Is it Actually Better to Show Your Face in YouTube Videos? Surprising Results

Should you show your face in your YouTube videos? Is it better? I recently ran some studies with over 12,000 results, and found some interesting answers.

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howdy howdy everyone nate here so the

age-old question is it better to yes

show your face in youtube videos or no

to not show your face in your youtube

videos i think it’s time for a face-off

and why are we doing that because you

need to know how to decide for yourself

which one you’re going to choose

recently i ask you for why or why not

you are doing one or the other on your

own channels the results are in let me

show you so first of all what are the

advantages of not showing your face this

one is controversial so the first

comment i wanted to talk about here’s

from iceberg tech no not yet editing

audio into a cohesive whole is much

easier than with video i want to make

sure everything i said was exactly how i

wrote it down without awkward silences

and mistakes and with good enough pacing

to keep things interesting so an

advantage of not showing your face it

can be simpler to deliver exactly what

you want to deliver when you’re not

focused on your face and needing to look

off camera and look at your notes or

things like that next point for not

showing your face comes from the channel

lucky buns where they say i used to show

my face but now i find it easier to just

do voiceovers the reason for that is i

actually think it can work better this

way because the viewer is focused more

on your content rather than your

appearance so as an advantage of not

showing your face it can actually be

less distracting to do so in fact

another argument for this one right here

comes from the channel lil crafty nook

as a tutorial channel i rarely show my

face my focus is on the cards i’m making

not me anyway the third big advantage

for not showing your face is when you

create content like animations you can

actually make it more exciting and tweak

it more than if you show your face in

fact the channel xerol82mk2

said they rarely show their face as my

viewers want to watch my animations

rather than me

alright it’s time to talk about the

competition the yes to showing your face

on camera channel nick bricks says yes

they do show their face in their videos

because even before being on youtube

that has helped tie a face to my name

and brand and that’s backed up by the

channel cammy j official yes i am my

brand so i’ll always want to show me so

the first contending point for yes

showing your face in your videos is

branding until the realms of deep fakes

become sufficient enough to replace

human faces a human face is something

that cannot be replicated next

contending point comes from the channel

wayne rex i think it not only depends on

your content but also the demographic of

your viewers if your channel targets an

older demographic for example then

showing your face on camera can help

form stronger connections showing your

face in your videos has been proven to

establish more trust more quickly and

this opinion is backed up by the channel

chain baker after posting more than 200

videos i did so i thought a pair of eyes

are easier to trust than a pair of hands

however this seems to be going directly

in contradiction to one of the early

advantages of not showing your face

because that point was is actually less

distracting and better to focus on the

project at hand rather than your face

but this channel is potentially saying

that that could be the opposite and the

benefit of establishing trust can

outweigh the benefit of focusing on the

product the next advantage of yes

showing your face in your videos comes

from the channel a3 fit gaming yes i

believe it definitely helps to develop

the viewers liking you for you and not

just the current game or hot topic it

can help you stay more relevant because

you are the constant common denominator

in producing your videos and not just

whatever the topic of the video is if

this is being a useful or fun video for

you thus far i would love if you would

boop the like button so that it can

spread to more people i appreciate that

now this is interesting because when i

asked this question do you show your

faces in your videos on your channel why

are we not i got over 12 000 replies

from you and it came out at 56 percent

of you said yes and 44

said no for me personally and my

exposure to youtube i was actually

surprised to see the no number be that

high which brings out the third segment

what about a mixed way of doing it i’m

not saying that this is inherently

better than one or the other but there

were some interesting points brought up

by you the first one arguing for yes

showing their face in videos that comes

from the channel jay horton couldn’t rob

the world of all this beauty


or from the channel starlight skies i do

because i’m attractive if i’m being

honest nothing wrong with being honest

also an interesting take on this is from

the channel honest watch reviews they

say i do very brief intros where i

appear on camera at the start of my

videos however i’m currently

experimenting with not doing them at the

moment so we’re testing both sides or

some sort of hybrid of the two which

also brings another interesting

alternative by mutant productions i

found an alternative an animoji mask

makes me feel more comfortable than just

putting my ugly mug on the screen now

perhaps one of the most controversial

topics in this thread was about editing

time itself does it actually take longer

to show your face in your videos or

longer to not show your face for example

the channel the strategist says i don’t

show my face because that adds extra

steps in the setup recording and editing

phases and that’s backed up by the

channel switch unboxing who says i don’t

because i really need to put out content

more frequently i can do this by

speeding up my recording and editing

flow by removing my talking head parts

now all i have to edit is my voice and

this is so interesting because on the

exact opposite end of the spectrum we

have the channel game for thought that

says showing the face makes editing much

easier my last video was my first one

showing my face before that they were

all faceless because i’m shy i’ll

definitely keep recording my face and

that is also backed up by the channel aj

folwari that says i started a video

essay channel with voiceover but editing

and writing takes ages in this kind of

video so i started another channel with

showing face and now editing is a little

easier and less time consuming so we’ve

got the two sides we’ve got team do not

show your face with several very real

advantages to doing so and then we have

team show your face with several also

very real advantages of doing so so my

question for you is what are you going

to do because of what was shared in this

video i would love if you would comment

down below and let me know especially if

you’re going to change something because

of what was shared now for the big

question is which one does nate

recommend am i going to give a

definitive yes or no for your channel

and in fact i was tempted you know me i

want to run as much real data as i

possibly can here i was tempted to try

to do a side-by-side test two different

channels two different we’ve got the

same content one is with showing my face

one is without showing my face but in

the end the logistics of being able to

run something like that just did not

make sense so that brings me back to

here right now based on everything i am

seeing both sides of this debate there

isn’t a definitive answer on yes or no

however hold on it’s not just a cop out

here there’s a clear reason why i say

that the real question here is about

making enjoyable videos

can you make an enjoyable video without

showing your face or with showing your

face and which one of those options best


your goals for your channel’s growth as

well as the type of relationship and

interactions you and your audience have

now i have it on good authority that

this video right here is the one that

youtube thinks you should watch next

from my channel now how do i know that

because i’ve set it as whichever one

youtube recommends the best fit for you

as a viewer so i’m actually also curious

which video it recommends to you and of

course once you’ve let me know go ahead

and watch this video next and i’ll see

you there



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