Rating 6 Ways to Make Money on YouTube (from WORST to BEST)

These are all the most effective ways to make money on Youtube, as a small, medium or large channel. I’ve tried most of these extensively, and wanted to share the BEST options to match your channel.

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so you want to make money on youtube

right well i’m not going to give you any

fluff on this in fact what i’m going to

do is go through several options that

you have for monetizing your channel and

give my best real world tips and

experience on whether it will fit the

type of channel that you have or not

howdy howdy everyone nate here all of

these i’m going to talk about in this

video are general rules from real world

experience but as always there are going

to be exceptions to each of these and

also i got to mention with the title of

a video like the video that you were

coming to here there are approximately


million ways to make money on youtube

but these are the top ways that i have

found for you and i for channel makers

to make money in a legitimate way that

is long-term and sustainable and also

these are loosely grouped from lowest

earning potential to highest earning

potential you ready let’s do this the

first way of making money from youtube

perhaps the most obvious and in that

everybody thinks about this and that is

the youtube partner program you’re gonna

make money from ads on your youtube

channel now at the risk of sounding

incredibly obvious with this what’s well

done you know i’m here to make money

from youtube and ads i’m thinking about

the thousand subscribers and 4 000 watch

hours right what you might not have

thought of is what kind of channel is

best suited for youtube ads now on any

type of youtube channel you can turn on

youtube ads and count it as one stream

of income right but youtube ads are most

effective they make the most money in a

few specific cases so they’re best for

two types of channels the first is high

attention channels if you are getting a

lot of people consuming your content

they are very good for that obviously

because more views equals more ad

revenue right the second is for high cpm

channels the channels where the audience

has a high buyer intent will always earn

more per thousand views on their ads and

this is why if you were to take side by

side comparison of a prank channel with

let’s say a hundred thousand views on a

video versus a financial channel with a

hundred thousand views on the video the

financial channel would make

dramatically more from those same views

because the audience is coming with a

buyer intent or an action intent now

perhaps the bad news here with youtube

ads is that it’s worse for

smaller channels

it’s kind of a given right if you have

fewer views and if you’re really hoping

to make that your bread and butter the

way that you make a lot of money for

smaller channels it’s always going to be

a struggle if that is the only thing you

are focusing on next method of making

money on youtube is through youtube

memberships or patreon now what this

looks like in a nutshell is on youtube

on many channels if you go beneath a

video you’ll see a button called join

and that is where you have the option to

pay a certain amount usually between

three to five us dollars

to become an insider or a member of that

channel and often there are specific

perks it can be special emojis it can be

behind the scenes videos it can be

whatever the creator of that channel

wants to share with their audience the

same is pretty much identical with

patreon except that patreon is hosted on

a separate site is not owned by google

now the biggest advantage of this type

of monetization is it’s every month now

obviously people can cancel after a

little while but in most cases if

someone becomes a member of your youtube

membership or your patreon then they are

there to stay at least for several

months and it allows you to do things

and make money that just isn’t possible

in other ways now what kind of channel

is this option best for the first is if

you are doing an ongoing project one of

the best examples i can think of this is

if you’ve heard of the channel

wintergotten i hope i’m pronouncing that

correctly and he’s always making this

project this marble machine that makes

music it’s really fascinating and i

would bet that the amount of members to

his youtube membership are quite large

because people love supporting an

ongoing project the next type of channel

that this is best for is more of the

influencer type of channel if people

come to like you as the channel creator

and they like what you’re making if

you’re whether you’re a gamer or if

you’re doing vlogging or areas like that

they’re much more likely to say hey i

like this creator i like this channel

maker therefore i’m going to support

them in their ongoing projects and i

also want to see what’s happening behind

the scenes so if you have that kind of

channel memberships or patreon can be an

extremely effective way to do it which

is why i have the course in my program

project 24 specifically about patreon

and how to build the audience how to

structure it how to set up your patreon

and all of that good stuff now we need

to talk about briefly about the cases

where a membership or patreon approach

wouldn’t be the best one is if you just

are not the type of channel maker that

likes to share behind the scenes type of

content and wants to keep up a community

of people if that’s the case then it’s

probably not the best for you the other

case would be if you are a business

channel and you have other offerings or

other things that you’re doing it can

actually in those cases be a barrier to

whatever else you’re doing next method

of monetization and that is sponsorships

and this i’m gonna break down into a few

more non-obvious categories than what

you might have thought of on your

channel thus far you see there’s three

categories i call them associated

promotion non-associated promotion and

product placement so for the first one

the associated promotion this is where

you directly use something a product or

a service in your video and you talk

about it in your video and a sponsor the

sponsor of that product or service will

pay you to produce a video talking about

their product this type of sponsorship

is best for influencer channels or niche

channels because as an influencer if you

go on there and you say guess what i use

this product or this service and here’s

why it’s awesome and here’s how i use it

in my everyday life then that’s a more

effective call to action for the

audience they like you already as the

influencer therefore they’re more likely

to purchase which makes the sponsor

happy which means they’re more likely to

sponsor you in the first place now for

niche channels this is very good because

of similar reasons if you have a product

let’s say you’re a woodworking channel

and you say look i have this lathe that

i just love they sponsored this video i

already used this lathe before they

sponsored this video but i got to take a

moment to tell you why this is my very

favorite and in that case that’s a very

strong call to action also because if

your audience is that niche type of


audience and they see you promoting that

product and saying look i actually use

this product i like this product then

again that’s a better deal now this

associated promotion sponsorship is

worse for almost all other types of

channels unless it directly fits the

audience which brings us to the next

type of channel and that is the

non-associated promotion and this is

where you are sponsored to talk about

something that is not directly

associated with almost anything about

your channel and because of that this

type of non-associated promotion is best

for high attention channels because the

sponsor is looking to get their brand in

front of as many people as possible and

they don’t really care if the audience

that you’ve built is directly a match

now perhaps one of the biggest examples

of this would be a channel like mr beast

where because so many people are almost

guaranteed to watch every single video

that they produce whatever the sponsor

is it’s going to be seen by a lot of

people and that alone is worth a lot to

the sponsor and they’re willing to pay

for that type of exposure now this type

of non-associated promotion tends to be

worse for almost all other types of

channels because it can very easily feel

like an interruption to the rest of the

content or the reason they’re there in

the first place the other type of

sponsor i’m going to talk about is

product promotion and this is where they

either send you a product for free you

talk about it in the video or they send

you the product and they pay you to talk

about it or it can just be a product

placement in a video it shows up in the

background you talk about it you mention

it once or twice within your video now

if you’re getting this type of free

product or paid to promote a product it

tends to be best for entertainment

review type of channels if you’re doing

for example a tech review channel where

you just make videos about all the

latest tech then companies will want to

show you their product and so you can

share their opinion and they can get

that exposure they’re looking for now

the caveat here is if you are looking to

make non-biased reviews of products in

this example then having a company give

you the product for free and then pay

you to talk about it in a video oh there

could be a little bit of a conflict of

interest there so that would be a case

where this type of product promotion

would not be a good idea but in almost

all other cases if it’s just fits it’s a

product promotion product placement in

the background then that’s a great thing

and it can be a great way to get an

additional amount of cash from

publishing a few videos or if you have a

contract for several videos it can be

very effective which speaking of which i

still need let me see if i can find it

here okay so water bottle i was

approached by a company a few months

back to do a product placement they said

hey can you can our product appear in

the background can you mention a few

times so i thought man this would be a

great idea to have a water bottle as a

product placement on channel makers

that deal did not work out unfortunately

and so i am still on the hunt for an

awesome water bottle that i can do as a

product placement and they can sponsor

some of my videos if you are a water

bottle company and you’re watching this

i will totally do that for you if you

have not already i would love it if you

would boop the like button on this video

if this is being helpful and you’re

getting some of those epiphany moments

of oh my goodness i didn’t think about

it that way or i’m going to start trying

this monetization method on my channel

right away then that would be very

helpful to help this video spread to

more people thank you the next way to

make money on your channel i’m not going

to speak very long on this because i

have the least experience with this and

that is selling a physical product of

your own that you have created or you

have sourced on your channel this has a

lot of the same rules as the other

monetization methods here in that it’s

best for influencer or niche channels

because if you let’s say i’m going to

use the woodworking example again if you

develop your own physical product

woodworking is very hands-on and

physical you make your own product and

you start selling that in your videos

you have a very high likelihood of your

audience if they already know like and

trust you you have a high likelihood of

them wanting to purchase that product

and the good thing here is if you’ve

made it then you get to keep much more

of the profit off of it because you

designed it now this does tie in closely

with the next method of monetization and

that is affiliate marketing now

affiliate marketing in a nutshell is i

find a product i think it’s great i’m

going to recommend that product be it a

physical or a digital product and when i

recommend it people use my link in my

description and i get a cut whenever

they purchase now the benefits of this

type of monetization is the amount of

work you have to do is only in the

marketing you only have to mention it

you only have to get people to click and

actually purchase the thing and then you

don’t have to fulfill it at all if you

have any experience in product

fulfillment or the the packaging or

shipping or the the back end of support

if it’s a digital product then you know

what i’m talking about here now this

method of monetization lends itself best

to niche channels obviously if you have

a larger audience then that’s beneficial

because it’s more eyeballs more

likelihood for people to click through

on your link and purchase something

right but if an audience is coming for a

specific purpose and you recommend a

product and you say look i didn’t make

this product but this blender is the

best on amazon or this blender is the

best wherever it’s selling and you say

just use my link as a way to say thank

you for for me doing this blender review

we’re showing you these blender recipes

it would be great if you use my link in

the description then people are much

more likely to act on that than if it

were a general audience channel which

brings me to where affiliate marketing

is perhaps the worst option for

monetization is not to say you shouldn’t

do it but for channels if you have a

general audience or a vloggy style of

audience or a pranks type of audience

and a lot of gaming audiences actually

then affiliate marketing isn’t always

the best unless it’s very clearly

associated with that audience and here

we get to the last type of monetization

perhaps one of my favorite formats and

that is your own information or digital

product now what this looks like is you

create something that can be purchased

that is digital therefore you don’t have

to ship out anything that could be a

blueprint or a guide for creating your

own table or chair if you if you have a

woodworking or carpentry channel it

could also be a membership or a

community of people that are going

towards a similar goal for example

people who want to make lucrative

youtube channels and provide well for

their family i don’t know how i would

know about that so creating your own

information or digital product tends to

be best for businesses or information or

skills type of channels it’s not often

the best match for entertainment or

vloggy style of channels so if you’re

curious particularly about the

information or digital product way of

doing it i’ve got a video for you right

here where i talk through what it looks

like if you’re looking to do one of the

monetization methods that’s more

attention focused then you’ll want to

watch this video where i talk about

creating the types of thumbnails that do

get attention so take your pick either

this one or this one or both if you want

to and nate out


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