Insights from a YouTube Content Strategist: Upcoming Beauty Trends and Formats!

Hello Insiders! We got positive feedback on our last video about vlogging best practices that providing guidance and insights about a content type or vertical is helpful, so, while the insights in this video don’t come from our Research tab, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more videos like this focusing on different verticals, or if we should stick to product updates.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:38 Upcoming trend #1: Diverse and inclusive beauty
1:06 Upcoming trend #2: Conscious consumerism
1:37 Upcoming trend #3: Local to global
2:13 Tutorials
2:40 Product reviews and hauls
2:59 Get Ready With Me
3:19 Challenges
3:42 Self Care
4:00 Expert collaborations
4:17 Brand collaborations
4:42 Where to find inspiration: Industry blogs and social media
4:59 Where to find inspiration: Upcoming events
5:19 Where to find inspiration: Google Trends and similar creators


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=================== text video ====================

— Hey insiders, and hello from Singapore.

My name is Tra, and I’m a
content strategist at YouTube.

This is also my first time
being on Creator Insider.

Thank you so much for
the positive feedback

on the previous video about
vlogging best practices.

You have shared with us
it’s useful to know more

about insights and guidance

around a particular type
of content or vertical.

In this video, we’ll be talking
about upcoming beauty trends

and formats that you, as
a creator, can explore.

Let us know in the comments below

if you’d like to see more videos like this

that focus on a particular
content vertical.

Or you’d rather prefer us
to stick to product updates.

Let’s get started.

Let’s now take a look at
three upcoming beauty trends.

So first of all, we are
seeing a much more diverse

and inclusive beauty industry.

From gender neutral makeup lines,

to products catered to
various skin shades,

to hiring brand ambassadors who challenge

the conventional notions of beauty.

As a creator, think of
who you want to target.

Think of these viewers.

How can you provide value to them?

And what can you do to make them feel

like they truly belong to your channel?

Next up, consumers are becoming
more conscious about brands.

From the ingredients used,
to how they were sourced.

Demand for natural,
ethically sourced ingredients

and clean formulations is
definitely on the rise.

Brands are also under scrutiny

when it comes to product testing methods

and how they are marketing
the products to consumers.

So as a creator,

think of how you can become
an advocate in your own way.

Make sure to check out brands’ missions

and values as you plan collaborations,

or select products for
your next review video.

And last but not least,

we are seeing the shift
from local to global.

An example would be the rise

of Korean and Japanese beauty
products in Western countries.

Or growing interest in Germany’s

minimalist skincare approach.

Or growing popularity of Ayurveda

inspired Indian beauty products.

Previously local beauty products are now

being exported globally.

So as a creator, think of
the unique beauty practices

and products within your own community,

and don’t be afraid to share
that with your global audience.

Now let’s explore some
beauty content formats

that you can create on your channel.

You might be familiar with tutorials.

Tutorials allow you to
express your creativity

while providing guidance
for your audience.

Even though this is one of the more

established content formats on YouTube,

you can add a fresh spin to it.

For example, if you’ve seen
creators making tutorials

comparing the makeup looks of the 90s

and 2000s at the same time.

Other great tutorial formats
include beauty hacks, routines,

and before and after transformations.

Product reviews and hauls are
central to beauty content.

Viewers turn to YouTube to watch reviews

of a particular product
before deciding to buy it.

And what’s more important
is that 89% of them

agree that YouTube creators
can give recommendations

that they can trust.

So make sure to leave your honest reviews

and thoughts in your videos.

«Get Ready With Me» is
another beauty content staple.

This format allows you to bond
with your audience through

casual chit chat, sharing tips,

while showcasing your beauty skills.

So make sure to take them along with you

as you get ready for an event, a date,

or simply doing your nighttime
skincare routine before bed.

Everyone loves a challenge.

We have seen creators
participating in fun,

beauty related challenges,

such as getting their
family members or partners

to do their makeup,

creating a full look from just one brand,

or replicating social media filter looks.

Think about how you can add an

entertaining aspect to your videos

or put a creative spin
on a popular challenge.

The pandemic has shown
how important it is to

take care of yourself.

This extends to beauty content as well.

We have seen a higher
viewership in videos related

to self pampering, self-care routines,

or even home spa videos.

Think about how you can
showcase your skills

and perspective on beauty
with self-care in mind.

While collaborations are not new,

it is important to be
strategic about them.

We have seen beauty creators
going above and beyond

by partnering up with
experts in dermatology,

men’s health and beauty, or scientists

to provide an accurate
content to the audience.

On the other hand, brand
collaborations are a strategic way

for you to build industry connections,

gain access to the latest products,

and diversify your revenue.

Therefore, be sure to partner
with a brand that aligns

with your personal values
and channel mission.

We often receive questions from creators

on where to find inspiration
for their beauty content.

So let’s take a look at three sources

that can help inform your
beauty content strategy.

First of all,

viewers want to know the
next big thing in beauty.

Whether it’s a launch

of a new celebrity beauty product line

or a limited edition product release.

So check out industry blogs, magazines,

or follow your favorite beauty brands

on social media to be in the know.

From traditional holidays,

like New Year’s Eve to local celebrations,

your viewers want to look
and feel at their best.

So as a beauty creator,

you are in a unique position
to influence and guide them.

So be sure to plan your
content ahead of time

and keep in mind the significant events

that are relevant to your content.

Finally tools like Google
trends are a great way to

understand what viewers are interested in.

Also do checkout out fellow
YouTube creators’ new content,

latest trending hashtags,

and chats on social media platforms

to understand what’s going on.

And even better, venture out
of your country and region

to see what creators on
the other side of the world

are doing.

And that’s it for today.

I hope you found this video useful

and gained some inspiration
for your beauty channel.

Stay beautiful, and keep it real.


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