Reuse Details from Previous Videos, Experiment Results- Video Rank, and Membership Tab Improvements!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re talking about more YTA features on Studio Mobile, a new feature that allows you to reuse details from a previous videos in the upload flow, Memberships tab improvements, and the results from an experiment we recently ran.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:04 [Launch] YouTube Analytics Mobile Parity: Channel Overview
0:34 [Experiment Results] Removing Ranking in Studio
1:35 [Launch] Reuse Details from Previous Videos
2:25 [Launch] Memberships Management Tab



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=================== text video ====================

what’s up insiders welcome back to the

news flash let’s get into this week’s

updates first up let’s jump into another

update about our analytics mobile party


this time we’re bringing more channel

performance insights previously only

available on desktop

to studio mobile

this includes last 28 days views


weekly views performance only for

channels that have regular weekly


as well as monthly performance in the

areas of views subscribers and revenue

let us know if you’ve any feedback in

the comments below next up let’s discuss

some experiment results from the

snapshot card experiment

now if you remember we discussed in a

previous news flash that we were running

this experiment where for some of you we

wouldn’t show the rankings anymore

our goal was to reduce the stress some

feel being reminded of their performance

too often

now this experiment was successful

because we got an awful lot of feedback

and the feedback shows that some

creators perceived the card very

differently from others

some found that it was more difficult to

assess their performance without the

rankings and others felt we didn’t go

far enough to reduce stress now thanks

to your feedback we realized we weren’t

solving the problem for either group of

creators and clearly there’s more work

to be done here

for those of you who are in the

experiment we’re reintroducing the

ranking to the latest video performance

and we’re also including the typical

performance indicator as used in the

experiment since so many creators found

that useful next up let’s discuss a

launch that will allow you to reuse

details from previous uploads

we’re really excited to announce the

ability to reuse details from previous

uploads for new uploads within the

upload flow on desktop for example

titles or descriptions

what we’re hoping is that this will save

you time because of the fact that you

won’t have to recreate

settings within the upload flow or

recreate the same kind of metadata that

you’ve used on previous videos you can

also copy and make edits to the metadata

for example in the title and description

if you’d like

now while you already have upload

defaults this is different because it

allows you to reuse different versions

rather than have one set template as

ever if you have feedback for us leave

it in the comments below next up let’s

discuss a launch specific to memberships

what this involves is a new memberships

tab in studio which will sit under the

monetization tab now this new version

includes all of the same information

that you were provided with before such

as total member account and monthly

revenue along with some new data and

tools to help manage performance now i

hear you ask what’s cool about this well

let me give you three things

the first is creators can now view the

number of members over time

they can also compare these new metrics

against those from the previous billing

period to further enhance tracking


and finally we’ll show creators

cancellation feedback from members who

chose to cancel so that creators can

better understand why that cancellation

decision was made as ever leave us

feedback in the comments below we’d love

to hear what you think that’s it for

this week’s news flash from the creators

of youtube to youtube creators it’s been

a pleasure and we’ll see you next week