Make Money on YouTube NOW! | You don’t NEED 1000 Subscribers!

Let’s talk about how you can make money on YouTube from the very beginning of your channel! AdSense is great, but it’s one of many different revenue sources and today I want to share with you other ways to monetize your YouTube channel from Day 1. You don’t need 1000 subscribers to start making money on YouTube, you can start right NOW!

0:00 Intro
0:18 Two Goals most YouTube creators have
0:26 A new perspective about making money on YouTube
0:46 The traditional first route of content creators making money
1:10 Links in your description?
1:38 The Best Affiliate program for YouTube Creators
2:10 How to get paid every month on YouTube
2:30 How can TubeBuddy support you as an affiliate?
3:05 How to become a TubeBuddy affiliate
3:18 How to create your own course
3:33 How to use your skills as a content creator to make money
3:53 Sponsored videos on YouTube as a creator
4:30 Comment of the Video Highlight
4:42 AdSense on YouTube
4:57 Do you get paid if someone has YouTube Premium and sees no ads?
5:21 AdSense is more than you think
5:35 How to make money without AdSense
6:15 Question of the day

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=================== text video ====================

— You know they call it
AdSense for a reason, right?

And if you think it’s the only

or best way to monetize on YouTube,

I’m so excited for today’s video.

We’re gonna be jumping
into a bunch of ways

to monetize your YouTube channel.

So let’s go ahead and get started.

(logo chimes)

(logo plops)

When it comes to YouTube,

many creators have two goals in mind.

The first is to qualify for monetization.

And the second is to make a
full-time living off of AdSense.

And if this is you, I’d
like to encourage you

to think of your overall revenue
strategy as an entire pie

with AdSense being one slice of it.

So today, we’re gonna talk about

what makes up the other
slices of revenue pie.

And I’m so excited that we’re
going to be diving into ways

that you can make a
full-time living on YouTube,

even if you don’t have
a really large audience.

So let’s get started.

A lot of people are always
familiar with merch,

whether that is clothes,

whether that’s sweatshirts, stickers,

some sort of physical, tangible product,

but a lot of people should also realize

that you can create physical
and digital products.

So if you’re someone who does organization

or perhaps creates planners,

you could even use the
merchant shelf below

integrated into YouTube, or do it offsite

and include it as a link
in your description.

Now, speaking of links
in your description,

there are many ways that you
can use your description box

to help you monetize your own channel.

Most of that is gonna come in
the form of affiliate links.

And that means you’re
gonna sign up with a site,

whether that’s Amazon
or some other service

so that you can actually
receive a commission

for directing people to buy a product

based on your recommendation.

And do keep in mind
there are FTC disclosures

that are required, so make
sure you read up on that

and put them in your description box

and let people know that
your links are affiliated.

Now, if we’re gonna talk
about affiliate programs,

it would be remiss of me not to mention

TubeBuddy’s amazing
recurring affiliate program

that we have.

And you don’t wanna just
take my word for it.

I’m gonna turn you over to Rob Balasabas

who’s one of our partnership
managers for TubeBuddy.

So Rob, take it away.

— Thanks, Shelly.

Yes, affiliate marketing is an awesome way

to generate passive
revenue for any creator

by simply sharing about
products and services

that you love and use.

By simply sharing TubeBuddy
with your viewers,

you can earn up to 50%
commission on your referrals

that are paying for a TubeBuddy plan.

And since TubeBuddy is
a monthly paid service,

you can earn a commission each
month over and over again.

If you wanna learn more

about becoming a TubeBuddy
affiliate partner,

just click the link below to sign up

and create an affiliate account.

Once you’re signed up, we
have plenty of resources

to help you find success as a
TubeBuddy affiliate partner,

including a detailed on-demand
video training series,

real-time affiliate communities

inside our forums and Discord server,

a whole team waiting to answer
any questions that you have.

And we even interview our
top affiliate partners

asking them exactly how they
built their affiliate income

on TubeBuddy’s program.

And we share those interviews with you

inside of the Creator’s Corner channel,

which I’ve also linked down below.

I’m excited for you to build

an additional passive income stream

on our affiliate program.

Great talking to you, and
I’ll send you back to Shelly.

— Thanks so much, Rob.

If you guys are interested in
joining the affiliate program,

I’ll put the link in the description below

so that you can go and
get more information

and see if you’d like to enroll on that.

Now, while some people who are on YouTube

are just doing it as a
fun, creative outlet,

a lot of people who are on
YouTube are brands or businesses,

and you’re able to package up a course

or something that you’ve
learned into an online class.

There are many sites online
that you could host your course,

but if you also have access to
YouTube channel memberships,

you could house it
inside of YouTube itself.

Now remember, when
you’re a content creator,

you are constantly upleveling your skills,

and those skills

help pay bills.
(cash register clinks)

So there could be something
that you could be doing

that could be bringing you in money,

whether that’s offering thumbnail
services, video editing,

livestream management, channel management,

there’s probably something
you know how to do very well

that you could charge others for

to help you with your revenue pie.

Now, you may frequently
come across a video

where you see a little tag

that says ‘includes paid promotion,’

or perhaps you have heard the person say,

«Hey, this video is sponsored by.»

That means that a company
has worked with that creator

so that they can reach an arrangement

so that there’s either
a product integration

or perhaps a dedicated spot

in their channel for their product.

Some brands you work with
may pay you a flat fee.

Some of them may pay
you from affiliate links

or sometimes a combination
of all of the above.

One other thing to consider
is a lot of the time

you can actually create videos

and they don’t have to
live on your channel.

You may be contracted with a company

to create content on their own channel.

So that’s also another way
of having a sponsored video.

I wanna take a second to put on screen

the Comment of the Video.

Thank you so much for interacting
with our latest video.

And if you’d like your comment

to be featured in the next video,

make sure you comment on this video.

Now, of course, AdSense is great.

I don’t wanna discount that.

But again, think of it as a
slice or perhaps even dessert

instead of the main entree.

Now, typically with
AdSense, the way it works

is that you get paid
if people are watching

the advertisements that
are placed on your videos.

Now, a question that I have seen come up

is if someone has YouTube Premium
and therefore sees no ads,

does that creator get any money?

And the answer is yes,

they will still get a share

of that entire YouTube Premium amount.

And it’s split amongst
a lot of the channels

that are also being consumed.

So there is actually a slice of that pie

that is reserved for people
with YouTube Premium.

Now, one thing that people forget

is that AdSense is more
than just ad revenue.

It’s a combination of
everything from super stickers

and thanks and channel memberships

all added up into one payment
at the end of the month.

Now, even if you don’t have AdSense,

it doesn’t mean you can’t
put links in your description

or even in your channel
banner if you wanted to,

to external sites such as Buy Me A Coffee,

Patreon, Venmo, the list goes on.

So if you wanted to do
that, you certainly could.

One thing that content
creators fail to realize

is that if you have access
to sites like these,

you could essentially set
up your own e-commerce.

So if you have a course that
you’re not ready to host

up on another platform,

you could put it as an
unlisted or private video

and then sell access to
it by collecting money

through a PayPal or a Buy Me A Coffee.

Additionally, if you wanted to set up

some sort of coaching or
consultation Zoom call,

you could collect payment
through one of these sites,

and then go ahead and schedule.

You can have people purchase
access to a specific event

like a live stream or some sort of webinar

or training session.

The possibilities are really endless.

Question of the day.

How are you making money on YouTube?

Is there anything that you’re doing

that wasn’t listed in this video?

Comment it down below.

Thank you so much for joining me.

I’ll see you in the next one, TubeBuddies.



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