The Mindset You Need for YouTube Success in 2022

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0:00 — The Difference Between Those Who Succeed & Those Who Don’t
2:10 — 3 Tips that You Need to Do in order to Start Successfully
2:53 — Tip 1
3:45 — Questions to Ask Yourself
6:26 — Tip 2
8:33 — Say This to Yourself Right Now!
11:26 — Tip 3

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In this video, heather torres is going to talk to you about the mindset you need & how to grow your youtube channel 2022!

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Media Podcast YouTube channels. how to grow your youtube channel 2022

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can i tell you that so many content

creators when they get started are so

worried that it’s gonna fail

but the difference between the people

that are succeeding and the people that

do not start

is the point of starting like they

succeed because they just kept going

you got to just press record now i

remember several years ago when i was

first starting my youtube channel and i

can tell you that the girl you see

sitting here right now or listening to

on this audio was not the girl a few

years ago i was so scared when it came

to actually starting my youtube channel

i actually didn’t even think i was

worthy enough to put content out on

youtube now i had been working behind

the camera for several years in the

digital marketing space but i was

actually too scared to press record i

waited three years before i put my first

video out online that was three years of

thinking about it contemplating learning

about the different pieces about video

but every single time i wanted to press

record i let fear hold me back and so

today i’m going to be breaking down some

of the things i had to do to push

through the fear to face everything and

rise so that i could get to the point i

am today where i can sit down and make

content well i’ll mess up a hundred

times while i’m recording this i still

can get in front of the camera with so

much more ease and so i want to just use

this opportunity today at the beginning

of this year where you and i are just

having a conversation where i can be one

of your best friends just speaking life

into you and helping you get started

because i can tell you that on the other

side of your comfort zone on the other

side of you worrying about what other

people are going to think on the other

side of you stepping out in faith and

actually doing the thing

there’s going to be success on that side

and while it’s going to be hard and

while there may be trials and why you

might feel like gosh is this for me i

can tell you that through perseverance

through dedication through actually

putting in the work you will see your

youtube channel start to grow so let’s

break down three ways or three tips that

i have for you three things i had to do

to actually get started on youtube now

my first one it may seem simple and

actually all of these tips might seem

like heather okay i know these but i

just need to reiterate them to you i

need you to hear them again if you heard

them last year or two years ago or three

years ago because i’m hoping that this

time is the time that you take action i

hope that this time as you’re hearing

this as you as you hear me telling you

these three very simple things to do

that i had to put into place

that it will be the catalyst for you

actually taking action so number one i

need you to make a plan

i need you to make a plan

i know it sounds crazy and and the plan

might start with i need to film my

youtube channel this friday or i need to

film my youtube video this friday maybe

the plan is i want to get my camera

ready and i know that sounds like really

really simple but even if you’re filming

on your smartphone maybe you’re filming

on your ipad maybe you’re filming with

the camera that your husband got you for

christmas this year because you said you

wanted to start youtube maybe the plan

is you need to start understanding the

gear that you’re going to use now if you

have a smartphone and you’ve been making

tick tock videos or reels or you’ve been

filming your kids soccer games you

already know how to use a camera so i

hope that i can eliminate the fear that

you quote unquote don’t know how

let’s make a plan and get yourself

started so here’s a couple things that i

had to write down when i started my

youtube channel

what do i need to learn this year to

make this a reality

what do you need to learn this year like

i said maybe it’s the gear maybe you

need to understand like okay i need to

actually stand in front of the window

not with but with the window behind me

like that’s something you should learn

maybe i need to learn like where should

the lapel microphone go if that’s what

you’re using maybe you need to learn

like what setting looks good like what

background looks good how should it make

the lighting look good maybe that’s what

you need to learn or maybe something you

need to learn is like how do i actually

just get over my fears how do i get and

gain confidence maybe you need to put

down watching things like yellowstone or

the crown and you need to pick up a good

book by you know john maxwell or lisa

revere like maybe you need to actually

be feeding yourself with things that are

going to inspire you

rather than filling yourself with things

that may not help you get to your goals

and i want to step on your toes i like

the crown i i haven’t watched

yellowstone yet but i’m excited too but

that’s not maybe where you need to be

right now

if you want to do something new you’ve

got to try something new if you want to

do something different you’ve got to

change what you’ve been doing so i want

you to get out a piece of paper i want

you to get out a pen and i want you to

write down what do you need to learn

this year and the second part of making

a plan is

when are you going to make time now if

you know anything about heather torres

or think media you know that time

management is something that has

literally changed my life i know it

sounds crazy you’re like really heather

a calendar changed your life yes

because when you start putting your

priorities first when you start putting

your dreams first when you start putting

on the calendar the things that you’re

committing to yourself

you’ll start to see change happen you

know i really think that like show me

your calendar and i’ll show you where

your priorities are you don’t have a

calendar okay what are we doing with

your life we need to get a calendar we

need to start understanding what are we

doing with the precious minutes that we

have can i tell you that tomorrow is not

promised that today is a day that you

can take action so when you look back

six months from now and you’re like

nothing’s changed well did you actually

put in the work when are you making time

to do the thing

i know you might be working a full-time

job i know you might have kids at home i

know you might be

caring for maybe an elderly parent or or

maybe you have more than one job

but can i tell you that there are still

minutes in your day that you can be

devoting to your future

if you’re just going through every

single day the same and not actually

making progress

then please don’t look at me a year from

now and say heather i don’t know what

happened i’m telling you every minute

matters number two i want you to have a

goal and when i say have a goal i hope

that the goal doesn’t have to do with

artificial numbers right i know that

it’d be great to say well my goal is to

get to a hundred thousand views or my

goal is to get to you know ten thousand

dollars in my business but i really want

you when you’re starting your youtube

channel to think about the goal of being

in the action not in the result can i

tell you a secret about youtube

the secret to growing on youtube is

posting videos on youtube i know it

sounds crazy but really in order to grow

a youtube channel you have to be

planting you have to actually put effort

in you have to grow

your channel and while there are magical

unicorns out there who are able to post

one video and get a million views that’s


99.9 of people starting on the platform

you have to put in the work to learn how

to do this to over time start to grow

your channel we’re gonna teach you the

steps of how to do that but i want you

to actually have a goal

i recommend your goal be 52 videos this


that’s one video per week that’s all you

have to do to start to grow your channel

now the goal next year could be another

52 videos and then in two years you’ll

have a hundred videos

in your youtube library

imagine what that’s gonna be like the

day when you have a hundred videos

in your youtube library

imagine the people’s lives that are

going to be changed when you have 52

videos out this year

imagine what it’s going to do for your

own self-confidence

when you step outside of your comfort

zone and get in front of the camera

imagine what it’s going to be like when

a brand reaches out to you or you start

working with a company or you start

getting adsense and money is hitting

your bank account because of the effort

you put in on youtube this is possible

my friend you just have to make a plan

and have a goal

and then lastly

i want you to write this down

i will not let fear hold me back

i know it sounds hard

but fear is going to get in the way

it’s going to be the thing that’s going

to stop you

maybe you feel like this

i’m not good enough to do this heather

i actually i don’t feel skilled enough

to do this what do i even have to offer

to the people on the internet

can i tell you that you have experiences

in life you probably already know

exactly the things that have helped you

move through this life that can help

other people

maybe you’re already skilled in a

certain area uh maybe you have a degree

in something or maybe you’ve just been

working at a skill for a long time and

people want to learn how to do that

you are good enough for this and

actually no one has to give you

permission to even get started you have

to give yourself permission to mess up

in public

i know it sounds harsh but really it is

about messing up in public your first

videos they’re gonna be your worst


i know mine are when i look back at some

of my first videos my voice is up high

i’m i’m scared like crazy deer in the

headlights looking at the camera i

stumbled over my words a thousand times

it took me like 10 hours to edit my

first video i didn’t even want to

publish it because i thought people are

going to laugh at this i mean who am i

to be posting on the internet

can i tell you the coolest thing that’s


i have moms that come up to me now


because they say your videos

unleash something in our family your

videos about about homeschooling about

just what your day looks like about the

curriculum that you’re using

helped our kids understand that learning

is fun

i can tell you that these are messy

videos but they are used to

help people and that’s what you can do

you’re good enough for this you don’t

need permission to do this you can start

today maybe you think well it’s not

going to be good enough

maybe you’re already a professional i

see this happen a lot in people who are

very successful in something already

maybe you’re a doctor or a lawyer or a

real estate agent or a hairdresser and

you’ve already established yourself in

this career and you’re starting

something new

can i tell you that it’s going to be

such a great humbling experience to be

at the beginning again you’re gonna have

so much humility again for those people

who are coming into your career field

that are starting out fresh and can i

tell you that your experience that you

already have in one thing is gonna help

you accelerate in this thing as well

it’s gonna be okay

it doesn’t have to be perfect but you

know what you need to bring to it


bring all of you bring your expertise

bring your funny jokes bring your

seriousness whatever that is it’s going

to be okay it does not have to be

perfect you just have to make progress

and then number three you might be

thinking well i’m not really going to


because what if it fails

what if it fails

what if i put myself out there what if i

put hours into it what if i’m working on

the weekends on this thing and it

doesn’t really go anywhere what if i

tell all my friends or i tell all my

colleagues or i tell all my family that

this is the new thing that i’m doing

and then it doesn’t work

i want to turn that around for you this


i want you to think about this

what if it succeeds

i mean if we thought about that like why

are we going to the negative right away

why don’t we look to the positive think

about all of the skills you’re going to

learn in the process

think about the the the willingness that

you’re gonna have to push through those

uh icky feelings of like this is scary i

don’t know what i’m doing the

self-confidence that you’re gonna get on

the other side of actually doing it can

i tell you that so many content creators

when they get started are so worried

that it’s gonna fail but the difference

between the people that are succeeding

and the people that do not start

is the point of starting like they

succeed because they just kept going

imagine what it’s going to be like on

the other side of a year of dedication

to this

imagine what it’s going to be like when

you can turn to your kids and say mom

was scared i didn’t know what i was

doing but i started something and you

can too

what if it succeeds

you know so many times i hear people and

they go well i’m not good enough for

this i can’t do that i don’t really have

the things

and this year one of the things that i

want you to do that i had to do when i

first got when i first started

i had to change what i was saying to


instead of saying i can’t i can

instead of saying i’m not

i am

i can do this i can figure this out i

can learn something new

i can i can make a video

instead of saying i’m not i’m not good

enough for this i’m not an expert in

this i’m not someone who people are

gonna listen to how about declaring good

things over yourself

i am smart i am confident i am a mess

but i can share my message how about i


i don’t have the resources for that

i don’t know the right people i don’t

even know how to do that

you are connected to us here at think

media so you know how to do this

you don’t need the resources you already

have it it’s not about the resources

it’s about the resourcefulness

and you can figure this out you are

smart you are capable you are connected

to a company that is willing to help you

for free all you have to do is subscribe

to our youtube channels watch the videos

that are coming out learn from the

experts like sean cannell omar alta

corey nolan moult tony ariola melissa

caputo heather taurus we’ve got a team

of creators that are here to help you on

your journey

if you want to go deeper with us we have

options to do that as well but we are

here to serve we are here to help we

want you to win but you got to take the


you have to make action happen you have

to take these three things and put them

into practice in your life

so i hope that this encouraged you i

know this was fiery heather but i’m

ready for this year i am so expectant

for all that is going to happen for you

this year

we’re just getting started youtube is

just getting started it’s not too late

to start and you have a whole team

behind you ready for you to win did you

hear that growth video live 2022 is back

in person this is your opportunity to

network with like-minded people just

like you to make friendships to make

business partnerships this is your

opportunity to get in the room you can

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