Starting a YouTube Channel in 2022

Real Advice for starting a YouTube channel in 2022. If you made a resolution to start a YouTube channel this year or revive your current channel, we’d love to share some advice with you about being on YouTube in 2022. Have advice to share to a new channel? Comment it!

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We will help automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video’s tags and promoting your latest video.

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Advice for new YouTube Creators
0:53 Why many YouTube creators quit
1:10 What new creators fail to realize
1:20 What defines a YouTube creator?
1:35 How to avoid running out of content ideas
2:15 Do I have to have a niche on YouTube?
3:08 Is niching down on YouTube bad?
3:25 Why people go after search based traffic
4:00 What makes you unique on Youtube?
4:30 How to stand out on YouTube
5:44 How to feel "Ready" on YouTube
6:11 Comment of the video
6:22 Why AdSense is not the best way to make money on YouTube
6:52 How to Define YouTube Success for yourself
7:15 Thumbnails on YouTube Strategy
7:42 The cycle of YouTube for improvement
7:55 YouTube commitment and unrealistic expectations
8:30 How to have a repeatable process for Youtube videos
9:02 YouTube should be fun!


=================== text video ====================

— So you finally decided
to start a YouTube channel

or reinvigorate an old dormant one?

Well keep watching this video

because I’m going to share with you things

that I think people should know

when starting a YouTube channel this year.

(upbeat music)

Hi, TubeBuddies, welcome or
welcome back to the channel.

I’m really excited that
you’re watching today’s video.

One of the first things I would advise

for anyone getting started
with a YouTube channel

is to make sure you actually
learn about YouTube.

This doesn’t mean spend
all day watching videos

because you will get analysis paralysis,

trust me on this one

but it does mean you should understand

some of the basics such
as can you use music

and what music can you use

and actually learning a little bit about

the rules of the road
when it comes to YouTube

and the community policies

and the guidelines for
uploading and creating videos.

One thing we do have to acknowledge

is that it will quickly
become overwhelming,

all of the items that you
think that you need to complete

to be able to start creating videos.

What do you even make videos about?

How do you do channel banner and artwork?

What do you do about thumbnails?

I get it, I get it, nut here’s the thing.

A lot of those things can
also be changed eventually,

you can start creating
videos and putting them out.

This is going to come to our next point,

which is that you actually have to

create content and publish it.

That is what distinguishes
a YouTube creator

just from a YouTube viewer.

A lot of people never
make it past this step

because they ideate and
think of all the things

that they’re going to do but
never actually do any of them.

I’ve always found that it’s much easier

to choose from a list of ideas
that I’ve already curated

and then decide which one
is most exciting to me

and then make that video.

So I would also encourage you

to do the same type of
thing inside of TubeBuddy,

you can actually use
the video topic planner

and it’s a really great way.

You can pull from comments

and leave them as video topic ideas.

You can actually just put in
a whole bunch of video titles

that you want, including notes

and you can use it like
a digital post-it system

to come back to any time.

And the nice thing is it also syncs across

the mobile app as well

so if you’re on the go

and you want to put in a new video idea,

you can certainly do that

and then the next time
you’re on your computer,

you’re going to find that it syncs

with the browser information as well.

One of the things that’s
always going to come up is

do I have to come up with a niche

and create content only in that niche

at the very beginning of your channel?

So there’s a couple of
ways to think about this.

One is you can go after
the spaghetti method

where you can toss a whole
bunch of different types

of content out there and see
if something actually sticks.

And then the other is to
go very deep and detailed

into one particular type of topic

to try and build your authority faster.

While both methods can be effective,

I think that in the beginning,

you shouldn’t focus as much on niche

as you should about creating videos

and getting them published.

It’s really easy to get bogged down

in staying inside of a niche,

but you could quickly become trapped

inside of a category or topic

that you’re not very passionate about

and for most of us, we actually have

more than one thing that
we like to talk about.

Now, this does not mean that
niching down is a bad idea,

especially if you are
a brand or a business

or going after search as
your main traffic source.

A lot of channels when
they’re first getting started

are going to focus on search based,

how to, evergreen type
of content like that

and that’s perfectly fine.

You can answer specific
questions with specific videos

and you’ll get very
good at crafting a title

and being able to use keyword research.

Now, of course, the keyword explorer

inside of the TubeBuddy suite of tools

is one of the most powerful
tools at your disposal

when you’re first getting started.

And you can definitely be able
to see how to craft a title

and the related searches and videos

that you’re going to be coming up against

if you start making this type of content,

even if you’re not using
the keyword explorer,

you can definitely go in there to see

the what’s trending tabs

so that you can get started on content

that people are already searching for.

Something to consider when
you’re going into any category,

genre or niche on YouTube is going to be

not only the topic in which you talk about

but the way that you come across on screen

and talk about it, for example,

a beauty brand may come out
with a new makeup palette.

It’s going to be the same item

but lots of different people,
lots of different channels

are all going to be talking
about that same one product.

So how do you make yourself

differentiated from other people?

When all of you have
the same product in mind

that you’re going to be talking about.

You really fall into a
few different categories.

You can either be
different, you can be first,

or you can be the best.

So what does that mean?

If you are someone who
is getting something

in PR or early look,

you’re going to be able
to make that content

before anyone else gets their hands on it

and by the time they’re going
to put it in the search bar

and see if it’s something
that they should buy

your video should already be there.

When it comes to being the best,

an example could be you’re very thorough

when it comes to ingredient
analysis and cost per gram

or perhaps even the swatches
or any of the manufacturing,

the product history,
the list goes on and on

and you’re really going to learn

and do a deep dive into that product.

When it comes to being different,

you can take this in many
different directions as well.

So maybe you’re someone who
does ASMR with a product,

maybe you’re someone who
actually destroys the makeup,

all of these different types of ways

that you can be different
are going to be ways

that everyone using the same
product can all stand out.

So after you get a few videos in

or even before you start making videos,

you really want to spend
some time developing,

what is it about you that makes you unique

and will make you stand out
when you’re making videos

on the same products or
games or anything category,

that everyone else is
also making content about?

The next thing we have to talk about

is how many of you always are talking

about waiting to feel ready.

And I’m here to tell you that
ready is not a destination,

it’s actually just a decision.

And many times you’re
going to have to do things

or start before you’re ready.

It will happen for the rest
of your entire YouTube career,

trust me on this one.

So if you’re someone who’s
been watching this video

and now you’re thinking, okay,
I am deciding to be ready,

pause this video and go
comment ready down below.

I want to take a second and put on screen

the comment of the video.

Thank you so much for
interacting with our videos.

And if you want to be
featured in an upcoming video,

make sure you comment on this one.

Now, similarly to all of the other voices

that are going to chime
in when it comes to

YouTube education and helping
you become better creators,

we do want to just one more time iterate,

that Ad Sense is not the be all end all

when it comes to YouTube monetization,

should never be the only
goal that you have in mind.

There are so many ways that
you can make money on YouTube

with or without Ad Sense

and if you’re looking for more ideas,

we even made a video about it,

I will link it up in the cards

and down in the description as well.

Because it’s so easy to
get caught up in analytics

and numbers and milestones

as you are going along your journey,

I would really implore you to make sure

that you define what YouTube
success looks like for you

before you get started.

Is it just based on subscriber number

and why do you need a
certain subscriber number?

Because there are plenty
of channels out there

that can make a full-time income,

as well as have thriving communities

that have smaller YouTube,
actual subscriber accounts.

Okay, let’s talk thumbnails.

Yes, absolutely thumbnails are important.

However and this is a big caveat

you can always change
a thumbnail later on.

What’s more important to me
again, is publishing videos,

publishing videos.

I would highly encourage
you to make 10 videos

before you even start
looking at your analytics

because honestly you
really need the practice

to be able to go through that process

and know what the whole journey

is going to look like for you.

Then you’re going to be able to evaluate

and look at your data.

You’re going to be able to execute

and then evaluate and then implement.

And it’s just a cycle
that will continue on

for the rest of your whole
entire YouTube creator journey.

One thing you’ll hear a lot

and I could not agree more is
that YouTube is a marathon.

It’s not a sprint and
you need to be prepared

to be in it for the long haul.

A lot of the time people come in

with unrealistic expectations
of what’s going to happen

after they actually upload
one or maybe even two videos.

And then they get disappointed and angry

and leave in frustration
when after two videos,

they don’t have a hundred
thousand subscribers.

You’ve heard me say it before in the past,

I’m going to say it again.

Fundamentals are in the foundation of fun.

For you to be able to
make sure that your video

is getting out there and
doing as well as it can,

you should definitely
follow the best practices

that are set out not only by YouTube,

but TubeBuddy every time
you’re uploading a video.

Building this into your workflow

as part of a repeatable,
executable process

is so key in building your foundation

for all of your videos going forward.

Marrying all this together
in TubeBuddy’s SEO studio

is going to be a great way
for you to keep practicing

all of the steps that you should be doing

in a sequential order every
time you upload a video.

When it comes to making YouTube videos,

remember that this process
is also supposed to be fun

at the end of the day,
yes, you’re learning,

yes, you’re growing,

yes, you’re doing everything you can

to get yourself in front
of the right people

at the right time so that

they can continue to follow
along with your journey

but you should be having
fun at the same time.

Remember that ready is just a decision.

And I hope you make that decision

to get started on YouTube today.

Make sure you subscribe
so you can follow along

for more tips and we’ll see
you in a video very soon, bye.


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