Sneak Peek: Timed Reactions!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re here with a Sneak Peek into an experiment we’re running called Timed Reactions.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

Timed Comments Experiment-
Timed Reactions Forum-

0:00 Intro
0:18 What is Timed Reactions?
0:38 How does Timed Reactions work?
1:13 Who can see Timed Reactions?


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=================== text video ====================

— Hello insiders.

My name is Anna

and I am a product
specialist here at YouTube,

working on features that
are meant to help build

and engage creator communities.

I also have a YouTube channel myself,

which you may recognize me from.

You may not.

You probably don’t, either way,

I’m here to give you a sneak peek

into a small experiment we’re running

called Timed Reactions.

In this experiment, viewers
will be able to react

in a moment to what’s happening in a video

and also see the moments
that others are reacting to.

You may be familiar with
the time comments beta,

which allowed viewers
to see specific comments

related to moments in a video.

We heard from viewers that this
made the viewing experience

really fun and help strengthen
a sense of community,

which helped pave the
way for an experiment

like Timed Reactions.

For viewers in the experiment

you’ll tap comments, and
you’ll see a popup tab

in the bottom right hand
corner of a video on mobile.

Tap it, to see a set of reactions

that you can then use to react

to specific moments of
the video you’re watching.

We’re testing a few
different sets of reactions

with the goal of promoting
a sense of community

and creating a more
interactive viewing experience.

So we wanted to bring this experiment

to you early and get your feedback on it.

In the experiment, Timed Reactions

will not impact performance
or recommendations.

And in the future, we would
like to integrate reactions

into YouTube analytics so
that you can better understand

how your viewers are feeling

in reaction to certain
moments in your videos.

For creators in this experiment,

timed reactions will be
available for all of their VODs,

video on demand on iOS, Android

and for creators who wanna opt out,

you can reply to a forum that
was sent to you via email.

You can also turn off comments in studio,

which will turn off reactions.

This feature is in a very
early experimental phase

so we wanted to bring it to you here first

and hear all your feedback.

So please leave it down below

and thank you so much in advance.


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