Sneak Peek: Introducing Your YouTube Media Kit!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re here to give a preview of a new feature that will be rolling out to creators over the next few months called Media Kit. Media Kit is a feature available through YouTube BrandConnect with the goal of helping creators pitch themselves to brands, by creating a sharable summary that gives advertisers deeper insights into their audiences.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

Please note: This feature is not available to all creators yet- we’ll continue to roll it out over the coming months. Stay tuned for updates.

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=================== text video ====================

— Hello, Insiders. My name is Alina.

I’m a product manager
working on creator tools,

specifically Brand
Connect, formerly FameBit.

Today I’m here to talk to
you about an exciting launch

called Media Kit that
will provide more tools to

plan your branded-content campaigns.

But first let’s do a quick
recap of what YouTube Brand

Connect is for those of you
who might not be familiar.

YouTube Brand Connect as
a service that connects

creators and brands for
branded-content campaigns.

We have a team that provides
full service for campaign

management in the US, UK, and Canada.

And check out links in the
description to learn more

about the service and
eligibility criteria.

We’ve been also thinking
about how to provide more

tools for all of the
creators to manage their

branded-content campaigns.

And that’s what I’m here
to talk to you about today.

In the past few years,

we’ve seen tremendous growth
in brand-sponsored content,

and we’ve been investing in
tools and features to enable

better experience and more transparent,

like a system for creators,
brands, and viewers.

So today I’m here to introduce
you to a new bundle of

features that we’re
beginning to roll to creators

in YouTube Partner program,

which is called a Media Kit.

With this launch,
creators will receive new

audience-planning tools
to help effectively pitch

themselves to brands and other
partnership by creating a

shareable summary that gives
advertisers deeper insights

into a creator’s audience.

Go to your monetization tab

and click the Brand Connect link.

The dashboard will become
available as soon as you sign up

and accept terms and conditions.

The Media Kit link will be available

in your Brand Connect dashboard.

Let’s walk through it.

When you open your Media Kit,

you will find your channel data,

banner, bio, key stats, and demographics

from YouTube analytics.

We collected this data in
one place so that you don’t

have to compile it by yourself anymore.

By the way, your bio is
customizable and doesn’t affect

your public bio on the channel page.

On the right, you will see paid product

placement campaign videos,

if you marked any of
your videos previously,

and featured videos that you
can customize to showcase

the best of your work.

Contact information and
social media handles,

as well as when the report was generated,

are displayed in the footer so that brands

can connect with you.

The Media Kit will also provide
audience information that

wasn’t shown in the YouTube Studio before.

Audience and shopping interests
are collected from your

viewers’ activity on YouTube
in an aggregated way.

Audience Segments are made
up of groups of people with

specific interests and interns
as estimated by Google.

This unique data is so
helpful to advertisers

because it ensures they are
reaching the right audiences

by working with you.

Interest Level shows the strengths of an

audiences’ interests in
comparison with viewers

across YouTube,

and Audience Share shows
the popularity of the topic

and how big the share of
that audience in the channel.

Cards can be edited to help
creators highlight aspects of

their channel likely to
appeal to various brands.

Just click the three-dot menu at the top,

at the top of the card,

and select the most relevant
categories for your pitch.

Creators will also have the
ability to download Media Kit

reports via PDF to
easily share with brands.

Soon as it will be possible to
add and remove cards as well.

We’re rolling out media
kits slowly, selecting,

starting to select
eligible creators in the US

and on desktop only.

We will continue to allow
this feature to creators

outside of the US as we expand.

And we’re planning on adding
more features to Media Kit,

but wanted to give Insiders
a sneak peek first.

So leave your feedback
in the comments below,

and keep a trail.


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