Milestone Meetups: Dylan Lemay’s Scoop on Creator Success!

Dylan Lemay ( just hit a major milestone: he’s building on his breakout Shorts success by opening up his first ice cream shop! In a chat with YouTube’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl, he explains why he made a mistake with his first YouTube upload, how he pivoted to use Shorts to add 3+ million subscribers in just a single year, and how the lessons of short-form creation can jumpstart longer-form videos.

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what’s the one thing that you wish you

were better at i’d say throwing ice


hi my name is dylan lemay my channel is

dylan may and i’ve been making ice cream

for over 10 years now usually if

somebody’s sad they come get ice cream

and you get to help their day be better

or somebody’s coming in to celebrate

something then you get to be a part of

that special moment that’s what keeps

driving me forward you’re basically in

the happiness business yes exactly

exactly and i just found a new way to

share the happiness which is through

youtube you’ve reached 3 million

subscribers on youtube congratulations

thank you so much you’re really known

for short form content what made you

choose a

six minute video

as your first uh you know upload on

youtube thank you so much for checking

out my first ever youtube video i looked

at what i thought a youtuber was

supposed to be and i tried to mold

myself to be that person i thought i had

to get in front of a camera i’m more of

a behind the scenes person i’m showing

you through my eyes what i like to do

the moment that i started to really do

well in my opinion on youtube with

longer videos is when i realized that i

just have to be myself so i want to try

to come up with something that’s

completely different that no one’s ever

done before i have a


of uh another video that was really

really successful for you yes 122

million views it starts off by me

describing the feeling of biting a cold

skittle as you’re seeing me scoop out

this very vibrant watermelon sorbet and

so i think it was a combination between

a very appealing visual story and then a

nice audible story that created this

picture where you could feel the picture

i guess skittles should be cold because

they get rock-solid and almost broke my

tooth 10 out of 10 don’t recommend

unless you want to break your teeth for

the rainbow to taste the rainbow one

thing that i think is amazing about

short form creators is that we’re used

to cramming as much detail into such a

small thing that uh we’re cutting to the

point we’re giving you everything short

and sweet well what i try to do now is

take all of that i’ve learned from the

short form and make it into these longer

videos and so there’s no fluff but if i

didn’t edit this world ice cream video

it would have been five minutes long and

now you’re opening your own ice cream

shop in new york we are going to check

out locations that my future ice cream

shop may be at is there

anything related to your

digital strategy in that decision every

day gets to be a meet and greet every

day i get to meet my audience i get to

create content with them when i show up

to work someday when the shop opens i’ll

be able to see these little kids come in

and be extremely excited i’d love to

close with a lightning round of last

year if something is broken how do you

fix it you give them ice cream and

advice you picks everything portrait or

landscape highly portrait what’s your

favorite guilty pleasure probably eating

ice cream and what are the three words

that describe you ice cream man we’re

really proud of everything that you’ve

accomplished i’m so thankful for you

guys i wouldn’t be here without you

youtube has played it in a humongous

role in all of this good luck with

opening the store i hope lots of people

come every single day i will definitely

come yes you’ll have to try to catch the

ice cream




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