Request a refund for a YouTube Premium membership

In this video, we’ll give you an overview of how to request a refund for our YouTube Premium memberships. This video will not cover the refund process for YouTube purchases made on Apple devices, you’ll need to get in touch with Apple support to request a refund.

Request a refund:
Get in touch with YouTube Support:
File a claim:
Learn about refunds on Google Play:
Apple Support:

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YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium
are membership services

we offer to amplify
your experience on YouTube.

To request a refund
for either of these memberships

first, go to

or click the ‘Request a refund’ button
in our Help Center.

The ‘Request a refund’ button
will take you to a page

listing your premium memberships.

Then, click ‘Continue’
to process your refund request.

Then, select your reason
for requesting a refund.

Finally, tap ‘Request refund’
to complete the process.

Refunds are not available
for partially used annual plans.

If you purchased an annual plan
and need to cancel it

get in touch with YouTube Support.

If you want to report a fraudulent transaction

file a claim
using the link in the description.

Refunds from YouTube are returned
to the payment method

used to make the original purchase.

Refunds take different amounts of time
depending on how you paid.

If your refund takes longer than expected,
check your refund status

on your Google Payments account.

If the status is ‘Refunded’
you’ll find a credit on your form of payment.

If the status is ‘Canceled,’
the order was not charged

and you will not find a credit
on your form of payment.

To learn more
about requesting refunds on YouTube

check out the links
in the description of this video.

Thank you for watching.


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