New Guided Policy Experience for Community Guidelines Violations, Super Thanks Roll Out, and MORE!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back with the launch of a guided resolution flow for Community Guidelines violations, an update on the roll out of Super Thanks, and the results from our Creator Insider survey.

Check it out and leave us your questions in the comments below!

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0:03 Guided Resolution Flow for Community Guidelines Violations
1:04 Super Thanks Roll Out
1:27 Creator Insider Survey


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=================== text video ====================

— What’s up creators? Welcome
to this week’s news flash.

Now we’re gonna delve
right in with an update

around the community guidelines

and specifically your
experience of those policies.

Now, creators have shared
with us their frustrations

of not knowing what to do

when they encounter a policy
issue with their content.

And we wanna make sure that
creators have clear visibility

of the options that are open to them.

So we’re introducing a new
guided policy experience

to support creators

as they work through
community guidelines issues

within studio. The
guided policy experience,

will walk creators through
the options available to them

for their specific policy situations

and help them make more informed decisions

about what to do next.

Now let’s talk about access.

This is gonna be available
on desktop for strikes,

video removals and age restrictions.

It will be rolled out to a
hundred percent of creators

by the end of the month. And it’s not all,

we have lots more improvements
planned to this flow

to improve your experience. So
stay tuned for more updates.

Next up. Let’s talk about super thanks

because we’ve got a ton of questions

about the raw light and where it’s at.

So we connected with the
team and they’ve let us know

that they’re going through the feedback

from the beta stage to ensure
a smooth launch at scale.

Now they have let us know that the plan is

to make the feature available this spring.

So stay tuned. You’ll hear it here first.

We’ll let you know when
there’s more news there.

Last step. Let’s talk about the survey

that we asked viewers to
complete two weeks ago.

First off we got hundreds of responses.

So thank you so much

for taking the time to give us feedback.

We really appreciate it.

Now, lemme give you a
recap of how we found

and what we plan to do more of this year.

In terms of top content categories,

the things you want us to
make more content around

are search and discovery
also known as the algorithm,

monetization and YPP features,

videos answering your questions

as well as more content

that can help you better
understand YouTube analytics,

as well as how to use it.

You also all suggested
some really good questions

in the field topics. We don’t
address enough or at all,

and we’ll plan to address some
of those in upcoming videos.

So stay tuned.

And finally, in terms of
forward-looking ideas,

the top request was new series.

Things like partner-managers suggestions

or answering research type
questions, things like that,

followed by more videos

where we answer your
questions from comments.

So again, thank you so much
for engaging with that survey.

We’ve passed on specific
pieces of feedback

to the respective teams and
we’ve absorbed the things

that are specific to the
production of this channel

and the types of content that
you most want us to produce.

And with that, that’s this week’s update

from the creators of
YouTube to YouTube creators.

It’s been real. We’ll see you next week.


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