THE Cheat Sheet for Growing on YouTube in 2022

We’re all busy and there’s a LOT of information out there about social media strategies. I mean, how many podcast episodes and YouTube videos do we have on this stuff? Too many, probably. So, how would someone like yourself just cut straight to what you actually need to know to grow on YouTube in 2022? Well, I want to share with you what those 5 things are.

0:00 | Podcast Intro
0:49 | Welcome to the podcast!
1:51 | Quick team catch up (there’s a good story in this one!)
8:21 | Creator Spotlight
15:04 | What we LOVE seeing in creators & what to do when you’re stuck
17:07 | The first strategy: titles & thumbnails
21:42 | The second strategy: let your thumbnail inform your title
26:27 | The third strategy: It’s ALL about the AI
34:32 | The fourth strategy: storytelling
41:42 | The fifth strategy: focus on keeping viewers on platform
49:45 | Power Tip

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welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators how are you guys welcome

back to another video creators podcast

episode where our goal is to give you

next level tactics so that you can grow

your youtube audience reach more people

and change their lives and

we’re all busy

and there’s a lot of great information

out there but there’s also just a lot of

information out there whenever it comes


growing on any social media platform and

especially youtube i mean how many

podcast episodes do we have you know

over 300

and how many youtube videos do we have

over a thousand oh yeah i don’t know how


yeah so there’s just so much information

out there and

um if whether you’re just getting

started on youtube or you’re trying to

take your channel to the next level then

um i wanted to just kind of narrow down

just five specific things like kind of

just sift through all the information if

there were just five things that i

needed to focus on that are really gonna

be the needle movers in my channel what

are those five things and that’s what i

want to share with you today but first

tim how are you how’s your

i’m doing okay month going

um yeah well my month is starting over

with me back here at video creators for

this past week so that’s been that’s

been fun

yeah things are going going well here we


an exciting event in our house

um recently we had a mother give birth

in our at your house

attached to our house yeah

so we put it on airbnb

and uh

this was not an airbnb guest we do put

on airbnb but there is a um a lady who

knew she was pregnant and that she

didn’t was her first child didn’t want

to go to the hospital to have it so they

rented our apartment from us and and

their midwife they came in and had it at

our apartment as opposed to her house

because of the state she lives in

um it’s legal here not there so


yeah so they had the baby in our



she was in labor for a long time and we

all everyone like it shares a walther

house on the other side of the wall

we’re all like excited and like for baby

to come like we can’t believe it’s gonna

happen in our house you know and so she

was labored for a long time and

eventually we got the text messes

because we couldn’t hear anything it was

just like

they had a baby girl awesome we’re like

woohoo like because my wife and i we

have seven girls right

they’re really really excited or no we

have five girls seven kids five girls

two of them are boys and so really

excited for her and then like 40 minutes

later they’re like surprised there was

another one in there and we were like

how are you surprised they did not know

they did not know that they were having


i know so they didn’t do any ultrasounds

because they they were they wanted to do

things very natural and which is totally

i respect that silly but i didn’t do any

ultrasounds or anything and so and it’s

her first pregnancy so she doesn’t know

what it feels like or anything so they

had they had baby girl twins in there

they had they delivered one they thought

they were like okay start cleaning up

and then like her body didn’t start

recovering the way it was supposed to

and so the midwife was like give me like

whatever tool they use to check for a

heart and there’s another heartbeat in

there they’re like oh you’re having

another one

and so

then um 40 minutes later they had a

second girl which really threw them off

because they only had enough clothes for

one they only had one car seat you know

for the for the baby which we have

plenty of car seats here so we just gave

them one of ours because our kids have

outgrown um most of them we still had

some infant ones that hadn’t expired yet

so we’re like you could just have this


but um

but yeah it was a really exciting time

here at our house we were excited for

them and

just all the


yeah all that excitement was a lot for

our kids and our whole family to be a

part of and it was exciting so


wow what a story well i can’t top that

yeah it was it was good it was fun we’re

really excited how are you doing delano

i’m i’m good yeah my my oh you know what

guess what i got a personal trainer


like like a fitness personal trainer

yeah i did because

i have had a lot of fitness goals i

think everybody’s had a fitness goal you

know what i’m saying but

i always have one you never reach it

i’ve had a lot of fitness goals that i

actually like working out i like going

to the gym but i’ve had like a lot of

personal health issues especially over

the past year um you’re two ish that um

have just been really deflating for me

and made it extra complicated for me to

like build muscle and stuff like that

and i started getting really overwhelmed

about like

what i should eat to reach the goals

that i want to eat or

the goals i want to eat

lots of goals of what i’d like to eat


i can’t eat those anymore

yeah anyways so and then also i i’ve had

some past injuries that have made like

certain workout i have the scrawniest

arms guys i i joke and i call them

noodle arms because there’s just like no

muscle there i definitely get it from my


and um but she even has better muscles

than i do in her arms and um

but i have like some shoulder injuries

anyways all this stuff i was getting

super overwhelmed

at the gym and just like what to eat to

support my goals and all this stuff and

so i was like you know i’m just gonna

bite the bullet and get somebody who

like does this for a living that helps

people do these things and helps people

with their diet even when it’s

complicated and so

i talked this guy and he was like yeah

i’m gonna put you with this one trainer

who he’s like he’s really good with

people who have particular diets or

restrictions and

um also great with people who’ve had

past injuries that affect them so i was

like perfect so got my first session on

monday i’m really excited about it

is that at a local gym yeah it’s uh only


not i don’t think not even 10 minutes

from where i live so i’ll be on there

twice a week with the trainer

for now eventually three times i should

probably do something like that

eventually right now it’s just me and

apple fitness plus

which i like


i i gotta i gotta do more than that uh


whatever good for you just though it’s


it’s like one of those things it’s like

you have to want it you know you can’t

want to want it you have to want it you

know what i’m saying and so like

even if i know people who have gotten

fitness trainers and it’s kind of like a

thing where they do it in hopes that it

will like

make them want it but if you don’t

already want it then the fitness trainer

will help you that’s true um yeah so i

don’t know how i got to a point where i

wanted it but eventually i did so

i can’t help you on that phone

i want it but probably not the way

you’re describing it i’m like ah but i

also want to just sleep and not wake up

early to work out

oh that was healthy too right


oh yeah see that’s my thing is that like

i will not wake up early so i’m going in

the afternoons and the evenings too

there you go

for today’s creator spotlight i want to

introduce you to julian from the channel

eat the blocks he grew slowly for a few

years but his channel over the past year

or so has really taken off and now he

has shot up to a hundred thousand

subscribers and not only is he now at a

really great goal that many creators

have which is a hundred thousand

subscribers but he is making seven

figures from that 100 000 subscribers


that is and he actually in this

conversation that he had with tim he

explains exactly what he focused on to


seven figures from just a hundred

thousand subscribers because there are

creators that have a hundred thousand

subscribers and they do not even make a

livable income on that so in order for

him to make seven figures off of this is

huge and i want you guys to hear exactly

what him and tim talked about because i

think it’s super inspired inspiring

billion it’s been so fun to hang out

with you here for the past hour and talk

about your channel and your business you

i mean

today you hit

100 000 subscribers on your youtube

channel so congratulations

man it’s so exciting um tell us a little

about what your channel is about and

what you do there

yeah i am so excited to have finally

reached this milestone so my channel is

to teach blockchain development so it’s

for coder uh it’s uh it’s very specific


and yeah i started in 2017

uh and yeah here we are almost five

years later 100 000 so it took some time

um but i think what’s important to

realize is that it wasn’t uh linear

it was exponential

so for a long time it just grows slowly

but it doesn’t mean that you will keep

growing slowly uh all the time because

at some point something’s going to

happen and things will accelerate

and you took off yeah what uh one of the

things that’s interesting about your

channel is that

you are not banking just on an adsense

advertising model of course you have

adsense you have sponsorships and things

but you’re doing a lot with online

courses and the membership program and

things uh in and we’ll maybe keep it

generic and say that your channel is

doing over over seven figures a year

with a hundred thousand subscribers so

what advice would you give to another

creator who was like hey

i have a hundred thousand subscribers or

whatever like i’m not making seven

figures a year what advice would you

give to that person who’s trying to get

to where you are

so i would try to

see if it’s possible to uh increase the

ltv so the the amount that you

the average amount that you sell per

customer and try to see like if you not


focus on something a little bit too low


uh which has less value for for the

customer and instead if if you can try

to address a higher level need

example for me at the beginning i was

trying to sell

my courses based on the technical

knowledge i will teach you uh how to do


but i changed this to

i will show you how you can become a

six-figure blockchain developer and this

has much more value

so you’re so you’re focusing the sale

more on the reward or the benefit that

they want more so than on the

on the how to the skill the tutorial

level that they’re trying to like the

information they want to learn

and then uh you said ltv

i think is really important uh lifetime

value of the customer how do you go

about figuring out what that is because

maybe some creators never even heard of

lifetime value of a customer what is

that and how do i figure that out

yeah so it’s very simple it’s just on

average how much money you get per


uh so you just

download all your sales um

and then you get uh basically you add

all the all the sell all the sale you

made you divide by the amount of

customer and then you get your ltv yeah

so you’ve been trying to pull different

levers and try different things you’re

like hey instead of one customer over

the lifetime of being a customer with me

instead of them spending let’s say 250

how do i get that to 300 and not just by

raising prices

we’re not here like let’s figure out the

market will support necessarily but

offering more value or adding this

program to them this thing to the

membership program or like what what

holds their attention what provides more

value to them that makes it feel like

makes them feel like i need to stick

around longer is that kind of what

you’ve been doing and trying to pull

different levers to see what

what increases the lifetime value there

yeah yeah exactly and i also try to pay

attention to the the new need that all

right so in my industry uh there are a

lot of new things and so when i see

something new that becomes popular and i

know that a lot of people want to do

this then gives me an id for a course so

this will uh increase the the ltv um but

also for for some people um

it’s possible that some people chose the

the wrong audience

and are stuck so

there are people who have huge channel

and they don’t make any money at all

because that kind of audience just will

not buy anything so

you also have to ask yourself like did

you just do a channel because that

interests you but is there actually

nothing to sell

uh and if that’s the case

it’s fine you still learn a lot by by

doing this but you have to you have to

change something yeah

yeah i have friends who have a million

and a half subscribers on youtube and

make around 600 a month right

and i don’t know that in that case in

most cases it’s not like that their

audience won’t buy anything i think most

of them they just haven’t figured out

what value they’re providing for free on

their content and then how to sell like

10x that value in a format they would be

willing to pay for right they’re just

kind of like well i’m just making vlogs

or i’m just playing games or i’m just

you know doing this thing and mostly in

the entertainment space

and i think that yeah they just haven’t

identified the value proposition for

their channel and then it’s really hard

to know what to sell if you haven’t

identified that first so

yeah well congratulations on your

success and on your growth on your

channel and thank you for letting us be

a small part of that if you guys want to

check out jillian’s channel there’s a

link to it in the show notes down below

this this podcast episode you can check

it out and see what he’s doing

to help blockchain developers get six

figure income jobs


it’s so thrilling

to see whenever creators that they just

they get their priorities right and

they’re like really hone in on their

business model and um it’s really clear

that they’re connecting with their

audience in that way and serving people

well because they’re able to make seven

figures off of just 100 000 subscribers

and i know that 100 000 subscribers is a

big goal for some people but it’s also

it’s smaller whenever you think of like

the grand screen scheme of youtube and

the big creators that are out there and

there are creators with 100 like

millions of subscribers that don’t even

make seven figures from their channels

and so it’s it’s incredibly it’s a it’s

incredible it’s amazing and it’s totally

doable um and if you are somebody who’s

kind of struggling with all right well

my channel is growing um or you’re even

struggling to reach that hundred

thousand milestone then we would love to

hop in a call with you you can book a

one-hour call with us at consulting um you can

also book a call with tim himself if you

are looking to kind of hone in on your

business model a little bit more that’s

what he specializes in so

um you can also if you do have that

milestone and you’re like whoa what is

going on with the seven figures then tim

is the person to book a call with and

you can do so there

consulting i like that conversation with

him because that entire call was about

business development around his channel


he’s got some really big goals for it

and i think he’s gonna hit them because

he thinks he can and now he’s got a

better path forward for actually

reaching those so i’m excited to see

where julian goes as he goes from

two figures i don’t think it’s

unreasonable for him to like double his

income in about a year and that was what

like we had a conversation about like

what do i need to do what needs to


in order in order to take this business

model i’ve taken as far as i can go how

do i take it to the next level so i like

having those conversations it was it was

fun so i’m rooting for him he’s gonna

get there i mean if he’s already doing

that with just a hundred thousand


it’s 200 000 who knows

yeah okay so the first point on this

cheat sheet that i have for you this

let’s narrow everything down to just a

few simple things the most effective

needle movers for your youtube channel

and the first one is to focus on

thumbnails that really go after what

your audience wants and or teases a

story so i know that there’s kind of two

different genres we can go after here

there’s the educators that need to go

after what their audience wants um and

then there’s kind of the entertainers


need to tease a story of some sort

however i do kind of want to bring those

two together in saying that if you are a

creator on youtube nowadays most of us

are entertainers now like that’s just

where youtube is going and i think most

of us have to accept that if we are a

personality on social media we are also

entertainers we’re not just educators

and so

i want to kind of put that in with this

because sometimes you are going to be

like teasing certain information or

teasing a reaction of some sort um even

if you are an educator those can be

super super powerful things it can even

be something as simple as teasing uh

that you give your opinion on uh a a

well-known figure’s opinion you know

like one of my clients recently he did a

a video on how he


a seven figure income by not listening

to warren buffett so something like that

it’s like he’s still being an educator

he is still

um teaching people exactly what he does

to make money and grow a passive income

but he did it by in an entertaining way

where it’s kind of like i’m not just

like clicking on that for the

information i’m also clicking on it for

the tension that you’ve given me and

that thumbnail by telling me that you

don’t agree with warren buffett one of

the richest people on earth you know

what i’m saying and so i think that’s

important that point kind of turned into

something a little bit more than i

intended it to but i think that those

two kind of go hand in hand so the

people that i watch on youtube who are


are definitely the ones who tell good

stories around it is like i very rarely

will get really engaged with the piece

of content is like

here’s this thing you need to do

um let’s take a woodworking video for

example here you got here’s step one do

this step two step three you know i’m

just kinda and maybe if i watch it it’s

because i’m searching for that video and

i need to solve that problem with that

tool right front of me or something

but for the most part if i i wouldn’t

come back and elect to watch that video

again for fun if it was on my home page

and i’m just browsing youtube i wouldn’t

click and watch it the people that i

end up clicking watching are

are like the woodworkers and the

homesetters and the

the people who are

i’m learning stuff but it’s in the

context of their story and what they’re

doing and the thing that they’re trying

to accomplish the objectives

the obstacles the stakes for them and

i’m kind of just getting to a good story

by the end of it i’ve learned something

too i’ve learned how to do this thing

with the chickens or how to build a

smokeless fire pit or something like

that that i never otherwise would even

thought like i didn’t even know

smokeless fire pits were a thing but

because i

have an emotional attachment to this

creator’s story i end up

in a context where i’m still learning

things from them like i know i’m going

to learn something but i click into it

because i know i’m going to feel

something too and

the best educators are the ones who

marry those two things together

not just like uh all right step one step

two step three see ya and then you

they’re very those types of videos are

very forgettable yeah i i also think

that um on that note the

best educators are the ones who give you

information that you didn’t know that

you needed

um in the sense of like they would lead

with something like the warren buffett

example that i gave i don’t know what’s

in that video you know i don’t know what

he’s going to talk about you know

property investment whatever he’s going

to talk about about how he did it but

what i do know is that i’m curious about

how he made money by not listening to um

this very famous person’s advice and so

what what does he have like he has some

sort of information i don’t know what i

don’t know you know and i think that

whenever they’re able to do that by

building intrigue then um it they are

even better educators because now

they’ve made you curious about something

that you wouldn’t have otherwise

even known that you

wanted or needed to know about this one


so focusing on thumbnails and titles

that really go after what your audience

wants or teases and or teases a story or

intrigue of some sort the second point

is um along the same note of


letting your thumbnail inform your title

actually now what i’m not saying is your

thumbnail informing your topic that can

be kind of a different discussion

because we do recommend that you plan

your title and your thumbnail beforehand

but what i mean by this is that so many

creators just repeat what’s in their

title on their thumbnail and that’s

missed opportunity because first of all

um you can use those two as like a power

couple to give the most context to what

is in your video but then also i think a

lot of creators put a lot of focus on

putting the perfect keywords into

their um titles and stuff like that and

they totally forget that the first thing

that the viewer’s eyes rests on is the

thumbnail and um it’s not the

the title that they’re gonna read first

it’s that thumbnail and so letting the

the context that you put in the

thumbnail then inform what what

additional context is needed for the

title or what additional context or

intrigue can be added to the video that

wasn’t communicated in the thumbnail so

how can we put the most intrigue and the

most important information to get the

point across of what that video is about

and grab the viewer’s attention in the

thumbnail and then expand on that in the

title rather than just repeating the two

um i don’t know how many thumbnails my

eyes have rested on where i saw the

thumbnail and i was like oh that’s

interesting and then i read the title

and that bought me in because it gave me

additional information about what the

title had already or i’m sorry what the

thumbnail had already teased yeah i

think it’s also important to then use

that to consider like what the opening

sections of the content are going to be


if you hit if you create like really

crazy amount of intrigue and tension in

that viewer’s

that viewer’s brain so they click to

relieve the tension and then the opening

seconds is like the punch line

it’s just like oh i got it and they’re

gone right they’re gonna and they’re

gonna and they’re gonna leave

uh and so i i think it’s really

important to determine that title and

thumbnail are before you even hit record

so that you can then when you do hit

record know like this is what they saw

this is what they

clicked on this is the expectation they

have so what needs to be the opening

seconds that they see next to make that

viewer feel i guess i’m in the right

spot and uh


that i it creates even more intrigue

rather than just deflating it or

starting talking about something else

and the thing in the title and thumbnail

doesn’t actually come to like minute

eight right and then you’ve lost that

audience they’ll never at first a

subscriber a long time viewer probably

watch it because they don’t even care

your titles and thumbnails are anymore

if they have a strong enough connection

with you but a

first-time viewer like that video is

going to get go through your subscriber

base and then go dead because it’s not

enticing to someone who’s never heard of

you before and that if you want to grow

that needs to be the thing you really

focus on are first-time viewers in your


yes yes exactly that’s one of the things

that i stress the most whenever i’m

working with clients one-on-one is it’s

like okay you’re getting

average views right now but you’re

you’re non-subscribed to subscribe

viewer ratio which is not a perfect

metric to go by but it gives a pretty

close idea of like if you have way more

subscribers watching your content than

non-subscribed viewers that can be a

problem because

it is a problem because that means we’re

not reaching new audiences and so what

you’re doing may be working for the pool

of people that you have right now but

you’re um

you’re either going to plateau or even

eventually decline if um

you aren’t consistently reaching your


you want a lot of first-time viewers

coming in not

you don’t want to just keep subscribers

engaged there is a time and a place for

that and it’s an important thing to do

to keep them engaged but at the goal in


of our of our episode here the cheat

sheet for growing on youtube in 2005

2005 2022

then the goal yeah youtube launched it

to 2005. so then then the goal for for

growth is non-subscribe viewers so you

really have that focus of title and

thumbnail on someone who’s never heard

of you before and frankly doesn’t even

care who you are yet the only reason

they clicked is because that title and


created some sort of cure it sparked

some curiosity one of them to see what

happens next a little maybe a little bit

of disbelief or something that then got

them to be like oh what happens next and

that’s why the opening seconds of what

happens after you’ve established that


is really important for continuing to

hold that viewer’s attention long enough

so that they watch the content and then

kind of be like wow this is a good video

and i kind of like this guy i kind of

like this girl right and that’s what

will get them to watch another video and

subscribe and

and grow the channel number three stop

worrying about your keywords guys come

on i know what you’re trying to do here

and um

i know that youtube that there are even

people out there that still preach that

like youtube is all about the seo seo

seo and it’s not it’s um all about the


and they their ai is so sophisticated

their ai knows every single word that

you are saying in your video their ai

knows um that this is a chair behind me

right now and that um if it had a logo

on it be able to tell me what kind what

brand of chair it is and everything in

between like their ai is so

sophisticated that they know what your

video is about you do not need to tell

us what your video is about what

you need is to

focus solely on the two thing two or

three things we just talked about which

is to

get them to click on the video whenever

we’re talking about our content reaching

more people the first thing that they

need to do is click on that video and so


trying different ways different putting

questions in your titles and your

thumbnails versus putting statements and

teasing a story or using well-known

figures and all these different things

that can

inform the way that you even approach

the topic from the beginning but also

different ways that could intrigue your

audience and get them to click on that


that’s the first thing that you have to

worry about so stop worrying about what

the perfect words that we need or i’m

sorry the perfect like keywords in terms

of seo optimization you should worry

about the perfect words in terms of what

intrigues your audience on the title and

the thumbnail

but the keywords in terms of how people

know and use keywords today

are not important in whenever we’re

talking about youtube

i was in a consultation with a creator

trying to help them understand this



i just i so if you guys want to see this

at work for yourself just go to

video dash intelligence that’s where you

can kind of see some of the ai at work

and and and that’s a different product

in terms of

uh um

it’s not a youtube product it’s a google

product that the goals are you can just

upload your massive amounts of video

library here they’ll scan it and make it

completely indexable and searchable for

you because they are looking at every

object they know what brand sunglasses

someone’s wearing

they know they’re identifying people and

they’ll associate like if you search for

for um video creators they’ll show you

tim schmoyer even though there’s like no

keyword correlation between those two

right um and so

all this crazy stuff but i just wanted

to show this one creator i was working

with in a one-on-one one-hour session um

this is a quick version so i went to vision and if you guys

scroll halfway down the page there’s

like a little widget and you can just

like click and drag any thumbnail image

or any whatever on there it’ll quickly

scan it and then tell you like here’s

what we think is happening just in this

in the single frame and


i i did that with this person i’m like

i’m gonna just grab something and the

only thing i have i just had on my

desktop um i i posted this this uh this




response to someone else of um

happy gilmore no not happy gilmore um

what’s the other one oh my goodness

tom hanks in the movie

forrest gump there we go and uh and so

he’s like on the on the road um and he’s

like got the people coming behind him

there’s like mountain range in the back

so i’m like this that was the first

image on my desktop so i just grabbed it

and i just put on there i’m sharing my

screen it scans it and i didn’t realize

that even what youtube what their what

their ai will even do is it scanned the

background the horizon

of of the mountain range in the

background and then it geotagged that


saying like this is where it was and it

right on the road that it happened like

and i and i’m looking at it like through

through the satellite view i’m like yep

there’s the there’s the the mountain

range right there so

there’s no keywords in that one’s frame

about like

uh like wear this but they scan the

mountain range and they knew like this

is exactly where this image was taken


the fact the idea that like google

you’re right google knows what our

videos are about and they know the roll

tilt and pan of our heads they they’re

getting really good at even

understanding the emotion on our faces


it’s uh

no amount of keyword stuffing can

will help with any of that

will help you reach more people

well it will help youtube understand

what your content’s about now metadata

still matters and keywords matter but

not because

the v not because google cares but

because the viewer probably

is expecting to see something if they’re

searching if they’re searching for like

nike shoes well

they’re gonna expect to see the word

nike shoes in the title because that

communicates to them like this is the

value that you’re looking for not

because it was a keyword match

um and keywords matter even less if

you’re going after home page or

suggested traffic which is what we focus

on because that’s where explosive growth

comes from um if you want to go from

like 2 000 subs a day to 39 000

subscribers per day like we did with one

client that um like 93 of that traffic

was coming from the home page not from

search just to create a level of

intrigue and curiosity you can spark to

get someone to click

that far outweighs any sort of

keyword stuff and i can give you lots of

examples of that but maybe ever we’ve

already taken this point too far i don’t


we’ve had entire episodes about this too


yeah we do yeah so

it’s really important and we’re gonna

keep i feel like

video creators is like the

the flagship for

stop doing keywords stop doing seo

youtube themselves has been

doing that saying that for a while it’s

just that most people don’t believe them

because they don’t have another

framework through which to understand or

think about their how do we grow on

youtube our framework is optimized for

people not robots

and we see that work hands down every

single time it’s done well but if you

don’t have that framework or don’t know

how to implement that type of framework

you just go back to optimizing for

robots and then you kind of just

get stuck and you get a little

frustrated and wonder why it’s not

working and then people confuse

correlation and causation thinking that

they’re growing because they got the

right keywords but i look at the content

like no i have all sorts of questions

when i see that thumbnail like what is


that tension that intrigue is what

actually is making this work and then

look what you did in the opening seconds

that’s why this is working not because

you were keywords so

there you go i stopped reaching

even creators that i watch that say like

hey make sure to like comment and

subscribe on my videos it really does

help my channel and i just i’m like oh i

so wish that i could have a conversation

with you and let you know that like you

don’t have to stress about that you know


just just don’t do it for a few videos

and see what happens oh nothing perfect

right yeah i i feel so

my heart just like goes out to them

because i know that so many of them like

stress about that oh well this video

didn’t go far because i didn’t get

enough likes on it i need to get more

light you know it and it goes in this

whole circle of this like this rabbit

hole that they totally don’t have to go


uh mentally or emotionally you know if

you’re a creator that’s really

emotionally invested in your work um i

just i feel

i like i i want to tell them like yeah

you don’t have to stress about that

yeah just because just focus on the


yep yep

so number four

tell more stories not just

straightforward information your story

your viewers story um a made-up story to

get the point across who cares um human

connection through story is more and


where um youtube is going because that’s

what people are responding to i mean if

you spend any amount of time on tick


90 of what you see on that platform is

story driven um i mean i guess it

depends on what you interact with but

for me and and other

like my friends my husband stuff like

all the stuff that i see

is 90 like story driven intrigue driven

it’s not

uh straightforward how to information

and if it is a straightforward how-to

information it’s like a really cool

transformation that’s happening from

before and after a really cool hack of

some sort like it’s really innovative

and so

um you can have the exact same

information that so many other

educators have out there but if you can

wrap a wrap it into a good story even

just good examples i have clients that

that um

they just use they’ve used stick figures

they just make up little stories and

they use stick figures and they draw it

on a little white board and they’re like

okay sally is in this situation and bob

is in this situation and they’re trying

to get to this thing and they come up

with a whole little uh story arc just to

teach something as simple as investing

you know and

watch like investing is simple but

simple yeah

yeah simple as what to do with your life



um not

not simple but like

mon can be mundane you know and can be

like what story is in investing or what

story is in spreadsheets or what story

is in all these things guys there’s a

story there’s nearly always some sort of

human emotion or and situations that

happen around these things that are even

seemingly mundane

um i love

systems i love

building systems and particularly like

productivity platform systems project

management systems it’s definitely one

of my fortes and um

that’s why there’s e-o-o


yes and that that stuff i even know like

that so many creators could tell me that

if they were doing the same things they

could tell me that like what kind of

story am i supposed to put into that um

and there’s so many things where i could

i could give examples of like hey if

you’re in this situation if you’re

frustrated with this this and that

then and you’re trying to get to this

thing over here so we’ve got who is the

character what do they want they want to

get to this thing over here then you

need x y and z and so just bringing a

little bit of that humanness that human

experience into whatever it is that

you’re teaching is so

important and becoming increasingly

important if you want to

compete with what’s out there on youtube

nowadays and so

simple just learning about storytelling

storytelling is complex you know it’s

not an easy feat i’m not here to tell

you that it’s easy but i am here to tell

you that you need it and um


tim i feel like you’re really good at

kind of like breaking down just giving

them like

the basics of storytelling do you want

to run through that really quick

yeah um

i i before i do that though i want to

point out that like a story doesn’t have

to look a certain way i think sometimes

we think hollywood we think

major motion picture films we think like

and and then that and then we get hung

up on how does this apply to my channel

about taxes or spreadsheets um


so we have uh i worked with one creator

who has a drawing tutorial channel he

was doing him around two ten thousand

and twenty thousand views per tutorial

and we talked about how to how to

integrate story and so he’s like all

right well let me try to tease a story

that has this this transformation that

this that my audience really wants in it

so we made a video called two beginners

instantly improve how to draw what you


so he normally would have been like how

to draw what you see but instead you

have two beginners instantly improve

that creates a little bit more curiosity

and then the opening of the video

instead of like okay here’s the problem

you do it like an info level thing

the story is only like a few sentences

long i just asked i asked my wife and my

friend dan to draw this face neither

neither one of them draw my wife told me

that she just can’t draw faces which is

a common thing to feel maybe you feel

something similar

yeah that’s it right it’s just like a

couple of sentences that is into the

content and the rest of the tutorial is

basically the same as we normally would

have made and but because the title and

the thumbnail in the opening

created some emotion and some connection

like oh yeah this is how it feels you

just can’t draw how do they instantly

improve that video last time i checked

it had 850 000 views instead of like 10

to 20 000 views

uh and also the thumbnails teasing the

transformation the before and after as

well this makes you think like what is

the how do they go from that to that



the a story very quickly again we have

full episodes about this too but um a

story is like hero’s journey right one

there’s a character two what do they


three why can’t they have what they want

the obstacles


what’s at stake if the character doesn’t

get what they want which would be the

stakes number five who or what comes

along and helps that character do what

they couldn’t do before that would be

the guide

number six how does a character

ultimately get what they want that would

be like a climax and then seven how is

how is the character transformed by this

process how did this how did overcoming

these obstacles and in overcoming these

stakes actually make them different now

than they were at the beginning of the

story which sounds really complex but

you can do all of that and like

uh like like the wood like a friend of

brad um from um fix this build that be

like instead of here’s how to draw a

dresser or how to draw dresser here’s

how to build this dresser

and just be like my wife doesn’t like

this dress in our room and she’s out of

town for the week and i just wanted to

know like could i surprise her and build

this type of dresser that she really

likes instead i don’t know let’s go find


it’s a very different setup to the

tutorial now now you’re watching me like

what’s her reaction going to be when she

comes when she’s going to love it and

she’s and he’s showing her his mistakes

and he can’t figure this one thing out

so he calls a guide a friend of his who

teaches them how to do the epoxy

pour better so that it looks the way he

wants it to and at the end it’s not

really about the dresser i could build a

dresser now i learned but at the end

it’s really about the connection between

him and his wife and that space being

transformed and her attitude about their

bedroom being transformed right so it’s

a you can take it’s a simple tutorial

and just with a few sentences up front

turns it into a very different emotional


number five

focus on keeping viewers on the platform

longer and especially since we just got

done talking about

educators i know that you guys probably

have businesses that you’re trying to

grow and it’s tempting to take viewers

like tell them that they can sign up for

your email list or where they can buy

products or sign up for courses and

things like that but consistently ending

a viewing session

can be negative signals to youtube and

show that you are

that people are abandoning the platform


watching your content and so we don’t

want too many of those signals it’s okay

if they abandon your platform uh or

abandon the platform

maybe like 25 of the time so like 25 of

your videos take them off of the



we want to focus on extending the

viewing session time because youtube a

lot of creators talk about watch time

like how important watch time is and

then they tell

other creators that they need to

you know

get make longer videos so that they can

get more watch time because it’s

important to youtube but youtube is not

just measuring


in individual watch time that’s just

this one video brings to their platform

but they’re actually measuring the

entire viewing session so what i’m not

saying whenever i say this is make

longer videos that’s not what i’m saying

um what i am saying is that don’t

keep in mind that youtube does value

keeping viewers on his platform it’s not

the only thing that matters by any means

but um

they do this can work in kind of a

spider web effect because if you get

really really good at continuing the

viewing session time then there’s two

different ways that this works for you

one it gets the viewer

more connected to who you are and and

this is where your storytelling uh will

play a big role in this because

you can ask them to watch more videos of

yours but if your content just itself is

not good then it’s not going to matter

so work on your storytelling first but

then you can make really really specific

calls to action at the end to

get them to watch more of your content

so it could be something like hey if

this video

you know brought up this issue or you’ve

never done this thing that i talked

about in this video then make sure to

watch this video right here where i

actually go over that technique and you

can call to a very very specific thing

and you can even point to it on your

screen whenever you or pretend like

you’re pointing to it on your screen

whenever you are filming the video

because then whenever you point to it

and you put the end screen actually on

the video then it’ll pop up and it’ll

you can place it right where you’re

pointing and then they know to click

there but you have to do it within the

last 20 seconds of the video but the

reason why this is so powerful is i was

just i was actually with one of my

clients recently and i pulled

their data and one of that was one of

the things that they were working on was

making their ending super super short

and sweet so that they could quickly

pitch another video to them and they’re

just a vlog style channel they’re not

doing a lot of educational content or

anything like that it can be even easier

for educational content to do this so

they actually had the

um harder side of this which is to get

people to click on more of their vlogs


they have been working on this and so

whenever i pulled their analytics

recently it showed just from their end

screens of them working on this it led

to over 10 000 more views on their

videos that month and just that alone

just them getting into and that is

like virtually no extra work that they

had to do they just had to change the

language that they were using at the end

of the video

and uh asking people to get more into

their content so if you are a small

creator and i know that sometimes they

can feel like you’re trying to get every

view that you can get you know then this

is great for you to get people into more

of your content but then especially as

you grow and you get a bigger audience

you see this spiderweb effect of it

reaching into you’ve got all these

videos that are pointing to each other

and it’s keeping viewers not just on the

platform longer but on your content

longer so it serves you individually

better because viewers are consuming

more of your content building more of a

no like and trust factor with you

individually and


are more likely to come back or more

likely to sign up for your courses if

you’re if you’re selling something you

know um it just works in a human way um

in an algorithm way which the algorithm

is just the human you know what i’m

saying because it’s responding to the

human um

and so focus on keeping the viewers on

the platform longer that can have such a

big effect i mean over 10 000 more views

just from end screens just from end

screens alone is that just 10 000 clicks

on the end screens

because or did those 10 000 then go

watch even more after that which i know

you can’t track but yeah you can’t track

so that’s like just those clicks on the

end screen i can’t

i can’t see from there you know whether

they um

yeah watch even more content and i told

that to the client i was like this is

just the clicks that we’re seeing on the

end screen this isn’t like hey did they

go and watch um

you know once they got into that next

video did they watch a video and

suggested or click on another end screen

after that like we don’t know that we

can just see

even the great results of 10 000 more

views that month you know you probably

saw a lift on the home screen traffic

too because you get a bunch of people

clicking on more end screens to go watch

more content then that’s gonna be a

really positive signal to youtube and

they’d be more likely to put more

content on the homepage for that which

is the in my opinion the best discovery

sort because like

like google and all the other ones you

gotta go search for the content

but this is like youtube’s just putting

content in front of people when they’re

not even looking for it so that’s that’s

what we that’s what i like going after

but um so yeah so there’s a there’s a

big ripple effect that comes from doing

end screens really well um which

obviously starts with getting someone to

click and watch and then capturing their

attention holding their attention to the

point where they feel something they’re

like i want more from this person yes i

want to click and go to that next video

and then when that happens then youtube

figures out oh they want more from this

person perfect and then they’re just

going to follow that person around with

that with that creator’s content and the

suggested videos and the home page and

becomes this whole ripple effect of

growth so yeah yeah it can be so

powerful i mean i think all of us have

fallen into

uh you know the youtube rabbit hole

where it’s like we find we click on one

video from the home page and then we

watch a few videos of that same creator

from there and then suddenly that

creator is being suggested to you for

the next two weeks you know what i’m

saying because youtube saw those strong

signals that you were liking their

content and they want you to be on their

platform and so they’re going to suggest

more of that content to you so if we can

kind of give youtube those same signals

through a way that we can have a an

effect on like just through simple

strong calls to action at the end of the

video super tangible and can have

massive effect like 10 000 more views

that month you know

so um

yeah really important and even with

these five points if you guys still feel

kind of overwhelmed like oh within these

five things where do i start i always

tell creators i’m like start from the

outside in as funny as that sounds i

know most people say inside out but what

i mean by that is like what is the first

thing that viewers interact with

interact with is the title and the

thumbnail and then what do they interact

with from there the first 30 seconds of

the video so then work on the first 30

seconds of the video then you’ve got the

whole middle of the content right you

can work on your stories different

editing styles stuff like that that’s

the next thing they’re going to interact

with and then the

the last thing they interact with is the

end of the video right assuming that

they got to the end and so then work on

your calls to action but work like start

where the viewer starts and work on that

first and then work your way

throughout their entire journey

basically um

is i think the best way to start


every week we like to give you a power

tip which is just something short and

practical or

a piece of information that we feel like

is important for you to know as creators

uh creating on this platform this

platform we know called youtube and

that is that

they now have tick tock style so if you

spend any time on tick tock i feel like

tick tock is just becoming like a

regular part of our youtube

conversations here

but um it is it if you’ve been if you

spend any time on tick tock then you’ve

seen probably whenever a creator is live

it has a little red or purple or pink

ring whatever it is around i think it’s

a red ring

around their profile image on tick tock

and now youtube is doing the same thing

so whenever you go live you can actually

see when a creator’s live so if you’re

watching uh a video of theirs then and

you scroll down to where their

little icon is if there’s a red ring

around it then it shows that they’re

live right now and um

it’s just also live like right on it too

it says yeah absolutely

tiny little

live text yeah yeah um

so yeah it’s just a cool feature that i

think we should know about as creators

you know that we can expect like hey

whenever you whenever i go live you’ll

see it on my icon uh you can tell it to

your viewers but um is also i think it’s

a super helpful feature it will help

more people engage with your

live streams because if you think about

a lot of channels have usually like one

to three top performing videos and if

you have a lot of your views coming in

from those top performing videos while

people are watching that video there’ll

be a little red ring while you’re live

and they can click on your icon

and engage with your live stream from

there so because of that you might even

see an uptick in your

uh live stream engagement which would be

pretty cool thank you for joining us for

another video creators podcast episode

if you have any questions yourself we

actually have a link in the show notes

or the description of this video

where you can actually leave us a voice

message and uh like last week we just

did a whole episode on responding to

some of your questions and comments in

those voice messages and so if you have

one that you would like us to respond to

then leave it there

otherwise we will see you in next week’s

episode bye


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