MrBeast Interview | Your YouTube Videos SUCK 😳

Ever wonder why you are not getting more YouTube views? Maybe it’s because your videos suck! Seriously, it’s important to improve with every single video. Even MrBeast’s videos are dramatically different in quality than when he first started. It takes time to craft your skill – keep creating and keep improving!

Our CEO, Ricky Ray Butler, had a chance to interview @MrBeast. If you want to watch more of the interview head over to the @Creative Disruption channel!

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=================== text video ====================

what are like the top two things that

just come to mind that you wish you

would have known seven years ago your

videos suck you think your videos are

good but they suck

they just do and the sooner you learn

how to make good great videos that

people actually want to watch the sooner

you’ll get views um i think it’s the

biggest takeaway because like when i was

14 i thought my videos were the best in

the world they weren’t they’re terrible

many people are making way better videos

to me but i didn’t think that and i

think you know to be successful you kind

of have have to have a little bit of

that ego where you’re like you know my

content is great you got to believe in

it but also like if you have sub a

thousand subscribers like there’s a good

probability your videos just suck they

just do and you need to make hundreds of

videos or a hundred videos improve

something every time and just like get

to the point where they don’t because

like i i very rarely like see someone

making great level videos consistently

time and time again year in year out

and they don’t take off



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