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0:00 — What YouTubers Can Learn From Netflix
1:02 — How to Make Your Viewers Binge Your Content
1:38 — Tip 1
3:33 — Tip 2
5:41 — Tip 3
7:56 — Avoid These Phrases When Creating Your Video

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=================== text video ====================

are you someone who watches netflix or

rather binges netflix i’d love to know

actually what show are you binge

watching right now let me know down in

the comments but if there’s something

that youtube creators can learn from

netflix it is their ability to keep you

watching their shows you know when you

end a show you have that screen that

comes up that is prompting you

to go to the next show and whether you

click next or not best believe it’s

going on to the next episode and it’s

just gonna auto play this is something

that you can actually implement in your

videos and what it creates is something

called circular video viralocity whoa i

know that is a mouthful but you can

actually create videos that people want

to binge because of the way you’re

setting them up and in this training

that i do i share how you can actually

start doing this in your videos and some

mistakes you can avoid so that people

don’t leave your video they stay on

until the end and even more so jump on

another video that you offer them so

let’s jump right into that training from

grow with video live you got to just

press record in this quick power session

i want to talk about how to make your

viewers binge your content how to make

your viewers bend your content you think

you know something we’ve talked about

often during this conference is that

you’re creating a library of videos

you’re creating a an archive of videos

for people to watch and maybe you don’t

get discovered by a person until a year

from now but you’ve uploaded a video a

week you’ve got 52 videos on your

channel how do you get them to stay on

your channel how do you get them to

continue to watch your videos and i know

you fell in to this trap and it’s a good

trap if it’s intentional and so you can

get people to binge so i got three tips

on this and the first tip is to ask the

question to yourself

where should they go next after this

video where should they go next

after this video

i created a video

entitled best microphone for youtube

under a hundred dollars and then in this

video i intentionally selected three

different kinds of mics these are uh

whether it was a lavalier mic a

condenser mic or a dynamic mic as you

can see in the image and so in this

video i break down three different kinds

of mics but also

toward the end of the video i knew going

into making this video that i’ve already

made videos on each specific product

that i broke down in that video so how

about if you wanted to go deeper you

could actually go watch the the

dedicated review video of that mic that

i just talked about here’s an example of

how i actually ended the video

that i uploaded and i hope you got value

in this video and if you did smash that

like button if you want to see a video

we did reviewing one of these mics you

can click or tap the screen or check out

another video from think media by

clicking or tapping the screen and i

can’t wait to see you in a future one


and as you can see on the screen you’re

met with the opportunity to actually uh

click on the dedicated review video of

that specific product one way to

actually keep your viewers attention

because if you’ve gotten up them that


i have a choice the video can just end

and that’s the end of it or i can lead

them up to something that makes some

sense you can actually go into creating

a series of videos and then one video

put all those together and then in that

all that together video push out to

those single videos and that’s what we

would call

a circular video

viralocity say that three times fast or

put it in the chat circle circular video

wirelessity tip number two tip number

two is to make your last tip

point to a video make your last tip

point to a video heather in this video

five easy youtube live streaming tips

for beginners she

you know in chosen says you know live

streaming uh could be a daunting task

but uh what if you can make it easy for

yourself and in this video i’m gonna be

sharing five tips on how to do that and

be sure to stick around to the end

because i have a bonus tip and that is

what what sean talked about giving you a

reason to stay till the end but one

reason to give somebody to not click off

is to actually send them to that next

video but make it a tip for them to stay

on and so i believe i have an example

here and my bonus tip for you today is

to have a plan man there is nothing

worse than watching someone on a live

stream just ramble on and on and on so

when you go into the live stream make

sure you know what your topic is make

sure you have your points listed out and

make sure you know where you want to

send that audience next they need to go

to your website or watch another video

just make sure you have a plan before

you get into your live stream and if you

want to see how we do our live streaming

outlines here at think media just click

the video that’s on the screen right now

it’ll walk you step by step through how

we create our outlines and it’ll help

you get more views more reach and have

peace of mind on your next live stream

thanks for watching and i’ll catch you

on the next video bye

so a lot of times people you know our

our videos kind of end abruptly and and

that way that is kind of the intention

and that is kind of the goal and so what

you see on the screen obviously when

when heather points to you is what is

called the end cards and that could be

added at the end of uh inside of your

youtube studio app when you’re dialing

in your video and optimizing it you can

add these end cards that just allow you

for 20 seconds to preview it on the

screen and i’m going to give you a tip a

couple tips after these three tips on

how to help you get people to stay based

off of what you say but the next tip i

have for you is to use short videos to

point to longer videos using short

videos to point to longer videos

and in this video the you youtube

algorithm hacks seven tips for growing

your youtube channel that actually work

sean actually breaks down uh seven

different tips

on how you can uh you know hack the

algorithm and here’s the crazy thing

this uh interview was about like a what

like an hour long interview and from

that interview sean was able to pull out

seven tips from those interviews and

create another video out of it now there

is this you know we talked about it in

this uh earlier kind of like panel

session that the team did me tony

heather and sean that the the chances of

somebody watching you for a very long

time is pretty slim that doesn’t negate

the fact that you should potentially

step into long-form video if you have

the time to do it and if you have the

strategy to do it because this video

literally has uh almost half a million


and it’s a repurposed video from a


podcast talk and we talk about how like

even the quality of that video isn’t

even you know amazingly strong but the

quality of content was strong and so

making that a shorter video uh was

really a a smart strategy to do and then

what sean then did in the end of the

video was point to

the longer video and so you know one way

to actually

do this if you know you wanted to do

minimal editing and middle most minimal

shooting is actually shooting at a

separate time in intro in an outro

that’s what sean did in this video you

could see that you know this uh

screenshot versus this screenshot this

was part of the podcast conversation and

then sean took a second to make an intro

and outro shoot it differently and and

use those that moment to actually lead

you into the longer conversation if you

so desired and so that’s something we

would even call like highlight videos or

we would call that short clips you know

not necessarily youtube shorts but

shorter clips from the long content so

those are three ways that you can

actually keep a viewer engaged and

another thing that you can actually

begin to work on is to

use your language intention intentional

so when you’re scripting your video or

when you’re outlining your video there’s

some uh phrases that i would avoid when

it comes to uh ending your video i think

sometimes we can have a tendency to to

tell somebody that we’re ending i mean

that’s just the reality in conclusion as

i land the plane

or or whatever right and so here are

some phrases that you want to avoid you

want to avoid

phrases like in conclusion

my final thoughts uh and the last tip

you know there’s always going to be a

last tip there’s always going to be a

lastly but you don’t have to use those

phrases you can actually avoid them by

using phrases like

or asking a question so instead of

saying in conclusion

you could do something that i do that

when i get to the end of a video

i say um you know i i i say you know so

what do i think about this camera when

it comes to beginners

when i could have said in conclusion

this is a great beginner camera two

different saying the same thing

essentially but i’m not alluding to the

idea that i’m ending

you know so simply ask a question when

you’re ending number two you can instead

of saying as far as my final thoughts go

just say i think don’t stay away from

the words like as i’m wrapping up or i’m

ending or my final thoughts or what have

you just say i think this camera is

incredible for beginners and simply

because it’s easy to use or it could

have been like my final as far as my

final thoughts go this is really an easy

camera to use for beginners then what

happens to the viewer is they start to

check out you’re literally grooming your

viewer to check out like i mentioned

earlier with the netflix example they’re

regardless whether you like it or not

they’re going to shoot you to the next

episode of whatever show you’re watching

and if you finished episode 10 and

there’s no more episodes left they’re

putting they’re going to push you to

another show

that is very similar to that and so

netflix is like already doing that

they’re grooming you because they know

the viewer and so those that’s another


phrase that you can use the third phrase

you can use instead is just say my next

tip so maybe you have a five tip video

but instead of saying and the final tip

just say and my next tip i think i think

if i can come to a reality and or a

conclusion is that no one’s really

counting the actual tips you’re saying

no one’s like this is tip number five

here he goes he’s ending they’re they’re

if you’re giving good valuable tips and

good valuable content they’re gonna be

engaged and they’re gonna they’re

they’re actually gonna lose count and so

for you to tell them that this is uh the

last tip you’re actually gonna groom

groom them to check out of your video

and we wanna keep them on so use my next

tip instead of the last tip and then i

just wanna end with this thought is that

the creator who understands the viewer

most wins that’s just the reality it’s

the truth when you begin to understand

the kind of thumbnails that your viewers

click on and you begin to understand the

journey that your viewers are on based

off of what you’re telling them uh to do

or teach them and know where they should

go next in their journey uh you will win

and that’s just because you are

understanding your audience and

therefore you’re gonna better serve your

audience and if you like this training

you’re going to love

our conference this year at grow with

video live and you could tap into our

conference virtually and get the

recordings or even tap in live if you

make it to the show but we’ll post all

that information down in the comments

below if you’d like to check that out

and we’ve got some incredible speakers

at our conference this year people like

gary vee ryan pineda jasmine star of

course the think media team and so much

more so we hope that you would tap into

growth video live this year the virtual

experience it’s gonna be incredible all

those details down in the comments below

and if you want to check out another

training from us here at think media

that will help you level up your youtube

videos you can click or tap the screen

and i can’t wait to see you in a future

video peace


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