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0:00 | Intro
0:18 | Shorts Analytics in the YouTube App
0:42 | Live Control Room Permissions
1:14 | Susan’s Letter to the YouTube Community
1:34 | New Audience Specific Forums

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=================== text video ====================

are you rolling

hey creators i’m daniel and i’m back

with the first roundup of the year you

know the drill if you want any more info

check out the links in the description

let’s do this

great news for anyone that has or wants

to create youtube shorts go create them

now you can check out stats in the

youtube app you can see stuff like views

watch time subscribers and more tap the

analytics button in the shorts player to

jump in if you ever want a deeper dive

on analytics be sure to check out the

youtube studio mobile app we’ve linked

that app and a video if you need an

overview of what’s available

we know running a successful live stream

can often involve multiple people behind

the scenes so we’ve recently added the

ability to grant live control room

access directly from youtube studio

anyone with manager or editor roles can

now help moderate chat from directly

within the live control room as well as

schedule start or stop live streams

anyone with a viewer permission can

monitor live stream analytics and data

in live control room but won’t have

access to stream keys and won’t be able

to manage live stream settings

last month our ceo susan shared her

annual letter with a youtube community

in the letter susan outlined what

matters most to youtube in 2022 like

growing our creator ecosystem investing

in youtube shorts and protecting the

youtube community check out her video

letter below for all the deets

we share a lot of features and updates

in our community forums and we want to

make sure that you see what matters most

to you to make finding updates easier

we’re introducing a new audience

specific forum threads which covers

topics like ypp creators gaming creators

shorts and viewers when you’re browsing

any of these forums make sure to hit

that subscribe button to get updates

delivered right to your inbox and that’s

it for this month don’t forget to hit

the subscribe button if you want more

videos like this and we’ll see you next

time bye




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