kind

of speech is just great glad to be here

i’m glad to see the channel growing

um yeah i don’t know what else to say

about it

except you all wish you had a awesome

balloon congrats behind you for your

videos we don’t know what to do with

milestones we just have our gold play

button shoved and robbed shell yeah

crudely yeah i’ve seen it isn’t it

sideways in there it’s sideways

you need to like cut that part off and

put it up cut the play button like no no

no no no the shelf

i think it’s kind of epic that it’s

sideways yeah i i think it’s you know

it’s just or you hang it like you hung

the captain america shield

yeah you go

do not try that with player buttons

because the fabric does not stick to


i nearly broke mine doing that oh

that’s good to know okay well that’s

good tonight secrets youtube you know

first world youtube problems right there

so so i think what we should do uh dan

is let nate have a minute on each topic

just to summarize his thoughts yeah for

all of those that are just starting the

live stream now

here’s a summary it’s the answers go

yes as youtube’s still the place to be

in 2022

uh yeah

absolutely um i

i don’t know what else to say there it’s

it’s still growing there’s everything

good about it i i i’m very positive on

the future of youtube so

is it the best platform to make money

i actually personally think so also i i

don’t have first-hand experience in all

of the platforms but when i look at all

the variety of options available with

other social platforms for example um

it’s nowhere do you have the level of

the the advantage of the ongoing library

of content as well as just

people getting to know you like you and

trust you

better on youtube potentially than a lot

of other platforms and when you make a

piece of content

it stays and so it can be constantly

viewed by people it’s not a one and done

and it’s gone forever i love both of

those aspects of youtube

how are you enjoying the evolution of

the tools creators have been given over

the years are you referring to things

like anything it could be memberships it

could be the studio

your favorite tools the

what you like what you don’t like what’s

missing i i feel like they’re being


um and they’re all headed

to my knowledge many of them are headed

in the right direction

um i’ve been appreciating how like in

analytics for example they’ve been

getting more and more transparent and

giving us more and more metrics to look

at uh to understand the channel better

just using more real human language to

describe things uh that’s been really


and also there’s this there’s this tool

called vidiq that’s been that keeps uh

upgrading itself and adding great new

features and stuff so

highly recommend it thanks for that uh

we we talked a little bit about the

viewer the viewing experience as well

just a few different aspects of that uh

like one of the things they’ve been

doing is making shorts easter view on

desktop like how do you feel like the


how do you feel like the experience for

trying to give him his money

oh is that my oh oh i’ll take it oh it’s

over on this side

here we go all right i don’t i don’t

have any money

get some money here no

it’s all nfts now is it uh well

all right

um so viewing experience they’ve had i

mean we’ve you and i have talked about a

few things they’re always testing new

stuff some get me a little bit more con

potentially concerned than others um the

one of the

i know it’s not public knowledge but i

know they’re beta testing it the the one

where on the play

on the play bar like on desktop you see

the little

the gray area of how much people watched

attention on different areas of the

video i wasn’t so much a fan of that uh

just because i think it will actually be

detrimental to viewer experience and

they haven’t rolled it out publicly so

i’m glad they’re not doing that one



as far as the march forward of

ways for people to find what they’re

looking for

and improving the algorithm

day in and day out

um i think they’re headed in the right

direction for that

and speaking of head in the right

direction uh the future of youtube where

do you see youtube uh

this year and beyond

so youtube shorts was one of their

more recent

big new directions i would say new

formats that definitely took off i think

it’s probably doing exactly what they

hoped it would

um and i see it

the user base is just growing and so

it’s potentially just a similar to what

has been going always improving the

algorithm more creators getting on there

and as new trends come out in different

formats for consuming video

i think they’re either going to lead

them out or adopt them very quickly


what about you

what about you dan um i don’t think

we’ve got your thoughts oh


from youtube i i agree with everything

everybody has said thus far and i also

think that


who said good

i thought that’s all that you were gonna

say and then no i i also wanted to say

that i think youtube

is going to this is just a bold

prediction i think youtube is the one

that cracks monetization for short form

content i think i think instagram i

think tik tock there they’re trying to

figure this out i think youtube is the

one that figures it out first at least

the the best version of it

the rightest way

i like that that’s my prediction

yeah well there we go that’s our

discussion so we want to talk to you

guys now if you have a question hashtag

question in chat they may become topics

of very long discussions so i don’t know

how many of these questions we’ll

actually get to but that’s okay

and uh thank you it was a good question

if it prompts a whole bunch of

conversations yeah i like this one the

hashtag channel naker hashtag channel

makers hashtag nate squad it’s the first

time i’ve seen that

thank you gooseplays20 you know you’ve

made it when you’re a hashtag

yeah i didn’t know i was a hashtag

that’s awesome wouldn’t your hashtag be

howdy howdy really you know what um


shouldn’t we all right we’re supposed to

be call everybody videos that was uh

emily’s suggestion of idiots yeah well

it kind of came from the chat you’ve got

to let the community name itself yeah

yeah that’s how long are you about they

named it themselves

they liked i just liked videos because i

thought it was funny but i also watch a

lot of observe so now everyone’s going

to be using it

well if they want it to be a thing

they’ll make it a thing


i i think the uh

yeah the hashtag thing is a little bit

confusing for folks


here we go we’ll start with meme verse

our meme channels monetizable i wonder

if they’re speaking from a that’s a good

one yeah fair use perspective who wants

to fight over this one it’s a question

for our lawyer

well it depends on if the memes are

original creations or re-uploads or

parody there’s a lot of copyright to

wade through with memes so it is not the

safest path to monetization by any means

and it just depends on

like i don’t know i don’t what are meme

channels on youtube i don’t watch meme

channels like are they just memes is

there other stuff like what

is it long form is it short form i have


somebody explain i’m old i’m boomering

it just explain to me

it they can span i think a lot of


types so it’s i mean people there are

people who just make their own and then

there are people who re-upload stuff and

there there are memes that get done to

death in different you know from

different creators in different ways

and it’s hard to remember who has

ownership of even uh some of the memes

we’ve seen of the office like

nbc at this point yeah like nbc at this

point has probably just given up on on

all of that like well everyone’s taking

our show and just meme the crap out of

it and we’re not going to touch it

because normally it would fall under

fair use transformative use or parody

but can you be

that can be harder to yes

generally but it depends on how it’s

done so

it just it just depends because

generally you would need if you were

going to do it on another tv show you

would need licensing for it so it it

really just depends um

and it depends as the future of

copyright continues to evolve and i

think blockchain is going to start

getting involved in copyright this could

be harder because i’ve seen a big push

in the intellectual property space to

start blockchaining

copyrighted and trademarked properties

so they’re easier to trace when they get

you know shot out across the the

metaverse as it were so

youtube i think allows meme channels to

be monetized but you could run into

roadblocks with

you know copyright strikes and things

like that

i mean i got the most annoying copyright

claim on my channel and the copyright

claim was a copyright claim from a third

party that claimed a clip of a tv show

that i used because i was advertising

for that tv show as contracted with that

company and so their third party

striked my video i’m like wait a second

you’ve asked me to use this clip i have

permission to use this clip but those

are the problems within the system like

the system swoops things in and then it

doesn’t account for the fact that i

actually have

license to use that because it is an ad

on my channel that i have been

contracted to do using those video clips

so these are um these are problems

um request here for nate can you roast

goose play’s channel

yeah i was just looking at it i don’t

know if you how in depth you want me to

go here i can start um why are you


frauding your viewers with a fake

verification check mark on your username


it’s good

that’s a good point

that was the first thing that caught my

eye as well

um yeah

see that

um i think a lot of times that type of

thing is used to to try to appear a

certain way with the

with the channel and i i think that’s

the direction you’re going there i’m all

about the organic subscribers and using

something like a

check mark is probably not the right

direction to go

um first thing that stands out to me see

when i do roasts i often try to take a

little more time to look into it um but

this one that stands out to me

um you’re all over the place man


ma’am or

you’re all over the place human

human person right


both the thumbnails and the types of

videos you’re going for way all over the

place um

so we need to pick we need to pick a few

narrower directions to go with this

also if you’re going to upload vid iq

clips can you make sure that i’m in them

i’m not in that one no it’s okay

yeah a couple of us are in here so yeah

i’m not i’m not worried about it

uh no we won’t we won’t be doing a full

channel audit we’re not doing channel

roasts either but uh yes i for tip for

everybody i guess

roasting is being mean like yeah

thumbnails are terrible what the hell is

wrong with your titles what’s happening

with your thumbnail

all that’s true all that’s true but i

think everybody should be taking notes

alongside and looking at their own

channel and roasting it for themselves

goose plays 20 fake verification check

mark your channel sucks


so having both long and short form

content on the same channel detrimental

or a good idea my answer to this is if

you’re asking that question it means

you’re not you’re not sure about shorts

on long form content so do the surfing

and test on a separate channel to begin


to me this is always sorry desiree

i i have i have my own thoughts i think

that if the shorts content can support

your existing content

it’s it’s totally i think i do shorts

relevant to my content so

i have a cert again i’m very search

based with my strategy

so a lot of like my tutorials my

tutorials are quick it’s like how to

disconnect my instagram account from

facebook like that doesn’t need to be a

full intro outro like it’s just a quick

easy answer so i can make it for search

and for shorts and so it works really

well and i think that if it’s an

extension of your existing content it

works should you have a two hour podcast

show and a short sh on there probably


so that’s that’s been

in my asses because i

my shorts have

have a growth chart because they’re

search based

yeah i was going to say i think for a

lot of channels you do both


it’s relevant to my content and it’s

relevant to my audience so i have

a essentially two hour plus long form

content i do shorter content in the 45

minute range and i do some shorts

because they are topically relevant and

it is a quick answer to something that

my audience is interested in so

i have not seen it be detrimental to my

channel but you need to experiment and

it needs to be

on topic for your audience does your it

can’t be a

dancing repurposed shorts channel on a

you know

video tutorial channel that doesn’t make

sense it has to be a strategy to relate

it back to

your audience because the purpose should

be giving your audience what they want

what they need what they’re looking for


yeah i’ve always said this is a very

personal question too especially if your

content that you want to make in shorts

is relevant to your main channel

audience you can still put those on a

second channel if that’s what you want

if you’re that worried about it like rob

said um it’s a really personal choice in

that regard but if you’re gonna if you

you have taste in your name so i imagine

you might be a cooking channel and if

you suddenly want to work on cars i

wouldn’t put that content

shorts are otherwise on the same cooking


i’ve seen shorts be the most successful

with it by putting them on the same

channel with a channel that already is

good at one or the other

yes so lead with one or the other um

rarely would i recommend doing both at

the same time because they’re pretty


content types and so you can lead with

long form and then add shorts after you

feel like you’ve got a good rhythm with

long form add some shorts or vice versa

but rarely would i say both at the same


that’s my two cents there examples of

channels who do this well are colin and

samia and

am i allowed to say this

legal eagle

does nothing well i’m sorry what

i’m teasing dr mike does a good job too

dr mike’s are really helpful and

informative as well

can i make videos in english and french

in the same channel the question well

can you yes this is should you

can you yes should you know

never you should take a cue from what

vidiq does where they have like their

english videos on an english you know

they have a

they have like the spanish channel as a

totally separate thing

yeah because you don’t want to split

your audience the audience that is

coming to your english videos it’s not

the audience coming to your french

videos i mean i know that you’re

probably targeting canadians but still


they’re canadians no i i love canada

they get the better cadbury chocolate

than we get in the states

uh look at it from a viewer’s point of

view let’s say you watch four videos in

english great i’m getting invested in

this channel then you do two videos in

french i don’t speak french i’m gonna

have to wait an unknown period of time

before you put on another english video

that means that when the video appears

in the home page with french title i’m

not going to click on it that’s going to


a non-clicked impression to youtube so

definitely with languages i mean youtube

did test these different languages on

videos so that you could switch but i

still feel having your own channel page

and titles and whatnot like

siloed into different countries

seems to be the more logical approach

both from a creator and a


viewer point of view but of course it

does mean a lot more work because you

need somebody who who needs to manage

that page effectively

are there other metrics besides average

view duration that go into the success

of a youtube short

i suspect likes are more important as a

signal but that’s just an assumption

and i also think i’m starting to think


views on shorts as actually impressions

they’re not like a view doesn’t

necessarily count as a view if that

makes any sense it counts as

okay we need to test this with a

thousand people so that’s why you get

the short surge

but we’ll use the other metrics to

decide whether or not this is a

a good performing video and then we’ll

start to share it with more people

i agree with that 100 uh it’s one of the

primary differences i think between long

form like the the algorithms treatment

of shorts versus long form

because on the short shelf

it’s you’re just scrolling through it

right and as it immediately starts

playing so that is a view

but i think it is more think of it more

in terms of an impression because you

don’t get choice you have no control

over what’s coming up next youtube

decides that and so i think the more

positive signals beyond views

you see what i really want to try and

work out from the algorithm is uh when

you start watching a random bunch of


um not you’re short


the viewers already watched one of your

previous shots this is getting really

complicated but where do i come next am

i number two in the queue on number four

in the queue and i think the higher up

you can get in the queue for the next

video that’s played that’s the real


in terms of discoverability

yeah they’re all nodding but i don’t

think anybody had a clue i was talking

about that i just want you to feel good

you are you are deeper into the

analytics of what does doesn’t work i

think than many of us i think emily and

i are like oh this is good let’s post it

and then see how many views again


i mean my content

decisions are are

informed by analytics but not made by

analytics because my channel is so

uh reactive to the things that are

happening and i have

no control over the thing you know if a

lawyer wants to dismiss a case against

air control and refill in california i i

you know i just happen to be on a plane

when this stuff happens i have no

control over when it happens or not so

it’s a joke for the londoners anyway

keep going

y’all are like what that’s just all nod

every time i’ve been on a plane lately

something massive has happened in one of

the top kind of cases i’m covering and

at this time was no exception

well it sounds like you just need to go

to a plane whenever you need new content

content exactly yeah i’m just going to

travel and stuff because i’ll just

travel and the legit parts on the

driveway and just get in it and

something happens

that’s a free iq tip for everybody right

there there you go

find what superstition works and just

lean into it

it’s official advice uh when i look at

my channel analytics it says not enough

data how much is required to show data

i think the threshold is going to be

around about monetization point so a

thousand hours four thousand hours of

watch on but i also think it’s a recency

of content how much you’re publishing in

the last 90 days

because i’ve got my old channel which

doesn’t show that information but i’ve

not published anything for four years

and when i um

in a video about like how to get to 10

000 subscribers i said to people like by

now you should have that data about the

best time to publish and like what other

videos your viewers are watching and

somebody said i haven’t got that and

i’ve got like you know 5 000 subscribers

and i thought oh that’s a bit

unfortunate so i said well um send a

message to um because youtube support

and maybe ask them why

and as soon as i said that i thought

you’re not going to get a very good

answer from them so why did i suggest

that as an idea


there are no solid answers but that’s my

guess around about monetization point

what do you all have wait sorry what do


use to have

sorry this is really what are we using

to get the transitions on the screen

stream yard dream yard okay


i love street i’ve used stream yard

since i switched to live streaming um

because it was the easiest i didn’t want

to mess with obs i wanted to be able to

pull up questions on the screen just

like this and when i was looking at

being able to bring up legal documents

on the screen to do the same thing

stream yard came up and it’s what

everyone that i watched was already

using i was like oh what are you all

using and everybody’s like streaming

around it’s like great done and it’s

web-based it’s easy

um yeah i i use it i’ve been using

stream yard since beta

so like before it was like a big public

deal i the tools great and what makes it

even better is that the company

and the owners are really wonderful like

they truly have built a tool based on

feedback that they’ve gotten from their

users of things that they want

and so i think that alone is the reason

that i have stuck with them all this

time because it’s and

it’s incredibly easy to use and they

care about you as a user

they improve the incremental

improvements have been really good as

well like dan and i were talking about

stacking questions for a while and top

it just suddenly appeared and now we

also have everybody get ready for this

background music

add videos overlays backgrounds can

change photos gifs


yep i i’ve sort of yes

that leave it running it’s great it’s a

vibe i love it

i love it and it’s made it easier and

making it easier is what you need as a

content creator i’ve also been on live

chat with them when i’ve had streaming

issues while i’ve been streaming and

they’ve fixed it it’s been great

so so do you think youtube are gonna

purchase one of these services to

integrate into their software that’s why

i think they’re going to do in order to

up their live stream game they might and

i the only reason i would hope that they

would do that is because there are some

things that like stream yard can’t get

because of the way youtube has it

blocked on their end like if you have a

member members can send what look like

super chats um but stream yard can’t

grab them to put them up on the stream

because of the way youtube has them

coded so it would give like a more fluid

integration that’s the only reason i

would hope for something like that um

because when i see you to buy things

that implement them they don’t tend to

nerf them so

that’s the only reason i would be happy

about that

i’d be happy that youtube would give a

dark mode and i’d be happy about that i

think it’s interesting the idea of at

least from a stream after a perspective

because hopkin

owned stream yard so this time last year

hop in which is an online um event

platform i purchased stream yard to

integrate it into their company

so it’d be an interesting


like a re-acquisition

uh this next question i i have

definitely something to say about it and

uh i think we all will

so at this point i would expect my

channel to reach at least a thousand

subscribers do you guys think it’s the

name of the channel that’s doing the

most damage to my channel


my why do you expect that yeah exactly

i’m i’m not i’m not even thinking about

the name of this channel i’m hung up on

i expected

and the thing i wanted to say yesterday

but i never i never had time our stream

yesterday was moving pretty quick the

thing i wanted to say yesterday is


is here first and foremost for the

viewers experience youtube is trying to

build the very best platform

for viewers to keep them on the platform

as long as possible

we as creators all have to adapt to that


people always say youtube hates small

creators that’s like something that

small creators say often when they’re

not growing


make better content you’ll get more

eyeballs exactly

exactly it’s it has nothing to do with

the name of your channel although a

better name can help uh it is definitely

everything to do with the content you

are creating is it for a specific


jp 800 studios tells me nothing about

what kind of content you create


i mean when i go to your channel i have

no idea what kind of content you make

your banner is just branding

your thumbnails are just you and i’m

like why do i care about you what is

your what are these videos about what’s

going on here

the name of my channel is called all in

one social media i don’t think you’re

coming to my channel for beauty advice

you know i think this is um jp800 wanted

to rust but he just had to figure out

the way to ask a question in order to

get the rest they wanted and what i will

say is in terms of expectations you have

80 subscribers you have like 15 videos

you’ve made

a cost of 10 months

you’re getting fantastic view counts

for the for where you are you’re

probably exceeding expectation i would

say on average for a channel of your

size with the number of videos you’ve

produced so as you can see you need more

videos make more content that that’s

fantastic where you’re going to meet

your expectations

rob that was a terrible roast

sorry also i don’t i don’t know i don’t

you’ve got and you said it perfectly dan

you’ve got to understand the way youtube

works and youtube works because they

want to keep people on

platform and if your content keeps

people on platform and they’re

re-watching or they’re watching through

a playlist then youtube’s going to be

like oh when somebody lands on this

creator’s video they watch two more of

that creator’s video and then they go on

to watch three more of these videos

it is going to make youtube push your

content out more to be like oh this

content keeps them on platform longer

make content that keeps people on

platform and engages them


oops um next question here is how can i

best integrate my youtube channel

podcast and blog same name already doing

audio version of the youtube videos

i think um has some very strong opinions

on podcasts on uh on youtube

i watched the rebuttal from um pat flynn

but it was a good video actually that

was good

yeah he did he did well in his response


it’s pat flynn


yeah that’s the controversy i have no

idea what happened oh i did you not like

i i softly i i softly called him out for

using his youtube channel as a podcast

called him a lot of names i wouldn’t say

it was a lot of it oh it was come on


it was censored right wasn’t it done

like mature audience certainly

i just couldn’t i had never heard of us

weird noises that people put in all the


i hate those did you also call out the

h3h3 podcast

no no and so in the video it was it was

basically the point of i see i would see

channels that are doing going along

creating a channel you know creating

content and then somewhere along the way

they just start podcasting with their

channel just uploading podcasts and

almost every time i see that happen

hence the title the video is i get

worried when i see a channel doing this

um their views drop off dramatically

because a pure podcast is just not a

good format for youtube

it’s almost never that so i guess

answering this question here um youtube

if so a youtube primary youtube channel

from christianity explained this


your primary videos should be for your

audience just like what we’ve talked

about right if you want a podcast i’d

almost always recommend doing a separate

uh podcast channel

and then make it as visually interesting

as possible

if you have recordings of you talking

with your guests

you know still edit the videos all of

that that would be good

um if you don’t have that footage and

you just want to do the audio on youtube

you can do that but i would still do it

on a separate channel

as far as a blog

a blog is tends to have a very dif i

gotta say this because we have a

background in in uh teaching a lot of

blogs and stuff so

um they have a very different content

style usually most blogs are very search

focused so people are coming to an

article because they’re searching for

something on google in the serp and

they’re trying to get an answer from

something usually and on youtube you can

do that but in the majority of cases if

you only focus on search you’re missing

out on

the browse and suggest traffic

and some of your most powerful allies if

you do it that way so

if i were going about a youtube channel

a podcast in a blog probably how i would

structure it is i would do oh here we go

uh he’s got the screenshot up there

um so youtube channel i’d make it for an

audience just like everything we talked

about watch vidiq get great tips on that

podcast i would do a separate channel

for it make it as visually interesting

as possible and then blog

um as much as possible make it very

search focused and think of each of them

as separate pieces of content not

repeats of the same content

because unless you slice them up to fit

each of the different platforms needs

that’d be my recommendation

i had a bonus too i’d go through your

podcast and find how you can take your

long-form content and make short

searchable pieces of content from it um

so like if you have a specific topic or

question you answer you go over you can

turn it into its own individual video so

if you have just the podcast channel you

could do that or you could if it if that

specifically is supported by what you’re

doing on your channel you could do that

as well for some really good examples

for this i’m calling it smear but also

the think media podcast has a good job

and so does vanessa laos podcast about

turn your followers into clients

podcasts she actually was on the think

media podcast talking about how by

putting her podcast on her regular

youtube channel it was taking her

channel she was going on this like

random slow death with her channel so

she had to separate them out because the

content was different what people

expected was different and and how the

audience was retaining and watching was

different so

by having her informational short videos

and then these long podcasts that were

deep dives all these different things it

was it was killing it so

if you’re looking for examples on like

what you should do that’s what i would i

would check out those three guys

and i’m an anomaly i have my podcast on

my youtube channel but i do long form

content so for people who like the

long-form live streams a 45-minute

podcast is the more succinct version of

my content and i do it on video and it

is visually very much the same as my

live streams it is just in a more

a shorter and more concise and cleaned

up version so

that content works well together because

it is

the same content in a slightly different



and that’s i think why it works well on

my channel

so there you go yeah i think i think

that was a lot of varying opinions there

so best of luck as you know with

everything it depends on your channel

your audience and your content that’s

what i was yeah yeah that’s exactly what

you were saying if you make normally

five minute upload tutorials five to

eight minutes long and you throw an hour

podcast on there your audience is going

to be like what the hell so it it just

really depends on

on your content and that’s totally fair

how about how do you like bring your

go ahead this is how you’ve trained your

audience like what to expect exactly

yeah the the expectations that they have

going into if you normally do longer

longer form i think it’s great i think

that’s why it’s working for you

that’s exactly it’s it’s similar content

and that’s

that matters um but i realize that my

content is also fairly unique um not

that it doesn’t have to be but long form

is is different in this space

um we have a good question here do your

own views produce

more impressions so real people who are

not me can see my videos

yes according to this youtube

todd i can never remember his uh surname

or i’m too scared to pronounce it um he

did a cart talk at vidsummit where he

said that something along the lines of

if your video is seen

um if 100 people see your video this


then youtube will share your content

with 700 people the following week or

something on those lines it’s like a one

in seven

share distribution and if you look at

your own impressions that kind of

matches for us it’s about one in ten

so yeah when people do watch your


youtube is going to then um

give you a chance

in the future by showing that on the

suggested feed or the the home page

see i read this differently i read it

i read it as if if this

creator just rewatches their video a


their own views i read it as if you

didn’t keep watching their video so

that’s how i read it and they are

watching their own videos that’s how i

read it also it’s todd

um thank you thank you i know exactly

who you’re talking i love todd’s talk

todd’s talk other than you know my own

was my favorite vid summit

talks so i guess to answer this quick

question no any any attempt to i guess

manipulate your own metrics is never

going to work it’s the same as if you

like set up five devices with different

ip addresses and try and watch youtube


three weeks to get 4000 hours of watch


this is all stuff that was tried in 2011

and it didn’t work then and it’s not

going to work now i’d say it’s the it’s

the wrong question yeah to be asking you

shouldn’t even be thinking that way

um so i was kind of as i was kind of

answering the right question wasn’t it

yes you were yeah because you believe in

the good of people

yeah so i would i would add to that like

based on if we’re taking this right like

hey should i watch my own videos and

does that show to future people just

don’t even don’t even worry about that

you’re focusing on the wrong thing the

focus is more on how to make good


for a real audience not artificially

inflate my own stuff


should i hide my subscribers when i have

less than 100 subscribers so people

won’t know that i’m a very small channel

and they’ll be reluctant to subscribe


i don’t think so

i don’t think so here’s my take i’m

happy to hear other people’s takes on

this but as far as hiding subscribers

ever on youtube i don’t think anybody

should do it personally here’s why uh

youtube has a a um reputation for being

authentic for being authentic you know

authenticity real people connecting with

real people you talk to the camera you

don’t talk most of times in just a

cinematic way

and so

for a lot of people it’s a natural

behavior to see the number of

subscribers and if you’re just okay with



you i only have 100 subscribers i’m

totally cool with that i’m still

creating good content guys i have a

small channel but i’m still making good

content people will appreciate you for

that rather than the feeling of trying

to hide

oh if oh i gotta hide where i actually

i’m just i would own it i would just say

yeah this is where i am with my channel

whatever size it is

i don’t judge content based on

subscriber count more often than not

i’ll look at after i see the content

i’ll go look at the subscriber numbers

and be like oh this person should have

way more subscribers i’ve not really

looked at content and been like why does

this person have this many subscribers


i don’t and then i think that encourages

people to subscribe because they want to

support you so i think if you make good

content people aren’t going to be like

oh my god you only have 100 subscribers

i think people will be like oh how do

you only have 100 subscribers you’re


and then they’re more likely to share

your content and say this channel is

great yeah people want to be along for

the journey

when i just real quick whenever i start

seeing a lot of comments coming through

on my channel of people saying oh my

goodness you only have

whatever amount of subscribers why isn’t

this channel bigger i know that my

channel is about to grow when i start

getting comments like that and that’s

happened all along the way even before

100 000 subscribers every time that

happens i’m like yes i know i’m i’m on

the right track because i’m creating

content that’s bigger than my channel

and it has to grow at that point weirdly

we get exactly the opposite type of

comments like how on earth did you get a

million subscribers

the trash that you push out

i would also say um that channels just

look odd without subscriber counts

because it’s the default and my

immediate question is are somebody

sitting in their subscriber count for

some reason

what are they hiding yeah i assume

there’s been scandal because that’s the

only time you see subscriber accounts

really get hidden and and again the

corners of youtube i’m in are you know

commentary and drama because it

correlates with what i do in the legal

space so you know when you see like the

ace family hiding their subscriber count

you’re like what’s going on i need to

know the drama i need to know what

you’ve done what have you stepped in and

so that’s my first assumption

yeah right or wrong

what a solid bunch of questions what a

nice live stream we’ve had with no

interruptions whatsoever

all right let’s see what we got here

going on it’s terrible what a waste of

technology i don’t know why people do

this to themselves absolutely trash

i’ve returned and i just want everyone

to know it’s real i only got a couple

seconds that was that was loud the

savage candles have sold out they’ve

sold out i know they’re only 89.95 i

should have charged more i knew it i

knew it but i do have a question i had

to jump in real quick because a couple

weeks ago my dear lovely young lady

emily d baker gave me some great advice

i hired those 12 year olds like you told

me to but now their parents are trying

to sue me i don’t know exactly what to

do about you

so you’re supposed to hire your 12 year

olds no i don’t got no 12 year olds i

ain’t got no people i know of look let

me explain something to you

these people are saying child labor laws

and some other stuff and i don’t know

nothing about any of that i saw emily t

pickers on the line i better jump on

real quick before she gets off because i

know i can’t get a hold of her otherwise

she’s on that abc uh 90 day fiance show

and i love that show but i haven’t seen

you yet i’m still every day i watch and

i watch admit i’m like when is she gonna

come on there 90 days any day and she’s

not here

it was the year it was the year oh abc’s

the year 2021 not not monday fiance damn

i knew something about something

that ship has sailed like 20 years ago

for me

well we love you anyway

so anyway is there anything about this

lawsuit because i’m in trouble i i’m

going to need some help


you have to have

you have to hire your own children

that’ll help with that that means i

gotta go get children i don’t want no

children at the taxes where are the ace

families they let everyone you know they

they monetize their children they might

not be upset about it actually i saw

them selling lemonade down the road i

think i’m going down there right now and

go pick them out and ask yeah this has

been great i watched about two or three

minutes of it it was awesome

and uh i learned so much

uh is there anything you want to tell

everybody before everyone leaves and

goes home and does things like lunch and

dinner and stuff

who me i’m taking over you notice i’m

hosting now look at this yeah keeping it

moving so uh why don’t we go ahead and

go through and everyone tell everybody

where can we find you everybody we’re

we’re on the youtubes can we find you

let’s start let’s start with i don’t

know let’s start over here dan where can

people find you


that’s great emily d baker where can

people find you if they’re looking for

you and not needing law advice

look for the purple hearts uh i’m at the

emily d baker all over the internet all

right let’s start with the time i know

well i’ve seen you somewhere i think it

was on uh tmz or something

tell people where they can find you

definitely tmc

are you talking to me yeah yeah yeah


congratulations is what it says oh yeah

yeah no it’s congrats you can find me on

channel makers

on youtube that’s probably a primary

place or that’s a good thing

how did you get that without someone

else buying it did you uh

a little flimflam because i feel like

someone would have owned that already i

had to fight an army of gnomes to get it

before it was free i got it so yeah

kneecaps were scraped rob where can

people see uh uh people oh look there’s

emily d look at this look at that wait

are we at two where are we are we at

like 197

we were close oh wait darn it you went

too fast yeah 197. nice

be 200k here real soon you’re so cool


i don’t know about that oh i love that


yeah i’m i’m envious to that as well

growing your business with better social

media content marketing that’s what i do

a couple times a week

help me do the tick tock dances because

i don’t know how to do any of them i

don’t remember what i’ve been doing lots

of no no dancing your girl is


i guess i can’t hire you though

i can’t lip synchro though

so could milly vanilli and they won lots

of things when they did that

it was awesome that was an awesome time

tonight it went so well for them the 90s

are so good oh my gosh

all right well anyway i’m done yep i

think we’re all done i think that that

put that put a fork in this livestream

in the nail in the coffin of this live

stream yeah yeah i think your subway is


i already ate it believe it or not look

at this these were the chocolate chips


and then the uh this used to be the

sandwich but it’s gone

there you go man i already ate it looks

like you cut the crust off of it and put

it in the wrapper and i

think crusty around here man let me tell

you i like to get the flat bread there’s

no crust on that

but here’s the thing here’s the trick

those wraps and those flatbreads you

think that oh that’s healthy right time

to lose me some weight and then you look

at the actual like calories and sodium

and stuff you’re like good god i should

just go ahead and just drink a gallon of

uh of kool-aid because it’s all the same

really to be honest i might as well have

had something that was tasty instead of

this busted

this busted sandwich i got thinking i’m

saving weight here i am so tasty

my love handles have handled them that’s

gonna be that’s gonna be defend the

indefensible subway’s delicious that’s

what i said

all right bye everybody

the links for everything are down below

i don’t know how else to end the stream

like this it’s perfect we’re gonna fight

over subway

subway it’s so good


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