Influencer Brand Deals and How to Talk to Brands | YouTube LIVE Q&A

How to Get Brand Deals as a Small YouTuber, Micro-Influencer or Nano Influencer. With Brand Deals the hardest part is knowing how to reach out to brands, how to pitch brands, and how to make a media kit. (Open Description for More Details)

We will be discussing how to get brand deals as a small influencer on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms and the difference between being a nano influencer, micro influencer, macro influencer and mega influencer, and other terms in influencer marketing content creators don’t know.


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=================== text video ====================

and we are live hey everybody this is

roberto blake helping you create


awesome today welcome to another sunday


youtube live here so uh today we are

going to be talking about influencer

brand deals we’re going to be answering

some of your questions

live here on the air

and i’m not a hundred percent sure if i


any special guests joining us but they

have been invited

and so if people are around we might

actually have some

other people on to talk about brand

deals influencer marketing what it means

to be a small influencer micro influence

or large influence or

all of the things by the way do me a

huge favor

if you’re watching the live stream or

you’re watching the replay go ahead and

share this with anybody that you know

that is a content creator

and that would be helpful we are not

going to be talking about

how to get more subs we’re not going to

be really doing that you can literally


any of the number of the 300 videos that

i’ve made

for youtube content creators and i’m

sure there are dozens of videos about

how to get more subscribers if you’re a


youtuber so we’re not going to be

talking about that here and i will not

be answering those questions

we will specifically be talking about

things like how many followers you might

need in certain platforms to have more

leverage with your brand deals how to


we’ll talk a little bit about why uh

brands may or may not work

with nano influencers micro influencers

people with a certain amount of follower

accounts and different platforms

a little bit about how to present


and also the type of things you might

need to do and prepare for

when you’re speaking to brands because a

lot of you you don’t know necessarily

what you even need to know in order to

do a proper brand deal or to do outreach

to a brand or how to respond to a brand

that reaches out to you so we’re going

to try and do some of that today i’m

going to try and answer

a lot of your questions in this live

stream and then hopefully

by doing this we will talk a little bit


this in other videos coming forward

because what i can do is i can take some

of your questions here

from the live experience and then i can

use that

to kind of direct some videos that i


planned for this week and in the coming


around youtube brand deals we’re also

putting together a little bit of a

playlist on the main youtube channel

where actually we’re going to talk


uh you know i’m trying to build out a

few specific videos for you

answering specific questions about

youtube brand deals influencer marketing

that type of thing pitching to brands

building media kits

all the things you really do need to

know if you want to start making money

as a content creator by working with

brands we’re also going to be covering

in the coming weeks

some other ways to make money besides

brand deals like selling your own

products for e-commerce

uh we’re even going to talk about

getting affiliate deals with these


so that maybe you can prove your sales

numbers to them and then they

offer you a brand deal so remember a lot

of you ignore affiliate marketing

it’s not only a great opportunity to

make money but it’s an

opportunity to prove yourself to a brand

and it’s a way

to give your audience the opportunity to

see that they can take you at your word

and to kind of warm them up the brand

deals if you’re already

advocating for brands and then your

audience is responding to it when you

drop affiliate links

whether you’re recommending books or

whether you’re recommending

camera gear or the beauty products or

even the just the clothes that you wear

if you’re a lifestyle influencer or

anything else then it shows

brands that you are somebody who can

have influence and have people who are

going to take you at your word and buy


there’s also the fact that if you are

doing this and your audience is


then they’re not going to be frustrated

with you later

when you’re doing brand deals if you’ve

already been recommending products and

they’ve actually been getting value

enjoying it asking you for your

recommendations and your advice in the

comments like this has been a big deal

with me

with camera gear and uh pc parts

components you guys know i build custom

pcs like the one in the back there

lighting equipment microphones a lot of

you ask about that you ask about

you know the gear and the microphones

and the things that i use

so i have a lot of experience with this


one of those things that a lot of people

don’t consider is that just by

recommending things you’re putting

yourself in a better position

for brand deals in the future and

there’s not a lot of

gatekeeping when it comes to those

affiliate links anyway

so just kind of think about these things

we’re going to get into it here

i do want to thank today’s sponsors by

the way we’re talking about sponsorships

we’re talking about brand deals you guys

need to know about disclosures we’ll

talk about that too

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by the way there you go guys that in

itself is an example of how you can go


and do a pitch and advocate for brands

in your content

do it authentically do it seamlessly and

then get right back into your

videos so guess what boom we are done

yeah angelique you didn’t even know that

it has that where you can load the

thumbnail yeah you can load the

thumbnail the title and description

all before you upload and it’s already

done and you can do it for each

individual video and you can just have

videos queued up if you’re working in


guys i’m good to go today by the way i


my water i’m hydrating got my water

with lemon in it so my voice is gonna be

nice and smooth for all of you

it’s a little warm here in hotlanta so i

don’t know how long

wearing all this yellow is gonna last so

that’s great and you know just in case

i’ve got a little bit of snack so

go ahead and i had my carbs beforehand

i’ll work them off later

i’ll probably work them off in this

stream so we’re gonna get into it here

in fact actually angelique

you work with a rather large channel you

know a lot about brand deals in this

subject i’m gonna send you a dm

over in twitter if i can if you want to

join me

you’re free to actually

you’re more of an instagram person let

me just go ahead and see if i can go

ahead and dm you from instagram

this desktop to bring you in

which stream yard here that’s another

cool feature of stream yard is you can


invite guests whenever you want

and they don’t have to download anything

so let’s go ahead and see if i can go

ahead and

shoot you that invite so angelique

you’ve just been invited

to the stream whenever you can go ahead

and get

ready i don’t know if viper is going to

be joining us tonight guys because

it’s wrestlemania which is where some

people are

so you know um i know you guys love

viper i’m hoping he’ll be back with us

uh the next time we stream

yes periscope unfortunately is on the

chopping block periscope

will not be lasting much longer but it

is going to be twitter live so you’ll

still be able to live stream on twitter

it’s just the periscope branding will go

away i don’t know what they’re going to

do to your followers

in periscope so you know that’s

something to

just consider there i don’t know if

they’ll merge those hey one of my

favorite youtubers

rodimus primal with a great transformers

retrospective channel he also covers uh

the toy reviews and the figures

hope he’s loving that new

self-transforming optimus prime so

rodimus has a question

hey roberto question for you how would

you respond when a company offers you

product as a thank you without any


well that’s a great question so if a

company just sends me something and i

like it

i could always just make content and i

can say hey they sent it over

and even that could be content itself of


they sent me everything or they sent me

this or they sent me that i actually am

making a video

on the more roberto blake channel

because elgato

sent me everything i don’t already own

elgato actually sent me

every product i haven’t ever bought so


one i plan to actually review some of

that i plan to actually do an office


so they’ll be featured heavily in my

office tour i have no requirements but

they sent me so much nice stuff

and it actually is really cool stuff

that a lot of you would want to buy a

lot of you want to see

like the stream deck xlr you want to see

the new elgato sound panels

the green screen uh desktop mat there’s

so many cool

things that elgato sent me that actually

make for good content so my answer

rhodamus to your question is

if something makes good content and a

brand sends it to you

then make the good content for your

audience and just acknowledge that

hey the brand sent this over isn’t this

cool and it doesn’t have to go on your

main channel

you could do it in any of your other

socials i just i like that stuff and the

thing is

the brand will see it their competitors

will see it other brands will see it

and so i always just take it as an

opportunity to say hey i can create some

great content for my audience

and i can also show a brand what i can


so thank you for your question rodimus

always appreciate you out here

so yeah

so let’s see we have a couple of more

questions i think

roberto how do you know an email is

legit for a legit email from someone

looks official but i’m still leery

too many spammers out there couldn’t

agree more so

artist haven there are email scams out

there unfortunately that target content

creators and

influencers and the

you know that makes it hard sometimes

especially if you’re a small influencer

who’s been dreaming of a brand deal

dreaming of having a brand reach out to

you and we’ll talk about that here in a

little bit

but i i think that when it comes to

avoiding email scams

in general take all the general

precautions in terms of having


anti-virus vpn do all the things but you

really want to look at

who it’s from and then check the email

address i never trust brand deals that

come from like a gmail address

or not the official brand i check the


i do everything i can to confirm the

legitimacy i even look up the person

who’s sending it in linkedin and look

for their linkedin profile

and then try to confirm their identity

but i go to an extreme

also in my case uh now again i i’ve

always kind of had this position where i

always wanted to work with very specific

brands instead of just

any brand and that’s why you guys don’t

see a ton of brand deals on my channel

you’ll see stuff from

uh sony adobe uh

people like that you’ll see stuff

hopefully soon from like

story blocks and just the most

legitimate people that can work with

youtube has done stuff with me google

has done stuff with me in terms of

official brand deals

i i have a dream 100 list

of 100 brands i want to work with and

the thing is

i generally don’t deviate outside that

list unless it’s a rare exception

and i have to be able to confirm the

identity of the person from the company

in order to trust the email and before i

click on any links in that email

some of you could also use like an email

link checker

and maybe that would help you so just

kind of be very careful

about anything that sounds too good to

be true and just do your due diligence

and try to confirm that

envy the brand the other thing is

sometimes it’ll be a pr company

they’ll reach out you’ll want to confirm

that the pr company exists check their

social media

don’t click any of the links in an email

from someone you don’t know

without trying to verify first so uh

thank you for that question

we got our first super chat from dallas

cowboys network 4.99 thank you so much

what is the best way to determine the

worth uh if a growing channel

when a brand is interested in merging or

acquiring it well in terms of like i

guess you’re talking about selling a


and the thing is i honestly have to say

i don’t know when it comes to selling a


because i don’t know enough and it would

be unique to each individual

channel i don’t know enough about the

business behind the channel

the uh company that you set up for it

what the assets are

or any of those things and so if you

want to talk to someone who might know

when it comes to selling a channel

consider reaching out to daryl eves

because i feel like he would know

more about buying and selling and

channel acquisitions and people who have

done it

then i would because this is one of

those situations where i’m not afraid to

tell you

i really just don’t know and so

um you know that’s my thought there in

general though it’s selling

or acquiring a company it’s gonna come

down to

some vetting and a proper valuation

and it’s going to come down to earnings

and previous earnings earnings potential

the value of the iep it’s going to be a

lot of considerations and those things

can be unique in

every channel situation so don’t really

know when it comes to the merging or

acquiring of a channel or selling it as

an asset

just gotta say i don’t know

that way it’s never wrong if you’re in a

position as an educator to just say

there’s something you don’t know

so todd asked hey roberto if i ask for a

product to do a review and they send it

is it considered a sponsored video this

is a great question

if you’re not receiving money

from my perspective it’s not a sponsored

video it’s not a brand deal

it’s not sponsored content just because

you were

given a product that you asked for or a

review unit

primary example sony is going to be

lending me

the a1 for about a week

along with two lenses uh and they’re

partnering up with lens rentals to get

that out to me

in the video that i’m gonna make about

that in the videos i will make about


across my channels and my platforms i’m

going to tell my audience

that i did not buy this sony lent it to


and no money changed hands that’s the

proper way to do it

is to just tell people what the deal is

now there are going to be some rude

people in your comments who are going to

say but isn’t that a sponsorship or

isn’t and the answer is

even if you’re keeping the product then


they gifted it to you but they didn’t

require any obligations

if there’s not a contract if there’s not

money exchanging hands

it’s not a sponsored deal and by the way

for all your sponsor deals and all of

your branded content

there should be a contract and as i said

money should be changing hands if that

is not the case you’re not obligated to

do anything and therefore

it’s not sponsored content because

there’s no obligation

there’s no legal liability there’s no

financial compensation

so it’s just you doing what you would

normally do and somebody gave you

the means to do it this is not sponsored


because they’re not patronizing you

they’re not legally obligating you

so remember you need to have a contract

in place and money needs to change hands

or you’re not sponsored it’s not brand

deal and what you don’t want to do is

you don’t want to pretend

and say that you’re doing a brand deal

when you’re not or you don’t want to

misrepresent that

and misrepresent yourself as somebody

that is acting as an ambassador for the

brand in an official capacity

okay so that’s the other thing so there

are some small influencers that

unfortunately go out there and they

pretend that they’re sponsored

because then they can say they’ve made

it and it’s also a validation thing and

they also think other people want to

sponsor them say when you have people

who do

sub for sub or they might buy followers

or likes or whatever in

tik tok youtube instagram whatever and

that’s not really the answer

uh content’s always the answer content

is always the answer

so it’s about how you represent yourself

and how you represent the brand and how

you connect with the audience

so those are always things that matter

and speaking of representing

my boy is here you gotta welcome him to

the stream everybody

give it up for viper the man about

what’s up man how you doing i’m doing

good man it’s good to see you

good to see you too baby good thing you


what’s it been two weeks i think three

since we’ve been on live together i

believe well yeah i did take a week off


how y’all doing how y’all doing so i’m

curious uh

i think you’re talking about uh brand

deals and how to talk to brands and

things like that

did you see that little dust up on

twitter last week or this week i should


uh with the creator who put out the

tweet about um

if a brand asked for their product that

they sent back then

that’s the worst brand move ever did you

see that i did not

actually you want to give me some


i’ll do it over i got content so

apparently uh i forget the guy’s name


somebody put out a tweet about how uh

when a brand asked for a product back or

asked like if they sent out a product

for review and they asked for it back

uh that’s like the worst like brand move

ever or whatever and i’m just like dude

like what are you talking about

if the brand stays up front that they

want the product back and i don’t really

need a problem but yeah that just seems


that just seems like more like outrage

than anything but our good friend

emily baker um makes a great point and

i’m glad that she makes this point

because remember

in telling you how i do things i also

said that i disclose when a brand sent

me something which is what you’re

supposed to do

you tell your audience the truth and but

it’s also the fcc rules you have to

disclose when there’s a benefit of some


even receiving the thing for free again

what i’m saying is

it’s not a brand deal so i’m saying

don’t misre represent it as a brand deal

if you get a free product

right because you don’t want to again

misrepresent your relationship with the


but you also don’t want to mislead your

audience so you want them to understand

when you paid for something

and when you didn’t which is why i use

the example of hey

sony is sending me the sony a1 and

i do not get to keep this it’s going

back in a week but no money changed

hands and i can save whatever the hell i


like that is a proper disclosure of what

took place you just tell your audience

what the deal is is

what’s uh what’s our boy biden said

here’s the deal

it’s like yeah and i think i’m like

along the same line with you

unless their money is changing hands i

don’t know if i would call it a brand

deal per se

i mean obviously you have some type of

relationship with their brand if they’re

sending you products but i don’t know if

i would call that a brand

deal i mean that’s just like a little

partnership or something like that but i

don’t know yeah

like completely different things well a

lot of our friends

they disclose the nature of their

relationship like gerald undone does a

great job of that he does the whole no

money changed hands these are my own


and when justine and jenna have a

specific relationship with the brand

they will say something like they’re a

microsoft partner

or that they’re a such and such


or what their relationship with like

sony is and so on and so forth

there’s uh people who like manny ortiz

he used to be

in the sony alpha collective he would

always say that i’m a sony alpha

collective shooter and

he would tell you what the nature of the


is this is also for the side when in

terms of like

the financial relationship also but also

to let you let you know if there’s a


in the preference of what they’re saying

that you know you need to understand

that so

these are these are things i like the

ftc the fcc has its rules

but the thing is as long as you’re

actually being forthright with your

audience and having integrity you’ll

probably be within fcc guidelines but

you should still be aware of what the


rules are my answer is just to tell the


exactly like yeah

but yeah i’m not gonna get mad at the

brand for requesting their product back

if they want it back as long as they

tell me that up front now they wait to

like five six months down the road like

we hit that back i’m like wait what

what what then i’m like i mean

theoretically they can still do that i

guess but then i’m just like

why didn’t you tell me that up front

because by that time you might have

gotten rid of it or whatever i don’t

know but

yeah yeah i mean as long as you’re

telling the truth like you said as long

as you’re

being upfront and honest about it like

when i get sent up at the very beginning

of the video i’m like

shout out to such for sending me the

pride of you and then we go into the

video and that’s it

yeah that’s it i mean even our boy t

here same thing

all my accessory reviews i just say that

they sent them to me and that’s it it’s


yeah i mean it’s like it’s the um

it’s the it’s the thing like

just tell the truth and don’t

misrepresent and don’t misresent it if


don’t try like now again if you

accidentally because you don’t know any

better because you’re a smaller creator

you’re a smaller influencer you’re

smaller tick talker or instagram or

youtube or whatever if you didn’t know

any better before this stream

and you were saying oh they sent this to

me so i guess i’m sponsored i’m legit

now i understand why you were doing that

i don’t think you were doing it on

purpose maybe you just didn’t know any

better i’m gonna give you the benefit of

the doubt

but don’t don’t do that because again do

not misrepresent

the situation just because it might look

a little better or because you think

that that is or just because your

friends are doing it

make sure you’re always checking the

rules when in doubt

ask somebody established or

reach out to the brand and say hey do i

need to do anything or do i need to say

anything or

like you know what do i need to do and

just like admit that you don’t know any

better and that you know you want some

guidance that’s all you have to do

uh sell shelley here says it too ftc by

the way ftc not fcc sorry guys

uh states that we must disclose

receiving for free

but agree no contract no money equals

not sponsored yup 100

exactly it’s not easy that easy yeah

so there was a super chat i’m trying to

scroll up and find it we got from kicks


thank you for the 10 bucks hey roberto

currently doing public speaking

presentations with schools good for you

my friend and i’m curious on how i

should price for guest speaking

with large audience let’s say 200 plus

i have a rate card thanks by the way uh

so this isn’t the same thing as a brand

deal but it’s pretty close

in a way because you are being paid

you know to deliver content in a fashion

in terms of doing an event if it’s being

filmed they’re probably filming it if

not you should be filming it for your


so there’s that part of it what i would

tell you

is one you could always when you’re

unsure whether it’s a brand

or a speaking engagement you could

always reach out to them and just use

these words

how much do you have in budget for this

because the thing is if you don’t know

then that’s like sometimes a situation

where you can be taken advantage of real


so just asking now again i’m not sure

that they won’t

throw you a load ball number but the

thing is it’s still probably if it’s

your first round

just your first rodeo that even if they

low ball you it’ll be higher than what

you would have asked for so you’re

probably safe trusting them

by just asking well what do you have in


and you could also ask what do you


you know um what’s you know what do you

normally do in this situation

and then you can go from there and you

can kind of negotiate in your own best


the thing is that budgets do determine


it’s hard for you to

yeah i mean there’s another way you can

go i’ll talk about how i do it a little

bit later we’ll actually even show you


we’ll let you guys peek my media kit um

and then i want to ask you about

something with um you know smaller uh

craters viper but

but my main thing here would be and i am

going to just like let you guys have a

little sneak peek

of what we’re going to show you and

we’re going to show you my media kit

from 2019

i have a new one but uh we’re going to

just use this one because that one’s not

ready yet for public consumption but


like what what we’ll do is i would say

that you’re best reaching out

or even finding someone else who is

speaking at the event or has spoke at


place before previously seeing what deal

they were able to arrange and just

asking for some help you know

when when in doubt always ask for help

like or just ask

people to be honest with you and

understand there’s one little thing

the earlier you are in your career the


you’re going to negotiate so just

understand that you’re always going to

look back and realize

that uh you could have done it

differently i love how you highlighted

that creators that don’t know how these

things work should ask for help

uh i’ve talked about it on this very

live stream before about how creators

too many of them see each other in

competition and it’s really not that way

at all

we’re all working towards the same and

we’re not really competition we’re more


allies and colleagues in a sense so if

you have a

if you have a creator that you can trust

to talk about these things and not sure

i would definitely recommend that you go

talk to them about

rates and things like that and make a

little bit easier on yourself

yeah we have a lot of conversations

about this we have dm groups where we

talk to each other about this kind of


um you know there are a lot of um brand


where you’re under nda and you can’t

necessarily talk about

how much you made an individual brand


um but if you’re not under nda and

you’re not competing or

with people and if it’s not something

like that then maybe you should tell

people so that they have an


having worked with creators having

coached creators i have a lot of


that isn’t available for public dis you

know uh discussion

things that i can’t say things i cannot

show so on so forth because

i’ve worked with creators of all sizes

i’ve worked with people over a million

people over 6 million

i know their rates i help them develop

their rate cards

you know in fact my company create

awesome media

we’re designing people’s media kits for

them to pitch brands

we’re not cheap you know we have two

packages we have like one for 600

and we have none one for 1200 and we

charge that because if you’re a smaller

influencer if you’re a small youtuber

and you’re ready to go big time you’re

gonna make

600 off of some of your first earlier

brand deals in some cases

you know we have friends viper with like

anywhere from 2000 to 10 thousand that

their first couple of brand deals some

of them were able to get over a grand

you know

but the only reason they got over a

grand is because they asked for help


friends to know what to negotiate or

otherwise they would have low balled

down to like 200 in a lot of those cases


you know it’s possible to with the right

content the right audience an

understanding of the value that you can

create for a brand an understanding of

what a brand needs

it’s possible to get brand deals when

you have less than five thousand or ten


but you’re also usually the most naive

and the most likely to get taken

advantage of the earlier you are in your

career and when you’re splitting your


between your audience and these brands

and that’s where a lot of the problems


yep yep um when you’re first starting


obviously you don’t have the education

about these things that season creators


so definitely take advantage if you have


people available to you don’t don’t feel

too proud or don’t

like you don’t don’t um don’t feel too

scared to reach out to

just reach out yeah emily um

if you need to redo your media kit feel

free to dm me reach out

we’ll get you the homies discount we’ll

get you thomas discount actually i do

need to work

um with some creators on doing

some media kits even if we have to give

a discount because

the problem is just like with the brand

deals viper we can’t show the stuff that

we’ve done in the past besides my media

kit because

um you know the creators asked us not to

kind of in an

nda type arrangement of they don’t want

to show

their competitors their media kits so

the thing is

i do need some for case studies and we

can redact

information people don’t want shown but

most of the people we’ve worked with

just don’t want their shown at all and i

understand that

i’m one of the only examples of a media

kit that’s out there right now

for that exact reason i believe it man i

believe it

yeah so emily just reach out dm me we’ll

hook you up

we’ll get you a discount so what else is

going on with you you said you want to

ask me something what’s up

well i want to ask you is what

now with everything you have going on

with the podcast

and you’ve got some like heavy hitters

on the podcast

your podcast is also what top 100 top 50

in tech

you used to be 20. it used to be top 200

a long time ago top 100

no it was top 200 long time ago i was

over a year ago though

okay where do you know where you are now

or uh not on the charts i can tell you

that much yeah

okay we got to get you back into the

charts but you’re still getting like


downloads and like again decent traction

over there

but the name recognition of the people

that you have is

so ridiculously powerful

i feel like you’re finally do you feel


knowing what you know about platforms

content and all these things

and again you have in more than one

platform about 5k

followers regularly you know you’re


some traction do you feel you’re ready

to do your first like paid brand deals

because like you’ve actually been an

advocate for certain brands and there

are brands that rock with you

i’m sure they’d be happy to support what

you’re doing

and to be known for supporting what

you’re doing you think that you’re ready

to take that leap

i can do it but to be honest with you um

i am not really on that path right now

i’m like i’m not

i should say is i’m not actively seeking

them out now if they come to me and

email and something sounds good and

legitimate then i would definitely

consider it

but as far as me going out and actively

searching for brand deals it’s not

really something i’m looking

it’s not something i’m doing i should

say um like do you

don’t you feel like uh or let me ask you


do you there are brands you already have

a great relationship with

yeah you don’t feel like doubling down

on that uh right at this moment and if


do you feel comfortable telling us why


there’s no point that we’re having a

conversation going i’ve like i know

something for over a week now

and i’m not gonna get into the detail

but um

it’s kind of a weird situation so i had

a brand reach out to me

about doing maybe some like office [ __ ]

stuff and some other things on the side

and things like that

but the only problem is the brand that

reached out to me the only reason why

i’ve been i’ve been really like

responding to you

because it’s in kind of like direct con

tradition with another brand that i have

a good relationship with too so it’s


oh how do i navigate these water okay so


you know there are brands that rock with


despite the fact that i rock with their


i’ve taken the position now there are as

you know a lot of my friends and


will go all in with one brand and

they’ll even sign exclusivity content

and like keep the other brand’s name as

much out of their mouth as possible

you know i don’t do that my position


is to be brand agnostic in terms of the

business relationship even if i have my


because i can be personally biased i’m

just not going to

go all exclusive now i can do a

temporary exclusion term

in my content for like a a lot of times

the brands will

tell me not to work with

their competitors for 90 days and if i

can avoid mentioning them or doing


for nine days and you know what i come

back with 30 days

and guess what they do they say yes like

that’s that’s called negotiating that’s

called you know you apply some leverage

there and you go

hey i want to be fair and the thing is i

always position it look i want to be

fair to the audience i tell them my

position is

to make sure that people are educated

about whatever they choose to buy

and i have my preferences for

you guys for whatever reason your brand

for whatever reason

and i rock with you guys and i do this

anyway and everybody already knows that

it’s not a downside for me to also say

hey for those of you buying this other

thing i understand you

because it means i feel i have a better

chance of converting people down the


and trusting and people with your

competitors i can bring them over to my

side eventually because there’s a reason

i use you

and the thing is as long as they see

that i’m being fair

i can make those arguments and advocate

for you

but if i’m considered biased i can never

win those people over and they accept my

explanation on that

so you don’t so you don’t worry about

like if you do a sponsorship with

one brand but obviously you have a

relationship with their direct


you don’t worry about that like maybe

kind of uh

uh impacting your credibility with your

audience if you like not at all

because it is the opposite it’s the

opposite you’re worried about the far

minority of people

that look at that thing from a brand

loyalist uh standpoint

and a flip-flopping thing because the

thing is i can easily address it the

same way i told you i can go look

primary example primary example let’s

say uh my like

my thing is largely adobe right

let’s say that um i was going to do

something and it was sponsored by

let’s just say canva for example right

let’s say i did a let’s say i did a

brand deal with canva

i could go okay look you guys or oh i

got a better one i got a better one for


let’s talk about adobe premiere pro and

the fact we all know i’m an adobe fanboy

to the point of being accused by the way

of being an adobe shill when i’m not

they do pay well though uh when i do

work with them but

let’s say i were to do a brand deal with


people might want to say they want to

call me out on that and i would go

guys not everybody can afford a monthly


for some people adding another bill is

just an unreasonable ask

and not everyone is going to settle for

what they get with free

products because i talk about the things

you can edit with for

free all day great tools like adobe rush

but filmora is fantastic for somebody

that’s not doing very complex content

but wants something they can grow with

where they pay one time there’s a lot of


that are budget conscience in my

audience guys i shoot on three thousand

dollar cameras with two thousand dollar


i love sony i’ve worked with sony and

i’m going to recommend allow you start

with the canon m50 because that’s what

you can afford

so again i’m not a hypocrite or a

flip-flopper or a shill

for being sensitive to the fact that

there’s just some people

who don’t have it like that i’m very

fortunate so

if your pockets aren’t deeper i want to

be able to represent a brand

that has that affordability for you in a

way that my favorite brand might not

because my favorite brand is either you

use something free

or you use something that has a monthly

payment and you might have to

pay more than you have at that given

time and you might have to stress about

what happens if i miss one of those

payments if you don’t want that anxiety

there’s a product and a price for you

and that’s why

i’m happy to work with phil moore and

that’s how i would

do it that’s how i would answer that

criticism people can have their


that’s fine it doesn’t mean their

criticism is valid and the thing is

their feelings have nothing to do with

my facts

so as long as i can back up what i’m


anyone who has a problem with it is

welcome to leave because i’m not here to

cater and pander to people’s feelings

i’m here to make the best content i can

as authentically as i can

and anyone who doesn’t like it can

effing leave

the end if you smell

what roberto is cooking i like it i like


so yeah like i said the answer to

everything viper

is just be honest the answer to

everything is just don’t lie

i don’t have to lie to the brands i can

just tell them how it is

and tell them how i what rocking with me

looks like

is i’m not going to be your shill i’m

not going to be your mouthpiece i’m

going to be

a true advocate and that means that i’m

going to tell the truth

about the market and about what’s out

there and why i’m

going with you or why i do advocate for

you i can advocate for something that i

don’t use

or can’t use right now because the

problem is 99 of the people starting may

not have my budget

so it’s valid for me to promote a

product i don’t use

because what i use is out of my

audience’s price point

that’s fair that’s actually that’s

actually reasonable

that’s actually respectful to the

audience’s situation

so as long as you’re respecting your

audience and as long as you’re telling

the truth

that’s all you ever have to do and

you’re gonna get criticism you’re gonna

get people who still that’s not good

enough for them and guess what screw


they can go somewhere where someone will

pander to them and cater to whatever

sensitivities or needs they have

because if telling the truth isn’t good

enough you don’t need those people


just tell the truth good point that

makes sense

yeah so i mean but i get you i feel like

you i

like i had to figure that out though by

far i didn’t know that overnight i

didn’t know that overnight eventually

my anxiety just came down to wait why

don’t i just tell the truth

like that’s like that’s the easiest way

out of like whatever problem i have

is like oh i’ll just tell the truth

that’s that’s literally the best thing

that’s literally usually the best course

of action just tell the truth you’re

right solves

all problems and the problems that don’t

it’s like it’s like oh well

yeah jonathan heath five dollar super

chat how do you recommend going after a

brand when you really want to work with

for example

uh i’m a veteran i really want to work

with uh black rifle coffee

okay uh jonathan this is a great


uh you know viper you’re a good example

of this the there are brands that you

like rock with and you’ve always like

mentioned them

you make videos about them even without

them sponsoring

you um you know show that you’re a true


best way to get on a brand’s radar

is to be a super fan um

i actually have a story that like that

that pretty much draws right off that

question so

uh three years ago now it’s been three

years wow but three years ago

my dude taylor tech made a video about

rich wallet

when he made it i had i had never heard

of ridge wallet at the time

i watched the video i was like wow and

at the time that i watched the video i

was looking for

that exact wallet i didn’t know it but i

was looking for a smaller compact wallet

in my life and i was inside of hearing

the big

old crap around so i saw that uh i saw

that video that he did about rich wallet

um i went out i brought one and i ended

up making a video about

the wallet and how i enjoyed it and

things like that

uh video got a lot of positive feedback

got over i got a few thousand views on

that video

i remember and what i did is the video

that put me on their radar and

gave me like oh let’s go like yeah yeah

i oddly enough

iphone will find me via one of my

original videos too which is kind of

mind-blowing but uh

so uh what i did was like i went down

into the comment section and i saw a


about uh what did somebody have made the

comment that they do they uh they should

like follow you or they should send you


some something to that effect so i ended

up uh what i do i copied and pasted that

comment and i put it on twitter and i

tweeted the average wallet

and they thought a comment or whatever

and then they reached out to me directly

all right dude uh we want to take care

of you we want to work with you

and uh we’ll we can send you some stuff

and there you go

so yeah yeah it’s really it’s as simple


tweeting out the brand especially if you

get like positive feedback on your video

about the product and people

especially if your video encourages

other people to go out and try that


if you got if you get a comment like

that definitely copy paste that and

tweet that to the brand

oh they love that stuff i mean that’s

the goal right there yeah

also reviewing things you already own

shows your caliber

of a reviewer and that gives you kind of

a body of work a portfolio

a resume to be able to say hey we’d love

for that to be our thing

viper you know that recently i’ve been

getting love from brands just based on

my product photography alone

in twitter and instagram and it’s been

putting me on the radar brands to say

hey we need to get some of that love

that looks he makes our stuff look

better than the damn magazine better

than we put in the last ad what is he

doing like let’s go

like so there’s uh

you know there’s something to be said

for putting yourself in a position

to just kind of like build the profile

of why we should work with you

like what like what am i gonna get what

is that even gonna look like

and again i think the best thing in a

lot of ways is to put yourself in the

brand’s radar interact with them

like that way whenever you do reach out

or if they reach out it’s not cold it’s


because they know you they’re familiar

with you you know definitely like uh

lighthouse tweet tweet at them um

something i like to do especially with

samsung is like if i’m taking a picture

with my galaxy s21 ultra

i had them in the picture but um yeah

just just make them

aware of your presence and yeah

it works oliver has a great question he

says my first brand deal was for

800 euro which i assume is about a

thousand dollars u.s

for a one-minute integration in a video

oh that’s a long integration

channel with uh 490k subs and 50k views

per video did i underprice myself

i think if you ever price yourself based

on the number of views you guys are


that i consider that doing it wrong

because i consider it the same thing as

working for hourly rate wages which i

don’t believe in either

i always believe in pricing on value

this is something my friend chris doe

also talks about i came from the world

of freelancing i came from the world of


at an agency where you do itemized

billing and where you do value based


guys i never price based on my views

i also don’t necessarily price based on

my follower account or my sub count

you guys might be shocked to know that

i’ve gotten brand deals all the way from

one thousand dollars all the way up to

nine thousand dollars on my instagram

my instagram has uh 22

000 followers at this point you would

you you know that sounds a lot more but

it also is the niche that i’m in

i’m in a niche that centers around both


business creativity so the thing is i’m

working with some different budgets then

some lifestyle influencers or just

product reviewers might be

i also am using and leveraging other

aspects of my reputation

and i also package myself across all of

my platforms

and you’ll see that in my media kit here

soon why that’s an advantage

so oliver if you are charging based on

in your idea that your value is tied

specifically to the views you get per


you’re somewhat doing it wrong and you

always are going to be underpriced

because the problem with a lot of social

media influencers

is because almost none of you have a

background in like making things

outside of content and not working with


as an employee as a creative working at

a company

you don’t understand the budgets

understanding the budgets

understanding services understanding

itemized billing is kind of a key to not

being taken advantage of because

you’re doing more than getting views

you’re going to make content you’re

going to stake your reputation

there’s a value cost built into you

writing directing

scripting editing and if you were

working directly for the brand to make

something for their channel

you’re not responsible for how many

views it gets nor are you going to be

paid for that you’re going to be paid

for producing the content for their


so you need to start thinking like that

and then valuing your audience on top of

the value of your work

wait wait wait am i reading this right

okay 800 euro for a one minute

integration and his channel have 490

000 holy viper i’ve seen people get raw

deal to the point of getting like twelve

hundred dollars on a channel with almost


subscribers i’ve you you’d be shocked

how much people underprice because

their view counts make them insecure

and also to be very frank with you there

are brands that will leverage you

if you think that your view counts

matter and they get a sense of that or

if you don’t know any better

they’ll convince you that the view

counts are what matter some of them

they’re earnest about some of them the

view counts matter to them

but i’m telling you that you guys need

to consider the fact that if you

take view counts out of the equation and

you imagine for one minute

how much would i charge to make a video

for their youtube channel because guess


views don’t even come into the equation

if you start thinking about that

the other thing that creators don’t

think about when they are when they’re

doing these brand deals and think about

what to price themselves and the fact


when you put a video on youtube that

video lives in perpetuity forever

or at least until you take it down so

that brand has that piece of content out


for or indefinitely so you have to you

have to also if they don’t put in the

contract how long the video

stays up you probably need to add that

to the contract and y’all are afraid to

add things to the contract

you need to and you need to have the

right for both of you

to dissociate you need to have the right

for both of you to be able to dissociate

because the thing is if the brand has a


you want to be able to have the ability

to take that video down and if you have

a scandal you damn sure better believe

they’re gonna make you take that video


and sometimes even if they don’t our

homie andrew edwards it wasn’t even that

there was no scandals involved

the product that he reviewed was still

selling they did an update i believe to

the product tell me if i’m telling the

story wrong

and they just didn’t want the old

product out there even though no one had

a problem and no one would care

like and they had yeah i don’t know the

whole story but yeah they wanted him to

take the video down for whatever reason

and he was like that was one of his most

popular videos and he was like

no no no

but you know you have to see what’s in

the contract of if if a certain amount

of time passes can they tell you to take

down your own content

by the way i know a lot of you want

brand deals and if you could

you’d get half of your content to be

sponsored and you’d be like oh thank god

i can just ret i can quit my day job

i can live off of youtube now because i

have enough adsense and i have enough

brand deals and have my kind of

like and guess what if something goes

wrong doesn’t even have to be you

and i’m not naming any names or anything

like that but it’s like it doesn’t have

to be you but if someone even associated

with you has a big enough scandal

then you and you have to take down all

your brand deal videos

half of your body of work would

disappear overnight like thanos just

snapped them out of existence

so you really probably shouldn’t

unless you’re smart like linus and you

have everything locked down

like you probably shouldn’t have all

or half or a large library of your


be sponsored brand deals in the first

place because

you then don’t have the ownership of

your own brand

you don’t have the ownership of your

youtube channel the brand owns your

youtube channel

because they can tell you to take down

all of your content and why would you

give the brand

more leverage than even your own

audience or your own self

let’s get into that deeper um so marquez

good friend of mine

marquez said that he turns down 99 of

brand deals and things like that

anyway just because of uh con uh

con conflicting things or whatever the

case may be but he does not

accept 99 of the brand deals that he

gets in the same box

uh yes of course it’ll be ideal to get a

lot of brand deals

and rightfully so but you have to be

careful about how many that you’re

willing to do and how many brand videos

you put on your channel because if every

video that you put on a channel the

sponsored video or integration or


you are really in danger of alienating

your audience

because they don’t want to see that

think about how you feel with the viewer

when you go to my channel you see

uh every other video or every video they

put out there sponsored by

you’re probably going to call them a

sellout or you’ll be like no

we’ll get to that later the exceptions

line is he’s brilliant or or or

or other people come to him blah blah

blah but

obviously we know that brand deals are

how creators don’t create and put food

on the table when they they fund their

team or how they make

the best content there is because it’s

high risk high expense or it requires a


but still you have to be you have to

think about your audience when you

consider how many

sponsorships and brand deals you take

and you want to integrate into your

content strategy per month you don’t

want to overdo it you don’t want to

overflood your content with sponsored


that’s that’s not a good look if you’re

overly dependent on the brand you have

no control and you have no leverage and

the thing is if your team

if you get to the point of being a

creator that has a team and the three


five people on your team if you have to

get a certain amount of brand deals a

year to make payroll

you don’t control your business because

you can’t even protect your people

because the brands can pressure you

you do not want to ever put yourself in

that situation i know a lot of you want


like rush to quitting your day job and

the easiest

theoretical way for many of you in your

heads to make money on youtube

is adsense and brand deals get my views

up get my subs up i’ll get the i’ll get

all of that get my tick tock up get my

instagram up

and i’ll get the ad money and i’ll get

the brand deals and it’ll all be okay

and i would have to sell to my audience

because i’m uncomfortable to sell to my


uh affiliate marketing oh that seems

shady or my audience won’t like that or

they don’t have money

like again you’re in a way it’s it’s

mostly answering insecurity because i’ll

tell you why creators get leveraged even

big creators fight for i’ll tell a

secret i’ll spill the tea no one wants

to spill

people are afraid to actually start a

real business people are afraid to be

called a sellout

people are afraid to ask their audience

to support them with their wallets and

so the easiest thing to do to answer

your own

insecurities and being just a little bit

like chicken

is if you just always post your youtube

content for free

and don’t ask for anything but views and

subs and support me with attention just

give me attention

and if you say i’m only going to ask for

money for the brands i’m not going to

ask money from y’all

or oh just the ones you can afford it

buy a 20

t-shirt or hoodie or something like that

it is an easy way

to not have to have the anxiety of being

rejected or having to take any criticism

the problem is you don’t control jack

and the minute

that either public opinion or the brands

turn on you you’re done your career is


because now you can’t afford your team

you can’t afford to

not uh work a nine-to-five job because

you were afraid to build a business

where it’s nothing between you and the

people who want to support you

i don’t know why the culture came to my

head but you either die a hero

or live long enough to see yourself

become the villain

yeah that was i believe in harvey then

like i uh but yeah but i just i’m just

pointing it out there because

uh a lot of people don’t realize that

you you should not be giving

someone more equity in your brand than


and your audience have and when you

are beholden to the brand deals to make

everything work

that’s what happens that’s why mr beast

isn’t really doing as many brand deals


is the brands wanted creative control he

said this in a podcast i’m not speaking

out of turn

he said he decided he’ll just build his

own businesses

that his fans can support and that

people that don’t even know him can


look at peter mckinnon and what he’s

doing with polar pro

you don’t even have to know peter

mckinnon to buy those polar pro

nd filters and he’s they’re like the

face of their things so like there’s


his backpack you know there’s just like

these great things look at his coffee


look at emma chamberlain there’s gonna

be people who buy chamberlain coffee

that don’t know who emma chamberlain is

and they can buy it more than once

creators are starting their own business

mr beast burger creators are starting

their own businesses because they’re

realizing that they don’t want to end up

feeling like they’re in the pockets of

the brands and the brands have control

over them

and again one day god forbid you’re a

human being and you’re not a saint

and like woke twitter decides your

career is over and everything like that

you want to be in a position

where the people who rock with you can

rock with you whenever they want

and just you know support you with their

wallets and their eyeballs however they


and ignore the haters you know or

whoever or the brands that like you know

say oh can’t deal with the heat like

it’s like um and i’m just saying that

i’m like you know

whatever because i’m just pointing out

that you have to build

a career in this industry that’s truly

built to last

and the only way to be in control of

your own destiny

is to know that the people who want to

rock with you can always rock with you

you know a i mean i don’t agree with all

their content but

nelk nelt doesn’t take advert they don’t

make any ma ad revenue

and they don’t take any brand deals and

they can do what they

want to do in their content for the

audience that wants to support it with

their wallets because guess what

there’s an audience for everybody

there’s an audience for everybody

there’s people who want to rock with you

let them like let them support you


and the thing is if somebody else

doesn’t want to whether it’s a brand or

anybody else they don’t have to

the great thing about america is

everybody can vote with their wallet if

they want

mm-hmm definitely so i don’t want to go

too off the track here because

the live streaming title brand deals and

how to talk to brands so obviously we’re

talking about how to get brand deals so

i don’t wanna

i don’t wanna go be i’ll tooth the beat

uh too much off the beaten path without

i i like to hear what you think viper

but what’s up

i always like to hear what you think oh

no i don’t wanna go too much off the

beaten path of what the actual watchman

is about but i did want to put that out

there just because

you do wanna be careful with how many

brand deals you get and put on your

channel and things like that because you

don’t want to alienate the audience

because at the end of the day

the audience and your relationship with

your audience is the most important

thing your life with the creator that’s

it that’s what you have to protect

you got you got to protect it at all

costs so no brand-new worth

alienating your audience but you also

don’t want to work with a brand

just for the money and then they’re now

acting in the best interest of your


that too that’s why you in the contract

have to have the right

brands will cut you off if they think

it’s in their best interest but you as a

creator need to be able to pull that rip

cord too

if you find out that a brand is doing

something you don’t agree with or your

morals or your ethics and everything

like that

you need to be able to pull the record

on them and cancel them like you need to

be able to walk away

you know i’m glad you said that because

you know creators don’t think like this

but it goes both ways it’s not about


ways that’s not about uh being like the

whole name being uh

good for the brand the brand has to be

good for you and your audience as well

your brand has to up to hold to your

standards too it’s not just about you

upholding gotta be

standard man we’ve seen haven’t we seen

that where creators said you know what i

don’t rock with this brand anymore

because xyz

hate to be the bearer of bad news and

some of y’all probably aren’t ready for

it but the moment

you start a youtube channel and you look

to make money from it

you have become your own brand and your

own business and you have to treat it as

such if you want to protect it

100 it is what it is there’s no getting

around it like you

that might not have been your original

intention but guess what you’re in the

game now

welcome to entrepreneurship baby yeah

you’re the gamer you’re in the game

right you win the game

get off the bench you in there let’s go

let’s go

but uh we got uh we got daniel daniel

with the 20

super chat coming through thank you for

that when doing a multiple

product review video would it be

inappropriate to provide an affiliate

link to a competitor

product in my case i personally know the

owners of both products and i don’t know

if that would be impolite

you know uh what i would do in this

situation daniel is i would just be very


and uh and have that relationship and

say you know what on this video

i could not do that now if people ask in

the comments

you just do right by those individual


but i think that in this case if you’re


a specific video whichever thing or

product or brand that you’re covering

you make that the priority and then if

you’re doing a different product a

different competing thing on another

video you make that the priority that

you fare is fair

you know you give equal you give equal


to whatever it is you’re doing and

whoever you’re working with

but you also give the value that

everybody individually one-on-one asks

for in the comments

and you just give them the best

recommendation you can so again

you just tell the truth and you just uh

stand by your conscience and you just do

right by

each individual relationship now i’ll

tell you what i’ve done in a

in a past video now i didn’t link the

competitive product but i did tell

somebody that i had a brand similar


and it wasn’t really priced very

competitively compared to

the other options around it i told my

uncle listen this is a decent product

but you can get

other similar products just like this

for much much less

so just be on the lookout for those

products so yeah just be out

again tell the truth just tell the truth

exactly denise asked

uh sponsored equals money changing hands

or is there a contract ideally it should

be both

it should be both now there are some

brands even established brands that

don’t always put everything in writing

if they don’t you

should daniel battal has a great on his

website he has

a free uh boilerplate contract

for creators and influencers doing brand

deals that the company doesn’t send you


but always request a contract and you

can always again

i go and i like frodo’s photo taught me

this jared polin

i redline anything i don’t like and i

add my own conditions and then i go here

you go i fixed it for you like

politely and uh i just send back

whatever terms i want like i told you

a lot of brands want to do 90 days

exclusivity i come back and i go

i want to do 30 days a lot of times i


also say but hey i’ll give you licensing

for this long

as long as you give me everything i want

and then when i throw licensing in of oh

you can we can use some of this on our

socials and you’ll give us b-roll and

you’ll give us some of your photos

like oh okay yeah let’s do oh we hadn’t

even thought of that yet or oh we were

gonna ask about that it’s like yeah

let’s go

that even helps change rates sometimes

as being able to talk about the


and if they don’t bring up licensing you

should because then

you’re more savvy in their eyes and it

changes the negotiations to where you

might be able to ask for more

uh licensing is always extra so always

ask about the licensing

and remember to be in control

of how long the video stays up on your

channel and again having some type of


where without a financial penalty if you

need to pull it

because they breach something or because


you know again if they reserve the right

to tell you they can take it down for

disassociation for ethics you can do the

same and you should have that same

clause in reverse

so don’t let them dictate all the terms

like just again but remember if you’re


you have the least amount of leverage

but you can get a little bit more


by being as savvy as possible and

talking the talk and walking the walk

don’t act like a small fry and you will

be treated less so like one

that’s a big difference there that’s a

big difference

even in being a content creator you guys

should stop waiting to blow up

to take everything seriously and to do

things like say

i’mma get a website i would do that day

zero i had a website before i had a

youtube channel

i’d have a website uh when you’re when

you’re thinking

i might be able to get a brand deal but

even if you don’t use mine

or you don’t buy into me and my company

like doing it for you or later when we

sell the templates like

go and make yourself a media kit in

canva that cost you zero dollars just

try it for yourself

just to have one start putting your you

know pricing together

like just start thinking like you’re

taking this seriously start thinking

like a pro

and you won’t keep feeling like an


damn and people won’t treat you like one

if you start again

look the part at least look the part

i’m not telling you fake it to your

naked i’m telling you just for the job

you want

at least look the part no doubt man no


mitch burns says my problem is it’s hard

for me to ask for money especially since

my channel

is still so small the mitch start with

not asking for money

start with the affiliate stuff so the

audience can buy things on your


so start with that then start asking for

products that help you make better


so start doing that and that will help

warm you up

and by the way start role playing with

friends and getting used to asking for


bertie lynn tv thank you for the 499

super chat appreciate y’all

uh also again if you guys have questions

you absolutely absolutely absolutely

want or need answer

excuse me easiest way to get my

attention is the super chat if you feel

like doing that

no we’re gonna talk about ask being

afraid to ask for money i’m not afraid

to ask for

support i’m not afraid to actually

support look um it’s great

to get brand deals we’re sponsored today

by streamyard and by tubebuddy it’s also

great to have the direct support of your


so that you don’t ever have to feel like

you need

the brands to put you on and it’s also


to not be beholden or dependent on

youtube i love you youtube

i love you but also sometimes you all

mess up

so again don’t want to be reliant on


so again if you can have a balance

if you have a bounce oh angelique if you

can i don’t know if you’re having

technical difficulties but if you can

come back into the green room

we can get you on so whenever you work

out your technical difficulties we’re


to have you on uh but yeah balance

ad revenue brand deals directly selling

to your audience with either membership

support donations e-commerce patreon

something where it’s you and the

audience you and the average consumer

and then also look at affiliate because

there’s not gatekeeping

and if the audience trusts your

recommendations the affiliate marketing

will work

so balancing that stuff out we really

need to talk about real quick here

is that do not put all your eggs in one

back and like roberto just said

love youtube but you can’t rely on

youtube to make a living i’m sorry you

just you just can’t

the platform is too unstable they make

too many changes and sometimes the

changes will radically affect the money

you make

uh you don’t know if you’re gonna run a

file of the out of the computer or

whatever the case may be

but always best to diversify your

revenue streams

go on different platforms i myself i uh

i’m on clubhouse and i just

got the ability to receive money from

clubhouse now or i got to

send you uh five bucks first person

right yeah

so yeah so now when i whenever i host a

clubhouse room

people can actually send me money so i

can make money on clubhouse now which is

pretty cool

uh you got youtube i mean you can do

podcasts and

do things be a podcast i’m surprised

you’re not in tick tock

i am okay i’ll just don’t poke there no

i’m there okay

you can get big on tick tock viper you

have the personality for it

yeah personality i should need more

consistently to pull more consistently

there uh consistently

i think you can get i mean the

monetization there is trash but it’s

better than zero

so no doubt but the point that we’re

making here is that

be on multiple platforms if you can i’m

not saying kill yourself trying to be

everywhere because that’s just not

right but if you want to make money you

got to give yourself the most amount of

opportunity to make money that you can

yeah i’m gonna go for an ask right now

i’m gonna go for an ask right now

hey you guys and gals and everybody

i need a huge huge huge favor

i actually need two things from you and

it cost you zero dollars there’s two

things i need from you it cost you zero


when you have a chance after the stream

if you still haven’t deleted facebook

i need you to go to uh


and i need you to follow me on facebook

and here’s what you’re gonna get

number one just in case youtube

notifications aren’t working you’re

gonna get more of my live streams and


because i multi stream because our good

friends over at stream yard

but the reason i need you guys to help

me over on facebook is i’m just 300

followers shy

of being able to monetize my facebook

page which you can do

when you have 10 000 followers i’m 300

shy what i’m gonna be doing is one i’m

gonna be uploading

my youtube content also to facebook


which means when youtube isn’t notifying

you and then you’re going to be able to

watch stuff there

but there’s also going to be some

content that is not

a youtube video some things like some of

my infographics and some of my


and some of my other things i’m going to

be posting over to my facebook

page and there’s going to be things my

team is going to be making

in terms of downloads and resources and

things and we’re going to notify you


when all that free stuff is available

over on facebook

so i need you guys to follow over there

because i need 300 more of you and i’m

so close

and then i can monetize on facebook and

for those of you who have facebook

followings you guys should be doing the


because facebook subtitles pays double

the ad revenue

of youtube so if you’re not rocking with

facebook i understand

but it is one kind of an exit strategy

where you can have some additional ad

revenue potentially

and then also another way for people to

straight up get your content because the

thing is wherever you guys want to

consume or whatever you guys can consume

or whatever will send out the bloody

notifications i just want you to consume

my content

so i just need you guys to follow me

over on

robertoblake2 and the final plug and the

final ask for you guys

is i need you guys to go and listen

to my low five royalty sorry not royalty

free copyright free music

over on zenbuster

because we got free copyright free music

over there

it’s good it’ll help you relax take your

stress levels down

ease some of your anxiety and we’re very


to the watch time hours we need for that

channel to be monetized

because again multiple streams of


all the exit strategies no eggs in one


all the things help your boy out let’s



all the [ __ ] baby all the plug yeah so

now that i’m done plugging myself

welcome to the stream our good friend


i know her hi thanks for having me on

yeah thank you for joining us for those

who are not familiar with you in the

audience do you want to go ahead

and introduce and plug yourself


well i’m really not good at talking

about myself

that’s probably off the top i’m

right now i’m marketing director for

marissa romero

she has a larger channel than mine i

just started

and the plan was never really for me to

start a channel

it was you know what i did i was a

freelancer for a long time

and then i started my own agency and

really it was just more of like as you

learn and as you grow

through any kind of industry you start

to see problems that you can solve

and that was just what i became it was a


problem solver so marissa was referred

to me

um for one particular thing and we just

saw an opportunity to kind of partner up

and it’s kind of been our story since

then but it’s been

an amazing journey i’ve learned a lot

about youtube where

mark marketing in general doesn’t


mean that people know anything about

youtube i mean that’s a whole different

ball game

but i love this topic i love this

conversation because

i feel like this is an opportunity to

open the door

to kind of this bridge that needs to be

built between brands

and like quote-unquote influencers

i don’t think that there’s a

conversation that’s happening that is

um like equal across all sides and

i’ve sat on the other side from the

brand side for a long

time and influencers used to be like

let’s set up a photo shoot or let’s set

up a video shoot right let’s set up

something where we can use your face and

we can leverage you and your audience

in a different way and social media has

really changed

all of that and the what that

opportunity looks like so that’s been my

favorite thing

is just jumping into that and kind of

realizing what those opportunities are

and how to have those discussions

so thanks for having me yeah no problem

and it’s great

to have that perspective and another

voice you know

uh what i’m ultimately um very

interested in

is what do you see that isn’t really

talked about or mentioned

as somebody that comes from the brand

side because we hear it from the

influencer side all the time

what is something that you feel is

either misinformation

or is not said or spoken coming from the

brand side

yeah can you hear me okay because i yeah

we’re doing my whole

setup and so i’m just using my laptop is

that all right yeah no

no you’re coming in fine okay great

okay from the influencer side they’re

looking for someone to

pay them to promote a product right and

from the

brand’s perspective they’re looking for

an audience that they can

leverage to get results what happens is

the brands are looking for influencers

to get results but they’re not


the impact that their ask could have

on that influencer for instance um


that you do your pitch within the first

30 seconds or a minute could cost them

the entire video

and a significant decrease in watch time

that would be terrible like a couple

hundred bucks even a couple thousand

dollars is not worth that

if it’s great content because you could

make that up over time

with google adsense so just

understanding what those analytics are

understanding what those influential

factors are

and how they influence both sides of the

equation i think

is the conversation that needs to start

happening that’s a conversation that i

have designed

in detail recently which is why i was

able to get a sponsor

interested in my channel and my

influence with

i have a brand new channel i’m just

barely over two months old

so it’s really marketing because i

understand marketing i understand what

it is that they’re looking for

i understand what it is that matters to

me on this side and how that would

impact my ability to grow so that’s

really what it is

is understanding um influence

and impact that’s our fault

as our friend sean candle would like to


hey sean i you know what i just told him

i just told him earlier today

i think his baby might be america’s

favorite baby right now

he’s so cute yeah no who do we gotta

talk to you

john bradley jr yeah yeah no

and and if you think about that even

even something like that

sean cannell’s baby how many marketers

how many sponsors

would die to have sean cannell’s baby

sponsor them and the amount of reach and

influence yeah you know what

with no channel at all just just get a


with all the logos just send the patches

and everything like that it’s like we’ll

give you run

of blanket advertising like never

remember good old run of sight

advertising it’s like hey

it’s like bran come through literally

just send us a blanket

with your logo on it and everything like

that it’s like remember the one dude

i forget his name who used to be the um

you know um

buy this shirt dude where he would

literally just like he will wear a shirt

for however many days you pay for him to

wear your your um

your logo like it was like he was a

walking billboard

i love stuff like that i still love

stuff like that i think that that’s

still awesome you don’t have to be the

first i just think

i think that that is dope like i would


to see an influencer go and like

do uh buy a tesla and then do a brand


where the brand like pays them

to like wrap the thing in like something

with their decal

for like six months or a year or

something like that i would love

to see something you can’t like dbrand

something like that with dbrand would be

like sick it’s like it’s like

yeah dbrand like decided to sponsor my


for the rest of the year would be like a

title of a video it’s like it’s like you


it’s like like the first dbrand tesla

like that would be like a whole thing

but let’s but let’s talk about that like

how why would they be interested

in a deal like that what is it that they

get from

partnering in that sense and that’s the

conversation that most

like influencers most creators cannot

have they cannot have a conversation

about um the win-win and that’s really

important to me

it’s important to me that not only are

both sides winning but that it makes

sense and that they’re winning in a way


that is intended and designed with

forward thinking

to be able to carry through and leverage

this moment

to be able to get to your next step and

make that all make sense

so like what does that mean from

let’s just let’s just use wix for

instance right

um let’s say you have an audience that

something like wix

would serve them and you because i’m

saying the wix because

really anybody could get wix wix is a

very easy sponsor by the way

to um to go after let’s say wix didn’t

come to you

and you wanted to do something with them

like how could a small creator or

creator that does not have

a significant portfolio how could they

go after them

wix is looking for sign ups which is

also looking for

a creative approach so that you can

introduce their product to

they’re looking for brand recognition

they’re looking for brand recognition

you know what i they’re also looking for


so you may use it in a different way and

you may have a different audience that

may use it that they can’t target

right off the bat that they may not even

know that they can target

right so there’s someone even just

having that example

could be a great way to see exactly how

somebody gets a great pitch even if they

were a smaller channel

that does great for the brand and is

smart to do

is for one thing a lot of you don’t

realize wix has a really good affiliate


on the signups it pays per sign up and

it pays significantly per sign up

okay most web hosting companies for

every sign up you’re going to make fifty

to a hundred dollars per sign up

so yeah affiliate marketing for the win

guys you were all out there oh give me

brand deals give me brand deals

it’s like you don’t even need the

gatekeeping approval you don’t even need

a big audience to make a thousand

dollars a month off of affiliate

marketing you don’t even need a big

audience you just need a handful of


think about it if you’re making a

hundred dollars for everyone who

actually decides i actually need a


you can make a thousand dollars because

10 people rock with you

all of you need to stop being insecure

about how much attention you do or don’t


like the end but like here’s my pitch if

i was like a small

channel back in the day like i used mark

in my day yeah like uh if i was doing

the freelance thing again if i had a


like i the way my channel used to be

with the tutorials and stuff like that

here’s a

spectacle video that’s a great pitch for


if you’re unfortunately in in my


um well actually i have one of my uh my

grandmother on my father’s side is still

alive and my mom’s dad is still alive so

all right

you can literally go my um teaching of

the video titles like um i taught my

my 80 year old grandpa how to build a

website or

watch or even watch my 80 year old


build a website like or my 80 year old

grandpa’s website is better than yours


that’s like a spectacle driven like


it’s something that can be shared you

can literally build

memes out of it and it would get the

name recognition

out there for the thing okay

and it would be a video that even if

you’re a smaller channel or creator

that could potentially blow up and it

also is a video concept that lends

itself to multi-platform

because you can get out of the

production up video

a couple of good tick tock memes some

instagram real stuff

you can really get something out of that

and it’s a decent enough pitch

and the thing is if if you can’t get the

money that you want

up front out of them then you get some

money up front

and you also make the best video you can

regardless of how much they pay

but you go ahead and say i want to be

able to keep the affiliate links

in the videos because for everybody who

does go off of this

i absolutely want those commissions

for everybody that sees this and the

thing is because

because by the way it’s not impossible

that you could even get local press

off of that video by just literally

talking to the local news people in

social media especially if it’s a slow

damn news cycle and they need a human

interest story and then all of a sudden

your video might be viral for all you

know so

what what i would what i would hope i

see some questions in the comments you

make such a great point about making

sure that it

is the best video that you can produce

i mean you know you’re not going to

produce a 500 video versus

a you know two months from now you’re

going to do something that

reflects the price that you negotiated

like that’s garbage don’t do that that

that only hurts you

that doesn’t that’s not helping anyone

and it’s definitely not helping you

like make it a ten thousand dollar


video like do your absolute best like

get somebody in on it get an

intern get somebody who’s looking to

build their portfolio to help you to

make sure that the next sponsor that you

talk to

is going to see the quality that you can


and i think that’s the other thing is

that people go okay well i feel shy

so this is this is the level that i’m

going to show up to today

for this project and i’ll do better next

time and

i think deep down inside we know what we

want it to look like

we know where those resources are like

it’s 2021 there’s resources everywhere

what you just said angelique answers

this question from the magical crafter

any tips on getting a hold of large

brands some are quite difficult to get

in touch with and i don’t want to annoy

them with too many follow-ups

in case someone is reading step number

one make yourself

very attractive to those larger brands

with the quality of your content

number two make content and become an

advocate for them as if you

already were sponsored and were already


for your dream budget and start to go

ahead and incorporate them

into your dream projects and then tag

them in those things when you make them

just so they can see

what you did for one thing a lot of

those brands will retweet you and they

have bigger audiences than you and then

you get exposure

to the other advocates and the other

fanboys and fangirls of that brand

and then you incorporate them into your

audience and your tribe so a lot of you

are afraid to work for free

for the brands as hard as you would if

they were paying you not realizing

that’s an opportunity to grow your

audience on their back

by getting extra exposure and i really

can’t stand when people cry about how

exposure doesn’t pay the bills it’s like

how do you think you’re getting paid for

ad revenue

exposure is already paying for like

people people buy ads what do you think

they’re paying for

the brands are paying for exposure when

they buy ads the brands are paying for

exposure when they do influencer

marketing how is anyone gonna say that

exposure doesn’t pay the bills that’s


it does like that’s the entire point

like the entire point is about exposure

the entire point is no one can buy from

you if they don’t know who you are

so exposure has a value that’s why

people buy advertising that’s why

google’s entire business model works

it’s all exposure it’s really what it is

yeah so the thing is they’re not

willing to advocate for a brand that

hasn’t already put money in their

pockets a brand they already use by the

way a brand that already is in their


and then even use that to literally

build your

own audience i built my audience on the

back of adobe software

off the back of fans who wanted to learn


learn video editing in premiere pro

i bought i built my audience off the

back of sony fans and asus laptop

fans who needed cheap laptops that could

handle video editing just like me

i built my audience off the back of both

apple fans

and people who criticize apple because

i’m both

well i have i heard a rumor i heard a


that one of the side effects of getting

the vaccine

is that if you’re an apple user that you

become a pc or android

lover i don’t know viper can you help us


can you verify if this is true i can

confirm that these rumors are definitely

not true i’m sorry so oh so it’s slander

and lies lie definitely

but uh i’m spreading rumors responsibly

through comedy it’s fine uh i gotta go

maybe some peter so roberto thank you

for having me sir appreciate you

angie league i can finally meet you kind

of finally yeah

yeah yeah we’ll do it again sometime

bye for now have a good evening bye bye

we’ll see you later

tomorrow actually coffee talk anybody

yeah coffee talk in the morning yeah

yeah we we join every every day monday

through friday in the morning for coffee


just chopping it up clubhouse gang you

know this is my first live by the way

really yes well you’re doing just fine i

would never guess

very much i had some technical

difficulties but i thought i mean if

roberto blake actually to get up on your

on his live like

you run you don’t walk right on um and


and the uh later for the replay i’ll be

sure to link your channel in description

and because vipe joined me i have to

link his as well

uh but angelique uh let’s take a peek at


media kit and i’d love your um

i’d love your thoughts and feedback on

this concept of media kits is something

that a lot of

uh influencers both large and small


and you’ve been on the brand side and

everything like that tell me something

doesn’t a media kit help and just tell

me your own thoughts on this doesn’t

immediate really help

a brand with their decision-making

process and also just shorthands a lot

of what they would ask for

in god-awful email threads

yes and no um if there’s really

it’s really hard to craft up one media

kit that would

that would answer questions across the

board but so that there’s

like this um basic like a hub

of information right that they’re

looking for it’s like what’s your


it’s just the core watch time

well actually before we before we look

at my media kit

why don’t you run us through okay


that brands need answers from when

working with an influencer

so it depends on their goal and we were

just talking about this when we were

talking about

influence and exposure most brands know

that there needs to be multiple touch

points before someone who doesn’t know


will trust them enough to make a

purchase and to move down that funnel

it’s really hard to build trust if

you’re not providing value

so that’s kind of the first step in just

making sure that they have

these opportunities to not only share

value it’s got to be different types of

value and it has to be able

to be relatable connect with their

audience and they

and oftentimes they’re using these

um i guess strategies funnel strategies

to based off of consumer behavior so if

somebody opens something or if they look

or if they click and then they don’t you

know move forward

like how is it that they’re engaging and

so they have to come up with

all of these creative strategies and

they’re very complicated and complex to

be able to get them to the goal which is

obviously to make a sale

right and then you want to keep them

forever when someone’s on your list you

want to be able to keep them so that’s

where the relationship part comes in

what they’re looking to do for an

influencer is they’re looking for to

help make that process

streamlined shorter and to be able to

make things

um to build that relationship based off

of your relationship

with them so in a sense like the guy who

who just um asked the question the guy

or girl who was it was

it’s crafter right yes yes he’s a


lady right so just to answer her


because there was a couple other

questions there’s a couple guys who had


all kind of around the same thing um so

we’ll just go ahead and answer the

basic topic of like how do you reach out

to brands

and what is it that they’re looking for

they want to know

what what you can do they want to know

what you’ll put in action and they want

to know how they’re going to get results


the first thing you need to ask them is

what is it that you’re looking for

because their goal or their objective

could be different

they could just be looking for direct

sales or they could be looking for you

to put people into their funnel and that

they’ll handle the rest

sometimes it’s not as easy as like

sending someone to

a landing page or to like a sales page

and you get a commission some sponsor

deals aren’t like that

so they really have to you’re just

sending them traffic

and that is what the actual goal is

but they really want you to craft this

up and make it relatable

so the best thing that you could do

is to come up with a pitch that is a

part of your media kit and perhaps this

is almost like a

a separate page that you just tailor if

you’re sending this out to people with

the pitch

right and you show them show them what

it is that you would do show them the


show them how you would use their

product to build

the relationship for them so then you’re

kind of just like

handing it over right does that make

sense yes

so it’s interesting because it sounds

like our

like checklist here is going to come

down to

something like you need to have the

opportunities available to work with you

in terms of the different types

of ways that they can integrate into

your content

they need to know what they’re getting

in terms of

all of your sponsor to produce content

like basically what the features of that

are well what do i get with that what’s

the package look like

they need to know if there is a package

in terms of multiple opportunities and

touch points either across platforms or

multiple videos

they also need to have some

understanding of your previous body of


how have you worked with before in the

past like what have you done

they need to know obviously the data on

your demographics your

reach your engagement all of those

things and it would be nice to also

uh see previous examples or samples of

your work in some form or fashion

does that sound right in terms of just

kind of an overall

checklist of what brands want and need

to know

yeah so it’s it’s almost like a

think of it like a tinder situation


they’re looking to match you up with

someone who you have

you know like interest right someone

that you’re going to get along with

someone where it’s going to make sense

for both of you to spend your time


and the investment of time too so that i

would say

they’re looking at all of your

credentials and what and what your

profile looks like

they’re also looking at what your media

kit looks like they’re looking for the

what those examples would look like

because just because you said that

you’re going to do a video

just because you said you were going to

put posts on your instagram or you’re

going to tweet something out

doesn’t mean it’s going to represent

their brand in a way that they’re going


they also need to know they also need to

know that there’s alignment

with you but also alignment with the

audience right

no some some of them don’t care though

some of them do not care about that at

all especially

if they’re driving quick sales they

don’t even care about that they’re just

looking for audiences and numbers

and so i think that’s where that part

because you’re right there are some that

do and those are

um generally higher ticket or more


um sales processes but for those

quick wins those quick sales impulse buy

type of things like

dollar shave right yeah yeah they

wouldn’t care they’re just looking

broad consumer product they just need

exposure no i agree with you yeah

even with something like audible they

just need sign ups and so on so forth


um you know same thing with like say


and then that might actually um they

have so have unlimited options because

they’re broad market

in terms of they don’t have to cater to

a specific niche or a specific demo

so uh then the pricing might be lower

uh regardless of your size or regardless

of your leverage

uh you know and uh my hat man says

honestly that sounds like

too much work for not enough reward

rather do affiliate marketing or super

affiliate deals for a lot of people

that’s true and for a lot of people

that’s the situation

because a lot of people i keep trying to

explain it this is why again i’m not

nagging brand deals and i’m not nagging

adsense revenue i’m just one of the

people that is honest with you about

the actual downsides and the downsides

exist and that’s not all sunshines and

rainbows out here right

you know yeah you know to mr hatman

though um

even if you’re trying to do affiliate

marketing you have to put in

some level of work or you’re wasting

your time there too because you’re not

going to get results so regardless of if

you’re trying to get

um traffic to an affiliate link or

commissions or whatever it is that your

adsense it’s the same thing in regards

to you have to

you have to understand what you’re doing

to get the best result

there’s like an effort value ratio thing

that i’ve been working on because i

actually have a

actually i’m working on a video that

will actually explains the fastest ways

to make money online and then another

because i did a video like that before

but i also want to do one that says the

easiest ways to make money online

because again people are going to think

that it’s quick beta or get rich quick

thing where it’s actually no it’s

actually that i’m like

debating with myself about okay is it

faster to make a thousand dollars on

youtube because how many views you have

to get that or is it faster to sell this


print on demand or is it faster to do

this or is it like i

literally am just going to break down

the stats on

what takes more effort what the cost up

front is barrier to entry i’m actually

literally going to measure it you know

almost scientifically

but you know like but i want to walk you

through this though real quick because

i feel like um this could be interesting

all right so we have my media kit and


you know the first glance stuff is

obviously just kind of a

um intro to me and just like kind of um

just some positioning stuff but i

immediately go into

now again my updated one um is going to

be laid out slightly differently in

order of priority uh but i

lead with the opportunities to work with

me in terms of their different

platforms and there’s different types of

integration so i literally lead with


okay then i move on to what is included

in branded content i go into

audience alignment just to make it kind

of clear before we get into the data of

that who my audience is but i’m going to

actually move the data

closer to the top in the next iteration

of this

but here is like a data audience

breakdown again this is from early 2019

so again

these stats are they’re just an example

at this point versus

being relevant to what my brand is today

these numbers are back from when i had a

400k anyway this is the beginning of


but i give that relevance to you now


hey half mil but um i also go into

previous integration so again body of


and representation also here i’m showing

off a little bit of the kinds of like

product photography

quality there too um and that’s

especially relevant from an

instagram standpoint but also for a

youtube thumbnail standpoint and then i

go into some different packages again

these are not reflective of today’s


i’m also one of the only influencers

that shows my actual rates even though

this is a little outdated

uh but it just kind of gives people an

understanding of what is out there in

the market

i don’t have to worry about that

undermining me because again all this is


these are also outdated rates i’ve

negotiated higher

and occasionally lower than this anyway

so i have like all the leverage i need

i don’t have to worry about oh you have

this price listed somewhere it doesn’t

work that way a conversation is a


but that that just gives you a overview

of at least the media kit that i was


for the last little while in my


how well do you feel that that covers a

lot of the bases that we talked about

and like what’s your take on that okay

here’s the thing and i’m sure there’s

probably people like

sponsors that could be watching this

video and

listening to this but the truth is they

don’t have a whole lot of attention so

you really have to point things out for


as they go through so many different

things and really what they’re

they’re looking for whatever those top

three or four things are

that is part of their criteria in

qualifying someone

someone like you you’re already

qualified they’re just looking for how


that’s all that they’re looking for um

how much and what do we get for that

amount like they don’t even care they

they know you have a significant reach

at this scale so i i think

someone who is a smaller channel than

you are right they need this information

for sure we have a lot of this type of

information in marissa’s media kit

so let’s be fair you know she’s 164

000 subs right now and we have a lot of

that information in because what

there’s a lot of stuff people don’t know

that you’re not going to get off the

social blade

like the size of our email list yeah


social media that’s why i have that in

there and there’s a lot of other things

that socialblade doesn’t have

that could also be it’s not that it’s

misleading it’s that it skews the data

in another direction it also doesn’t

account for every single platform in


right now clubhouse is a very relevant

thing and it doesn’t have any way of

measuring that either

yeah well clubhouse is moving fast

oh yeah they really are moving fast

there there’s been people who have been


rooms that have been sponsored already i

know it’s a big deal moderating

no it’s another thing that you can’t get

off social blade podcast info

you can’t get the audio info and there’s

not really great public

metrics out there so going ahead and

putting your own metrics in

and even screenshots if you want to for

your email list and for your audio

podcast side

could be leveraging could be value

because that’s valued differently and

you can price

um cross-promotion integrations and

campaigns and so on so forth so there’s


i agree with you but i even think for

someone at my level not every brand

unfortunately does all their homework

and all their vetting and they use

cursory glances

so sometimes it is leveraged because

then they’re like oh i didn’t know all

this was on the table or oh i hadn’t

considered that you

offer this thing too right

and there’s so there’s always that kind

of thing so just always yeah

let’s go back through scroll back go

back down because

um you have so you start off with like

who you are

right yeah and i like that you put the

opportunities up front because that’s

why they’re there

right so they they don’t want to learn

they don’t want to read your book or

your bio

or your about me um yeah i don’t

really talk about me as much as i always

talk about my audience well they need to

know about you

because they need to know like what it

is that’s important to you and how you

represent things just to make sure that

i’m not going to say that values align

in the traditional sense but

that what you value and how you value

things right

in the sense of a product or an


um they just want to make sure you’re

aligned that’s right that you’re a good


for what they’re trying to um distribute

exactly yep so then you have um so then

keep going down

i know somebody asked a question but i

can’t find it i’ll post

if you know what the question is i can

find and post it yeah i can’t find it

now they were like hey at angelique and

now i just can’t find it so if you can

ask it again if you’re still

on that would be great i didn’t want to

leave anybody

if anyone does want to reach out by the

way real quick for me and then i’ll let

you plug your

contact info real quick if you guys want

to reach out because you want to work

with me

you can either email me at info or if you’re ready to


and get in touch and work together go to where all my

coaching stuff is and we can work


or you can join my membership group uh

also i have dms open

in uh twitter and angelique go ahead and

plug your stuff if people want to follow

up with you yeah well i mean if you want

to follow up with me

i’m pretty i’m pretty simple just hit me

up on instagram

you know i’m i’m a real person and i and

i do um message back

i’m not taking clients right now that is

not something that i’m doing

um but you can subscribe to my channel

because everything that i used to do for

clients right now i’m setting up

in series on my channel so that’s how

i’m getting started that’s kind of my


right now just because i do have so many

other things going on

i just couldn’t take on um clients in

that sense so sometimes i do

kind of pick people off and i am able to

work with them but that’s not something

i’m doing

um actively right now but thank you

thank you for the opportunity so follow


um connect with me on a clubhouse

i don’t know why that was so addicting

but it is

that morning room is so good so easy

accessible human to human communication

without having to get dolled up

yeah you know what and i think i think

that’s why even though this is my first


like why i’m so comfortable because i

have been in this live type of

experience for so long

that this just doesn’t feel any

different honestly

exactly other than i didn’t look like

this when you invited me

right on no it’s all good just wanna

give a quick shout out to pam jordan um

felt like a dinosaur in youtube and

other social media space at my age but

continue to work on producing content

that will allow brands to see growth

thanks for your guidance no thank you

you know i’m actually working on

a video that’s about doing youtube after

30 it’s going to be

for anybody who wants to be on youtube

and then i’ll do a broader one for

social media

because i really want people who have

life experience and experience

professionally to feel like they have a

place here and to understand that it’s

not just a young person’s game

um i’m approaching 37 i plan to be doing

this for another

8 to 10 years at least you know

as life allows anyway and as health

allows and so

yeah the i mean look at gary v gary v is

nine years older than me he’s about to

hit 46 this year so

like there is a place for people here

marie forleo

is a woman of a certain age like there’s

there’s a place where grandma potty


like you know do you know do you know

pearl the possum channel

please put it in the comments if you

have been to pearl

the possum channel

have you ever been there no i’m not i

might check that out though okay

this is the greatest channel of all time


weird super weird hey what’s up tipster

but this is a this is a same concept


youtube does not have an age requirement

or preference

and she’s a perfect example of that i

think youtube was her her retirement


yeah i think she’s winning

there was a guy who for a very short

period it was a very brief period of


it was an old youtube i’m like i’m like

i’m like ancient on this platform i

remember old youtube it was like

geriatric 82 or something like that or

a geriatric um 36 it was some something

like that

he was uh the biggest youtuber on this

platform he was just

a world war ii veteran um that was just


uh stories about his life and he was the

biggest youtuber back in the old days

for a good minute

like before ryan higa i think so

um it just goes to show you you know


i mean really honestly i love somebody

said in here

that they had um party rentals

they said they have like 700 subscribers

yeah party rental yep there it is

only 700 subs and they already have

brands looking into

um affiliate links with them and it’s

kind of some people think oh you could

sign up for affiliate links for anybody

that you want to

but if a brand’s coming to you and

they’re starting to build that


that’s a good sign it’s green light that

door is

this this much just kick it open yep

bust it open hey the locker relationship

hey the door ain’t locked

you know that’s right um so yeah no i

like you can technically monetize from

day zero uh

i mean it depends on how you do it so

like something i try to explain to

people and again we’re talking a lot

about brand deals on the stream but i

want you guys to remember

that don’t rely on ads and don’t rely on

brand deals only and exclusively because

then you really don’t own your business

at that point you need a direct to

consumer relationship

by the way i’ve used my relationship

where i sell directly to my audience

through my coaching and my services

to prove to the brands that my audience

that you

all all of y’all have buying power you

guys are willing to spend money those of

you who have it

and you’re willing to commit to things

and you’ll take you know me at my word

and at my demonstration and at my


and will act on that yourselves so i’ve

demonstrated the buying power of this


with those of you who work with me

directly i’ve demonstrated the buying

power of this community with the

affiliate links to then have leverage in

the negotiations for the brand deals and

all of you can do likewise

so selling your own products selling

your own services doing the affiliate


one that gives you multiple income

streams and revenue and lets people

choose how they want to financially

support you

okay it lets people choose so that’s

great they can say yes give them the

option to buy

give them the option to invest in your


so that they can have equity and the

audience can have some say

instead of just the brands having their

say like they normally do

when you rely on adsense and you rely on

brand deals

the advertisers have most of the control

of your brand and your and

the audience doesn’t and that doesn’t

seem quite right you know so

you need to be doing these things i know

it’s extra work but it’s extra security

for you and for the audience it’s a


and some level of power actually allows

you to have more integrity if you really

think about it

you know yeah and i think that’s the

piece where people fall off

the integrity piece because they

instantly go into like a sales position

right money money is celebrity

money is leverage so the thing is the

more diversified you

are the less pressure anyone can apply

to you because you’re in a position to

walk away from the money

without hurting your family so you need

to be all

if you’re never in a position even at

work you’ll get

dragged into things you don’t want to do

at work because you can’t quit the job

right that’s why a lot of you are here

you’re here to try to get some leverage

and get some extra money

that you feel more in control of but

you’re not trying to but you shouldn’t

be trying to leave the job just to give

your agency over

to the advertisers on these platforms

and to brands

and that’s nothing against advertisers

and brands especially those of you

watching it and especially my sponsors

but it’s the point is that i just

really believe angelique in this whole

like four to five

different income streams with multiple


sources under that you know however you

want to

look at that some people use streams and

sources interchangeably i just kind of

put it to you like this

um i believe that you should be doing

e-commerce where you sell something

i believe you should have some kind of

service that you also

are doing and for a lot of you that

could just be your performances if

you’re a singer or if you’re a speaker

that could just be your services could

be performances or you could freelance

or some youtubers still actually run a

video agency

on top of being a youtuber or they offer

something and they teach other people


so i think you should have a product i

think you should have a service i know

it sounds like a lot of work to have a

real business but

you probably want to do that build that

email list build those websites okay

i think that you should have the youtube

ad revenue but i think you should also

monetize on other platforms earlier we

talked about i want you guys

to go over to robertoblake2

and follow me over there because i want

i’m getting youtube ad revenue

i should also go ahead and get facebook

ad revenue why not they’re offering it

some of you if you can get monetized on

tick tock it pays cheap

but you might as well if you like doing

that content you might as well be paid

for that right

skillshare a lot of you there’s things

you can teach people

but it doesn’t fit your youtube channel

a lot of you tell me that all the time

you’re like can i put this in my youtube


can i um have a variety channel

or hey i really want to share this other

thing it’s like you guys may not realize


there are other platforms that pay

people not just youtube

skillshare is one of them and skillshare

doesn’t go off of ad revenue they pay

you six cents for every minute watched

which means that’s not even based off of

views you might get

more money per view than you do with


on do you remember the video that i did

comparing you

and five other creators yes 2020 income


this is a great example of working


not harder because the average

session i called it a session right

how much you got paid per session

i think it might have been per view

i think i broke it down per view per

session i did both you’ve been both and

on one of those i was

um like the second highest on one of

those but not on the other

right and the average like most

everybody’s average was like

five cents

but mine was like considerably more than


yeah i can’t remember but they i mean

they fluctuate the point the point

is though that if you’re getting paid


cents a minute watched youtube is not

paying that

no it’s not even close it’s not paying

that and so

if you have something that you can teach

and you can put it on

skillshare you can also put it behind a


um somewhere else they just don’t want

you to be giving it for free somewhere


while they’re charging for the

membership correct well

yeah as long as it’s behind a paywall

you could technically put that same

content up behind another membership

portal of some kind

and that would be fine people can pay

and consume where they want this is what

i’m talking about with consumer choice

that’s right when you have free content

you should distribute the free content

as many platforms as possible

the problem is people are scared of the

idea of taking a view away from youtube

because they want to be big on youtube

or they want to grow youtube

if you want to focus on that to get to

youtube monetization i’m fine

with that but once you’re monetized on

youtube you shouldn’t be trying to

exclusively make youtube as big as


you should like consider that you can

redistribute your content and qualify to

be monetized in other places

because you shouldn’t be focused on

being the biggest youtuber you can be

you should be focused on being the

biggest brand you can be the biggest

business you can be the biggest

influencer or creator that you can be

it should be about growing you and not

growing youtube’s platform

it should be about you getting exposure

not youtube game exposures without you

getting traffic wherever you can get it

i think about you getting coins wherever

you can get it

yes i couldn’t agree more i’m gonna just

give the example

last year on may 8th marissa’s channel

had um 90 i’m just going to call it 90

000 subscribers at that time last year

and it was hacked and deleted

yeah i remember it wasn’t that for one

of the crypto scams

it says channel does not exist it was a

va we hired and we

had her for a year oh wow

yeah and it was gone this was such

a great reminder to us that we don’t own

any of our profiles

we don’t own any of these platforms so

you’re growing

your youtube channel but you’re not

you’re growing

youtube that’s what you’re doing so

if something were to happen if your

channel were to get

hacked or deleted or the rules change

and all of a sudden like

copa kappa how are you yeah yeah

you know and they change destroys the

family channels

what’s going on right now prank channels

have always been kind of screwed for a

good while since

we moved into the age of political

correctness about six years ago

or whatever prank channels have been

getting hit year after year it’s been

getting worse for them

uh i don’t even know if they’re gonna be

allowed on youtube five years from now

if it keeps going in the same direction

culturally so

right you know you just you never know

one one thing i’ll say is i love this

comment from mitch

um of kevin o’leary not wanting to have

20 in any one asset

so again if you didn’t want to have 20

in any one income stream which i love

this idea

the way that you do it to make it out to

20 is you need five of them and like i

said i believe in going e-commerce

services affiliate the royalties

and the brand deals and then that’s your

five now there’s a point where

you could just be doing so well in one

of those that one of them becomes more

than 20

but if the numbers are high enough then

you’re not relying on any one thing to


like like a couple of things could go

wrong and you’d still be able to eat and

still be able to handle what you need to


and you want to be in that position and

we talked about that in the business of

being a full-time youtuber live stream

that i did a couple of weeks ago

uh with benji we’ve talked about on

multiple things i’m gonna be making some

other videos about that

in fact a lot of you i just want to kind

of plug something i have coming up if

you don’t mind before we continue on the

media kit side and also before this

other super chat angelique

because i definitely want to hear what

you had to say about the rest of the

media kit and

about what you want to go back to but i

do want to say this for a lot of y’all

here what you’re going to see from me

for the next little while through the

summer is you’re going to see me talking


affiliate marketing again hardcore

you’re going to hear me talk

more about e-commerce than i’ve ever

talked about you’re going to hear me

talk about royalty income from our other


so if you are just here for youtube tips

you all need to kind of get off of that

and understand

even now you need to go back to my

youtube homepage and you need to be

watching these videos

on making money in these other platforms

and making money with these other

revenue streams

if you want to actually own the thing

that you’re building because if you


you you’re not going to feel comfortable

you will never feel comfortable you have

constant anxiety

again it’s free content so this isn’t

really a sales pitch or me pressuring

you to buy

i’m telling it like it is that if you

don’t want anxiety

every single day as a creator the best

thing you can do is get you some

leverage and get you some real power

and that means having a website an email

list and having multiple ways to make as

much money as you can now

get yourself invested properly for your

future get yourself

out of like some of your monthly

payments pay stuff down

get rid of debts lower your monthly cost

of living

so that you can breathe easier because

you don’t want one thing to change

and then you’re screwed and for a lot of

people that’s why you’re here because

you already know the one thing that can

change and you’re screwed is

oh you’re fired oh we’re laying off oh

we’re shuttering our doors

nothing we can do we got shut down

because of covid or this thing or that

thing or the market changed or the

industry changed

or the town literally gets wiped off the

mat you

need uh you need control over your life

and you’re trying i hope if you’re

watching this to get a little bit of

control over your life

and i’m telling you you’re not gonna

have it if you put

all of your eggs into a single platform

and a single source of income or even

just two of them

you’re going to feel constant anxiety

that it’s gonna get ripped out from

under you

and i know that firsthand yeah and and

to be able to systemize it too

i think that’s also important so

building an email list all of those

things are

great to be able to expand your pla your

platforms to be

able to expand your reach and your your


which i think is like such a buzz word

because it could be used in so many


different ways but if you really think

of what the word means

it means action it means impact it means

a relationship

that’s what it means and if you just

have followers because people like you

or they think that you’re

nice looking or whatever you don’t have

a relationship

with them so the next person that looks

better than you

they’re gonna go follow them so


you look great or not build a

relationship and

build it i couldn’t agree more and


your relationships too because having


one focus in one industry

doesn’t serve you either so i think that


um equally as important um what i was

going to say was about

systems and was about making sure that

you have

leverage and what does leverage mean

if you are on youtube well for

us when that channel was hacked and


it was our email list people were

hitting marissa up on her

on her instagram and they were saying

what happened you know where’d you go

like we’re trying to find your channel

it says it doesn’t exist

and had she not had her

email list had she not have had her

other social media platforms

there would have been no other way for

her to get in touch with her subscribers

now was she able to get in touch with

all 90 000 of them

no she wasn’t it’s not gonna happen but

she could get in touch with the people

that she could send and email us to and

i’ll tell you the open rate on those


they were great those are nice yeah you


like by the way everybody like again

angelique already knows me and we

already have a great vibe from like cub

house and we like we talk

in like dms and stuff like that

angelique array knows me so this is like

me not doing a formal interview so this


normal roberto and normal roberto isn’t

perfect norma roberto interrupts people

talks over people

normal normal roberto hasn’t been shy

about telling you about his adhd

and uh i you know i’ve been picked on


like you know um talking too much or

this that and

everything else for like my whole life

so it’s like one i mean i’m just gonna

say it i do kind of like i

i don’t love when i get those kind of

comments because like people do it

when i talk over viper too so like i

don’t love when people infer what they

feel about that into things about like

me and the way i interact with people

because i only really bring my friends

on this channel i don’t bring random


on the channel so like i will just let

y’all know yeah it does kind of bug me

and it does kind of bother me when i get

that stuff

you know i understand and i appreciate

people’s feelings and feedback but i’m

just talking to my friends like a normal

human being i’m not out here performing

for people

and and i would hope that anybody that

you brought on here

that no no problem interrupting you

right back if i have a point to make so

i think

you and i we kind of have those

exchanges on clubhouse all the time

and this is just our communication style


this topic in particular though and then

of course being live makes it a little

bit different but

this topic in particular though is um

is about communication and how we


and if you are not getting your point


quickly enough right they’re

interrupting you

by closing down your media kit right

they’re interrupting you

by not continuing to read your emails or

for the person who is asking about like

how do i get them to read my emails if

they’re not opening your emails or if

you have no idea if they’re opening your

emails how about that how about we start


if you have no idea if someone has


your email like there are systems out

there there are free systems out there

that you can send someone your media kit

and know if they opened it what would

one of those be

mailchimp that’s basic free

you can make i use a convertkit for um

a lot of my stuff yeah well email i’m

just using mailchimp as an example

because it’s free and everybody knows it

but i use karcher for everything

everything yeah that’s right um karch

was great

kajabi is really good we use that for

the membership site oh speaking of


chromafilm tv thank you for joining the

awesome squad

awesome yeah also real quick there was

another super chat here that i just

wanted to acknowledge

world according to briggs 50 super chat

good advice my biggest fear is getting


yeah at some point we’ll do another

stream where we’ll literally talk about

what happened to marissa’s channel

and she’s welcome to come on anytime she

likes either oh she’d love to yeah i’d

actually love to have you both on to

talk specifically about that because

like the channel being hijacked how you

got that back how you guys had to work


youtube the fact that happened because

it was an internal employee there’s just

like a lot to unpack there if you guys

feel comfortable talking about it

yeah no she would love to um we we now

call it

the hackaversary so eighth rolled

rolled back around we were like oh happy

hacker bursary

and she’s made it her mission to educate

people on how to protect themselves

which is really cool

but that’s part of the relationship now

and part of her story so therefore it

became part of the relationship that

she’s building

with her audience right so that just

goes to show you that it doesn’t

necessarily have to even be

on topic that’s not what her channel is


right but this is absolutely something

that her audience

receives very well because they were

along with her

through that journey and it’s important


you know no a hundred percent um

real quick there was another thought you

had specifically why you asked me to go

back to the media kit

when we were uh talking do you remember

what that was

oh yeah i just wanted to go down to be

able to see

like um just

if you scroll down a couple more maybe

it’ll trigger what i was thinking of

oh the examples the examples of your

artwork and how you would showcase their

brand so how does

how does your the level and detail of

the caliber

of your brand how does it match up with

how they feel the caliber of their brand

right so you’re really talking about how


represent and if you’re going to have

graphics that are in here that are

low-res they’re just

the compositions are not well thought


they’re just not professional looking


if you have in your kit or in your


that you’re going to put up posts right

you’re going to generate this

these um opportunities for exposure

they’re not going to care if this is the

kind of stuff that they’re getting

you know and they don’t like it so

that’s another really important thing to

put out there

that they don’t care what you say they

really want to see

what what you can do exactly and that’s

like the product photography stuff has

actually gotten me

more interest from brands by putting

that stuff in my

instagram and in my twitter specifically

and now we’re also doing pinterest for


and tagging the brands and saying what

brand it is and obviously i throw my

affiliate links in there too and it

works out really well

and they’ve complimented it so much and

actually they’ve been adding

to my youtube sponsorship stuff

instagram stuff and a lot of them

even come to me just for instagram

exclusives and sometimes they pay as

well or better than

youtube just for the instagram side this

is another reason to build

up build up your other platforms ladies

and gents like building up your other

platforms is really kind of a big deal

and uh it can give you that leverage of

being able to have the value add

but there has to be quality content

there that’s representative

as well and it also lets you

diversify even the types of content

you’re doing you might not always be

able to be a variety channel on youtube

and talk about everything you’re

passionate about

but if you actually use other platforms

for other aspects of your personality

but you keep something consistent

or if you think about your the lifestyle

and figure out the brand of your

lifestyle and you segment that into

certain platforms

then you can spread out the awareness

and opportunities you may not always be

able to bundle things but it does mean

that you can maybe get

different brands for different things i

feel like there are brands that i’m

going to get because of my instagram

that i won’t necessarily get because of

my youtube at least my main channel


there’s other things where starting

another channel might give you

more opportunities i think that because

actually i’m gonna start believe it or


a lot of you don’t realize i’m actually

gonna do some somewhat entertaining but


entertaining infotaining type content

on the more roberto blake channel i know

i haven’t posted in

a good minute there the last thing we

did was the mr

uh beast burger taste test eating

everything on the menu

it’s like which is really cool like that

you guys supported that so much there’s

like 800 of you guys over on that

channel like

and like 2 000 plus people watched it it

was a really good video with 99

likes all of that good stuff there’s

gonna be fun reaction videos on that

other more roberto blake channel you

know what if that channel should grow

even if it only grows to 10 000


there’s still opportunities for me

beyond ad revenue on that

more fun like channel that i’m doing for


with my discord server because by the

way guys

um discord dot gg

slash awesome squad you guys can join

the discord server

be part of the community you guys can

recommend videos for me to react to

and you also can um share your own


we’re also talking about some youtube

stuff uh i’m giving answers for tech

help in there a lot of you have asked

about audio equipment and lighting

equipment so i’m answering questions

over there so

you can go to awesome squad which i’ll

drop now

or you can go to

discord if that’s easier for you to


yeah that’s a good one and how about


just having a simple domain your brand

in a domain to be able to

to send people to links instead of the

affiliate links

be able to send them to something that’s

a little bit more branded

um you know that’s easier and it helps

to strengthen your brand too

yeah by the way that’s another good

reason for you guys to have a website if

you guys have a website then you can

make redirect links like like for me

for our friends over at streamyard

go slash stream yard goes directly to

stream yard you guys can sign up for


so plugging our sponsor but that’s my

point i have these easy systems you

talked about systems earlier

these easy systems let me make it

convenient for you guys because you can

just remember oh robertoblake.comgo and

then slash

whatever roberto’s promoting it’s easy

for you to remember to

share exactly so that makes it easy for

me makes it easy for you it puts me in


plus on my back end in wordpress i can


the traffic to those redirects so it

also lets me see

you know like if the brand does because

the brand may or may not always give me

those numbers depending on how they do


dashboards i have some numbers of my own

to be able to see to come back to them

and say hey hey wait a minute

so again it gives me a level of

transparency to know my own traffic if

the brand won’t give me those data

or if i want to dispute them yes and

let’s talk about that for just a second

because um dave from standard he’s the

found co-founder of standard the um

influencer platform yeah right he links

influencers and brands together and one

thing he was saying was that

it is not as common for influencers to

be able to get the data

from the traffic that they’re sending

which i think is complete garbage and i

don’t i don’t like that at all

but you can like in my mind

they’re talking about how brands need to

change this and how

this shouldn’t be the same and all i’m

thinking is why are they not just

redirecting the links

so that they know how many clicks are

coming off so that they know how many


are at least coming from each particular

platform that they’re promoting the

service or this brand on

this is so easy guys just to do this you

can do this even with the free service


url genius right yeah genius yeah genius

link you’re thinking genius link

genius link is fantastic and it gives

really easy great analytics and

everything like

genius link if you’re watching uh let’s

do a brand deal like sponsor

some content um yeah we’re generally but


sponsor a video for me about brian


i’ll tweet at you you’re welcome there

it is

you heard it here you know just to be

able to have those kinds of

analytics those metrics that kind of

data in your media kit

now that is gold because they want to

know the kind of traffic that you’re

going to drive

right now it’s youtube is driving

traffic to you they don’t know how

people will convert off of a video of


they don’t know that and when you’re

first starting out it’s really hard to

be able to show that

kind of stuff to them so it’s even more

imperative that you have more control

over what that looks like

because then you can make changes to be

able to improve things

you can see people clicked on this link

i put this link up at the top of my


i added it again at the bottom of my

description it was a different link so i

know which one people are clicking on

that alone is like a measurement tool

that you can use

just to be able to improve your process

or vet your process

exactly so i mean it’s all kinds of

things like that just want to say

a quick shout out to our good friend

justin brown from primal video once

again congrats on 1 million

right up there with sean kennel nick

nimmin will be joining you

soon uh maybe one day i’ll get there

we’ll see

um yeah congrats on one million man

proud of you

yeah also to anybody who can medium clap

not the slow clap also anyone who thinks

tutorial channels are dead well

primal video just hit a million so maybe

not so much

that’s what’s up well that he’s hashtag


right yes indeed yep indeed

but yeah i agree with you there’s a lot

of things i feel in terms of

industry standards that either one

aren’t known or two

are known and need to change and like we

said earlier the thing that i like

is that um and again i am going to be

changing the order because i’ve also

changed the design and i have so

many other ways now that i’m showing uh

screenshots of data because i found a


like way to visually present it because

i’m a design snob now so like my new

media kit will blow this one out of the


but the the thing that i like is i feel


the thing that we talked about earlier

where you gave us the rundown of what

the brand side looks for

i feel like i actually addressed most of

it in my media kit even if we think that

my media kit is

overkill it left nothing kind of to

chance in terms of

most of what they’d want to know right

rather have it

and not need it than need it and not

have it exactly

and mine is the extreme version like

primary example i told you that my

agency we design media kits like my


is kind of the extreme end because we

have like a 1200

design package uh that does like a

10-page media kit plus a cover

mine’s the extreme end we have a 600

package that actually is a four page

plus a cover because technically

if you really go down to the nuts and

bolts that you talked about of like

hey what they the thing they need to

know most

is like these like five or six things

we can get that well designed into four


so that’s why that’s you know um half

the price but also an influencer

like might bomb pair with whatever they

need just based on

again the investment of maybe someone

who feels like the top of what they’re

going to get

is like a like 1 000

brand deal might go with a 600 design

package for their media kit versus

somebody who feels they’re gonna get

five thousand ten thousand dollar brand

deal tops

will go with a twelve hundred dollar

media kit it’s just that kind of thing

there’s like a correlation with

investment same way that an influencer

might build a smaller

website depending on what they think

they want to do with it

versus a larger website because even

paying for web design or doing it

yourself with squarespace wix wordpress

anything you want to

you see what i’m you see what i’m saying

there’s like well i

the reason why i’m laughing one because

people are going ham in the chat

and they’re calling folks out and i’m

laughing at some of these comments

because they’re pretty great so everyone

commenting thank you

i’m reading them even if we can’t

respond right away

the other thing is about wix to be


let’s say you signed a five thousand

dollar deal with wix

let’s just say that’s that’s how much it

was which i don’t know

if wix is even used to paying that much

i don’t know okay

let’s just say it was five grand and

then you find out

and you’re thinking like oh yeah i could

do with like you have all these ideas

and you’re like okay

um free website builder right it’s super

easy to do like it’s very simple like

anybody could do this

and it’s and it’s you know it’s cheap


that you’re trying to think of all these

words and this value and these angles to

be able to pitch it

do some content about it then they tell


you can’t use free easy or cheap

oh by the way guys just quick disclaimer

i think i’m going to jump the gun on 1

million because like they’re almost

right there

but i think i’m calling him out oh no

like it’s not his fault guys that’s my

fault that’s my fault because by the way

i think it was another one of my friends

that just hit 1 million and i was just

superimposing that because justin brown

is so close at 900 like

guys round up okay just round up it’s

like at 917

it’s like a million’s right around the

corner and that was just my fault that’s

not just that’s possible

taking my claps back you can still have

those not just yeah he did he didn’t

misrepresent anything that was my fault

because i have too many successful

friends i have too many successful

friends and i can’t keep track of

everybody who surpassed

me yet so no shade no shade i can’t keep

track of how many of my friends are

getting these gold play buttons anymore

so that’s my bad

big tuber problems i’m telling big tuber

problems right

so again that’s not like yeah justin’s

fine you guys don’t razz him that’s my

fault you can blame me for that

they went to check they went to they

went to check okay it’s like well

subscribe and get them to a million

but uh but again i’m just um

yeah justin you’re fine you’ll be there

we’ll we’ll celebrate it this year


because the covid’s uh hopefully

resolved and

you can um come back to the states

because uh you guys are out there

uh down under in uh australia uh we’d

love to see you again i only get to see

you guys twice a year anyway so i hope

that uh

since i haven’t seen you in over a year

we get to see each other again soon i

hope we all get to see our own our

friends and family again soon

uh those of us who can’t travel but uh

yeah no justin

and mike from primal video are great you

guys should absolutely

watch their channel and again um i’m not

here just hyping them up for no reason

and they will hit a million and when

they do like

i’m gonna be right there celebrating

with them and i’m very happy for my

friends when they succeed

like i said i think that i’m mentally

just superimposing the fact that someone

else i know

just hit a million and i might have just

like mixed that up in my head

i mean that’s what i get you’re

manifesting it for him you just see him

having a million there’s nothing wrong

with that

if you want us to speak that you’re

gonna have a million and congratulate

you on your next milestone

early so you can start celebrating today

that’s the kind of energy that we’re

putting out today

i’ll just like literally just go to the

wine um seller and i’ll just

um which is what i just call my pantry


and uh i’ll just pull out uh one of

these garyvee wine bottles and

everything like that put primal video on

it and like when they hit 1 million i’ll

just open that

yeah so we can start celebrating

today you don’t have an email list

you’re starting it today we’re gonna

celebrate your first hundred

today we’re gonna celebrate it so you

can feel that feeling of like yes i have


i’ve i fully believe in that yeah what

you want

i do yeah you know one day um savvy

turtle has this thing one day i’m gonna

find somebody that can make a bronze

play button that i like and i’m gonna

host my own

award show and not just the bronze play

button but like in one day my plan one

day actually is to just host my own

creator awards show

and get the brands that i like to

sponsor it and get me like a small venue

i’ll have my team

film it and when i say an award show i

mean i will literally

just like rent like a um hotel like


sponsored by the brands and literally do

my own thing maybe get some of my

creator friends to come out and host

with me

yeah we will literally we will literally

just film

our own award show and we will literally


some crafter to make physical awards

or we’ll find a a workshop that can do

things to my specifications and we will


hand out our own creator awards and ship

them to people and i’m not joking guys

this has been a dream of mine for over

three years

i just haven’t uh like um we might have

done it

or be on the way to doing if it wasn’t

for covet kobe delayed a lot of my plans

by another two to three years believe it

or not we’ll talk about that another

time but

i literally want to hand out some bronze

play buttons

and some of my own twitch awards because

like i feel like twitch should have

trophies just like youtube

and i’ve always felt that way there’s a

lot of twitch streamers i want to give

my own awards to

there are some tick-tockers i want to

give physical awards to i feel like

every one of these platforms should

follow in youtube’s footsteps and not

only monetize creators

but actually acknowledge their success

with uh rewards i understand why they

don’t do

bronze play buttons they’d have it’d be

too expensive but um

yeah i want to do a couple for people

that i respect and people in my

community and i want to do that so i

think that’d be dope

that’s amazing sponsored by brands so

that’s my pitch

that’s my pitch it’ll be sponsored

they’ll pay for everything if you want

to get in the list to be a sponsor

you can start now do you have a you

could drop a url

where they can opt in to get in line not

yet but it’s like

um not yet but that’s actually not a bad


you know having your website and your

contact stuff set up

to where when brands reach out to you

having an email

for business that’s not tied to anything

else you need it to be in your

description or your youtube channel

because that’s how you can get hacked

because that’s how you get hacked right

like having that unique business email

right that brands and anyone with

business opportunities and stuff like

that can reach out to you and it not

being the one that’s for your youtube


um in your just in your bio in your

description and you’re about in your

other socials all of that

is really good because again we want you

want brands that might reach out to you

you may not even know who to reach out


you want to make it easy you want to

make yourself accessible to brands

and you want to make yourself accessible

to opportunity in general

and so that’s one of the reasons to do

that also it’s also more practical

when you have your own website and you

have your own domain name one you can

have a contact form that people can fill


you can have a website page that tells


not unlike your media kit but maybe just

again something that’s search friendly

because you can have your media kit you

can also have something search friendly

to present

you can have videos linked to previous


that you’ve done and so they can see

what a sponsored video looks like

you can even have an unlisted playlist

that’s just an

unlisted playlist of all of your

sponsored content so you can send that

to brands for examples or if you want to

send brand specific examples

you can make a customized unlisted

playlist and send that to them

as well in your emails so again this is

stuff for talking to brands

i was going to say this earlier somebody

said how do you make sure that they

um you’re not bugging them and i think

if you’re only sending the same type of

email over and over again

i would send a video you can do

something as simple as using like

loom have you ever used loom i’ve heard

of that and actually we’re looking at

using that for internal

so remember how i told you about metals

mission essential

uh task list yes okay we’re looking at

loom to be the video side of where do we

put all the videos for how to do a

process like how do we do the videos for

how to remove people from facebook

or how to update the crm or do this or

do that

like we’re looking at loom or our

internal training video stuff

okay yeah i really i love loom um

there’s a few things out there and vimeo

actually now has

their own screen share very similar to


but there are some differences and some


um i loom works really good on mac

just gonna throw that out there um apple


but it doesn’t work so good for pc for

some reason my husband

just refuses to use a mac

and it doesn’t really work that great

for him so he has some limitations


with loom on pc yeah

interesting yeah i mean i’m not i

i don’t know they need to get that

together but i mean just seeing how many


are iphone only right now it’s kind of

interesting because i would think that

there are so many more

android products across the board there

there are but people aren’t aware of

them and because the thing is it’s

easier to get distribution awareness on

apple because you only have to talk


one thing android is so fragmented

that’s hard to market against

that’s the uh that’s the issue it’s hard

to market against

and to a lesser extent to a lesser

extent in some ways

windows has windows has

a lot of these like solutions comparable

to things that are mac only

but i think that because people who are

mac only

are tied to the mac ecosystem and all of


they pay closer attention to whatever

exists in the market

yeah yeah that means i think it’s an

attention issue yeah

um so well what i was saying though is

that in your email

part of your email sequence right if you

did if they don’t respond to you

or if you do have to follow up we have

i’m i’m in everybody’s funnel

like if i think you have a good funnel

i’m jumping in because i want to see

your funnel

like a funnel nerd in that way but i get

to see what that sequence looks like

and then sometimes i’ll sign up from two

separate emails

just and do this for the brand that you

want to sponsor you so that you know the

language the tone the messaging

you know how they’re building

relationships with people like

just even the sentiment that they share

or that they’re using

to be able to be relatable maybe you

have a different spin on that you get

different results point is

maybe you just throw in your loom link

maybe you throw in a video

um there’s you know a link is something

that now they have to take action with

you and if they don’t see value they’re

probably not going to take action with


even if you said like this is the best

video of all time

in this link if they don’t see value in

it they’re not going to click on it so

put a little thumbnail in the email

and just make that that image a link

that links

to your loan something really quick it

could be

you know hey just following up with you

doesn’t have to be super produced

it’s just hey i’m looking forward to

building a relationship with you just

wanted to pop in they can hear your


they can hear you and see you that’s the

whole part of youtube right

is you get to build a relationship with

an audience people that you’ve never met


and essentially that’s what you’re

wanting to do with a with a brand so why

wouldn’t you use the power of video

to be able to market yourself indeed the

the thing is you

are um essentially a video content

creator lead

potentially with your strongest punch

like in theory

i mean i haven’t dropped this because i

um am planning a video around it but

like i said i feel that um

you could even make a video that the

same way we make a youtube channel

trailer you can make a brand trailer

what we usually call in the business a

sizzle reel

you can make a scissor reel that shows

off the value of your brand

and you could have your product b-roll

shots in there you can have your


flat lays in there you can but again you

could voice over you could show the

visual aesthetic of everything you have

to offer

show your ability to cut edit and

narrate and then you can tell them the

things that you think that they should

know and why they should work with you

and the thing is it allows you literally

an opportunity to show and tell

in the way that a media kit does good

thing about media kit is

that like because as a pdf document it’s

easy and fast to circulate and push

around and everything like that

and the thing is they don’t they can

multitask while they’re

interpreting that but they are forced to

watch a video which is good for you

but also again is whoever chooses to

take the time

to watch that and again this could sit

as an unlisted video

on your channel that you only circulate

the brands this uh scissor reel but

again i am going to

explain that concept in a later video

about brand deals

while i also am working on one myself um

it may be

something that i shoot a little bit of

it with the sony a1 when i borrow it

um because uh i can shoot an 8k

with that and i might just want to do

that so oh we got click funnel clan up

in here

let’s see

yeah i think i think it’s great stay and

stay organized

with with this so whatever it is that

you’re going to use

just create your own ecosystem of how

things flow

together we use asana what do you guys

use do you use any kind of like


system we use a combination of slack and


oh yeah okay and then and then for

like them being able to see what’s going

on in my brain

i use trello boards a lot and

but that’s like a reference for them of

like here

is me mind mapping stuff that i want or

sometimes i’ll use

um i think it’s um

god what is it mind something um

i just recently started using this it’s

actually mind mapping it’s an apple

thing was it uh was it i think it or is

it node

my node yeah it’s mind node it’s mind

node i it’s an app you can get in the

apple ecosystem for your

mac or pc my node it’s actually mind


tools and so i literally my friend

romina put me onto it

so i can literally kind of like mind map

and i can visually

create these threads and it’s actually

been helping me to organize my

thoughts for things like teaching things

and courses because i can

literally now just kind of this thread

to this thread and splinter it off in

like an actual thing of like the

hierarchy of like what things are

and i like that visual representation

for me so it’s my node

and it’s on apple and it’s amazing so

i like that yeah you know another i’m

old school

i’m just very like

analog a lot of the time like writing it


on paper well i have a whiteboard desk

well that’s nice

yeah i have to wait for a whiteboard and

a mobile whiteboard

yeah so i’ve been begging for us to put


like this huge blank wall that we have

and instead of doing some sort of design

thing i was trying to come up with a way

of like designing it to be

a fancy white board and i’m not i’m not


they have whiteboard paint they have um

i saw that

what if it what if it doesn’t work you

have to keep repainting it though

um have you used it look at the reviews

look i know but i’ve been to someone who

has it

and it worked out fine for them oh

somebody said air table yep i heard

that’s good i’ve heard of that i’m gonna

look into it

um why not uh send video emails with a

dub service

i um well again i talked about using

unlisted videos because i think that

that has a less likelihood of hitting

spam but using some other video email


again the likelihood of hidden spam or

the wrong part of their inbox

i don’t like so um i just keep it as

minimal as possible to be honest with


yeah i am a fan of using email as part

of your or

video as part of your strategy and your

options it could also be that you have

this you know

this opening hey welcome hello this is

who i am

this is what i’m interested in and here


you know here’s the kit and here’s a

video about it like and remember option

if you have your own website you also

literally can put together a page

for the brands oh and you can literally

put a video embedded from youtube or

vimeo or whatever you want

just put it in there and then you have a

video pitch

that is right there or again or a sizzle

reel or whatever you want so

yeah and if you have a landing page and

you’ve got buttons that they can click


to be able to like expand um you know

your reach

about your audience or your demographic

your psychographic whatever it is

i think the ability for you to see what

people are clicking on so if you’re

sending people to that page and you know


what people are clicking on you don’t

know which pages that they’re spending

the most time on if you’re only sending

them the pdf packet

right but you do if you have like heat


feature on on your website or landing

page or you can just be able to see

analytics on clicks for buttons

like that’s golden and that’ll help you

understand what people are and are not

interested in what’s capturing their

attention too

hope that helps yeah no absolutely

don’t use regular magic marker it

doesn’t come off or worked accompanies

happen yeah we’ll see

and i we just there’s too many things

that could go down

with whiteboards you don’t use regular

magic markers with whiteboards in

general anyway

but i i digress but um i do


love using um these whiteboard markers

uh the one thing you have to be careful

of with the whiteboard desk is you have

to not get the super strong markers

because then the smell

yeah you don’t want to sit there and

then be like yeah so

you know back to your point though you

don’t have to write things down you

don’t have to stay organized if you know

that like forward slash go

forward slash uh stream yard right

that’s what it was

how you got it for me to even remember

right but i would never

remember forward slash

you know y9r h64

27 whatever it is exactly exactly you’re

not ever going to remember that

and half the time those are what your

affiliate links are they’re just some


you know code it’s not anything that you

can remember but if you can remember

hey dot com forward slash

you know the brand name boom there it is

and it directs automatically for you

like that’s a no-brainer exactly you

know what’s the other thing is uh for

those of you who like don’t have the

website or you’re not doing that side of

it or the redirects or what have you

you can always use something like genius

or bitly yeah you could always use

genius or bitly

and you’ll be you know you’ll be good to

go even with that

let’s talk about that for a second url


i was on there today and the reason why

is because i

keep telling myself to do it from my


that nobody can subscribe to your

your channel if you’re sharing your your


uh links out when you first publish or


it opens up in that player right so

people can’t like

they can’t interact or engage with your

with your i think a lot of people’s work

around has been link free

well yeah but if you’re posting like on

facebook you’re not posting your link

tree you’re wanting to post

the link to the video yes

if you put it if you make it a deep link

it will take them out of that player and

it will

pull up pull it up in in a pla in a

place where they can’t interact with it

no right that that makes sense so yeah

you want to have the appropriate

link that actually pushes them to open

the appropriate app

so how about this if you see a sponsor

and they don’t know to do that

and you reach out to let them know how

to do that

that’s value yes a thousand percent

thousand percent um gears and tools

ask what percentage of brand deals do

you accept from brands slash decline you

see a lot of brands that want to partner

up but the product quality isn’t

up to what oh god i probably decline 80

of them um i’ll probably make a video

about that like i

i turned down 80 percent or more of the

brand deals i probably

every year turn down what’s probably

more than a hundred thousand hundred

fifty thousand or more

in potential brand deals um in

partnerships like i do it all the time

even sometimes from recognized brands i

it’s like it’s not a good

fit or i’m like well why are you

reaching out to me for this thing

and not this thing it’s like this fits

my audience better like what are you

like and they’re like well no we’re

promoting this right now so it’s kind of

a yes or no kind of thing

nope sometimes it’s been a timing thing

and it’s like okay well nope

sometimes it’s been a pricing thing and

i’ll go like nope and again for a lot of

lower tier brands there’s a lot of

brands or whatever that

again they’ll they’ll throw money

there’s brands that’ll throw a lot of

money to get in front of people

but if you don’t have that relationship

or you don’t know them like i don’t like

they’re real with you it’s very

difficult for me to work with people i

don’t know

okay what’s the highest offer you’ve got

don’t you guys want to know

what’s the highest what’s the highest

offer from a sponsor

fifty thousand it was about fifty

thousand that’s nice

and i turned it down when what how how

long ago was that like what was the size

of your channel at that time

it was fairly recently there was like a

fifty thousand 000 thing that i turned

down it was fairly recent it was like in

the last couple of like it’s in the last

year or so

that’s great and was there like

additional revenue that potential from

that probably

probably it just wasn’t a good fit it

was just like so

what if there was another thing there

was a smaller thing that i turned down

that was like an

easy five grand but i was just like i

like you guys personally

but i was looking at their thing and i’m

like y’all had some

issues and some headlines and basically

i just decided that they weren’t getting

like they were getting enough

they are good company they’re a solid

company they were giving enough

negative press that i decided i want to

deal with the headaches of their

negative press in my comment section of

why i’m promoting them because again

they make a solid product and they have

a solid service

but just because like i didn’t like in

the same way that brands will decide

well i don’t want despite all the value

that a youtubers create with me

they’re getting bad press so i’m out i

did the same thing to a brand i’m

telling you it cuts both

ways yeah yeah it absolutely does

well i guess my my point though is that

i think most people would listen to that

and they would go

like wow fifty thousand dollars for a


right what’s your reputation worth well

let’s say it was a good fit though well

then if it’s a good fit just because of

alignment it may not be good timing

it may be too much stress it may be that

like it’s not worth my mental health

it may be that they’re asking for a lot

of stuff and the pressure to deliver on


is uh do i want to risk not doing this


and do i want to play for these stakes

this month this week this whatever

this season and because the thing is a

lot of people forget the

well you want to put yourself in the

position where the easiest thing to do

is say no

yeah well for sure i mean you’ve got you

hold the ball is in your court when

they’re offering you something like that


what i’m saying is like what if you what

if what if the conditions were perfect

we’re perfect and you really were like

you know this is a great fit i’m excited

to do this

fifty thousand dollars then yeah that’s

right yeah then i’d be fine

for most of these people they’re going

yeah right like when would that ever


for me and we’re talking about like how

to get to that point

you don’t get to that point if you’re

not celebrating

your million subscribers before you get

them you don’t get

if you’re not producing quality of

sponsored videos

and you’re not going after this like

they’re worth fifty thousand dollars


you don’t you don’t get to say yes or no

to those things if you’re not putting

yourself in the position

to um command that level

of either authority respect or trust or


or traffic or whatever but you also

again should be skeptical of anything

that feels too good to be true

or again anything that feels like too

much of a stretch because again

brand deals aren’t sunshine rainbows you

can spend three weeks

just working out the details and

negotiating and god knows how long in

revisions and approvals and all of that

i can say no to things angelique because

there’s a point where sometimes you

don’t want to feel like an employee


yeah oh i was going to say that

something else you said earlier exactly

entrepreneurship does not mean financial


or freedom of your time or that you just

didn’t uh create a job for yourself

where you have

now infinite amount of bosses right yeah

like there’s um there’s a lot of systems

and things in my place to where

i have a healthy amount of um like

residual recurring truly passive income

i mean

it’s no secret to these people it’s one

of the reasons that like i’m one of the


few people out there that can talk about

legit passive income because

royalties and recurring affiliate


our real passive income and automated


where it’s a digital product in


a real passive income and we all know i

have those and we’ve seen my numbers so

we all know

that i do make more than ten thousand

dollars of real recurring passive income

which is enough

to live off of now what it may or may

not do is then depending on the systems

you need in place in terms of

your team or payroll or this or that it

may not cover all the business stuff


but there may be other things you’re

doing there so that’s the thing you want

to think about

but when i talk about making that stuff

passive that passive income is my


my leverage is the ability to say no and

say i’m comfortable with the amount of

money i have

so your amount of money doesn’t

represent a temptation for me

in some way so just because someone

offers me

uh 50 or a thousand dollars for um like

what ends up being a month of my time or

something like that or even if it was

like you know

two weeks of my time it’s not always

going to be and by the way that’s a very

very rare situation a very rare offer

most of my stuff is not that it’s closer

into the

like you know tops out at like 20 or 15

or 10

or this or that or if it’s just a single

and we’re talking campaigns when we talk

about that by the way we’re not talking


fifty thousand dollars for a single

video we’re talking about fifty thousand

dollars for

like an extended relationship

so don’t get it twisted you guys like

it’s the it’s the big people it’s the

marquez’s of the world that get

bigger numbers than that for a single

video it’s not not little roberto like

that’s a like commitment and that’s the

other problem

what commitment are you willing to make

what relationship are you willing to be


and what is like of that breakup even

look like with the br what is breaking

up with a brand look like you got to

think about these things

and you got to think about these things

you got to think about

which brands are you going to be in a

committed relationship with which brands

are you going to be casual

with and which brands are you going to

like gtfo

like you know like which ones are you

going to stiff-arm like

yeah or like are you going to change

your your channel topic because you got

bored and now you’re pivoting

because you really weren’t committed to

your to your niche

so there’s that yeah that’s that’s

that’s now the alignment

so now now the alignments change so like

you got to really

you got to really think about these

things because you’re like again you’re

in a reputation based business but again

you also want to make sure that like

i’ve always kept saying you want to


so that you have the ability to walk

away because somebody who’s

making most of their money from ads


like can’t turn down an opportunity to

get some extra money um

and somebody who’s making most of their

money between ads and sponsors

can’t even take a break or a vacation

because they don’t have enough passive


to say i don’t have to like hunt for my


right like if you if you take brand

deals and you take

um ad revenue you constantly have to

churn out content and it has to be

content that constantly performs and

gets the numbers and does bigger and


like because you’re hunting for your

meals all the time

i farm and it isn’t as sexy

and it’s slow and you know i have to


shake my fist at the sky when it doesn’t

rain but the thing is

i have enough crops that i’m rotating

through to where i know how i’m gonna


and i still do hunt so i

farm and hunt but a lot of youtubers

especially the entertainment youtubers

all they do is hunt for their meals and

it’s a problem when it’s you know when

that’s a when it’s a problem it’s a

problem because if you’re constantly

hunting for your meals when do you get

to take a break

yeah that’s so true well then you’ll

you’ll burn out

faster too that’s why it happens burnout

is usually

to be very real with a lot of you a lot

of people refuse to talk about

the financial pressure that leads to


youtube burnouts they talk because again

they talk about not taking breaks

they talk about feeling stressed they

talk about not hating the numbers

they talk about feeling insecure about

what they’ve got going on

but that’s because of how much of what

they live off of is dependent on all of

those things

think about it and then for those of you

who are not full-time youtubers

it’s the same for a lot of you because

you’re seeing a delay

on this potential to finally get out of

whatever situation you’re in

whenever you don’t hit numbers you don’t

get this as a small youtuber you burn

out and get frustrated because you’re

trying so hard

to get extra and to get out and to

um to do that and then when it’s not

happening your efforts aren’t lining up

with the expectation

the exertion is not matching the results

and then you’re getting frustrated

discouraged and you’re physically


like so whether you’re a larger content

creator or smaller content creator

people don’t acknowledge how much of


comes down to not having financial

leverage to begin with because

if you actually know you could stop

but for like a month or something or two

and you wouldn’t reach an uncomfortable

financial place you just would have less


but you wouldn’t be uncomfortable your

lifestyle wouldn’t change if you stopped

working for a month

that’s when you have power that’s when

you have control that’s when you have

leverage take

what i did i until just last week hadn’t


uploaded a youtube video in over 30 days

i just live streamed once a week or

every other week for like a month

i barely uploaded i barely

uh did anything for my channel

and it i knew for a fact it wouldn’t

affect my lifestyle

yeah and you can do that and you know

i’m i’m a firm believer in

quality over quantity

like if you know live streaming there’s

there’s a purpose

for this getting on here and people can

be a part of this conversation and they


and i’m enjoying it you know this is a

different element

but if you were to put together a video

and you were to slap it together like it

was alive it would be different

yeah yeah so like for most people

they just try to i gotta get something

up and that’s true they probably do

because you got to get up your first you

know x amount 40

i i like to say 40 is the number for for


like don’t let’s not even talk about

your channel until you’ve got up your

first 20

and then we’ll start talking about it

but after that you really haven’t gotten

in the routine or the habit until you’ve

gotten in somewhere in those numbers

and what your expectations are so

having quality is going to help a lot in

just talking through and thinking

through what that what that means

don’t procrastinate

i feel like the quality and quantity

thing shifts though because first of all

like there’s a threshold of like

acceptable quality because there’s a

point where you could make

the expectations your audience


um a lot of explain what you’re thinking

if you keep raising the bar past a

certain point past when you’re

when people are already saying yes if

you decide to be too

much extra past yes to where you’ve made

it literally too hard to just even make

like a video and you’ve also set

yourself the expectations of

stunt after stunt or this thing or

adding this thing or whatever you could

make the turn around on a video or the

potential for things to go wrong in a


so unsustainable that you end up being

inconsistent and ghosting your audience

and a lot of people try to chase doing

that too early in their career because

they’re not mr beast yet but they think

they can blow up fast

by over producing content but the thing

is they haven’t even gotten to a point

to where it’s like you’ve reached a

place where it’s like

when people will accept something from

you for most youtubers most youtubers

should not

mimic or try to mimic mr beast or any of

the people over 10 million

anybody or really anybody but like to a

point because you do model success

but i think you get what i’m saying is

like people go too big too hard too fast

with never

acclimating to that it’d be like just

trying to realize like that you can

thinking you can power your way through


certain sports or certain things and

then realizing you know you did never

train your body

to handle thin air you know just because

you were able to get up there doesn’t

mean you can hang up there

you just did something wildly

impractical because

you never conditioned for it and you

just tried to bulldoze your way through

it’s like

again that’s why i treat this like a

sport or like learning a musical

instrument or like a career

you can’t literally just power your way

through something as fast as possible


um you’re impatient or even again if you

throw out a quality video

but you literally ghost your audience

you’ll be a one-hit wonder

okay what i i’m a perfectionist

so i think i i fall into the same bucket

as a lot of people

like if i know how to do something right

i want to do it right

but the thing is you’re deciding what’s

right before the audience

decides what’s right okay so for some

people they really struggle

and i i love this conversation right

here because i think it leads

hand in hand with with um

what sponsors are looking at when you

have what data you have to give to them

and it’s attention if you are struggling

to get people to watch your videos is

doing the same mistakes over and over

again even if it’s

getting at 30 years you’re still making

the same mistakes you were at

the first video you’re not going to get

any better you’re just going to get that

much more discouraged

well for once one thing you can’t

sometimes you have to

take enough swings to verify a mistake

or to even identify

what you’re doing wrong or why you’re

doing it wrong

and you can’t assume that the numbers

just mean that you’re doing it wrong

because the thing is people think that

about their video content

most people the problem isn’t even their

video content to be real with you being

quality it’s their branding

isn’t that isn’t that all a part of it

though for me

you and i think of it that way because

we’re marketers the average content

creator thinks making a quality video

matters and they’ve been told over and

over again making a quality video


you and i know that attention matters

and attention isn’t about a quality


attention is about the topic of the day

the title that grabbed their attention

or inflamed or enraged or excited them

and a thumbnail that sells it you and i

both know

that the packaging of a video that’s not

even by our standards quality doesn’t

even have to have good audio by our


i’ll give you an example and this is not

a shade to anybody you and i both know

that any commentary channel talking

about any of the youtuber scandals right


could make a video that by our standards

are is piss-poor

in production editing and doesn’t even

have to communicate well or articulate


they could sit there and ramble at the

camera and get a hundred thousand views

as long as they’re talking about the t

of the day and who’s going down in


they will inevitably get attention

so when we talk about again when we talk

about quality

over quantity like sometimes that’s a

straight-up lie

because the data ain’t telling that

story the data you know i know

ain’t telling that story but you know

what uh and again that’s no shade to t

or commentary channels because a lot of

them what they do very well

is they are great headline writers which

is why

the click bait media has basically

reduced itself to being the same as the

drama community at this point the

journalists aren’t doing it much better

like than them for a reason the

journalists are saying they’re

studying youtube channels to learn how

to get views and attention because

they’ve been failing

at it for so long so you know what i’m

saying so they coming into our house now

so the point i’m making is that there

are people who are masters of getting


that are not necessarily filmmakers not

necessarily great or raiders

not necessarily great performers but

they’re smart enough to realize that

they can commentate on people

who make better videos than them because

that’ll get attention because supply and


right so again that’s truth for you so

the thing is while we’re sitting here

worrying about a perfectly crafted video

shot in 4k

edited to perfection with all the

trimmings it we’re making a video

that 99 of normal people have no

interest in but that’s fine for our

target market because we’re also

immediately building businesses and

building brand and building

an affluent audience not the average

consumer so the thing is

also just even understanding that that

the psychology of the average consumer

is different than the market that we’re

catering to where it’s like

we’re we’re partly only interested in

the attention

of a very narrow narrow small

amount of people usually people

that are over 25 the majority of youtube

ain’t that audience so for those of you

who are in the entertainment world

there’s to be real with you some of you

there’s a threshold of acceptable


for your audience where they’re not

asking for a lot

and a lot of you will put yourself in a

position where it would be simpler

for you to just give your audience what

they’re actually asking for

than trying to look like the youtubers

that you’re worshiping which is where a

lot of you are going wrong

is that you don’t even know what the

standard you need to be at for

people to say that this is what i want

because i’d rather have

this and have somebody that’s consistent

or somebody with this personality or


on the regular because that once in a

while over the top thing

is nice once in a while because some

people they’ve got that already and

they’ve already checked that box

but consistency there ain’t a lot of

people checking the consistency box

yeah but but it can

and as long as your audience you’re

their jam and what it is that you do and

how you do what you do

vibes with them like it makes sense and

if you are

if that’s what if that’s part of your

target audience

that you know that they will respond to

this particular thing

they they they gotta have it polished up

if you know that about your tar

your target audience then you gotta

polish up you know that already

if you don’t know that though

discovering that is important

i want to say this before we talk to you

from who we talk to polish matters a lot

but for a lot of people personality

would be polish

yep it’s all part of it though yeah for

me it’s part of it it doesn’t even have

to be

for us it is yes i agree with you i

agree with you

but i’m speaking to again whoever is out


because their audience may not be the

same as like say you or me or per se

because again i’m saying like if you’re

if you’re like i’ve seen

so many people i’ll give you a primary

example mr beast because his audience

was a young demo the demo that now

watches everything on tik tok he was

able to get 200 000 subscribers on his


but then also there’s another person

who’s older

scott manley who does science videos and

does all the rocket launch stuff and

talks about space and all these things

he shoots and edits on his iphone

and he’s at about a million subscribers

but that’s because

again that community is there for what

the information and stuff that he


is as somebody who has a background in


but makes it interesting for that

community of real nerds that want to

know about the rockets and the elon musk

space launches for spacex and things

like that

and the um blue origin and all those

things you know like he

is for that community he’s set like for

them it’s like they’re like yeah this is

the threshold of acceptable quality we

don’t need you to be more than this

so he could he can more than afford to


he’s not even he doesn’t even do youtube

full time because he has a great job at

a great company

that pays a very generous salary to

where he

doesn’t feel the need to be a full-time

youtuber even though he has a million

subscribers and could definitely do it

and there he also doesn’t need to put

any money

into production or editing or upgrading

or hiring a team even with all that

going form

because he is community already said yes

and he was like he took yes for an

answer right

but there were there were things that

they did to build that community

in the first place and a lot of that had

to do with holding attention

and you know pandering to the algorithm

so that attention time in the first four


right they were really strict about that

they also have a strategy for thumbnails

that’s like

no nobody probably smaller than you

other than maybe a couple of people i

won’t name names

has a thumbnail strategy that in that

consists of

multiple thumbnails per video that are

already pre-planned

or that they’re doing a b testing and

even using the tubebuddy features

somebody dropped two buddy in here

you know that’s a feature to test ap

test your your um

your thumbnails and that’s important too

what’s up the string yard though why are

they making you pay

this i’ve been wanting to ask this since

i got them i don’t even know

like they would probably they would they

would literally let me they’d probably

literally let me

like completely have it for free if i

bother to ask but it’s like

i’m asking but we are asking

i’ve given other people like a free

license it’s just

but i also like the running joke and gag

that’s like i’m still paying for it

while they sponsor me

so it’s like i don’t like i so it’s like

it’s it’s just funny

it almost sounds like a burn though

i don’t know i like it i like it because

i think it’s funny

um i think it’s funny i mean i’m still

paying for adobe all the work i’ve done

with them where they’ve sponsored me and


although they probably paid for my adobe

for years by sponsoring me in a way

after a fashion but i’ve still paid for

adobe for and then not just for me i’m

paying for adobe for my team

like that’s yeah so i mean it’s just um

but but again i one it’s fun and games

for me but then also people

who do take it seriously are also

because again for me it all washes out


uh for other people it’s like that does

say something that’s like oh

yeah if i wasn’t getting sponsored or

something i’d still pay for it like i

would and i do

like it’s fine so yeah you know that’s

really great that you

say that and because this is my first

live experience

on youtube i have to say it was really

easy to use i thought i was supposed to

download some software

that’s why i was like look you have to

give me a minute like i am not set up to

do this

and i thought i was gonna have to like

create an account which i did

and i started doing all this stuff and i

went and got your but it literally is



that’s all i had to do they made it so

easy and i thought

that i was gonna have to do something

completely different i did not know what

to expect

but they they walk you through it i was

a little scared i thought i was just

gonna come on

i think i did actually just come on not

even aware that

it had started i was looking down or

something well no you

i didn’t put you on screen yet you were

in the green room

yeah no right yeah which i’m i was


to know that i was in the green room

because i don’t know how any of this


and i thought oh i’m gonna crash and

burn i don’t know how this is gonna go

no you’ve been doing great i think the


has enjoyed you and like there’s people

who’ve definitely really enjoyed hearing

your perspective

on this and stuff like that and um it’s

always great

to one it’s always great to talk to you

but then two it’s always great to just

have a different perspective because you

were able to talk to us from the brand

side and not just the creator side plus

you’re able to speak as somebody

who works with a larger uh content

creator but then also yourself

is an up and comer so you have it from

both sides which is very rare

you know yeah because that’s um

and that’s the other reason i like

having viper here they get both sides

they get to hear from somebody who has 5

000 subscribers and they can hear

someone who has 500 000 subscribers

they also get to see the truth which

i’ve always said you know

it’s not some like pecking order or

hierarchy game like maybe

some people but most of the community we

do not we’re not clicky about subscriber

counts we’re clicky about the people we

click with

yeah well and that’s i mean that’s it’s

the you part of youtube

right it’s if you’re showing up and

you’re authentic you’re going to build

relationships with people

and i think that that’s what i

appreciate about clubhouse because

that’s where we started

building our friendship from so being

able to be authentic and showing up

there was no polish there was no nothing

to prepare

no lighting you know half the time this

is not how i look on clubhouse although

my picture suggests that i do

right i can just be myself and i think

here too

you know this is i think most people

would be terrified

of getting a lot going live on

on youtube like if roberto blake

asked you to get on here with him live

would you

not would your stomach not drop to the

floor for just a second

like let me know in the comments if i’m

if i’m the only one who had that the

moment of like

oh okay i ran in there and i told my

husband he says

where are you going where are you going

where are you going where are you

getting dressed for and ready for it

and i said well i gotta do this you know

like i can’t not

do this and he goes yeah all right like

to him

nothing’s a big deal because he’s we’ve

made it a practice to

get comfortable being uncomfortable and

that’s just what this was

but i think for most people they would

be terrified of starting lives or even

bringing this in

this has been on on my agenda as the

next thing to do

with my channel is the stream yard will


stream yard definitely would make it

like easy

yeah and and i because this is sponsored

by streamer i just had to

to at minimum be able to just drop in

here that this was my first experience

so i thought i find it you know amazing

pretty cool

that it’s a sponsored video at that and

then i got to have that

experience of being you know brought in

from you i’m

i’m now your affiliate because i came

off of your affiliate link to come in

and i had my first experience here

because of this

so as a as a sponsor this is exactly

what they would be looking for

and for me to tell everybody how easy it

was right

how simple and how comfortable it was to

just be able to get up here

so i think from from that standpoint

even if

a sound bite like this to be able to

send to them

um that’s gold for them yeah

i’m sure and remember you guys can

actually use the link in the description

down below

to sign up for stream yard for free

today and limno roberto sent you

but yeah that’s free and you guys might

want to do that uh the the other thing i

will say um before we start to wrap

up here um is i i do want to remind

people that quality

is important in brand deals um and again

there’s a lot of points of negotiation

for it for sure

but quality a lot of even the overkill

and quality i do

is partly to attract the biggest brands

in the world quality and production and

performance and all those things not

just your numbers but just the actual

thing being delivered to them the

product the video that they’re getting

would matter especially when you

consider remember you can actually be


even if you have smaller numbers but

your production and editing is really


they might just tell you they want you

to make content on their platform

and they will pay you for that which

again is why you should stop

thinking that you have to charge for the


stop charging for the views think to


how much would i ask to be paid to make


on their channel and views and

subscribers have nothing to do with that

that’s all about oh god how much


editing b-roll production doing my lines


the revisions they’re gonna want that

would be the service

so you should charge for that and just

take the

views and subscribers out of the

equation and think about what if they


asked me to put this on their platforms

on their youtube on their facebook on


instagram on like think like that yeah

creator more than influencer when it

comes to that and you will stop being

leveraged by your size

and you’ll start judging it on the

quality of the thing that you’re making

brand because they have to go to an

agency if they don’t hire you they gotta

go to an agency in the agency don’t got

no follower account to worry about

oh gosh you just brought up something

else i’m gonna talk about

about um market value the average market


this was like a trigger word when i

first heard it the first time i was like

wait what

average market value is what an agency

will value your channel at

based off of what they can get for a

channel your size

doesn’t matter if the creators like you

if they have an audience or

a relationship with their audience this

is average

market value and when you are at the

mercy of

that metric that’s not good because is

there anywhere to find

out that chart number or anything is

there anywhere to do that research

well i these agencies can kind of make

their own rules but i think um

i think they’re using like social blue


that might be yeah so that’s a baseline

a lot of them do that and everything

like that i have a tool that i’ve shown

people called hype auditor that i use

that’s a diagnostic tool uh but it’s

like it costs money

like uh you’re fine on that but most

people will not get that tool because

like i pay 200

a month to get 20 influencer reports

every month and i pick the influencers

didn’t i say like a couple weeks ago

wouldn’t people pay

for other people’s data and analytics i


that and this is this is a perfect

example of that people said i was crazy

yeah i don’t know why like no um

it’s real so so yeah so like this is um

chad kathy says she fell asleep came

back and we’re still here

oh that’s hilarious but i mean to a

point these agencies use views or

subscribers but a lot of what they

really use is engagement

like i’ve seen regardless of how many

views or subscribers have seen

in my own diagnostic tools like hype


that the engagement actually determines

a lot

yeah and then they also then do their

own internal

what they want what they think and again

they’ll have their own

internal like concept of brand affinity

of like well how on brand are you like

so there’s all kinds of other things but

i do just want you guys to remember

even at a superficial level someone with

no audience a brand would just say

that dude is the model he’s perfect he’s

got the perfect body he’s got the

perfect build and that smile or oh

that’s the girl she’s got the curly hair

she’s got the look she’s got the thing

to sell it

she’s like they would literally with no

follower count with no clout with no cap

just pick somebody that they think would

look good in the ad

because i have friends who do modeling

and do extra work and literally

they don’t have big social media

followings they literally like

that’s the look that’s the person or

that i like how they delivered that line

or i like

like even hand models there’s all so

just kind of remember

there’s all these kind of things and

just remember the photographer

that shoots the ad no one’s worried

about their follower account and

nobody’s worried about how much exposure

the photographer is going to give

the person writing the script they get

paid just remember

people get paid for services they

deliver now a lot of y’all

have not come from that world you get

paid to punch a clock

and now you’re getting paid based on

your social media metrics

y’all never did freelancing like me and

angelique so you’ve never done client

services you never worked at agencies

like we did

so you never did itemized building you

never did client services and that’s why

we’re educators and that’s why we coach

people is because

there’s a whole experience in life you

all have never had there’s a whole

experience in your career y’all

never had you’ve never charged for being

a creator not in terms of your exposure

as an influencer but

literally just for the crafting that you

did and you’ve

never done value-based pricing you’ve

never done a value-based exchange

you’ve either sold your time for money

or you’ve sold

the uh perception of your influence for


you’ve never actually sold the thing you

make for money

that’s the difference so one thing i

want to say about this

market value is that

it’s bittersweet because it could mean


the value of your industry your niche


what you have to offer could be valued

higher than you think which

you mentioned before like ask them what

their budget is because it could be


and often will be higher than what you

would value your own channel at

but sometimes it could be lower and it’s


we’re not having this conversation

enough for people to

be able to uh understand like

you know this girl is charging 500 for

the same thing that this one

up here charged twelve thousand dollars

for right

this person will do it for free product

which by the way somebody asked that

question about free product earlier and

if they’re still on

but free free product could be a form of

payment for some people

and they’re perfectly happy with that so

then when this person goes

actually if they use it to make content

that they know will get them something

later yeah

right and that’s what we were talking

about earlier about the leverage and

being able to use something to move you

to the next

like stepping stone and this is why i’m

gonna pose the question

why wait why wait for a sponsor

to produce something that you could use

to show a sponsor you don’t have to

publish it it doesn’t have to be

something that you publish

just get in the in the habit like on a


to make this third video that or just

get out there and start

making videos that you can exercise what

it would be like

if somebody reached out to you and you

turn them down just say hey

not right now that could mean that you

might be interested in them later

and the thing is you could still

monetize it by just doing affiliate you


you can still monetize it i literally

just view things i buy on b

h and amazon that’s how i got my start

like uh something else i’ll remind you


in terms of like the idea of like you

don’t know how to price yourself is go

look up in google sometime

day rates for modeling go look up data

rates for modeling remember

they aren’t relying on the model to get

any traffic

and when you see how much people make on

the day rates not the hourly rates

the day rates for being a model

and remember that they get paid even if

they’re not even used in the ad

when you all realize what the day rate

for being a model

the day rate for being an actor in an

industrial and since you all don’t know

what an industrial is

an industrial is when you’re the actor

in like the company training video

or the company um what they call it the

company sensitivity training video or

the company safety video

when you’re the actor in that whether

they use you or not

the thing is this thing will never see

the public light of day

so there’s no traffic there’s no

marketing exposure

there’s no there’s nothing that the


makes off of their corporate training

video or their comfort safety video

their comfort

sensitivity video they don’t get

anything from the public on that

they don’t need any clout they don’t

need influencer marketing on that

the model even if sorry the actor

for a per day because my friend malcolm

does this

an actor can get like eight hundred

dollars a day

non-union non-union eight hundred

dollars a day

to be in a video that will never see the

public light of day i just want you to


what we’re talking about here that you


all your value in views and subscribers


wildly misguided and it’s not your fault

because you’ve been on a platform and

been in a culture

that keeps telling you that and that’s

why you’re getting taken advantage of

yeah there’s a lot of people in here

talking about like you know how they

would structure

or or what the metric is that’s

important to them

like follower count or charge per views

versus charging for the creative which

could be

something totally different but there’s

one person in particular that um

that came out uh with the comment here

jay he’s talking about um some people

were really good at making tutorials

about certain software and the company

actually picked them to make us

to make tutorials on the official

channel exactly precisely

what i’ve been talking about that

happened to me yeah i got paid and i got


more for that by the way than i would

have for just

maybe something on my own channel like

for real that happened for me with

several brands that i’ve worked with

probably the one you all would recognize

the most is obviously adobe

yeah right you know and that was one of

my higher paid brand deals and one of

the higher paid campaigns

yes so like that’s real that does happen

yeah that’s i mean those are those are

prime examples

of seeing the need filling a need and

that’s really how i started my entire


was seeing problems that i could provide

solutions for i’m just a professional

problem solver

i just i love that on solving problems

i’m not

in i mean some people would say you’re

amazing with marketing

that’s not true because marketing

changes all the time and i’m not good

at knowing exactly what’s out there all

the time or how to use it

facebook ads i used to do them i used to

be able to run

campaigns with my eyes closed i couldn’t

do it today because it changed so much

there’s just there’s just certain things

that if i wanted to though i could why

because i’m looking for the problem

and the solution to that problem that’s

really everything

in marketing too and when you’re talking

about brands you’re talking about

getting brand deals you’re talking about

your channel

the type of content to put out there

building a relationship with those

people so that you could build

relationships with more profitable


it’s solving problems so so mr hatman

you said that views are relevant and why

don’t do brand deals on creative and

then charge them for views some people


excuse me and um it is about conversions

not views

but views uh demonstrate for a lot of

brands the potential upside of

conversions because of something called

the one percent rule because we use that

in advertising and marketing so

um there’s yes

and there’s vanity but there’s also

exposure so there’s a value to

exposure-based marketing as well

so the thing is it’s not that i would

say that they’re completely irrelevant

i would say that they’re used as a point

of leverage largely

to the detroit creators and they’re also

a point of insecurity

largely to the uh detriment of creators

because remember one view is the right

view one view is the producer that puts

you on l in one view

is that ghost client that phantom client

that’s never commented that then hires

you and writes you a ten thousand dollar

check in one go

like that’s happened to me so like i’ve

like there are a lot of things

these live streams don’t always get

views but i get wonderful

super chats and engagement and stuff

from you guys and guess what

i’ll make more money through the

relationships of those of you who

hire me off the back of the live stream

then i would offer the ad revenue or the

brand deal

potentially or again by doing a live

stream even though it doesn’t get a lot

of views it is a vehicle for the

sponsors and the thing is a lot of you

end up visiting the sponsors and giving

them traffic and the thing is it’s a

significant amount of traffic in the day

and it spikes for the day and they

always love that so

the especially since the weekends are

slow for them so these are all things

taken into consideration and you just

have to think about

i’ll give you guys a final like tip

before we start to say goodbye but um

just think about this i always look at

how i’m going to build traffic

i’m going to build trust and how i’m

going to build transactions and the

thing is i always

show proof of traffic i always show

proof of trust of authority

and i always show proof of transactions

aka the buying power of

of you all my audience and so on so

forth so i always just i always just

prove it the brands know when they work

with me they already know roberto has

his own business

so i can’t have my own business if my

audience doesn’t have my trust enough or

sorry i don’t have enough trust with the

audience to lead the transactions

having my own business means that you

got to come with enough money to

interest him because he doesn’t really

need it

he just wants it or would like it or it

would help or it’s like but it’s like

he could just say no and be comfortable

with what he has so we have to make it

tempting you know so there’s that aspect

of it it’s like traffic

well i generate traffic it may not

always be the biggest numbers

but it’s is it the right people though

is it the right traffic the right

traffic is better than

um the wrong traffic again depending on

what you value

because again i’ve known companies that

have said we made a mistake going with

like these people who have this many

subs in this rare because this person

with less did more for us

and it’s like we paid all our money and

we blew our budget there and so that’s

why some brands have decided that micro

influencers and nano influencers that


niche authority intimacy and people hang

on their every word

are sometimes better than macro mega


with hundreds of thousands or millions

because the thing is those people were

good at getting

attention that’s free attention they

don’t always move the needle

on convincing anyone to ever spend money

or if it is

the loyalty stays with the creator and

never is shared with the brand so a lot

of people

they can get their audience to spend

money but only with them

not with a brand right like that’s

that’s something that people don’t


and you know something else you know

savvy turtles in here and he’s talking

about who he met

through you and like the the

the community around you that he’s met

some pretty dope people and i’d have to


right birds of a feather type thing but

it’s the same

concept for aligning yourself with

brands and brands aligning themselves


creators and where it just makes sense

and there’s a win-win

because you know you can trust that if

roberta’s telling you something that he

believes in it

he’s not going to talk about something

if he doesn’t i think we all know that

at this point right somebody said

you say it really you say something

really important but you say it with

your resting boss face


i love that it was joy i think we talked

to joy before

yeah yeah yeah yeah she was in our

clubhouse room the other day yeah for

coffee talk with viper yeah but uh

speaking of

all of those things and everything like

that i think it’s time

to call it an evening yeah i didn’t


snacks i was i’m like it’s time for me

to eat again actually

golly we do this though that’s the

that’s the dangerous part

about hanging out with roberto it could

easily go on

and we’ve done this in clubhouse hours

just talking about stuff yeah important


but yeah but angelique where can people

find you

you can you can look me up on youtube

here of course i just started my channel

just barely over two months old i’m a

new tuber

officially and proud of it angelique

stidham you can find me there

you can find me on instagram

um facebook of course and clubhouse

that’s probably where you’ll connect

with me the most is instagram and

clubhouse um facebook i am on there and

i do

use that for my personal stuff but i’m

mostly in groups and whatnot

um you can find me here right in the

chat where you are

or or watching alongside of you if

you’re watching the replay um

yeah i just appreciate this opportunity

i think right now

um we need connection we need truth more

than ever

and we need to be able to to help people

and guide them in the right direction

and i think education on this topic is

extremely important

again for both sides of the table that


takes two sides so we have to start

start opening it up to

seeing both sides of the picture and i

just appreciate you having me on here so

that i could share

yeah no thank you we definitely

benefited from your experience and also

from your

perspective i always enjoy talking to

you so it’s just always fun for me to

talk to my friends

uh but guys just remember that like i


while it’s possible as a smaller channel

or smaller influencer to get brand deals

you’re at the lowest level of your


and your exposure to all of this so

again you’re at your highest levels of

overall vulnerability

uh and you don’t have a lot of leverage

and the thing is

sometimes that makes it very easy to be

taken advantage of

but it also means you’re dividing your

attention and when you’re small

the best use of your attention is

creating value for your audience and

working on your quality of your content

your systems and your consistency

instead of chasing the validation that

comes from a brand supporting you

because again for a lot of you these

milestones these vandy metrics and even

the sponsorship thing

is a check in the box to make it feel

real to you so you feel motivated to

keep going

when motivation fails you discipline

won’t so you got to get out of being

emotionally driven by all of this

and just make a commitment to it and

stop looking for that validation and i

know that says easier said than done

but that’s the entire point it’s not

meant to be easy it’s not supposed to be

you’re asking for people’s time

attention and possibly their money

why would it come easy why should it

come easy it’s kind of you know take a

step back and think about that

as always you guys i just want to say

thank you so much for watching spending

time thank you for all the super chats

all the love

links to everything are in the

description down below

and we will catch you in the week uh

just a friendly reminder

to support the sponsors both tubebuddy

and stream yard link down below

also make sure you’re checking out my

facebook page

following me over there let’s go ahead

and get to 10k over and facebook

monetize yet another platform

and pursue their ad revenue and also

remember to check out

the youtube channel


throw on some great tunes this evening

in the background check out the lo-fi

zodiac tunes that we just dropped and

yeah i love that channel by the way

yeah so of course everything is linked

down below we’ll catch you guys next


stay awesome


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