MrBeast — The Secret To More Views On YouTube 🚀

MrBeast’s secret to getting more views on YouTube is to focus on retention. Even something as small as the lighting on your face could have a big impact on your drop-off and retention. The beauty of YouTube is that you can always get better – there’s no limit!

TubeBuddy CEO, Ricky Ray Butler, had a chance to interview@MrBeast. If you want to watch more of the interview head over to the @Creative Disruptionchannel!

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that’s the beauty of youtube is there’s

no such thing as perfection you can

always learn you can always improve your

videos can always be better even here

we’re spending three to four million

dollars on some videos and i have giant

teams and i’ve 10 years in researching

this and i have no life and i still

learn stuff all the time when i talk to

my youtube friends they’ll teach me

things like even little things like

having better lighting at the beginning

is better for retention right one of my

friends he went through and he mapped

out all his intros where it was like

darker like he would film in a closet or

like somewhere where there wasn’t as

good lighting and compared them to

videos where he had just phenomenal

lighting very evenly lit skin and bright

and the ones with better lighting there

was a clear correlation that had less

viewer drop-off and that makes a lot of

sense i’m always learning things because

i just surround myself with freaking

nature’s that just study the dumbest

stuff and they just always teach me

things that’s kind of the beauty of

youtube is there’s like there is no

in-game i’m about to hit 100 million

subscribers and i’m i feel like we’re

just getting started


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