PASSIVE INCOME: How I Make $100K Per Year with Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing is one of the most practical ways to Make Money Online in 2021. Authentic Affiliate Marketing is something I learned from Pat Flynn who introduced me to it through his Smart Passive Income Podcast. Here is my strategy for earning over $100,000 per year in Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing.


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we’ve talked a lot about passive income on this youtube channel and that’s because passive income is always a hot topic and that’s one of the reasons why there’s so much misinformation around it and so today i want to make a video that focuses on the very specific ways that i use affiliate marketing to make passive income i want to talk to you about how to do affiliate marketing in a very authentic way this video is inspired by my good friend pat flynn from smart passive income he’s actually the person who really motivated inspired me i don’t think i would have ever gotten into doing anything with affiliate links without pat and there’s a lot of ways that he’s just impacted my life if you ever get a chance you should check out his channel as podcast but today what i really want to get into is i’m going to talk to you about how i’m making over 8 000 plus dollars a month in passive income specifically from affiliate revenue but i’m going to also be very upfront this took me years to do and it focuses on the concept of affiliate income from software as a services that pay monthly commissions in perpetuity so monthly lifetime commissions is something that you don’t hear about in videos about affiliate marketing or passive income and part of it is because if you are getting recurring income from sales that were already made from lifetime customers it does become true passive income i know it’s become very popular to say that there’s no such thing as passive income here’s a fun fact for you about passive income the irs acknowledges that passive income exists it acknowledges passive income from rental income interest income on savings bonds a dividend income from stocks and capital gains from stocks the irs acknowledged that passive income exists modern passive income could probably be more accurately and honestly defined as automated income automation is something that’s becoming a reality and it’s something that we should all be very interested in because it is disproportionately replacing people’s jobs but it’s also allowing solo entrepreneurs and self-employed people to radically scale their businesses without necessarily having to work singularly harder because labor scales linearly which basically means it doesn’t really scale at all especially if it’s just yourself but creativity and intellectual property scales non-linearly and therefore infinitely if you think making money in your sleep which you will not do overnight by the way is absurd and fictitious you need to remember that there are authors on my bookshelf and there are musicians that you’re familiar with that are making money from the grave if making money in your sleep is interesting what about making money after you’re dead for your descendants for your successors for the people in your family after you’re gone that is something that is very real and something that happens through royalty income something i’ll talk about in another video since this one is focusing on leveraging affiliate marketing and affiliate links it’s important to acknowledge that in order to accomplish this you have to build an audience but we’re in the 2020s it makes sense in general to build an audience as it stands and to build a personal brand or to build an entertainment property if you look at what’s happening with the explosion of podcast youtube tiktok this is something that young people understand and so those of us over 30 shouldn’t be mocking it we should be learning it i’m 37 i know it’s good clean healthy living for you uh i’m 37. so i’m very passionate about this because this is not something that i grasped or understood at age 27 and if i had it would have made all the difference in the world in my life so when you understand that automated income makes sense we should be automating our money in general that’s what putting your bills on auto pay if you make enough to accommodate better for putting your retirement on auto pilot that’s important you want to not have to spend mental and physical energy and also have decision fatigue around these things if you’re going to do them and you don’t want to necessarily have to hustle 16 hours a day you might have to work really hard at the start to build something especially if you already work a 9 to 5 job building something is much harder when you have a nine-to-five job and you can’t focus on it one hundred percent my transition was not into passive income it was into freelancing and then that came later so what i want to talk to you about is the specifics around recurring affiliate marketing commissions because i know that that’s what you’re really interested in i’ll talk about my freelance journey and other stuff and the practical parts of active income in another video i’ve already shown in previous videos that my largest affiliate is tubebuddy over the last five years uh since working with them i’ve done over three hundred thousand dollars in revenue and that is passive income from affiliate commissions in perpetuity i average five to six thousand dollars a month in passive income from tubebuddy alone now just remember out of my 25 000 a month income from uh 2020 uh and that’s what we sent out to the irs it’s what my bookkeepers and accountants came up with is that’s how much money we made which was shocking to me um it doesn’t feel like it but that’s how much it was so you have to remember i’m not relying on any one thing i have a vast diversity of income sources maybe as many as 17 different ways that i make money so take this with a grain of salt tubebuddy is five to six thousand in recurring affiliate commissions so six thousand from that kajabi is another software as a service platform doing about maybe eighteen hundred a month so this puts us at almost two thousand especially almost eight thousand a month right then and there then you have to consider that i have amazon affiliate marketing you know the affiliate commissions on uh professional camera gear i have almost every single sony g master lens and i’m building out a completely new youtube channel creator gear guide that’s gonna actually take the affiliate marketing from the amazon side to the moon because i’m only focused on content creators there and helping them make buying decisions around their gear comparing all the different camera lenses multiple professional camera bodies a few budget gear for entry level people microphones lights all of that stuff so you can imagine that when you look at the fact that amazon affiliate commissions on professional camera gear a professional camera lens could have an affiliate commission of 100 to 250 dollars depending on the camera body camera lens that’s a lot of money for one sale all right so you can already start to gain a picture here there are other affiliate programs um you guys already probably know about audible there are things like skillshare epidemic sounds story blocks there are so many different affiliate programs out there for both hardware and software some of them pay bounty commissions some of them pay monthly recurring affiliate commissions bluehost wix and squarespace 60 to 100 dollar commissions for sales on those products those are bounties that is more sporadic but i probably average maybe one thousand to fifteen hundred dollars on web hosting affiliate recommendations largely from old evergreen content that i’ve already made on youtube and on my podcast recommendations and listicle articles and blog posts for pc parts components these things do very well and again those are bounty commissions and that’s where the revenue fluctuates wildly so it can be ten thousand dollars or more in affiliate revenue when it’s all said and done per month however what is consistent is software as a service recurring affiliate because with tubebuddy as a super affiliate i get 50 lifetime commissions in perpetuity for every sale that i make now if you want to understand the beauty of affiliate marketing imagine if you were an employee but your company did a revenue sharing model for all of the rap value that you create for the company in terms of actual sales right so if you sell something for a hundred dollars imagine every time on a hundred dollar sale that the company gave you a 20 commission you’d be getting 20 wouldn’t that be amazing i want you to think about this what if the company you currently work for gave you 20 of all the sales you made uh let me know how much money you think that could be per year in the comment section because that’d be very interesting to me this is a concept that people don’t understand about passive income and about affiliate marketing specifically when you do affiliate marketing and you do it correctly you’re creating traffic for yourself but also traffic for the brand that you’re associated with when you make authentic good quality content tutorials comparisons top 10 list roundups things like that you’re creating trust for you and for the brand and then you might have the opportunity to have an affiliate transaction that might lead to somebody buying the right camera gear for their situation you want to do wildlife photography get a super telephoto lens get something like the 100 to 400 millimeter sony g master lens or if you feel you need more reach than that you could save 500 and get more reach with the 200 to 600 millimeter you see i literally in 60 seconds gave a use case comparison between two camera lenses for niche photographers doing wildlife and it actually would make sense to them to compare those two things and look at the dollar amount the value what their shooting is subjects the range and the reach and the thing is i could do a five or ten minute video that helps someone make that buying decision and i will get a couple of sales from that and it makes sense value is being created that’s why the transaction is justified by the trust but also the specificity of the value is creating the traffic this is what i refer to as the money triangle theory which is uh traffic trust and transaction okay and it’s the way to do authentic business whether it’s e-commerce affiliate marketing brick and mortar or services it’s pretty much the answer building an audience and getting traffic comes from creating valuable content and understanding what people value that’s going to come through search and social media in most cases some people will do paid advertising all three methods are valid i usually only reserve paid advertising for selling my own products or services rather than affiliate marketing but you can do what you like as long as it’s within the terms of service tutorial content is one of the most valuable things on youtube not only from an ad revenue and cpm standpoint but it’s also valuable in the affiliate marketing space when it comes to software as a service when you have companies that will pay 10 20 30 and up to 50 lifetime commissions for every dollar of value that you create now for a lot of you you don’t have the expertise in a software or a software as a service platform like uh kajabi or shopify or a software plug-in like tubebuddy or vid iq or things like that so this is why a lot of you have not heard about this because it requires some level of technical proficiency and expertise which is why it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme or any type of overnight success is because you’d actually have to be good at something even the same thing with uh technology and doing affiliate marketing like the big youtube channels marquez brownlee austin evans ijustine you actually have to either understand tech or be a tech enthusiast you also have to have the money to afford the tech in the first place that’s what makes it a buried entry for a lot of people and i’m just being honest about that so what a lot of people in that situation do is they’re not making either the large bounties off of these things or the recurring affiliate commissions i didn’t when i first started either i made very modest budget-friendly videos around the gear and tech that i could afford and that added up and i was able to make a thousand dollars a month off of amazon the affiliate program was much more generous back then so grain of salt at the same time as i got into this and largely i was inspired by pat flynn i started looking at fact i had a background in web design and graphic design and web hosting i could explain things i knew things about that and so i started doing some of that paired with amazon and that got me to a place where i started making two thousand dollars a month in affiliate revenue once i realized i was capable of that it occurred to me that i was capable of more if i could get to one thousand and then two thousand why not four thousand why not 5 000 and it gets to a place to where you could make a living income off of that passive income stream if it’s recurring affiliate revenue on work you’ve done upfront whether that’s one year two years three years then maybe it’s truly passive at year three four or five and there’s nothing wrong with that or even along the way if you don’t need to live off of that income what if that income is invested into assets that appreciate that go back to the things that the the irs calls passive income what if that automated income funds the passive income in terms of your investments in stocks crypto real estate uh rentals airbnb what have you are we gonna say that there’s no such thing as true passive income then and the passive income doesn’t exist so i’m trying to explain this to you and i’m trying to make it make sense for you by showing you how it makes dollars why it makes dollars and that you can do it authentically the way that pat flynn does the way that miles beckler does the way that i do there are legitimate forms of passive income and they’re not all the old school methods that you know that sometimes are cost prohibitive to you you can get the funding for those other methods of traditional investing and passive income that the irs acknowledges through legitimate things like e-commerce affiliate marketing membership websites and youtube passive income through ad revenue or royalties from intellectual property like ebooks audiobooks music any number of creative endeavors stock video and photography i actually am starting to license my wildlife photography that i do that i shoot with these expensive lenses for i i’m actually starting to license some of those photos and videos and that is actually going to make passive income as well and i can then invest those profits in things that appreciate in value now keep in mind i’ve made hundreds of videos hundreds of articles and listicles thousands of posts in twitter and facebook over a number of years that makes this possible it is not overnight success even building the income from tubebuddy that i had to make dozens of videos over the course of five years to be able to make that much passive income from tubebuddy and in reality i could have hustled harder or focused on the youtube growth niche not really something i wanted to do exclusively even if it would have made me more money one of the smartest things i could tell you to do is figure out how to effectively monetize things that are meaningful to you things that you care about things that you won’t get burnt out from and things that you feel good about something that matches your values and for me teaching people on youtube a lot of this stuff for free is something that i’m passionate about because it wasn’t there and didn’t exist when i was younger and it would have helped me i can’t go back in time like biff tannen and hand myself the playbook but if i would i could this is the next best thing and everybody wins because everybody is exchanging value in the process value is created and exchanged and that is how we profit and prosper no real other way to do it and i think that that is something that we can wrap our head around and it makes sense with affiliate marketing if you are doing it the way that i’m talking about you are sharing directly in the benefits that you are creating for a brand or a business and they are giving you um you know an investment lifetime in the value that you created if it’s recurring affiliate commissions now if you’re looking for the best affiliate programs i did make a video about that i don’t think if it popped in the algorithm it didn’t get a lot of views but i did make a video on what i feel are the 10 best affiliate programs that anybody could sign up for so i will link to that in the description down below i highly encourage you to check it out question of the day what is your biggest takeaway from today’s video i’d love to know in the comment section if you enjoyed this video watch my other video on six ways to make passive income i think you’re really going to enjoy it also watch the playlist that i have here on starting your own online business i think that has a ton of value both will be linked in the description down below as always thank you so much for watching and don’t forget go out there and create something awesome today take care


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