Making Money BEFORE Reaching 1,000 Subscribers

There are always new ways to make some extra money on YouTube on your way to 1,000 subscribers.

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in case you’re wondering yes it is

possible to make money on youtube

before you actually hit monetization and

we’ve talked about this a number of

times before we’re gonna have a guest on

in a little while and we’re gonna be

talking about this i think just from a

different perspective when we haven’t

covered before and then after that

conversation we’re gonna be taking your

questions because if you are watching


after the fact this was a live stream so

thank you for watching this uh you know

the recording afterwards be sure to

subscribe so you don’t miss the live

portion and you can get your questions

answered uh by being in the live chat

the next time for those of you who are

here welcome thank you for being here

let’s bring on viper how’s it going

hello hello we’re gonna have to talk

about the total no music thing because

it’s eerie

yes it’s very there’s there’s like an

element of the music of the startup of

the streams how they used to be where

it’s like exciting like it gets you in

the mood

and then there’s this new strategy we’re

trying out where we just kind of start

and that that’s what we lose in the



let us know let us know if it’s taken

something away from you as the viewers

not having the upbeat vid iq kind of

music intro that we that we usually do


that said uh thank you all again for

being here uh so

what like before we bring on our guest

which is going to be about 10 minutes

from now um

just viper tell everybody a little bit


just a few things we’re not going to get

into detail but a few ways that you know

creators are making money before they

like reach that the monetization


all right this is so interesting because

i just had a recording of two uh i

recorded a tube talk episode yesterday

with someone who just reached a thousand

subscribers and we were talking about

the way that she’s made money uh in her

journey along the way and

one of the big things obviously when

you’re first starting out is affiliate

marketing um we can go a bit a little a

little bit deeper when jj gets here but

i’m pretty sure all of you are by now

are aware of how affiliate marketing



you you can either sign up for a company

if they have a program or you can reach

out to whoever their marketing

department is to see if they have an

affiliate program probably the most

popular one right now is amazon uh

basically what what happens is that if

you have a product from amazon that you

brought and you make a video or you make

some type of social promoting or talking

about that product you attach a link to

that post and then depending on how many

people click the link and buy that

product or with amazon even if they

click the link and don’t buy that

product or buy something else uh off of

your link you still get credit for that

so that is just one of the many ways

that you wait you can make money um

without having the biggest uh subscriber

count or follower account affiliate

marketing is huge business

yes yes it is uh so we’re gonna be

talking about that and more and ways you

can be kind of preparing uh to reach

monetization and of course we’re gonna

talk about getting there as well as we

as we tend to uh but before we get into

that let’s uh while we wait for jj to

get here let’s talk a little bit about

vid iq not just the live stream you’re

watching now but some of the tools that

we offer here at vidiq i want to show

you some of the newer tools that we’re

working on right now

that we’re very very excited about one

of them you can kind of see on the

screen working right now

it’s our view per hour tool now this is

free if you download iq especially if

you use the link down below we have a 30

day free trial for new customers

this tells you how many views per hour

videos are getting

across youtube so if you were looking

for a topic right and you were thinking

like i would really love to do a video

on this topic but is it something that’s

popular right now this is a good way to

kind of do that research uh yesterday

for example um this might not be the

best example but it just popped in my

head we saw a channel that covered mega


which is an older game

uh so yeah mega man i think it’s yeah

mega man x was the there we go

and uh you can see like we got videos

here from eight years ago and

interestingly enough this video is still

getting 18 views per hour um this video

from six months ago is getting 12 views

per hour uh so

if you were thinking like i love mega

man but is anyone really looking for it

you might look and see what has been

released lately

in this space and how’s it doing right

now and without even clicking into the

video you can get those details and then

you can go further you can click on the


and as our tools load up here you can

kind of see how this video is done over

time the the views it’s managed to

achieve over

the course of its lifespan and then the

views per hour and where it was getting

the most views per hour and what it’s

doing kind of today where today it’s

been a little bit quiet it’s still

bringing in some views for the channel

every day but uh it’s it’s not where it


back when it first released so these are

all things when you’re looking for

topics and trends that you can use again

free tools here at vidiq

which i definitely want to point out

because these are all helpful in the way

of getting you to a thousand subscribers

then vipre you mentioned tube talk so i

just pulled this up a minute ago it’s

our vidiq podcast tube talk uh hosted by

viper so yeah do check that out uh

wherever you get podcasts

you can uh

start listening to uh tube talk there’s

a lot of valuable insights here you said

you talked to someone about monetization

this week

uh well the chat this week or the chat

for next week uh was about how they made

it to a thousand subscribers but a part

of that journey is the fact that they

were able to make money

even starting out on youtube as a part

of their journey of getting to a

thousand subscribers so even though

you’re just starting out there are ways

to make money even at the very beginning

of your creative career if you know

where to look

yeah 100 it’s

it’s uh the kind of

impressive that there’s so many ways

like everyone kind of works and works

towards that 1 000 subscribers 4 000

hours of watch time and meanwhile

there’s things anyone could be doing to

you know kind of start that process of

of going from hobbyist to business you

know youtube business professional um

there is one more thing i wanted to show

everybody here another tool that we’re

working on that

you know is very interesting

viper maybe you can help me out with

this so we have this tool here it is

actually in our app so this is our our

web app

and uh if you’re in your keyword

inspector here

you if you’re in the keyword tool so

what’s uh what’s like the latest iphone

because i don’t follow apple very well

we are on the iphone 13 currently iphone



uh you type in iphone 13 and we get all

of our normal keyword data but now

we have this new window here that brings

up questions

related to whatever keywords you’re

typing in so

as this tool is rolling out just be on

the lookout these can help you generate

a lot of video ideas view all 300

questions so a lot of people have been

asking how to restart their iphone 13 is

the iphone 13 worth it so

all very very helpful these

i wouldn’t use these as titles

necessarily but all to get you thinking

about searchable videos so yet again

another vidiq tool our guest

has entered the green room


we can get this show on the road


i but they’re they’re waving i think

they don’t want us to bring them in just


okay they’re good it’s jj how are you

hey how are you good jerry joe you’re

joining us hey

how are you guys doing good how are you

great it’s usually double booking

running around and

you know that’s how i do it

it wouldn’t happen any other way

uh well thank you for being here you

want to tell everyone just a little bit

about uh what it is you do on youtube

yeah sure so i have a digital marketing

channel on youtube i started it it’s a

10 year old channel i’m starting in 2020

i decided to focus on pinterest

marketing um so pinterest for those who

don’t know it’s a digital bookmarking

site um has some social media elements

of it but it’s in fact the third largest

search engine is right behind youtube

so i help creators on that platform uh

with tips tricks and hacks and recently

i decided to branch out and do youtube

growth strategies for youtubers who are

just right behind me so i have about

2300 i think subscribers on my channel

so as i learn things i share things with

my my small youtube community and then

just even more recently i decided to do

more brand deals for small creators for

creators who have less than

5 000 10k um subs but want to monetize

their presence on on social media

including youtube

so that’s what i do and i love it i

really really enjoy growing and this

whole process this whole journey has

been very fulfilling and just been one

of the most

hardest but very rewarding experiences

in my life i’ve done a lot of things but

i really enjoy being a youtuber

yes well thank you so much for being

here i did notice that you had kind of

pivoted also to including some youtube

uh strategy and it’s doing very very

well for your channel uh this video here

in particular doing very well uh so

congrats on that and

in looking at your channel that’s kind

of what inspired the uh

the topic of today which is

discussing how creators can start to

build the blocks for monetization before

they hit 1000 subscribers and and maybe

shortly thereafter as well because it’s

not like the the adsense is just the

start right it doesn’t it’s not it’s not

everything so what i wanted to ask you

first is and we can talk about these for

a bit and then of course we are going to

get to everyone else’s questions as well

so as you’re listening today just be

writing your questions down there will

be a

lengthy q a uh after this portion jd do

we have you for the full two hours yes

oh perfect okay awesome so um the first

question we have here is

what would you say the general ways or

programs people can use to kind of start

making money under a thousand

subscribers okay methods i guess i

should say as well okay this is great

this is so timely because i just did a

video on this and essentially it’s kind

of like you don’t need to be a member of

a partner program you don’t need to be

picked by a creator fund you don’t need

to sell a product whether it’s digital

or you don’t even make anything

affiliate marketing it’s like the best

way for you and i’m in i’m sure we’re

simulcasting she’s not here now we’re um

i’m simulcasting this on youtube

clubhouse as well is where you know we

met each other and i’m in the room

recently but she just left was andrew

christine i always use her as an example

with five subscribers five subscribers

she had made her first commit affiliate

sales she’s since made fifteen thousand

and she just crossed the one thousand


threshold but she’s since made fifteen

thousand dollars from her youtube

channel and she just made one thousand

dollars so she is like my seminal quiz

intentional sort of case study model of

that you can do it and affiliate

marketing is the best way to do it um

and then the video i just did is just

talk about three ways that you can do

that um

essentially high ticket items um

promote products you believe in because

it comes across there’s so many people

that just like promote stuff just just

because they’re trying to get the money

and it

it doesn’t look authentic or genuine and

your audience can sense that and they

won’t buy so yeah so affiliate marketing

all the way

hey uh jj

we have people asking in the chat how

does one go about getting into affiliate

marketing okay great so with the

affiliate marketing the the greatest

thing about 2022 is that there are

affiliate marketing platforms being

built every single day essentially um

people and companies are choosing and

they know the creator economy is

something like 103 billion dollar

industry um nowadays so

advertisers are shifting their

advertising dollar away from just

you know traditional media or even the

larger creators and they’re moving into

the influencer marketing essentially

targeting people like you guys or

youtubers who already have an audience

and have a um influential audience and

have what’s called what’s the word has

that um what is that term for the

parasocial relationship where when you

start saying something the audience know

you they like you they trust you and so

when you make a recommendation they know

that you’re going to get it so if i’m an

advertiser i’m more likely to put my

money into influencers versus

traditional ads so because of that there

are a lot of marketing platforms out

there the one of the most popular ones

that everyone knows is amazon so amazon

has two one of them is called amazon

associates and the other one is amazon

i hate when i forget one of them has to

do with of your

existing established creator it’s a

little bit harder to get into there are

certain thresholds and benchmarks are

pretty high and the other one is kind of

you just have to make some sales and and

you know prove to them that you can

convert um but that’s the most popular

one because amazon sells everything and

so you can get a link um for anything

like i write i sell things that i don’t

even really sell like someone leaves my

website and goes to amazon

starts browsing around gets up

take let the dog out go cook some dinner

for their kid makes a phone call comes

back sit down they’re like oh wow i

forgot to get some lawn furniture so

they go and buy like 500 with a lawn

furniture and i’m getting that

commission because the amazon token last

two days so whatever that person shop so

long as they don’t close their browser

window i’m getting the benefit of their

sale and i see it in my commission


all sorts of odd products i’m like whoa

okay but i’m getting commission on that

so that’s why amazon is the most popular

one to do and the ways to go and then

there’s several other ones that you want

to go into i can talk about all the

other ones that are popular but there

are lots of them out there and you don’t

even have to have a blog you don’t even

have to

um done one video you could actually um

getting into it

there’s a

story that

just a cautionary tale i guess and if if

either of you have any you wanted to

share after this uh please feel free but

one of my very first like forays into

affiliate marketing for in the gaming

space was a company that made products

i’m certainly not going to mention them

because they’re still around a company

that made pro like third-party gaming

products that were that featured like

designs and things like that and i liked

what i saw i liked the products like so

all of that stuff was on the up and up

but what i didn’t do a very good job of

was researching the company this is a

company that prior to learning about

them from another creator i hadn’t heard

of them before and so

i sign on the affiliate deal i start

pushing their links and everything and

make a couple sales i’m like yeah this

is awesome

well in networking more and more with

other creators i learned through the

grapevine that this company um had been

stealing designs for the products that

they were selling

yeah and so that was an instant like

oopsie and i had to go in start removing

their links like it was a whole thing

because that was like a very quick

turnaround for me to go nope all i need

is for somebody to see like me

supporting this company that apparently

if i just searched a little bit more i

could have found

evidence of this


i didn’t so that was like my lesson for

everybody is like when you’re going to

join an affiliate program and you’re

going to especially for products or

services really doesn’t matter like do

your research make sure not only do you

trust and like this yourself but if it’s

a smaller kind of company it feels like

a mom-and-pop kind of situation like

look into them

a little bit harder than you would if

you were just buying a product because

you have to stand behind this it’s you

know your it’s your audience that you’re

selling to and it’s the trust that

you’re building with them that makes you

an influencer worth you know

the time and effort so

just my cautionary tale yeah i uh let me

add to that real quick um dan just

brought up a very good point about you

as a creator have to stand behind what

you present to your audience so if you

are working with a shady company that

has been known to have bad relationships

in the community

and you are out there peddling their

products it’s not a good look for you

yeah i’m not gonna get too deep into it


but also before i get into the next

thing also if you’re unsure about a

company that you might think about or

want to work with talk to your other

creators talk to your fellow creative

friends or reach out to people that

you’ve known that have worked with the

company before to get their input

because i’m not gonna go too deep into

it because uh there’s a brand which i

would not name

uh that kind of uh did something shady

with one of our creative friends who me

and dan know very well


nobody is not working with the brand

anymore the brand is pretty much doa in

the creative community because they did

one of our fellow creators kind of shady

so uh just understand what’s going on

yeah and one of the things i say in my

video is the first tip is to

promote products that you use already so

if you already use it you already know

it a couple of reasons why one you get

over that because you would have done

the research you you know most likely

you know the product you know something

about the brand and the second reason

and that authenticity and that

genuineness of your recommendation comes

true because you can really say like i

love this coffee like this is the best

coffee ever and i drink this every

single day versus like yeah buy this

coffee it’s the best coffee and i’m a

tea drinker you know so

yeah and it’s gonna come across like

you’re lying you don’t i i don’t like

coffee but maybe you’ll like this coffee

i’ll be like me telling y’all to go get

dunking donuts y’all be there like wiper

and stop it you’re on



jj the next question i have for you is

uh how hard should a creator push their

call to action we’re talking about

financial gain here and we’re talking

about a channel that is relatively new

to the space they’ve got less than a

thousand subscribers in our kind of

imagined scenario here so how hard

should they really be pushing this to

their audience okay so here’s the thing

um i think that

you should definitely not to have the

first few words come out your mouth when

you first do videos say like and

subscribe to my channel that’s that’s

that’s a no-brainer and if you’re doing

that um for your next video don’t do

that if you if you can because

essentially you haven’t a lot of times i

think between 50 to 80 percent of the

people who watching your videos they’re

seeing you for the first time they’re

what’s called cold traffic they don’t

know you they bumped into you youtube

recommended they did a search you came

up and searched you were next up

in the video they just finished watching

so they’re new to you so and then you

haven’t provided value they just see

your video for the first time seeing you

and you’re asking for a subscriber

no and i i know some people um have

roberta blake actually mention

ask this question on twitter and so a

lot of people said that it’s kind of

like it’s also insulting that you’re

asking for something and people really

hold their subscriber

that little subscribe button is like

like gold like they hold that like

that’s that’s that’s so valuable like

i’m not just giving that to anybody so

with that said i think what you do when

you’re new is you tell them why they

should subscribe you have an actual


what i’ve been saying and what i’m going

to say next and so i’ll give you guys

you guys can steal this what i have been

saying is that if you after i provide

the content the uh the quality content

the uh the value because i am a sit down

channel and i do marketing and i do like

how to’s and instructional like um

strategy sort of stuff like that so i’m

providing service versus like

entertaining or just cooking or um you

know or doing something else or gaming

or sure you know like that so after that

i said if you found value from that if

you found that was good then and you

want more like this and i um i tell them

that you don’t have time to figure this

what’s going on with youtube with the

wrestling pinterest so i do that for you

i’m providing a value for you so if you

like that and you want to you know you

keep up with your competitors of other

people your niche it’s in your best

interest to subscribe to the channel so

you can keep up so it’s kind of like

you’re not doing me a favor you’re doing

yourself whatever by subscribing it’s

not like mint like reverse

reverse psychology and the second thing

what i’m gonna start doing is

i’m gonna start reminding them if you

like that you know what’s gonna happen

if you don’t subscribe

you’re gonna have this situation where

you’re gonna want to come back to this

video and you’re not gonna remember my

name and you’re not gonna know how to

fail me and then you like dang it i

should have subscribed to that channel


don’t don’t have it happen to you don’t

don’t let that future you happen

subscribe right now

so that’s the strategy i’m doing in the


oh jj i want to kind of piggyback off of

what dan was saying so

if you’re a new creator and you are part

of an affiliate program and you

obviously want people to use your link


you don’t want to come off to you cartel

mini in your videos so how can creator

go about uh

getting people to click on their

affiliate link but being as genuine and

authentic as possible and just like

having it come off like

as some organic natural vibe and not

coming off too self any in their content

yeah i think the best okay

i can tell you how when people do

affiliates and i’m just like yeah

where’s that link let me see it um you

don’t have to ask me twice that that’s

me like i’m what i’m like looking for

like is there a link here that i can

click to i think that’s the best

situation and that happens in your the

way you sell it so i think how you do

that is that you do a very thorough

review and and you think about it when

you go to amazon right and you’re

looking at products and you before you

purchase you usually go to the reviews

you see it has like 5 000 reviews and

you know might be two or three you know

what you know let me see what other

people who were in this purchasing

decision what they said about it what’s

the reviews when you go through you’ll

see different views some reviews on one

line they’re like it was good they buy

this and like great value

then you come across those reviews that

are thorough they got the pros they got

the cons there’s pictures because with

amazon you can attach pictures they have

pictures they have examples they tell

you about the price and they tell you

about the other thing they say we use

this before this is what happened it’s a

thorough review and you’re like yeah man

this is yeah they told me everything on

and amazon says do you like this review

give it a thumbs up so you can even

actually thumbs up other people’s

reviews so when you put your back into

that review and the viewer sees that you

really did them a service by telling

about this product they’re going to

reward you for that hard work so it’s

not really so like you’re selling the

product it’s like you sell it through

your video so you use your video and

your your review to say this is going to

be after you see this you’re not going

to want to look at any other videos

because i’m going to give you everything

you need to know about these headphones

like this is it right here let’s go and

you go right into it and so they’re

going to want to reward you like wow you

put a lot of work into that let me

where’s that link let me reward you let

me pay you back by buying this thing for

you and you can benefit from that

so the an example of one that got me

recently was this video right here

elgato released another light notice how

it’s not even the name of the light in

the video the name of the brand is there

but this is called the key light mini

and i was thinking of getting this i had

forgotten about the light i saw the

video pop up it was about about a month

ago so pretty much when it came out i

saw the video pop up in my feed and i’m

like oh let me look at this thing

because i there’s a few so i have this

cabinet here and it’s unfortunately the

light is off right now because my wi-fi

went out the other day and i need to

reset it so it’s very frustrating but

it’s down here it’s supposed to put some

light on this door that’s really dark

and that’s the whole point of me buying

it because i just i i needed some light

and i had space to kind of put hang one

back there somewhere and that’s what my

key light mini is for which

sorry which isn’t working right now so


i see this video pop up on my on my feed

and i’m like let me check this out and

before the video was over i’d already

clicked the link and bought one

and i’m you know usually i’m not the one

to shop like that you know what i mean i

think of things

if i’m cooking right i’ll think of

something like oh i meant to buy one of

those and i just go and get it so no one

gets an affiliate sale for me but this

was like the truly organic one for me

and harris heller does stuff like this

all the time lately he’s been doubling

down on product reviews they do they get

a lot of views um they’re always

appealing to kind of like the gaming

niche or their gaming adjacent and uh i

imagine his affiliate sales are through

the roof right now because of how many

of these reviews he’s been doing um i

know like for for example rob bought

this microphone i don’t know if he still

has it but i know he bought one of these

this video was viewed so it might have

been exactly from the video

that’s my example from that so dan the

question then becomes what was it about

that particular video that made you buy

that light right in and there it’s just

straight to the point right like they

it’s a five minute video about something

i kind of already needed anyway

something i was kind of already looking

for and the nice thing about that review

is i wasn’t searching for the review but

i do watch that channel regularly

and it was just one of the latest videos

like here you haven’t watched harris in

a while here you go


yeah okay great like i’m looking for one

of these i had forgotten i wanted one i

was using a battery operated light that

i’d turn on you know myself and the the

rig i had hooked up for it was very

finicky and i’m like i need something a

little more streamlined because i have

everything hooked up to my stream deck

so i can turn off my lights like that so

i wanted it like oh be so cool if that

light was also remote controlled hey

elgato makes one you forgot all about it

you dummy here’s a video and it was

great so i i appreciated the breakdown

and what i was looking for in that

particular video were the features like

i need to know everything about this

light before i buy it and i don’t feel

like reading through reviews i already

use a lot of their products so i’m good

there so i was the target audience and i

guess that’s what i’m trying to get to

is the importance of being

somebody who if you’re going to do this

if you’re going to review products in

your channel in hopes of getting

affiliate sales they should be in your

target audience you should you have to

this is why it’s so important to know

your audience

so that kind of brings me to our next

question then um

actually it brings me my last question

i’ll just skip the other one so

should you under a thousand subscribers

and we might have all have different

takes here should you really be focused

on this

while you’re under a thousand

subscribers should the money aspect of

youtube be top of mind right now

what is everyone’s thoughts on that i

kind of feel like it’s up to the

individual for me my focus was on

building the community in the audience i

wasn’t really focusing on an affiliate

at the time because i mean

i don’t i just feel like

who am i you know

as a newer creator starting out who am i

to try to sell you something when i

don’t even have a reputation yet it’s

like i talk about when you are reaching

out for a collab when somebody comes to

check you out they want to make sure

that you have a body of work so i kind

of feel like i need a body or work

before i try to sell something to you i

need to build a level of trust with my

audience before i can try to push a

product on them so

i was more concerned about building the

community first and just getting videos

out there before i started worrying

about trying to make affiliate stuff

i i like that i really do love that um

viper i think that’s the most important

thing because there’s immediate instant

gratification and then there’s longevity

you know and i think you are more likely

to be a better and grow as a creator if

you focus on curating the audience and a


more so than just going in for the quick

buck and we find a lot of people come

through the clubhouse rooms and just

other spaces and they really just want

to make money and they see the large

creators and the youtubers and they’re

you know they want to emulate they want

that lifestyle and they want that money

and they want everything they have and

so they want to accelerate it without

really doing the work that you did you

did viper in terms of building a

community and i think you the people who

build a community first going to last

the longest um that being said

i do think that you can do what’s called

you can test the waters um and so so you

don’t focus only on affiliate marketing

but you when you have the opportunity

and you realize you’re starting to grow

and the channel of the video may blow up

you can after it starts blowing up like

hold up let me start adding some

affiliate links in this description box

real quick while it’s blowing up because

you just don’t know which one’s going to

blow up especially for shorts and things

like that or whatever so that’s one

option to you know do it after the fact

and the second thing is that um if after

you start doing your videos you start

reading the comments and the people are

saying where did you get that shirt from

you know oh i love that that sign in the

back where’d you get that sign from um

and you you know you can start saying

okay i’ll put it in my description box

or whatever like that or in future

videos you can actually say if you like

anything in here below in the box i have

the products if you like the light the

people saying your light quality is so

good that camera what camera are you

using for your videos to come out that

great you can start telling people if

you like anything you like this camera

it’s in the box below and that’s where

you have your affiliate links and so not

necessarily being the focus of it but

realizing wait i might can monetize some

of the stuff in that i have that people

are looking at anyway and they want to

purchase so why not you know so not

being the focus i really do think the

most important thing is building a

community in the audience and developing

your craft i think that might be one and

two like making being a better creator


yeah so developing your audience your

community um so i think we’re all on the

same page there because i i was gonna

say like

going back to what i was talking about

the harris heller uh situation like i

like knowing your target audience is

probably the most important thing

beyond it doesn’t matter the subscriber

count doesn’t matter how many views

you’re getting like if you understand

where your content is going who it’s

supposed to be for

you like if you’re because if we’re

about to get into q a in a second and if

the questions you’re thinking of asking

involve like but how do i know what

products are right for my audience then

that’s the wrong question


it’s time to sit down and try and figure

out who your audience is in the first

place because once you know who those

folks are

it’s really really simple to think about

things that they’re using because you’re

using them like you’re you’re


basically your content your personality

shines through your content you’re

catering to them and it’s likely you’re

using this stuff already and so you’re

trying to entice the same people who are

into the same things you are into

purchasing something that they already

kind of need like my light that doesn’t


yeah i uh before we get into q and a i

want to just

hit on a couple of ways that creator can

make money under a thousand subscribers

there’s a whole litany of things that

you all can do out here but i’ll just

touch on a few of them uh merch uh we

don’t really talk about merch much but

uh you guys can make merch uh i kind of

got lucky when i made my first pizza

merch because it was suggested to me by

my community um

there was a certain word that i kept

saying in my videos that kind of caught

on with my viewers and they were like

viper you need to make a shirt out of

this so i ended up making a shirt out of

it and that’s how i made my first piece

of merch so you got merch things um

you can do you can set up things like

buy me a coffee or patreon where people

can donate to you now again that might

not be something you want to do when

you’re first starting out but you might

want to build that relationship with

your community first and then think

about building out a patreon or buy me a

coffee because if you do a patreon that

means you got to provide some extra

content on top of what you’re already


if you want to give your audience a good

value out of that

um also

you can we don’t really talk about this

much here but you can make content for

brands i think a lot of creators feel

like they have to have a specific number

of subscribers and followers to get

brand deals not really if you volunteer

or if not volunteer but if you pitch

brands about making content for their

channels they will pay you to do that

literally so you don’t have to worry

about how many subscribers and followers

you have when your content is gonna

ultimately end up on the brand content

channels anyway so that’s another way to

go about it also here’s another one that

we don’t talk about a lot um this is not

going to make you any money in the short

term but it can definitely make you a

boatload in the long term and that is

accumulating data and a lot of that can

be done by affiliate marketing um if you

if you have the data

that you can show brands that when you

promote such a such product you are

selling out the amazon stores or

whatever store that sell that product

that is data that you can take and

negotiate for for good paying brand

deals down the road if you have the data


when you’re first starting out it’s not

always about money sometimes it’s about

accumulating that data so you can show

your value in your work so you can get

paid in the long run and here’s another

one that a lot of y’all may or may not

agree with

work for free now

so you can get paid later let me repeat

that cause some of y’all don’t

understand y’all frown on your nose

about this

work for free now

so you can get paid later because it go

back to what i just said if you work for

free now

you can show a brand that yes

you are a person that can drive traffic

to their website or their shop

and if they see that they will come back

later and offer to pay you

and pay you well because they know that

you can produce the desired result so

don’t be afraid to work for free in the

beginning because it could get you paid

big time in the long


yes and to add on to that i love every

single thing you said just gems upon

gems upon gyms another thing about

working for free is that a lot of brands

do what’s called social listening and so

they listen to who is mentioning their

competitors so if you’re working for

free for brand a brand b is like hmm

if we can get let me see when she can do

a video for us too and so that’s great

it’s proven that it’s actually showing

it’s kind of like your resume you’re

building up your digital resume by doing


so a lot of great places for everyone to

start we’re going to jump into q a now

so uh the way this works is if you have

a question for any of us we would like

you to use hashtag question in front of

it uh nice all caps not the whole

question just the word question and then

followed by your question there’s a lot

of conversation going on in the chat

right now which we greatly appreciate

the hashtag question thing helps us kind

of pick out your uh questions so there

you go hashtag question you guys can

start getting those in now and thank you

so much for being here uh


well as these come in you don’t need to

spam them either because we can kind of

like i’m already taking some and kind of

putting them in the background

uh so but i might let’s see here

no not that one um

so we can take this first one

uh what is the average size of a channel

to get their first sponsorship

asks hushy

let’s see does anyone here

want to jump on that

i can try to tackle it uh this isn’t a

good question

because listen we always measure things

by a specific number or a time table and

in content creation

those things just don’t exist there’s no

guideline there’s no set number no

timetable i know somebody who got who

got a brand deal with 600 subscribers

it’s just all about the niche and the

value that you can offer to a brand if

you have value that you can offer

brands will pay you for that value so

it’s just you as the creator knowing

what you can offer and knowing your work

that’s the other thing that we need to

really really focus on or you as a

creator need to focus on knowing your

work don’t let these brands sell you

short because they will in a heartbeat


this is what i was highlighting earlier

when i told you all if you don’t know

how much to charge your brand

reach out to your other creators who

have been doing it for a longer period

of time they are willing to help you

because here’s the thing

i don’t care who it is if it’s the

biggest creator or the smaller creator

they do not want other critters to get

so short because they messenged it up

for all of us okay they don’t want you

to get so short so if you have to reach

out to other creators to figure out your

value don’t be afraid to do that they

will help you

getting some really good questions here

thank everybody um there’s uh this isn’t

a question but joe’s phenomenal who’s

here all the time just said i get a ton

of brand offers you have to also know

when to say no it has to be worth your

time don’t take lowball offers just to

get a deal you’ll regret that in the

long run it’s a really really fantastic

advice advice from a seasoned youtube

professional uh such as joe’s phenomenal

so thank you so much for that



we just let’s see we just answered that


someone asked i just grabbed this real

quick because i want to make a quick

point here how do you stream with 21

subs on youtube uh you can stream with

zero subs on youtube it is uh in your

settings you can start streaming right

away basically um i actually have a

friend who started a new channel and

when they went to stream they realized

they had to like wait 24 hours to be

approved to use the feature so when you

start a new channel if you’re planning

on streaming go and try to set up a live

stream right away

and it’ll tell you you can’t and then go

into your channel settings where you can

see what features you have enabled and

follow the instructions to enable live

streaming as well because

you have to kind of make some videos and

things like that before youtube trusts

you but there’s ways around that too you

got to basically apply for it uh within

your youtube settings this is something

that i went through recently with a new

channel i was playing with and my friend

just went through it again so it doesn’t

matter how many subscribers you have you

can start streaming right away um so i

just want to hit that one real quick

someone asked how do you get an

affiliate link for amazon so i was gonna

if uh maybe jj if you want to jump on

that while i pull up an example here

okay so he’s gonna do an example so you

can join amazon affiliate link directly

or like i mentioned before there are a

lot of different companies and so this

is a great segue um a listing of them if


have a pen and paper you can watch

write this down a reward style has

amazon links shop style for those of you

who are in the fashion beauty

home decor lifestyle sort of genres or

even tech because you can you know they

do tech products as well

um also

magic links skim links

all have amazon affiliate as well so

essentially what those things do is

essentially when you sign up for one

you get an account again like i said you

don’t need to have created any youtube

videos to sign up for a lot of these

programs or to join these affiliate

programs and it’s a lot of them are a

browser extension so with the browser

extensions um on and active

whenever you go shop including on amazon

you see a product if you click it

there’s a button you press and it’s

gonna pull a link for you and it even

pulls amazon links so if you don’t do it

directly through amazon because you

can’t get uh accepted through them you

can do back doors through amazon

associates that’s what that’s what it’s

called if you can’t do that when you can

also sign these other programs they have

a lower threshold for in you know and

it’s a chrome extension you click a

button and pull a link and boom it’s

there um if you want to see it

i don’t know that’s not the example yeah

but yeah so that’s how you can do it

either directly apply through amazon or

through some of these other programs

that have partnership with amazon

okay i’m going to jump on into a

question from kelsey right right quicker

that kind of trials into what we can

talk about um actually you can still

directly link to an amazon product they

just change the way you do it uh so the

way that you do it now um it’s probably

the easiest way if you have a mobile

device if you go to that product page on

the mobile device um there should be a

share button order on that on that

mobile device on that uh product page

and there you can find a link that will

give you the link to put on your

uh your video or your website or

whatever and then that will allow you to

have people link directly to that

product and you can get your credit for


i don’t know why they changed it that

way amazon

uh so we got one here and i don’t know

if there’s like a

a catalog of these but we might all have

different different uh takes on this

where can i find brands hiring video

creators and uh my answer to this is

because because i haven’t sought out

many myself i would say that first i

would be looking at brands that you like

and then vipre said a little while ago

beautifully so you could be doing some

work for free so what that would look

like in that case is hey i really like

um canon’s lenses and the camera company

so i’m gonna do a video about this lens

i really like so you just make a video


maybe you’re part of their affiliate

program i don’t know if you have one but

let’s just for example say you make this

video you’re part of the amazon

affiliate program so you’re linking to

that or whatever you can take that video

that you shot and then tweet at them

contact them in some way and say like

just so you know i’d love to work with

you and this is some of the work i’ve

done but that that is one way you can

you you find brands by figuring out what

you’re interested in first and then

reaching out to them because i don’t

think unless you guys have seen this i

haven’t i haven’t seen a page on a

website where it’s like hey are you a

creator we’re hiring a creator to make

some random videos for us no vid iq has

a friend who has a newsletter that

highlights brands that are looking for

creators um his name is justin moore i

think he goes by creator wizard on

twitter so you uh search creator wizard

on twitter uh sign up for his newsletter

and his newsletter he highlights brands

that are looking for creators so that’s

one way to find them but like dan said

make sure they’re brand that you’re

genuinely interested in just don’t sign

up to work with branches because they’re

looking for creators because that’s not

gonna work

and then the final way you can find

brands that are hiring video uh creators

is if you are you a lot of youtubers are

also audience of youtubers so when you

see other youtubers being sponsored then

you know so if they sponsor one youtuber

most likely they’re doing it yo that’s

advice right there right i like that


let’s see i’m looking for more questions

but uh we can go into this next one here

real quick uh

this is one that people long struggle

with i think we all have maybe a few

tips we can share here how do you work

out pricing for a sponsorship or brand

deals at what point do you start


that’s a hard one um i’m gonna go back

to what i said earlier talk to your

fellow creators um they are more than

willing to i think a lot of y’all don’t

understand that

if you have a relationship with fellow

creators actually if you don’t number

one if you don’t have relationship with

your fellow creators you need to work on

that but

they will even even the creators that

you might not know be aware if you reach

out they probably will be willing to

help you because again we as creators we

don’t want to see each other get so

short because it makes it bad for all of

us so there are a ton of creators that

are out there that are more than willing

to help you uh figure out what your

value is and how much you should charge

because nobody wants to see creators get

so short it is a bad look for all of us

and we ain’t got time for all that so

just reach out to your fellow creators

and they will help you with that stuff

so there’s a there’s an actual tool

called social uh media blue book it’s it

used to be free now they you know like

they’re charging they start charging so

and then and even when it was free it

wasn’t accurate people used to say add

on an extra 20 30 50 whatever they

recommend because it was only based on

numbers not really taking account your

work and you know editing and all the

extra you know they were just doing a

mathematical formula based on your

numbers not your effort which is


different from the quantity of just the

numbers um i i don’t know i can’t

recommend them i don’t even use them

anymore so i really i just let y’all

know that’s an option out there a second

thing i’m come from the blogging world

before i started doing youtube so i’ve

been like a 10 year blogging um blogger

and so our community is a little more

established than the youtuber community

because we’ve been doing it you know

it’s not as popular anymore but what we

do in that community and you can try as

well is with you if someone cut if a

brand contacts you specifically you can

ask them what their budget is that kind

of only works when they reach out to you

it’s harder when you go like hey how

much money you got for me you can’t do


but uh but they reach out to you and say

they’re interested and say what’s your

rate you can reply back and say what’s

your budget and the reason why some

people say do that and that’s like the

prevailing thought is that sometimes you

undervalue yourself like five versus

piper said we just don’t know how much

we’re worth and you may say ah 250

meanwhile their budget was a thousand

and they’re like okay great we’ll take

it you know

and so you say what’s your budget and

they saw her about two thousand and then

now you’ve gotten yourself an extra 750

you wouldn’t have gotten had you just

threw out your number first and then the

other question about what point do you

start charging i don’t know if you were

on this video when i said i know someone

who charged at five dollars i mean at

five subscribers and she started

actually monetizing at five subscribers

and it’s not about it’s not about

whether or not you have a lot of

subscribers it’s about

you’re the audience so the person who

did the five five subscribers the reason

why she was able to do that is because

what vidiq does and here’s a little plug

for vidiq it helps you with the keyword

tools it helps you identify

video content that has a high search

volume below competition meaning there’s

not a lot of channels so if you’re one

of three channels that is talking about

one specific product that the brand has

and you have an amazing again

review of that product and you’re making

affiliate sales

you’re making money for that company

with your five subscribers because

you’re one of three videos promoting

their water bottle so they’re making

money off of you so it doesn’t matter if

you’re five subscribers look at the

views in the video look how much money

you’ve been making selling their product

you can now say hey let’s go in together

on this and the women who i always give

an example of she actually became a

brand ambassador for them doing

commercials for them doing like brand

deals off of them but it’s all about

that number if you’re if you’re

providing value or service that it’s not

a lot of competition it’s just you out

there doing it

all right so let me give you a perfect

like example of how this works so you

got jj up here who is the pinterest

queen you got viper the man about tech

if a company has an iphone or sensory

that they want to uh to sell to the

master right they want to sell it to

many people that they can let’s say jj

has 50 000 followers and viper has like


and probably going to behoove the

company more to go to viper with my

attendant jj with her 50 000 because

chances are the pension audience is not

going to have much entrance in an iphone

accessory whereas me and my audience

even though they’re they’re 10 deep

they’re 10 deep strong and they have

interest in the iphone accessories so

that’s how you all have to think about

this that’s how brands think about it

it’s all about knowing your target

audience and what they want and what

they need and you as a creator


what value your audience holds for the

brand so you can recognize that you can

make yourself a nice chunk of money if

you understand how to work with that

a good way because jj you said this too

but uh just to tack this on real quick

you had mentioned asking what the budget


uh uh some another buzzword you can

throw in there is what’s your budget for

this campaign

i mean

what what basically that is to say learn

some marketing speak because

if people feel like oh you’re speaking

my language right now it’s a little bit

harder for them to take advantage of you


it makes you seem like more of a

seasoned professional if you can go in

there and be like what’s your budget for

this campaign you know even if it’s your

very first time doing it don’t worry

about that just you know talk talk get

in there

um there’s

like most companies the first

time anyone ever reached out to me

always for free

they always want you to do something for

free and that’s always fine at first

when you’re trying to cut your teeth a

bit but viper you said earlier build

some data that’s a great way to do it

see what kinds of sales you can make

when someone sends you a product and

then you do a review on it and then go

back to that company and say hey it’s

been a month since i made that video for

you um how did we do you know see if you

can get some data from them um good you

know don’t be afraid they’re just people


you know at the end of the day they’ll

come a point where people are still

gonna try and get you the more popular

you get the more people might reach out

to you and try to get you to do

something for free

and that’s when you can say instead of

maybe they don’t even say what the

budget is they just imply and you’re

like maybe they just want me to do this

for free and you shut it down what’s

your budget for this campaign you know

and they might go crud

nothing or they might go


since you asked

so and and as time goes on it’ll become

easier and easier to know what you’re

worth you know you’ll you’ll get more

experience under your belt but you know

what you just you just uh provided a

creator hack dan and a lot of them might

not even be aware but here’s the cool

thing even if you’re a brand new creator

and you email that brand back what your

budget is

a lot of times

if they are trying to waste your time

they will not respond and that’s how you


done i mean i had to talk to me recently

like a brand reached out to me about

doing some work with them i emailed them

back i’m like alright what’s your budget

for this campaign i have not heard

nothing and i’m not even mad cuz

i didn’t have my time wasted i love it

do it y’all do it ask them what their

budget is do that yeah


so we can tackle this one real quick i

think is it possible to have been banned

from the youtube algorithm it feels like

my thumbnails are good but no views i i

highlighted this because uh i’ve talked

about this before but i haven’t talked

about it in a while so let me uh let me

uh give you guys a little something that

you should be looking for if you find

yourself uh

not getting the views that you think you

should be getting

youtube has this thing called restricted

mode oh man

dan did you are you aware what i’m

talking about dan i’ve heard yeah i’ve

not fallen prey to this but i’ve heard

about it can could you like uh do a demo

of how people can access this

i don’t well no i don’t know where to

find it because i have not needed to

find out okay let me know let me see if

so youtube has a thing called restricted

mode you all and basically what happens

is that youtube uh they will age gate or

otherwise ban certain content

um will not ban but they will make it

less viewable for the entire platform if

they deem that that offer i know you’re

sorry that appears right here


see if anything is limiting your videos

audience or ability to earn money in

some cases you can take action and

remove the restrictions yeah but that’s

not what i’m talking about oh


give me one second to hear you all okay

so we got you let’s go to vidiq’s

youtube channel real quick second here

i’m gonna just pull this up for you all

and then i can do this on my own all

right let me share my screen

and and you all might want to take notes

about this because you might end up uh

having to do this um just to check and

see what’s going on here

all right so we got that so now you

should get my screen


well i think i’ve reverberation here

it’s okay



what you want to do to check this you

all if you want to go to your uh channel

avatar here at the top right click on it

and then go down here to where it’s in

restricted mode toggling on

uh you want to watch what happens to

your video when you talk with a switch


if any of your videos disappear

you got trouble you need to go appeal

them or figure out why they’re being


um basically with the investors in the

incognito mode

thereby because uh it works better when

it’s an incognito mode but uh that is

how you check and see if your videos are

being restricted and if they are being

restricted the only way to get around it

is to appeal but you have to appeal for

every single individual video that gets

filtered out by that restricted mode

um if you uh like me if you have too

many videos that wind up in that

restrict mode it can hurt your channel

growth and it’s no fun so uh

if you are feeling like your channel is

not getting the views that you feel like

they should get or you’re not getting

the views that you normally would get

check that it it’s the thing like

youtube won’t admit it but it is

definitely a thing that see i’ve never

i’ve never even like looked that low on

that tree of options i brought that up

that was that’s news to me um what i was

going to say though to add to this is

um because you’re asking the question

like am i banned from the algorithm like

what’s going on why aren’t i getting any

views if if what the test viper just did

yields no answers and this says none

chances are no youtube has not

shadow banned you or anything like that

and it’s just the case of continuing to

develop your title and your thumbnail

strategy uh because it might be that

you’re covering topics that just aren’t

resonating with an audience so you have

to go back to that drawing board and

figure out who is my target audience and

how can i make content for them um

that’s the most commonly when people ask

this question that is what it is it’s

it’s though that they’re still learning

to figure out who their audience is but

it is i’m really glad you brought that

up because if things are being

restricted there are ways to check so

that’s good news yeah and it’s happened

to a small amount of amount of channels

so there’s a there’s a good chance that

it won’t affect you but it affected me

so i’m putting it out there it affected

my sister as well um she she’s a beauty

lifestyle and so sometimes she’ll have

on her thumbnails a nude bathing suit so

it’s a flesh tone and so the algorithm

says oh i think that’s a naked woman and

so she’s gonna put on a shooting mode

and then would like

do the one swap it out to the bathing

suit when it’s red and it’s clearly like

you know a bathing suit and she’ll do

that and it’ll work

so yeah there’s these ways you might

even you know it could be just your

thumbnail actually



all right let’s move on to the next one

here do youtubers who are monetized uh

do it usually as a business owner or as

an individual

that’s a good question

so we don’t have emily baker here these

are usually questions i love to pose to

our lawyer friend emily baker

you can monetize your channel as an

individual you know you don’t need to

start an llc or anything like that

someone like emily though

might tell you if you can it might be a

good idea to start off your journey

right with an llc because you’re off

you’re afforded certain protections

there are tax benefits to it uh this is

not legal advice uh but you it there’s

nothing stopping you most i would say

most people and i don’t have data on

this i just feel this way most people

probably just

monetize their channel you can always do

the llc thing down the road you know you

don’t have to

set up a whole company for this

i think the uh the big advantage to

filling up an llc if emily was here she

would tell you again not legal advice

but the reason why a lot of people feel

like it’s important to set up an llc is


if you’re going to follow somebody on

youtube or you try to take somebody

content or you use content that you

don’t have permission to use and

somebody comes after you

that llc can protect you from somebody

coming after your individual asset they

can through your llc and not sue you as

an individual person and that way you

don’t end up being in a [ __ ] crap a crap

ton of trouble

swear jar yeah

put the dollar in there

is expensive it’s actually 152 dollars

for every swear word here that’s a lot

the prices have to go up

when we have emily on it’s just the


man you remember uh do you remember what

the fine was gonna be or what define is

if you if a creator violate culpa akapo

whatever it’s called i don’t it’s been

so long since we’ve been away from that

i don’t think the trojan online privacy

protection act that one yeah yeah i

think like forty thousand dollars

yeah if you get caught in that you don’t

want them coming after forty thousand

dollars of your money you want that too

coming through your llc if you if you

get hung up in that so that’s why they

set up an llc yeah a little known fact

when they when the f’s when the congress

was legislating kappa and with the ftc i

was actually working as a lawyer doing

that sort of stuff so i’m really really

familiar with children’s online privacy

and protection act and uh that that’s

the reason why um

youtube’s done a lot of work with um

sort of turning off comments for any

content as children and also giving you

less money putting less advertisement in

front of your video if you have children

in it we always advise people who do

family channels like be very very

mindful of the way you use and your

children in the video it’s not really

just about your child being in the video

it’s also if your videos attracting

children audiences and youtube knows

that it knows the age of the people that

are coming to your channel at the minute

you cross the threshold when there are a

lot of children you’re going to really

limit your ability to have advertisement

so it’s not really about protecting

children from bad content it’s about

protecting children from advertisement

and how do you make money on youtube ads

so that’s why that that

law is kind of like

you know


but yeah yeah i agree which i agree you

can do as a business the llc is really

great from the suing perspective and

then also for tax benefits like you

don’t realize it until you get an llc

and you go do your tax you’re like wow

you can write off so many different

things i mean you know you get a tax

professional and things like that to let

you know what the limits and caps are

but yeah so you can do the business


does chaptering video timelines reduce

average reiteration so this is when you

add chapters this is a good question to

your uh description yeah i think i think

we all want to chat about this a bit

yeah go ahead jj you can oh yeah yeah

yeah i love chaptering

i do chapters there’s so many great

reasons for chapters and it’s kind of

like now it’s like i’m like i’m all

about chapters here’s why i’m so excited

about them a couple reasons why chapters

are great um because youtube is owned by

google and a lot of people don’t

necessarily come to youtube when they’re

gonna search they’ll go to google first

so um actually now um youtube and google

works together so if your answer if

someone in google asks a question and

the answer is in one of your chapters in

your youtube video google will pull your

chapter up and stick it in front of them

and so you have an opportunity for your

you know when you look at your analytics

you’ll see this is working you’re going

to see some traffic coming straight from

google search but it’s because the

chapters help actually and the videos

that have the chapters were percolated

so there may be a creator a youtuber who

has more subscribers more views than you

on the same content but they haven’t

done the chapters your chapter helps you

leapfrog them in google search so that’s

why i’m all about the the chapters for

one the second reason i let viper and

dan um you know add some because they’re

probably gonna say the same thing i i’m

gonna say the second reason why i love

chapters is because it actually helps

your audience and you talk about you

know we’re always concerned we’re so

selfish not meaning not to be no being

mean or anything like that but we just

want what we want we want our views up

we want subs we want subscribers we want

money we want we i i i i you don’t think

about the user sometimes i come to your

video and i can skip step one two and

three because that’s not my issue i need

to get to like how do i brine this

chicken i already know about the

seasoning and the washing it part like

how do i get the brine in part let me

skip ahead so the value you adding by

adding chapters you allow me who don’t

need the first part to step ahead and

then what happens is i might go back i

want to go to your part that i need to

know and i’m like okay oh wait a minute

she let that brown season come back then

i can skip around and things like that

and you’ve provided more value and you

made me more likely to watch the rest of

the video or subscribe to your channel

because you’ve given me the value of

allowing me to skip around to the part

that i need to get so if you think of it

that way versus like i want people to

watch all of my video content all the

time aj out here stealing my thunder

when youtube first introduced chapters i

had the same thought process in jj i

don’t want to put chapters in my video i

want y’all to watch the entire video but

again as i tell you guys all the time

sometimes you have to step back and

think about things from a viewer

perspective so and jj eloquently

highlighted there if you’re a viewer if

i’m a viewer and i come to your channel

and you have your chapters laid out and

i could just go to a particular section

and get the answer that i want

that showed me as a viewer that you the

creator value my time and i’m much more

likely to rock with you

on your other videos and your channel as

a whole because i know that you as the

creator value me as the viewer so that’s

how i look at it

but what they call that at youtube

itself is audience satisfaction or

viewer satisfaction and this is a term

youtube has thrown around in their

videos this is something that is

measured from what we can tell youtube

is measuring the satisfaction of the

viewers of your video so yes to answer

your question yes

i think mathematically speaking it will

reduce the average view duration like if

someone take starts at the beginning of

your video and scrolls through your

chapters and sees the one they’re

looking for and they skip a chunk of

your video and watch the rest that

affected your average view duration but

you know what it didn’t do it didn’t

have the person click away and never to

return even though you answered their

question you you made a chapter it was

clear that you were addressing the point

that they were specifically looking for


voila now they watched a portion of your

video where they might not have watched

any at all and you you have left

somebody satisfied and youtube measures

these things it can tell if you’re

leaving behind satisfied viewers after

in the wake of your content and this can

only help you grow so it i think there

was a time where youtube weighed average

view duration a lot heavier than it does

now i think audience satisfaction is

way more heavily weighed than than

average view duration i mean

youtube won’t tell us it’s just theories

yeah y’all i know i’m pretty sure we’ve

all got no surveys after you watch a

video how satisfied are you that i mean

they’re literally using that data

fashion uh algorithm to figure out

whether or not you are nothing for the

viewers yep i’ve had those so what i

want to show you is this is this is what

the chapters on one of our latest videos

look like um you this is how you have to

format them if you want them to show up

you have to start with zero colon zero

zero from there though you can type

whatever you want so uh

i think uh this was rob’s doing he went

and put hyphens you don’t need to do

that uh so another example of how this

could work is zero colon zero zero and

then the perfect


roll and that that also works but rob

wanted it to look a certain way the

description so added hyphens but it’s as

simple as that if there’s a few rules

you have to put zero colon zero zero for

the first one no matter what you have to

have at least three chapters and i think

there’s also a rule about how long

between your first chapter and your

second but i don’t know that that’s a

little more hazy to me so uh in this

case i think it’s like maybe 20 30

seconds so this would be fine like 110

but i could be that last one i’m not

completely sure on um but i just wanted

to show you real quick how how those

actually work because uh

it’s a little confusing for people but

you don’t need chapters in every video

if they’re 30 seconds long

there’s no point but like for a seven

minute video with a lot of different

points and in my last uh intro or not

intro my last hack for you on this

don’t waste a chapter on the words intro

or outro

creators do this all the time

and it’s very it’s tempting right like

it’s easy this is the intro

you can more you could

let’s say you had an alternative for

your video title i would use that as the

first chapter instead of the word intro

because like you said jj these are


and you kind of burn a potential search

term if you just use the word intro


creators do it all the time and it’s

something that one another creator i

think it was my maybe nate from channel

makers pointed this out and i had been

doing intro for a while and i’m like

oh my gosh that’s so smart so ever since

i’ve been trying to spread that word

you’re good so i don’t feel so bad like

that’s why yeah no i did i think

everyone kind of starts that way sorry i

didn’t mean to insult anybody for sure

i don’t care um

okay so that was a fun one to answer i’m

glad we all had more to say on that than

i thought um


we have one here from not just someone

live it says should you even try to make

money before a thousand subscribers does

it make sense overall or should you

focus your time on building a community

quality et cetera yeah i kind of i kind

of touched on this earlier in the live

stream but for me personally i was more

focused on building a community because

here’s the thing

if you focus more on building your


you build a level of trust with that

community and once you establish that

level of trust

it is a lot easier at the creator to

recommend them buying a product or

service based on your recommendation if

you built up that level of trust with

them so for me personally i’m more about

building the community and building that

level of trust over trying to tell them

something but

not to say that you can’t or you

shouldn’t i’m just saying that you might

find it easier if you focus on just

building that community first and

establishing that truck with them uh the

other stuff falls into place

and the second word you said community

quality i think that’s the second thing

um it’s focused on is the quality of the

video because sometimes you know with

the numbers you your your your thumbnail

gets them all hooked in and you create

that fomo or the emotion and people like

oh what’s that and they stop the scroll

and take a closer look and they click

the video when they get to the video if

your quality is not that great your

editing is bad your lighting’s bad your

sound you’re rambling you’re not getting

to the point it’s like click baitish or

whatever it’s just

not a great video they’re gonna leave so

instead of focusing on money and

focusing on you know maybe other things

is not as important i think the most

important is i think community is the

number one thing personally and i think

second to that is quality because

sometimes community will stick through

your crappy period they’d be like go

ahead girl we know

keep going keep getting better



one thing to add to this because we did

talk about that a little while ago and

so just you can go back because we gave

kind of different answers during that

portion of the live stream a little

while ago but just to add to this too uh

we talk to a lot of creators who are

kind of studying youtube a lot right so

maybe they’re below a thousand

subscribers but they excuse me they have

a lot of stuff figured out right like

they know who their target audience is

the the quality has been something

they’ve been crafting in the background

for a while all this stuff is kind of

coming together for them already and so

once you have some of those more

fundamentals down yeah if you’re under a

thousand subscribers you can start

focusing on this but i i agree and i

think we all agree on some level that

you don’t have to worry about the money

right now especially if you still are

trying to figure out these other aspects

but in having live streams and

conversations like this it’s kind of

like trying to remind you that it is

possible you don’t like we don’t want

you to fixate i think a lot of what

we’ve been doing vidiq lately is trying

to get you to not fixate on a thousand



we have to do that in order to have that

conversation we have to first start at

hey a thousand subscribers as like the

title and stuff but you get into the

video and it’s like oh

it’s not it’s not all about a thousand

subscribers is it and that’s what we’re

trying to help kind of break the mold of

like a thousand subscribers is youtube’s

metric but that’s not a hard and fast

rule in terms of

any channel’s growth

i think uh what we all need to just

remind ourselves of is that we always

talk about algorithm and subscribers and

all this stuff

but what we are essentially talking


is human beings the algorithm i’ll tell

you guys all the time is the measurement

of human behavior if you count the sub

count you’re looking at human beings

real people

interacting with your content


my message to you all is if you do right

by the human beings don’t think about

them as subscribers or views think about

them as actual human beings with

thoughts and emotions

if you do right by them

they will take care of you

that is i can’t i mean if you listen to

nothing else in this live stream

do right by the human beings who rock

with you and your content and they will

take care of you i promise you

and if i can add part of doing right by

them is studying what caused them angst

what’s keeping them up at night what’s

their problem what’s their pain points

and being like are you doing this are

you struggling with this is this your

issue and they’re on the other side of

the screen like yeah you get me yeah

that’s what i am you know what about

that you know i mean so i think that’s

all part of taking care of your people

is like studying the needs of your

audience and reacting and that just

happened for me recently so we’re all

growing in our youtube journey is that

you don’t figure it out immediately that

comes with creating content creating bad

content getting horrible views getting

great views and feedback from the

comments section that comes with time

and growth as a creator and when you

when so it’s not instant you know you

hear overnight success they’re very they

happen um they’re few and far between

but most people who grow essentially

have a process of getting to getting

there so that’s just something to think

about it’s the long game the usual

cliche youtube is a marathon not a

not a sprint you hear it all the time

but it’s true

so thank you for your question uh let’s

go on to this one now uh how do you or

do you have any tips on getting over


shyness or nervousness around your voice

i happen to be a bit uncomfortable

recording my voice and i want to get

over it

i don’t know go ahead jj i’ll see you no

no no no no no no you go you go you go i

always know you the moment he read that

question yo you’re facing it up go ahead



yeah that’s so great because i don’t

like the sound of my voice either so do

you say they don’t like the sounding

voice over are they uncomfortable

i thought you’re saying you’re like your

voice like me too

but yeah most people don’t yeah yeah so

i think that’s a common thing and

an anxiety for creators um and that is

part that’s a huge hurdle to overcome

and you have to you know you you have to

do it but and there’s tools and ways

that you can kind of like get around

that and the best thing about recorded

video you can’t necessarily do this with

lives and that’s why i’m kind of like

scared of life still

but when recorded content the best thing

about that is that you can take snippets

um of content and take your time and

piece things together post editing so

you don’t have to be perfect and you

just you know uh you know instead of

trying to memorize the script i know

some people do memorization i don’t know

how they do that they memorize what’s

going to say

but in little bits and pieces and snaps

or just running it through what i also

do is i just start talking and i just

ran but it’s more work on the back end

because i gotta like edit that out but

then you’re more comfortable and you’re

okay it’s okay if you mess up it’s okay

if you slip up it’s okay you say um or

you stumble because you know that that

doesn’t have to be in the final product

so um i know that that deals with the

question about just being nervous around

your voice is just like keep talking

keep keep going keep you know just do it

just keep going just keep going keep

going and you can edit out anything you

don’t feel comfortable in in the in the

end and the other answer to that um is

uh you can read stuff you know there’s

faceless channels um where i don’t know

what channel you’re doing but um people

who do that you’re not on camera so you

can just read the script and you’re

comfortable because you’re just reading

it you’re not it’s not someone looking

at you so that’s i don’t know if that’s

an option for you but if that is and

they’re really popular there’s a lot of

a lot of genres on youtube where the

people you never see their faces and

they have big followings so yeah

i think uh the big thing that we we talk

about when we’re first starting out when

people are nervous and shy and different

things like that it’s just practicing uh

find a near mirror in your house uh

practice talking to yourself in the

mirror uh it sounds crazy but i think we

all talk to ourselves at one point or

another but when you’re trying to be a

creator and you’re nervous about

speaking or maybe you’re nervous about

the sound of your voice practice do it

over and over and over again

until it becomes second nature because

i’ll tell you all something i used to

hate how my voice sounded recorded but

after doing it so many times i mean the

first month of my youtube career i made

a video every day in january because i

wanted to get that jump start to the


so after editing and listening to my

wedding for 30 days straight well

actually 31 because january 31 days

how’d you get over it right so if you

just keep doing it over and over again

eventually you’ll it’ll just it’ll

become second nature you won’t think

about it and you’ll be comfortable doing


yeah that’s practice i mean that’s

that’s really all it is there’s no we

don’t have any i don’t think any of us

have any like oh that’s your problem all

you got to do this is easy all you got

to do is take the supplement you know

there’s no there’s nothing we can give

you that’s going to just help this go

away like it literally is practice

and i like i for example had a very

distinct advantage in this uh because in

college i was required to take a speech

class like like to give speeches

basically a public speaking class

and that sucked like no one likes

standing up in front of people and like

talking and i knew going into that class

like i’m gonna hate this so what i just

did it was like a mental state i put

myself in

i’m gonna i’m gonna do good like i’m

actually gonna go into this i’m not

gonna try and get through it i’m gonna

like i’m gonna like rule this class i

don’t know why i had to hype myself up

this way

but it worked like i actually

the class its intended purpose for me

worked i got better at speaking because

i just decided to embrace it like i’m

not gonna like this so let me just like

this let me just go ahead and force

myself to like it and try to like be the

best student in this class that i can be

and i got a’s i did great i don’t get

a’s in anything this is fantastic and

then after that there was another point

in my college career where i took a

voiceover class and that was like the

final push to like being much better at

speaking in front of a microphone is

just you know actually honing the craft

and and having a professional voice over

person teach you like you know tricks

and tips and things like that

also a last bit about this uh

you all have a cheat code that y’all

might not be aware that you have today

as far as getting over and talking

and that is clubhouse and twitter spaces

i tell you all

that being on these audio only platforms

really helps you with being more

comfortable speaking especially in a

public setting because when you get on

those stages even though you can’t see

the other people you are essentially

speaking in a public setting when you

get on stage in a clubhouse or twitter

space and so if you do find yourself

being apprehensive about speaking uh try

joining a club outstage or a twitter

spacing stage and try talking to the

people there and uh i think that will

definitely accelerate your comfort level

with speaking

yeah shout out to the people watching

listening to this on clubhouse angie

elliott ivara

uh so let’s get on to our next one thank

you for all of your awesome questions by

the way we have a whole bunch here uh so

sarah don says iso i put affiliate links

or links to my own pdf pattern in the

description of my shorts how likely is

there people to look at the shorts

descriptions so they’re not only

affiliate links but just other things

other resources they give their audience

are going into the description of their

youtube shorts

will people find them

i was going to say if you tell them that

it’s there

it’s hard because the thing about the

short shelf

is that it’s it’s a scroll you think you

know you’re just scrolling through

there’s really not really much

opportunity to pause and look at that


if you tell people i know another crap i

think was professor professor nes used

to say this and he used to say if you

like this if you want this it’s in my

description box so it’s kind of like

it’s a call to action so you do a oral

vocal call action in your shorts to look

there to tell people so they may they

won’t look there necessarily

automatically but so you have to tell

them or you can do a visual one actually

you can and the things they

link in the you know description box

yeah putting stuff in the short

description is hard because the whole

thing of shorts and getting people to

scroll to the next one so like jj said

it if you want to highlight something

that you have in the description you

have to tell them that it’s there

otherwise it’ll probably miss it


and then don’t let that take away from

the short itself because shorts supposed

to be very

visual and entertaining and if you’re

spending part of that less than a minute

talking about a product or something uh

so like jj the way you put it was great

it’s like you do a whole short and then

at the very end like by the way if you

like this thing check the description by

you know just just a really quick

get in get out um but yeah you’ll have

to draw people’s attention to it because

i don’t think anyone’s looking at the

description of a short



so uh

i don’t even know how to look the

description of a desktop thing you know

they make the hard to you know sometimes

it is difficult to find that yeah it’s

really hard i’m like when you push where

is this i can’t find it’s like

i don’t understand what’s going on there

is a point where i think they shrunk the

button that helps you find the

description and because it’s always like

you have to open it now yeah and yeah i

always lose it i always lose the darn

things pesky uh

i don’t know if i was the one who picked

this question or viper maybe you did how

to target your audience i might have

picked that one okay


this really comes down to figuring out

what type of content you want to make

once you once you know the type of

content you want to make here is a good


here’s a good thing for you to do

if you when you do your video research

right and you know what you want to talk

about basically what you want to do

is go to the youtube search bar uh type

in the video topic and different things

like that

and see what video populate or whatever

and then if you go to those you can go

to those comments sections and see what

type of comment people are leaving and

get an idea of what they want or maybe


maybe there’s something that wasn’t

covered by that creator in that

particular video that they want more

information about that’s a good way to

get audience information and figure out

what their needs are and what needs

aren’t being met that you as a creator

can go back and um and figure out

the other thing is that you just have to

make content because it’s kind of hard

to target your audience or know what

they want if you don’t have the data to

make that decision

a lot of that comes down to looking at

your analytics to see what content is

hitting what content they don’t care

about and that’s a good way to go about

identifying your audience but

i think the best advice i can give you

is just to make content

make as much content as you can make

about maybe 10 20 videos and then look

at your analytics and see what the

analytics are telling you


agree perfect yeah

definitely uh so let’s see uh mobile

gameplay videos are still valuable

because youtube has tons of gameplay

videos uh

the same one how can i be different so

yeah i think i picked this one because

i’ve actually seen a lot of channels

like this but i think yesterday on

channel audits we saw a channel like

this where someone was playing a i think

was like apex on mobile it was a first

person shooter on mobile and the the

issue with that was that they weren’t

doing a lot of like innovative stuff

with their content they were just kind

of naming the videos like the name of

the game and then something about the

match that was kind of mundane there was

no there was no real stakes involved

there was no that reason to click via

title and thumbnail was missing and what

i was just going to say to this real

quick is that if you find yourself in

this position someone’s asking another

question too about

doing mobile minecraft videos with like

minecraft pvp and how can i grow that’s

another question i saw in chat um if if

you’re playing a game that’s popular

whether it’s mobile desktop whatever the

the platform almost doesn’t matter

and a lot of people are doing that same

exact game the same exact way it’s being

done to death probably you know so it’s

your job as the creator to give that

video that you’re trying to make purpose

give it purpose

just you playing a game is is so easy to

find everyone’s doing that it’s it’s the

lowest barrier to entry i think to

youtube in general like gaming is a very

low buried entry as it is minecraft

everyone owns it very low barrier to

entry how are you going to set yourself

apart and it’s not an answer that we can

like give you we don’t know how you can

set yourself apart but it’s something

you have to sit down and just kind of

like brainstorm you have to brainstorm

ideas this is there’s an aspect to this

that is work it’s just straight work

you’re just going to sit down and figure

it out

and the creators that we’ve seen

grow today playing games like that are

super popular like minecraft are doing

that work you can still grow a channel

from zero subscribers to over a million

even today

if you have a solid content strategy and

you’re finding a new way to approach

minecraft that is it’s unique and it’s

valuable to an audience it’s

entertaining it’s whatever it needs to

be um and that

that’s just where the creativity comes

in and it’s it’s

unfortunately that simple to for us to

answer but that difficult to achieve at

the same time

next question is

that’s all right you want me to do this

one too uh so there’s is there an

advantage in the community type of 500


yeah i love the community tab um

i i did pick this one so the community

tab was now available to creators at 500

subscribers it usually takes a week or

two to actually like get access to it

once you have it

you can be communicating with your

audience on a new basically a new

platform built within youtube itself so

let me just pull up hours real quick and

show you

kind of how you can best utilize the

community tab um oh yeah discard changes

here uh so let’s go to our channel let’s

click on community tab so you can see

what the heck we’re talking about

and like today for example

have you made money on youtube before

reaching a thousand subscribers and then

we even have a link to this live stream

so we posted this a couple hours before

uh a couple hours ago and uh

we people voted on a very very simple

poll and they they were encouraged to

click this link and learn more about it

so this is if you’re ever going to push

anybody to your content via the

community tab this is one way you can do

it i wouldn’t do it any other way i

would always attach that video link to

something else like a poll something a

little more valuable don’t just post a

link to your videos other than that this

is a really unique way like look at this

new youtube feature do you think this

will make a difference and so it’s

something we found where youtube is

testing this new experimental feature

which will increase the strictness of

comments being held for review

yeah so if you’ve been noticing a lot of

spam in your comments even though you

have hold potentially inappropriate

comments for review youtube is testing

an increased strictness for that wow and

these are things like could we make a

whole video on that yeah but it’s it’s

something that you can communicate in a

screenshot and

it’s a lot quicker to do that to make a

whole video and the post has 829 likes

there’s 120 comments you can imagine the

reach on this is substantial and so it’s

just another way for vidiq to get its

name out there you know so use this

bring value to your audience if you can

use it daily i use mine daily um and

don’t just use it to spam promote stuff

like it doesn’t those don’t those don’t

travel very far but you can get

thousands of votes

uh by asking your audience a question

you know that is related to the topic

you cover on youtube yeah you want to

use community tap organically like like

dan said you don’t want to spam stuff on

there because that they’re going to get

over that

and i want to add two more good value to

community tab um

the first value is that it’s a great

tool to use when you have a period of

time when you can’t create because

you’re an accountant it’s the kelvin

season if you’re in school you’re in

final season so you don’t have time to

create video so that helps you keep

engaging with your community i mean and

keep showing up at least a minimum of

having a community tab and i like to use

it so like in case you missed it and and

um i would never spam i would never play

the video even though you have the

option to do a poll on an image and you

have four images you can do if you do it

on desktop i don’t know if you guys know

that um or a video don’t ever i don’t

ever recommend doing a video i just

don’t think it reaches farther i think

it’s better to take us either a

thumbnail or some engaging sort of image

and then have a link to the video inside

the caption and give them a reason to

click the link versus just having the


uh yeah so that’s the first thing is

that you can use it to keep your

audience engaged and the second thing is

that it goes to non-subscribers um so

you’re not just talking to your

community and hawaii famously did a

study poll on this and she said can you

see this um yes i’m a subscriber no i’m

not a subscriber and she had more people

say no i can click the no i’m not a

subscriber but i’m seeing this so that

was her test that her community tab was

going further she was reaching

non-followers and non-subscribers than

actual subscribers so that’s a great

thing because we want to get those

people in our tribe so yes that’s the

second benefit to using a community tab

it could be a tool of getting new


i’ve we’ve been testing this a little

bit uh by just interacting with

community tab posts from channels that

that pop up i think youtube’s algorithm

for the community tab is just a little

bit different than videos so you’ll get

stuff that pops up from channels you’ve

never seen before


i think in our tests like there were

instances where if we interacted with

enough community posts eventually

youtube pushed us a video

and so

again youtube doesn’t necessarily tell

us these things we just have to kind of

play around and see if it you know

influences anything but that’s that’s

kind of the idea right like you’re

putting yourself out there on another

platform on youtube and community posts

look different than videos so it stops

the scroll you can use gifs by the way

in there a lot of people don’t take

advantage of that yeah so it’s a great

great tool and uh

yeah i love it okay yeah you gotta be

thinking i’m thinking now thanks dan i

don’t know what this channel is about

but this might be one of the best

youtube channels i’ve ever seen on the

platform agent x well done well done

i like the avatar

all right

uh here’s one i think uh we’ve we’ve all

talked about before i switched focuses

but all my viewers are still waiting for

the focus that i originally did so i put

a different so i put it on a different

channel but that channel is not getting

as many views all right so in my opinion

you did it wrong um

you actually answered your own question

in the first sentence of this question


if they are there for what you were

originally doing content about

then that’s what you need to be doing

and if you want to focus on something

else you should have put that newer

content on a different channel not the

content that they originally came for on

a different channel so you got to do it

backwards in my opinion but i’ll let dan

and jj jump in if they feel differently

i don’t know i i agree i think you have

to be careful


i think they did do that backwards i

think uh the goal would have been if you

wanted to try something new especially

if it was that different than what you

were normally doing what your audience

was used to then yes a new channel was

the answer to that to put the new stuff

over there what i was gonna say though


and only because i’m speaking from

experience and it’s a very unique

experience so this might not be what you

fell into but when you say your viewers

are waiting for you to go back to what

you’re originally doing are you seeing

that in your data or are you seeing that

in your comments

because if it’s in your comments most of

the time in my own experience that is a

vocal minority of people

who ask for something and then it it’s

it’s it’s this many people trying to

dictate content for this many people


i fell prey to that in the beginning of

my youtube journey so many times where i

was doing a series on a game and i was

starting to not like it anymore and if i

swap back and i got even two comments of

people like

where why did you stop doing the other

thing i liked the other thing i would go


two comments and i thought well if two

people are willing to be vocal about

this how many more are being silent and

i would get my own head about it and but

what that did is i forgot that well i

switched for a reason i stopped doing

that other thing because i got tired of

it or it was done i had finished

whatever project i was working on so i

let this many people dictate the focus

of my entire channel and so

it’s just something if that’s what you

feel like is happening right now i just

want to caution you because that is a i

think for a newer creator especially

that’s like a very common thing

and i think what happens is also think

about that old saying the squeaky oil

gets i mean the squeak where the squeaky

wheel gets the oil

and then and the voices of dissension

even in social media they percolate to

the top you’ll see a video or

image or article and 10 000 people had

positive things the two people who said

something off everyone’s fighting them

and the algorithms like that that

engagement with those two voices

ascension it puts them to the top and

people think oh people are mad about

this it’s like no it was two people they

just everyone’s mad at that person and

so they’re just always constantly on top

so you think everyone’s thinking that

way and then yeah you go to comments and

say all these people saying bad stuff

it’s like what people what are you

talking about i don’t see them but yeah

yeah i would there were times where i

was getting more views on the thing i

swapped to

and e but the comments got in my head

that much to where i thought oh maybe

this was a bad idea because they

originally subscribed for this other

thing but i i had made the choice to

pivot and the point of that speech is

like commit to it you know if you’re

going to pivot and something you’re more

passionate about then commit to it

you’re going to lose some people every

time you pivot it just is and this next

question here is basically related to

what we’re talking about as well they

switch niches from variety content to

tech focused content they’re asking if

they should hide their older non-niche

focused content or keep it live on

youtube um i i have an answer for that


okay here’s the thing you said something

really great dan just now about be ready

to go away from you know lose views i

think a lot of times we get so

wedded to our growth and what we have

and so we don’t want to let go anything

no views no anything we want to have it

all and at some points it takes that

emotional maturity or i don’t know eq

whatever i got to say you know what i’m

going to lose people and it’s okay and

you had that come to jesus or that

moment for yourself when you realize

when i do this when i have this pivot a

lot of people are gonna drop and i’m

okay with that and just make that

decision and just say and so i really

say i would i would hide them um i did

that with my channel because my channel

was 10 years old it was all over the

place i was doing all those stuff but

the way the youtube algorithms work

personally for me is youtube kept

showing my subscribers my most popular

video which was uh was was when i was

doing all sorts of stuff it was a video

of like um

some chuck brown at a concert at grammys

or something like that had nothing to do

with my channel so but that was the most

popular in youtube like this was working

this is a nice video let’s keep people


and um so i was like you know i want

youtube to show what i’m doing now and

the minute i hit all of those content


pre-2020 when i was all over stuff and

just had digital marketing youtube

started actually bringing the people who

the audience who more likely to resonate

my content i started seeing them it

starts showing those videos more and so

it helped me focus my audience because

my audience was people who’d see that

chuck brown video like oh she’s pinches

marketing all right and they’re out of

here because my my channel banner

everything my latest videos had nothing

to do with chuck brown at the grammys so

that wasn’t helping me youtube was was

bringing people to my channel who i

didn’t want so i was like you know what

let me close these videos because

otherwise it’s going to keep bringing


those variety content people you want

the tech focus people so if you want

youtube to work hand in hand i think the

social media platforms people look at

the algorithms like they’re fighting

them and it’s the enemy and i don’t

think that’s the case i think the these

platforms we’re one we want the same

thing they want people to stay on

youtube or on pinterest or instagram you

want them to stay on your channel so

they want to help you

bring audiences to you that are more

likely to stay on youtube you know so if

you’re going to do the job of getting

people to stay on youtube they’re going

to go find those people and put them and

put them in front of you you know put

them in your deliver your video to them

and say hey jj do the work keep them on

youtube longer you know what i mean so

we’re all working together the algorithm

is not fighting you you just have to you

know get that

think about it that way it’s a mind

shift thing a lot of these things i

think are just in our heads oh that’s

excellent point let me ask you all a

question though

today when you step into a dunkin donuts

you’re stepping into a dunkin donuts

because they are known for their donuts

and they have very good donuts

but what if you stepped into a dunkin

donuts and the moment you stepped into

that dunkin donuts you look to your left

there’s the guys he loves selling nikes

and under armour and adidas shoes you

look to your right there’s another

person selling lemonade

does that decrease the value of the

donut from that particular dunkin donuts

if you step into that establishment

and they are doing

nothing that relates to donuts i mean

they might sell donuts but they got

nikes on one side they got lemonade on

the other side

they might have uh they might have a

barber in the back to cut your hair do

you still feel the same way about that

donut if you step into that particular

donkey knowledge i’m gonna guess

probably not


we have to think about these things when

we think about the stuff that we want to

appear on our channel when somebody

lands on your channel

if they are there for if they’re coming

for tech content but you got content

that is not related to tech chances are

they’re going to hit the road because

they can’t trust you it’s all about that

trust and building up that level of

trust with a potential viewer and if

they can’t if they feel like they can’t

build that truck with you they are not

going to stick around so just think

about it like that


it’s if

because yesterday we found a channel uh

during channel audits that had a video

on i wish i could remember the name of

it now uh they had a video on their


that was from like a reality tv show and

their channel was not about covering

reality tv shows it had turned into

something completely different but this

one video according to our our new view

per hour tool was getting a lot of views

per hour

you know and and so what that was doing

was bringing in an audience like you

said jj it’s bringing an audience who


liked the the mishap from the reality

show and then now the is about something

totally different

and so

youtube is is having trouble

recommending this channel to that person

and soon after they stop recommending it

so you’re bringing a lot of new viewers

but you’re not building your returning


and if that’s what you’re finding is

happening with your old content that

wasn’t as focused then you should

absolutely unlist that content or you

know another creator moved it to another


if it’s not but if it’s not getting


anyway it might not be hurting anybody


so and there’s another conundrum here

too i have an old channel that i’m not

posting to anymore that i’ve considered

a number of times removing all the old

videos from and starting fresh with

something else and what stopped me every

single time is that there’s a number of

videos on there that are kind of passive

income the channel’s still monetized i’m

getting a little bit just a little bit

of money from that every month and it’s


why would i i’m basically throwing that

money in the trash if i if i try and

relaunch this channel

no just start a new channel

so that’s just another that’s not really

related to the question just another

side aside all right i just want to

point out something real quick in the

chat uh there’s a question i’m not gonna

highlight but there’s a question about

uh somebody said that they weren’t viral

making will commit me but now they’re

not getting as many views

i’m going to chalk that up to

situational awareness

if you don’t know what i mean when i say

situational awareness uh google will

smith and then you will probably find

out very very quickly why you’re not

getting the views that you think you

should get i think i’ll leave it there

wait now i want to talk about this okay

let’s talk about it let’s go so i’m just

going to look at something real quick i

just want to i don’t i don’t know maybe

will smith

so the projection here is it’s not as

popular um there very recently a lot of

people were searching for will smith i

wonder if we type in the slap

so yeah the same trend so if we compare

the slap to will smith just to be clear

oh interesting

well elizabeth’s probably more popular

anyway anyway so

the trend is it’s trending down so

that’s where you’re seeing this however

your momentum does not need to end here

you have probably just gotten a lot of

data about

creating these memes right you’ve

created these memes you’ve gotten a lot

of data and it when when you do

something like that that’s successful

for a quick run you can learn a lot from

that so try and take note of everything

you learned and keep making memes

there’s stuff happening every single day

you know and some of it

not as big as the slap right but some of

it pretty pretty substantial still some

of it worth memeing you’re funny enough

to like get all these views on these

memes don’t stop here to capitalize on

this momentum your channel is not will

smith slapping somebody that’s not the

channel the channel is memes about

current events don’t let your don’t let

your niche be something that is just you

know i’m sorry to say this a fart in the

wind like

capitalize on the memes

i’m sorry i did not think we were

talking about the flap over the iq in



it’s it’s a great it’s a great example

somebody capitalized off that i think

that’s a great question don’t

don’t let you don’t let your momentum

die because you’re you know it’s

depressing to see like views come in and

then go away forever but they don’t have

to go away forever keep making memes

like junk junk did a video about ksi

blew up his channel but then the ksi

stuff slowly kind of fell to the wayside

but it didn’t stop him he kept going and

his baseline of views went up forever

after that he attracted enough new

people that almost no matter what he

uploaded people just i like this guy i

like a style

okay i i recompose myself so i’m gonna

move to the next question here

uh from mr a.t price what’s the best

type of i’m guessing you meant short

what’s the best type of shorts to make

and i mean that depends on you and what

you want to do with your channel man um

whatever you have in your mind

here here’s what i said earlier whatever

you have in your mind for ideas about

how you want to make your content or the

type of content that you want to make

do a search for it on youtube and see

what type of content creators are making

around the central ideas that you want

to make and then take those whatever

they’re doing and take inspiration don’t

copy them personally but take

inspiration from what they’re doing and

then use that to make your own content

nobody can tell you the type of content

that you should make you just have to

figure that out for yourself but you can

get ideas from what the other creators

around your community are doing

yeah my model’s always been i say this

all the time replicate success models

like when someone’s already

and you know don’t reinvent the wheels

i’m i have cliches for days i’m here

till tuesday so


yeah don’t reinvent the wheels replicate

success model when someone’s figured out

the formula look and say can it work for

me um can i do the spanish language

version of this you know i mean so you

don’t copy them but you say they found

success doing this and maybe i can do

something similar but you know meeting

the needs of another audience or taking

a different spin on it so yes i think

that’s that’s a great advice i’m viper

the the best kind of shorts are


as short as possible like

the worst kind of shorts are ones where

people try to fit an entire youtube

video like a standard youtube video in

that format so first they do like a you

know an intro where they’re like welcome

back to my channel

you know and then it takes forever to

get to the point and you only have a

minute anyway like in in youtube

standard you have that first 30 seconds

you know youtube highlights that and it

shows you the drop-off uh let’s pull up

an example actually

i feel like soapboxing again i’m sorry

i do this sometimes


this is how many viewers i lost in the

first 30 seconds so i’m down to 67

in in the first 30 seconds actually it’s

not too bad but it’s you can see with

the gray line pretty on average so

that’s standard youtube that’s kind of

what it looks like we a lot of us have

this issue we’re trying to solve on

shorts it’s like the first .5 seconds

this imagine this little blue area here

it’s like the first point five seconds

you don’t get the benefit

of that first 30 seconds because you

know how easy it is to swipe away from a

short it is this easy

one motion with your finger that easy

and no one like you’re not looking at

titles you’re not looking at thumbnails

youtube is just serving you stuff and it

just starts playing so the best shorts

are the ones that can capture somebody’s


in less than one second so the video has

to start and then the video has to end

sometimes so abruptly that people are

forced to watch it a second time because

they just don’t know what the heck they

witnessed and that’s if you can get it

to loop if you can get people to watch

it multiple times youtube records all of

that and a lot of shorts the best ones

have retention that’s over 100

to 300 retention meaning people are

watching it twice three times so those

are like if we’re talking about what’s

going to get your shorts to like blow up

that’s that’s the key

i fell in that that uh rabbit hole

recently i just yesterday or today i was

watching it was an instagram reels but

similar concept and i didn’t know when

it ended and when it began and i just

kept watching i’m like did she start

over is this long is this a 30 second it

was a 10 second video what is what is

this and i was kept watching and

watching and i think i gave her like six

or seven different views it was probably

10 seconds i don’t know but i think

that’s a really great

trick if you can figure out how to make


people not know when it ends

yeah colin smear been doing this in

theirs they they

end us they they start the short with

like the beginning of a sentence as

they’re ending the short they go because

and then it starts over and it kind of

flows together they stitched it together

perfectly because the start it was very

it was written very intentionally to

kind of loop

i have been sitting here for about a

hundred minutes and i just realized that

jj had the formula to youtube success on

her back wall literally sitting there

all of a sudden look at that wow

absolutely amazing

y’all think i’m not even joking that

literally is like

two of the most important things since

on youtube be human be kind like

it’s true

indeed uh all right we got one here i’m

very new to this and i’m just learning

how to edit welcome to youtube uh how do

i know if i’ve fallen into a rabbit hole

of learning a lot of stuff before

actually doing or putting content out oh

have you made contact you have you put

up something out yet do you have any

videos out there their channel icons is

coming soon so i’m guessing you’ve

fallen down a rabbit hole

okay i’m going to let you in on on

on on something that’s not so secret but

youtube is on the job training which

means a lot of stuff you’re gonna have

to learn just by putting yourself out

there and doing it

um because once you put yourself out

there and do it you’ll figure out what’s

working what’s not working you’ll figure

out what you want to do better you’ll

figure out uh things that you see other

people do that you might want to

incorporate into your own content but

you won’t learn any of this stuff by

watching countless videos on how to do

it you will only learn it by actually

going out there and doing it yourself so

you got to put yourself out there

but i love watching videos on how to do

it personally so i’m with you oh yeah

i’m not i’m not saying don’t do that


that that it will mean very little to

you until it won’t mean much of you

watching the videos until you actually

go out there and do it yourself yeah and

there’s the axiom that says in order for

the algorithm to figure out you have to

make a hundred crappy videos before you

figure it out and people always bring up

marcus brownlee’s success how he you

know did all these videos and look how

big he is now but he

took a long time to get 100 subscribers

making a bunch of bunch of videos so i

think that’s so true you figured out on

the job training i i really agree

i just looked at the channel i’m really

curious about this they they made videos

11 10 months ago they haven’t uploaded

since the videos all have over 200 views

well the last one doesn’t but

like you were already i can tell you’ve

been doing your homework because if

these are truly your first videos you’ve

already been studying title and

thumbnail strategy these are great

titles and thumbnails it’s no wonder a

brand new channel got so many views

and so i want to say like you’re not

coming soon you’ve arrived it’s just

time to start uploading um it’s and

here’s the other thing about youtube

nobody knows how hard you’re working on

your edits

if they don’t click the videos and once

i learned that

the pressure came off in terms of what’s

actually in the video as long as i

deliver on the title and thumbnail and i

feel good enough about the video i don’t

need to bash my head against the wall

making it the most perfect edit ever i

have time to make so many more videos

now because i i mean it sounds like i’m

you know not putting a lot of effort in

and maybe i’m not but the thing is

people i’m getting a lot of views the

people are watching the videos through

the data tells me that i’m doing good

enough in the editing department it’s

the titles and the thumbnails that

people don’t know how good of an editor

you are until you master that and you

were already doing great in that

department so

i would i would commit to uploading now

it seems like the education you can you

can certainly go down rabbit holes we

sit here our job literally our job is to

make content trying to help people grow

on youtube and if you instead of making

your own videos watch these every day

there comes a point where you’re like

wait i haven’t made anything

make something like take the lessons you

get from these videos come back to them

sure like we want you to come back but

we also want you to take time to go out

and make your content

that any educator will tell you that

like you actually have to make something

like viper says on the job training gary

vee uh gary v i remember him saying a

few years ago that uh

he doesn’t really mind when people stop

watching the content because at that

point he understands that they’ve

actually gone out and done what he asked

them to do which i’ll go out there and

do something

so at some point you got to go out there

and fly


um but hey like that was a really good

start to a channel i hope uh i you know

i hope you continue i hope you’ve

learned a lot in the 10 months that

you’ve been away from youtube

get rid of this coming soon stuff right

yeah me don’t don’t don’t be there soon

just be be there now


i hope we’ve been encouraging and not

rude uh

all right fine

getting back to our brand uh

conversation here at what point should i

stop doing free content for brands this

is a very good question and it’s one

that each of us have to wrestle with

we’re trying to build a business on


i think my best answer for this is

when you have proven that you can

provide value to a brand

then you no longer should be doing it

for free

uh what was that quote from dark knight


if you find out you’re good at something

never do it for free


once you have proven that you can

provide value and you can start charging

need people to

provide your value

there you go um

jj i want to add to that i’m just

grabbing some questions here okay yeah

so i was gonna just say i mean that’s

that’s one of the things my part two to

the video

that i just filmed that i was gonna make

the whole thing and we always talk about

just make the video as long as it needs

to be so i was like you know what i

don’t need to go to part two in part two

i talk about this topic precisely and um

when you in your smaller creator or your

first i mean you’re doing for free most

likely you just started out and so you

feel like compelled to do free stuff at

what point can you ask

or stop doing it what viper said is very

true is at what point you realize

there’s value like you’re converting you

ask them for the numbers it’s very

mature very great keep the conversation

going how do we convert you look at that

data and you say actually i’m great i’m

great at selling you know i mean like i

already sold this this company so i

think that’s the first step is doing

that and then the second portion of that

is when you


start realizing you in aggregate in

terms of your growth you start growing

and you look at things like your

impressions and you start realizing your

value and your worth and your time you

know like all of that actually has

something so don’t just look at the

views even if you look at the youtube

the impression is a different number

than views your impression is going to

be a lot that’s a lot of eyeballs and so

when you tell somebody you mean you want

me to do a video and give you

10 000 impressions

for a

five dollar

candle nah that’s all right i think 10

000 impression is more a five dollar

value more than the filo so look at your

data your data is going to start letting

you know that actually you have

something going on here because if they

were to buy an ad

for the candle there’s no guarantee that

they’re going to get the eyeballs of

their target market because it’s going

to everybody even if they target it

there’s just no guarantee but if you if

you’re a creator and you have that the



it can we can work so i’m going to give

you guys a little tip real quick before

we move to the next question

did you all know that we as creators as

it relates to working with brands and

and charging them and different things

like that

we have the greatest advantage in the

world over any a-list celebrity or

anybody that does advertising and that

advantage is that once we put a video on


that video is on youtube forever

which means anytime somebody does

research about that brand especially if

they’re doing it on youtube your content

can come up

no other advertiser or celebrity can can

boast that once they put their stuff out

there it disappears into the internet

ether but on youtube your video is


so keep that in mind when you’re doing

your negotiations and trying to price

your value your content is on the

platform in perpetuity so and that’s

what that’s what i propose i love that

um that’s what i propose to brands when

i pitch to them for the first time i say

we’ve already given you a certain number

of impression views already like we’ve

already promoted you like let’s continue

this partnership you know you didn’t

know you in a partnership with me i’ve

been promoting you but let’s actually

talk about formalizing this and having

more intention with what we have going

on here

i want to tackle this one real quick

because i’ve talked about it a few times


i used to make titles to go after search

now i make titles for browse and the

home feed uh will that be confusing for

the youtube algorithm so what i want to

say here is that i kind of in my mind i

break youtube into like three different

buckets and this is a very basic i

talked about this in a video recently

this is a very basic way of putting this

but you can think of youtube as like

three different buckets right now you

have the home page right it’s when you

first uh come on to youtube it’s it’s

this right here

it’s just giving you an assortment of

videos that it thinks you’re going to

like based on your watch history so

you’re saying you’re targeting this

right now but what you used to target is

the search feed where people are typing

in questions and things like that

um and then the third one is shorts

that’s like it’s just kind of its own

thing so those are in my mind like the

three buckets and a channel can target

all three if it wants you know and i

always say like they should be similar i

think you should build a channel based

on something that all the people who

subscribe to it are gonna like you know

i do shorts that are about dogs but i do

uh long form videos that are about

minecraft like that’s not what you want

to do

um so that being said that that would

confuse the algorithm but by that you’re

saying will it confuse my audience and

yes if you are a minecraft channel that

suddenly switches to i see your name is

e-rides and explorer so riding around

the city on like a scooter

that will confuse

the audience you know but making

search-driven content

versus content that’s mostly target at

the home feed with like really emotional

titles and stuff it’s just targeting a

different section of youtube in my

opinion you know it’s not you’re going

to hopefully attract new viewers when

you when you go to search and people

you’re answering very commonly asked

questions whereas the home feed you can

still have videos spread amongst the

home feed but it’s just a different it’s

a different approach you know and a lot

of people who’ve seen you before or seen

similar content to you have a chance of

clicking on it they’re not searching

youtube is presenting your content to

them it’s so it’s just targeting a

different section but it’s not going to

hurt your channel i think unless and by

i’ll put quotes don’t hurt your channel

unless you’re doing something totally

different than what you were doing


and i can strum in here i think you can

split the baby in the bathwater i don’t

even know if that’s how that cliche goes

i just i’m a queen of mixed metaphor

what’s the baby in the back split the

baby in the bathwater isn’t that term

split i i’ve heard throwing out the baby

with the bat yeah i don’t know maybe

split the difference but the difference

i’m mixed metaphor’s name

but um yeah

so split the difference so you can do


essentially same do both you can target

both because your thumbnail attracts the

human eye who’s looking but your title

can actually target the how-to in the

search so

consider that as well

yeah you can absolutely hit both at the

same time

um because like all of your even your

searchable videos are going to appear in

your regular viewers home feed you know

so it’s they’re separate buckets but

they also work together at the same time

so go in here if i was a sub niche of a

bigger niche and i wanted to expand to

that bigger niche is it better to grow

as uh the sub niche first or do i just

start branching out a bit now so

basically you’re saying

you’re you’re wondering when is the

right time to branch out a little bit i

think uh i think this is just the

natural evolution of your channel um

you will realize looking at your

analytics when you reach a plateau and

your views and your impressions and

different things like that and once you

reach that plateau

then you will know that it’s time to

kind of

experiment and broaden your content i

think i i think i asked rob the question

on the locker not too long ago about

when you reach that plateau how do you

go further out and that’s when he told

me you experiment you try different

things you try

uh making content that will appeal to a

bigger audience and but yeah that i mean

you’ll know that again that that will

come down to your analytics and the

numbers that come up and how you view

them and once you feel like you reach

that plateau that’s when you’ll know

it’s time to go bigger

and i’ve done that i’ve done exactly

that i have a niche of pinterest

marketing is a niche of social media

marketing which is a niche of digital

marketing so i’m in a niche of a niche

of a niche and i’ve since done that but

it’s what viper did i did experiment i

see what works what resonates which

content is getting more comments and

people sharing and it’s growing and i

did that and i expend it so i’m instead

of just doing pinterest marketing you

see now i do um youtube growth which is

part of social media marketing and then


yeah and another thing with branding

which is part of digital marketing so i

did exactly that so and and i i did it

with with experimenting just like uh rob

said or rob told was all hearsay rob

told uh viper who but who told us

at vid iq we’re talking the background

about experimenting with some new types

of of content you know uh for the

channel and so soon you might see some

stuff come up that that looks a little

bit different than you know because

we’re just gonna we’re always gonna be

testing things and trying things out and

it is our own way that’s gonna be our

way of trying to branch out a little bit

you know beyond making content that’s

like how to get your first thousand

subscribers it’s kind of our bread and

butter you know topics like that we

wanna we wanna see what we can do we to

branch out a little bit so

be on the lookout for that because yeah

you reach a point where you’re like i

feel really confident in not only like

my coverage of this topic but the

audience that i’ve grown you know in the

meantime and i feel like a lot of them

would be interested in the similar kind

of content so

i would wait for that confidence look at

your data um like for example on my my

personal channel that i want to share uh

specifics i i finally found it’s about

one topic but i finally found an

opportunity where i could potentially

bring another topic into the mix

and it’s it’s i something unexpected

came up and i’m like


this would be a perfect fit for my

audience even though it’s the

totally different topic and it’s so rare

when that happens so i’m planning on

trying to be the first time that my

channel has even a hint of a pivot on it

i’m so consistent but the i feel i feel

like i’m confident in in my opinion of

the audience at this point and i feel

good about where the channel is and it’s

it doesn’t hurt to test things so

you know be consistent you know master

feel whatever metrics you’re going to

use for this master the sub niche if you

will and then once you feel really

confident about who your audience is and

you feel like you’ve gotten to know them

that’s when you can help figure this out

and actually pull the trigger on

branching out a little bit and seeing is

this going to work and try it once don’t

don’t like go all in on it right away

especially if you have other ideas for

your sub niche

but try it out see what happens see what

the data tells you and if you feel good

about the data even if it’s not where

your normal videos are if it’s still

like oh this reached a lot of new people

then start to like really make the

yeah moves the move make the moves

uh we have time for a couple more here

uh so does a second channel make sense

when you have a community of a few

hundred subs like i do uh to split the


so uh i think when you say split the

content they’re saying split their time

to be honest oh yeah

yeah i mean i don’t need i mean you have

a few hundred subs you haven’t really

gotten to the point where that’s even in

consideration unless you are thinking

about making completely different

content from the stuff that you’re


i would say if your content that you

that you are going to experiment with is

even remotely similar to the stuff that

you’re already making i would say just

keep it on the same channel

yeah i agree and just make a playlist

and then sometimes that’s how we can do

it just you know have a playlist of the

other content i tried that i did a

second channel my first channel is just

still growing i have like

another channel and i’m really committed

to it to the point that um i have great

ideas but never ever make it on the

channel because i don’t have so much

time so i’m putting all my eggs and all

my time into my main channel and when i

have a split second i’m like oh i should

do this i always think i should put this

on that i never do it so

yeah that’s that’s a commitment to do a

second channel

uh social worry to answer your question

that information is g14 classified not

even vidiq personnel are allowed to know

that information so no one knows and we

will never know

oh no what

oh he knows they know what i’m talking




if it’s a short channel can i just say

this if it’s a short channel maybe i

have a short channel for hawaii totally

forgot about it it takes us a second

it’s shorts so it depends on the type of

channel you’re gonna do actually

just to jump on this real quick uh you

know if

what what would make sense uh

for you it here’s if you’re thinking

about starting a new channel i have to

assume you’re thinking of switching

topics with that new channel because it

doesn’t really make sense if you’re

doing the same thing on a different


and what you have to ask yourself is

like does it make sense for you do you

have time to run two whole channels uh

we recommend it in in cases where people

want to switch topics and they still

want to keep up their old thing but we

always kind of caution like by the way

that could lead to double the amount of


you know or like you said you’re

splitting the content meaning if you

were posting four videos a week now

you’re going down to posting two on your

original channel and two on this new

channel and you have to you have to

weigh all this stuff like does this fit

with your life do you does it fit with

your goals um and it’s it’s kind of easy

just to go down this slippery slope of

like now i want to try this on youtube

now i want to try that on youtube i used

to switch between youtube and twitch and

that was my problem like i would do

something on youtube and i’d do

something on twitch and i never made

myself enough time to master one i

became mediocre at both


you know eventually i just had to pick a

lane and and really go all in so

it’s really a self-reflecting kind of

question like is that something you can

afford to do right now with the amount

of time you have


i picked this one because i i think i

know what they’re referring to here does

youtube recommend youtube clips

and the clips feature is this so if you

if you’re watching a video you can clip

a section of it and this is just stuff

that you’ve clipped while you’re

watching live streams and videos no

these are not being recommended i don’t

know of anywhere on the platform this

little clip would be recommended nope if

you just mean short youtube videos then

yes those do get recommended just a

short youtube video but a clip is just a

section it’s just a time stamped section

of a regular video

and no those would not be shared those

are just for you yep oh but you can use

you can share clips though yes you can

put them on social that’s what they’re

for but yeah they’re not going into like

the home feed and stuff oh yeah yeah

because the regular video the whole

video would just do that there’s no

point in just a timestamp version of a

video being recommended to somebody all

right and our last question come from

cha cha


uh cha ching king uh there seems to be a

fine balance between growing your

community and monetizing your content

how do you balance that

well i i think i’ve already said it

multiple times throughout this launching

but i will say it again uh for me

personally in my opinion when you’re

first starting out i feel like it’s more

important to grow your community


it it helps with building that trust

because the most important relationship

a creator will ever have is with their

audience with their community so that cr

that relationship should take paramount

over anything else that you’re doing on

the platform

once you have that relationship and you

have that amount of trust with your


then you should worry about maybe trying

to monetize your content but not before

you have that trust because you don’t

want to try to make money at the expense

of your audience that that’s just not

going to work as i told you all before

if you take care of the community the

community will take care of you

that’s simple

and you when you get to the point that

you want to go scale so you’ve grown

your community to here and you want to

grow it to the next level um and you

while you’re going to the next level you

get all these opportunities to monetize

your content to make money to start

pitching and promoting them so this is

where i can see there’s the balance up

until that point with viper said the the

the scale is tipped on growing a

community money’s down here but at some

point when you get in all the offers

you’re just like yeah will i do this i

think it’s still going to come down to

being community minded first because

there are a lot of creators you see them

they call themselves they’re always

selling out every video is there just as

a sponsor content every video they’re

not being authentic they’re talking

about products they we know they don’t

use that and so you’re gonna turn people

off so i still think it comes down to

picking products and just being having

that discernment to say you know what

i’m gonna say no to some stuff because

this is going to piss off my community i

mean i don’t know there’s a curse word

but yeah this is going to make my

community mad so the end of the day that

balance should always still tilt in

favor of being more authentic and


yeah and i think the people are very

understanding i mean i have a creative

friend who’s pretty big in the youtube

tech space and he refused to do any

sponsorship content but he also has like

5000 channels too but he will not do

sponsorship content and i think i think

he won’t do it because he doesn’t want

to put that on his audience but then you

have other creators that do sponsorship

content and their audience is completely

cool with it because

that the creators that do it that way

they don’t bombard they don’t try to

shove the sponsorship content down their

audience and throw but the audience

understands that the creator has to make

money so they can make better content

and they’re okay with the the

sponsorship content as long as it’s done

in moderation i think that’s the key

thing when you get to that level just

make sure you are doing right by your

audience and do it in moderation don’t

try to shove it down the throat like

over and over and over again otherwise

you’re going to uh alienate people

yeah wait so wait you’re feeling

confident you know that’s that’s my

answer i think you should just ease into

stuff like that you know build your

community get to know your audience and

once you feel a little more comfortable

test out test out an affiliate pitch or

like in your video or a plug for a brand

something like that and find creative

ways to do it too there’s some channels

that are so creative with the way that

they incorporate sponsorships the point

where you almost can’t click away from

it because it’s actually entertaining uh

like there’s a lot of companies that

have that flexibility like i’ve noticed

manscaped is one where when i notice

somebody promoting that particular

company that product

the the ad reads they do are always so

funny like the i think the company’s

just really chill about it and and these

channels it’s always a good fit for the

audience too because it’s like this

person is already a funny creator and

they found a way to promote a product

with their sense of humor and the brand

seems totally cool because they’re

sponsoring a ton of their stuff so

you know it’s that all just takes time

and i think you just kind of build on

this stuff kind of naturally

and with that thank you for all of your

questions jj uh your channel link is

down below real quick um talk just for


the the elevator pitch for your channel

all right youtube growth pinterest

marketing social media branding in the

nutshell tips tricks and hacks so you

don’t have to do that work i do it for


that was quicker than i was expecting it

to be i’m still trying to get like stuff

off the screen there we go i like it

i know right i feel like i should write

that down but this is recorded so i’m

gonna go back and turn this down later

thanks everybody we will see you uh

later uh this week and next week with

videos live streams and more check out

our links down below

catch you next time bye


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