My Response: Keep Doing YouTube… Even With All That’s Happening?

A lot of things are happening that are affecting your channel’s growth right now. Here’s my response.

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well you’re gonna have to excuse the

coat and the scratchy voice i’ve got a

bit of a cold right now but i knew i

wanted to make this video and put it out

as quick as possible howdy howdy

everyone nate here you might have been

seeing some of these things recently you

might have been seeing some concerning

global events

globally or locally you might have been

seeing some drops in views as a result

of those events on your youtube channels

and you might also honestly be going

through some personal things now i don’t

often make this type of video but i just

felt like i needed to speak to this

right now because perhaps a question

that is coming up for you watching this

is should you still be making a youtube

channel should you still be making

videos about gaming

hobbies crafts gardening all of these

other things that seem maybe a bit less

important at this point or perhaps

you’re feeling like things are happening

so quickly in the world that maybe your

youtube channel or what you’re creating

what you’re trying to make for the world

will just be left behind and forgotten

maybe you’re feeling that way maybe you

aren’t i know that i certainly have felt

similarly recently and obviously in the

past now i wanted to talk directly to

you as a friend pretend we sat down and

you said nate i just need some advice

like should i keep going with this is

what i’m doing even a viable thing

considering everything happening in the

world is it even worthwhile to keep

going and if you’re to come to me with

that i will look at you and ask a few

questions uh first would be do people

still need hope

do they still need entertainment uh do

they still have hobbies do they still

have interests do people still have

needs do they still have goals that

they’re trying to accomplish and do

people still want to laugh or be

distracted or get a break from their

everyday grind because the thing here is

we don’t stop being humans we don’t stop

caring about other people we don’t stop

caring about creating something and

making a difference in the world so for

you as the channel maker you’re creating

something if it’s gaming hobbies skits

crafts information skills i don’t care

what you’re creating you’re creating

something for an audience and i think

it’s important to note here i know this

channel is all about growing on youtube

but i’m going to take a step back and

say what you are doing is bigger than

youtube i don’t personally think youtube

is going to go anywhere anywhere soon

it’s going to keep growing that’s just

seems to be the case but even beyond

that what you are doing what you’re

trying to create or share with the world

is bigger than youtube i want you to

remember that and whatever you’re doing

would extend be on youtube even if

youtube were to disappear the entire

platform were to be gone tomorrow what

you were doing would still extend beyond

that so next you’re wondering from nate

okay what about the strategy here

because maybe you’ve actually seen drops

in your traffic based on recent world

events so the question i have now for

you is should we be ignoring those

events or not how should we be

approaching that and what i would look

at and what i am looking at right now is

where is the attention going and i’m not

just talking about current global news

i’m talking about how are people

thinking in their minds what are their

priorities and how are those priorities

may be shifting how are the uses of

their time shifting because what we need

to do at this point is be aware of those

things so it’s not just total ignoring

what’s happening in the world because

things are going to keep happening our

part is deciding what we’re going to do

with those changes as they happen so the

first part is being aware of what is

happening the second is being in touch

with your audience no matter how big

your channel is just being aware of

their interests their profile how they

like to watch youtube i’m going to speak

on the youtube terms here for a moment

how does your audience like to watch

youtube and how is that attention or use

of time shifting based on current events

and the third thing is being strategic

based on the answers to those previous

questions what can you do to shift your

content to show more awareness of what

is happening and or answer the new needs

the new priorities that are coming up

for your audience right now and what

that actually looks like depends a lot

on what type of audience or channel that

you’ve built thus far it doesn’t always

have to look like making a video talking

about current events for example if you

have an entertainment channel for

example it could look like taking

current events just like looking at

current trends and maybe finding the

lighter side of it or the humorous side

of what is happening i know there’s a

lot of heavy things happening but what

are some positive or humorous aspects

about it and making content about that

if you’re more of an influencer style of

channel it could look like creating a

video talking about current events and

talking about what you are doing to help

those in need and finally if you’re

doing a channel that’s helping people

with skill sets for example there are

going to be shifts that happen based on

world events that just always happens

and so being aware of what types of

shifts and economics or interests are

going to happen and making sure that

you’re in that space before the

attention reaches that point and also

throughout all of this if your real goal

is to help people to make their lives

better you will always have a platform

you will always be helping people no

matter how large the audience is in fact

there is an initiative that is being

started by a fellow youtube creator

channel i don’t know if i can officially

mention this in this video but if i can

when i get the response from them i’m

going to put a pinned comment below this

video it’s something that involves

helping people in need and i am all for

that so if i do get permission to talk

about this initiative right now you can

look in the pin comment on this video

i’ll be sharing what it is about so you

can get involved as well as always thank

you so much for what you are doing right

now and what you continue to do to make

the world a better place thank you for

watching and we’ll see you next time


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