This is My Best Advice for Starting a YouTube Channel for Anyone who wants to Grow on YouTube and has been struggling with views and subscribers as a Small YouTuber.

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=================== text video ====================

so you want to start a youtube channel i

know this is something that a lot of

people are trying to get into i’ve been

on youtube for a number of years i’ve

grown my brand to over 500 000

subscribers on the main channel and i’ve

even started up my podcast again so when

it comes to like starting up youtube

channels helping youtube content

creators grow it’s something that i’ve

done successfully for a long time and i

can break it down to some very simple

and practical things i’m even going to

give you some tips when it comes to

making better quality content even as a

beginner and some things you need to

know about efficient editing so you

don’t overwork yourself for very minimal

results when you’re starting out so this

is going to be my best advice for new

youtubers and small youtubers on how to

grow a youtube channel and this is gonna

be the no-nonsense version so if you’re

looking for a cheerleader you’re in the

wrong place i’m gonna give it to you

straight so go get a snack go ahead and

strap in because it’s about to get real

one of the first things we have to

address is expectations versus reality

you are probably not going to blow up on

youtube yes yes i know how dare i tell

you that you’re not gonna do it you’re

not gonna make it you’re not gonna be

the next viral sensation like i said

expectations versus reality most

youtubers do fail most of them fail

ninety percent of youtubers never get to

ten thousand subscribers i’m going to

tell you exactly why the reason that

most youtubers fail is because they have

unrealistic expectations because they

don’t know

what success looks like you don’t know

what you don’t know that’s why you’re

watching this video and one of the

things you need to know

is that you can’t expect much when

you’re just trying to learn everything

you don’t know how to video edit yet you

have no experience why would that

produce results you have no idea how to

make thumbnails do design and branding

you don’t know how to optimize videos

you probably don’t know how to write

headlines and do copywriting you don’t

know how to do sound design and effects

you know you probably could benefit from

epidemic sound who’s sponsoring today’s

video more on that later you don’t know

how lighting works or microphones or any

number of things you’re gonna have to

learn eight to twelve skills over the

course of time on youtube

that by themselves any one of those

skills could have been a career that

pays you 55 to 85 000 a year well

roberta you just talked me out of being

a youtuber and just getting one of those

jobs well i’m getting to that the point

is you need to know this

i’m going to name three huge creators

you’ve probably heard of at least one of

them and i’m going to tell you the

results that they got on youtube and

what would have happened if they had

quit early and got discouraged so as of

making this video mkbhd marquez brownlee

he has 15 million subscribers do you

know what he got out of his first 100

videos on youtube

78 subscribers 100 videos 78 subscribers

mr beast who you’ve probably heard of is

probably as of the making this video

right about to hit 100 million

subscribers one of the most epic people

of our lifetime

his first 100 videos he got about 704

subscribers out of that

pewdiepie who has been the biggest solo

youtube content creator competing with

media companies with over 100 000 sorry

100 million subscribers

his first 100 videos he didn’t get 10

000 subscribers he didn’t get 5 000

subscribers how many subscribers do you

think you got he got 2

500 subscribers so expectations versus

reality the fact is most of you are not

going to get

1 000 to 10 000 subscribers out of your

first 100 videos because those are your

introduction to being a content creator

and learning the basic concepts of

producing a good looking video a good

sounding video a well-lit video and

learning the basics of video editing of

learning uh when to do jump cuts when to

insert b-roll what color correction and

color grading is what sound design is

and and how to adjust your background

music so it doesn’t overpower your voice

on video these are basic things that

you’re gonna have to learn along the way

and you’re probably gonna have to make

100 crappy videos in order

for you to learn anything at all about

making even one good video practice

makes progress and so most youtubers

fail because they quit too early to get

anywhere on youtube on average it takes

people making 500 plus videos and that

can be daunting to do all that work and

see very little results so let’s talk

about how you can get those results just

a tid bit faster just a little bit

faster but first let’s go ahead and have

a word from our sponsor today epidemic

sound when it comes to creating quality

content on youtube audio is often more

important than video if you’re trying to

grow as a youtube content creator you

need to retain your audience and you

need to rack up

watch time get people watching to the

end of your videos and one of the things

that makes or breaks your content is

going to be the audio quality the sound

design and something that can help out

is smooth background music that fits the

tone of your videos and that’s where

epidemic sound comes in ebonic sound

probably has one of the largest

libraries of music and sound effects

that you can find anywhere this music

and these sounds can be used in your

youtube videos without fear of copyright

claims and copyright strikes seems like

copyright on youtube gets worse every

single day but epidemic sound can save

you from that i’ve been using it in my

own videos for years it’s really great

to be able to have reliable music that i

can put in the background of my videos

to help with watch time and retention

and the best part is you can sign up

today with a free trial link is in the

description down below thank you to

epidemic sound for sponsoring this video

and for everything you do for content

creators and now back to the video since

i talked about watch time and retention

just now something i want to do is i

actually want to help you make better

quality content in terms of that watch

time and retention because this is going

to help you get monetized on youtube

it’s also going to help you get

subscribers in fact let me tell you

something about turning viewers into

subscribers and this is all going to

make sense to you if you can get

somebody to watch your video all the way

to the end or watch more than half of it

you have a much better chance of turning

that viewer into a subscriber and into a

loyal or active audience member just

keep in mind that when people subscribe

to your youtube channel it is not a

guarantee that they will have your

videos recommended on the youtube home

page the next up after they watch a

video or the suggested feed that is

something that happens depending on how

much of your content they watch and that

means watching videos to completion but

also watching videos for a very very

long time because youtube’s goal is to

keep people on youtube as long as

possible if you were wondering the

secrets of the youtube algorithm just

walk backwards from gee

what would keep people on youtube as

long as possible as long as you are

contributing to that you’re helping

youtube and google’s bottom line and you

will be rewarded accordingly yeah i

think it’s an accident that your

favorite creators are making longer and

longer videos but it’s also not an

accident that they’re editing those

videos and producing those videos in a

way that almost ensures that you watch

as much of the video as possible and

watch to the end and that’s a big part

of their content strategy but also a big

part of their editing and the way that

they’re producing their videos so when

it comes to editing some of the things

that will really help you with retention

and watch time is first of all

prioritizing your audio by having a good

microphone that’s as close to you as

possible maybe sound treating your room

in some way you can see that i’ve got

some of that sound treatment stuff going

on and that’s going to eliminate the

audio distractions you can also help

with mood and tone

through background music again good

opportunity to grab epidemic sound and

sometimes sound design when i talk about

money or cash just having a cash

register go off that’s sound design when

i want to pop up something on the screen

having a plop or a beep or a boop that


that sound effect is going to actually

help make the video more engaging it’s

subtle little things also pattern

interrupts on screen you don’t have to

be fancy and do animation on screen or

something like that pop it up every

three seconds some people do that and it

actually works people like mr beast do

that all the time but anything you can

do at a basic level to just make the

experience of watching a video better

and make it something that doesn’t feel

painful that helps a long way good

lighting helps because that eliminates

distractions i’m not seeing a grainy

dark hard to you know watch video having

the video subject be properly in focus

that’s why we do spend money on good

cameras as we do it for the auto focus

and the shallow depth of field the

blurry background look again you can

make that affordable you can just go

ahead and depending on what you do you

can just buy a prime lens instead of a

zoom lens you can get prime lenses for

like under 500 bucks sometimes you can

use even cheaper you can get them for

like 200 bucks and depending on how far

away you can get you get the blurry

background look you want a wireless

microphone that makes it easier to make

content no matter how far away the

camera is or lets you move around or do

things without affecting the audio

here’s the good news you got a wooden

floor something i’ve learned about when

i moved into this house guess what you

can just go ahead and get a wireless

lavalier mic i use them from deity

microphones i’m gonna link to my gear in

the description those will be affiliate

links you pay nothing extra i get a

commission but i’m gonna put those

affiliate links there because a lot of

you you don’t know what to buy so okay

let’s go ahead and let’s get some prime

lenses that might be affordable that you

know are going to let us get a good look

for our videos let’s get some affordable

lighting so those videos can be well lit

so it’s going to be better produced

let’s go ahead and get a good microphone

so it’s going to be easier to edit and

process the audio and that’s going to be

cheap deity it’s like 150 160 for a

wireless microphone and it’ll be the

last one you have to buy for a while so

you’ll be good to go probably for the

first couple years of your youtube

career with just a decent camera

a good lens one good light and a decent

wireless microphone you don’t have to

break the bank you don’t have to go 10

grand in debt on gear to start a youtube

channel and yeah you could do it with

your smartphone but i’m gonna be real

with you i think that a good you know

1200 1500 investment could put your

video quality on par with a channel that

has a hundred thousand subscribers

already and that could make a difference

in launching your career but if you just

need to get started and you need to not

be intimidated make the best of your

smartphone but i would invest in a

wireless microphone for that you know

smartphone that just lets you get better

audio if nothing else and maybe a light

now that you have good quality video

going in we can have good quality video

going out and when it comes to editing

you don’t need to do all this fancy

editing you don’t have to do the mr b

style of editing you don’t have to do

the emma chamberlain school of editing

you can get you know tens of thousands

hundreds thousands millions of views on

youtube with simple

jump cuts just simple jump cuts


a basic color correction that you can

learn from just one video tutorial you

could learn the basics of color

correction and then you could just make

a preset for it and set it and forget it

if you’re filming in the same room all

the time and and you can be done with it

you could learn that maybe in a weekend

apply it to your video content have

basically a template for it and then

it’s going to be good all the time and

it’s not going to take you hours and

hours and hours to edit your videos

going forward this is going to help you

be consistent it’s going to help you

have a good quality of videos this is

going to make things simple as for your


learn and do a basic tutorial on audio

processing and you know just better

overall audio and this is going to be

something you can again probably get the

basics of you won’t have mastery in a

weekend but you can take a weekend and

you can learn the basics of it and i

promise you it’s going to be better for

you to do that with your audio than

taking it straight out of camera without

a specialized microphone

you also want to get that microphone

like i said and that’s going to help you

then go ahead get a free trial of

epidemic sound and go ahead and start

adding some sound design in terms of

either low background music and maybe a

few sound effects where appropriate some

good sound design and you’re good to go

you have videos that are now on par with

the top youtubers and you don’t have to

break the bank to do it you don’t have

to do grueling editing sessions it’s not

a guarantee that just putting more time

into an individual video is going to

guarantee these massive results that

expectation and the quality over

quantity conversation without anyone

ever telling you how to make quality

videos or be consistent at them is

holding so many of you back and it’s why

you get discouraged after making dozens

of videos and never get to the point

that professional creators get to

making hundreds of videos so if you want

to start a youtube channel all of this

is important it all matters now in terms

of how much content you need i know

people tell you quality over quantity

quality over quantity and i’m tired of

hearing it because that’s not a

realistic piece of advice

for a beginner what is i think the best

advice that i could give to a beginner

is learn how to make quality content by

making quantity content just like three

of the biggest creators who all made 100

videos two of them didn’t even get a

thousand subscribers doing it none of

them got to 10 000 subscribers after 100


they had to learn the process of making

good videos before quality would ever

come into the conversation and you can

only do that through repetition and the

faster you go ahead and make those

videos with the goal of don’t just

upload the upload get one percent better

learn one new thing every time that you

upload and by the time you get to 100

uploads you’ve had a hundred lessons a

hundred practice runs and you should be

able to see progress

not perfection but progress and not

measured in how many views you got but

in the abilities that grew you as a

content creator knowing more about audio

after every upload knowing more about

lighting after every video filming

session knowing better and more

confidently how to make judgment calls

about your edits and your cuts and what

to keep and what to get rid of and again

my final piece of advice when it comes

to this is you do need to probably niche


and pick something that you like and

enjoy doing you have to find something

that you actually are good at and

confident in doing okay because those

two things are going to be what hurts

your endurance if you pick something you

know you’re not good at and that you

wish you were good at then it might hurt

your confidence to just feel like the

progress is slow and if you don’t even

like it if you’re not passionate about

you’re doing it for the money or you’re

doing it because you think it’ll go

viral you’ll burn out a lot quicker so

you won’t have a long career and you

won’t keep growing because you won’t be

able to be consistent it also has to be

something that you figure out how you

are going to make money at at some point

because you need to be able to afford to

do this without it compromising your

living situation or making things

awkward with your family and then you

also need to know that there is growth

in this niche you need to know that this

is something people even would want to

watch you know what holds small

youtubers back you want to know the

secret as to why people don’t grow on

youtube they often will make content

that they haven’t proven that anybody

they have no proof that anyone would

want to watch these videos

don’t upload a video that you can’t say

there’s an audience for you have to

figure out that there’s an audience for

something and you have to verify that

and i’ll probably make a dedicated video

about that and what’s holding small

youtubers back but if you’re making a p

a video a piece of video that basically

you don’t know

that there’s

a hundred thousand a million people that

have ever watched a video about that and

can watch a video from a stranger about

that topic you probably need to do a

little bit more research and again when

you’re in your experimental phase it’s

fine to just make videos when you’re in

your experimental phase i know it feels

like i’m giving conflicting advice here

but it’s like there’s a difference

between trying to grow your skill level

and get comfortable on camera and just

making if you want to make random videos

don’t expect to grow while you’re doing

that use those random videos as

throwaway videos to learn and expect

nothing from the audience in for any of

that respect and just expect nothing

from the audience

when it’s time to grow it’s time to

focus and treat it like a career treat

it like a business treat it like

something that you want to do for the

next 10 or 15 years

and make sure that you have your

priorities in line doing something you

don’t like for 10 15 years not a good

time doing something you can’t make

money at for 10 or 15 years not a good

time doing something for 10 or 15 years

to never get anybody to care about it or

pay attention to it

not a good time

doing something and knowing you’re not

getting any better at it for 10 or 15

years also not a good time

and so that’s my best advice that’s my

best advice from somebody who’s made

over 1500 videos on this channel over

the last couple of years growing an

audience from zero to 500 000


my three years of making consistent

content i made a couple hundred videos

interestingly enough from 2013 2016 i

grew from zero to a hundred thousand

subscribers so i don’t go viral i don’t

get millions of views on every upload

but i do know how to be consistent and i

do know what i’m talking about so there

you go if you enjoyed this video and you

found it helpful first of all leave me a

comment and let me know what the most

helpful piece of advice was

around this also if you enjoyed this

video watch my playlist on other youtube

tips to help you grow also watch my

video on how to get monetized on youtube

specifically if you’re getting started

because that will be important as always

thank you so much for watching and don’t

forget go out there and create something

awesome today

take care


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