Making $25K in 6 MONTHS on YouTube after 6 years of NO results…

Meet Dan Hinz. He worked so hard on his channel for 6 years before he went through Video Labs, our 8 week group coaching program, with us. During the class, he decided to make a pivot in his career and that decision led him to make $25K and counting in the next 6 months. Dan’s story is not what we typically see come out of our Video Lab’s classes, but we are so excited for him and what he is doing now.

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=================== text video ====================

— Good morning creators.

I know how difficult it
is when you’re trying

to work really hard on a YouTube channel,

not getting any traction.

And you feel like you need to pivot,

but you don’t know what
you need to pivot to.

Well, I am here in Austin, Texas,

and I’m walking to meet a guy named Dan,

who has that exact same experience.

Working on his channel for six years

and didn’t really get much traction on it.

So he went through video labs,
our group coaching program,

and within a few weeks decided
he was going to make a big


This pivot he did,

made $25,000 very quickly

in only a few months
and he’s still growing.

I want to go hear from Dan about

how did you make that switch?

How did you decide what to switch to?

How did you abandon this
thing you’ve been working on

for so long, so hard,

in order to finally get
what you want on YouTube.

Dan’s at a hotel, we’re both
in Austin, Texas for an event.

He’s close by, I hope.

I’m gonna go find him and hear that story.

— That first channel
was Adulting with Money.

So I was helping couples
unite, not fight, over money,

whether they want to crush debt
faster, buy a house sooner,

or just get on the same page.

Video labs helped me come up with that,

that tagline, which was great.

But then the problem was
that trying to help couples

with money, it’s a hard sell, it’s

because you’re trying
to convince two people

to come together and do something.

And then unfortunately I’ve
found often times with couples,

it’s not really about the money

and they don’t really
need financial coaching.

They need other coaching.

It was tough. But then
I got into video labs,

you know, I wanted to grow my channel,

but it was in video labs
that I realized like,

‘Wow, I really love telling stories’.

And I really got into video editing

and it turns out I love editing.

And a lot of people hate
editing and I thought,

‘Oh, well, then they can pay me to do it».

And then I started in my
business and within six months

I made more money than I did in six years.

So this year I’m up to
about 25K in revenue.

— If you’re like that
person. And you’re like,

‘Dude, I’ve been working on this for years

and not seeing traction».

That is at a very, I
don’t know how you felt,

but emotional place to
be, where it’s like,

‘Am I wasting my time,
my life, my energy?’

— It felt terrible.

I spent so many years and
I wanted to make it work.

I wanted to make it work.
I want to make it work.

I felt like I was gonna quit.

And fortunately I have a life coach

and she said, you know,
you’re not quitting,

you’re pivoting.

With that mindset shift,

that really helped out a lot.

— I have worked with channels that have

continued to do the same
thing on YouTube over and over

and over again for 10 years.

After 10 years of effort, they
have like 20,000 subscribers.

Not really making money,

not really accomplishing
what their goals are.

At some point you have
to kind of just be like,

you know what?

I can’t just keep repeating
the same thing over and over

again and expect different results.

I gotta try something new.
So when you decided to pivot,

how did you make that
decision and be like,

I’m gonna go from here to here

because I know a lot of
creators feel like stuck.

Like I know this isn’t working,

but I don’t know what to do next.

— Honestly, I eased into it.

So it wasn’t like one
day I just cut off one

and then started the next.

It was, you know, I’m, I know
other people here in fincon

and other entrepreneurial
groups and people were like,

‘Hey, I’m looking for an editor.’

And just kind of started to
raise my hand, once in a while.

And they’re like, oh,
they’re paying me like, oh,

and it’s fun. It was a gradual thing.

So I think if someone is
looking to make a change,

it’s definitely like, try it out,

start to like dip your
toes into it at some point,

just one kind of takes
off more than the other.

— You can hear this and be like,

‘But he’s not making
you to visit anymore’.

Yes, he is.
— Yes, I am.

He’s made a lot more YouTube
videos than he used to,

he just doesn’t have
to shoot them anymore.

It’s like not the conventional
thing that comes out of,

out of video labs.

I think it’s a really cool story that

our goal isn’t really just
to get people more views

and more subscribers
and go to the channel.

Sometimes you go in and you’re
like, that’s not my goal.

My goal is like actually
to be in front of 10 of

the right people instead
of a thousand of, you know,

just however many people
I can get in front of,

or in your case,

my goal is to enjoy doing
what I enjoy doing on YouTube.

And you found that in
editing for other people.

If you want to connect to Dan,

to do your video editing
linked to his email is

down in the description.

And if you’d like to
go through video labs,

my team and I would love to
spend eight weeks with you.

Like we did with Dan, just
helping you work through

all the roadblocks on your channel.

We want to go dive in deep how
the YouTube algorithm works

and how to position your
videos on the homepage.

It’s suggested and for search, you know,

talk about how to use story,
to really engage people

and get them to feel something emotionally

about your content that
leads to more watch time,

lead some more likelihood
that they’ll subscribe,

leads to the more likelihood
they’ll leave notifications

and come back and watch more content.

We’re gonna spend three
weeks talking about

how do we craft content that does that.

And then we’ll spend a couple of weeks

talking about your analytics.

How do we use all that data there

to find opportunities for
growth on your channel?

The parts of your channel that are just,

that are aren’t as strong
as the other parts.

What do we need to do
to increase those parts

so that you can have a
holistic look at your channel

and be able to start pinpointing,

these are the things
that, that need more work,

but you’ll get trainings, videos to watch.

You’ll have assignments
that you need to do

every week on your channel.

And then you’ll get into
a zoom meeting every week

with the group and with
your strategist to really

take that information to the next level,

Go to video,

check it out, see if it’s right for you.

We’d love to work with you.

Thanks guys. And we’ll see next time.