Popular YouTube metrics we think you should IGNORE 👎🏼 for better YouTube Growth

If you’ve poked your head into your YouTube analytics, then you know that it can be an overwhelming place to spend your time. On top of that, you’ve got a bunch of YouTube experts telling you what matters the most to YouTube. Maybe you’ve heard that all YouTube cares about is watch time, or maybe you’ve heard that you need to get more people like & subscribe from your video in order to grow faster, OR maybe you’ve even heard that your title & thumbnail make or break your channel so ALL you need to pay attention to is your impressions click-through rate to grow more. So, let’s help you narrow down what metrics you can totally disregard (and what to pay attention to instead), despite what the rumors may say.

0:00 | Welcome to the Podcast!
0:48 | Intro — meet D’Laina
4:14 | Creator Spotlight
19:16 | Why speaking to one is more effective than to everyone
21:13 | Metrics you shouldn’t glorify
23:29 | Metric 1: Watch time
29:36 | What to look at instead of JUST watch time
32:52 | Metric 2: When your viewers are on YouTube
35:42 | What to do instead
36:28 | Metric 3: Your video’s overall performance
45:16 | What we’ve seen & what we recommend focusing on instead
48:59 |Power Tip ⚡️

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welcome to the video creators podcast we

help youtube creators grow their

audience and business with next level

tactics and strategies want to

accelerate your channel’s momentum be

more profitable and change the lives of

more people than ever before you’re in

the right place the video creators team

has over a decade of experience

providing youtube strategy for brands

like disney warner brothers hbo and even

youtube themselves so far our team is

responsible for helping clients generate

over 17 billion views on youtube and now

to help you here’s tim lennon and delena

hello creators how are you guys welcome

back to another video creators podcast

episode where we are here to give you

next level tactics so that you can grow

your youtube audience and your business

so that you can reach more people and

change their lives now if you poked your

head into youtube analytics at all then

you know fairly well that it can be a

pretty overwhelming place to be

on top of even just looking at your

youtube analytics and trying to learn

what everything means you’ve got all of

these youtube experts telling you oh you

need to just increase watch time focus

on watch time focus on watch time or

you’ve got somebody telling you that

audience retention is the

all or maybe you’re hearing experts say

that you need more people to like and

subscribe from your videos because

that’s what’s going to tell the

algorithm that they like your videos and

they need to show it to more people

there’s all of these different levels

and opinions of what is going to take

your video to the next level and through

all that there comes a lot of focus in

the wrong places

and i’m not here to knock other experts

in this field because i know that where

their heart is is that they want to help

you guys but i don’t think that they

realize the impression that they may be

leaving by telling you some of these

things and um the mindset that they’re

putting you in whenever they tell you

what you need to focus on so i want to

help you narrow down and really kind of

disregard some of the metrics and and so

that you can narrow in on your focus and

you don’t feel so scattered and confused

and so i’m just going to tell you what

you should not focus on so much despite

what all of the rumors say i am in a new

setting if you’re watching this podcast

episode on youtube i am in a new setting

thought i’d try something out you know

got a little studio setup going on so i

figured i would

bring you guys into it i mean i got a

little bit jealous of tim’s setup to be

honest and his like cool studio

background so i was like you know what i

can make a cool background too not quite

there yet but


i i’m just trying to you know

try and bring it up a notch so

if you’re watching on youtube you get to

see a little bit of my little background

that i’ve started setting up here so i

have a creator spotlight for you today

and her name is jessica freeman we want

to highlight her because tim and her had

a conversation about her youtube channel

she’s been on youtube for six years and

she had kind of a rough start she was

making youtube videos in order to

attract more for clients was her initial

intent um she was not trying to have the

biggest channel not trying to be mr

beast you know she just

wanted to

build her business through her youtube

channel but then she started attracting

kind of an unexpected audience and

decided to actually begin pivoting her

channel to serve that audience more

which can often be kind of a sticky

thing to navigate whenever you are like

okay i’ve been focusing on this one

angle of my channel or this one person

within my audience you know primarily

just trying to serve this one person but

now i’m attracting this other person

over here do i press more into that like

what it can kind of be a sticky

situation to find yourself in and it’s

not an uncommon one either even though

it is sticky though sometimes that pivot

is exactly what you need to do to take

your channel to the next level so here

is exactly how she is approaching that


jessica how long have you been on

youtube you’ve been doing this for a

while right i have i have been on

youtube since 2016.

so 16. so i got to do some math here six

years now six years six six years which

is bananas to think about uh that have

been on youtube that long


you i’ve already told this to you in

other other private conversations but i

think it’s worth repeating publicly you

are like the most consistent

person on youtube that i have met

in a really long time you know like you

even went on three months of maternity

leave and got three months of content

scheduled and ready to publish

during your was it maternity leave sorry

yeah uh yeah yeah

and people like didn’t even know you

missed like you didn’t miss a beat you

know i didn’t oh my goodness


so yeah so tell us about your channel

first of all before we dive into some of

the stuff that you’re doing now with

pivoting and figuring out new direction

but yeah tell us how did you get started

what did that channel look like for you

originally so i kind of walked into

youtube blindly i didn’t take any

courses i didn’t have any like strategy


i saw my business i’m a web designer

for other business owners and back in

2016 i was really feeling like i was

just getting lost in the noise i was not

really standing out

and so finally i was like i’m gonna

start a youtube channel

to try and like educate my clients and

help them learn just online tech things

website design etc and so i

started youtube and

it was kind of a rough start

but i started very i made it super easy

i was like i’m gonna do

one minute videos

uh and that was like the first like

three months of my channel was just one

minute videos which you can imagine

they weren’t super valuable because

there’s not a lot you can squeeze into

one minute

well it turns out you were just ahead of

your time because now there’s a thing

called youtube shorts

you’re pioneering and didn’t know it

yeah youtube noticed and they were like

we should do something just run

something here

so um so yeah i jumped in i really

wanted to try and attract more clients


i liked the idea of kind of this

evergreen content hub and not just oh

here’s an instagram post that a week

from now no one will see

or three months from now like people

have completely forgotten

uh and that kind of thing and so i like

the idea of

being able to be found

uh at any point at any time three months

from now the video can still pop up

and i also liked the video i knew that

video was better for connecting with

people like we like to

hear people see people and so that can

connect with your potential clients

easier than just

here’s a little graphic on instagram or

something sure

and so

yeah so i have been doing for the last

six years lots of

tutorials not just design but

here’s some apps that are helpful in

business uh here’s some things you

should think about in your website

getting more clients

all that kind of stuff uh and that

has kind of led me to here to today yeah

and your website is help or your website

your business is helping people build

their websites

doing it for them or yeah describe the

business real quick yeah so i’m i do a

lot of done for you that’s basically 100

not 100 like 95 of my business is

done for you so people come to me and


my website is a hot mess it’s out of

date it doesn’t reflect who i am as a

professional or i’m pivoting i’m

starting over any of those things

and i will completely revamp the website

uh but sometimes also people are like

i’m starting a business and i don’t want

to waste time with websites text scares


um like can you set me up something so

yeah i work with a lot of online

business owners coaches

um online entrepreneurs that’s kind of

my my main audience okay cool so you’re

making youtube videos in order to

attract more those types of clients so

describe what that content looked like

and how it was performing for you if you

don’t mind yeah so i was like i said i

was doing a lot of

tutorials and like hey you should think

about this on your website and you

should think about this



it has done


um that type of content but i realized

i’m attracting a lot of diyers people

who are like

i’m not i’m not

ready to hire a designer or i like to do

this myself also attracting some other

designers which is completely not my

ideal audience like they’re never going

to hire me the diyers potentially may

hire me down the road but



have decided in the last few months that

i really

need to pivot the focus of my channel

and be more specific about who i’m

targeting and

not trying to attract those diy-ers love

them but

yeah they’re not my ideal people right

so the customer you’re going after isn’t

someone who wants to do it on their own

you’re and so they don’t really care

which plugins you’re using for this

versus that on the website they don’t

care elementor versus divi you know

which theme should i use or any of that

kind of stuff they’re just like i just

seen someone freaking do this for me


and uh and so yeah it makes sense your

content um you had a good value prop you

had a good target audience and uh but

you’re attracting the wrong audience so

what how does how do you go about making

a pivot like that like how do you go

about like

yeah tell me what the next steps are now

that you are thinking like okay i gotta

do something different with my content

in order to attract the right customer

to my business yeah so

i think instead of i up until now i

think i’ve really thought okay i’m i’m

talking to business owners every

business owner needs a website


now i’m having to think a lot more

specifically in terms of okay these are

people who

probably already have a website

they have a team of some sort

they are making

more money and they have the means to

hand this off and they are

good at delegating they’re like

they don’t care about the little itty

bitty details about plugins and themes

they’re like i could care less like

just do this so approaching

going to be switching my content to more

kind of thought leadership


things to think about in business

just how you can approach things on your


um but not hey here’s this plugin you

should try

so um yeah so still kind of nailing down

the exact content strategy but i know

that’s the direction i’m headed in yeah

yeah and i think in terms of like a

process that maybe other people could

take from your example here and apply to

their own situation if they’re

experiencing something similar

is to like you had a defined target


but like what you’re well you realize

like audience doesn’t need

the content i’m creating so we just went

back you went back to the drawing board

you’re like all right this is the

customer i’m trying to attract that

hasn’t changed but the question i’m

asking now if i remember is like what

does this person actually want like they

don’t want to know what plugin to use or

whatever what they do want is like how

do i get this off my hands and then in

our conversation you even identified

some other things that you’re like oh no

they need this they need this they only

want they want that and uh you know and

whether or not that’s the thing you land

on in the future going forward at least

like you’re asking the right questions

now which is like like does this person

really want to know about like the

technical side of design and

managing a website and things no oh what

do they actually want instead and

and so and i think you understand this

as a business owner a lot of creators

don’t understand this which is like

is it better for you as a business owner

to be in front of 10 of the right people

than like a hundred of the wrong people

right so you could go and a lot we’ve

seen this happen a lot of people grow

really successful channels on youtube

but their business doesn’t grow because

they’ve if they went for this broad

appeal they’re going after views and

subscribers instead of going after

customers and what i like from what

you’re saying is like no tim i’m going

after customers i’m not trying to go the

biggest baddest you know

channel to compete with mr beast type of

thing i am like trying to get this type

of person and you’re bringing more

clarity to what that person wants and

then you’re going to deliver that in

your content all right i’ll sound kind

of yes

spot on

yeah so what do you think your channel

is going to look like now going forward

and i know like you’re kind of in the

middle of the pivot right now so i’m not

asking you to commit to it just kind of

curious where your thought process is

with it right now yeah so i’m glad

you’re not making me to commit to it

you know you’re not gonna follow up in

six months and be like um sorry no it’s

just like that

the process of hearing you think out

loud i think is what’s valuable to to me

and to other people just like how does

this work in in jessica’s head to kind

of figure this out yeah so

um i think definitely stepping away from

tutorials which i had moved away from

largely after doing video labs and so i

was like okay we definitely need to get

away from tutorials like this is not

this is not helping so

um i’ve largely stepped away from that i

think i’ve done maybe one or two here

there but

stepping away from that and more going

into mindset and strategy and


maybe like highlighting other businesses

interviews that kind of stuff just to

help business owners kind of learn from

each other and

definitely keeping in mind

like i said not just quote unquote any

business owner which i mean i obviously

had my target market more defined than

that but not just business owners but

keeping in mind

these people do not care about the


they are working with teams and that

kind of thing so just keeping that in

mind and potentially even talking to

that specifically like

easier ways to work with your team and

handing off tasks and that kind of thing

yeah cool yeah so you’re leaning hard

into like really understanding what this

person’s struggles are and what they

would be looking for online and then

you’re like hey if you are struggling

with your team or you’re struggling with

communication or you’re struggling with

knowing how to generate more sales like

turns out your website is like a key

part of all of that you know generating

sales communicating and if you want us

to help you take that off your plate you

know we we are the experts at that and


yeah justcreatives.com is that what it

is yes yes jesscraters.com is my website

and then my channel is also just just

creatives so i’m super easy to find

yeah yeah cool well thank you for

sharing part of your story here with us

jessica and um

if you’re going to leave people here

with a a final like thought from jess

we’ll call it um in terms of pivoting

what what would you leave them with

whether it’s something that they should

do or think or consider or how it feels

even like


what would you leave that i would say

i mean it sounds kind of obvious but

don’t be afraid to pivot don’t be afraid

to try something new

i mean in six years i have tried

so many different things just in terms


like how often i post type of content


different strategies different like

posting the podcast not posting the

podcast on my youtube channel doing

longer videos shorter video like i’ve

tried so many things


i just you know figuring out what works

for you and your channel and thinking

strategically about that um i think

sometimes we get too scared to like

change it up


i think sometimes that can be the most

beneficial it absolutely is i know

because i feel that exact same way

for the longest time like when i started

doing this uh youtube coaching and

training stuff back in


is that what it was um something like

that uh like there was no one else doing

it so it was kind of like there was no

competition it was it was only me

and then as industry grew you know the

people popped up and so

last year i started making a pivot

myself and it is scary because you’re

like well at least i know how this works

at least i know what

results i should expect from this way

and i think there’s

there’s i can serve people better and do

a better job this way but i don’t know

if i can but to find out i have to like

turn this other thing off kind of yeah

and that’s really scary when your

livelihood depends on this so we’ve

pivoted from just being like generic

youtube strategy to being like no if you

we are for people who are trying to grow

a business trying to make money on

around their content they have

around 10 000 plus sometimes like 100

000 subscribers and they’re making you

know a healthy full-time living off that

and they’re like how do i get to a

million subscribers and a million

dollars in annual revenue like that’s

that’s like we’re not we’re no longer

like your first 10 000 subscriber people

we’re now like your next million

subscriber people


um really focusing on that has been

you’re right totally scary and very much

like a


type of thing like how’s this gonna go

um so i feel ya i mean yeah it’s uh

but i will tell you and anyone else

who’s listening that like what she said

is absolutely right it feels really

scary but my experience doing this for

myself and coaching some other people

through it has been like every time you

narrow the audience and get more

specific and bring more clarity to what

you do

i have only ever seen that ultimately

make someone more money and grow their

business more and grow their channel

with the right people i’ve never seen it

have the opposite effect

it does temporarily for a little while

while some of your existing audience

figures out you’re not for them anymore

and they leave and you see some negative

numbers for a while but in the long run

it’s always worked out so i’m banking on

that again for myself and i know that’s

going to be the case for you too so yeah

well thank you jessica it’s been good

talking with you here yeah thanks for

having me


if you find yourself thinking man maybe

i really need to narrow down my audience

even more because i’ve started

attracting this other type of audience

that i didn’t really expect or kind of

like the set subcategory in my audience

that i didn’t really expect maybe i just

need to like go 100 towards that

audience and

oftentimes 9 times out of 10 even though

it feels like the opposite would happen

nine times out of ten you get more

growth from doing that because now

you’ve made it really clear to the

viewer themselves

who you are what you’re all about why

they should be a part of your channel

why they would come to your channel

apart from somebody else’s and the

clearer that you can get with that the

clearer it is for youtube to decipher

who your videos should be for and thus

is able to surface your content better

and more often to those people because

it’s super clear to the viewers and thus

it’s super clear to youtube so if you

are facing a similar issue with your

channel right now where you’re kind of

in like a sticky situation whether it’s

this exact situation or maybe it’s

something that just feels super super

specific to you and your business and

how your youtube and your business kind


play together and you’re just quite

not quite sure where you should go with

it or what to do about it we would love

to get into a one-on-one call with you

because we know that sometimes these

situations can be super super specific

um you know giving

although albeit good you know general

advice on youtube and not being able to

speak super specifically to your

situation can only go so far and so if

you are feeling any of these types of

ways um we are happy to jump into a call

with you you can find the link for that


down in the show notes but it’s just

video creators.com consulting you can

book a one hour call with us we’d be

happy to kind of decipher some of that

with you and see what your next steps

need to be also you can find jessica

freeman’s channel linked in the show

notes or the description of this video

now i want to get into talking about

these three metrics that i think that

you should ignore but i want to preface

by saying that these metrics are

really there’s nothing within youtube

that you fully actually need to ignore

everything has a purpose and everything

is telling you more about your channel

right so there’s nothing that we ever

really need to like completely disregard


whenever i mean ignore in this context

what i’m really saying and seeing is

creator is the need to obsess over these

certain metrics and the purpose as to

why they’re obsessing over those certain

metrics um and even glory glorifying

these metrics like like a click-through

rate being the end-all be-all if you

don’t have your click-through rate your

impressions click-through rate all

squared away and down pat and it’s

performing really well then


then that is the only thing that matters

to youtube and that’s where i think a

lot of this conversation um and these

rumors kind of start to go around and

catch fire is because we all want

something really tangible to hold to

right and so we tend to hear something

like oh watch time is really important

so i just need to focus on watch time uh

it’s not i wish it was that simple but

unfortunately it is more complicated in

good ways but the only way that it is

bad is that it feels less tangible

whenever there’s not just like one thing

that we need to focus on but it’s it’s

good in the sense that we have a lot

more flexibility than you probably feel

like you actually do

and so i want you to as you’re listening

to these next three metrics that i’m

going to talk about

to find freedom in this that it’s like

oh okay like i

don’t have to be stuck to some

algorithmic robot if you will you know

in the way that you might be used to

thinking about it because an important

an important reminder is that the

algorithm responds to people so if we

get people to respond to it if we know

that this is engaging and interesting to

people then we don’t got to worry about

the algorithm because the algorithm is

going to respond to what people respond

to but as i talk about these metrics i

also want to let you know that i will be

telling you what you should focus on

instead for these next three metrics so

the first one is going to be watch time

i you probably heard that coming because

of how many times i’ve referenced watch

time throughout the

setup of this and there’s probably a lot

of you guys that are like what what do

you mean like even youtube you have to

have 4 000 hours of watch time before

you can even get monetized you know what

do you mean it doesn’t matter watch time

does matter but what it doesn’t matter

in in probably the way that you’re

thinking about it youtube does value

watch time highly but it does not

just value the

individual watch time that your one

video is creating and that’s where i

think so many creators go wrong in this

mentality of we need to build watch time

you need to build watch time we need to

make longer videos you know we need to

keep people on our videos for longer and

stuff like that because youtube is

playing a way bigger game than that they

do care about the individual watch time

that that one video is contributing but

they are

more so measuring the entire viewing

session of whenever a

a viewer comes onto youtube and first of

all what videos start a good watching

session so they’re coming on to youtube

they’re signing in they see the youtube

home page is the first thing they see

whenever they open their youtube app or

pull up youtube on their computer right

and so all the videos that you see there

are videos that have proven themselves

to be good at starting a viewing session

so whenever we’re talking about a

viewing session we’re not just talking

about how much watch time an individual

video contributes we’re talking about

how the entire viewing session behaves

from what starts it to what continues it

to what ends the viewing session

and watch time is the factor within that

right like how much watch time is being

garnered between this entire viewing

session but youtube doesn’t care

if you’re watching

a thousand

10 second videos or you’re watching one

or two 10 minute videos or one or a 30

minute video or something like that they

they don’t care how

much the individual video is

contributing to

watch time and how much that individual

video garners watch time it’s measuring

does this video do viewers like this

video like do they

like to watch it because they say on the

video and maybe they watch most of the

video or the whole video you know is it

something that is interesting to them

and then

because of that does it keep them on our

platform for longer not necessarily does

it just keep them on this video for

longer but does do they go from your

video to watching another video and then

another video and then another video how

is your video contributing to an entire

viewing session and and extending an

entire viewing session and we see that

more and more you know there were so

many theories coming out about you know

oh youtube is valuing 30 minute videos

and longer videos and stuff like that

when we have seen right in front of our

eyes youtube split in two different

directions because it doesn’t care it

just cares about um it doesn’t care how

much that individual video

how much watch time that individual

video is contributing it just cares

about how long the viewing session is

how long do people stay on the platform

in an entirety and how your video

contributes to that

in extending the viewing session time so

uh when i’m saying we’re seeing this

natural split we’re seeing hello here

i’m hi it’s me the podcast on youtube

we’re seeing youtube focus more on

podcast content at the same time

focusing more on very very short form

content tick tock style content and so

that’s clear as day that it’s not just

watch time watch time watch time youtube

values watch time but whenever we’re

talking about watch time we’re actually

talking about a viewing session and so

youtube yes values watch time because

that’s what’s within the viewing session

but really if we want to put what they

actually care about they care about um

the entire viewing session how the

viewer behaves within that session and

how that session uh how long it keeps

them on their platform so on that note

um a lot of creators you know within

this kind of

idea that watch time is the most

important which is important i want to

stress that i’m not saying that it’s not

important i’m just saying that it’s

probably not the metric that you need to

look at to be like okay what do i need

to do next do i need to make my videos

longer so that each video gets more

watch time

no because think about it this way if

you have so there’s a metric within

youtube called your audience retention

or average percentage viewed uh your

audience retention is like an uh a graph

of an average

of your average percentage viewed so how

viewers actually interacted with the

video itself where they dropped off

where they re-watched stuff like that

that’s what your audience retention

graph is


um kind of an overview of your audience

retention would be the metric average

percentage viewed so let’s say that you

have a on on regular you upload 15

minute videos but then you hear oh my

gosh youtube values watch time i need to

make my videos longer so you decide to

start pushing it to 20 minutes 25 30

minutes sometimes to gain more watch

time so that youtube will push your

videos more but

your average percent but your average

percentage viewed on each video doesn’t

really change um

or maybe even gets lower because you

made your videos longer and on average

on the 15 minute videos

viewers watched about three to five

minutes of it and then you extend your

videos to 30 minutes long 25 30 minutes

long and they’re still watching

three to five minutes of the video

because not much has changed the videos

just longer um but you haven’t done

anything else to really engage them to

keep them on that video longer then um

that then there’s no point in making a

longer video just to gain more watch

time because it’s not actually helping

you gain more watch time uh because

you’re not engaging the viewers enough

so instead of focusing on just watch

time and looking at watch time and how

can i gain more watch time and longer


instead look at

your average percentage view and your

audience retention graph and see how

much of the video are viewers actually

consuming because we just talked about

how youtube is actually measuring the

entire viewing session and part of how

they’re measuring that is they’re

gauging like do viewers like your video

and part of how they’re gauging down

viewers like your video is how much of

your video that viewer actually consumes

do they consume only 20 of the video do

they consume um only 10 do they consume

on average 50

60 70 of the video usually the higher

your average percentage viewed gets the

more that youtube sees oh this is this

is content that viewers really like

they’re engaged by it they’re watching

the video all the way through and if you

focus on your audience retention and

your average percentage viewed way more

than you focus on watch time then your

watch time will increase as a byproduct

and that’s where i think all of this

kind of gets twisted is that um people

focus on the metrics like watch time

that are byproducts rather than focusing

on the thing that will actually bring

that thing


audience retention and average

percentage viewed will 100 help increase

your watch time if you really focus on

how do i get more of the viewers that

are watching my videos to watch more of

that video

because the more that they watch that

means that your content is more

bingeable to them they like watching the

content and so

that means that they’re more likely to

click on more videos they’re more likely

to click on more of your videos but just

more likely to stay on youtube because

they are engaged by what is on the

platform meaning your video and so

pay attention to your audience retention

graph try to break that down start with

just like hey can i get viewers past the

the first 30 seconds of my video how

many more viewers can i get past the

first 30 seconds of my video then from

there um how do i get more people past

uh the first 30 seconds to the end of

the video how do i kind of tweak each

part of my video to engage them longer

there one other thing is how do i get

more of my viewers to click on more of

my end screens so those little clickable

end screens that you put on the end of

your videos really really utilize those

and give those a really good pitch at

the end like like don’t only give them

one thing to click on and tell them what

exact video of yours they should watch

next not necessarily what video you’re

gonna upload next um but what video of

yours that already exists on your

channel that would perfectly tie in or

compliment the video that they just

watched and then pitch that video to

them at the end hey guys if you want to

see blank blank and blank then i cover

that here in this video or if you want

to see what happened whenever we blank

blank and blank uh you got to see it

click right here to watch that video you


verbally and visually pitch it to them

at the end of each video so that you can

continue that viewing session which

inadvertently contributes to more watch

time on your channel more watch time on

the platform everything in between see

this is why i only have three of these

because i knew that each one of these

was going to be a little bit of a

conversation so number two is going to

be the metric when your viewers are on

youtube so this is i get the question

all of the time whenever a

creator discovers this metric there’s

this metric it’s literally called when

your viewers are on youtube and it’s on

your audience tab so if you go into your

youtube analytics and click over to the

audience tab it’s like the second box

underneath the main box and

what it tells you is it basically has

this gradient of light purple to dark

purple and the darker the purple is uh

the more of your audience is on youtube

and a lot of creators whenever they

discover this metric they immediately

jump on like oh hey i know exactly what

time i should post now um

and they think that if they posted the

perfect time then their video is going

to get more attention right off the bat

unless youtube is going to immediately

see that this is a video that viewers

like and thus they are it’s going to

perform way way better to your credit

you know to all of the creators that

i’ve talked to that have had this

mentality to your credit it is seem that

is seemingly the first thing that you

would take away from that is like oh i

can see when my viewers are on youtube

perfect i’ll post then but look a little

bit closer and

first of all i want you to see it

does it correspond does do those colors

those dark purple spots um those hot

audience if you will uh spots

do those correspond closely to whenever

you post your videos because

if they do

then that’s quite a common thing in that

your audience is just kind of hot on

youtube whenever

uh you’re posting videos because it’s

your audience that it’s measuring right

and so if they’re coming from other

places um or they just know whenever you

upload and they come to youtube during

those times then

there’s then they’re just following

you’re the leader there they’re just

following what you

whatever your posting schedule is which

means that you hold the power and that’s

a great thing there’s a lot of areas

within youtube that creators start to

feel like they don’t hold the power and

you hold the power in that post whenever

it is good for

you youtube says specifically on that

metric that your posting time is not

known to



performance of your video whether that’s

right off the bat or long term and so

i have seen it may increase like very

very short term like whenever i’m saying

very short term i mean within the first

few hours it may increase how many views

you get within the first few hours but

not necessarily how many views you get

in total because if it’s the same

audience watching

during that time then you may get those

views a little bit faster but you’re

probably not going to get

you’re not going to start averaging

higher views because you’ve changed your

posting time so for this one there’s not

a metric to follow instead you the only

thing that you need to follow is what is

going to work with you what schedule

what posting

time is appropriate for your schedule

and allows for you to be the most

consistent on the platform in terms of

quality the value that you offer

how often everything in between now

i will say that this metric though the

when your viewers is on youtube would is

actually a great metric for whenever

you’re planning to live stream so if you

do live streams or if you’re thinking

about doing live streams then when your

viewers are on youtube is a great metric

to follow for that specific

very specific reason outside of that

that’s not really it’s not really a

metric to pay mind to number three and

i bet i am going to get some pushback on

this one but i’m okay with that i’m here

to be honest with you guys


number three is actually not a specific

metric it’s kind of more

but but i’m putting it in the same

category because it seems that creators

kind of treat this like it’s its own

metric like it’s its own thing

and so i feel like this had to be

addressed within this context because

it’s very very important

so uh i was watching a docu-series a

while back by nikkietutorials she had

done a docu-series on herself kind of

telling a lot of her story and in that

series she talked about how whenever she

uploads a video she will watch the

performance of it within the first few


and she will

she basically says she

actually says in the docu-series she’s

like if the video is performing well if

it’s doing average or above average it’s

a good day if it’s not performing well

if it’s doing below average it’s a bad

day and that

sunk my heart i was like man that has

got to be

so emotionally exhausting i mean i

unfortunately i cannot take away


the kind of care and effort and

emotional attachment that you have to

your videos

it’s your work you know it’s personal to

you and so that is something that i’m

definitely not saying that you even need

to take away from it but

what i am saying is that

you do not need to worry about your

performance within the first 24 to 48

hours and see it as a make or break time

or almost like a make or break metric it

seems seems to be how we treat it um

like it is that is what’s gonna make or

break our your channel and i have just

seen way too many times me working

personally with creators where where

i see the videos that they upload and i

see the back end of their channel and i

see that whenever they uploaded that


tank it tanked you know

and then because maybe we were trying

something new this happens quite

frequently actually uh especially if the

channel has a long history on youtube

like they’ve been on they’ve been on

youtube for 10

years or so

then this definitely tends to happen i

seemingly tends to happen more with

their content where they’ve been

producing a certain kind of content for

a long time right and then they come

they work with us and we start to pull

them out of what they’re used to

creating and trying something new and

oftentimes whenever they first post a

new kind of video that their audience

has not seen before i’m not saying that

this happens every time it definitely

doesn’t happen every time um but it does

happen often where we’re trying

something new we post that video it’s

new to our audience they’re not used to

responding to it some audience members

that would have typically responded to

our usual content don’t respond to that

video and thus

because it’s not necessarily meant for

them anymore it’s meant for

them maybe a part of them depends on the

channel situation and what their goals

are whenever we’re working with them but

oftentimes it’s it’s meant to reach


past them people that um we’ve never

reached before and to reach people that

we’ve never reached before we have to do

something new right we have to do

something that we’ve never done before

and thus

whenever we post that video oftentimes

it will tank right at the beginning and

um i try to warn creators like hey

whenever we’re doing something new often

what happens is that it’s gonna go one

of two ways it can

take off quote-unquote right away that

can absolutely happen if the audience

like immediate if there’s a lot of

people in your audience that receive it

really well right off the bat um but it

can also go the other way whenever we’re

trying to reach a new audience sometimes

um youtube has to find

who that video is for and um and we have

less of our usual audience responding to

it right off the bat and so thus it

looks like it tanks right off the bat

and so there tends to be a lot of

unnecessary heartache that kind of

happens i think that it’s unrealistic to

say that you can ever fully remove that

of like you have the excitement of

posting a video you post the video

doesn’t perform as expected

right off the bat and it i think there’s

always going to be a kind of a little

bit of a unless you start to really get

honest with yourself and uh choose like

i’m not gonna believe that anymore that

my video success is


during this time

during just the first 24 to 48 hours now

what i will say is that the only metric

that kind of matters within the first 24

to 48 hours and even then it

it doesn’t

there it’s still not a make or breaker

even close to a make or break situation

would be the only metric that matters a

little bit more

a little bit more during the first 24 to

48 hours is going to be the thumbnail

your title and your thumbnail especially

your thumbnail so uh if you’re gonna

look at something within the first 24 to

48 hours um i would have i would plan to

have a backup thumbnail from the one

that you’ve chosen to create for your uh

for your upload and always have a backup

one so that

if you kind of crafted this title and

this thumbnail together and you put it

on your video and then it didn’t perform

as perspective as as expected then you

have a backup to kind of quickly swap

out within that first 24 to 48 hours but

even then guys i have seen creators

they’ll change the thumbnail months

later and then

people start responding to it from there

because it now has something that is

enticing to them in fact that just made

me think of a video that i’m actually

going to link in the show notes here

that breaks down kind of the whole idea

of clickbait and it is so cohesive and

so well done

i want to link it for you guys on this

note of like titles and thumbnails

because this creator actually broke down

you know the whole idea of clickbait

what’s appropriate clickbait stuff like

that but he shows within his videos when

he had


thumbnails or not great titles and

thumbnails on his content and then

months later changing that thumbnail and

then seeing the video take off because

of it he has actual screenshots of

all of that happening which is stuff

that i see all of the time and so i want

you guys to see


um for yourself so i’m gonna link that

video down below um

and that way you can watch it on your

own time or even just listen to it on

your own time it is

such a good uh educational video so this

whole idea of of this 24 to 48 hour rule

is just

we don’t have to stress about it any

more in fact i am working with a creator

who we have found


her content especially whenever she’s

trying something really new that it is

quite common for

just for some of her regular educational

videos but also for new things that

we’re trying is that it’s quite common

for those videos to not really gain

traction like the earliest they gain

good traction would be about five to

seven days later that is a far way from

24 to 48 hours and those videos have

done very very well for her over half a

million views um some of them getting

close to a million views and so


just the whole idea that the first 24 to

48 hours is is

a make or break situation i just want

you guys to take that as another token

of freedom this is something that you do

not have to stress about

and just try to get it out of your head

and out of your system that the first 24

to 48 hours is is it the only caveat

that i will put with this is

that if you are

a channel say like you’re a daily news

reporting channel

then yeah the 24 to 48 hours really

matters because that that information

may only be good for 24 to 48 hours

depending on what the information you’re

delivering is and so if you are like a

daily news channel then that’s a totally

different situation there are some

exceptions like that you really want to

watch the performance because you’ve

only got 24 or 48 hours to get people to

see it before that information isn’t

relevant anymore right and so those are

the only caveat that’s really the only

caveat that i would put with it so what

do we do instead if we’re not watching

our if we’re not keeping an eye on our

content for the first 24 to 48 hours um

what do we do how do we even recognize

those patterns to know something like oh

my videos typically take a week to take

off like i have

figured out with this one creator that

i’m working with and so what you’re want

to do is you are going to use the

advanced mode in your analytics and

um so if you go into your youtube

analytics at the top right corner there

is a button called advanced mode and

within that you can see

you can track all of your

content your like your individual

content over time you can select

specific videos you can

see from their entire lifetime like when

they took off

you can group certain videos together if

you use the groups feature

so whenever you go to like select a

certain video within the advanced mode

you’ll see a tab uh called groups uh in

the little search so search bar at the

top left click on that then you’ll see a

tab that says groups you can create

groups within your analytics you can

group certain types of content together

to see


like okay all of these videos together

and you can see kind of like the pattern

of each video over time

so you’ll just want to make sure that

whenever you’re doing that you that you

have the publish date from if let’s say

that we grouped three videos together

one was published in july on july 2nd

and then all of the other ones were

published after july 2nd if you want to

get the entire pattern for everything

then you’ll want to go back from july

7th or 2nd all the way up until the most

recent date and you can see a line for

each one of those videos to see kind of

the pattern of the views

watch time whatever you’re trying to

measure there and get an idea of how

your videos actually perform and which

types of videos tend to have which kind

of performance

do these types of videos typically take

off between the first 24 to 48 hours and

so those 24 to 48 hours are something

that i should pay attention to or do

these videos tend to oh it looks like

over time like about the seven day or

two week or one month mark is whenever

they start to gain their traction so i

don’t even have to think about this

video or its performance after i upload

it until at least a week to one month

later it saves you so much stress and so

much heartache especially if you have

like a lot of emotional attachment to

your content which is quite common for a

lot of creators so

i would

definitely start utilizing that and

looking at your content more big picture

and over time rather than just letting

that first 24 to 48 hours dictate how

you feel about your channel and how you

feel about that content in particular

and let in informing you to make

decisions in the future of like oh my

gosh i’m never gonna post another video

like that ever again because it tanked

whenever you go and you look look at it

a month later and you’re like oh that

video is actually doing better than some

of my other content that stuff happens

all of the time i’ve gotten into

meetings with creators where they only

looked at a video that they had uploaded

that month

within the first 24 to 48 hours or maybe

a week and then i pull their analytics

three weeks later and that video is

doing well and they have no idea and so

i bring that up to them like hey this

video is doing really well here’s what

we should consider next

that’s frequent that happens as well so

um don’t let that 24 to 48 hours

tell you what to do it’s not your boss

um and it doesn’t matter in the way that

it feels like it matters


every week we want to give you a power

tip that is something small and tangible

bite size action step that you can take

or information that you can consider in

order to help you grow your reach on the

platform grow your business and change

more lives and for today’s power tip i

have i’m going to bring up the trim tool

now the trim tool within youtube is not

really a new thing but i’ve had so many

crea so many conversations with creators

over the past few months where i talk

about the trim tool we’ll be talking

about something i’ll be like oh yeah

just just use the trim tool you can trim

that out of your video really quick and

they’re like

what do you mean they’re not even fully

aware of um


advantage that they have with the trim

tool so if you have never used the trim

tool before and especially if during the

conversation my point


one you know talking about watch time

and audience retention and viewing

session time and everything so if you

are going to go and work on your

audience retention then this trim tool

will be your best friend sometimes so if

you’ve never used it before here’s how i

want you to consider it so we’re gonna

access the trim tool is to go first into

the details of your video and then

you’re gonna click down to editor and

this is where you can find the trim tool

which basically acts like just a video

editor you can cut certain things you

can’t add things to your videos but you

can do exactly what it says which is you

can trim things down whether that’s

taking out a chunk in the middle of the

content or trimming off something at the

beginning or the end it doesn’t matter

you can remove things from your content

so say that you have maybe a copy there

was a copyrighted song in the that

played in the background at a grocery

store whenever you were filming and that

part got copyrighted and you want to be

able to cut that out you can do that

with the trim tool but where this is

especially helpful is you know i gave

the example earlier of

working on just like the first 30

seconds of your video and this has

happened many times i’ve come to

creators in our calls many times being

like hey your audience retention within

this first 30 seconds does really poorly

like within the first 10 seconds and

then um once it hits that 10 second mark

it starts to flatline a little bit so

let’s just cut out that first 10 seconds

because clearly people aren’t

engaged by that first 10 seconds and the

hook would be way better if it started

right here so you can just go and trim

that down and have a way better start to

your video you’re continuing that

viewing viewing session time

contributing more watch time to the

platform and


a better performance in your content so

definitely consider using the trim tool

moving forward

in terms of improving your audience

retention and especially within that

hook that hook is really important that

first 30 seconds of your videos can uh

can make a big difference so pay

attention to your audience retention

graphs and use the trim tool wisely if

there’s something that just didn’t work

out the way that you thought it would

during the editing process thank you for

joining me for another week on the video

creators podcast i hope that this was

helpful and and educational and edifying

and that it encourages you to go out and

do more with your content and this is

gonna be the last episode that i’m alone

for a while tim is gonna rejoin me next

week so i know that you guys have

probably missed him actually he’s posted

a couple of times in between here so

yeah we’ll be back together next week so

i will see you then bye


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