The Most Clickable Video Titles Do These 3 Things

We all know that enticing titles are critical for the success of a YouTube video, but do we know what principles to follow that actually lead to more clickable titles? Today we interview Jake Thomas of Creator Hooks who breaks down why certain titles work, why others don’t, and the three principles we need to consider when crafting our own video titles.

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hello creators how are you guys welcome

to another episode of the video creators

podcast we have here for you every

monday to help you know how you can grow

your youtube channel grow the business

around it reach more people and change

their lives with the message that you’re

spreading and the business that you’re

growing and thank you for letting us be

a small part of that

titles and thumbnails are so important

today jake is from crater hooks is going

to dive into that topic with us and

really help us understand the principles

behind what makes good titles actually

perform really well and be highly

clickable on youtube


welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delana

but before we dive into that i want to

introduce you to another creator a guy

named neil i have been working with neil

off and on for the past few years on his

channel we started working he had this

dream uh when we started working

together he had this dream of going full

time on his channel and but the problem

was that he’s in a pretty narrow niche a

pretty small niche it’s not like one of

these big like gaming communities or

something he’s like can i

go full time and make a full-time income

and quit my job and make the youtube

channel pay all of our bills and sustain

us and even become even more than my job

and in a real relatively small industry

very small niche and so now he’s very

close to the top of the game there’s

maybe like one other channel that’s a

little bit more than him but he has made

it to the top of the channel

of that of that niche on youtube his

channel is called real terrain hobbies


he made it he after if it took him three

years but after working really hard in a

very small niche

small industry on youtube he made it

work it’s not like one of these

multi-million subscriber like big niches

where he has really broad appeal very

narrow appeal and he still made it work

and in our my last consultation i did

with with him his wife joined us and the

two of them shared with me

how they did it how did they get from

having this dream to actually

accomplishing it and getting to where

they are today here’s part of that

conversation neil and jackie it’s been

so fun hanging out with both i don’t get

to do sessions with married couples that

often this is just like one or the other

so it’s great to have both of you here

chiming input into this

uh into your channel here um so neil

when you and i first talked about three

years ago almost exactly to the date

you were at a spot where you were

hoping your channel would turn into a

full-time income you were doing a job

you had a real job i guess i mean this

is a real job but you had a different

like real real job and you wanted to be

able to be home more spend more time

with your family and you’re like how do

i make that work and spoiler alert for

everyone listening we’re there he made

it three years later and he’s hiring his

first editor now and everything so

uh neil and jackie both of you what

advice would you give to a creator who

wants what you like they’re in that spot

where you were three years ago and

they’re like how do you get to the point

where it’s your full-time gig and you

can start to bring on other people to

help you and work with you

yeah what did that process look like for

you guys

yeah so

so there’s a lot of ups and downs is the

the big thing and i always had

i just knew

that whatever kind of challenges came my

way um

i don’t know i just had the sense that

if if other people can figure this out

there’s got to be a way for me to figure

this out too and i’m the kind of guy who

does things

slowly i don’t do change


well like i i’ll do change but big


happened slow for me and i got to kind

of do little baby steps at a time but i

knew if i just kept those baby steps um

you know getting through the downs like

the channel is not growing very well or

it’s growing way slower than i than i

would have wanted it to or this last

video tanked for some reason

that i’d still be able to figure it out

and uh there’s a method to it it’s not

me it’s very easy to to

think that it’s you and i still have

troubles with that now i got

lots of trouble with that but

but um

yeah it’s just those little baby steps


one at a time and i knew if i could keep

going not give up don’t give up uh that


i’ll figure it out i’ll i’m always

learning and i can figure it out and

and that’s i think pretty much what got

me here is just not giving up and

i don’t know it’s pretty generic advice

maybe but no it’s like everything is


yeah you know you can it doesn’t mean

it’s easy to figure it out and i know

you have worked through a lot of

a lot of challenges and things on your


that or not just like flip a switch and

like oh it’s fixed you know most of

these problems and that’s i think what

separates the people who get to where

you are from the people who never do

because a lot of people think it should

be a switch it should work to get a


award for participation and it doesn’t

work that way it’s hard work and the

people who want it go after it they kill

it they drag it home just like you have


that’s uh very commendable so

how about from your perspective jackie

uh what do you what would you say

yeah i’ve just seen him

go through all of this with just

this sense of like

i have a goal in mind for

this business and for my family and i’m

gonna get there and i’m gonna trudge

through it on the hard days you know

like he just kept putting his foot

forward and he never let himself say oh

no i’m just gonna go and do this job i

already have like we’re fine with that

let’s just do that he didn’t

he didn’t lose the dream somehow i

i guess is

he he knew that

if he kept putting a foot forward he’d

he’d get somewhere and sometimes we

didn’t see that right away and that was

really difficult but

as a wife just being like his sounding

board because i i don’t know anything

about youtube but or i didn’t uh

yeah just

going alongside him i guess but and it’s

not like we that we’re full of struggles

too we’re making it sound like it’s been

a pretty grim process but you know i

mean there’s been lots of highs and

things to

to celebrate and i think that’s one

thing too it’s very and i see this with

uh other of my peers that are kind of

when you get the big high

it’s it’s

it’s so important not to just

um i don’t it’s important to ride a

straight line rather than

get all excited on the big highs and you

know you got a video that’s gone viral

and it’s doing super good and then all

sudden you get your next video awesome

you expect all these big things your

channel is finally making it and then

all sudden your next one kind of tanks

and it’s

because if you if you get that go a

little too high and then you get it’s

followed by a low

it really wreaks havoc with your your

personal kind of self-worth i think

rather than just okay that video did

good let’s

let’s um analyze that figure out why did

good and then oh this next one didn’t

what’s what’s the difference here what’s

the problem why is that whereas if


your emotions are all over the place

they’re up and then they’re down then

you can’t you can’t think clearly and um

yeah and it can kind of mess up no

professional baseball player has a 100

batting average right right yeah a good

one like swings several times before

they actually hit one over the fence

so it’s that’s i think the way it works

on youtube we have this expectation that

every video needs to go over the fence

and if it doesn’t we

like because we put so much of our own

creative energy and tears and resources

into this

that it feels personal like when when it

doesn’t and it’s not but it’s our heart

it’s hard to separate ourselves from

that so

yeah and i should have asked in the very

beginning what’s your channel about i

forgot to

tell us what your channel is all about

and what you do what you do there i

create miniatures for tabletop gaming

and we’re kind of looking at expanding

now and getting a little broader

that’s pretty niched audience the bigger

goal i guess is to inspire

people to get off maybe their screens

and try something out on their own that

they think they could never do and give

them the encouragement to do that that’s

kind of the goal

i think maybe i’ve just been sort of

building stuff and not really focusing

on that as much as i should uh

empowering people that way but

but in general that’s that’s the gist of

it we make miniature stuff and try to

make it as cool as we can

he is way underselling himself guys you

need to go check out the channel there’s

a link in the in the show notes of this

episode go check it out but he’s he’s

building these models of like that look


real fantasy places like like the hobbit



and uh i forget some of the ones you’ve

done but like and and they look so real

but they’re like really tiny and

my kids love it they’re like that is the

most amazing arts and crafts channel


you know like well it’s not arts and

crafts but that’s that’s what they think

of you know so yeah

um yeah so go definitely check it out

and and i think the other thing that is

worth mentioning is i think a lot of

people think you need to have millions

of subscribers and millions of views in

order to make a living on youtube

and i think you and i both prove that

that’s not necessarily true

i haven’t even really published a video

for like two years

um because of some a lot of personal

stuff and things going on in the

business and it’s just you know after

doing 4 000 videos over the course of uh

eight or nine years he’s just got a

break you know so and things keep going


but i think it’s a good example for you

guys like you don’t need to be the most

popular channel on youtube in order to

make this work so go check out his

channel see what he’s doing and

he does phenomenal titles and thumbnails

and adding personality to these things

that we’ve talked today about some

things we’ll do going forward in the

future to


further grow the channel to more views

and more subscribers and even more

stories and things around it so i’m

excited to see what you guys do next

here and uh looking forward to seeing

that so thanks for letting me be a small

part of it

awesome yeah thanks for having us tim

there’s a link to neil’s channel in the

show notes of this episode click down

there and go check it out and see the

amazing builds that he is creating even

if you’re not really into tiny

miniatures and things like that i think

you’re gonna watch it you’ll be really

intrigued as i was be like oh my gosh i

didn’t know this was a thing this is so

cool so yeah so go check it out and if

you feel like you feel a little stuck in

your channel and you would like some

direction from me or someone on my team

to know how to take the next steps to

really reach the goals that you have for

your channel whether that be to go full

time or just you know make more money or

a little side income or even just like

no tim i’ve got a full team of like

we’re a big company and we are trying to

figure out how to make youtube work for

us that’s exactly what we do with

literally hundreds almost thousands of

creators one-on-one every year and we

would love to sit down and look at your

channel dig into it and then come

prepared with notes to our session or

one hour conversation to really help you

know like what next steps are you

actually going to take to grow this and

get from point a to point b that’s what

we want to give you in one hour so go to

consulting you can find a spot right on

my calendar or one of the other

strategies on my team’s calendar and

just book it right there and we will

show up ready to dive into your channel

with you we’re looking forward to it go



all right let me introduce you to jake

from creator hooks uh he’s gonna show a

little bit more about his story in our

conversation that i’m about to uh

introduce to you guys so um i’ll let him

share that but

just for some contacts we are at an

event when we recorded this called

social media marketing world it was

really early in the morning so my voice

sounds super deep in it but uh the

content is really good and i think

you’re gonna get a lot out of this so

here’s the conversation i’ll be back at

the end with some other thoughts and

some other ideas for you as well as your

power tip they can’t let you go without

that right so uh here’s my conversation

with jake jake from creator hooks hey

man how are you i’m great how are you i

am tired if you guys are watching the

video version of this i’m sure my eyes

are bloodshot and my voice is tired but

we’re here we are at social media

marketing world and


i have been following your stuff since

we met at


fit summit yeah but summit and uh you

came up to me you’re like hey i’m doing

this thing with like youtube titles and

i was like okay you and a lot of other

people what are you doing you know and

you’re like well i’m dissecting all the

this is my my words not his you know i’m

i’m i’m i’m dissecting all these titles

and learning what works what doesn’t

work and headlines what gets people to

click and what’s what creates intrigue

what sparks curiosity what doesn’t and

and then and you’re like i have this

newsletter where i am

like looking at all these all these

titles every week and sending out this

email where it’s like here’s why this

title works and why this one doesn’t and

i was like oh my gosh can you put me on

the email list which might be the only

time i’ve said that in the past like 10

years it’s awesome

can you put me on the email list so i

think i gave you my email and you were

like heck yeah so you put me on there

and uh now one of those emails come in

my assistant caitlyn takes them from my

inbox and she copies the public

mailchimp link and shares them in our

team education channel on slack so the

other strategist can have a chance to

look at them too so

it’s been really helpful for us um and

i’m looking forward to hearing what your

processes here for how you create craft

and craft like really engaging titles

but before we dive into that i wanna

hear a little about your story ev how

does one get into this


field is it a field uh i guess it’s a

field i don’t know it’s a

nerdy expertise how did you get started

with this yeah uh yeah so i was working

for a fishing company um and i was the

editor in chief there so i was in charge

of publishing all the videos and writing

all the titles and i had no idea what i

was doing um my boss was like a really

really good copywriter so i would write

like three titles i’d send it to him i’d

take like an hour or two and he’d be

like daddy’s stink so i’d go back to the

drawing board write you know three more

titles for another hour and send it to

him like i’d be proud

a lot of writing i spent a lot of time

there’s more people than a lot of people

a lot more time than a lot of people

spend editing their videos i mean he

like beat it over my head like the title

is the most important thing to get

people to click he’s right and yeah so i

would so i spent a lot of time and and i

was new um i’d never been like in

youtube before and i just didn’t know

what made people click or what made a

good youtube title and

so you know i’d send him six titles two

hours and then he’d like just send over

one that was so much better than mine uh

you’re like come on dude yeah it was you

it was really frustrating and i honestly

thought i was gonna quit like two like a

couple weeks into the job i’m like i

remember my wife and i we were like

driving on the weekend and i was just

thinking like what am i going to do i

was thinking of like other jobs and

stuff oh really and it was my dream job

like i was so excited to be there video

creators wasn’t your dream job no it’s

okay it was working i was working at a

fishing company i watched youtube

fishing videos all day yeah so were you

crafting fishing titles basically yeah

okay yeah um so i finally uh figured out

that like you know since i didn’t really

know what i was doing you can just model

what works um you know until you’re an

expertise you you figure out what other

people do like you know when you’re

first learning to to play the guitar

like you don’t just play your own song

you learn uh other people’s songs right

so that’s what i did with titles you

know i didn’t know what made people

click so i just kind of modeled what

other people clicked so i would look at

like fitness companies or fitness

channels and if they said like how to

get bigger biceps in uh three weeks i

would say how to catch more trout in

three hours um so just like trying to

copy what has proven to work

and obviously you’re not like copying

because we’re talking about phishing and

not fitness or whatever it is

so i finally figured that out i finally

got job security uh you know our channel

started growing uh my boss was happy i

was happy

and then i thought you know what if if

modeling worked for us i bet that it

would work for other people so when you

were modeling

you mean like you’re looking at those

and just the other titles and be like

not so much i want to copy this title

but you’re more like what worked here

yeah yeah exactly and you broke that

down into a system or a process now

yep yeah so that’s the creator hooks

newsletter that you mentioned earlier

and you know i just look at a bunch of

at five videos every week like that

worked really well um you know like

let’s say a channel gets 10 000 views on

every one of their videos but then one

got ten thousand or a hundred thousand

like there’s something there so i look

for i look at like probably a couple

hundred channels every week looking for

those videos every week yeah

more than i am yeah um and i’m not deep

diving i’m just like kind of scanning

like what is what popped off for a

channel um and then you know then i’ll

try to

reverse engineer why that works so you

broke this down into a process into a

system for crafting a good engaging


um and i think we both know like there’s

other metrics that should be evaluated

besides the title in terms of how a

video performs you know if it was like

got went big on reddit for example or

um got hit up by a big newsletter or

good thumbnail yeah oh there’s a lot of

things but the title

and the thumbnail combo especially is

like one of the if there’s like one

lever you should pull to like get the

biggest bang for your buck um like one

thing you should focus on it’s that

title thumbnail right yeah so

are you doing stuff with the thumbnail

too or primarily just the not as much

i’ll do i’ll kind of look at thumbnail

text um or just kind of like the general

strategy of the thumbnail okay yeah yeah

so kind of how like they complement each

other yeah exactly

the other day i saw a title um and it

was the title was how to read better in

eight minutes and the thumbnail was like

you’re reading wrong okay so you have

like a little bit of like use that

thumbnail before not reading but like

you’re doing it wrong yeah exactly yeah

so the thumbnail has like some some uh

some fear and curiosity there and then

the title really complements it well

with a benefit and then you got a time

frame in there too sure okay cool so

are you gonna reveal your secret process

well you know there is no secret i mean

youtube is very transparent with

everything so like it’s so easy to model

and like see what works like you can

sort by most popular and like just see

all the popular topics yeah um

but kind of when it comes down to it

it’s uh you want to worry about or you

want to evoke three emotions curiosity

fear and desire

curiosity fear and desire

in order to get the click yes and it’s

usually curiosity plus fear or curiosity

plus desire

so curiosity is like the main one yeah

yeah that’s kind of what we’ve been

saying we i’ve been using the word

intrigue but is that synonymous yeah i

think so yeah yeah with that because

what a lot of

creators do as you know is

they are just like describing the

content you know and it’s just like how

to do this thing and if you don’t know

how to do that thing you could be

curious especially for something like

shocking or uh or surprising or

something like that but still on the

level of like eliciting emotion

ultimately just needs to pop up like a

question mark above their head like

they’re just browsing them like oh

what’s that or how does that work or is

that for real or something like a

question mark and that tension in the

brain literally prompts them to like the

only way to resolve that tension is to

tap or click let’s say uh i’m doing a

video on

how to prep my tax forms

yeah and so how would i spark curiosity

uh it’s that season right so gosh yeah

so you might say like you know the one

mistake most people make when prepping

their tax forms so you got some fear

there but also some curiosity like what

is that one mistake

yeah or it could be like if you do this

wrong you’ll go to prison yeah yeah

exactly or something like okay yeah it’s

all right you got my attention a little

bit more now

um another thing that you could do is

add a time frame like the thing that you

know that so now we’re talking about

desire here but okay yeah the thing that

like most people when they think about

taxes it’s like this is going to take a

long time this is going to be really

frustrating so you might say how to

prepare your taxes

uh in five or in you know one hour yeah

so it’s like okay like i know that i

could do this in one hour or you know

how to prepare your taxes the easy way

yeah you have to never do them again


yeah something like that yeah because i

know in in sales and i’m assuming this

is translates to youtube videos you can

save someone time or save them money uh

or effort which would maybe be similar

to time uh like those are really big

things um our other our other one that

we do is like uh example we use often


people find boring is spreadsheets you

know so is it like

how to prepare your taxes in a

spreadsheet for example let’s just use

that um how did you make that intriguing

yeah enticing rather or no curious

curiosity so

so for curiosity um

you might uh

you could use um contrast so you could

talk about opposites there so like how

to make your boring taxes fun

uh you know so those are like boring

awesome fun


exactly um yeah is it possible to go too

far though people like don’t believe it

so i don’t click yeah definitely on that


it’s not possible

any other

like frameworks that you use to kind of

take something boring and turn into

something engaging yeah so um yeah

there’s a couple uh you know and they’re

all kind of organized by those three

emotions so like going back to desire um

i’m learning how to play the piano right

now i only watched the videos that said

beginner in them because i was insecure

about my skills i thought that every

video was too advanced for me so if you

just say like how to prepare your taxes

as a total beginner

one they’re eager to learn

so they want to click two there’s a huge

audience like you know the beginners are

the biggest sect of any audience and

then um also it kind of speaks to it

calls me out directly because i’m an i’m

a beginner and i was just insecure and

you know this made me feel comfortable

like okay this is for me um it’s not too

advanced for me i’m gonna watch this

yeah so i think what you’re poking at

there which is the importance of knowing

who this video is for

and i think

sometimes when we work with creators

they’re like i want it to be for

everyone and you’re like okay try that

see how that goes and then we’ll talk

right but it’s really important that

that the the person you’re trying to

reach identifies that this is for me and

one way you can do that is by putting

the word beginner in it right or like

how to invest

in your 20s you know you’re calling out

a specific type of person

one channel that i like it’s a finance

channel and like clockwork every video

that does best for him every month is my

top stocks to buy in march 2022 and then

he makes it next month top socks by

april 22 and it’s like every single

month that’s his best video oh sure

yeah because it feels extremely relevant

when i see that and like oh this is

timely it’s time sensitive as for now

but you’re but the other the flip side

of that is he’s got to keep making those

exactly yeah and it’s not like an

evergreen piece of content that can

continue to

grow but it can be good for exposure for

while that thing is popular or hot or

everyone thinking about it anything else

yeah so yeah one last one so we talked

about beginner tips and like if you’re

trying to make sales like obviously

beginner tips isn’t like the best one

for you um but another one is like kind

of x versus y

so you might say like how to start a

youtube channel you know you’re not

really gonna make a lot of sales there

but then you might just say like you

know microphone a versus microphone b

for youtube

and that’s gonna get more sales you know

more affiliate sales there

so you know just these are all like kind

of just tools in your arsenal so

beginner tips to bring people in you

know x versus y to sell people um on

products um you know so

you can kind of mix and match you know

what what knowing what you’re trying to

achieve with any video yeah

one of the questions we get a lot from

creators as we’re working with them is

like but what about keywords


i’m curious to hear

what role those do or do not play in

your process for coming up with a good

title yeah so i was listening to your

podcast this morning and i and i heard

you just ranting homework

i heard you ranting and i was wondering

if you’re an ass that’s funny um i did

so what do you think good um i think

it’s important because it tells the

audience what the video is about yes so

if um

you know if i see like a video that said

it was harder than i thought

i’m probably not going to click on it

unless the thumbnail makes it super

clear or what it is

yeah um yeah and but oftentimes like

that’s just you know that it might not

tell me you know i don’t i just don’t

know what it’s about but you’re right

but the thumbnail makes it clear so for

example we did a we do a moment with a

client that was um they had all the

right keywords in there it was like how

to grill chicken on this model grill and

had all the right keywords in there in

terms of how to and grill and model

number and chicken and all that kind of

but it got like a couple thousand views

and just kind of stopped um because to

your point like there’s no curiosity

there right yeah just kind of like okay

the only people looking for that video

are the people who bought that grill

don’t know how to cook chicken yep right

so that’s a very narrow audience i

watched the video and there’s something

that actually was really curious to me

and it was that you know what spatchcock

chicken is what exactly that’s right

exactly that you’re like sasquatch


uh that’s the curiosity like what and

what they did is they they take the

spine out of the uh the chicken and they

they they unroll it basically and lay it

out flat okay on the grill so it’s like

even rather than putting the whole

chicken on the grill the thumbnail now

is is split in the two sides and one

side is like a red x over a whole

chicken on the on the grill and then the

right size the green check mark with uh

the spatula cause it’s like mangled and

spread out flat you know on the grill

and the title was just you’re doing it

wrong nice you know so in that case i

like i think it was really clear yes

what this was about even though i had no

keyword and that went to do like 60 70

000 views next in like the next couple

weeks that you have to have a great

thumbnail in that in that instance and

if you don’t then um you know then then

you’re gonna need to convey that topic

in the in the title yeah um and then

another thing i’m kind of talking about

that sasquatch chicken

spatchcock but i’m not sure

um you know one thing that i found works

if you’re talking about spatchcock

sasquatch chicken

you could label it because uh you know

if you don’t have a great thumbnail but

you still want to drive curiosity you

probably wouldn’t want to say sasquatch

chicken because nobody knows what that

is exactly but you could say uh the best

grilled chicken you’ve never made or

something you could label it as the best

grilled chicken yeah you don’t have to

say some word that nobody knows right

yeah can you expand on the fear one a

little bit there’s a lot to go and with

fear and kind of just like negativity in

general so

mr beast uh i spent 50 hours buried

alive you know he’s talking about like a

lot of people’s biggest fear sure um so

that’s one way that works well you can

also do like loss of version which is

kind of like mistakes you know the

biggest mistake i made preparing my

taxes last year um

that’s fear um you know it’s warning

people talking about like your biggest

regrets i mean all that is like kind of

fear negativity um you know moving away

from pain you know talking about uh how

i quit my job

to you know escape the rat race versus

um how i now live my dream life um you

know quitting my job as moving away from

pain escaping the rat races moving away

from pain yeah i mean that often works

better than moving towards pleasure okay

can you expand on desire a little bit is

it basically what does your target

audience want and then make sure that

the video is aligned with the thing they

want yeah exactly so desire you’ve got a

couple different ways you can uh kind of

heighten the desire so one is just like

talking about a benefit um you know how

to do your taxes like that’s yeah it’s

like kind of a desire but

it’s a need it’s a need so you could say

how to do your taxes in one hour so

you’re adding a time frame at the end um


kind of heighten that desire you’re like

all right cool i can do this now or how

to do your taxes in 2022. um you know

because that’s speaking to a benefit all

right i want to do my taxes this year i

know things have probably changed since

2021 um so just telling them that hey it

works right now um is one way to kind of

heighten that desire and make them click

so you’ve got time frames uh timeliness

which is in 2022. you could also do

authority so like

how to do your taxes like um

like a tax pro that’s a terrible example

because there’s no better than i would

have come up with

uh you know but you could just uh you

know thinking about who are the

authority figures in your industry and

there are two kind of aspects to

authority it could be a specific type of

person so

um how to

uh how to start a business like elon


you know that’s a specific person or you


doctors do this to lose weight so that’s

a position yeah um and that works

because um we want to be like them like

in the elon musk part we trust them like

both elon musk and the doctors


if you’re talking about like drama we

want to be better than them so you could

talk about like you know uh elon musk’s

big mistake um you know when setting up

his company or something if i’m you know

looking for drama i can i’m going to

watch that and i’m going to like feel

like all right i’m better than him i

want to go back to something you just

said a little bit ago which was that you

would spend an hour crafting three


okay so and i kind of made it as a side

comment but it’s really true that like a

lot of people spend

like they think about the title while

it’s uploading and

you guys have been around for a while

know that you’ve heard me say this like

it doesn’t matter how amazing your video

content is if no one’s enticed to click

in the first place what would your

encouragement be to someone who is like

they hear that and they’re like really

and does

two hours into crafting the titles is

that really worth the effort and the

energy or is that just like wasted time

just get the video up and go on to the

next one yeah definitely it’s certainly

not wasted time um like you said if

nobody clicks uh your video then you

just wasted a lot of time and you’re not

getting any benefit from people watching

your video

so yeah if at all like definitely

topic and title and thumbnail first you

know thinking about what is going to

make people click and leading with that

and that’s kind of where you get into

click bait too like you might say

if we’re talking about fitness how to

get bigger arms in in 30 days but if you

don’t say in 30 days at all

in the in the video then that’s kind of

clickbait right because you’re not

because you didn’t deliver on the

promise exactly exactly so yeah

definitely definitely trying to think

about all right what does my audience

want to watch

um you know to come up with a good topic

and then what is gonna make them click

you know what how do i drive that desire

or fear or curiosity how am i gonna

like let the thumbnail and the title

work together um you know i think like

thumbnail and tighter like d-wade

throwing lebron and alley-oop like they

just you know they work together so well


you should definitely check out all the

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principles i draw from them and what we

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very beginning of my conversation with

jake we use those in our team here at

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every week we wrap up our episode with a

power tip something practical that you

can take and use right now in your

endeavors on youtube to grow your

channel and for this week’s power tip i

want to introduce you to

two new features that youtube has rolled

out in their short product both of

settings that you can do inside of the

iphone if you’re if you’re shooting

those on the iphone number one is you

can now there’s a lighting option under

it more in the camera toolbar and if you

turn this feature on it will remain on

and what it does is it enhances your

lighting when you start to record the

short on the iphone so if you have a

poor lighting experience this is the

option you want to turn on it somehow

magically it makes the lighting look way

better and then the second thing is

retouch which is like

makes your skin look better i guess

it adds smoothing effect to it while you

record your short on the iphone you’ll

find the retouch option in the camera

toolbar as well and if you turn that on

again it just stays on until you turn it

off so for those of you who want to just

you know add a little polish what you

look like and while you’re creating

shorts and that feature is there for you

thank you guys for hanging out and if

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