Shorts Fund Expansion, Green Screen Launch and YOUR Questions!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with updates about Shorts including expansion of the Shorts Fund, a new feature called Green Screen and your questions.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:12 YouTube Shorts Fund Expansion
0:55 YouTube Shorts Eligibility Reminders
1:46 Green Screen Expansion
2:08 How does the Shorts recommendation system choose which videos to promote?
2:51 Can you add a custom thumbnail to Shorts?

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=================== text video ====================

hello insiders we’re back with our third

shorts ama and today we want to cover

the expansion of the shorts fund launch

of a new feature called green screen as

well as answer some of the top

frequently asked questions if you

remember as our first step in building a

long-term monetization program for

shorts we started the youtube shorts

fund we’re excited to announce that

we’re expanding eligibility to over 30

new countries now creators over 40

different countries will be eligible for

a shorts fund bonus beginning in october

you can find the full list of eligible

countries in our help center which we’ll

link down below to qualify for a shorts

fund payment in october creators from

newly eligible countries will have their

channels september shorts performance

counted we’ll be sending out

notifications to all qualifying creators

to claim their bonus payment in the

second week of october whether you’re

new to the youtube shorts fund or have

been participating in each month some

important tips to keep in mind channels

don’t need to be in the youtube partner

program to qualify all your shorts count

towards your shorts performance each

month not just the month they were

uploaded the channel is uploading

non-original content videos re-uploaded

from other channels and videos with

watermarks or logos from third party

social platforms will not be eligible

shorts fund bonuses are awarded every

month you will need to claim your bonus

by the 25th of each month or the bonus

may expire eligibility also refreshes

every month so even if you don’t qualify

one month you might qualify the next

we’ll leave a link to all the

eligibility criteria and how to qualify

below we’re still working to expand the

shorts fund to even more countries in

the coming months so even if you aren’t

located in one of the countries that we

added today keep creating and stay tuned

for future announcements the second

thing i want to talk about is the

expansion for a short feature that we’ve

been experimenting with called green


as a refresher this feature allows you

to add a photo from your device’s

gallery and use it as the background of

your short this feature is now broadly

available in ios will keep you posted on

android updates moving on to a few

frequently asked questions starting with

how does the shorts recommendation

system choose what videos to promote the

shorts recommendation systems goal is to

match viewers with content they will

love and find valuable when viewers

scroll their shorts feed our systems

include videos based on many different

signals personal to each user such as

watched history videos from channels

they follow

videos watched by similar viewers and

more remember you can click the three

dot menu in the shorts player to send

feedback and report videos these videos

are then ranked based on their

performance and relevance to that

individual viewer how many impressions

your videos get is based on how your

video ranks against all other shorts

that a user may watch and how many

videos that viewer watched from their

feed the second question that we get

asked is can you add a custom thumbnail

for a short

at this time it’s not possible to add

custom thumbnails that will show on

short surfaces we’ll keep you posted on

updates as we have more details to share

that’s it for this edition of our short

cma keep your questions coming in the

comments below and we’ll be back to

answer more next month keep it real


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