Introducing: Memberships Gifting!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re talking about a highly requested feature that we’re excited to announce is rolling out to creators- Memberships Gifting!

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:23 What is Memberships Gifting and how does it work?
1:05 Why should you use Memberships Gifting?
2:04 When is this rolling out?

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=================== text video ====================

— Hello, creator insiders.

My name is grace

and I’m the product manager
on Membership Gifting.

We know this is a highly
requested feature,

so this past year we
have been hard at work

to make Membership Gifting a reality.

I’ll share an overview
of how the feature works,

key benefits for you and your community,

and learnings from our
test launch in Japan,

and lastly, upcoming
plan, let’s get started.

So what is Membership
Gifting and how does it work?

With Membership Gifting

members can now purchase memberships

for other viewers during a live stream.

Members can select from
a preset number of gifts

which will then be distributed
to top fans of your channel,

who are not yet members.

Top fans of the channel
who are gift recipients

now have the opportunity

to access memberships perks for one month.

There’s one thing I would
like you to remember,

in order to be eligible to receive a gift,

viewers must opt in.

Viewers can opt in by clicking
the allow gifts button

when gift purchases are
announced on live chart.

So why should you use Membership Gifting?

There are key benefits for
both you and your community.

For you, Membership Gifting is a great way

to grow memberships.

For your members, gifting is another way

to support you and be recognized.

For gift recipients,
Memberships Gifting is a way

for them to try out the perks for free.

During the test launch,

we have also seen that gifting contributes

to community building which
I’ll share more details on next.

Since February, we have been
testing Memberships Gifting

with a small subset of creators in Japan.

Together, both creator and viewer feedback

and further optimize the product.

We have seen that viewers
who receive a gift

show appreciation and gratitude,

both in text and in other
monetization options.

Additionally, we have seen that many users

who receive a gift and
try out memberships perks

decide to stay and become a paying member.

After our successful test in Japan,

we’re excited to share
that we are moving forward

with rolling out the feature
to additional creators

and more countries in May,

and expand to all eligible
creators by the end of the year.

We’ll share more details in
the description linked below,

please stay tuned.


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