Is it Too Late to Start on YouTube? (October 2021 Update)

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In this video, Sean answers the question of is it too late to start on YouTube. This video will be helpful if you’re starting a new YouTube channel in 2021.

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=================== text video ====================

— It’s only going forward,
friend, if you feel like, ah,

I wish I started back when
Sean did well, of course,

but the best time to plant
a tree is 10 years ago.

The second best time to
plant a tree is right now.

You gotta just press record.

What’s the future of being
a YouTube entrepreneur?

Is it too late now?

You know, now that there’s
some established CEs, YEs,

now that they’re established,

is it too late to start doing this?

The data suggests no.

Right now we’re seeing

that the monthly active
users on YouTube is up

to 2.3 billion monthly
active users worldwide.

Is competition increasing?

It sure is, but it’s consumption
increasing even more.

At a rapid rate, more people are hungry

to solve problems, for entertainment

and education, for quality content,

for content that resonates with them,

for a content creator
that resonates with them,

and so ultimately, you just
think about you being you,

you leaning into your difference,

finding your unique content

and video ideas to help
you get discovered,

defining what it is about
you that makes you different.

Leaning into understanding
who will resonate

with you best, who you’re talking to,

their problems, their
ambitions specifically,

that could be in a micro demographic

and the psychographics of the group

of people you’re trying to reach

and dialing in your
laser-focused approach,

in a big world of 2.3
billion monthly active users

on YouTube, is there an audience for you?

There sure is.

Is there the chance to
still build up a career?

Maybe starting

and not earning your first dollar

for the first nine months?

I’m sure you’ve probably
already experienced that,

but also, is there gonna be a need

of you to get focused

and get more disciplined?

Because the last nine
months, if you’re honest,

you’ve probably been
consuming a little bit more

than you’ve been creating, right?

Maybe of dabbling a little bit

and really not leaning in with discipline,

and so, the opportunity is real.

In fact, views on YouTube,

this reveals, from Tubular Labs

that views on YouTube continue to grow

throughout the pandemic

and views for top videos
on YouTube grew 18%,

even during the last,
the first half of 2021.

So this is super recent data

that you’re seeing on screen to be clear,

and what it’s suggesting is
that YouTube is not stagnating.

It’s not declining,

and I know even though
we’re in pandemic part two,

three or four, who knows where we even are

in this whole journey, but
that things are kind of open,

kind of not open, closed down again,

but maybe less than it was,

but even though some people have returned

to kind of somewhat of
normal, views keep going up.

See, everybody was reeducated.

Like, I even think about my family,

like my parents, because of the pandemic,

they were so locked down,

they had never used, we went over,

my dad has a projector in his living room.

Like, is your dad like
that? You know what I mean?

I don’t even like projectors as much

because they’re not as
crispy as the TV, whatever.

And so he’s got this projector

and I went over

and they had YouTube videos
up on this projector.

And we were about to have dinner, my wife

and I,

and my son with my dad,

and they were playing
these YouTube videos,

and they discovered this couple

who sings songs in outfits in their car.

I forget who they are,

and they’re like, these guys are so cool.

Guys, you gotta see this

and they play it,

and they’re like, using
like an Apple TV thing

and like talking to it.

I’m like, when did my late 60’s

and early 70’s, Mom

and Stepdad start talking to Siri

and having favorite YouTubers?

That’s what the pandemic did.

Every generation just continues
to have more adoption,

more interests, more consumption,

no matter what culture is doing,

and it’s only going forward, friend.

If you feel like you’re too
late, you’re not too late.

If you feel like, ah,
I wish I started back

when Sean did, well, of course,

but the best time to plant
a tree is 10 years ago.

The second best time to
plant a tree is right now.

And when you’re focused

and you make the commitment

and when you’re patient,
big things can happen.

You know, these are really recent numbers.

YouTube hits 7 billion in ad revenue

and tops Wall Street expectations,
7 billion in ad revenue.

This next quarter is projected

that YouTube’s gonna hit 10 billion.

Now again, what this is telling us

is that ad revenue is
up 84% year over year.

Well, Sean, what good is that for me?

Like, YouTube is making more money.

No, you’re making more money

because ad revenue is split with creators.

So, YouTube continues to go
up in revenue at a crazy pace.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that there’s
more money in the industry.

There’s more money for you.

There’s more money for
YouTube entrepreneurs.

What are you doing to get positioned?

How serious are you
about figuring this out,

mastering the platform,
so that you can capitalize

and get a piece of that pie, $7 billion,

and that doesn’t mean your online course,

your membership site that’s off-platform,

your merch that you create,
doesn’t mean any of that stuff.

It literally actually just means

what you’d be being compensated for

for the views on YouTube,

because that’s their
main way of earning money

that’s driving those numbers.

(chill hip hop music)
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