Reacting to your YouTube conspiracy theories…

There’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there about YouTube. Everything from how the CEO keeps her job to why YouTube suppresses smaller channels to what you have to do to be picked up by the algorithm.

Today’s episode is a bit more fun where we kick back and get into some of the conspiracy theories about YouTube that you all submitted to us. We answer some of them, but others are just so far out there, sheesh, we don’t really know what to say. haha This is a fun one!

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2:16: Team catchup
7:28: Conspiracy theory #1
8:53: Conspiracy theory #2
12:06: Conspiracy theory #3
14:54: Conspiracy theory #4
20:30: Conspiracy theory #5
22:10: Conspiracy theory #6
27:46: Conspiracy theory #7
31:06: Send us a voice message!
32:23: Power Tip


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welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to hang out with you again for a

just for fun video creators podcast

episode i feel like sometimes we’re all

like giving you information trying to

help you out move forward with the

roadblocks you’re facing on your youtube

channel helping you grow your businesses

and that is all good and we will

certainly do that here in this episode



i went to twitter into our community tab

and i just asked the people who follow

me there

what are the conspiracy theories that

you’ve heard about youtube that you

would love to have answered

and i told them actually let me just

read it to you because this is i i have

not told lena and delena here with the

actual tweet said i just kind of told

him what the theme was i said

what quote what are some of the

conspiracy theories you hear about

youtube i’d love to spring some of them

on lennon and elena and our podcast

later today and see how they react

little angel emoji


some of these are just off the wall i

have not heard of some of these before

and some of them are totally legitimate

questions that i think we should address

too so it’ll be a little bit of fun here

a little bit of like okay good that

actually helps me with my youtube


and talking about

view velocity talking about posting

velocity and how many days youtube takes

to do this and that and smaller channels

versus bigger channels and

it’ll be a good conversation for sure so

i’m excited to dive into that here with

you guys today if you haven’t met lennon

and elena yet they are two strategists

here on our team here at video creators

they work with our clients work with

creators just helping them

blast through their road blocks so i

need a different word than roblox

but anyway well i liked your i liked

your emphasis there that was good

roadblocks it’s like a

boom no airbags or anything just

crashing through it so i don’t know

i should let you guys talk here before

this gets any worse uh

how are you guys doing what’s going on

at the at the delana hunt hut and the

london bone abode i feel like it’s

become a thing now so i’m gonna update

you guys on what i’m drinking from

starbucks now and you have to try

their brown sugar oat milk latte no it’s

not a latte

not sponsored

but starbucks sponsor us um

and i’ll do a whole starbucks haul on on

this podcast can people do hauls on

podcasts that’d be funny i don’t know

you know my very first attempt at coffee

was a starbucks latte yeah it did not go

well for me

yeah that’s that’s just like jumping off

the deep end tim you’re gonna

ease into it a little bit

it just tasted like burnt water to me

exactly that’s what i’m saying


okay but yeah brown sugar oat milk if

you haven’t tried it i don’t know if

it’s a seasonal thing or not but

i can’t i’ve been buying it like every

day guys it’s kind of expensive but so

you’re getting out of the house every

day that’s right

yeah that’s more than i could say

thank you

how are you doing madden good

my we’re talking about conspiracy

theories and um

it made me

think of um this

show that we’ve gotten into

called only murders in the building have

you guys heard about this at all so it’s

it sounds like steve martin

steve martin martin short and uh selena


and the idea is that they’re um

they are really into murder mystery

podcasts and there’s a murder that

happens in their building and so they’re

trying to start their own murder mystery

podcast around

their sleuthing of this thing

and it’s super good it’s super addictive

of course like you know it’s just cool

to see steve martin and martin short

doing something like

where they’re at now in their age

bracket that’s relevant and like i don’t

know i’m loving it so that’s what we’ve

been doing binge watching that show so

if you want to check it out i would

highly recommend it i think it’s on hulu

and they release new ones every tuesday

night so

um have a new one coming up here

well um my first speaking attempt since

uh kovid went well it was fun to be

around people again i think my favorite

part though is just meeting with people

talking to them one on one



one of the things that fincon does

finance personal finance cons it’s a

conference for

finance personal finance bloggers and


and they expect all their speakers to do

a mentorship with one of the one of the

participants there and this year i got

the same person that i worked with last

time actually which is great so we get

to do like a little follow-up catch-up

and and stuff and help them help this uh

girl she has a budgeting blog and

youtube channel

and it’s just fun to hear the stories of

like all the growth and success she’s

doing the she’s making more money and

doing better now than she’s ever done in

her life her goal was to

um hit substantially less money than


in a longer amount of time and it’s been

quicker and she’s grown faster and

so i can’t really take credit for that i

mean i gave i met with her for like an

hour you know so

um take the credit she’s like take it


she did all the work you know we had a

we had a meeting right when she was

quitting her other job because they had

a baby on the way and she was so she was

leaving that job and had to turn this

into to replace that income and she’s


than replaced it now so it’s just been

it’s just been fun to see those those

follow-up stories so


that was exciting yeah

you guys ready for this

this is gonna be fun okay

so i asked for the conspiracy theories


um this this is what i heard some of

them we can answer some of them we

probably can’t

but um

do you want to create more spirit

conspiracy theories we could do that

that’s right yeah can i

weave myself somehow into these

conspiracy theories i think that would

be exciting go for it

yeah okay let’s let’s pick some of our

own here so i’m just going through them

in no particular order just the order

they came in on twitter and the

community tab on youtube

first one is from cz’s world

on twitter

they no longer have slash never hired

the 1000 quote human reviewers in 2017.

nobody in the industry knows one of

these reviewers who one of them are or

what their process looks like i’m like

oh you’re right actually i’ve never met

10 000 people either so maybe they don’t

have any human reviewers

i don’t know but i can see how that

could be as theory because whenever you

reach out for a human review it takes a

really long time if you get one

so i can see

where this is coming from


to that point though

if there’s only ten thousand how many

vet videos go up every day uh 500

minutes or 500 hours a minute so like

years yeah so i mean 10 000 in in the

scheme of like how much content is being

uploaded is

probably minuscule those poor people

they’re not they’re not reviewing every

video it’s

just you still you would think like

you would think that there’d be a lot of

complaints um

in in that with that kind of content

going up i don’t know maybe not but

that’s fascinating that’s a that’s a

good one i’m like

you’re gonna get sucked into these

aren’t you oh they’ll be like your next

consultation you’ll be like did you know

i mean i’m a big like

sasquatch proponent and stuff like that

i love that kind of stuff so this is

you’re right in my wheelhouse right now

tim all right cool well the next one

is from josh striker on twitter uh i

gotta get some context because not

everyone might not know what’s going on

right now with uh twitch and youtube you

guys hear the kind of drama around

twitch with a lot of the creators there

are going on strike

and taking a week off from streaming

because of this issue

where someone will um when they send at

the end of their stream they send all

their audience to go crash another

streamers and usually it’s positive like

everyone go there we’re gonna and then

like instantly this little streamer’s

got like 18 000 people all watching and

it like makes their life makes their

world makes their day they’re eating

like whatever right um and they so it’s

usually a an affirming thing but some of

them turning it for the opposite which

is they send their after they send their

whole stream all their audience over to

someone else to just totally crash it


flame them and

just over

and the people who they’re legitimately

trying to have fun now just can’t and

the streamer just getting all this hate

and everything so twitch is having a

hard time

moderating it to work to only be

positive and not negative so

here’s the uh here’s the conspiracy

theory from josh is that youtube planted

those bots into twitch

that doesn’t sound like a very good


can i just play like pro conspiracists


all of these so i want to like

i want to just be the devil’s advocate

toward the conspiracy for all these and

and try to speak on its behalf so

all right i mean

you know

it would make a lot of sense it would

make a lot of sense because you know

youtube which has been on the definition

lately yeah they’re probably

at some point we’re feeling a little bit

intimidated by them and i know there

were some issues with like some big

youtubers leaving youtube right to go to

twitch as like uh exclusively right

wasn’t there i feel like i heard some

like phil defranco talking about some of

that stuff where there’s some deals with

those coming up

yeah okay yeah there’s some bitterness

happening here so but overall from what

i read like last week

streaming on youtube is growing

and more and more creators are favoring

youtube over twitch for their gaming for

their streaming and stuff so do you

think this has something to do with it

uh or is this such a small

correlation but i do but from what i

read it was like 18 000

uh twitch streamers are doing the strike

for one week wow so it’s not an

insignificant number of people yeah you

know that’s that’s

cool though that they’re so they’re

going on strike to say don’t do this is

that what you’re is that what you’re

getting at right they’re like we need

this to only be a positive thing not a

negative thing so that’s yeah that’s

cool i mean either way

if if that’s if youtube planted those

things then

and now we’re seeing the haters or like

the the people like band together then

youtube’s probably a little bit ticked

because they’re like this didn’t work

how we wanted it to these people are

banding together


well this next one is a doozy i read it

and i was like i don’t even know how to

respond to this one i just hearted it

favorite and just called it good

also from cz’s world on twitter here’s

one from an anonymous source the idea

that susan wojcicki the ceo of youtube

has been able to keep her job so long

and through so many disasters because

she has dirt on sergi

uh brynn who is the the founder ceo of

google which she learned from her sister

who divorced him in 2015.

i know that’s what i’m saying i don’t

know how to respond like we should call

this i don’t know

reacting to conspiracy theories and

youtube drama


wow wow that’s

but but that’s accurate no i don’t know

i mean there’s nothing like the marriage

the marriage situation that that is uh

that’s an accurate thing i don’t i don’t

know i mean probably ver you could

probably do a quick google search and

find out

but um i know susan was like what the

seventh employee of google or something

like that uh we’re already bigger than

seven employees look at that we’re on

our way to become the next google

yeah because it was her garage that

youtube or google started in like they

rented her garage


and they were eating her food and she

had she was going to kick them out as

renters because they were just eating

all her food and not paying for it and

throwing off her meal plans and

everything uh my kids yeah

so but eventually they hired her


but i didn’t know that sergey’s

um ex-wife was susan’s

sister okay if she was if she was the

seventh employee of google

long of a standing with them that way

more explains why she’s been able to

hold her position



black male she has yeah and i’ve heard

there’s very few people who have the

access and right should just walk in on


without making a meeting like just just

show up unannounced to his office and

that be acceptable

and she’s one of those very very few

people who can do that so it sounds like

there’s a relationship there of respect

and trust

and it’s just a personal one over the

years because she was there in the

beginning before google was anything

really so wow that seems more plausible

to me


no not near stuff there’s this you know


right what’s that thing i have to tell

my dad like

usually the it’s the less interesting

stories that are true

i know yeah it is

here’s a here’s one from colin michael

on twitter he says

a common conspiracy theory he hears and

i mean i think it’s interesting he’s

calling this a conspiracy theory i want

to hear what you guys

think if this is true youtube susp

suppresses small creators is that a

conspiracy theory or is that true or

what’s going on there i think youtube

is more prone like the reason that we


more big creators get surfaced is


that content is clear to the algorithm

that people respond well to that content

um but i know that youtube actually is

heavily focused on helping small

creators grow that that’s a big part i

mean that was their whole mission from

the get-go you know was to help

anybody you know be able to grow in this

way so

i think that it takes smaller creators

to kind of

learn and there’s a large

the learning curve keeps getting bigger


there’s so many skills you need to make

it work

with production storytelling audio

camera equipment editing

script writing planning type graphic

design with thumbnails copywriting with

titles i mean it’s a pretty dizzying

list that you’ve got to be really good

at yeah

i can answer my thoughts yes i can

answer my thoughts with an illustration


so wait i don’t feel like i wrapped up

my thought okay so sorry base basically

the the since the learning curve keeps

getting bigger it’s not that youtube is

necessarily suppressing the content but

just that

the content that they are producing

when they’re beginning when they’re

small is not at the same level of

content that performs well on youtube

that’s what i was trying to say agreed

well i’m gonna i’m gonna say that

preface it by saying that there’s a

there’s a missing element here which is

most of the time

when a creator grows

we don’t see that growth phase

right so for instance we did a

i did a consult with a

channel called tasting history which i

think should be getting close to a

million subs but at the time

that we did the call

he was working on his stuff i think he

had like 8 000 subscribers and so we

were talking and i just said hey you

know something’s gonna happen you’re

doing a lot of things incredibly well

this is really great i just think you

need to kind of hang out and he was

feeling very frustrated had a lot of

these types of

comments like am i being suppressed

what’s happening here etc so i said well

i want you to email me when something

happens because i i think it’s going to

and so i went uh out of the office for

the weekend got back he had emailed me

on saturday and this was monday and he

said hey i just want to let you know

that i’m over 10 000 subscribers so you

picked up 2 000 subscribers

um and then i emailed him back i was

like oh that’s great and he’s like oh

that was uh saturday he’s like as of

today i’m over 20 000.

um and then he emailed me like two days

later he was over 50 000 subscribers

so the point here being that when

something picks up if the channel is

doing really well to delana’s point

where the content is good


it is set up for the channel to grow it

will likely grow quickly and so we don’t

see a lot of that middle ground we only

see sort of what most would consider

like small or big channels and i think

that that kind of has a lot to do with

it because you know in that time frame

there’s only going to be a few

you know

10 000 people 20 000 30 000 people that

would see it at a level where it’s like

oh okay

this is small and i’m seeing the growth

it’s those early adopters and so i just

don’t think we can make that call

with a with a clear picture based on

just how things seem to work that’s my

thought before we move on to the next

one i just wanted to point out did a

little research here and

susan’s sister anne did indeed marry

sergey brin co-founder of google

and uh

yeah and well the thing i thought the

reason i’m sharing this is that they had

a super secret ceremony in the bahamas

in 2007 and it was so secret that they

that none of the guests were told the

location of the wedding they were

instead all just flown to the bahamas on

a private jet

and they just showed up

and then they were taken by boat to a

sand bar where the ceremony was held and

uh they wore

white and black swimsuits for their

ceremony that brought it it’s a sand bar

do they just like serve cups of sand



yeah we’re rubbing off i don’t think

your starbucks will rub off onto me

though i think that one’s pretty uh

one’s pretty well set just give it time

yeah i’ve given it about the three five

years so far

the jean jackets did too that’s true

yeah i got it right here i just didn’t

put it on because i didn’t feel enough

pressure since lennon you don’t have

yours on

i know i can’t i gotta find it all right

this one is from

bret bristow on twitter i think we can

do this one pretty quickly i was talking

with someone that just started youtube

and they heard you had to post a daily

video for a hundred days to be picked up

by the algorithm

that’s accurate that’s 100 accurate

i think this goes really well with the

previous one which is like is it that

you publish a hundred video like you


a hundred videos in a hundred days or is

it that you learned your some new skills

really fast and your content actually

got better you learned to find your

voice you learned how to better talk to

your audience you got better production

skills you know all that stuff happens

because you’re just getting your reps in

for yeah that’d be a really great way to

kind of expedite the learning process

for sure

which can help you grow faster if you

shorten the learning curve but i don’t

think it’s it is

is absolutely not necessary to have to

go to that length to yeah grow the

skills that you need and get traction


i did hear that that’s why these 10 000

workers aren’t actually

like being heard from is

they’re counting individual people’s

videos and as soon as you fall off if

you miss a day in your daily 100

practice you go back to zero my friend

you are stricken from the list

so these 10 000 workers are busy

i think we need to add a new segment to

our podcast for london

these are great

conspiracies with lenin that’s right


all right uh this one’s from the

basement on twitter did you know twitter

has a basement apparently this came from

the basement

the twitter box the conspiracies in the


i mean yeah

elsa’s in twitter’s basement uh he says

they say upload time doesn’t matter

but view velocity seems to matter so

which is it and he was a laughing emoji

so i think he knows he’s being facetious

um upload time doesn’t matter view

velocity anyone just take a quick crack

at that one exactly

like when you when you upload or that’s

what i took it as yeah time of day okay

not how long it takes to upload you see

faster internet for that buddy

you do youtube judges you based on how

fast your video uploads i heard that

i heard that’s true

i what’s the longest you guys have ever

spent uploading a

video oh

i’ll go first it was two and a half days

i was trapped

and this was a few and this was back

like when

when it was it might have been more true

than that i don’t know but it was like

if you miss us an upload

like you’re you your channel’s just

crashed i think it was back in like

late 2000s or

something like that

and so

we were traveling and

back then high-speed internet wasn’t as

high-speed as it was today and i

remember we were staying at a friend’s

house and there they just had dial up

and it was really slow and so i paid the

money to do a hot spot on my phone and

use the 3g connection to upload this

video file that was like 2gig

and it kept disconnecting but thankfully

youtube would like resume the upload and

not start all over so as we were there i

just like every few hours would go back

down and just try to reconnect through

my phone and get that upload going again


i totally missed the deadline for it

anyway but

i remember that was a bad experience

probably it probably tanked because it

took so long

i did

upload time it does matter

how about viewfinder


the faster it uploads the i remember

when processing on youtube’s end would

take a while now it’s like yeah ready

when it’s done you know yep

with view velocity i want to make sure

i’m understanding this right

the way that somebody thinks of view

velocity they’re talking about how many

views you get right away like right out

of the gate yeah correct yeah the theory

is that

if you get the more views you get in the

fr and this is does some people say 24

hours some people say 48 hours but the

more views you get and the initial once

the video is initially published the

better that video will perform long term

so the entire success of the video rests

on how it performs in the first 24 to 48



yeah which is um that’s totally a


that uh

i’d love to stand behind

but like here’s the problem with good

conscience i can’t

there’s so many videos have been on

youtube for a long time that suddenly

pop and do really well you know i’ve had

that happen many times in different


uh you go back and update the title

thumbnail some of your old content and

it can pop it can not pop like a balloon

but it can start performing better right

i’m sorry for all these you guys i’m


that’s the crazy thing though tim is i

heard that

if your shorts don’t do that well

that’s the next thing that youtube’s

gonna actually have it pop like a

balloon and just disappear


my youtube shorts have cargo shorts on


this reminds me of whenever lennon did

the april fool’s

telling feet telling everyone that we

found that if you actually wear shorts

in your youtube shorts

then they perform better

that’s science that’s just true yeah

um i hope you guys are getting what they

came here for

i love giving the example of

of uh dr anthony yoon for stuff like

this because

whenever i worked with him big thing is

that we were wanting to take his channel

to the next level like he had grown to

close quarter million when he started

yeah quarter million for six years

yeah and

then we wanted to take it to the next

level so he did a reaction video for the

first time



he it was like plastic surgeon reacting

to botch you guys should definitely look

it up because it’s fun video and


within the first i want to say like five

days that that video was up it tanked

he actually sent me an email and he was

like it’s totally tanking should we do

something and i was like just give it

time just give it time we’re doing we’re

trying something totally new you know

and sometimes when you try something

totally new and you already have an

existing audience youtube doesn’t know

what to do with it it has to find the

right way because the viewers don’t know

what to do with it right exactly and so

then by the end of the next week i

believe it had it was like two weeks in

and it had over

or close to two million views on it so

and now his channel was at like two and

a half million subscribers or something

and we’re not working with him anymore

because he’s just coasting now yeah he’s

doing awesome did a good job with that

one delano

thank you all right last one here uh

this one is from our friend dan hines

and he says hi dan

if someone clicks

a link on facebook to watch a video on


it messes up the algorithm on youtube so

if i was going to summarize that

i don’t see why that wouldn’t be true

honestly yeah

i think people have no idea if we’re

lying or

you know

they can’t see our faces they’re like

what i don’t know if you’re serious or

not i’m kidding guys i’m kidding

but are you

uh yeah yeah yeah yeah just make a [ __ ]

yeah youtube doesn’t care if the traffic

source is for a video you know so like

if it’s from facebook or whatever now

getting someone to click on it on

facebook is another thing


the traffic sources facebook’s gonna be

more upset about having a youtube video

in there than than the other way around

absolutely i will say what it can

what it can mess up in your metrics is

things like your audience retention

graph that will look different because

it’ll all that kind of gets lumped


um so

facebook users

generally tend to watch not as long on

youtube they’re coming from facebook

um and so

it can mess with your audience retention

graph and kind of give you an unclear

look at that but in terms of how

it actually performs within youtube

youtube is measuring how it performs

from the traffic source not just how the

video performs as a whole no matter

where the viewer came from so youtube is


okay if i show this on uh a user’s home

page do they respond to the content

there no okay if i show it on suggested

videos and it’s doing all this at the

same time does

do they respond there and it’s kind of

like tracking all of these things to

find where the video belongs


i did want to bring up though that you

know we’ve been talking about this idea

some of

like a viewer what is the power of a

viewer like a tick tock viewer is worth

you know like what is it like four to

seven tick tock viewers is worth like

one youtube subscriber 25 tick tock


is worth one youtube subscriber and what

uh what we hear is that if mark

zuckerberg actually watches your youtube

video on facebook you will instantly get

a million subscribers just

instantaneously so okay that’s the one

thing about that

yeah so our networking events try to

shake that guy’s hand


don’t know if he shakes hands i don’t

know probably not anymore that’s the

awkward part of these events is it like

most people i don’t seem to shake hands

they tend to do the fist bump or wave no


like like the wave like you see at a

baseball game totally yep the wave

just just by themselves though no one

else around them just their arms go up

and down you think they’re worshiping


why are you putting both arms up dude oh

my goodness where

i really hope you guys got what you came

here for

thanks for having me

i hope you got a good laugh


well before we let you guys go i have a


thing that we’re going to try out for a

little bit see how this goes

any of you guys listening want to leave

us a voice message you can you have

comments you want to add you have

reactions you have questions you have

your own conspiracy theories you have a

youtube tip actually something valuable

that you want to share with people

something helpful

or just want to say hi

um you know you could you could leave a

voice message for us and we may use it

in an upcoming podcast episode you can

go to

videocreators or you just tap the link

in the show notes of this episode and do

it but speak s-p-e-a-k

pipe p-i-p-e

dot com slash video creators and leave

it there and we’d love to actually

include more of you guys there’s

thousands of you that’s why we keep

doing these because it’s working so

there’s thousands of you there we’d love

to hear from you guys and and use more

of you in our in our content so

maybe hundreds after this show

yeah exactly i know

even brian our editor is like you guys

just stop

hi brian

every week we want to give you just some

really practical advice something you

can use right now in your youtube

channel to see better results lennon’s

got this week’s power tip for us so we

recently heard chris doe from the future

talk about

which is a great channel for creators

especially graphic design type people

talk about their experimentation with

shorts and one of the things that

they’re doing

is instead of feeling like they have to

go and make a whole bunch of new content

for shorts they’re literally going and

starting with their most popular videos

looking for

peaks in their audience retention so

trying to find moments in their audience

retention graph where people are going

back and re-watching those sections and

using those as things that they can cut

down and create shorts content from so

we think this is a great opportunity to

experiment without having to just go out

and reinvent the wheel

we would also suggest that you know with

these videos can you cut the value of

the video down to

this sick just under 60 second mark

and then pitch that if they want to go

deeper with the video uh to go and and

join you on the channel what we’re not

saying here for what it’s worth is

don’t give them a teaser and say like

hey but if you want to see the answer to

this question go over here we’re not

saying that give the full value inside

the short and then say if you want to go

more in depth in this topic you can

check it out here

but this is a good opportunity for you

guys to just experiment without having

to go and make a whole bunch of new

content great thanks lennon we’ve got

some amazing new episodes coming up for

you soon we got next week we’ve got an

interview with jelly smack their

vp there who’s going to talk with us

about how can we better optimize

our content for

for different platforms for how to take

our youtube video optimize it for

facebook first tick tick tock i’m sorry

i can’t laugh the other let in the liner

making me laugh they’re doing stuff


and then the week after that we’re going

to be

talking with someone from patreon about

how to best set up patreon and introduce

it to your audience in a way that makes

it really receptive and types of perks

and levels and i have some thoughts on

there about patreon versus


memberships as well and we will dive all

into that stuff and more in the next

couple weeks so

thanks for following along kevin left us

to review an apple podcast recently we’d

love to read it thanks there’s another

call to action for you

and we will catch up with you again

next week for another video creators

podcast episode thanks guys bye


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