Stream Deck Killer?! (Loupe Deck Live)

The Stream Deck has Reigned Supreme for Years… Until Now! Loupe Deck came out with a new product & You need to see it to believe it! ****** 🔥Get a FREE 30-Day Trial of Epidemic Sounds at

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=================== text video ====================

if you’re a content creator who either

live streams maybe you edit video or

you’re just trying to increase your

productivity on day-to-day tasks you’re

going to want to check out the loop deck

live this is a customizable deck

compared to the elgato stream deck but i

would say has a little bit cooler

features so let’s break it down in this

video you got to just press record hey

what’s up it’s omarkoy with think media

we’re at nab checking out all the boots

here in las vegas excited to be back on

convention floors uh looking for the

best tools for creators our think media

community and you know someone who live

streams like myself and many of us here

on the think media uh team we actually

on our desk setups have what is called

an elgato stream deck it’s a device that

allows you to customize for any either

daily tasks or if you’re live streaming

but you can literally control anything

create whatever actions you want using

their custom hotkeys now we were walking

uh the floor and we saw this cool brand

that i recognized some of their ads in

its loop deck and they’ve kind of geared

toward more of like editors and

photographers creating customizable


and things like that but they actually

released recently a loop deck live with

their heart to kind of aim toward live

streamers i love how the loop deck has

knobs and actual buttons itself that you

could program to do whatever it is you

need it to do and so for instance if you

need to switch angles or if you want to

change the volume level of your mic or

even if you want to open up you know a

certain window or what have you you can

customize it to do anything and

everything you want it to do well hey we

just wanted to pause this conversation

real quick and shout out our sponsor for

this video and that is epidemic sound

epidemic is how we get all our sounds

our music our vibes for our videos the

sound effects are just so easy to find

by simply searching it and finding that

perfect sound and they usually have a

ton of options so you can actually get

the right sound and beyond the reason to

actually have an easy access to music

and sounds it’s really important that

you don’t put in so much hard work into

a video upload it to the internet and

then it gets dinged for a copyright even

outside of youtube as well if you upload

it anywhere you can get copyright strike

and so epidemic is the perfect solution

to make sure you can freely find the

perfect song for you and so if you want

to give epidemic sound a shot with a

30-day free trial and whatever you do in

those 30 days is protected make sure to

check out the link down in the

description below or just go to

to check out that free trial talking

with the guys here at loop deck they

were talking about all the integrations

when it comes to programs that work with

this and just to name some we got

lightroom classic or essentially the

whole adobe creative suite whether it’s

premiere after effects audition

works with obs studio twitch streamlab

ecam vmix spotify your philips hue so if

you want to control some lighting

ableton live we got capture one pro

photoshop premiere pro final cut

a lot of software that it works with and

i think

even beyond the software if you could

tell your software to do something even

with your keyboard you can just tell the

loop deck to do that

based off your keyboard so it really is

the possibilities are endless with a

product like this and i just love the

aesthetic of it i love the vibes i love

the colors

although it’s also programmable but i’d

like to see how it actually integrates

with my editing workflow maybe creating

some shortcuts and things like that but

wanted to get this on your radar this is

the loop deck live a 230 device that i

think is competitively priced when it

comes to the elgato stream deck but i

would say the loop deck live is more

geared toward the person who’s inside of

the software whether it’s the adobe

creative suite or final cut obs we use a

stream yard here at think media do our

live streams and they do have a hotkey

option so you could totally connect it

to streamyard if you are using it i’m

excited to try that out but if you want

to see how we would integrate a product

like this on our desk setups you can

click or tap the screen or check out

another video from us here at think

media can’t wait to see you in a future

video peace


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