Super Thanks, New Memberships Features, Self Certification Update and TOM! Last Newsflash of 2021!

Super Thanks, New Memberships Features, Self Certification Update and TOM! Last Newsflash of 2021!


Hello Insiders! It’s so nice to be back delivering the last Newsflash of 2021! Today we’re covering an experiment for Super Thanks (as well as when we’re planning to expand to more creators), 2 new features for Memberships, and an update to Self Certification.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:51 Super Thanks Experiment and Expansion
2:09 2 New Features for Channel Memberships
2:50 Self Certification Update: Enabling Dishonest Behavior
3:51 Movie Quote

Members Only Form-
Enabling Dishonest Behavior Policy-


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=================== text video ====================

hello insiders

lauren from the creator insider team

was looking for someone to shoot a very

quick news flash because you know

holiday season is upon us

and she dusted off the rolodex and uh

got in contact with me and i said sure

i’d be happy to do it for those of you

who don’t know i used to work on the

creator insider channel

many moons ago

uh some people have asked in the


where am i i’m still like google

i’ve moved from switzerland to


and now i work on a product called

instead of creator studio

it’s called care studio so i’m just

working from one studio to the next

um but let’s get into the news flash

for creator insider

first is an update on super thanks

as you

know super things is a great way


viewers to show support for creators on

the watch page


it was expanded earlier this year to

thousands of monetizing creators

and what happens today is when a

fan purchases a super thanks a bonus

comment says thanks exclamation point

and that’s added to the videos watch

page comment section

uh and that comment was not editable

until now

all right so we’re experimenting with


uh comments for super thanks it will


supporters to kind of have more

meaningful interactions with the

creators as part of that process now

we’re experimenting with it

so only some of your viewers will be

able to

customize their comments but stay tuned

because we’ll be rolling out the feature

to more users in the coming months and

if you don’t have access to super thanks

at all

also stay tuned because we’re going to

be rolling out the whole feature to more

creators next year

and next year is right around the corner

so let us know if you have any feedback

about that next we’ve launched two new

tools to help creators manage their

channel membership programs better the


is the ability to export a list of your

members to csv

the second is a partnership with ifttt

that allows creators to create a members

only form

and you can use that form to collect

info from your members to help you

deliver perks only channel members will

be able to fill out these forms and only

on channels that they’re a member of

feature is currently

available globally but it is english


and we’ll leave more info in the

description below

last this update is from connor if you

are in ypp

the youtube partner program you may have

noticed a new section within the

self-certification questionnaire

in the upload flow called enabling

dishonest behavior this section

corresponds to the addition of a new

guideline in the advertiser friendly

content guidelines page this is one of a

number of efforts to increase


around what may and may not monetize the

enforcement remains the same we’re just

making it clearer how we address

specific content areas

the new guidelines provides insight into

how we’ve treated content around hacking

trespassing and cheating

and that guideline is now reflected in

the questionnaire itself

this will be the last news flash of 2021

we hope everyone is well and staying

safe and healthy we hope you have an

amazing winter holiday and new year

but we can’t wrap it until

we do a movie quote i feel like we need

to do that and i also since i’ve i’ve

got the i’ve got the floor

i do want to ask for feedback on the

creator studio mobile app which has

improved tremendously this year so kudos

to the team

i’m curious what would you like to see

improved in that mobile app i personally

would like to see


immediate report after a live stream is

over showing how my live stream

performance compared to previous live


but that’s just me but what would you

like to see


gotta give you some movie quotes first

person to





these quotes are from at a minimum i’ll

shout it out on my personal twitter

here are your three quotes from the same

series if you know it put it in the

comments below what is this series i can

bring you in warm

or i can bring you in cold

bounty hunting

is a complicated profession

i will help you

i have spoken


hope you have a happy new year

stay safe and keep it real

all right lauren here we are

okay look at the camera

i’m out of focus

come on this piece of crap camera

ariel is probably saying himself see i

told you

all right here we go


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