Make Money Podcasting: 7 Ways to Monetize a Podcast in 2022

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6:30 — Monetizing Strategy 4
8:12 — Monetizing Strategy 5
9:05 — Monetizing Strategy 6
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In this video, Heather talks about ways to monetize your podcast in 2022.

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=================== text video ====================

— Have you started a podcast
and you’re trying to figure out

how to make money.

This is actually where
most podcasters fail

because they don’t have a
plan, and they don’t actually

understand what makes a
successful podcasting show.

— [Narrator] You gotta just press record.

— This video is in
partnership with Buzzsprout,

the company that we use for our podcast.

And I love them so much

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Now, if you’re anything like
me, time is very limited.

You maybe are running
your YouTube channel,

running a business.

And so you need something
that is easy to use.

And Buzzsprout allows you to
be able to post your podcast

and distribute it to all of the places

that people can listen to it on.

— My name is Heather
Torres with Think Media.

And on this channel,
we do tech gear review,

YouTube tips, and podcasting
tips just like this.

So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing.

Now, before you even try and
make money with your podcast

there’s a few things that you
wanna make sure are in place.

Number one, you want to make sure

that your podcast is everywhere.

I would suggest getting set
up with a site like Buzzsprout

where they can actually
distribute your podcast

to all of the places
that people will listen.

I will link down below if you
wanna know how to do that.

Buzzsprout actually walks
you through that very easily,

but you wanna make sure

that your podcast is everywhere first.

The second prework that
you need to make sure

is that you know who your audience is.

When it comes to being able
to make money with a podcast,

you need to know, who are you selling to?

Now, I believe that to sell is to serve.

And so you wanna know the
audience that you’re serving.

Are you serving people who are interested

in financial services?

Are you serving moms who
are busy and need help?

Are you serving baby
boomers with life insurance?

Who are you serving?

And how are you serving them?

Understanding this key
is really important.

Now, if you’re just doing
a podcast with some friends

talking about the latest
news or something like that,

don’t worry, you can
actually still make money.

But when you know exactly the
audience that you’re serving

and the pain point that they have,

it will be easier for you to
make money with your show.

Here at Think Media, we have
the Think Media Podcast,

and we are targeting
entrepreneurs who wanna

grow their personal brand using video.

And through that podcast,

we’re sharing ways that
they can go deeper with us.

When you understand

that your podcast can be a
marketing machine for you,

it’s a way for you to
have deeper conversations

with the ideal audience
that you want to reach.

You can start to see how
you can monetize that show.

The way I like to think
about it is a podcast,

different from a YouTube channel

or an Instagram feed
or something like that,

it’s like when I was in high school

and I used to sit on the phone
for hours with my friends.

And we’re just talking,
having a conversation

about things that we’re interested in.

This is my phone, apparently.

But that’s what a podcast can do.

You can actually get to know people.

They get to know you

on a deeper level and you can serve them.

And as you’re serving
them with free content,

you can offer them ways

that they can go deeper with
you inside of your business.

So let’s break down seven ways
that you can be making money

with your podcast.

Number one is coaching and consulting.

If you are starting a show

and you have an expertise in something,

you can actually offer for people

to get on the phone with you,

schedule a calendar, an invite
with them, or go directly

to a buy button for your
coaching and consulting.

I’ve seen podcasts that have this option

where they’re actually just
filling up their calendar

based on what they’re doing on their show.

They’re offering free
content, answering questions,

hitting specific pain points.

And then during the show at some point,

they’re offering some type of an ad

where they are allowing
people to go deeper with them,

whether that’s in the show notes below,

or whether that is in the option

for them to be able to go to a webpage.

The Ryan Pineda show does this very well.

He has options where you can actually

schedule to golf with him, which
is coaching and consulting.

And you can have the option
to go deeper with him

through his podcast, with
coaching and consulting.

Next is you can actually
create an online course.

We’ve done this here at Think Media.

And we offer a free class before

they get to the online
course to give him a taste,

to see if fits the content that they want.

Another podcaster that does
this well is Vanessa Lau.

She has a podcast and she
offers an online course.

This course has grown rapidly
over the last several years,

has grown her business into seven figures.

And she’s done that from
her YouTube channel,

her Instagram, and her podcast.

So if you have an online
course that you create,

you can go deeper with your
audience by offering that.

Now, it doesn’t have to be
an expensive online course,

I’ve seen courses that
are $7 up to $7,000.

So there is a range that you can go

when it comes to the course content.

If you’re new to making
courses, I will link down below

a video where I walk you step-by-step

of how to create your first online course.

Number three is you can
partner with affiliates.

Now, what is an affiliate?

It just means that you’re
going to share the products

and the services that you love.

And when you do that to your audience

and they click on your unique link,

you then get a percentage of
that commission or the sale.

I will link down below other videos

that we have here at Think Media,

where we’re teaching you
how to become an affiliate

for different types of programs.

You could do something
like Amazon affiliates.

We do that here at Think Media,
and that is a percentage.

Almost 30% of the income that comes

into our business is from affiliates.

Now, it’s not just Amazon.

We’re set up with about 20
different affiliate programs,

but I’ll link down below like I said,

a way that you can go deeper
into understanding that.

Amazon is one of those.

And like I said, if you’re
not already signed up

with a hosting platform, I
highly recommend Buzzsprout

which is the sponsor of today’s video.

Now, Buzzsprout also has
inside of their software

what’s called the Buzzsprout
affiliate marketplace.

Inside of the Buzzsprout marketplace

you can actually sign
up to be an affiliate

or to have brand sponsorship
for your podcast.

So they are the middle man linking you

between different companies

so that you can start to
monetize on your show.

I’ll link down below

if you wanna get started with
your free trial of Buzzsprout,

and check out their Buzzsprout
affiliate marketplace.

Number four is brand partnerships.

Now, did you know

that micro influencers
are actually on the rise?

A micro influencer is
someone who is helping

a specific audience.

For myself, I am a micro influencer

when it comes to the
YouTube and online space.

Now, when you are a micro
influencer, you can be partnering

with brands that can
actually help your audience.

I know that Angie Lee
has an amazing podcast

where she partners with CBD companies

as well as software companies like Kajabi.

And when she partners
with those companies,

they’re actually paying for airtime.

They’re paying for space on her show.

So if you’ve listened to a podcast,

even here at Think Media, and we say

this episode is brought
to by, and then we talk

about a brand or a company,
we have probably been

in exchange of partnership
with that company.

Now, you’re probably asking
the question, well, yeah

how do I do that?

How do I get brand sponsorships?

I’ll link down below one
of our videos where we talk

about how to get brand sponsorships.

But I wanna just encourage
you first to grow your brand.

If you’re going to go into
partnership with a company,

they wanna have listeners already there.

It’s really hard to actually
partner with a brand

when you’re just getting started.

That’s why I moved this down
the list a little bit more

because you do actually
have to grow influence first

before a brand wants to partner with you.

There’s obviously others
things involved when it comes

to brand partnerships,
but I just wanna make sure

that that tool is in your
toolbox when it comes

to understanding the ways
that you can make money

on your podcast.

So, brand sponsorships is one
of those ways you can do it.

Now, there’s a podcast that I listen to

called the Verity podcast,

and she actually is
selling her own merch line.

And she is also an author.

She does Bible studies and she
does different study guides

that you can purchase from her shop.

She sells everything from
coffee to coffee mugs,

to shirts, to amazing Bible studies.

And because I’ve listened to her podcast,

I’ve actually become one of her customers.

I love the content she’s producing,

and she’s selling physical
products on that podcast.

So, maybe you’re someone who
wants to create a merch line,

or you wanna have physical products

that your community can purchase.

I love that at her
podcast, she really says

this is a free podcast and
the support that you do

in her merch shop is
actually how she’s able

to keep creating her free content.

So you can get yourself up on
a Shopify site or another site

where you could be selling
your own merchandise.

Another way is actually through
offering premium content

or exclusive content
through a Patreon site.

This just allows it for
people to go deeper with you

as a content creator,

and they can support the
work that you are doing.

Now, there are a ton of
free videos on YouTube

that can help you learn how to
really monetize with Patreon.

And I’ll link some of those
down below to get you started.

And the final way for
you to be making money

with your podcast is actually
right here on YouTube.

There are so many
opportunities here on YouTube

for you to reach a new audience.

So many podcasters that I
talk to are only doing audio.

And when you flip on that video camera

and you start uploading
your videos to YouTube,

you can start to make
money through AdSense.

That’s right, YouTube
pays you to make content.

We actually have a Think
Media podcast channel

separate from this channel
where we’re uploading

all of our podcasting content.

That channel alone has now grown

over 50,000 subscribers,
which is different

than what we’re seeing
over on Apple and Spotify.

And we’re reaching a larger audience.

That channel as well has
generated income passively

because we are uploading
it to the platform.

So, I wanna encourage you
that if you’ve already

started your podcast and
you’re just doing audio

because you wanna record it
in your pajamas with no makeup

or wherever you are, to just
flip on a camera as well.

Does not have to be this high quality.

You can just start with your smartphone.

You don’t actually need
a bunch of gear or tech,

but I want to let you know

that when you start to
figure out the YouTube game,

you can actually monetize
your podcast faster.

Now, if you are just
starting on your podcast

and you wanna figure out this
whole video podcast thing,

click or tap the screen right now,

and you can watch the next video.

Or if you’re getting
started on your podcast

and just need the basics,

click or tap the screen right now for our

how to get started with podcasting video.

Thanks so much for watching,

and we’ll catch ya in the next video.


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