Is YouTube Dying?

Is YouTube dying? Has the bubble burst on the internet’s video home? In this video we look at what YouTube is up to in 2022 to try and answer: is this the end for YouTube?


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0:00 — Is YouTube Dying in 2022?
0:39 — YouTube in 2022
1:06 — YouTube Shorts and Monetization
2:46 — Livestream Collaboration
4:12 — NFTs, Metaverse and YouTube TV
5:32 — New YouTube Studio Tools
6:10 — Shopping
6:37 — @MrBeast working for YouTube!?

=================== text video ====================

— This video is click bait

and I’m not here to apologize for that.

(fingers snapping)

YouTube isn’t dying.

It’s not going anywhere.

This is not the end, far from it in fact.

YouTube is more popular.

YouTube is more vibrant.

— Oh!

— Oh!

And YouTube is more
prosperous than ever before.

So if you here to revel in
YouTube’s impending doom

or you believe that YouTube
has failed you as a creator,

you’re going to be
disappointed in this video.

This is for people with a passion,

a passion they want to share

on the biggest and best video platform

there is in existence.

(bubble popping)

And it’s only gonna get better in 2022.

That’s because YouTube just
published this blog post,

along with this YouTube
shot about some of the stuff

that’s on its way in 2022.

And in this video, we’re going to cover

some of the stuff that’s
coming down the pipe for

creators, viewers, and partners.

So as we jump into this,
what do you want to see

from YouTube in 2022?

Let us know in the comments below,

as long as it’s nothing to do with

reducing monetization requirements.

We hear that all of the time,

it ain’t happening.


— We’ll be introducing new video effects

and tools and shorts,

like replying to comments
by creating a short.

— All right.

I promise this is the last
time I’m ever going to

say this in a video,

but whether you love
them or you hate them,

YouTube shorts are here to stay,

so we’re going to talk about that.

What we can also still
say is that in terms

of functionality, YouTube
shorts are miles behind TikToks.

You’ve gotta hand it to TikTok.

When it comes to content creation tools,

they boss the mobile space.

You can do just about anything.

There’s no doubt that
YouTube are going to beef

up their offering when it comes to shorts,

but what’s curious is that

the one thing they decided to talk about,

actually already exists
within YouTube stories.

I’ve got to be honest,

I don’t get the point of stories anymore

other than to repurpose
your shorts on them

and gain tons of subscribers.

(bell dings)

But yeah, video responses.

I’m sure YouTube have tried this before.

(intense dramatic music)

— We’ll be integrating features
like Super Thanks in shorts,

giving you another way to monetize.

— So yeah, we can all agree.

TikTok features, A+

however, TikTok monetization?


And that’s YouTube shorts trump card

because the monetization of that platform

already is really exciting.

Creators can already earn money

on a per-view basis via these
shorts and YouTube tossed

out this incredible
statistic in their blog post.

40% of creators who got a bonus payment

from the funding 2021

weren’t previously monetized on YouTube.

And when it comes to Shorts,

YouTube aren’t just
talking about Super Thanks.

They also mention Super
Chats, brand deals,

and the ability to shop
directly from a YouTube short.


— Collaborative live streaming.

Creators will have the
ability to go live together.

A great way to share ideas

and bring different
communities even closer.

— Now, this is a really interesting one

because certainly when it comes

to the technology behind live streams,

YouTube have been caught a little cold.

YouTube’s own numbers state that

daily live watch time has tripled.

And there’s a pretty obvious
reason why this has happened.

Global lockdowns over
the last two years have

accelerated the development
of video communication.

And we’ve seen the emergence

of browser based live streaming tools,

such as streams that you see here,

explode in popularity.

Now, these tools allow
hosts to invite «guests»

seamlessly into live streams already

and a lot of them are free.

So what are YouTube offering
that is different here?

Well, the only screenshot YouTube TS was

from the viewer’s perspective,

so, I’m not sure.

Also, 56 subscribers,

7,000 people watching Super Chats.

Yeah, that’s a fake screenshot.

Unless, the live stream is
broadcast simultaneously

on all channels involved in a live stream.

Now, that sounds really cool

because you can instantly and
very easily share audiences.

But at this point, I’m speculating because

I don’t understand the
technology behind this.

Are you going to be able to do it

through desktop, as well as mobile phone?

How many people can join one

of these live streams?

And creators love to customize

and brand their live streams.

Is YouTube going to offer
anything in that department?

I’m just a little worried at this point

but it’s going to be
a bare bones offering.

Closely linked to live
streams, are community.

And it looks like YouTube are going

to introduce channel guidelines

or house rules for creators to help,

as YouTube put it,

shape the tone of each conversation.

On top of this, viewers
are going to be able to

sort comments to an exact timed location

on a video to provide extra context.

— To help creators monetize even more,

we’re exploring what YouTube can bring

to Web3, including NFTs.

— Still not a single sale.

I don’t get NFTs!

— And we’re thinking
through how the metaverse

can make gaming even more
interactive and immersive.

(birds chirping) (golf ball putt)

— Oh you (beep)

All right, quick show of hands,

who has started watching
a lot more YouTube

on their television?

Also, fun fact,

do you want to know why this
controller looks like this?

That’s why.

— Soon you’ll be able to
use your phone to engage

with content that you
watch on your television

and YouTube TV is about to get even better

with a new interface that’ll
improve the look and feel

and let you organize your
favorites even more easily.

— And as somebody who watches
YouTube on a television

every lunch time, I
approve of all of this.

Also, yes, I have stupid
lights above my TV too.

(bell ding)

— I do love my lights.

(lightsaber vibration noise)

Now, was there anything for us

in terms of YouTube studio tools?

Something creators have
repeatedly told YouTube is

that they often struggle with
generating new content ideas

or have a tough time figuring out

which ideas will be successful.

To address this need
we’ll be introducing new


— What? We already do this.

Yes, that’s right folks,

with VidIQ, not only
will it scan your channel

and suggest up to 50 video
ideas every single day,

but you can take those ideas

and five them into our title generator to

create video headlines that win clicks.

Oh yeah,

it’s not just YouTube who
are working on stuff in 2022.

Now let’s return to shopping
briefly because it looks

like YouTube are going
big on this in 2022.

Not only with a hefty section
of a blog post devoted to it,

but a preview of a YouTube homepage

that was packed full of shopping options,

including this very interesting,

what you might call,
affiliate product shelf?

Remember that we’re talking
about the YouTube homepage here.

This has incredible money
making potential for creators.

Another thing that’s
definitely going to change

over 2022 is the voice.

The ambassador of YouTube to creators.

At first glance,

you may not know who Matt Koval is

but he’s been YouTube’s
liaison officer for many years.

He had the very unenviable
task of telling us

all that YouTube were
removing the dislike button.

Not sure how only
dislikes this video’s got.

Anyway, and what I’m sure is
a very unrelated decision,

Matt has decided to move on
from the role, which means

that YouTube needs a new liaison officer,

which MrBeast wants to do.

On his own terms.

But you know what?

Since this is the only other job

I’m qualified to do, apart from
the one I’m doing right now,

should I throw my ring into the hat?


When it comes to YouTube,

it’s probably best being
on the outside, looking in.

It means I can continue
to make videos like this

and complain about YouTube’s
algorithm screw me over

when I launched a video this morning.

(wet slapping sound)

— Fatality.

— But if you were to handpick
somebody from the community to

be YouTube’s new liaison officer,

let us know who you think that would be

in the comments below.

As for Matt, we thank
you for your service.

It’s really bugging me that
why did the video do this?

Go on, help us try and
break the algorithm here,

watch this video.

It’s all about YouTube mistakes

that you need to avoid.

I wonder what happens when I touch this?

— Fatality!


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