Real Advice for Small YouTubers | Revealing the YouTube Algorithm + June YouTube Channel Reviews

How to Grow a YouTube Channel and Understand the YouTube Algorithm as a Small YouTuber. June YouTube Channel Review Details/Rules (below) 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


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Small YouTubers Often Ask Me How to Grow a YouTube Channel or Ask for Just One Tip to Grow on YouTube that would help their channel.

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and we are live hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today uh so first of all this is a sunday stream so happy father’s day to everybody here on sunday and today is going to be a couple of things we’re going to start off with some advice for small youtubers give you guys some really good replay value so we’re going to talk about things that you need to know about the youtube algorithm as a small youtuber kicking this off and i have a special guest then we’re going to get into channel reviews a little bit later if you’re watching this live so if you’re watching the replay uh we’re going to try and do time stamps for you for those of you watching live on youtube uh and you want a channel review you have to follow the rules that are in the description down below i’ve also pinned the comment reminding you that there are rules down below with regard to channel reviews so with that said let’s go ahead and jump into today’s youtube live stream if you are watching this whether it’s the replay or whether you’re here with us live please share out the stream this stream is actually brought to you by two sponsors two amazing sponsors stream yard the easiest streaming solution that there ever is ever was or probably ever will be it’s letting us stream right now to youtube facebook facebook groups linkedin live and twitter all at once it’s also going to allow me to easily bring in my special guest without anything to download the best part is it’s free for you to try right now with a lot of the features you can use the simulcasting and the feature for bringing in guest completely free just go to go slash stream yard or use the link in the description down below stream is also brought to you by tubebuddy i believe tubebuddy to be the number one tool for youtubers both in terms of productivity and in terms of optimizing your youtube videos and getting amazing data it also can help you better understand your youtube channel so make sure you’re checking out tubebuddy also for free in the description down below so check out our wonderful sponsors and now on with the show joining me today is my boy your boy viper the man about tech viper welcome back to the program ready to help some small youtubers you know funny you should ask me that question i already wrote i today but uh yeah no you all always appreciate viper as do i and i think it’s important here to have somebody who still is i mean i i have other youtube channels but again i’m not a small youtuber i have a lot of experience i’ve grown the channel to 500 000 subscribers but viper is no stranger to youtube and no stranger to helping smaller youtubers new content creators he’s actually inspired a lot of people to start their youtube channel their youtube journey we were just talking about our friend oscar who recently jumped into youtube there’s a couple of other people from the clubhouse gang that jumped into youtube because of you viper not because of me but because of you so being a small youtuber you could still influence and inspire other people you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers no doubt man hey as long as you are willing to put yourself out there and tell your truth you be deprived how many people will back you up on as long as you’re being true to people and right by uh doing right by people i should say uh people will support you no matter what your sub count is though yeah it’s like you always have the opportunity if you put yourself out there to build an audience so first of all i want to welcome uh lln carolinas uh to the membership welcome to the awesome squad and i believe they also just dropped a 25 super chat so that’s what’s up and they say can’t wait to meet you at people at video in albany yes i will be speaking at people with video in albany and i will be speaking at vids summit this year we’re back to in-person events viper can you feel it yes not only fascinating but the man about tech himself for the first time in three years the viper is coming back to this coming year baby we go yeah yeah no we’re back we’re back uh like hey not only are we back america’s back america’s back yeah america’s back can you all feel that by the way i’m actually genuinely excited about that like i feel it america’s back we’re gonna build it yeah anyway uh yeah i can’t wait to meet you as well uh it says excited to be a new channel member and improve content strategy also business around youtube yeah absolutely so um lln carolina’s also let me know if you wanted a channel review so that we can put you in the queue for that so just let me know in the chat and mods stay on top of me with that i want to say a big shout out to all of our mods and all of our frequent viewers and supporters and then we also have another quick super chat here viper but while i’m getting to these oh actually creator wizard thank you for the 30 super chat again let me know if wow we got these super chats coming in back to back wow yes thank you everybody man i appreciate everything that you do man thank you elizabeth chronicles yeah um for those of you who just submitted the super chats okay i’m confirming these were also for reviews so let me uh just make sure that those are in the queue and i’ll make a quick note here but viper tell me something yeah by the way jeff uh thank you for the 10 super chat jeff you have an invite right now to actually be on the stream we’ve invited you back to help uh smaller channels and to do some reviews here so yeah everybody yeah so jeff check your dms over in twitter jeff you’ve been invited you’ve been summoned to the program you’ve been summoned to the stage jeff so we have been coming yeah so we need we need uh el jefe reviews on deck to really get this going but viper while i’m taking notes here on all these uh channels review submissions and these generous super chats um again rules for that in the description down below please read the description uh while i’m doing that viper let me ask you something you’ve had some ups and downs with the youtube algorithm what are your thoughts as a small creator about how important it is to benefit from the youtube algorithm and if people feel they aren’t what can they do i know this one is like touchy for you the youtube algorithm i wouldn’t think about that but um here’s the thing people think about the algorithm like it’s some grand like robot and in a way it is but i think what’s the more important thing to realize about the youtube algorithm is that it is a measurement of human activity of the viewer activity on your channel your videos whatever you’re doing on youtube so the algorithm is a direct reflection of how people are responding to your videos so if there’s something going on with their with your data that you don’t like it’s up to you to go look into your analytics and see what’s happening you got audience retention grab you’ve got average view duration you got obviously you got the view counts and all that stuff so you can use all of this information that is simply at your fingertips in the creator studio to figure out what’s happening with your videos with your channel and then you could take that information and use it to make adjustments and tailor your content better towards your target audience but the algorithm is literally nothing more than a measurement of your behavior to your content so if you think about it like that you might you might have a different perspective about how the algorithm is reacting to what you’re putting out on the platform i absolutely agree with that viper i really do like i think that people get very very caught up in the youtube algorithm so one of the things i want to do is i want to kind of explain the youtube algorithm to smaller creators and to smaller channels because one of the things that happens is i don’t think people understand what the algorithm is the algorithm is actually not there to find an audience for your uh videos because we are creators so we always think that youtube should put creators first youtube puts viewers first and so should we as creators be without viewers none of this is possible so viewers always come first and when you understand that that’s youtube stance you also realize that you as a creator should be in line with that things things change a little bit so like do you agree with me viper that the audience the viewer has to come first when it comes to all things youtube that the viewer comes first not content creators oh absolutely i think it’s all the time like creators talk about how they want to make what they want to make and this that and the other and then they complain when they don’t get the views that they feel like they should get on their content but what they fail to realize as you just highlight it is that it’s all about the audience first you have to figure out what the audience wants from you and then provide more of that because at the end of the day the most important relationship you have as a creator is with your audience you have to appease the audience um it’s not about what you want it’s about what the audience wants from you it’s not even about what the algorithm wants because again the odd the algorithm is hunting the audience the algorithm is only there to do the following it’s there to give me the viewer what i want to watch that’s going to keep me on youtube as long as possible when you realize that everything else opens up when you realize that harsh harsh truth everything is on the table viper primary example what i want to make is not always what people want to watch harshest truth there is to being a content creator harsh is truth and people have also become obsessed with subscribers and i understand why and subscribers matter to get your first 100 to get your channel url 1000 get monetized and 10 000 to unlock all the features and sure 100 000 if you want a play button if you want a trophy however i know people disagree with this i know small youtubers disagree with this but you’ve been around viper you have 5 000 subscribers you know subscribers do not necessarily help you get more views they might help with the initial upload of a video but not by much because you and i both know and i’m going to prove this in analytics by the way so i’m not just going to talk out of my butt i’m going to show you guys real data behind a 500 subscribe channel and i’m going to show you some real data analytics on one of my smaller channels and i’m going to make a point so yesterday uh it was brought to my attention that even though i have five thousand subscribers only i think uh a handful maybe like two or three of my last ten videos even have a thousand views so um yeah actually that’s a that’s not a bad ratio though you know why pewdiepie has a 100 million more than 100 million subscribers he hasn’t cracked 5 million views on an upload in months and that’s not me ragging on pewdiepie that’s me making a point about the algorithm the algorithm and the subscriber count it does not matter and is not a direct correlation of your views there are channels out there with three million subscribers it does not matter their channels out there with millions of subscribers that don’t crack a million views on on an upload and it’s fine again there are people out there ragging on youtubers that have like 5 million subs for not breaking 500k views pewdiepie has a million so 100 million subscribers and doesn’t crack 5 million views but no one rags on because he’s getting over a million views every upload but and i’m not saying you should rag on anybody for their views what you want to make is not always what people want to watch having subscribers does not matter guys you some of you subscribe the ones of you watching right now the ones of you watching right now are the audience that subscribed for youtube help stuff and youtube tips and people hoping to get a channel review that’s who’s watching this video right now that’s who’s live right now with us but guess what there’s also a lot of people that aren’t liveless right now because they take sundays off and they enjoy sundays with their family and today is also father’s day so there’s a lot of people not watching right now i’m not gonna i have no business taking that personally here’s the thing there are people who subscribe to me viper specifically for entrepreneurship advice there are people who subscribe to me for make money online content they’re people who subscribe to me for tutorials or video editing in my case i have a diverse enough audience to where there’s no reason that any majority of my subscribers should be watching my videos also people who subscribed to me eight years ago because i’ve been a youtuber a very long time there are hundreds of thousands of people who subscribed to me years ago that probably don’t necessarily need my help anymore so they shouldn’t necessarily be watching because they’ve graduated beyond that there’s so you see what i’m saying subscribers should not be your obsession beyond one the idea that someone who subscribed to you is a supporter so i’m not against subscriber goals i’m against tying any expectations to how many subscribers you have i think outside of saying here are the number of people who will say they stand by my content and support me vouch for me even one time that’s fine pursue that goal expect nothing else from it in terms of any of your other stats it has no bearing or relationship on any of your other stats it sits there by itself and that’s it not to mention the fact that youtube doesn’t even send your videos out to all your subscribers anyway i can prove that i can prove that with i can prove that i literally can prove that not only on this channel because people can say what they want but i have a channel with a thousand subscribers i have a music channel so it has nothing to do with personality has nothing to do with people being tired of the creator none of that a music channel is probably the most objective measurement of how youtube works to be on or not even just a music channel but like a faceless channel but i say a music channel because there’s no personality nobody worrying about how your voice sounds it’s just nothing but a raw real data-driven thing there’s nothing to get personally attached to a creator around a music channel like if it’s just uh instrumental music no singing no vocals none of that that’s why i’m saying i have a pure data driven thing that i can use to deconstruct youtube for you as a small youtuber so we’re not just out here spinning antidotes but i want to get to these super chats colt wheeler’s country guitar 25 super chat hey roberto thanks for all you do for this community and everyone else trying to grow on youtube my channel is based around country guitar lessons and teaching folks how to break into this playing style thanks in advance all right so i think that that’s definitely a review thank you for that appreciate you jeff are you coming through uh jeff is cooking dinner he’s talking about oh okay i don’t think he’s gonna be coming through then i did also invite andrew ken i don’t know if he’s busy though so i don’t even think beginning creators should focus on the algorithm by the way i think beginning creators should really figure out um no a lot of other things first i think one of the first things they should figure out is who their audience is and i also think that beginning creators should worry more about finding their voice yeah there you go i mean i would i would say that’s more important than even trying to figure out who their audience is when you’re first starting out on youtube you really shouldn’t be focused on all the crazy stuff that bigger creators are focused on when you’re first starting out you need to get comfortable in front of a camera or if you’re or if you’re facing the channel that’s another matter entirely but i think a lot of people these days are in front of the camera so that’s like that’s like job number one as a new creator felt like roberto said you got to find your voice figure out what makes you most comfortable on camera because that lends itself to the authenticity that and the connection that you will make between you and the audience and how you present your content on camera so before you worry about subscriber count or view count or the algorithm develop a style develop a a a a habit a routine of things that make you comfortable on camera figure out how to get better each and every time you get on camera like i always tell people as long as you’re better than your last video you are winning don’t compare yourself to your favorite don’t compare yourself to your favorite creator because that’s asinine and they’ve been doing it for years you’ve been doing it for a day don’t do that just be better than your last video the rest will take care of itself pretty much i mean pretty much that’s like again i know people think that that’s a platitude but it’s very real that you just have to focus on the craft itself i mean you have to think of it like in my mind i keep saying think of it like a sport right you you you sit there and you have to this is something you’ve never done before why would you be good at it so like my thing my weird thing is why would anybody be good at something that they’ve never done before that’s a really weird expectation to have right the first year you’ve ever done something in your life why would you be good at it and why would you be good enough at it to expect that you’re going to be wildly successful or equally successful to people who’ve been doing it for years and years and years when you’re still a rookie it makes no reasonable sense you get what i’m saying it’s an unfair expectation a creator puts on themselves is really where i’m going with that yeah um so we got mike mike thomas michael what’s up hi roberto and viper love everything you guys do hope you’re having a great day we are so far and i’ve been on youtube for six months and i’d love a review my subs haven’t grown in a month but my views have improved take care guys yeah that’s another thing so every piece of youtube there’s like a different uh mechanism that is tied to it if you’re trying to measure it with the analytics and think a little bit about the algorithm because the thing that we have to realize is that the youtube algorithm everybody keeps saying it’s a black box and it kind of is if you want to be very technical about it but it has clues called youtube analytics where they tell us what they’re measuring and if you know what they’re measuring then they tell us the secret of what is youtube want from us because when people say well what’s the youtube like algorithm or they want to understand the algorithm what they’re really trying to say is what does it take to be successful on youtube and what does it take to get uh things seen and what does it take for youtube to start promoting my content to people and ultimately if we’re putting our audience first and we understand who our audience is and we also understand what’s authentic to us but we also understand out of everything that is authentic to us and when we’ve learned to express ourselves okay but what will people watch that’s important and sometimes you have to ask yourself well am i also the viewer that i’m trying to reach because you know and how big is that audience potentially like who am i trying to talk to because you know if you go in and you look at it like anything else in life if you look at as a conversation you’re trying to have are you going to be able to walk up to somebody and what’s your capacity to make them interested in something they don’t already care about that’s very difficult to do but if you walk up to somebody and you see that they’re wearing like a knicks jersey you already know you can talk to them about basketball you know right you already know a team that they support because there’s a clue so my thing is a lot of people they want to build an audience but they’re not even looking for a clue as to what audience they should be talking to and what they’re interested in invested in you get what i’m saying oh i get it man i get it yeah again i think a lot of new creators are focused on too many things instead of focusing on just a few things that will help you become a better creator and make it content because or even just one thing at a time yeah there you go one thing at a time everybody that’s how everything in life is one thing at a time uh skip x 20 super chat your tips have been amazing and changing my perspective how i look at youtube thank you so much all right so that’s a good uh startup round there in the super chats viper i’m gonna bring up something and i want your like your opinion so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna share something that people rarely see um so for me that’s gonna be uh this is gonna be one of my other channels here this is my music channel this is the uh zen buster music channel right um thank you elizabeth um oh and thank you james appreciate you but yeah viper so this is uh the zenbuster music channel so this has a thousand subscribers this is a real small youtuber like channel and like i want to show people something super super interesting on this so for one thing i’m going to show you guys the lifetime analytics of this channel because it’s about six months now and you’ll see this channel has 4 000 hours of watch time this is going to become important later another monetization side because this is goals for a lot of y’all i have 3 000 hours of public watch hours the other the other thousand that hits the 4 000 is because i’m running a 24 hour live stream so my lifetime subscribers on this channel is the sorry my lifetime subscribers is 1 000 and my lifetime watch time is the 4 000 hours so this is what people are shooting for viper and this channel i started uploading to this channel pretty much january of this year so uh this is a new channel because if i go uh 2021 you can see here this is where i started uploading so i started this in january uh but i’m not as consistent as i might like which plays a role here but i want to show you something so this channel has a thousand uh subscribers i want to show you that for all of 2021 that basically most of this channel’s viewership and watch time has come from non-subscribers and this is a 1 000 subscriber channel this is a small channel most of it non-subscribers and this is a music channel so music channels there’s no oh i’m tired of you there’s no there’s none of the things people come up with for why um something does or doesn’t perform you have what i’m saying look at um and let’s even look at the last uh 90 days right subscribers reach by notifications even in the last 90 days it’s not a lot like let’s look at last 28 days and i did do a recent upload so bell notifications bell notifications are not doing much for us and again ratios here so let’s let’s look at something super interesting i’m going to take you to a video because um here’s the here’s the like uh punch line this channel has a thousand subscribers people think subscribers matter so much right here’s the punchline viper what if i told you let’s sort by views uh what if i told you looking at the views here the channel has a thousand subscribers there are videos on this channel that have uh over a thousand views so i you can have you have to be able to reach beyond your subscribers there’s a video here that the youtube algorithm picked up that has their almost 14 000 views viper it’s responsible for like a fourth of the watch time on this channel or something something crazy like that right there’s no way that this is dependent on how many subscribers i have so what happened well this shows you youtube promoting a video and you can see it has nothing to do with subscribers in this case it came from suggested videos so it matched it to other content based on what people were listening to in the music genre okay and see youtube is telling us the secret here youtube cares about watch time more than it cares about anything else it cares about watch time more than it cares about anything else to get watch time we have to get people to click on a video so it measures our click-through rate right and it’s distributing our video the only time you know that youtube isn’t pushing your content is if you do this toggle that i’m doing here and if you look at impressions and then when you’re not getting impressions that’s when youtube isn’t really helping your videos when you’re not getting impressions but you’ll notice something youtube on its own is finding times to give this video more impressions without me really doing anything so that’s how it’s figuring that out it’s figuring this out based on user behavior based on what other people are watching and things like that subscribership has not helped this video in any meaningful way and then it cares about um your average view duration because when you combine click-through rate and average view duration that’s how you get watch time how long are people watching your video so this tells you everything you have to do viper this tells you that youtube will find and kind of match you like tinder or bumble or like a dating website to whoever it thinks cares about a video not necessarily people who care about you because it doesn’t care about your who subscribe to what it cares about what people are watching so again it doesn’t matter if people subscribe to you all that matters is what are people willing to give their time to what are people willing to watch and how long do they watch it that’s all that matters youtube will then base who it puts your video in front of based on their previous behavior on youtube their watch history so understanding your audience is all powerful because if you understand what they’ve already been watching and you make content that says gee i already know you care about basketball i already know you care about apple i already know you care about youtube tips i already know you watch nick nimmin or mr b irae know what you care about youtube will say i will give someone more of what they care about so we’ll give them what they’re likely to watch well let’s put this into practical application anybody that’s in this audience right now the last time you went to or you went to youtube on your phone and you clicked on a video if you watched a good chunk of the video or even maybe a minute of the video what happens after you watch the video the algorithm automatically populates with videos that it think you might watch next or might want to watch next doesn’t matter who you are doesn’t matter if you’re on youtube sign up to youtube or not if you watch a particular video and you watched a good amount of that video you’re going to get a whole bunch of videos in the suggested feed under that video of videos that the youtube algorithm thinks that you’re going to watch now this company to play as a creator because inside of the creator studio we actually have access to this information like roberto jensen alluded to we can actually go into the creator studio and see what other videos our audience is watching hell we can even see what channels other channels our audience is watching fast when you it’s telling me yes it’s straight up telling me and telling you what’s going on so when you take that information into consideration then you can kind of formulate a content strategy around what your audience is already watching because like roberto said you know they’re interested in the content because they’ve been watching it already so if you can make content around stuff that they’re already watching there you go for me for me it’s looking at these other music channels and then looking at how they do their thumbnails viper i can go and see where all my traffic was coming from what else people clicked and were watching and then i can see oh this is the type of sound that they vibe with and then also these are the thumbnails that they’ll click on because i got to get people to click on thumbnails that’s the real answer is i had to get people clicking on these thumbnails and again the the what people click on again when they’re given the opportunity these things can be look there’s one point in april where there was like a 26 click-through rate then there’s a seven then there’s a zero then there’s see what i’m saying this is not oh it is like what it is any consistency it this is literally showing you that youtube keeps trying and testing and hunting and so also this tells you do not be discouraged about what happens in the early life span of a video look at this viper like you see what i’m saying do not necessarily always be discouraged by the early lifespan of a video because look at where like things change look at like these ebbs and flows here you know and for all i know something could happen and then this spikes up again it happens like my biggest video with a million views got most of it after six months so let’s go back to what you just said you just said don’t worry about the early uh view view cycle of a video i’ll give you guys a perfect example i am a tech content creator most of my videos are about apple if i make a video right now talking about iowa 15 it’ll get a few bu but it won’t get that many watch what happens if you keep an eye by keeping an eye on that i can talk if i keep an eye on that same video and look at the analytics come september it’ll be completely different from what it is right now because guess what happens in september you all the public release of iowa 15 when people are rushing to youtube to figure out what iowa 15 and bring it to the table and how they can get the most out of it so if i make an ios 15 video right now it’s not going to do much but when it’s september hits people are going to be coming to that video and the views are going to go up so when roberto says don’t worry about how video performing initially that’s what we’re talking about debatable timing the whole video outlook had changed based on timing and i want to bring up another thing because this is a music channel which means again there’s no me interjecting into this and there’s nothing to derive from that so we have objective data 97 more than 97 of the viewership of this and watch time of this came from non-subscribers viper this is 13 000 plus views almost 14 000 plus views on a 1 000 subscriber channel with 97 almost 98 of it non-subscribers so again i understand why people are trying to get subscribers you’re trying to get to a silver gold play button you’re trying to get monetized you’re trying to get this feature trying to get that feature i understand but viewership is what you get paid for in youtube if you’re trying to do that if you’re trying to get some money and even attention subscribers will not get it to you and so by the way any of you trying to do sub for sub or trying to buy subscribers look at this it objectively doesn’t matter the data doesn’t lie in this video you could say well that’s an outlier video roberto because like nothing else on this channel has um thirteen thousand but look at this one with two thousand this is a similar thing first of all uh really good average view duration even though this is like an hour loop it’s music so like take that with a grain of salt but even with this most of the traffic came from suggested videos this is youtube promoting the the video and then in terms of um the audience again 78 from non-subscribers that’s crazy that’s crazy and remember this is a music channel and this is a thing so like uh and then the reach let’s look at the lifetime reach with this this is the secret right here is you you once you start to understand this because again it’s impressions it’s all right how much is youtube serving this video how many opportunities that i get and then the click-through rates and you see the click-through rates go up and up and up down and down down but it’s relative to the impressions so again people are getting served this music because again it’s music so there’s nothing else to judge you know it’s just a matter of will i click on this and then am i feeling it that’s it so largely the thumbnail plays a role here it’s music so the title doesn’t matter beyond the genre of music being lo-fi and that’s uh and the fact that it’s copyright free and that’s it so everything else basically came down and then it didn’t even necessarily drive subscribers we drove 16 subscribers but everything else about this is just objective data of telling us how the youtube algorithm works that’s the real secret here this also tells us there’s other traffic sources so if you can’t rely on the youtube algorithm and you’re not getting hit up by suggested videos or it’s not finding that audience for you your best bet is either to push the content yourself by promoting it to external sources and other social media share it share it share it and get other people to share it share it share it make shareable content or make search friendly content because your only options outside of that is then making sure that you’ve set your content up and optimized it in some kind of way to where if youtube puts it in front of somebody is putting in front of the right person you don’t want that to just put your thing in front of anybody because it doesn’t help you if they don’t click on it where’s the other problem people just want their videos to get hit up by anybody but if people dip out of that video it doesn’t help you yep because youtube showed us youtube shows us that what it cares about is watch time that’s why it’s at the bottom of this funnel the top thing is impressions that’s opportunity the watch time is the outcome and that’s the outcome youtube is seeking from us youtube what youtube and youtube’s algorithm wants from us viper is it wants us to keep people on youtube that’s it it wants us to keep bp on youtube and it wants us to make what people are willing to watch which means we have to get their click we have to get their click and we do that based on what they will give their attention to so that’s not a matter of quality just yet is it viper no it’s about interest and attention so that comes down to you better know your audience you better know the culture of your audience because you can’t get the click any other way right yep do your research baby it’s all about that man it’s all about so like i mean in a nutshell do you feel like that kind of like breaks down like the algorithm for anybody that’s confused about things is that we got to get their um like we got to get their click and to do that we got to know what they care about and we got we probably shouldn’t assume it’s us probably shouldn’t assume it’s us you know what i’m saying you know you know the sad thing is that we say all this stuff but people will still hone in on the vanity metrics and not pay attention to what we’re saying but what we’re saying is literal gold if you give pay attention to your analytic and pay attention to what’s happening around you and your faith that is how you get views on youtube you just gotta pay attention to what’s going on you gotta get that topic right cause you gotta know your audience you gotta get a title that there that says hey that’s for me that’s for me you gotta get a thumbnail that gets their attention so the title is about what am i interested in and the thumbnail is about what is my attention that’s how we communicate the topic so your title and your thumbnail communicate what the topic is about also understand your audience is about timing the market it’s about timing so it’s topic title thumbnail timing right after that that’s when we get into quality and quantity and you need both of them you need your quality because if nothing else quality is a good reason to share a video viper like feeling that quality is a good reason to share a video if nothing else the other thing is quality represents what you can offer and value to brands a lot of time and then quality will get people talking about you and so that’s also good for your reputation so quality content does matter i’m not saying it doesn’t but i’m telling you that that’s not what gets you clicks from a random person who doesn’t know who you are because they’ve never seen your quality they don’t know they don’t know it’s just like a stranger a stranger doesn’t know you but what they can do is they can take a glance at you look you up and down and like they’re gonna make a judgment call and you got to know that that’s how the youtube game is too they’re going to take a glance and be like [Music] and they’re going to swipe left or swipe right like aka they’re going to click or they’re not going to click then you got to hold that attention you get that attention you got to hold it that’s average view duration that’s finishing a video that’s watching another video that’s where quantity matters because remember what we said the more content somebody watches from you the more likely you’re going to get impressions and show up on their youtube home page and on that sidebar when they watch other videos that’s where your suggested is going to come from that’s where your home page views are going to come down and that’s where all the views are so you’ve got to understand that viewer behavior runs this whole platform literally yeah we got all access construction out here put some work in since last audit in february tell me what you think been following since uh near day one all right appreciate you so we’re gonna put you in the queue here but viper what you got for me what the viper have for you i mean i know you got some thoughts i mean we’ve been we’ve been i mean listen we have been doing these live streams since 2020 okay this is not our first rodeo we have come on this channel multiple times over and dropped the goods to you all over and over and over again but i’m gonna tell you the same thing i tell the people in clubhouse and things like that it’s not enough to just listen to what we’re saying at the end of the day you have to go to your channel and execute on the things that you learned from these live streams because if you don’t do nothing but listen to what we say then we’re not really helping you or you’re not helping yourself really because you’re not executing on what you’ve learned so if more than just listening to me and roberto tell you about the youtube algorithm and my views and all this other jazz you got to put in the work you got to go to your channel and figure out what’s working for you what’s happening around your niche what’s happening with your target audience and then go make the content that will bring your target audience in you got to go put in the work it doesn’t matter what anybody says it doesn’t matter what roberto says it doesn’t matter what viper says it doesn’t matter what nickname it says it doesn’t matter what derral eve is it doesn’t matter what anybody says if you yourself you creator don’t go out there and put in the word to see the results nothing matters because the work is all that matters you gotta go put in the work indeed it really does and by the way understand that it’s not a matter of doing it right or doing it wrong it’s a matter of how effective you’re doing it because by the way just knowing all of this isn’t enough because even i can still ultimately like not execute perfectly and there’s a lot of reasons for that sometimes you’re doing what you want to do and you say okay screw it because you want to do what you want to do but what you have to do is if you’re going to do that you just accept that maybe you’re going to get less views and that’s perfectly fine viper you’re going through a cycle of that right now something like that yeah retro completionist said just wanted to say thank you for advice when you looked at my channel i took all your advice change everything up how to uh how do you recommend i should thank you for everything look you just did man i appreciate it um appreciate the super chat and you know just knowing that it’s making a difference and that you’re moving in the right direction that feels great to me so somebody in the chat said obviously viper and you can say obviously viper but you’d be surprised how many people would just keep coming back and listening to this stuff and not doing anything for whatever reason a majority right and then some some of y’all got analysis paralysis like y’all want to analyze every single solitary thing that could go wrong instead of just getting out there and putting out the content because a lot of this is on the job training meaning that it doesn’t matter what me and roberto say you have to go in there and learn this stuff for yourself you have to go into your analytics and figure out what’s happening on your channel and why it’s happening and what you can do to change that we can’t teach you guys you have to go in there and do that yourself you have to figure that out yourself we can guide you we can kind of help you along the way but ultimately youtube is literally on the job training you got to go out there and figure it out nobody’s going to do that for you but you indeed uh i’m going to see if roger wants to join us roger oh roger was a small youtuber not that you got to get robbed here man roger i’m dropping you i’m dropping you the link in twitter roger y’all y’all need to y’all need to rock a roger roger owns an entire like it takes a certain this is a small youtuber not too long ago you own an entire niche on youtube the man owns an entire niche on youtube it’s crazy he’s he’s the market leader in his niche roger away feels a beat yeah i know if we can get roger in here bro how did how the hell do you own an entire new smoke broke like no one believed he could uh do it you know that’s the other weird thing that’s the other weird thing um yeah shelly boy got yellow one today uh what chef hey guys would be great to review and watch a review of what chef channel been at this since 2014 still haven’t hit a thousand converter your advice has always been great yeah sometimes by the way you know look sometimes it also it will be like then it’ll feel like that sometimes it will come down to you could be doing this for a very long time because the thing is a lot of people get discouraged viper because they’ve been doing youtube for x amount of time and other people might uh have more views or more subs or feel like they’re making more progress and be like okay we’re all doing the work why am i getting a different it must be luck and it’s like i’m not saying what the chef is saying that by the way at all but i will say that there are people who feel like that it’s not down to luck it’s down to we literally aren’t all doing the same thing we’re not doing the same niche we’re not doing the same channel we’re not doing the same execution we’re not doing the same things period every it’s it’s no different than you could sit there think about it how many of us all went to like the same school or whatever we all didn’t get the same grades now did we we all didn’t get the same outcomes in life now did we so it doesn’t matter if you think that what comes down to a lot of things is again your individual effectiveness and again sometimes it comes down to are you making what people want to watch are you making content for you because the people who grow on youtube they are actively making content for an audience more than they are for themselves so let your boy viper step in here for a minute so comparison is the depth of joy you want to talk about watching people pass you by people that have been on the platform for less time than you and they pass you by you welcome to the life of viper for three and a half years i’ve watched people blow by me on youtube and i know i put it in work and i’ve always wondered like what the hell is going on now me and roberto kind of figured out that there’s some special circumstances going on with my channel so i’m not gonna get into all that but you will literally watch people blow by you on youtube as far as sub and view count that that doesn’t matter like that has nothing to do with your journey you are on your own journey we all like move at our own different speeds on youtube there’s no set like a handbook to get like the maximum amount of views and stuff like there’s no magic potion there’s no overnight appeal that you could take to make your channel blow up it’s just you putting in the work it might be where is a situation where if you have been on youtube for a particular amount of time and you’re feeling like you’re not getting the desired success on youtube guess what there are other platforms out there that you can try and lend your talent did you did you know that um and i know it’s not like it’s not going to be everybody’s um favorite person or whatever but i’ll use um like logan paul as an example logan and jake paul were um small youtubers when they were teenagers and they were failed youtubers they didn’t get anywhere with it but you know what they did was they experimented with a new platform at the time called uh tic toc not tick tock um vine fine vine was the new thing and the thing is they went to vine they succeeded in connecting with an audience breaking out getting attention they were young they were teenagers when they did this they get built massive audiences and what happened they moved those audiences is to uh to youtube same thing for david dobrik and all of the other viners you know whatever you think of these people you can’t ignore the fact that they all as teenagers obviously tried youtube and it didn’t work then they went to another platform and they got big there and then once they had a name for themselves coming to youtube there was expectation there was a desire for whatever they wanted to make at that point sometimes that is ultimately the answer for people there are people right now who are quote unquote unsuccessful youtubers that have gone to clubhouse and have become people’s favorite clubhouse host there are people who youtube wasn’t working they went they built a podcast that was an audio podcast and then they built an audience that demanded that they come to youtube and do a video uh podcast there are people now tick-tockers that are crushing it and now coming to youtube and even some of them doing youtube shorts and it’s working sometimes you have to look at where where you can be most effective build demand reach an audience and then that audience will follow you anywhere and then you have something to work with yeah because again just remember that every one of these algorithms is hunting the audience you know it’s not hunting the creator i love the way you uh you highlight how you can come back to the platform that you’re not getting the success on initially i’m not telling you guys that you should give up on youtube i’m just saying that there are other options out there that you can try your hand at if you want to build an audience and things like that you can always stick with youtube i mean i i’m on a different platform i’m not quitting on youtube but if you can outpace your growth in another platform faster it can accelerate youtube yeah because it will because then you have demand when you start youtube from nothing there’s no demand for you there’s demand for whatever niche you might be in but then you’re also competing in that niche and you’re starting from zero against people who’ve already been there which is not impossible but it is an uphill battle it’s difficult like anything else in life however if you can create an unfair advantage by starting elsewhere and being successful because by the way a lot of successful youtubers had an unfair advantage somewhere else in life before they came to youtube and that is why they won if you’re trying to come to youtube and you have no unfair advantage aka other life skills and experience peter mckinnon of course he was a quote-unquote overnight success in youtube he was a skilled photographer and cinematographer and storyteller making a company a crap ton of money he also was really good at up close magic you want to talk about pressure you want to talk about uh confronting the potential for embarrassment if you mess up an upfront magic trick in the streets you’re done so you someone with that level of confidence charisma talent and skill coming to youtube has an unfair advantage because he didn’t have to learn how to use a camera he didn’t have to learn how to be confident he had to have to learn a lot of things he came to youtube at about 30 years old with more than a decade of skill more than 15 years of holding a camera in his hand that makes sense can you please repeat that last part how long have peter been making uh uh taking pictures of the thing before he came to youtube how long 15 years 15 years so when you think about peter mckinnon the overnight youtube success think about peter mckinnon the guy who had a camera on his hand for 15 years before he came to youtube again there is no such thing as oakland success there is simply the work what happened with peter mckinnon on youtube is that he had been working as a photographer for so long that when he came on youtube what happens and what some of you all will call up well what i would call preparation meeting opportunity he will prepare 15 years of preparation went into getting his shot to be on youtube and then when the opportunity came when he got on youtube to showcase his skill boom he blew up because again he had 15 years of experience to in the back before he had on youtube and now he is the peter mckinnon that you know and love today exactly and this is the thing that i i think gets taken for granted viper is um i think what gets taken for granted is all these things uh ali abdul and again this is maybe not the case for every single youtuber let’s look at um janelle the the van life girl like okay uh who launches their youtube channel with a 30 000 investment because by the way how much do you think that took her to buy and trick out that van plus she basically spent two years in preparation of that because she bought a van tricked it out and then on top of that she lived in in a year a year before she ever came on to youtube so there’s you know i’m saying so like okay two years of prep and a 30 000 investment scotty from strange parts spent i think six months before he made his first youtube video because he had to hunt down all the parts in china to make a custom iphone from scratch and launch his channel with a viral video and he had to learn how to make videos along the way like and learn the all the entire process not everyone has the advantage of free pandemic being access to china the manufacturers this knowledge and skills that like no it was unique who could do that uh mark rober nasa engineer comes to youtube with all his skills and his bag of tricks to make weird things that no one can compete with you get what i’m saying there is an unfair um advantage that people have if they’re going to succeed at a speed that is that insanely uncommon you get you get what i’m saying my only question is is it really unfair if they put in the years of training it’s just called an unfair advantage because it’s what really should be called as an uncom an uncommon advantage but people say it’s unfair because they don’t have it i’m just using the popular phrasing of here like i because i like the expectation that life should be fair in the first place is ridiculous to me like when has that ever been true like what what version of the universe have you been living in yeah i remember that shelly uh peter mckinnon when he was at vidcon three years ago he talked about his overnight story and yeah he said 10 years before the night before yep yeah it’s always it’s largely the case it’s largely the case for a lot of people and and so that’s why also sometimes i know that everyone’s obsessed with this notion of luck and i know that a lot of humble people like to say luck but i don’t really believe in it because opportunity we’ve talked about this opportunity is meaningless without action opportunity you can talk about all well what about these people getting this opportunity opportunity if you don’t pull the trigger if you don’t do anything about it it doesn’t matter if i literally pluck your soulmate out of the universe and put them in front of you and you don’t shoot your shot i wasted my time giving you all the luck in the universe didn’t i if i if i literally pluck your soul mate out of whatever era in time and you don’t shoot your shot it don’t matter i all the luck all the blessings of the universe have been wasted on you wasted perch it’s like it’s a it’s a it’s a straight up fact man like i mean so whatever people want to say i understand that there are elements outside of your control i understand serendipity and i i believe in that i also just feel like your own action is usually ultimately the way you react to things you may not control what happens but you do control how you respond to it and i just believe that your response matters a lot more than being given the opportunity because you could still opportunity is not a guarantee of an outcome it’s just an opportunity you can screw it up you can fail we’ve all been given the same platform as the most successful people in the world now it doesn’t necessarily mean we will get what they get by the way i’m falling here by the way because what i’m doing is i’m plugging all of your channel review super chats i’m plugging you into the thing plugging you into the queue so that i can do them and i’m gonna try i’m gonna try to do them in order i can’t promise they will be in order so i just need anyone who’s super chatted to the super chat and followed the rules i just need anybody to be super patient because what i’m doing it just takes me a long time to plug these in somebody called nine on one tell them we got a fire in hot lantern that needs to be put out or maybe it doesn’t need to be put out throw some for whatever reason and that’s fine and this like no shade no t no shade no t i’m just like i’m just saying that the only thing i understand as someone who didn’t necessarily have advantages that were unearned in any way um like for those of you know my background you know my story you know that it like it i really didn’t have any particular um unearned advantage it’s just that um i see people get so easily discouraged by things that don’t have anything to do with them and they use it as a way of not taking responsibility for the things they absolutely do have a say in and i it breaks my heart because if you focus on what is in your control then you can get a lot further than if you don’t um so let’s let’s take this practically and you put this into a practical application you cannot i don’t care what has happened on the platform with anybody else but anybody that’s listening to the sound of my voice and watching this live stream right now you cannot control how many people subscribe to your youtube channel and you getting completely out of your control what you can control is how many times a week you upload videos how much content you put out in a monthly basis that is what you can control and the quality of the content you’re putting out all of your content you got to stop worrying about what you can’t control and worry more about what you can control because when you worry about what you can control the other stuff kind of falls into place yeah i mean ali abdal is almost at 2 million subscribers he didn’t start out with perfect youtube content you know and that’s the other thing people keep trying to start perfect instead of just starting oh man perfect it’s more important this purpose it’s it’s more important to it’s more important to start than to start perfect i didn’t start perfect i i could make a very good argument for all the reasons i didn’t have the personality to be a youtuber as well man if you ain’t perfection on youtube or a perfect time to do something on youtube you’re gonna be waiting a long time it will never come never not happening it will never come like uh if you wait if you wait for if you wait for perfect it’ll never come i mean it’s just again if you if again if i pluck your soul mate from all of space and time and and like you decide oh i gotta double back and i gotta do everything perfect before i approach them and everything like that i’ve done thrown them back into the time they came from because you should have shot your shot right then and there like you know that’s that’s how it is up missed out that’s how it is yo elizabeth stop it elizabeth it’s a lie perfection is a lie stop trying to be perfect there is no such thing as perfect jim put it out there it’s a lie elizabeth it’s a lie yeah listen i have uploaded over 500 videos to youtube over the past three and a half years there is i have never not once had a perfect video there has not been one video i’ve uploaded where i have not made a single mistake not fluff a single word or anything everybody when he wants to dunk on you you do have videos that have over 10 000 views so you have more views on certain videos than you had subscribers so for anyone wanting to dunk on you because you’re a small youtuber which nobody should be because if you’re a small youtuber i mean what do you like what are you doing oh shelly profession is a lie there’s no such thing as perfect perfection it’s like an illusion it’s a mirage stop trying to be perfect and just be you being you are more important than being perfect remember that shelly do you shelly do you want to come on i wasn’t able to get uh jeff or roger i mean shelly do you want to come on i mean we’re going to get to these reviews by the way i’m just again i’m plugging away uh achilles what am i doing again but yeah um michael thomas i might need you to oh i think it was my auto focus i think it’s just that sometimes if i’m leaning down my hat will get picked up by the focus and i’m wearing glasses so it also uh the autofocus hunts a little bit so it’s it is what it is michael thomas uh i’m having trouble finding your youtube channel uh can you dm me the url over in twitter my twitter is at roberto blake i just need you to dm me the url because uh i can’t find your channel in search which is maybe also a problem on your side uh that might be um hurting you so i need you to do that all right bro we need to uh drop the link to shelly all right shelly wants to come on she can come in for a few okay actually viper can you drop her the link can i yeah i think i can yeah you can give her the invite link through dms uh the one i gave you that’s right just yeah copy and paste please thank you i can do it yeah thank you by the way for everybody being super generous with these uh these super chats uh it is appreciated and it does actually help believe it or not we’re trying to do some things eventually we want to get you clips of the live stream uh so that’s going to be outsourced because i can’t do everything because that’s a bad idea uh roberto ain’t got tom for that but uh you are in the building all right sharia more thank you for this content i’m just gonna put it out there my channel name is sherry albright okay cool uh sherry by the way um we are doing reviews based on the uh rules and stuff down in the comments so if you were hoping for a review um there’s a way to do it in the uh description that is uh specific i also think we have enough um i think we have enough uh stuff for the reviews so i’m going to run this sticker that reviews are now closed captioning not available uh shelly whenever you are ready we’re ready for you i’m just we’re just getting some link king ironed out here oh really the link isn’t working for her well not the one i not the one that i gave her initially but i think i must be able to wrong one all right hopefully i won’t work okay maybe you gave her the last week’s one or something don’t know but dad don’t want your work should be good okay sherry we’re gonna go ahead and do yours just because you generously did another super chat so we will do yours um so thank you for that uh what was her channel name cheryl albright shelley can help us with some of these reviews as well hey y’all better be ready for shelly though but she had no nonsense oh shelley’s gotta cut y’all um good job um okay um sharia more is your um shelly sherry all bro cheryl albright channel is it have 32 videos and is it uh cheryl albright playwright performer singer all that jazz like uh let me know in the uh chat if that’s correct so that i know that i have the right channel yes okay so then this is the right channel okay all right so yeah so that’s it for the super chats uh welcome uh our homie to the stream oh there it is there it is how’s it going shelly shelley wait why can’t i hear her i can’t hear her uh um we can’t we can’t hear you shelly we can’t hear you ooh how about now there we go now we can hear you yes rolling with the home yeah how you guys doing doing all right good all right y’all for real though um like reviews are closed now because i i don’t know that i’m gonna be able to keep up with them if we keep going oh i see how it is shelley you say the creepy wi-fi for roberto street don’t get out no not even actually what’s funny about that is 10 minutes ago i was still offline so i don’t know there’s something going on with comcast they keep continuously trying oh you just said the magic words you said the magic words right there comcast i said it yeah i said what i said yep oh i said when it’s like really what what how’s your sunday going oh it’s going well thank you um went out to breakfast this morning at the original pancake house i don’t know if that’s a chain where y’all are at but so good i love that place there you go yeah that’s good sunday and happy father’s day to anyone out there who is celebrating that appreciate all of the dads out there indeed now keep in mind guys part of the way the channel review stuff that we’re going to do is going to work is we’re going to be looking at your stuff we’re not going to be like digging super into the videos and your production and your editing and some of these things we’re going to be doing a lot of this as briefly as we can at a glance and like really looking more at like uh the health of your channel and getting a sense of that kind of thing and we’re gonna look at things like your titles your thumbnails your branding uh your consistency we’re going to look at those things because also it’s what a viewer is going to see when they even decide if they’re even going to watch anything so just understand that these are going to be short and sweet because uh you know we have a limited amount of time and we want also make this as useful to the viewing audience as possible so just uh keep all those things in mind and here we go so at a glance guys first impressions on this animation channel i like it i like it i like the art style i think the thumbnails are super interesting i do like that they put when they are posting but it’s an but it looks like it’s an art stream channel which means it’s it’s it’s leaning on live streams which is a little difficult i think kind of starting your channel with live streams and long form content when people don’t know who you are what do you think shelley i agree with that i mean it’s difficult to know if you want to invest an hour or two hours into someone when i mean it’s like you don’t walk up to someone and be like hey should we go get married now and you’re like hey maybe we could have some frozen yogurt or go to starbucks first it’s um i mean you’re really asking them into a long-term relationship at the very jump so it’s interesting and i get that live streaming is a way to build up hours and it’s just interactive but for me too unless you’re gonna also be talking to me a lot through that live stream um live streams are a really great way to build and strengthen community but maybe not always to gain it so it’s just an interesting play for starting out your channel that way i agree i also can’t tell if this is a original character if it’s original character it’s much harder i think to also do animation off of the original characters it’s not impossible but the thing is if it’s a animation stream and it’s also um you know looking characters yeah instead of nostalgia like rugrats or you know something that people know exactly or even um pop culture and then it also looks like it’s now also gaming at the same time which again i think it ends up mixing genres and again if this is something done for expression i’m fine with people doing things to express themselves or their art or if they want to showcase this but i also think that you have to be realistic about what expectations you have of gaining a audience but here’s the other cool thing though here’s what i am impressed with first of all i think this person has more artistic talent and ability than i did um and i actually wanted to be an animator when i was a kid um even into young adulthood i wanted to be you know um and phil is saying it’s an art channel and gaming channel i if you want it to be both for now do you i’m just gonna tell you that as a viewer i don’t as a viewer also want i don’t i don’t think as a viewer i’m going to commit to an art and a gaming channel because i think that a viewer can really only realistically commit in their head to i only want one of those things which means when you’re mixing those two different things at least early on the other the problem is i don’t know what i’m getting and then that makes it very hard to click on videos especially when they’re so long so you’re creating barriers i think to new viewership and adoption but here’s what i will say is in your favor because i could also be wrong by the way i could also be wrong it’s happening in the year just once uh what i like is impressive is that phil here has been massively consistent which is the thing i always applaud and they’re being consistent at something with a very high level of difficulty they also have i believe artistic talent and ability and i think what they’re doing is interesting and quirky and i’m always a fan of that i also think that for doing everything that is outside of best practices the fact that in a month’s time with being consistent they’ve managed to get 232 subscribers i find that to personally be impressive a lot of other people wouldn’t be impressed with that but i am because it’s hard to do it’s hard to get 100 subscribers period it’s hard to get 100 subscribers when you’re doing two different completely um polarized things that have no real relationship to each other and it’s also hard to do when you’re doing animation stuff you’re doing it around original characters so like for all of the outlier weirdness that is going on here i think it has some interesting potential and i think it is an attempt at doing something differently and the thing is i would measure its success by conventional youtube metrics i think that if the goal here is to do your art and build community and if you’re experimenting and you like doing both this and the gaming i don’t think long term that that’s a strategy personally because i think those things if you look at the tubers and and people that have animated character channels even if they’re not doing animation but if you look at people like um andrei terbia if you look at a v tuber named nuxtaku if you look what they’re doing like it’s really smart to split off um some things and yes waifu theory has a point there is a channel that does this uh called um bana melon but the thing is those things are largely outliers like those things but you could be an outlier i don’t know i think you need to keep in mind that you’re banking on two different spheres you know a lot of people that like art and a lot of people that like video games and you’re hoping that the intersect between the two is actually going to be a lot but it may not be as big as you think especially when you then throw in unique original art so if you were really going to go after an art slash gaming channel then i would go after like grand theft auto and all of the characters in grand theft auto and making them original art pieces or you know doing different scenes or i would pick a game and i would do animations for that one for a while because you’re taking now these three wildly almost variant things and hoping that you can find some little bit of space in the middle which is hard when no one knows you so now you’ve got video games you’ve got original art and you’ve got uh you know all of this all wrapped into a live stream so that’s a lot to ask of people who have no idea so long yeah and so long it’s just so the replay value is also difficult what i will say though is another angle is to combine original character art with commentary i would do shorts actually also of your finished art and put those out and say something cool either about your art or the game or something and then invite people to also be able to catch the entire live stream because that’s a lot of time to invest in people and they just want to see the before animation lends itself to short form anyway that’s early youtube and now we have youtube shorts and i believe partly youtube shorts was actually even made with the animation community in mind to be very honest with you so i could see that working out really well that’s a really good suggestion shelly i might not have even brought that up so good on you so yeah like someone in the comments says it’s a lot to ask and so again i’m not telling you to do some to not do this because like i said i’m impressed with the fact that you’ve gotten as far as you have pursuing it and it looks like i mean if i sort by your most popular it looks like uh you’ve managed to build community which is ultimately the goal of any content creator and you’ve managed even five days ago to get 200 uh plays on a stream and the thing is i i like what’s going on here when i peek at it when i do the preview so like i could see a path i could see a path for you but i’d like to just like look at where you are six months from now because i think it’s also too early i like what you said about andre though because if you remember a lot of his story times with one he had introduced a character that was very common which was the duck you know even made merch on it but then he was also telling these stories about you know like why i refuse to work with kylie jenner or why i whatever so even if you were to be that person who does the uh the reddit stories like am i the [ __ ] or whatever else type of things while you’re doing art as like a voiceover at least if someone also isn’t caring that much about the art the story was still interesting like why don’t you want to work with kylie jenner what was going on with that and then oh i was entertained by some art oh and they threw in a fun character and so there’s a couple layers there exactly when you’re when you’re newer um i feel like that’s a really good example of he was able to weave in storytelling and art and animation and you know character development throughout so i would go with something kind of consistent like that i don’t know what you’re talking about during your streams but looking at that as well exactly so let’s look at um lln carolinas so lln carolinas uh let’s see your banner is interesting but some of it’s hard to read but i also don’t know what the channel is about if i come to it so that’s part of the issue here so if i have to go to the about sections part of the news team of professional stringers news camera men first to capture breaking news okay so dope and i get what you’re trying to do your banner needs to be more clear so that i don’t have to go to your about section to start to understand that um and you’re doing kind of a news uh channel and you’re capturing um these highlights and things going on so i like all right totally get it i would say the biggest issue because i don’t even have a problem with these thumbnails because it is what it is and this is news breaking news at that i think you have to get much better at writing headlines if i look at your most popular uh videos the views are like i because i don’t even know how many subscribers you have you’re hiding a subscriber count right now but here’s the thing the things that got the most views regardless of what because this is always going to be contingent on i mean this is actually a good example of data by the way for all of you it’s also a good example of the fact that likes to dislikes could be not related to how good a video is which is why i hate them is because it doesn’t necessarily mean what means because look on news it’s just that some of these things are horrible things people are disliking it not because it’s a bad video they’re disliking it because it’s all bad news you know it’s tragic it’s horrible it’s like they aren’t liking it it’s like oh like good thing it’s like it’s not even bad job it’s oh this is horrible you get so uh but just as uh you guys have 2 000 subs or something 2 000 no 2 810 okay cool uh i don’t think you need to hide your sub count but also if your car your thought is you want people just click on the news without a preconceived bias i could see why you would like so i so i get that but like i just think their biggest issue looking at their most popular and then if i go different route if i go uh the newest i think the biggest issue is just writing headlines what do you think viper and shelly i really don’t like the name i don’t understand what loud labs is supposed to represent when it comes to a news type of source i don’t i don’t understand what that has to do with anything um i think it’s a play on c and n using the lln thing and i get it i think it’s just like their own brand but you’re right it doesn’t necessarily mean something to anybody but i also understand someone wanted to make their own thing or maybe they incorporated that way i don’t know but i guess you because carolinas could be anything and like like limited practice nurses or like how would i know that this is like news about the carolinas i would want to put that in the channel name i agree with you that i’d want to put something in the channel name that says that this is news like coverage and that this is news highlights yeah like ah so i agree with you i’m just saying i’m trying to also look from their point of view why they would do that but like i said i think the other thing is in the banner i need some context your channel name can give context and that’s a good idea especially for something like news but i also really could use it in the banner if nothing else because i don’t want to have to click on the about section and the majority of people will not most people okay so we’re never gonna click over there so it’s a company name so i get that um all right you can have the company name but i think you need to contextualize still in the channel name um that this is um like because you could have the logo you could just have the company logo but i think the channel name has to in some way describe what i’m getting in terms of um you know carol the caroline uh carolina live news clips would be like something maybe that describes it what’s another version lln cardinals or whatever or carolina carolina’s at the end because they said that’s nothing it needs to start with like you know carolina’s news network by lln carolina’s or something because just because it’s a company like logo or a company like um like letter thing like no one understands what that means yeah i think it’s gotta be something like um carolina um news clips and then dash lln yeah and then i think that that carolina new like carolina news clips works better than carolina’s news clips because carolina news clips lets me know okay carolina so north and south carolina like oh you’re like okay it’s news and it’s yeah like you had it so it’s yeah every time you’re trying to be like clever instead of clear that’s not clear that’s trying to become that’s not even clever it’s actually um for function and it’s like it’s it’s like it’s clever it’s convoluted yeah it’s actually not clear at all and it’s um it’s actually hindering you by quite a lot and i would i would lose that like immediately so i think that that would help considerably i also think that literally sometimes making your name as logical and clear as possible could also get you more surfacing in the youtube algorithm in terms of who it reaches people for i would also if you’re not i would consider geotagging your um your video clips for this is a news channel i think that that could be incredibly valuable and then i’m just going to click on one of these mainly for i’m going to click on the one that’s least likely to get me flagged in some way yeah i would literally rename the channel carolina news clips yeah but i’m gonna oh so i’m also gonna mute this uh but the the thing i want to see is i think the descriptions have to be much more um thorough than this um because this isn’t bad this is not only the descriptions poor the titles are poor i mean you’re actually a news yes you’re an actual news and like you would not see that in a newspaper like if you think about that in the inverse pyramid and the way that like the juiciest part is going to be at the top that is not a title that you’re going to see in your local newspaper that’s going to attract attention go back to basics when it comes to being a news source and look at when it comes to news what does that title and phrasing look like because it’s not that i guarantee you by the way yeah i know everyone likes to say that youtube tags don’t matter i know everyone loves i don’t say that i don’t say that but for news i’m gonna tell you for news and for news clips like this it absolutely does and i would be using um search queries but i’d also be using uh very important descriptors so this was in charlotte i’d be using why isn’t there a tag here for charlotte north carolina so that anybody that’s local to there or anything like that for youtube to classify and identify that like that should be in there um so it should be geotagged on that i think i think um maybe even putting the date in there i think the news because the thing is everyone keeps saying tags don’t matter let me think let me remind you how search engines work in news this is literally a periodical so if we literally went to news archives keywords would absolutely matter this is why i don’t like anybody i understand why i just say that advice and then apply it towards everyone but it’s like it’s not true in all instances and i know that youtube makes these blanket statements about a lot of these things but i just want you all and i’m not throwing shade at youtube and i love youtube and i love the youtube employees and i love when people come forward but we have a lot of conflicting information from youtube and engineers when it comes to keywords and tags so whatever crappy information when it comes to rolling out new features like shorts with like the convoluted the way that they did that they’re awful sometimes communicating they’re working on it but they’re awful you might notice i’m not doing youtube shorts you might notice there’s a reason i think um there’s a reason there’s a reason me and daryl talked about it one of the problems with a news channel is that a lot of the time people aren’t going back one year two years three years to look at the news thing so unlike a lot of other things that have evergreen content you have to keep continually pumping out content and it has to be fresh and new so everything that you have to do has to be with the timelihood aspect in mind so everything around geotagging around descriptions around better titles about better thumbnails about using tags those are more important for you than any other type of channel because of the fact that once like your cycle your news cycle literally is over no one cares about that video anymore unless you’re referencing an old video i got a job or unless they need it for research purposes or unless they need for reach which is why i’m saying use the thesis of how news archival actually works because it becomes important for us to reference things especially crime scenes and things of that nature and accidents and natural disasters like there’s a very important aspect to that wherein they um they they do work again i know that somebody beat up bw1 is saying stop i stopped using tags ago they don’t matter they do they may not be work they may not be mattering for you and for what you’re trying to do uh we talked to you know i reviewed uh bw one’s channel and like sometimes huh what’s up you gotta go tell me all right you go but like some for some people they can say anecdotally anecdotally people can say tags don’t matter but there are actual use cases for it and i want you guys to remember like viper we’re we’re we’re tech product people if you look at best buy website and you look at amazon’s website would you tell me that keywords and tags on that website don’t matter oh they definitely matter so why do we want to believe that tags don’t matter for youtube because we don’t get more views because we tag our videos theoretically tags matter i always tags are context it’s not about game views yeah tag tags help the algorithm figure out where to put your video so you want to i would say tags tags help with confirming classification and distribution and contextualizing things can you do me a favor roberto yes i can um can we check and see if this channel or if any of the content on this channel is restricted because i’m going to oh you want to check restricted i’m guessing it probably is let’s see let’s well let’s look at the the the video uploads and then let’s move and toggle over to restricted mode you’re probably right i mean it’s news oh that’s painful yeah that’s painful but not like i i was looking at you i’m like disney’s gonna have a hard time growing on youtube but youtube does not like like the real life newsy content on the platform sometimes it’s not that it’s trying to suppress it’s just that’s not appropriate for all audiences and that’s uh but it doesn’t always get that right either i mean but if i go to philip defranco’s channel the same thing is going to happen you know yup for news channels i think that sometimes like shares and search and certain things uh matter more but yeah that’s that’s painful to see so you might want to appeal your videos um and check restricted mode on a channel like this uh so lln carolina’s uh you you might you might need to look into that so yeah look i mean but restricted look at all these things that comes back and you can’t say it didn’t affect the views we can’t say it didn’t affect the views because uh yeah as it’s uh yeah just seeing two weeks of your videos disappear like that that’s painful to watch and that’s just at the top that’s not even kind of the inventory so i was like ah jesus yeah yeah so there’s that um hope that helps so we got uh my homie uh what chef channel so uh it’s about food and a little more i got you on the it’s about food and a little more so you’re almost to a thousand so good on that now here’s something i want to point out to people like okay how many views should you theoretically be getting if you’re at x amount of subscribers it’s a misnomer because remember i showed you guys that literally subscribers and views don’t necessarily correlate uh because we looked at uh the back end of a 1 000 subscriber channel and we saw that it’s like oh that’s not the answer the views aren’t even coming from subscribers that’s not how it works and we saw it on a music channel which means we know we have objective data we’re not factoring personality blah blah blah blah blah blah right so uh what chef you’re about to hit a thousand you probably have the watch time requirements because you’ve been at this for a very long time so here’s the first thing some of the videos perform better than others and that’s how i think food and products and different things are but i’m noticing a pattern even of your recent videos you get more views when you cover known name brands mcdonald’s has been your big hitter i think if you want to get more views and subscribers that you have um a real um if you watch damn drops you have a real pathway to understanding what is popular what would work but let’s even look at what’s been successful historically if we look at your channel you probably think you’re doing worse than you are because you’re ignoring what has already proven itself to work which is uh the thing that most small youtubers do viper i mean you and i talk about this all the time uh youtubers ignore what’s previously worked in favor of well this is what i want to do now or this is why i hope will work when there’s already evidence to tell us if we wanted videos to get over a thousand views well you already have data telling you what will get over a thousand views and it seems mostly to be a content that relates to known brands to staples to things that are household names so what would my answer be what would my thought would be i would review brands that are household names and here’s another one remember how we talked about what will get attention so what chef you know what there is right now that proves what will get attention when it comes to food there’s this little channel that recently started that i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that literally could help you predict what you could make that will get views so because a food theorist exists as a channel that literally whenever it drops a video gets millions of views and continues to get even back catalog millions of views on food here’s what i would do if i really wanted to grow a food channel right now if i wanted to grow a food channel right now i would look at all the brands and all the food types that matpat has been covering on food theory and i would probably make videos about these brands i’d make my own videos i wouldn’t copy his videos but i would use this as my inventory to tell me right now these are the brands that people care about when it comes to food right now and what’s on their mind it’s on their mind because it has millions of views the algorithm also already knows that people care about burger king and care about hershey’s right now and cheetos and so on so forth and captain crunch because it has millions of views you already have a view funnel if you look at it by just even doing that so and again your own history your own history straight up proves that when you review things that people are currently interested in when they’re interested in it it works viper any thoughts i mean it go back to what we were talking about earlier um even in your analytics you can check and see what your audience is watching so when roberto says that you should uh see what uh they’re doing on food theory to get an idea of the type of content and a brand that you should be going after i mean the numbers don’t lie man men why women lie numbers don’t lie yeah and you know what damn drops netflix like show is out and i would even look at that because you know people are gonna be searching for stuff that came up in his netflix that like you could even like people who care about food you can even do a reaction to his uh netflix show like because he’s a popular youtuber and it’s a netflix show and he’s getting all the success and it’s on twitter there’s opportunities by going into that and then there’s opportunities for people to see oh you are also review feud and you do it a little bit differently and then so i would i would lean into that and then all right you sometimes you want to do these weird um like experiments with food if you’re gonna do that you already have also seen the type of thing that will get clicks by seeing what food theory is putting out there and what’s working and it’s not just because they’re a big youtube channel launched by a big youtuber again matpat had no clout in food he had game theory and he had film theory and those things did not have anything to do with food it’s a completely different genre so again there’s opportunity there’s opportunity like you just have to like pay attention to what has attention because by the way you have less than a thousand subscribers if you can get more than a hundred views on a video with a thousand subscribers and again most of it won’t even come from subscribers you consider that a good thing remember pewdiepie has 100 million subscribers not necessarily getting even five 10k uh sorry not five 10k five to ten million views with 100 million subscribers subscribers don’t matter as much as everyone wants to think they do not forgetting views anyway for brand deals sure views not so much so if that’s the case we don’t judge our videos on a view to subscriber ratio stop it stop it but if you were i’m fine with anybody at a thousand subscribers or less i consider a hundred views a win i get a 100 views a win if you’re bigger than that i consider 500 views a win whatever but i i i don’t think that your channel is doing as bad as you imagine it is i think one of your biggest issues is twofold consistency of putting out content because you get demotivated by not getting and seeing more growth and more views which would happen with consistency and then also not necessarily making content that has been proven that there’s a tension already existing around it so if i was going to uh think about that that is something i would think about and yes i understand matpat has dozens of people working for him on videos and i’m not saying expect the same quality i’m saying conceptually you can come up with ideas around things that have been proven to have attention by following and mapping results and knowing that hey there’s a bunch of people that are paying attention to a brand right now i can ride some of that attention because it’s in people’s consciousness already it’s going to make it more likely that they click that’s all i’m saying yep scapo says since you mentioned issues with youtube shorts i want to know your thoughts have you seen it hurting channels started leaning into it along with reels and tic toc uh i’m not gonna comment on youtube shorts at this time because i’d have to lay out my case in a different way and i just we we’ve got channels to get through so still looking good 58 alright so uh this is a lifestyle channel for women and let’s see what we’ve got here let me zoom out just a little bit just to get a sense of this uh there’s not oh wait i was about to say there wasn’t a ton of content but it just took a while for youtube to load it up so i’m already seeing some improvements with regard to thumbnails by the way um very healthy channel from what i can see you know to be very honest with you i don’t really have much to say about this like i think that the channel is actually pretty strong to be honest with you viper any thoughts um i think for what it is and again for the channel size i think it’s doing well yeah thumbnails are on point they’ve gotten better over time clearly titles and straight four here’s a little uh here’s a little uh a hint or cheat code or whatever you want to call it for all of you all um captioning your video will get you more views it’s true um here’s the thing though i’m not talking about the youtube auto captures because those are trash those are hot garbage biker with the shade shaders in reality they are trash but fair enough if you caption the videos yourself or you can do what i do and pay to caption video on day-to-day charts like 125 a minute or whatever but yeah watching your videos uh your video will get more of you through their captions so if you can afford it because you know the more you do and the longer it is it gets a little pricey but yeah you can do it yourself or you can have a third party do it but capturing your videos you’ll get more views there you go yeah no but i i’m i’m good with this channel for what it is and i think that actually that’s healthy i think the the issue with growth is just the active audience of um of women of a certain age on youtube obviously that number will increase because actually the growth verticals for youtube skew um over 30 meaning that the room for growth like youtube has penetrated the youth market already you know what i’m saying in fact if you look at all of the social media platforms they’ve already saturated all the youth verticals so the adoption going forward is exposure to people who are um over 30 who haven’t adopted these platforms yet so you’re going to see now at maturation that the growth vertical is the over 30 market because it’s the only market and the non-english market is the only markets left because they’ve already set if you’re a young person and you speak english you’re on the major social media platforms if your parents are allowing it and that’s just how it is if you’re if you’re under 2025 whatever you’re probably and you speak english and you have the access to the technology you’re on these platforms that’s a fact i mean or is that that’s not up for debate right viper no no although so we gotta address the comment that paul peck just left um you guys have to think about uh how your content appears on mobile platform um energy cut off on mobile okay yeah so you might want to take a look at that that’s important yeah and then go for banner and thumbnails and all that good stuff when you are designing your thumbnails you want to make sure that they pop even on a mobile device because most people are watching youtube on a mobile device so definitely want to make that uh definitely take that into consideration when you’re making your thumbnails for sure yeah so looking also at your most popular videos i mean they do more views than you have subscribers so and it looks like the most popular content on your channel is really around wigs so maybe i would even rebrand the channel around the idea of it being wigs since that seems to be a staple and a focus of the channel it seems to be the most the best performing content unless you just don’t want to feel like you’re stuck with that but ultimately i think it’s what people are coming and subscribing for to be very honest so that’s that thing we said earlier when you identify what the audience wants from you uh you’re lean and oh here’s a channel that i think is crushing it i wonder what they’re actually i like i think that the real i think the reason that this is crushing it is because i think that this channel really understands what its audience is this is actually really strong and people say oh i can’t make it in gaming but it’s like y’all aren’t offering necessarily new value by making a let’s play channel let’s be very real about that but this channel specifically is covering the best deals when it comes to a playstation and playstation network and it’s uh it’s reviewing individual um it’s reviewing individual games apparently it’s also doing deals it’s okay for the views to be lesser on reviews but higher on deals and they’re okay with that and it looks like it’s doing really well especially for being seven months old this channel my opinion is crushing it right yeah branding is on point i love the branding like this is good oh and it’s a cross promoted on switch corner so like smart i’ve reviewed switch corner before i love switch corner actually it was one of my favorite so it’s like so it replicated the success oh i can’t wait for you to do xbox quarter are you going to do xbox i can’t wait like switch corner yeah yeah yeah yeah i remember oh my god so yeah this is smart and again it’s using a strategy and it’s cross-promoting and it’s like this is good and it’s using strong thumbnails obviously it’s using what works it’s using and here’s the other thing about this even if this was a gaming channel in the conventional sense swiper it would be successful do you know why i could get immersed by these thumbnails i know and i can recognize these characters these franchises i’m like that’s the universe that the game exists in and that’s the branding and that’s like sign me up click it’s like i can click that yeah i can click that it’s you see when i see new gaming channels i don’t see thumbnails i can click on and i don’t see thumbnails that are more about the game than they are about the creator most of the time yep is the channel definitely doing good things definitely this channel’s uh setup makes it all about me the buyer wanting this video game see i know that people are like but i want me to be in the content and everything like that but this is what i mean like and sometimes that’s fine and there’s like a type of style for that or whatever but again i really love when i see a channel that puts their viewers first and when i can immediately identify that if i want to buy like i mean actually like if i want to buy something when it comes to my playstation um this is the channel that i would be on there’s no there’s no way around it if i’m a playstation owner this channel is immediately valuable to me there’s no reason not to subscribe to it the job thing would just happen though did y’all he he just got over so quickly y’all just haven’t but it makes sense to like if i own a playstation why would i not subscribe to this channel i am okay that’s the see that’s the key there if i own a playstation why would i not subscribe to this channel that’s what wins you see right there so like uh playstation corner like actually i mean if you like you probably don’t need my help at this point on the two channels but like you’d be a good candidate if you want to work with me and you want to hire me to do one-on-one coaching with you like you’d be a good candidate for it because you have the potential with both of these channels to be a million subscribed channel i just like i don’t know how quickly that could happen but there’s not a lot you’re doing wrong but i think that there are just opportunities in tweaks and there’s a timeline and a horizon do you go into 100k on both channels and then after you get 100k on both channels i think that it’s not a long way to a million for you because of the way that your content works and because of the fact that the consumer market around playstation xbox and and uh switch because i think you should launch the xbox corner channel whenever you can get around to it because like right now xbox is about to explode so there’s an opportunity to capitalize on the market and then we have the console wars active right now and then we know all the pokemon stuff that’s about to drop over the uh next six months there’s like there’s a pathway and then metroid breath of the wild there’s a pathway to this this network of three channels there’s a pathway to a hundred thousand subs across these three channels there’s the cross promotion opportunity because again i’m speculating the third channel that doesn’t exist yet and then there’s a yeah i just see a brand here that can work that’s my thought so i’m actually excited about this there you go that’s yeah on that note uh i gotta be you’ve got it right but i appreciate you having me making time sir i appreciate you making the time viper no doubt you have a good weekend i’ll catch up with you you too man take care yeah actually you know who uh could in theory hey jordan uh do you want to join me on stream so i could bring you on but yeah uh so that was a really good example of a challenge crushing it here is vincent w davis i wonder if vincent is still oh you can jump on jordan okay cool give me a second jordan i’ll bring you in but yeah so we got uh vincent w davis and associates so this looks like you’re are you a law channel or i’m almost you’re a law channel right this looks like this is a channel for your business so like that’s one of the points of clarity in terms of your content so that’s one thing and i’m bringing uh jordan in hmm so i assume the goal for this channel is less about necessarily growing a youtube channel like let me ask you this since you’re still here vincent is this channel more about getting clients or is this channel more about building brand and for the person talking about uh me coaching is like my channel is doing fine my channel is doing fantastic my channel in ad revenue my last video in ad revenue generated a thousand dollars in ad revenue my own channel is doing just fine so um that troll who i don’t believe themselves i think the la i think the person that was wanting to make those comments if i actually go and i check their youtube channel if they assuming they actually have any videos uploaded who wants to say anything i mean they’re welcome to it’s like oh i just checked on another thing and i’m sorry i’m going to get back to you vincent so someone’s going to sit there and try and told me about coaching people who has six videos and 23 subscribers and one video with a hundred views in the la and hasn’t uploaded in four years see and this is why and i know i’m giving attention to someone who doesn’t deserve any attention but see this is my point there are youtubers with a million subscribers who have been on the channel before and can vouch for the quality of my coaching and the people who have things to say about me literally haven’t even made their first 50 or 100 videos and usually don’t have any accomplishments of their own by the way just a lesson to everybody else if you’re going to take criticism take criticism from people who have accomplished more than you other than that i would largely say you could ignore it anywho vincent uh with regard to your stuff here you’re saying that it’s mostly legion so if it’s mostly legion what i would focus on is this if it’s mostly legion here are your videos that have the most overall viewership so these represent the themes and the topics around which your desired clients exist so this is the pool of who you are actually trying to reach that also responds and is also most likely to then convert from a viewer a casual viewer to a paying client so i would focus in on these particular topics because remember what we said is a qualifier to a click a qualifier to a click is am i interested in the topic did the title appeal to my immediate uh attention and values and needs and then did the thumbnail get my attention so i think that some of your thumbnails could obviously use some work and better but again you’re not a full-time youtuber maybe you should outsource that consider something like um consider fiverr consider somewhere to outsource the thumbnails to that’s a little bit of a higher quality to get attention but in terms of your topics i would revisit these topics that get you 5 000 to 10 000 views around these topics because these are the things i think are most likely to represent solid lead generation for you so when i say that vincent does that make sense for you and again i think you’re doing fine overall especially for again if your channel’s main concern is that i would also it looks like you’re somewhat leaning into um the way and approach to dave ramsey so i like that by the way i just think from a thumbnail standpoint that going that route um consistently with the quality of the thumbnails would also be helpful but i do like what i’m seeing my mic has reverb uh no it wasn’t that was reverb is that i think my brother was doing something with the garage my brother was using the garage so that’s what yeah so vincent does that make uh does that make sense yes all right you said that makes sense perfect all right next channel jordan by the way i sent you um a dm link so we got all access construction here um which again great channel so first of all very good uh use of playlist here very strong very strong use of playlist so we like that what else do we have going on here uh youtube shorts i don’t think have been working for you you tried it i think it’s uh at least from my perspective i don’t think you need to be doing youtube shorts uh because i mean you can keep trying it if you want to but i have not seen youtube shorts work out for you if i’m looking at these and youtube shorts i think is over um i think you not over i think youtube shorts is overrated i think youtube shorts are overrated i think that everybody has promoted the idea of youtube shorts as um something that will blow up your channel and it’s not always true so what what i would say is you have things that have even in the last two months been very successful here i think that some of these are just going to be hit or miss i think the thumbnails can be somewhat improved because i think some of it is just frankly too much text i think some of it is just too much text to be honest i think that you can have text and i think it’s like saying oh what it is and that’s worked for you because i mean if we look at your most popular videos if you look at your most popular videos i think that they’re just different things they’re hit or miss but i think that too much text on the thumbnail and not using an an image that is the most interesting thing i think is the problem i think when you show the most interesting thing actually see this dump truck thing here like this would have probably been the most interesting thing you could have put on the thumbnail i think that there are moments in these thumbnails that represent the most interesting thing happening and i would rather have more of that be the thumbnail than a lot of what your current thumbnails are if you take a look at it i think if you look at um there are channels like right now there’s something called the boring channel i would look at the boring channel and look at what they’re doing with thumbnails uh channel reviews are closed channel reviews are closed so yeah i so all access construction i think that you’re i think you’re doing fine overall it’s just that i believe that the thumbnails could be helped tremendously by using the most interesting thing happening in the video as the thumbnail and then using very readable text but probably a lot less of it and probably in a way that doesn’t obscure the most interesting thing happening in the screen to be honest and i also don’t think youtube shorts have been working for you i think a lot of that is just owed to youtube picking the thumbnail for you so so we have skip x uh skip x all right about a thousand subs um i think that your home page could be customized a little bit more i like that i’m seeing with these thumbnails to be honest with you i like these thumbnails quite a bit you’ve been making content for a while your thumbnails have come a long way actually it looks like you’ve come a long way in terms of your ability to get views because it looks like um you were struggling to get views but it looks like you changed things up and now it’s actually being very successful so guys look at the evolution of this channel you look at the evolution of this channel there was in many cases a struggle to get views um largely topic title thumbnail timing but i’m seeing more consistency and i’m now seeing more consistency as or when i say consistency i mean in branding and an approach um but i’m seeing consistency and i’m seeing a big improvement i think in viewership based on that i also think there’s something to be said for timing i also think you should pursue this series i think you should pursue making a series of the games and videos and their story lines and their timelines and explaining it in less than a certain amount of time i think that if you did this series and you pick a lot of things and you explain these games like right now what i’d probably do with the um mass effect i’d use like right now with mass effect i would do mass effect and explain that the mass effect timeline in a certain amount of minutes i would explain the mass effect timeline in a certain amount of minutes i would explain the dark souls timeline in a certain amount of minutes i would explain the halo timeline right now with halo infinite in a certain amount of minutes that’s an idea for a concept for a series that could totally take your channel off and i can say that as a gamer i watch the lore videos a lot um i think with final fantasy vii coming out and look at the final fantasy series stuff i would i would make i would take a lot of these things and i would make a video about their timelines and then make them in a certain amount of minutes uh explained in 12 minutes exploding 18 minutes explained in 20 minutes explained in five minutes explained in eight minutes that like i would set a time constraint that’s interesting and i would make those videos and i would make a video about those timelines for those things and i think and i think also again timing some of this around uh game releases i think also the genre of games would matter and the thing is i have an excellent gamer and tick-tocker and youtuber and all around good dude jordan welcome to the stream how’s it going i was having such an issue with my uh camera for some reason it just wasn’t working so i just tried to figure that all out it works now though yeah life be like that sometimes so what’s up jordan everything’s good just posted a second best video actually ever on my channel excellent it’s again not huge views but it’s gonna do yeah your your channel’s a small youtuber it’s fine it’s like it’s whatever i followed a lot of what you were saying and like the things that i was thinking about and like it worked out very very well with timing and everything we’ll take a peek at it here a little bit toward the end actually but what do you think of what i just said about doing this like series of doing explaining a certain timeline for a game and doing it in a certain amount of minutes because i mean it’s also one of the most successful videos on this channel i mean two months ago 88k views i think you could apply that to a lot of different series especially series right now that are becoming popular again or may have new stuff coming out like mass effect or whatever i mean what do you think so i saw this tweet earlier i forget who made it i don’t know it was about it’s about like an anime youtuber and the tweet was basically like you could talk about every game you love and everything but nobody’s gonna care because no one cares about you they only care about the game and you can talk about that with video games there’s so many video game series i would love to talk about but no one’s gonna care about them so if you make those lore videos about recent games coming up which is honestly going on with my channel um it’d be the best thing possible because yeah i agree but i also agree that there’s a twist you know you have to put a twist on it in the sense of i’ll give you a primary example this whole concept of explaining the timeline of a franchise okay and doing it in a certain amount of minutes it’s the cliff notes for people who are now onboarding into the game or got interested or saw a clip of it somewhere and especially if it’s something that is like either surging in popularity as a new game or as a franchise that has been rebooted or had a new installment yeah yeah it’s a catchy thing yeah yeah because for the my opinion is like last week there should have been a russian clan video just came out and loved that series you know you could still do if you did a timeline of ratchet and clank it would catch people up because there’s people who’ve missed ratchet and clank games myself included yeah and then what is it um breath of the wild to or the entire timeline of zelda with breath of the wild two coming out and those if these thumbnails are incredible yes um really do love them but the thing is with the zelda they’re always going to be coming out but if you can time it with breath of the wild too every new zealand again coming out you’re going to be getting new views exactly but you make oh one last thing and then these videos may be the best thing ever oh yeah someone said in the chat eldon ring and these videos may be the best video ever made but there’s no real i mean it’s not i’m not trying to say anything about subscribers but because you don’t have those inside jokes yet with your audience or that big of an audience that really understands it no one’s going to really want to click on it that much i wouldn’t watch it why i love um kane near replicant version 2 and everything like that i would watch something that explains like her like the most interesting thing about her but not why you love her because i don’t know who you are i don’t care and i like make me care make me like love this character in the title even in the title intrigue me as to what it’s like um in intrigue me in some way like especially if i’m someone who is familiar with the franchise tell me the most interesting thing like like or again like don’t even like it’s like you know um tell me that she’ll break my heart or that she’s the ultimate this or that or to like or like tell me something i don’t know that is intriguing enough to make me want to know right and take yourself out of the equation by the way and then if you look at someone who did this um really well actually scott the wass yes um if you look at his first few videos obviously the first few ones like they the views are inflated out because they’re just kind of classics and they’re funny but nintendo switch with uh wishlist right before e3 nintendo switch e3 presentation review and his video quality was always amazing from the beginning because he had the background in video editing um then he went a history of smash bros leaks and rumors when there were leaks and rumors and then why the wii u failed right as the switch launched and then he built up an audience that genuinely just loved him because he had such incredible videos and now i mean he can do anything because he’s got the laws and he can go talk about his favorite video game franchises he’s no one’s ever really heard of but they’re inside jokes with his audience i know some video game franchises just because i watch him but a channel that’s my size or this size doesn’t have that like repertoire with their audience yet yes agreed so you know skip x i think we’ve given you a ton of value i think i think that you should really consider that and again um jordan i’m gonna actually take a look at what’s going on with your channel for last but i want to move on to colt wheeler’s country guitar and so it’s interesting i think that with um a guitar channel a channel to learn guitar i think that there’s a lot of evergreen value to these i actually like a lot of what i see here in terms of the style of thumbnails that i’m seeing here i think that the stuff that i think that like what’s actually working here that’s really interesting is i like this stuff for the buyers i think that that is probably what to me at least is probably the more intriguing and attractive stuff because i think that if you make videos for buyers and this isn’t a very old channel so i think the views are like fine this is like actually really good but i think about it i think if you make stuff because the thing is to play guitar you have to start with just acquiring the tools you have to get your guitar you have to get your amp you have to get your pedals you have to get this stuff to get your picks like so just the acquisition of the means of making music i think is a really good foundation for a music-based channel around guitar enthusiast so i think the rest of it the techniques and stuff i think all that’s valid but i think building the foundation of the base of the people who clearly need to have a guitar pick one pick one within a budget i think that there’s a really good foundation in that i have a quick idea because i was somebody who tried playing guitar and i also have a question for this okay so this is based on country music and one thing i always see just because i love like djing and stuff like that and just like i have just watched a lot of videos on that i used to what if you took like very popular pop songs that just came out like last week this week a week beforehand and tuned them into country music like just a country like riff off of that oh i like that idea so i love that idea here’s another one so i love that idea because it capitalizes on existing attention and the z geist and all those things in a remix and you know it actually works in other genres of music like there are people who did all the remixes to when cardi b would do stuff taylor swift there’s like so there’s value in that so i agree with that 100 here’s another one though that’s just a conventional tactic um easiest like a series on the easiest um country songs to learn on your guitar because as a beginner uh learning guitar like you might be trying to play your favorite song but the thing is that might be a little rough maybe you need to learn what the easiest thing to learn to play is so you can feel good about playing something and getting it to sound good to keep you going because like when you’re trying to learn to play musical instrument it’s like the most discouraging thing in the world to be honest with you like i’ve been there done that quit does anyone relate to that by the way does anyone relate to the idea that like learning to play a musical instrument is probably like harder than youtube oh by far like i don’t think it’s like even close like i think it’s the most discouraging thing in the world to try to play a musical instrument so um quick thing so i’m looking on google trends right here um i looked up country guitar um past seven days youtube search and the breakout terms right now are how country feels song by randy howser marcy playground minor chord country pop musical genre uh musical a note fiddle musical instrument and a bunch of different songs and their search history in the past week has been plus 650 percent the breakout terms are over a thousand percent and there’s a lot of things over here above 100 percent in the past week which means they’re growing in trends also they’re artists in related queries so that could be a big thing to look at google trends is your friend and country is about to blow up there you go especially probably with like reopening america and with um the summer fourth of july i could see it and here’s the thing for a channel with less than 100 subscribers this channel is doing great and this is also a channel that’s also only a couple of months old i think this channel is doing great personally yeah and so i think i think i like the thumbnail style it’s like it’s a it’s a little unconventional but i like it um i also think that it’s quality especially for a small youtuber it’s one of the like it’s for a small youtuber this is probably some of the best thumbnails i think i’ve seen on a beginner channel so i dig it honestly i dig it yeah quick i think uh shady is right like we have a really um interesting set of channels like uh actually derek said it we have all these channels are really interesting i think we got a really good crop of interesting channels what were you gonna say jordan um two things one google trends um your opinion on the website i i i just want the user interface to be better for me i just want a different user interface i also want to have its own app yes that’d be amazing it’s literally i mean that website is how i got the biggest video on my channel by like 10 20 30 times just by searching up nintendo finding breakout term making a video on it and also when i make a video i search up the keywords i i know tubebuddy is great for it as well yeah another thing is um a manual thing search up words and it just tells me what’s put in descriptions i also use uh keywords anywhere there’s a lot of stuff you can use i use a lot of things all at once um yeah ooh here is okay so this channel is doing a lot of anime and then also doing animation stuff and doing reactions and but it’s doing them with a twist like i think in some ways this reminds me a little bit of nux taku so this is like a v tuber and um views wise i think this is doing amazing um and like it’s really doing amazing thumbnails i don’t got much comments to say it’s working it’s getting views and stuff like that i would continue if you are not inspired by or not looking at nuxtaku i would look hard and study next taku but the thing that i really think you could look at for this channel um shin is uh like i would like to see more series i would like to see more series that are like now your thing that you’re becoming known for specifically um because i think you have a fan base that allows for that at this point and i think you could get repeat viewers out of it and i think that it could be the thing that explodes you because that’s also what happened with nux with nuxtaku he leaned heavily into starting to use these franchises uh that are known but to also then make series that he could become known for like his um you know best flexes and anime and other things so i think and i’m also a fan of a lot of these franchises that you’re covering i’m a big fan of fate for example so i actually know the uh source material so what i would say is i think leaning into memes and leaning to anime you can see the evolution of this channel you can see getting away from a lot of the let’s play and the um and the streams and stuff like that and then going into this other style of content is obviously stronger so you know something to think about oh your everyday nerd thanks zach appreciate you got that super chat in there boom so yeah that’s why i think uh we got elizabeth’s chronicles this is a crew if i believe this is a true crime channel yup so one of the things that you’re vulnerable to it may or may not be happening is uh just be very careful with some of your titles just so that you don’t end up getting uh pushed down by uh age gating and things like that the shell started a month ago and i think it’s doing fantastic i mean first of all props to the level of consistency with these uploads and then staying on topical events and everything like that so your main problem is subscribership and look at this 20 000 views a week ago on this one on chris watts but here’s the thing i think the problem with subscribership is one like when it was these very um true crime things and you have these very dastardly people um there might be some guilt associated with subscribing to a channel that’s largely around horrific events so there might be some resistance you could someone could watch this stuff a lot but somehow feel reluctant to subscribe to it um and that’s not your fault that’s just the genre in my opinion so i i could see that because i actually i i sometimes end up in that situation of like if i subscribe to this i’m gonna be actively seeking this thing out and i like sometimes i’ll click on and sometimes i will think of it but i’m like i don’t necessarily want to do that there’s like some creepypasta channels that i watch but i won’t subscribe to them because i’m like i don’t want to sign up for nightmare fuel i don’t want to sign up for nightmare fuel like let’s sign up from there does that make sense jordan yeah i know i know exactly what you mean so the biggest issue i see is i mean your content’s working i think that there’s some room to improve thumbnails but i think you’re doing fine i think this genre doesn’t lean as heavily on it and ultimately i don’t think that that’s gonna help you if your goal is to grow subscribers i just think that one i think you’re growing a lot of subscribers considering you’ve been around for a month it’s very difficult to get to a thousand subs in a month so you’re already doing great i think your consistency is prolific on this elizabeth and then i think your branding is good i just think that the real problem is that sometimes like with this subject matter i think getting subscribership itself is just really challenging because of the nature of the thing itself i uh i see something going on chat i can’t see the entire thing they’re talking about uh twitch and youtube as well not about this channel they’re saying that else oh yeah they’re just i think they’re going on they’re talking maybe about like exclusivity and like the problems with that oh okay i i i’m just guessing because i’m guessing that like um because like ian’s uh sorry not ian ivan the unstoppable i think is just like the rockstar dominating the chat right now so i think that it just means the discussion is more pulled around whatever they’re talking about than um whatever channels we have up on the screen gotcha my so just a thing that i see with the thumbnails here because i had this um the other day with a friend of mine he’s a star wars channel and we were talking about thumbnails these wouldn’t necessarily like super pop if i saw them just because a little more of a pastel color just something like i’m thinking about on my end and the text kind of blends in because there’s no border around it i don’t know if you would agree with that no i would probably to be honest i would probably make very dramatic thumbnails where i cut the person’s face out uh make it very high contrast the background would probably be black and then the text would probably be red and that would probably be what it is and i would probably always use close-ups of their faces or like use their mug shots or something like that but uh that’s me yeah that’s what i was thinking as well i would make them super that and um i would like and i probably would probably use some type of intriguing word or triggering word next to them like with the chris watts thing i probably would have used his face i probably would have made it high contrast black and white and i would have um probably just used his name in red and the background be black and the thing is i’m yeah that’s probably what i would have done i probably would have even maybe made like a little bit of a little bit of a red um highlight a little bit behind him or something i would just made it dark and creepy i would just make everything dark and creepy i mean if you want to look a really good example of thumbnails go back to corp’s husband’s channel when it was creepypasta before the among us days and just super creepy dark thumbnails i also don’t know necessarily who these people are but the people who are into true crime absolutely these people are also remember these people are infamous these people are news headlines that we you and i turn off the news jordan for a reason yeah i was just my uh point on saying that was just for brows just in case you never know whose brows audience he gets in fair enough but also again if you make it also look like oh these people are absolutely like people in the news these people are you know words that’ll get us to monetize here like then you then that will even the casual viewer will go oh like is that recent or what their what’s the body count or like you know like you want that intrigue so like um so the asian my show official trucking channel thanks roberto you helped me go from 1 000 a month on adsense to 15 000 a month appreciate your videos thank you appreciate that see there you go that’s that’s the thing and i love that i love hearing the success stories and see that’s the that’s the real thing and that’s where that means so much to me especially when i sometimes get this stupid criticism from people who don’t even make content um about my channel i mean i get where some of it comes from to be honest with you if you don’t know anything about youtube looking at channel at 500 000 subs and then looking at some of my views it wouldn’t make sense however you’d also be assuming that i have the same goals as every other youtuber you’d also me not knowing about how good my ad revenue is regardless of how many views i get like and and not just from the generous audience we have here with super chats which i appreciate you fun with bugs 10 bucks thanks for everything you do to help creators but i’ll show you all that a little bit after we do all these channel reviews because i need to just kind of make a point clear that you can’t judge everything by the surface metric of views they mean a lot more to you if you’re like if you’re if you don’t understand how youtube works you get sucked into these vanity metrics and it’s really easy to judge channels but just remember at the end of the day that like pewdiepie is the most famous person on this entire platform 100 million plus subscribers he’s not pulling 5 million views 10 million views every upload and that’s fine he’s doing what he enjoys he’s making a crap ton of money and at the end of the day i just think that it’s really interesting that there are people who will knock a full-time content creator if they’re not one like and and that’s just like a really funny story of those who can’t talking down on those who are doing like but i digress yeah should we go on to the next channel uh we will i just want to get ivan here uh is five dollar cpm pretty high currently up to five dollar cpm it’s high for most channels in most niches uh in terms of entertainment the average is typically between one to five dollars in anything entertainment based um in anything business related you’d be looking at 10 20 or even 40. um but that’s the those are outlier things but it’s normal if you talk to anybody like for example um uh jesse mcjuggernuggets with the psycho series he’ll tell you um average is like two to five dollars which means the average youtuber uh makes a tenth of a penny per view which is why i again views aren’t everything tell that to somebody who does tick-tock and has stopped um with tick-tock i mean you can talk about that a little if you want but like with tick-tock it’s worse than a tenth of a penny probably like uh that’s what i was getting on it’s like a hundred of a penny it’s worth giving up the few hundred bucks per month in the stress of it just to grind youtube to be able to make more money long term personally for me and to build in my opinion and then to build a long-term viable brand because i think that again we’ve resolved some of those things may or may not have been resolved i just still have some reservations about what our relationship with uh bite dance in china and those things can look like and if you build your brand on that i don’t know what happens to you if our relationship with china changes with that app you know what i’m saying i’m somebody who i would consider myself decently connected within my area of tick tock and know people who tell me stories of others um the thing with tick tock is and this is my biggest reservation on it from people i know it’s very easy to build an audience but because it’s so easy sometimes you never have to think about the business side of it and it just goes too fast for you if you’re able to blow up when on youtube you’re not i mean one percent of people you have to go incremental step by step by step by step on youtube and it’s not going to happen overnight at least for most people but with tick tock it can just happen tomorrow you could have a million followers from just one video you post and you’re not going to be ready for it yeah i could see that i mean overnight success is overrated in my opinion because yeah psychologically we’re not built for it psychologically mental health-wise stress-wise do you realize that like do you you know i don’t i if i blew up tomorrow beyond where i am right now in terms of like getting another half a million people even over the next week or month even for me it’d probably be a complete disaster would you i this is just my thought you wouldn’t know necessarily where your content should go because you have 500 000 new people and you don’t have data exactly so there’s what so that’s one part of it and then the other part of it is that’s too big of an audience to understand in that short period of time culturally where they’re at to know what is or isn’t okay so it’s too it’s too easy to end up offending people or it’s too easy to be out of bounds and it’s too easy to then have a war between your previous loyal fan base and your newcomers anyone who builds a new fan base too quickly risk alienating the people that they came up with and then not respecting them because it’s too tempting to say well i’ve got this new audience now if those two cultures are not compatible it’s a disaster my tic-tock account with avatar star wars attack on titan random animes and everything in between it’s just it’s a great disaster to have they all overlap pretty well but it’s just a mess sometimes it’s the problem of like you have you ever had like two like two friends and you’re the bridge between them and they’re not they don’t they don’t gel at all or like when you have a relationship and you’re introducing your partner to your crew and they’re they don’t come gel at all aside from you being the thing that like you see what i’m saying it’s like i i know exactly what you’re talking about recently that’s a complete disaster for an off-stream conversation this is that’s a funny one but i’m just relating that to the uh it’s like in real life just like it’s a complete disaster yeah i already see something on this channel that i want to discuss i had this conversation today actually yeah they’re the third i just want to just first go on the third thumbnail um it’s just a good example of something i was assigned and this isn’t this isn’t like going right at the thumbnail so we’re talking today about layering your thumbnails and the textures so uh if i’m not gonna be like can you support my channel real quick just to show like i was going to um just for this example it’s a good way to explain it if you could put it yeah i forget because my name yeah it’s just my name haber yeah i can just use the second one as a good example so if you look at the actually you don’t have to go go back to just a bigger screen [Music] or no to my to the channel just go to search because it’s just the first thing that it’s a bigger screen for people in chat to see or no back like back page or video wait actually i have a way to i just yeah just zoom in so the kazuya video and the basketball video right so that background the kazuya video um is blurred out it’s a gaussian blur from photoshop but instead it was just a huge explosion and it was just like fire all over the place and it was really sharp and it didn’t catch the like the sharpness of the background catch the eye but not the main focus which was the rule of thirds kazuya smash and the tweets yep and this this is a well done thumbnail by the way this is a really good thank you um the kazuya basically pops out the drop shadows on it but the fire i know it’s fire like the topic of the video is hey um you know the characters in smashing is revealed over volcano it’s pretty iconic apparently the fire itself was a detail that would be irrelevant and be distracting so you made it more subtle right but you can still tell it’s fire if you show to anybody it doesn’t matter but if you go to the third thumbnail on the channel we were just looking at it’s the money and this is why i noticed right away first off if i notice if i looked at that channel the first thing i look at is the money but it’s purple if that was blurred and a bright green hmm i would know it’s money right away just because just a five percent blur and then the this or that doesn’t i that my eyes go right to the money purple is this branding what i would have done is i would have done the blur of the background like you’re saying but the money that is in the with the um you know the focus attention i would have made i would have put a filter on that to make it more green and exaggerated i would have probably made it all i would probably made it like the stack of cash slightly bigger than it is and i would have even considered making that money bag either green or yellow and that would have popped with the purple in the background and then like i would have less distracting elements the money would be more in focus like you’re talking about and it would accomplish the same thing exactly and funny enough just because something that you said made me think about one of my favorite channels we talked about this a lot colin and samir and their use of yellow over time yes how it used to be such a prominent thing but now on some videos you can barely tell but you get hints of yellow and it’s there so and now i associate the color yellow with their brand you know yeah i was about to say the same thing and but on like these ones the the lily singh and the sarah one the purple is really well done there because it’s not the thumbnail it’s just a oh wait it’s him purple that’s how i think i love i just love branding stuff yeah no i love branding and design it’s my favorite thing yeah um tell me if i’m saying too much just let me know you’re not you’re you’re fine and it balances me out talking over everybody so here’s what i find interesting i always find it interesting when i look at what was the most viewed video or series of videos on a channel and what’s going on with that because um the thing is brand deals itself has um something of a market cap i’ve noticed this myself it has something of a market cap and as a topic as a topic and so this channel is largely as you notice like a comprehensive library of everything we could really want to know about brand deals i mean it’s more about being a creator similar to my channel however like the uh if you look at these playlists i mean it’s the most comprehensive information that there is on brand deals even beyond what i’m doing but the problem is the attention market cap around that topic is i think um the variable which means that um but again his business model is that he isn’t himself a brand deals coach which is great and which is i think as much desperately needed excuse me in this space desperately needed however in terms of getting more views i think that what we get more views is balancing a lot of this around the things that prepare people to get a brand deal in the first place which is frankly the qualifiers for beginning to truly get brand deals where you don’t get ripped off is getting more than 10 000 followers in any given platform and that’s what qualifies people for the most part people who aren’t necessarily um as industrious as yourself per se i think the bare minimum is because you again when you have less than that you get screwed in a lot of these deals um is getting people even prepped up to a point of doing brand deals because you look at the most popular video the best link in bio to make money on instagram so like tell me even beyond brand deals tell me the other ways i can make money as a influencer and as a content creator i’m going to want to do brand deals that’s kind of a given but then also um help me get to the things that even qualify me to be your client to be your customer which i believe is 100 1000 10 000 and then i’m qualified to be your customer because i’ll be your customer if you’re the person who helped me get to a place that makes sense for me to be your customer does that follow is that track i lost a little bit but from what i heard yes okay i was just reading uh the super chat oh okay cool um yeah we got we got a couple here let me uh it’s actually really interesting um what jonathan wrote wanted to get your opinion i’m working on uh making a channel to tell real life stories using the unity game engine to animate the video game cutscene i i like that idea a lot to be honest with you i think it could be dope i have to see the execution of it but it just is a concept that’s fascinating i’m very intrigued one thing that i immediately popped into my head uh tommy in it the way he does his real life stories yeah i when i’m doing this i’m really it’s realizing how much youtube i actually watch um if you ever watch tommy in it play minecraft and whenever he does his videos on his real life stories he just does like stuff and his editors just animate funny pictures and videos over it and have text going that’s something kind of what you can do interesting but i think with the unreal engine you could take it to a whole nother level exactly i think it could be completely different yeah but it’s just a basis of a channel that is huge and doing something like that the way telling stories yeah aaliyah destor thank you for the 24 super chat appreciate you and yeah i got all the super chat super chats yeah so creator wizard i hope that that uh helps we did ella then carolinas let me do uh cheryl albright so let’s see what’s your channel really all about i think it’s her singing it looks like that so cheryl uh you need a banner that tells me what your channel is about so i don’t have to go to the about section because that’s going to help um a lot and in theory right in theory i might uh for a channel name uh what what do you think about cheryl albright sings because that could i mean unless you feel like you’d get pigeonholed but it looks like that’s primarily the direction you’re going or at least um in theory if i were you i would focus on your body of work because that is i think what you’re doing here is like you are kind of creating a body of work around your singing and your performances the thing is i would also again thumbnails um don’t make thumbnails an afterthought use um you know effective thumbnails because again i think that maybe this is more about your body of work so this represents like a portfolio so if it’s a portfolio there’s not a lot of youtube strategy beyond what you would actually even do if you have your own website if you’re a performer and you’re building a body of work you want to basically think about making this stuff into your reel and the way you want to do that is you still want to package it with your thumbnails in such a way as they would be a photo that you would use in marketing yourself as a performer so there’s that part of it and then the other part of it is strategically not just um you know putting this stuff uh with the title but i think you would add some context to the title of maybe putting in your name or what if it was performed live or if it was performed or you know you know what i’m saying it’s like you have to contextualize a portfolio and a portfolio that you’re hosting on youtube is very different than trying to be a youtuber and i think if you’re a performer and you’re not building like a youtube brand as a performer but you’re like a real life like performer at events and so on and so forth i would then package this very differently and i would also pair it with my own website and i would be like embedding my videos and stuff like that but i also may not embed my youtube videos because then you have the issue of youtube putting whatever ad wants in the videos so i might for my website i’d probably actually use vimeo to be honest so that’s that’s why i think i can’t really say much here not too uh knowledgeable on this subject yeah um and cheryl uh says she understands so that’s cool so yeah they’re talking a lot about building merch i’ve been watching a chat a little bit but they don’t have many like a big audience yet i i’ve had a friend that was doing this as well yeah you know um and we’re going to be wrapping up here soon because it’s getting late um tomorrow’s my birthday thank you i have to eat real food um so something to think about is in general and i’m going to talk about this channel something about in general is building a website to support what you do outside of whatever these platforms offer you can use the platforms to promote and drive traffic and all the things but at the end of the day i still believe very firmly that there’s nothing like having your own website so what’s that airworthy tours your guide in the sky providing aerial tour videos and travel guides so i like that a thousand subscribers see with one of these the thing is the views will be dependent entirely on the the interest in the location at any given time so there’s not going to be a consistency or continuity in views for a channel like this and that’s fine there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just that i’m trying to frame people’s expectations because i think the problem is people’s expectations of how youtube should be is entirely correlated to the channels they choose to watch which doesn’t work you you get what i’m saying yeah i uh there’s a channel just like this i i actually watch so i was just pulling it up ua visuals something like this yeah i like this concept by the way and again i think the visuals speak for themselves so the thing is the the the um you’re in my mind and in my opinion a lot of what you’re doing is already correct i would just say that when it comes to your thumbnails that the the thing that i would do is again use the most interesting angle and i don’t think you always necessarily need to use text but if you do please don’t use block text don’t use a block and then put text on it just make it readable if you’re going to use the text but frankly i’m not even convinced that you always need the text unless it’s i mean the san francisco thing it works because that actually looks good and it makes sense but i would avoid using these blocks you have text that runs into the time stamps i would avoid that if possible and again i would use the most interesting photo or angle see i would have like zoomed in more and cropped on that uh golden gate bridge see that’s so small the picture of the golden gate bridge there is so small i would have just used this as the thumbnail you see what i’m saying yeah i’m wondering if this is more portfolio work as well even if it is i would still use the most interesting uh piece for the portfolio but what it really is it’s i think it’s for like a yeah portfolio for a business so but again i would still use the most interesting thing and if i’m going to use text i would make the text not run into the time stamps i would uh make it not block text and i would um go in that direction but overall i think this channel is fine i just think that what it will always uh have is no correlation between views and subscribership because that’s not really the point and that’s not how this would work because it’ll be based on the interest in the location at any given time yeah i do love i do love this type of content i watch it a lot um and also um thumbs up tv is a good way to check if there’s text in the bottom right being blocked out yes thumbs up dot tv pam jordan pam fam happy birthday bro interesting that you mentioned building a website i’d love to hear your opinion on if i should build one mine my channel is a fragrance and makeup focused i absolutely would and i would do a lot of affiliate marketing and like i would probably capitalize on that because also i think that there’s a lot of value in being able to do buyers guides and roundups and listicles and things of that nature so jordan i want to take a peek at your channel and then we’re gonna we’re gonna wrap up tonight and then i’m gonna uh eat something before i die um but uh like so the the um kazia video is almost a thousand subs in a day you have a channel right now let me just check the back end of it it’s at 8 12 which is doing really well 24 uh 24 hours watch time the reach is 4.9 000. um 11.3 click-through rate uh it’s crushing it for what your channel is it’s crushing it because again you don’t even have a thousand subscribers and you’re getting more views than subs at this point so on that particular video and on some of your other stuff it looks like you’re getting like real close like i mean this one on utopia for example yeah so again you can have these videos that um break out and i want and again you’re living proof that the subscriber count doesn’t matter i know why it matters to people i understand and it matters for brand deals i get it but i was like i keep explaining there’s not a correlation between you and subscribers there’s just like it it doesn’t and i again it’s the thing that’s so frustrating to me because it’s only people who watch big youtubers who believe that because anyone who actually makes youtube content knows better the minute they start making youtube content they go uh yup no that doesn’t like you realize does the minute the first time you ever get a video that gets exponentially more views than you have subs you know that subscriber counts don’t really do anything that happened with my miitopia video and funny enough i just i just was studying for my lsat and when you said was it subs don’t correlate to views same thing as correlation does not equal causation if you’ve taken a psychology class or anything along those lines correlation is not equal conversation people see big youtubers big subscriber count youtubers and so they immediately correlate these things that’s why they came up with the view to sub ratio nonsense the culture came up with that youtube is the youtube has said it doesn’t matter youtube official and they don’t believe it you know it’s the only person that the community will ever accept if pewdiepie comes out and tells people like how it is then they’ll believe it but not a minute before linus has said it mkb has said mkbhd has said linus has said it so many creators with over a million or even over 10 million have said it but until literally mr beast or pewdiepie says it no one will believe and there’s a reason i mean my channel i know it’s a very very very very small scale but you can look at exactly what’s going on here mitochondria video trending topic people were searching for it boom views the next video animal crossing it was not trending it was not and there was no search traffic to syphon and there was no search references look at this uh 600 on the like double the subscriber count that you had three weeks ago metopia but people are looking and that’s that video um so actually the kazuya video and the miitopia video exact same literally the exact same video except the gazoo video i just did better like just over time you get better at making videos yeah which is why it’s doing well kazuya was three days after e3 happens metopia is getting 20 30 per day only at 80 views first day of being up the kazuya video is taking off and the thing i’d like to say about that is is because it was trending more yeah and the death star my role isn’t real the death spiral of oh this video didn’t perform so the next one went it’s not real it it you because look at this this video didn’t have a bunch of views and then you have 8k and then the next video didn’t necessarily um benefit from any kind of bump off of that and then the next video outperformed it then down then up it’s like the best part about it is when kazuya is doing well my smashboards basketball video luke skywalker who made smash you hate yourself and falcon punch all getting views and right now i’m just doing entirely because right now there’s a correlation between there’s an interconnectivity between those because it’s again the smash tide is lifting all ships yep and all the content i’m making is literally just going to be about smash for the next few months and then i can branch out to pokemon when it comes out rc is when it comes out unless you immediately have the ability to jump on a wave which i should probably try to hence pokemon breath of the wild yeah different things like one-off videos and then my next video tomorrow um i actually have to script it after i go to bed um i have to i’m making you know crash bandicoot yes i do very familiar i played the original yep let me actually send you uh god were you even born when i played the original probably not not no probably not funny enough let me i’ll send you the thumbnail just so i can like talk people through the idea behind it just so people can visualize it better i’m just going to send you a twitter dm uh i just think this is a good lesson because this is what i’ve been learning and it’s the same thing i do with tick tock um i just sent you the thumbnail i don’t know if you can post it up on screen but probably not wait actually i might have a way to do it in a second you’re good yeah i was gonna say exit out because the thing is my videos now have to link together like if i was just to make a random video of me playing smash it’d do well but it’s not going to get super amount of views and then i’m just talking people through my like mindset here yeah i’m gonna i’m going to switch i’m switching the um here it is and yeah this is the thumbnail for the next video the big thing was is that crash bandicoot was rumored for smash and i was actually away on vacation so i could make a video right before e3 because julia gets into smash now everyone’s like oh no crash bandicoot’s not gonna get in this thumbnail right here crash bandicoot the envelope is like how you get invited to smash and it’s a big x like no and you automatically know what the video is about and then anybody getting watching my video for the kazuya one because it’s gonna get more views later on this week will immediately be thrown into on suggested crash bandicoot not in and i know people are interested in that and then after the crash bandicoot video kazuya is going to come out do another kazuya video then after that do like a tear list or two and just keep writing these waves and just keep going that’s what i’m thinking at least no it makes total sense to me so there is one more channel to review because um he had to send over his um channel because it couldn’t be found um so give me one quick second here yeah i just i always feel like even when talking to my friends and stuff uh i feel like it’s good to just like walk through someone’s like thought process i agree a thousand percent i think that if you understand someone’s i think one of the problems i have with people uh with the empty criticism on the internet or like everyone in the internet thinking that their criticism is valid criticism is they never asked a single question about intent which means that they don’t have a basis for knowing the objective and then they’re offering criticism without understanding what the goal was if you understand what the goal was how can you you know that was the biggest issue with my channel in the beginning i was literally hopping through 20 different topics just seeing what’s stuck i started doing star wars and avatar and now i’m like wait a second my bread and butter smash bros i know it’s about nintendo boom intent smash bros exactly so michael i think because your channel is impossible to find and by just typing your name and your name is super common you might need to name it something like michael thomas cinema or michael thomas reviews or something of that nature probably cinema because you say you’re a novice cinephile your banner while explaining what you do the novice cinefile doesn’t mean much to the rest of us and but i you’re at least explaining some of what you do but the thing is with the stuff that you’re covering i would have just put it in the banner i told jordan the same thing like i mean and it makes a difference it’s like you realize oh this is what this is about i would be doing the same thing there should be what’s all about here the thing is i understand wanting to cover the gamut and genre of a lot of different things i know you probably see a lot of larger people uh review whatever show whatever show or series they want i would consider getting a lot more focused before deciding to branch and cover everything you’re just interested in if your goal is growth if your goal is growth if your goal is expression and you want to i want to talk about things i want to talk about and i enjoy and love it’s like you can do that for a phase of youtube while you find your voice i have no problem with it which is why i don’t feel like people need to grow in their first year of youtube they just want to people want to grow in their first year of youtube i think what people probably should do is just like a sport is get a taste for it just like a sport and a musical instrument and you don’t have to necessarily succeed your first year of doing something that you’re passionate about if you’re passionate about something you don’t have to be good at it right away i wasn’t good at photography when i started i wasn’t good at art when i started you don’t have to be good at something right away especially if you’re passionate problem is that people are pursuing youtube as a career without and then wanting results within a year but they haven’t given it what they would give any other career if you’re a doctor there’s no way that year one you’re expecting anything as a medical student as a medical student you know that you just are a scrub and you got to learn and you got to learn the ropes and it’s like you like you literally can’t do anything okay if you even started a new sport you would have no expectation that you could ever score goals on like anything you know you would never be okay you’d never sit there and think oh i’m first year and i’m gonna dunk on people that have been ver their varsity like like there’s no way there’s no freaking way that freshman is gonna sit there and take on varsity like it’s like it’s rare it’s super rare it’d be ego driven to think that you’re gonna do that right so what i would i would say about something like that is i don’t think that people treat youtube with the respect that they would treat any other career when they say they want to pursue it as more than a hobby if you want to pursue it then more is more than a hobby why are you looking to get results right away because it’s really really like something that why would you be good at writing scripts why would you be good at seo why would you be good at graphic design why would you be good at video editing why would you be good at video production why would you be good at talking on camera if you’ve never done it why would you be good at those things right so michael what i would say is um i think you have time to find your voice i don’t think you necessarily need to be focused on growth you might desire growth it may not be the answer you were looking um like to hear it may not be the answer you’re looking to hear but i think that what you could do and should do because again people who are watching are enjoying your content i see your like ratios are here amazing so what i would say is i think you have time to explore finding your voice and i think you have time to like start crafting and learning what makes a good thumbnail because again you haven’t made that many videos yet so there’s no need to put any pressure on yourself to expect anything from it beyond the ability to get better over time because i again i just think that most people if i if i like if i told you if i put the pressure on you to be good at something you’ve never done before and i told you you have to produce results on it within a week or 30 days or 90 days or less than 100 tries you would say i’m being unreasonable so that’s why i want people i’m using this as a teaching moment i’m using this as teaching moment say if you haven’t done it before there’s no reason you have to be good at it in a year i have um just a little bit a few ideas for this channel because it’s kind of similar to mine like i did a few things in the beginning like this yeah um first off the first thing that comes to mind right here uh the the newest video he made is actually something i was thinking about earlier funny enough i was listening to all the ops on my ride home for my hero love the show yeah that’s interest that is very interesting that is such an interesting concept that i don’t see many people doing and that’s like high level thought and if i saw that you couldn’t not click on it the thing is the thumbnail and it’s if you could scroll back up just so people could see what i was discussing yeah so the thumbnail here right um my hero i mean what you have bakugo deku todoroki and just kind of the basic group but there is a music arc in the show yes so a season five the end with the festival with arie um you can take one of the characters i think it’s gin her name is someone who’s really known for music in that show yeah you may not have photoshop but it looks like i think he does put really big and then you can do it with uh canva you could do it yeah my hero music right and the rule of thirds i don’t know if you want to uh explain that if you know what i’m talking about is such a huge thing yeah right there’s a graphic design term i will let them youtube search a video on it but um yeah that’s kind of just the rule i use for thumbnails also if you’re making a video on how my hero academia uses music that can be nine minutes right but for the reviews and nobody’s going to be interested in the because i’ve learned this the how i learned to love the legend of korra nobody nobody cares i mean it’s awful to say nobody cares about my videos that i say why i think this because i’m not big on tick tock they do but here they don’t and if you can retool the titles to be a generic to everybody to be more yeah more accommodating to the casual viewer more accommodating to the casual viewer also the biggest um view count on this channel if you scroll down it’s 300 something views it was an announcement video or an announcement new avatar movie announced right if you were doing anime oh by the way my year academia’s new trailer came out today yeah see which actually just came out yesterday uh the endeavor arc with all that yes um in the agency is just about a start if you go and make a video on that like today or tomorrow just your thoughts your ideas uh no spoil and you put spoiler free really good that would be very good that would do because again that’s also taking advantage of timing like we like we said earlier taking advantage of timing is really important there’s like one more uh just because i mean like i closed it down like an hour ago but i guess because it was still the pin thing um there was a submission i’m gonna do a very quick one for keep it techy and then we gotta go we really have to go because it’s like it’s about to be like 11 o’clock over here i gotta get to bed uh i i do as well and then um i i literally have to eat something i’m starving i’m gonna die like um it’s your birthday tomorrow and it’s my birthday tomorrow um so the first main thing is i think that uh channel art i can live with but it also is a little hard to read um i think that the thumbnails could be stronger i um and then there’s the issue sometimes of text running into the um time stamp there but again i think that the thumbnails if you look at the biggest channels in tech and even if you look at um people who aren’t necessarily making product reviews but you even look at someone like tech lead the thumbnails have to be more competitive and compelling and so i i really feel like a little bit of photoshop goes a long way you know i think a little bit of photoshop goes a long way i want to see what the most popular video is here to see what we can learn from it so the most popular stuff here is probably the most utility content and therefore it also isn’t relying on the thumbnails but then that’s not what the current content also is so if the current content is being because it looks like it’s also now more live stream based it looks like a lot of it is very live stream based now and then some of it is individual utility content but it looks like a lot more of it is becoming a podcast so i think that it’s very difficult to look at this and say because like i think it’s you’re splitting an audience but it looks like the podcast is strong and i almost wonder if it would be better to just literally take the whole thing mostly in the direction of just doing the podcast to be honest but if i was i also would get uh the images of my guests and i would make them like almost billboards for the guest and i would like try to make the guest rockstars i would look at how other podcasts are doing their thumbnails for their guests and i would do that so i would just like make it look more premium you know what i mean i would make everything for this channel and for the thumbnails and especially for the interviews in the podcast i would just make it feel very premium and so i would upgrade those visuals what do you think jordan i just i just say visuals and colors it’s really dark um i usually i actually always have my youtube on dark mode um that’s a big thing that like i so my computer right i’m on my desktop right now and on my laptop on my left and i just noticed having your um like laptop or computer i used to have mine in dark mode i used to have mine it’s just such a like if you were to switch it right here these don’t pop that’s fair i i think having your channel like having your youtube browser on dark mode is such a big thing because otherwise i mean when something is so dark and sucks in the color and the tech community his viewers in the tech community probably are straight up always on dark mode yeah i mean it’s just how it is and even if you’re not having viewers on dark mode if you go to like your homepage on youtube when you’re in dark mode some thumbnails pop out right first because there’s so much color and it looks better that’s a little cheat that i use yeah no i agree i think the main thing is oh by the way i’m gonna appoint you as a mod oh thank you um another thing with the thumbnails um the logos the logos are like linux the penguin yes huge yeah and it would probably more than using the word linux in the thumbnail it would probably make more of an impact to be very honest with you and then the people who know they know like uh so yeah i feel like i feel like maybe the direction i would go is it feels like it wants more to be a podcast so i would go in that direction and then if i was going to make utility content i would probably again go really hyper on the thumbnails i mean there’s like i don’t see any um value in this palpatine meme being in a thumbnail um around this lennox uh tutorial to be honest i think that it would be better served being um saying what it is and having a huge linux penguin in it yeah palpatine i mean we’re both huge star wars fans doesn’t i’m a big star your fever skills are no match for the powers of the dark side i use the palpatine do it meme in my last my kazoo do it now the star wars universal but i mean it doesn’t make sense with linux yeah but you’re being like how to mod your linux into a star wars thing yeah i like so yeah so again and again like don’t maybe take some of this to mind but not to heart none of this is like none of this is like dunking on anybody i’m just like i’m thinking as a viewer as a tech guy like of what i would click on and i’m trying to get it to a place to where because i feel there’s there’s clearly an audience for this and there’s value in it but i think it’s missing more of the like i like this linux backdoor thumbnail this linked back door thumbnail it has some things that could be better but this is like going in a better direction in terms of it making sense for somebody to just click on that and for it to say what it is and having something thematically that makes sense you get what i’m saying yeah another big thing just going back on a few things you were saying before read it yeah that was just pop slipped my mind from the last last channel reddit’s huge yes oh yeah and even these like if you put this on a tech community and read it like some of these even just like not one of your newer videos one of your older videos be like hey hey guys uh this is what it’s about you may get utility taken off of it but it helps well again it depends on where you share it and that depends on what your status is with that community as first so as a utility play there’s promotion there yeah oh he said he’s not taking it personal okay i just wanted to make sure yeah um one thing with design i know you have to get going i’ve like for me i’ve been doing like design work since i could begin remembering and if you the biggest thing one of the biggest thing with thumbnails i think it’s a skill that does not come very easy to a lot of people no not at all and even a graphic designer doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make a good thumbnail they’ll make a visually a correct thumbnail but that’s not the same thing as an effective thumbnail no i also just want to say hi to somebody in chapter hey tipster how’s it going man um like yeah and copying sometimes or imitation is the biggest form of flattery it can be and the thing is it make and there’s set there’s points where it makes sense now outrightly directly no never do no like yeah never like yeah if you take inspiration if you search up the topic of your video and see the first 10 thumbnails say wait i like this from this thumbnail i like this from that thumbnail i like this and you see the best designs from each one of your topics try to take the best of everything and create your own design for someone who has no design background i agree i mean there were there were color there were color combinations i looked at other people’s stuff or even sports teams i looked to sports teams a lot for color combinations for branding and i go oh that’s you know perfect everything like that i mean even with the brand deal stuff i went with lakers colors like i went with lakers colors i was like purple and gold purple that was like that was my end screen actually for a few videos yep um right kobe though yeah i was talking to a friend today i was giving him advice on his thumbnail he used the red circle with no stroke background and a green arrow i was like that’s that’s what people can’t see when they’re color blind because they’re too similar on the color wheel you can’t use to use similar they have to be contrasting and that’s just exactly that’s why for youtube related stuff a lot of times i go red blue i go red and blue and it’s right wrong it’s really strong great yeah mba themselves went with their stuff with the uh the red and blue you know like for the nba logo like so sports teams and sports associations i mean they they’ve already done all the research on color theory on font choices on aesthetic on uh a lot of the staples like so you don’t need a background in graphic design and again even if you have one remember as a graphic designer that’s where i actually that’s sometimes where i actually undercut myself on the thumbnails although i think my real problem my own real problem is titles and again i’ll show you guys one last thing and then we really got to go because i’ll show you guys something on my channel because again we could keep talking forever about this type of stuff yeah i know but i i do want to show them something um from my own channel here while you’re searching that up uh one thing i like to always look at is primary colors have you ever lost primary colors yeah that’ll that’ll do it but i want to show you guys something on my channel so in my youtube analytics because again like occasionally you get the occasional troll who likes to um pop off and again even if they’ve never made content is people like to sometimes look at my views and criticize and the reality is that it’s literally entirely dependent on this thing called impressions and reach and i’m going to show you guys on individual videos just real quick something but one of the one of the interesting things is this this last part which actually is what if you’re trying to be a full-time youtuber these stats are the more important stats because the thing is if i i have not been uploading because like in like after february i took some time off for you know mental health and needing a break and i have not been uploading i start uploading again the revenue skyrockets and the thing is i know at this point if i really just didn’t care about burning myself out and running myself into the ground i could be making 10 grand a month in ad revenue i know exactly what to do the point is i do not need to keep chasing things i’m learning a very important lesson as a content creator which is i’m learning when enough is enough which i think is one of the things that is not talked about in our industry is i’m learning what is enough and i’m learning that there’s a certain amount of money i don’t need to make to be happy there’s a certain amount of things i don’t need there’s a certain amount of milestones that i’ve already crushed i don’t need i don’t necessarily need more so what i’m saying is if you’re a new or smaller youtuber you might be in a position where more is more but i’m not there anymore so sometimes you need to actually listen to what i say and not what i do and i know that sounds hypocritical but i’m in a different phase in life turning 37 tomorrow than a lot of people and i’m in a different phase in my career than a lot of people and my career is still very different than other youtubers in terms of where i focus and where my revenue comes from too because remember most of my revenue comes from outside of adsense like but in perspective i know how to replicate things like this and that’s and this is what’s important in terms of this is not normal this is ridiculously abnormal and i know what would replicate it but i also but i also know what’s useful to my audience versus what makes me the most money and so the thing is this is a great video and this is fine but you know what video is most useful probably to the audience even if it doesn’t get the same amount of views to be honest it’s this video it’s this video of nine minutes of no bs advice for content careers that they can apply and yeah it has 10k views and like people like would rather have 50 than 10k and yeah they’d rather have a thousand dollars than 100 but to be very real if you’re a youtuber that is under 10 000 which is probably the majority of people like i don’t feel that knowing that youtube may not be letting you have a tenth of a penny per view even though that got me so much more attention on that video like not getting a tenth of a pain from youtube per view is not as important as the things that i said in this video that actually are going to help you if you’re feeling stuck and help you get perspective as a youtuber and actually in many cases help you avoid burnout help you keep going help you focus on the right things it’s more useful to you if it’s uh this video on brain deals that i noticed it’s the i was thinking this when i saw the first graph it’s the upward steady up like uh trend where it just keeps going up versus the peak and slow yes there’s things yeah there’s things like that but also again this video you can’t knock me for this video when youtube gave it 150k impressions but see a viewer doesn’t see that you only see it on the back end but like how can i get more views on this video when the opportunity to get more views does not exist for this video not at the moment question i mean this is my uh just yeah thought process here um who what where when why how i feel like it’s just something i’ve noticed a lot of the videos i click on is who what where when why how so instead of getting paid brand deals how to get and it’s just like a simple thing just like oh wait sure how i just something i was thinking about the other day i wanted your opinion on just like that i can change that round i can try that because i’ve tried believe me i’ve like actually i’ve changed the title a couple of times um i i recognized i think it was different but i not saying for this i know by the way i know what would have gotten click but at the time i just didn’t feel like i’m trying to tell talk to a smaller influencer about this you know but i know exactly what title would have gotten clicked what would you think how i made a hundred thousand dollars uh with brand deals as an influencer gotcha so it’s that was the question basically the who what where what am i how yeah as an influencer i don’t have to use small influencer but then the thing is the thing is making a hundred thousand dollars is an appealing outcome and goal it’s also unrealistic and unrelatable for a small influencer so essentially i then have to talk about myself and my journey and then go and reach back and give advice but the thing is it’s still it’s a bridge and i can do it with the storytelling and i am going to make that video but the reality is that video is not nearly as useful to somebody trying to start from nothing but it’s the video that someone starting from nothing will click on and will watch but the thing is it’s not really that helpful to them it’s more helpful to me and it will get me more views and there’s nuance to it and i’m trying to be helpful but this video that didn’t get the views is actually what they should be watching that’s not what they want to watch happens the thing is that’s why that’s but that’s also why a lot of people watch content and then don’t feel like they got any better for it because what benefits of a creator to make is especially on the education side and you’re seeing a lot of this people will get clicks on education but the thing is and they’ll get some nuggets but they’re also the people who get those nuggets and say oh i did this and now it’s working there’s people who are i believe we’re going to be successful regardless to be very honest with you but i think the person who needed the help the most i think that the person who need the help the most ends up benefiting the least from the video that’s most likely to get their click in a lot of cases when you do those tactics no matter how well intentioned and no matter how much of the bridge of storytelling you do between the thing you achieved it’s still so far removed from where the average person is that it can’t really help as much of the people at the bottom as the people who were on the way to the middle anyway yeah and that’s what breaks my heart is because it really doesn’t help the people at the bottom but what would help the people the bottom is not the same thing they want to watch the people at the bottom want to be at the top but they want to skip the step of the middle and i just commented this in the chat there’s the chat saying there’s a lot going on with mr beast and more than just numbers and someone said it’s a science a small creator is a science yeah someone with one subscriber is the science everybody is a i believe that everybody is a science the conversations i sit on for hours about youtube day in day out and just listen to content creators be like i made 10 thumbnails for this video i made thumbnails just for practice on a video title that i even make the video and i made 20 titles for this video going and asking your friends which one of these three titles work no i i agree 100 there is a science i’ll show you something interesting though watch this um hundred thousand how many videos do i have with over a hundred thousand views i don’t think it lets me put a comment yeah how many videos do i have with over a hundred thousand views i have about 60 videos 100 000 views yep so like all right my ratio the ratio of my subscribers is i have 500 000 views i wonder how many videos do i have since people think 10 000 or sorry 10 is such a healthy number how many videos do i have with a 10 view to sub ratio even though i probably made them before i had i bet you it’s more than that 109 um yeah because that number’s going up so not that i would do this and not that i should do this but if i literally deleted my inventory of 1400 videos down to the videos that people would respect my view counts on it’s about one tenth of my videos right um if i tweak this number some more it changes but see you see my point is though but here’s the thing if you really think about it if that’s the case one out of ten of my videos being the quote-unquote healthy numbers is like still like in general a good success ratio for real life of anything of like anything doing well is like okay yeah about one out of ten times no matter how smart you think you are if it relies on other people’s approval one out of ten times is probably actually pretty okay and the was what was i going to say if you look if you do your research on big creators you watch especially not you like in the audience especially in the gaming niche especially i’ve noticed the middle or the blow up quote unquote their channel has huge huge views compared to their newer ones because they’re finally able to make what they want with the audience they’ve cultivated yes and every once in a while everybody me on tick tock anybody i know has to make a video to go viral or at least the shot at going viral just so they retain people back in yes and that’s the endless by the way that’s the endless hedonic treadmill that leads to burnout and leads to breakdowns burnouts and breakdowns happen because of chasing the dragon so to speak right i have a strategy that literally let me take over two months off from regular uploading because i mean if you actually look at the i’ll show you guys something in analytics because again this is what’s interesting but now that i’m back to regular uploading you literally see i can get views and get subs get all because the thing is if you look at the timeline of 2021 i was killing it especially on subs like i was killing it um like in 2021 but the thing is it correlates to uh an upload schedule because if you look at the last 28 days i did not put out any content so just think about that i literally put out content twice those are good numbers for i literally put out content twice in a let’s look at 90 days i’ve made almost no content you see these huge gaps i’ve made no content in the last 90 days by the way these numbers are the numbers i normally get in a month if i’m making content evergreen uh period yeah oh yeah yeah period because like um if we look at like i made almost no content in april right i made no content in april i made no content in may possibly i went uh is that me oh yeah it’s me but i but it doesn’t show oh but it’s not showing the uh i have to go to i have to go to dailyvee versus monthly so i made almost no con i made almost no content in may i made a youtube short i did uh two evergreen type videos that’s it like so i made almost no content the entire month of may for the most part and as you can see in june aside from like today i’ve made almost no content you see you see my point is now i want to show you i’m going to go custom and i’m going to show you like uh january or february i can pick and i’ll just pick uh it’s so different looking at these numbers compared to the 100 100 views 60 views yeah right so let’s i’ll get there soon yeah but look at um but look at january where i’m uploading consistently it’s just an upwards trend right this is why i keep saying the most important aspect of youtube that people undermined um is really the value of just being consistent and showing up the to work like even like before what’s what’s called i knew you from clubhouse and everything like i i watched your videos and there are some videos like you have to go back twice to watch and even like people like gaming creators that i watch specifically alpharett oh yeah yeah great videos are so quality that i’ve watched some of them two or three times and they’re just hilarious and he doesn’t need a post for two months exactly but there’s also yeah i just came off from a hiatus and look at and i’m almost like on the comeback kid trail like off of just like you know uh one or two uploads or whatever or like when uploading a stream an upload in two streams right for june so like it’s you but you see the difference of how drastic a drop-off taking time off like this is why i don’t agree with the stance where youtube says because if it’s two weeks that’s one thing but when youtube says oh taking a break doesn’t hurt your channel i’m making a video about this by the way about the truth about that um because i get where they’re saying where they didn’t programmatically put anything in but look at a month where all i did was two streams because live streams are not uploads so it doesn’t work the same way and look at the drastic drop of like uh revenue subs everything from not uploading just for a month and literally just doing two streams in a month which is not the same as an upload so you see what i’m saying i arranged i’ve been doing this so long that i know predictably the science behind this and i know what works for my channel and i also for the channels that i’ve worked with and consulted you know i’ve consulted some oh god i’ve consulted channels as big as six million subs i’ve like worked with like a lot of like um dope people and there are also dope people in the community that have benefited from the content that i haven’t even worked directly with that like have like done tremendous things i’m not taking credit for them i’m just saying this like i do know what to do and the data the problem is there’s the problem is threefold sometimes you cannot mentally and physically sustain something just because it has a great outcome which is an important life lesson that just because something is getting you money or attention or other things doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you and then the other part is there’s what i could do that people might respect on a surface level but it’s not always in the best interest of my audience for me to do that it’s like why i turn down certain brand deals you know i’m not gonna do something that makes me money if i think that it’s not always in the best interest of the audience and then the third part of it is i don’t think that it’s a good example sometimes to put the outcome you can get over what you have to go through to get there because i would rather try to teach people what a healthy version of their hustle might look like because i cannot stand that we’re demonizing hard work and that people are using a few like bad examples of people overworking of what um like work ethic does or what hard work doesn’t work out or this or that it’s like i want people to understand you can work hard and work smart and you don’t have to also work to death there’s a healthy version even of being disciplined and also to that point the biggest creators all well not all but a lot of them have an editing team and a lot of them are able to do it because the consistency and that’s something as a small youtuber i missed a week and a half i was on vacation i finished a video while i was on vacation just because i got bored and i kind of want just wanted the video to get done with because i knew just with time and everything but these giant youtubers even ones with 20 000 have editors because they want to go break even instead of making money so they can make more content that may not be you you can’t keep up with a loss leader model because that’s how amazon and walmart put small businesses out of business and the thing is youtubers who can go to that model of they don’t need to make money are not going to be the same thing as my viewers you know right right here like yeah like some people yeah and some people can do that and some people in college can do that and there’s like but the thing is a lot of my audience there’s like there’s people that even if they’re in their 20s if you have like a family or you have responsibilities or something you cannot reasonably sometimes go to a lost leader model on youtube right so like and i’m oh finish what you’re saying i’ll go after well that’s where some of the some of the advice i feel of the largest content creators falls a little bit short of acknowledging the circumstances that people or at least most people would theoretically exist within and i’m trying to not be part of that issue because i’m not blaming them for that but i’m like okay here’s where the where i see a problem and the problem i see is i there’s not as much i believe as a common sense um being pushed of like what’s a common sense version of being a content creator what because i’m not saying everybody should do this or everyone should be able to do this but i’m like what if you look at the biggest content creators and then you think is that what i have to do it’s almost that’s a little intimidating or even discouraging when you start and you’re like you know um but what isn’t there a way you could do it without having to um have all of that be what you’re you’re having to come up with in terms of i need an editing team or i need to make this much content a week or i need to you see what i’m saying like realistically a regular person can’t even begin to think of doing that i am not a regular person at times with the content that i can make like i just have my time so budgeted right now and my priorities because i’m not in classes right now class is right i’m taking five classes oh dear lord they’re easy like they’re not easy but they’re like they’re less time they’re lesser credits for more classes so it’ll it’ll work itself out plus they’re the way my schedule works out i’m a junior but i’m taking younger courses because i already took my senior court it’s a weird it’s a it’s an outlier situation i got way too ahead and needed to pick up random minors yeah no it happens it’s like it happens yeah but you see what i mean it’s like it’s for my degree like there are classes i should have taken but i should have taken them earlier i took harder classes earlier because i want to get ahead see but you have that you have that like athletic hustler like grindstone like and i think that we just have a lot of people coming into youtube that that’s just not where they’re at or where they’re going to be at again for me i’m going to use myself as example here i hit 10 000 subs i start making money i don’t luckily have to spend that and i’m not here to make money right but because i’m taking classes studying for my lsat trying to go to law school and everything oh wait a second the money i make goes right back into the business because that’s how i think about it and somebody trying to start you let’s say i hit someone trying to start youtube to quit their nine-to-five job exactly and you don’t know everybody’s you don’t know everybody’s situation and so that’s what i’m trying exactly so now i’m even trying to kind of create silo content for if this is your situation i can make a playlist i can make the content thoughtful enough to where i can make a playlist i’m even trying to figure out a way to make a playlist even for the category of sub count that someone’s at because i recognize that the goals shift you see what i’m saying so like it’s this really thoughtful way of making content that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to what will grow my channel the most it’s you know i’m saying it’s like because that’s a different type of channel to make than what i’m doing um i think a better example of like oh seeing me like be a youtuber is like my music channel like a better example of like me applying youtubery logic is what i do with the music channel which is killing it as far as like the numbers go for what it is yeah yeah and then people always say like oh how do you know to be a content creator uh i’ve been doing like for me personally i’ve been doing this since i was 13 on so many different platforms and finally the everything just lined up it works but not like a lot of the channels we probably looked at today it’s like this is the first go-around there’s so many channels that make oh yeah 100 video i mean my my tick tock 100 videos to hit i think 10 000. that’s all that’s good in my opinion some people it was it was before it was like beginning at quarantine so the numbers ah okay numbers are inflated there i made those things that’s another thing already yeah there you see a youtuber who has a million subs started seven years ago on average according to the case study we got from three million channels with tubebuddy it’s that’s about the timeline it takes about that long you know it’s uh but think about it being in the but the thing is also that’s not even the one percent that’s the point like zero one percent of like creators so like think about it a decade timeline to be the point zero one percent in your craft is still amazing and it’s still an outlier situation it’s like oh go ahead i just don’t think statistically people realize how rare it is to even get a thousand views on youtube it’s like sixty percent of people on youtube never get 500 views on a single video so like yeah my myself included this mic right here i bought with the money i made from tick tock like nice the camera it i wouldn’t have this mic lost leader business model if you look at my first few videos i filmed on my iphone with the tripod that’s actually in my camera how’d i buy a tripod with the money i made from tiktok but i made my first few videos on the phone so did mr beast for all the way to 200 000 subscribers star wars theory it’s like you know so again i is like you know i i guess as we wrap up here like the point that i think we’re both trying to make is you start with what you have you don’t compare yourself to like these people who are literally the point zero one percent in life and you have to establish a thing that works for you because i think the most important thing is to make being a content creator fit life right size into your life i think you have to literally figure out where you are in life and what applies to you and what doesn’t because i think the worst thing you could do is compare yourself to someone who has a completely different set of circumstances and judge yourself by that yeah i have friends doing the exact same thing and i’m like i can’t compare yep with that said everybody i want to thank all of you for this wonderful super chats i want to thank jordan viper and shelly for joining me on the stream i want to wish all the fathers a happy father’s day what’s left of it all the parents uh and all of you also just like if you have the opportunity make sure you’re giving all your love to your parents uh i’m not sure if we have a sunday stream next sunday but i do have a video coming out tomorrow i believe on getting your 4 000 hours of watch time and then i have some money making videos this week dropping so you want to stay tuned for that you also want to stay tuned uh for that video that i’m doing 20 life lessons uh for your 30s uh i’m doing that it won’t go out on my birthday which is tomorrow tomorrow is still the 4000 watch hours video but it’ll come out this week anyway thank you to everybody i will catch you on the next one jordan thanks again for dropping by oh thank you so much for having me all of you stay awesome we’ll see you next time


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