Squid Game CONTROLS YouTube!

Literally EVERY CREATOR has made a YouTube video about Squid Game… and so have we. This is how Squid Game has taken over YouTube.


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0:00 — Let’s Google search Squid Game
0:16 — The Squid Game YouTube Trend
0:46 — Most popular Squid Game Keyword Results
1:28 — How Creators Make Squid Game Videos
3:30 — Any channel of any size can make Squid Game Content
3:34 — Cool outro

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=================== text video ====================

so this video is all about how squid

game has taken the youtube world by




you know what trends hit youtube when mr

beast decides to get involved and spend

more than two million dollars on a

single video and let’s be honest about

this since squid game was released

pretty much every single creator has

made their youtube interpretation of the

hit tv show

if you search squid game on youtube the

top ranked videos are being constantly

recycled as new content is published and

vidiq’s legendary keyword score already

has this pinged as a massive volume

keyword with very high competition oh

and if you want to know what else people

are searching for pause the video right

now because well too late it’s already


we’ve allocated exactly 456 machines to

research what’s going on in the youtube

world of squid game and the results are

both surprising and just damn cool take

this search term as an example i’m not

going to spoil anything but honeycombs

are a pretty big part of a plot and one

enterprising creator timed their how-to

video to perfection this is how small

channels can make viral content

and you know what we’re ready to leak

all of this critical squid game

information so if you want to get your

hands on it for free check out the link

in the video description now you may be

wondering how do you make squid game

work for your channel well you’re

watching an example of this right now

and this is how other creators are

making it work for their channels

yeah i’ve got to protect myself


things you missed everything you need to

know cool trivia if you have knowledge

you can share it on youtube and this

creator did exactly that with the

classic mysterious thumbnail that points

at something but you’re not sure what it

asks a question in your head that’s only

going to get answered if you watch the

video and this video is performing well

above average for the channel which can

only signal one thing

make more squid game videos

and guess what

that’s exactly what they did oh and i

know video tags aren’t very important

these days but that’s some mighty fine

keyword research right there you can get

all of this information for free with

vid iq by the way

if blank was in squid game it doesn’t

matter if you’re an australian a dancer

a wrestler a plumber a travel vlogger or

indeed spider-man if you can make this

concept fit your audience and make it

entertaining it’s worth giving it a shot

we’ve got fortnite squid game roblox

squid game asmr squad game and heck if

you’re an animator like jake fellman

squid game is a gift from the youtube

gods don’t forget all of the different

ways you can distribute your content too

from live streaming to stories to that

thing you either love or hate

shorts youtube shorts is what colin and

smear used when they put together this

quick 25 second video about the global

impact of squid game it’s got 10 million

views now so they made another one

obviously and don’t use channel size as

an excuse through this vid iq tool i’ve

filtered down to channels under 1 000

subscribers getting tons of views

through squid game video ideas look if

this channel with 162 subscribers can

dress up their pets in halloween

costumes play squid games and get 25 000

views you can surely come up with

something for your channel no matter the

size that’s squid game

that’s youtube and this is your creative







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