Making YOUR Video Titles BETTER (How to Write Good YouTube Titles)

Here’s how to make better titles for your YouTube videos, more quickly! I took several real examples of bad video titles and show how to fix them.

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0:00 Real YouTube Titles
0:51 Title .5: Doesn’t Make Sense
2:14 Title 1: Not a Question I’m Asking
3:54 Title 2: Vanilla
5:06 Why Some Channels Can Hack Titles
5:58 Title 3: Not Useful Enough
6:45 Title 4: Doesn’t Apply
7:54 An Exception for Titles

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i found a channel with almost 700 000

subscribers that is getting 200 views

per video that’s not 200 000 or even 20

000 or even 2 000 that’s 200 views howdy

howdy everyone nate here most titles on

youtube are awful and that’s why you

never see them i’m going to say that

again most of the time you do not see

videos on youtube with bad titles one

more time most of the time you are not

shown videos with bad or ineffective

titles just a little big brain time for

you there so what happened is a while

back i asked you for some videos that

you wanted to be roasted in order to

make roast videos which are now becoming

infamous on youtube

or at least i say they’re becoming

infamous maybe they aren’t so what i

wanted to do was hang out a bit in this

video with you and share some real

titles from you subscribers as well as

one of my own titles and how to fix them

but first let me tell you about this

channel this is the one i was

referencing at the very beginning almost

700 000 subscribers quincy and candace i

found this video because one of their

videos was suggested to me aside from

another video i was watching on youtube

and i looked at the title of the video

and my immediate thought was that is one

of the worst titles that i have ever

seen on any youtube video so that when i

click through to the channel and i saw

it had almost 700 000 subscribers i knew

something had happened so what’s the

video nate you asked that totally blew

my mind with how awful it was it was

this one

how much one needs to strive towards

minimalism in the kitchen discussion

leia first of all

what like what does that even mean now i

need to clarify this video was not

submitted as a potential roast video

when i asked you in the past but because

this video prompted this video that

you’re watching right now i had to break

down this title on why it is not working

first of all it doesn’t make sense

i could end right there and say

this title doesn’t even make sense if

your title ever doesn’t make sense it’s

a bad title next we have a really weird

mix of capitalized versus

non-capitalized why is strive

capitalized and towards and how much one

needs is not and third what is the

benefit that i’m going to get out of

this video i see how much one needs to

strive towards minimalism in the kitchen

why why do i even care about watching

that video i look at this and i think i

don’t have to should anything why do i

need to strive towards minimalism in the

kitchen i don’t need to do jack squat

okay but enough on that let’s get into

what you can actually do to change your

titles to make them better titles and in

order to do that i selected a few of

your videos from when i asked you for

videos that you were okay with me

roasting this first one is from dr omar

which by the way dr omar has an awesome

channel and has been commenting on my

videos for a while really good comments

really good interaction so i thank you

for that but this video stood out

because the title is really not doing

almost anything for the video so here’s

the title protect your personality the

story of phineas gage first of all this

title sort of implies a question of

should you protect your personality but

the question isn’t one that people are

asking i hope you caught that if the

title includes questions that people are

not asking and doesn’t give them reasons

to wonder oh should i be wondering that

then it’s already a bad title and in

this case i don’t even know about

protecting my personality should i even

wonder about that and it’s not

intriguing enough to make me think oh

yes i should wonder about protecting my

personality the second part of the title

has to do with phineas gage and me as

the viewer i’m not wondering who phineas

gage is i don’t care if phineas gage is

unless you give me a reason to care

about this phineas gage guy i don’t care

okay so how would we go about fixing

this title i have two possibilities for

this title the first one is you might be

losing your identity without realizing

it now why is that a better title

because it’s got me wondering i didn’t

know that i should be worried about this

but now i’m concerned an alternate title

could be something to the tune of this

is why you have to protect your

personality the story of phineas gage

and then if you paired that title with a

thumbnail with an image of phineas gage

with something shocking that happened to

him like he went crazy or he walked off

a cliff or something like that you’ve

got a good combo that creates the

intrigue for the content of the video

next title that needs some fixing this

from the channel arc solo which also has

an awesome channel by the way but the

title is i built a pve base on

arcgenesis part two and then parenthesis

single player vanilla build what’s wrong

with this title it’s too vanilla


i’ve been recording too long guys but

really this title is too boring it’s too

plain it’s i built a pve base on arc

genesis part two there’s nothing

inherently interesting about it so what

it needs is an interest word or interest

words to differentiate this video from

all the other videos about building a

base so potential fixes for this title i

built an awful pve base on arc genesis

what did i do there i inserted an

interest word that immediately makes the

viewer think well okay it was awful why

was it so awful an alternate depending

on the content of the video could be

something like i built a surprisingly

effective pve base on arc genesis

because what do we got in there we’ve

got it’s about building a base it’s

about the video game but it’s also

surprisingly effective anybody who’s

interested in building a surprisingly

effective base on their own game will

want to watch that next title option for

this one would be why the boop button is

the very best action to take in this

channel maker’s video

that’s awful nate don’t don’t do that

that that was really bad i i think i

need to take a moment here to say that i

have been sick for the past few days as

i’m recording this and so my brain is

slightly like pudding but i really

wanted to get this video to you guys so

while i’m recording this all the jokes

the puns i don’t know what it is it

turned apart in my brain to jelly that’s

all about the humored stuff so that’s

where that came from i apologize but i

will say if this video is being helpful

to you thus far if you’d boop the like

button so it can spread to more people

that’d be awesome thank you now here it

is worth discussing the phenomenon that

is large channels that are able to do

almost any title and still have it be

successful why is that they can even

have a single word title and that video

will still take off there’s one word

that describes why they are able to do


history they’ve built up a history of

making good videos and built up an

established audience so that an audience

already knows that they like their

content therefore single word titles or

even non-word titles will still work

because it creates the intrigue factor

next title to improve is this one fun

ways to improve your french

pronunciation biggest concerns i have

with this title it’s a great video by

the way but with the title i have a

weird mixture of caps and no caps and it

also doesn’t give me a very clear idea

of what the video will be aside from

just some general tips so what it needs

is a number so an option to improve this

title would be five fun daily practices

to improve your french pronunciation

you’ve got a number so it’s a definite

here’s what you’re going to get out of

the video but then putting daily

practices or something like that based

on the content of the video makes it

seem like to the viewer that okay

whatever stage i’m at if i’m learning

the french language where at what point

am i going to use this video and in this

case for an audience standpoint they say

oh this is something i can do every day

to improve my french pronunciation great

and they know the usefulness factor

before they ever get into the video i

hope you caught that that is big and i

do want to leave myself out of the

equation here i’m gonna look at this

video with this very flattering image of

myself and in fact with each of these

videos just for fun sake i tried to find

the most uh flattering and by flattering

i mean unflattering still i could find

from the video so here’s me with a very

flattering face here’s a very flattering

face uh here’s frustrating we don’t have

a face in this one here’s mr bean and

here’s that face

but anyway about this video this was not

the title that it started out with in

fact the title that it started out with

was nobody wants to watch this here’s

how to fix it and i saw very early on

with this video with that title it

wasn’t getting a lot of traction in fact

it was very low on the one out of ten

list and so i realized the issue with

that title was it felt too general it

wasn’t as applicable to me as the viewer

and it also didn’t necessarily specify

what i as the viewer was going to get

out of the video and that is what led to

the change in title to what it is now of

if your video is doing this but i don’t

answer the question it’s the intrigue

okay what is my video doing and that

leads to the thinking of wait wait i

don’t know what this is but no one’s

going to watch my video if my video is

doing this i’ve got to watch that

because now i need to know and in case

you’re wondering that led that video to

being low on the 1 out of 10 to being

much higher now a word here on an

exception sometimes you need to make the

titles to your videos general enough

that people don’t necessarily know what

it’s about because if you made the title

about what it actually is it would be

really boring that would definitely be

the case with this video if i were to

title it like just what the video is

about it would be key moments of

audience retention and why it’s so

useful but instead i decided to call it

this because when people watch it it is

one of the most useful analytics to

understand on youtube incredibly

powerful so yes i am going to recommend

that you watch this video next because

it is some valuable stuff